Episode 074: The Story of a Scholarship Athlete featuring Josh Choice


Billers of health podcast with streaks. Coach John Carroll to you from the movement rally, North Carolina whereabouts. Dive into everything you need to know when it comes to strengthen conditioning, nutrition, sleep and stress management. Check us out on movement lab, rally dot com and coach John Carroll dot com. And now your host, John. How's your Valentine's there to into town cook, the dogs chicken breast who sat down DM mex- live at Woodstock ninety nine per se? It was awesome. It was just as good. We're talking about student athletes. We're going to talk one person tick ler, Josh. On his story. Number one. How he went about gimmick soccer scholarship wanted all get there. If you're interested in learning more about scholarships, or you know, someone who's pursuing one friend recommend checkout soccer scholar run by Jim Conroy put together. Tastic course getting people fellowships Memphis every year play members universities get along exposure as always clutched either for I went dining Crowley joined the program. And also if you want some information, but the whole process before during after what it takes to go by getting maintaining excelling, basically, turn your scholarship into a life yourself. You should Email Comber mcardle fourteen of mine Thomas university. He has a busy of free guide had to go about doing all these things led to a soccer scholarship. That's a really hint depth guide. And if you Email asking for his soccer scholarship guide he will send it to you for free. It's absolutely fantastic resource to his Email address is warm underscore max of C O or M underscore NA. See at home, L dot com and hit him up, and he'll he'll gladly send you on copy. Our I guys to get into Josh Justice. We are joined by Josh choice. A former player mine and also someone who went to school. I soccer scholarship. He attended Winthrop university. And he's playing for the sudwest queens thunder in a string walking to the podcast. Josh. Thank you for having me. I was how's the weather in this? Really right now. Beautiful day. Hot about eighty seven degrees right now. Day. So we're enjoying the summer weather. You're used to that heat right for her too. So not to that. Yeah. This is different kind of heat though. But you know, I can't really think too much is there as much humidity is Georgia, heat or or. No, yes, it depends on day. Right. I'm Dave it is and other days. So I had to remind they don't really know. This is true. Yeah. What of done gone ahead and basically said icebreaker for Josh because Josh used to play for me in high school. And so I said his eyes breaker question really really nicely here. It's basically what what is your most memorable sporting memory from high school? And if you don't know this. Where you really my clothes? That's true. This second round they play off in the morning. And pink h you out. The name of that team. It was MacIntosh, right? Macintosh steph. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely the most number normal. Thomas university. So. Exactly you're on. Mario. Good game all round. Did you take a penalty? Yeah. Did the third one? Mine. So I don't remember because you've made it would remember if you missed it. Memory. I've had. Yeah. That was just kind of clarify for people listening because that was a game where we were playing the number one ranked team in the state, and we were we weren't given a chance at all not even a little bit and to to basically play the team and time to to bring them to overtime to penalties. It was human. So. Good times. Good times. Oh, yeah. Definitely. So what wants to do Johnson just want you to kind of fill everybody in on this right now where you're at kind of touching briefly. But also mention you know, where you went to high school where he went to college. You're back there. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Sure. Thank you from Georgia. See my coach back in my youth league. And also high school. But I'm from villes down in the south, which should definitely where the heat is through up played a lot of sports. They're definitely come from family. That's football, and and basketball and baseball or unit, but I was I wanna kind of breakout soccer and hadn't opportunities. Play at the collegiate level and also played it one level that went to university in South Carolina, play difficult. He actually had a couple of medical red shirts that allow me on my when I graduated on the bed three. So I decided to division to school in North Carolina called the knoround university. Play my last while painting my master's degree finish their finished my masters working at the university before had a very good job that was was willing to take played in the summer league NPS. The team in rocky oh on the graduate. But travel became a bit too much from the end of a lot of miles on my car. So I decided at that season finished not play that kind of the euro. Well, working. Killing me on the inside on that extra five so miss the field playing go. I got back into it found an agency that on specializing in players overseas. And I'll show you and dealer they've done. A lot of great things. Wells company, poker smart, use them. They put together player from the club over Australia and a couple months later. I a couple of weeks family club time and moved over to Melbourne. Played in Melbourne for the past year the club called the northern falcon f really calm. They're great guys. Great organization clubs or the care. And they knew my rations