Looking ahead to Sociedad plus Bale and Reguilon sign on at Tottenham


Everybody welcome back to the Rail Madrid podcast. Now, coming up, we're GONNA take a look ahead to this weekend's Kickoff Against Rail Southie Dad and will roundup who and what is making the Madrid news across the media's Today. Now, remember all of the previous episodes of the podcast are available via the website www dot. Madrid podcast, DOT COM, or S- tissue Google spot revive at all of the major streaming providers. So what is making news today? Well, the long running saga involving Gareth Bale is over he's in London will be presented at Tottenham later on today along with regular armed who has signed for Tottenham for fear of around thirty million here, and now there is one story during the rounds about potential play moving to. Madrid and that is the Chelsea and French midfielder. Mu Back a Yoko he's been last season with Monaco the club Chelsea bought in from the year prior to that he was ads Neilan said that was interest from INSA reporting and Spain suggesting a fee around thirty million euro has been agreed with Chelsea I'm not a deal could be concluded as soon as next Monday or Tuesday. Meridia Pochettino is making headlines as well. He's been interviewed over the last twenty four hours during the course of the interview. He revealed that he did not get contacted by anybody from Boston Lana about recent vacancy that eighty gallons eight we'll be a dream to coach Madrid in the future is still based in London. He went on to say I've got a son who plays for Spurs under twenty three team. He was asked as well whether eat spoken with Jersey Marina. Yes. He said I had he is a very, very good guy especially for me on the dread he added. No if the day will come when I do coach Madrid, but of course, it is my dream back to the coming certain gags. We as battle an regular long now gone, it might not be the end of the cells Roma still keen to add Natural Fernandez and of course, there is still Milan interest in Luca Yovich situation this season no, it does seem already to have been settled upon with Z.. Dan. Keen to see off to that difficult I season if he can raise his game to the level that he was sharing in Bundesliga, it is a defining season for the Serbian fairly it will almost certainly lead to his exit next some as for natural he is happy at Madrid but did only place six times. Last season he mayfield thirty years of age that the time might be now for one final significant move. This could well be it. Now one who could be making a surprise return to the first team? This season is myocardial the twenty-three-year-old afford who's been Levante for the past two seasons on library scored eleven goals in his sixty three appearances. He'd lost veered from Madrid back in two thousand, seventeen, eighteen when he scored three goals in his fourteen appearances that year his career then to be very much on an would. Trajectory and he was very much involved on the international scene with the under twenty. One's very at that incredible scoring record of sixteen goals in thirty one appearances. anyways. The Dan it said he's happy for for him to stay the season as it at least offers more variation upfront memory can a wide player on the left old riders? Well, he is in the final year of his contractors a big year for him. hoagie Mendez is looking to leave himself involved asked Madrid from member, his lost client hammers Rodriguez left to go to Everton very recently he's being pushing the services of Ruben Diaz, twenty-three-year-old Benfica, central defender, and Portuguese International. He's made eighty nine appearances for the club eight goals in that time the bizarrely three of as last six. Been Own Goals Manchester City of also being in contact or as a release clause for the play, which is at one hundred, million euro city had a sixty million offer turned down. There's also been lots of comment across the media about the good summer of business that Rail Madrid have had time general financial uncertainty all over the. Bail regular on hammers? Oscar. To name just a few have overruled delivered Saturday savings of sixty, two, million euro, which in this climate is very good business indeed especially as the club bill toward a some of significant investment potentially next year, and if you look at what they've actually banged from sales, this is not on salary savings. They've touched out ninety, five, million, the thirty million, which is about to be received for Sergio A on. Some of the media have commented about fans not being happy about all of these Claire Exits nobody arriving really is impossible to underplay the importance of good housekeeping and fiscal prudence especially where the stadium redevelopments as well to take into account. All of this activity will leave Real Madrid with a much more healthy looking balance sheet of the end of this financial year. Right in time to move on, let's take a look at this weekend's opponents rail. Southie Adad. Ramat I've been the season with a tough trip today to rally. Ended the season down in sixth place. In Lalita, they didn't merchantable lockdown to well though they lost for the first five games back only want twice in the final eleven games of the season which included, of course, the two one V two rail Madrid Ramos Benza. Goals on that day, very close game that you might recall possession marginally in southern Dad's favor both created ten chances as well on the day. But back in February they did shock Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of the Cup of Del. Rey winning by four goals to three in a game that was memorable to all seven goals came in the second half and they also had time right at the end of the game to end with ten men and uneager garage about was central right on fulltime the second yellow card. Now, the other league game last season gang good stop by South Asia. With the opening goal two minutes betrayed though hit back with three goals and Benza. and Luca moderate. What about? The overall in the last twelve months while the kept seven clean sheets in twenty two. They scored in every game bar to against Celta Vigo and severe. Those were both in the final month of the season as well. Six teams one here on the course of the season, as well as revenue its way formulas just four Vanity Battista, and May Yorker in Lalita where PSG in. League rural. Then this is the one hundred, fifty, hundred meeting between Rao Madrid and south they adapt Madrid of eighty five wins to thirty four Southie Dad they have actually won three of the last five meetings. If you include that Cup game in January twenty, nine, nine, they also one here two goals to nil grows am fodder with the goals on that day. So Larry was the man in charge the only other win for Southie a data in Madrid this millennium was another big one Nike May of two, thousand and four they won four one three up on the half hour that day. Look out for then twenty three year old Spanish International Meka good season. Last year he contributed eleven assists the only warning to double figures ahead of the belt. He also waiting with ten goals as well, which was just one behind the top scorer with the End Jersey. who had a short period remember Madrid back in two thousand, thirteen, fourteen it was his first ever club in Europe arriving on the back of a Loner Santos he started with the. Team. He made an incredible impression. He was sent off twice in his opening seven games as well as scoring a hatchet and his debut was in the couple of del Rey final when Ramadorai beat Barcelona to. Played One game after that against soda before leaving for Zada. Gotha is NEC's go. Will be his fiftieth pretty beginning tomorrow because he tested positive for Corona Virus, which leaves twenty year old Swedish for Alex. Rather, Rothwell, in his first season is next goal to be as tenth goals. Since he arrived from Venom trae where he was on loan, the will pose a significant threat. If indeed, he does play Portu, he's another one breath keeping an eye on as well. He played the full ninety in that one one draw against league game which they thought. Guy should have one. What is the mood like inside the Camp Debu Coo Trois who remember whereas the Number One Jersey for the first time in his club career has been talking about the mood of the kickoff e said, it's always a difficult game. This this is a really strong and well organized team. We though very eager to get going preseason as been short, but it's been very intense personally. He, said I feel great on the squad is in really good condition. We want to win everything that we're playing for this season is always the with Madrid nothing ever changes in this respect and look out on Sunday per day. Do It is the debut of their third kit that we playing in black shirts with pink and grey detail? Nicer shirt it is actually by the way. That is just about it. Then for today's round up be back early next week to review what's happened over the weekend in the meantime, do enjoy the match on Sunday. Thanks we company until next time for me Tim cable. Babo Fennell.

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