floors wanted to play while so Altis, and I had a trial to cover now. Shop with -pointment under it went. Well, and receives a message from them early January thing that either spot opened up so now currently playing with the south wing thunder, which is an MP Okla. Or two overnight on your second tier? So right below the alii great opportunity for me to get some exposure growth and break competition, and you know, really put my stamp on my time out here as a as a soccer player in this individual. I left Belgium where a lot of people now, but the Cleveland by myself once a year, so you know, definitely a beautiful counting for inland. So definitely a lot more country. Definitely a lot more competitive back home. But I am only two hours away from prison and our focuses world. So it's just a road trip away. If I wanted to go to the beach and things like that. So I know you've had a couple of games already played warm weather things down to twenty. Okay. So the first name under twenty feet the Brisbane roar youth under twenty two when the last game we played against vocals nights name, we lost against him, very strong grant. But we're young team as well. So you know, which trying to get a lot of pieces faces on the on the starting eleven and even on the world. So it's trying to get everything together. Coach trying to learn his. So it will all come together. We're young. So we're we figure out the missing pieces right now. Takes all that time Joan new team together. So before we're going to like the questions on the story of a sport scholarship athlete and all that much guaranteed issue. A lot. Mom. But the good thing is I've been going like when I left ordure seeing graduate to play in South Carolina that was the seven hour trip. So that kinda helped him it used to not being the sand. When my brother decided to go to school exemption allow me to meet them every other weekend for his games. If I wasn't having any metrics myself. So I got to see him a little bit more. And then once I playing go to more his games go. I thought him on the weekend a home game in Clinton, but you know, it easier knowing that if into they'll get to see compared to now I haven't seen them. It's tough. I miss them. But you know, I've been away for so long that I'm gonna do it. My mom, definitely let me know. Sure sure though, she'd probably listen to this podcast as well. So that may action. Action vomit dead. Yeah. People into your brother. Adam recently won the national championship. Clemson, right. Did who have now to rings that brother? I gotta say though, I don't know if he's looking swallow as previous years that he's absolutely housing. Yeah. Look. Get bigger. I know. That's I gotta do. I gotta get out of all the podcasts to so he's he's a hard onto nail down. So, you know. Yeah. Yeah. So let's get into things I wanna kinda Costra mind back. When you're in high school, and like point, did, you know, you want it to pursue sports after high school? Like, a childhood dream of my, you know, no matter what the sport was. I was definitely looking forward to. Opinion of our ship. Just to say done it, you know, growing up with a lot of competitors friends and family members and all my family seating. Coach will if something that I kinda said of the bold as a kid not knowing what's rod, it would take me or which I would end up playing. But if you'd ask young, you would have definitely been football. And then, you know, the guy is basketball, the first well within soccer of came along and something that no, I definitely love playing didn't really understand where it would take me in the future. But, you know, having coaches like yourself coast cross a couple other coaches in my life. You know, they definitely helped me realize that, you know, this is something that can definitely help me reach my goals that I had as a kid, that's a solid. So you know, I wish I would have taken it more serious for sure playing the other sports, you know, you kinda move on to make sport definitely could've craft. It just wasn't. I'm playing now. That of way too. But no you only want. So, you know, you definitely got enjoy everything while you can't, you know. So I I don't think, but you know, definitely having those people in my life like yourself, I say a couple other coaches that I had you know, kind of helped me realize that do have such can take to the next level. Definitely kinda help motive motivated me to people on. And you know, kind of thing that go any definite worked up living. No, what'd you say? That plan. Those other sports just kind of help make you all better athlete. Four soccer, perhaps I'll get one hundred percent definitely translated on the basketball on the baseball field as well. As the football field. You know, working on you quickness your hand eye coordination just reading the game dip away and understanding different ways of how to defense and things like that. Definitely have those definitely. And I definitely recommend young. As you know, definitely go out there and play many forces. You can't them as they all kind of inclined similarly on a lot of aspects people don't really realize that I'm gonna fill you on story. I don't think I've ever shared, but you about when you were think you were a freshman or solve more in high school, and I remember coming in and someone of the time told me that kid is an unbelievable athlete, and he has played soccer before he's awesome soccer player. And we need to get him on the team. And you are dribbling a basketball while yourself just off in like a little playground area. Yeah. Basically made it my mission because I was running a practice session. So once that was done. I went over talk to you interested in playing soccer. You're like, you know. Play basketball as well. That's cool. Listen, you know, he can play saga for me basketball as well. And especially when I tried to recruit you pretty hard. Yeah. Okay. I don't know if you remember that that was my time to sell you. Okay. Yeah. I don't really remember that one remember freshman year didn't play and you put me over to the side during the season. You'll I wanted to come out. And I said I thought it was too late after that's right. Don't let it happen again pretty much these, of course, I didn't play baseball play. It was more. It was more along the lines of I need you to play. So in relation to once you start playing soccer in high school, and you realize okay? This is something I enjoy the some I'm pretty good at what was the next one for you. Then in order to try and plan for colored me, you know, learning from the people that I mentioned like yourself. He makes pushing them pushing myself to become the player that I have to be, you know, take things a lot more theories. You know, you remember how joking we were. We all got together. So trying to say. Opportunities. The really perfect my game. I try to perfect game. Nobody's perfect. But you know, try to be perfect to say things to take what you were kind of what I was kind of me and take on boys. And no myself is a man, you know, not only on the dealer. Great teammates. But also off the field. You know that definitely helps build tactics. So I was trying to build my overall as an overall human being someone that others will look up to in my teammates, included and be someone that knows you can say you were the one day as well. And you know, just trying to become a better person on the build and take advantage of opportunities that was given to the United putting competition and lesbian from Tom's Bill. You know soccer. There wasn't looked at. Much at all definitely had a lot lots of fruits in that affect of one that having a hunting desire to prove people that you know, a lot of great athletes in other world. So that kinda helped motivate me to kind of push on definitely take that during months. You're definitely definitely one of the easiest players to to coach practice and never never really had to get onto you about the level. You were putting forth in games or practice around like that. So you made it easy. So thank you for that. Not too as you're entering like junior year, or well, actually, what year did you put together a highlight tape for college coaches? Tune. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. And so when you put that together, how many coaches are emailing are you trying to start up dialogue with as many as many schools as possible like what was your approach there? Yeah. Carton who go burn through plate NFL. And as a great program now that definitely into our instrumental and helping me realize if you kind of have to sell yourself, you have to put yourself out to market yourself because we are from Thomas Ville, so not a lot of people knew soccer, even really fifty down there. You know at a young age. We did a great job with Tasse things like that and other clubs that allowed us to kind of brand. But as a soccer player to definitely, you know, put together that tape and with Email it to people and kind of let go not only about my athletic achievement academic achievement world speed nasty. And always remember, the first athlete second. So I did it may be. What I meet my parents definitely need to do and coach. Well, you know, if you didn't play. So, you know, I definitely put together a player profile that would I would still accomplish with our product Mattel four and just market myself, Senator coaches, and they were sitting if they were looking for business. Really good point there. But things and I feel like it's more locked a lotta times because you see a lot of kids come along who have just tremendous talent and just totally ignore the classroom site, and then it comes to like a signing day. Right. And they might be one of the best players on whatever sport team. It is. They're not signing the letters on tent because it totally ignored that thing. So just going to have to people who may know high school athlete or even some high school athletes listening who are looking to get a scholarship. How important that is? Yeah. Definitely important. I was always told a coach at my college. No, I didn't recruit you on the field. I recruit in the classroom as well. And that's scholarship. It's the eighty s what I could athletic, but it's also damage, so if you're not making the grade you won't play, you know, you'll be acting probation. And if a coast brought to you there to play and go to school, and then going to spend money to keep you just quickly. They can take it away. And I've seen it happen. First hand, so academically gist important into academic accolades that you see that university that you're playing with definitely help propel that program to being one of the top programs in the country because they don't just look at achievements on the field. They looked at the team off the Bill when it comes naturally and that helped recruit fixes whenever you can go to a family of book family and say, you know, not only have aged on the field, but our class are soccer programs report five eight, you know, nationally recognized that wanna hear that stuff. Slow so coaches are looking for steam badly. Somebody who's gonna come in in the classroom as well. As on the field and do well in both about only four themselves for the parents. But for that university for that local they chest protectors. So it's definitely instrumental my last job actually athletic leagues on so definitely tied to pinpoint the emphasis on being food map to understand that. This is not pretend that not going to people get it. You know? So you have to take full advantage of it you start over in college. So yes, you may not have been a strong athlete in school and high school, but you get to start over. So you get a chance to regain yourself and actually get recognized for being good in the class. So they did is. So it's not between to camp on the program. Not only be recognized good player recognizes overall visual took on the whole motto the athlete and made. It mean something made it means what it is. So I definitely you know, like, you said when people understand that just as important to make sure you get it done. Class because it's just that can be taken away, and it won't be anything to do with the field because you weren't this math Lee that they recruited. And nothing to add onto that is. You know, if you're a good in the classroom, you're probably going to get more scholarship twenty four that I'm top of your letting so. Definitely definitely definitely. And it's hard to get ships at the that person. So you can do good and classroom allows you to find those heart scholarship Netflix applying if those accepted because. Not much money at the finish the per team. Yeah. That's true. Yeah. Tube to the rising seniors. He doesn't great job on that. So so proxy him. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I do follow his his program rising seniors. Busy glossed? How many of the kids have gone from playing high school football to NFL? But you know, he's tastic work. He definitely doesn't he probably because a lot of those roles that your they don't have any outlets. And then when they leave the program, the college offers ships are rolling any outbreak pretty much. Well, he put them up in hotel Ukraine seminars. Classes on finance classes know, how to be a man. Know how to be a man. Things like that. Kinda makes them realize that can't take anything for granted. And you know, it can be here today gone tomorrow. So like many opportunity become demand that you meant to be both on and off field. Look up him. Well. That's a lot of messages. They're just you just mentioned that like his need to hear this day and age. That's awesome. Yeah. All right. So you are inner senior your high school say and you have visiting decided you're going to play soccer. You know, you've received a scholarship. What is what is the biggest change then going from high school to college? I mean, there's a lot of changes. But can you maybe think back on like some things you had to get used to as opposed to being in a high school setting? Yeah. One thing that helped me that I can say a lot of people didn't really have one allergy definitely get a pickup apparent me when they came to. When it came to away rolling. Definitely some of the run the conditioning things we had to do. I it was nothing that I had seen for. And I think that's where a lot of people struggle. Not knowing going into a situation where they they aren't uses if waste are. They aren't used to third type of conditioning and things like that one of the hardest things for me to just who was defining my team. I play, you know, become until they weren't that many international to play with whenever I got to college university. I went to a lot of that's just wanting to their place doll learning how to play together that was one of the biggest challenges for me. I think and the the schedule stuff with really suck was you had doing too. Well, there was sometimes we're doing three days. So you go to preserve the bodies host. I think the hardest things not only student athlete, but just anybody points college timing learning, how to Maine you wanna have you all have read the one you have to. Listen to your body he has to manage crime. Why you'll be a student athlete as well? So classes on top of that, you know, classes high school is not as, you know, Trump on you like they were in college. So just running out of time and get the proper rest and the proper treatment that you need for your body both at regular schedule, especially when you have to create at times and things like that. But I think time management and just adjusting to new coach new area. You know, I went seven hours away. Why new body of the coast of people would get some chips ended and they were like three hours me. So you know, that that not knowing anybody definitely made it a difficult. You know transition for me, but you know, me being a people person didn't take me long. Nothing personal friends and things like that that I needed to find my teammates older guys. They definitely a good job helping me out with that transition. And my coaches were also for the people who, you know, just the people were looking for that transition are tipping that transition just going with open mind show to come out of your show, your person, you know, could get out of that. And just Versatel work fell and taking nothing for granted. It was competing for spots are nothing given to you got to everything you have gone with that mind. You know, I have to go into and make the coaches realize they made this bring near and nobody wants to sit on events. So so you go in with that mind wall. You don't want to rent out their place. She got a notice to two instances. I wanna talk to you about the first one is kind of what something just a little bit here when someone is sessile into high school setting there, the big fish in the small pond, right? And then they go to college things are reverse. I suddenly they're not the anymore, and that can be a really tough thing for their ego to deal with you know, and did you ever experience that? I was I was not you personally. But did you ever come across any players that had a tough time of just into the college setting? Yeah. Yeah. Definitely have it happened to a lot of people actually know the people who were basically the man in high school, and then they get to college a whole different level because everybody around here's pretty much was that. I so I just took an on board his talent, you know. I like the coach brought me for a reason, and you had to believe in yourself and your ability, and you know, it shows you that you have improved. So you can't take it as a knock, you know. My first games I didn't start. But I didn't take it is. You know, it is not better to be. I don't know why the coach claiming county, you know, the coaching. I was ready to get I had to figure out what it was he want to approve on it work on that hard as the next person, you know, and every day was a talented training for guys in front. You have to take on the mindset. Yeah. He take your mind. You may not be better to have to prove prove it, you know, easier said than time. So the coaches that are out there for there. There at once you win art dog can't take for granted. Because in his mind thinks the same thing. Well, I had to draw what they give it to him. So then they work different parts competitions found that my fear. We had at least three in backwards, and we all beat. It was it was a competition because we all push each other to be. And I think that's what helps us so much. Yeah. That's that's always a hallmark of a of a good team successful team. That's together. Fighting busy in the sand direction. Right. Yeah. Exactly. Now, the second part of the question was are you are you having that you decided to go to a school that was a little bit further away from home as opposed to maybe going to a school. That's right on your doorstep because I feel again, some some great talented players come out of high school because they're very close to home. They kind of fall into the same trappings that we're in high school, right, right? You're not. But me personally, I was ready to get out of good. I think that just kinda helped me I did have an opportunity to go to face that which looking back on it been a lot of money, but it came out wrong run. But no, I don't regret my decision at all. Because. Definitely that was a great fit for me going up there to see in the campus seeing the people tended program other they've done in the coaches being real with me from day one, you know, let me know situation, and you know, really showing that interests something that, you know, you look for in a club or an a program that you going to school for them out of everything hurts welcoming. So I took that risk by going away. And I don't regret it off. And definitely helped crow cure both on and off the field. You know being on my family. We be close. So you know, you kinda depend on bombing certain things for you being seven hours away. You kind of have to take those all hand to grow up and mature faster. And I think a lot of people need that that we don't become dependent on the parents. And so don't be afraid to take that leap, you know, going dick hours, four hours five hours away, even more for seven hours a couple of people in my team from Texas driving like twelve hours school. So you have to find that perfect fit. It's important to business schools found that perfect both on and off the field in the locker more and things like that. Find that chemistry that you're looking for something that used to that family environment was definitely what with when I who something that was used to pretty much all my life. But you know, taking that risk in growing up. You know, like I say he'll be mature healthy up. Come less dependent on my parents and become independent. So I don't regret my decision at all. Yeah. That's what it was. I was getting out was just that. When you're on your own. You're forced to grow up. You're forcing again, independent. You're forced to become self reliant. You know, parents aren't there? The fight your battles for you anymore back. You know, unfortunately, my mother's not there to make my dinners anymore stuff like that. So. Way. Appreciate and it makes you appreciate of growth that think about where you come from. And all the let's learn especially when it comes to household chores and toward and stuff like that. You look at other people who haven't done laundry or Donata aren't that close if I wild pets, but young age, you remake, you appreciate where you came from the chaser fan and stuff like that. When you when you move on. When you're in college in your like, we mentioned there little bit about preseason doing two days, maybe sometimes three days when you get into the season, and you're playing games traveling on the road, and you're coming back and you have to attend class the next morning like some people think when you get to college. It's all it's all roses unicorns. You know, like that student schedule is pretty tough, right? Yeah. Definitely early like no late night early morning. That time management come to depart where I'm into nearly yet out of mentioned time, even on your as off you think you're going to go a lot of people that don't play sports and university and things like that. They they have plans before as going out somewhere just hanging out, and you may have training you May Day often. You just do it. Listen to you about it. You know, you have to learn how to make time you have to get ahead of work from time your schoolwork times, even when some of the teammates asleep and all the budget. You have to study for aiding tests that you have the next one and you have to fight. So he's running out of time. Make sure that you don't procrastinate you said that I definitely a here. Definitely hard not to do. But I'll you just have to get used to that lifestyle. The late night early on not everybody can do it. You know, a lot of people don't understand what the athletes have to go through when it comes to schedule the body having you manage your time, not only from school and work with this schoolwork, and maybe soccer, maybe a different sports. So mending time definitely the most important thing. I try to stretch the people who are looking to to make that jump and Beal athlete because time is of essence and sometimes it feels like there's not enough hours there today. You do what you need to make time to do it. That's that's that's a really good point. Because I feel like when you for example, we've got back from a road trip to Kentucky, and we would pull into the school part lot around three AM, and we haven't ADM glass and busy. There's no excuse that you have to be in class at eight AM. And if you're not you see the difference because some people have that that drive that inner drive, basically say, okay, long-term, I'm looking at basic graduate. I'm getting my degree. And then I'm off next my life where Soviet that. I'm not doing. This is a waste of time. It's totally blinkered outlook. Yep. You're right. Like, I said you yet to have that drive that motivation. The you know, I got better early coats for reading, you know, not be athlete, but the feeding. Oh, so he had to take a piling stuff coming all the nominations or even the president's listen to teams lists and things like that haven't accolades in the classroom, especially once your sport is over with that that's going to help you when it comes onto looking good job and things like that. People kinda take e for that. Especially being that you were able to maintain it shows that you definitely versa goes you can maintain rigor schedule because we were soon napping. So if you able to go through map people's to maintain the great able to handle a lot of places so that definitely shows kind of cups resume and fills up the revenue for a little bit. Let me ask you what what was the most enjoyable Parkview off your college playing career high with so many. Could just be the process, you know, the entire journey, right? Yeah. For sure. You know, I think winning that championship when we did. We start off a bit rocky, and we just figured it out come together. And no fighting each other. I think the friendships that built the brother brothers that aren't from different countries. If part of the world at something out that get your so stringent that brotherhood that we we were able to to bond and create and, you know, players come and go. So even if they were only there for seating it makes that are. They were only there for a couple of in my graduating, they were older things, you know, life autism plant some time. So I play with guys who were told they should play because of injury that those bonds real with those those guys learning that backgrounds and things like that. Learning more about the individuals, not only the teammate. But you know, the brother that's some things that I'll never forget as well. We're just battling every day, you know, being on the field with some best friends. Now, the fun times the bad time to look feel whether it be the games are in practice goes things, you just kind of look back all makes you laugh by I what I would do just to go back in had those same kind of day. Those guys are not only in college. You know, when I loved, you know, looking at some of the players play with that. I missed the ones I play with the nice ones, I grew up with, you know, just saying, you know, man, like we all would have came here. You know, this going to happen and things like that you donate. It makes you appreciate the good times that you had to play with. If so. He was a follow. One of the things you miss the most. But I know just hearing you talk there just is the every day grind. But those teammates is the back and forth. It's pushing the air. Because, you know, a lot of people don't understand when you're you're around somebody all the time you're going to have the action you're going to have friction you're going to have disagreements and sometimes you have fights. And you know, at the end of the day, everybody's still friends, but you find a way to make things work and. Yeah. Prepares you for later on it life back. They really does. It really doesn't. And we always said, you know, what happens on the on the field. So yeah, we may disagree on the field for the feel. You would've never thought even had argument at all, you know, because we would become those best friends but on the field. You know, we challenge each other push each other. And we wanted to get the best out of each other. So we saw someone fracking. Not going to job. We know they were capable of doing that. We will let them know. Like you say you may Archie by field. But once you feel you know, it's like nothing ever happened. You know, so just that everyday Bryant wanting the best reach other deter the way to be in the classroom. Whether it be in on the field of where the weight room, just those little thing. You know, you get dressed for training game listening to each other. You know, the little small you kind of look back on it makes me smile. Appreciate nickelsville turn. Because a lot of times when those those arguments on those flights go down. It's it's because someone's come from a place of wanting that person to get better, you know, it's not just the like, I don't like you today type of thing. It's like no we need to do better. Right. Yeah. Exactly wall that I think we all want. So in order to win thank Linda, and I didn't just let people the drifters are instrumental weld that they have that. We can't see things that we can't see some type of so. Then that's important teammate and brother, you know, from everyone all whoever's on the rocks. Definitely helps teen machine the bunch. Those guys were with the. Aren't big question. Coming up here. Who the biggest influence on your career and life? Now, you can split this into if you wish to be the same person. So it can be you can ask this. Anyway, you want this? A loaded question for me personally. Always my parent. You know, they've always been influenced part in my life. And always wanted the best for me, whether it be in the classroom, whether it be on the field just in life in general. They always push me. They should that. I gave all and I think they helped motivate me to become today. Definitely them when it comes to coaches and things like that yourself definitely one of the one of the death. The best influences I had brought to always be as well. You definitely stand out the most when it comes to my state coaching. No, just one of the best and pushing me and made sure that I'll stood that I had something that could take me somewhere, you know. And there's a couple other coaches there will for different Sadako purposes. Not only another sports, but I had a couple other coaches push me. Well, and one of the to see, but you know, you definitely when it comes to soccer pushed me to give. The best out of myself, and my teammates, you know? I had a lot of great teammates who we all want to say goes, even though something somewhere dot the way, we wanted to they definitely into the state supportive. And with me the best have a lot of those teams. My brothers cousin Adam differently. It's somebody that I can say I look up to because all the -versities through. And it seems that he's had a bad. He kept. He kept pushing you know. So I fire that because I've had some good bad as well. Maybe not as much success. He's had. But he never somebody that tempt me going because you know, I wanted to he was Bill his legacy. So I had to make sure that mine had something as well. You know, if he could go back and say products. To instill that. And you'll let me know I always let him know about it. Definitely one of his biggest fans if not a big fan. My cousins will a lot of them knew nothing about Docker still to debate on about taking on. Okay. They try. They definitely very good at the end of the day. I thought them so they still call on. I've had a lot of big cousins, even though cousins to being inspirational to me at this cut me pushing me motivated man, that's a loaded question. I feel like there's so many. I don't wanna get anybody for by polity, but you know, Mark. But you're out, you know, people that I'm into definitely and my vote as far as being implemented to me. And my colleagues will give me the chance to play the next level believing in me, even sometimes identically myself on the same that, you know, once you get to know a person, you learn a lot about that person. So I definitely appreciate my Makasi. Answer that question. People those awesome. So first of all thank you so much for the words. I swear at in pay Josh say that about me all my own podcast. But now you you didn't. Justified Nicole for dinner things like that shows you really care about most or not just doctor. But you know, as individuals, humid, he wanted to see all of us. So I think that I won't ever forget. So you need I take a close off. I would score a couple of goals against a couple of. The same initials. Don't they got forgot about that? What's crazy is? I actually have something to send you actually going to send it to your parents of your Rilya. So so when you get on. Although Atta may take it before you get back. So I'm just wondering. Probably can't created this. Like, I said like I said earlier in the podcast, humid, easy are because you should up with an attitude that was ready to work and get better, and you aren't just out there. Yeah. I know just for the sake of their and you're all positive. Like like, you mentioned you're always an job of mood. And you always knew though when it was time to time to work and went on what we have in joke. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Appreciate that. Definitely from your parents had a had a big influence making sure you're that type of person. So she had to your parents. Yeah. They should. All right. So we're just gonna go through a couple of quicker questions in relation to this is your entire career. But looking back what is the most impressive stadium? You've played in the far. That's question. One. That comes to mind was wake force their stadium is pretty nice point had a nice stadium. My my university. I thank say well the stadium that I'm playing now. South thunder is very nice city. Well, I've seen a lot of them trying to think which one that's a question, but the stadium brand now is very nice. Usually wanted to things either the one where you had some success very memorable night. Or is that the one right really nice field as well to write for sure. Doc relating nights. Roy actually, go to go. There won't forget that. That's an awesome little complex that. Yeah. Folding on from that. And this is a question. You may not know the Esser to the person we're looking for. But who was one of your toughest opponent stands for the years? I worked at. Yeah. We play courts the one they were they were on it. They had a lot of actually played one of the guys that I've played into all year. He plays away for that year's low. They were they were pretty loaded that I couldn't even tell you. There's a lot a lot of good player. That's that's the question. And a lot of the things that this past week, and they had a strike who knew how to hold up the ball. The will. The big guys. Well, so, you know, you go against a lot of these teams that have big strikers quick strikers and things like that. So you Fraser, then let me rephrase it like do you prefer plan? Like, do you prefer getting into a physical battle of with a, you know, an old school tie the striker where he's big physical or do you like into a foot race when a smaller quarter guy painted on what kind of politics? It depends a lot it is as well. The physical battle. You know, what you're gonna get. They don't try to outrun you and things like that. You know, you must who's me doing my job as far as if he does get the ball making him play back play faces. So I almost prefer that. I'm not printing as much, you know, with the quick ones you have to be aware of where they are at all times. And we know you have to do a whole lot more spring and running things like that. So I think the physical barrier or something that you know, I would definitely over someone who's quicker just because you know, me myself, I'm not going to back down any challenge. So, you know, the physical or something I kinda take pride too will try to sleep. But I'm gonna get right to your thing. Your own heart. Just. I don't even have pace you have. So you know, you have ten times more more than ever. But definitely good to hear kind of moving on from that. What would you say? Then are the next steps for you in relation to your your playing career? And what are you looking to achieve from your time when Australia? What did he do? You know, made the jump on me as far as playing nitty in being the second highest in all definitely want to pro- not only to myself, which you know, I don't doubt at all. But approve that up. Thought that that the coaches make the right decision. And when they they believe they that I believe that they believe that I deserve to be the league. So I just want to challenge myself and get the most out of what I can this season that way, you know, if an opportunity comes up with with this again or another club and lead to take that as well as play as long as I can while I can, you know, I'm getting on up there in as, but you know, at the same time doing. Meet every do at this level is impressive. You know in my own is accomplished a lot to be here right now. Especially after you know, hanging at least for a year and then jump right back into it. I never left was tough. You know, but looking back on it. Now, I don't regret indices are made by leaving and coming out here and seeing where it's got me. Definitely just makes me even more hungrier. Once we want to work hard to go highs. I can and play his long as I can, you know, this point, you know, if I had to come to the state, maybe even possibility. Play there. There's a lot harder to play back home as overseas. Sure. But just play as long as I can while. I can you know, that's definitely my main goal. I wanna I wanna let you know that I'm very proud of you because you have number one new procedure dream, right? And that's that's always a good thing. Wouldn't wouldn't certain realms? But number two Ghana done it in a foreign country where it's extremely uncomfortable situation because you're on your own and very different surroundings. You've got no support system as opposed to being a home, and you're still going after it, right? And that really takes a lot of guts. I just want to let you know that you know, what you're doing isn't over locked. And I'm definitely definitely always checking for results and seeing how you're doing so up go work out. Really do. I that that before we wrap things up. I just want you to kind of fill everybody on where they can kind of follow your journey on social media and all that. Yeah. So quick. You can always follow me on Instagram even Twitter Facebook, Dr choice, Instagram, J toys. Oy. Underscoring Tina believe they choice. It's not really my hand. My Twitter handle damone junior with on the sodium you so, but if you want to follow the club on Facebook, you can do that give you updates that? They also put the live streams of the game with you live treating everyone of the game the season. Awesome appeal lingering believe that YouTube channel two. So you can live stream all the game. But if you just want to go to the Facebook page this stuff done their FC, and they do a lot of updates on the matches and things like that match before. It's also the livestream co do Josh put a link in the show notes everything you just mentioned there as well. Okay. Down to take the show. They hold up. All I guess, Josh. Thank you so much for taking the time today. Oh, no problem. Thank you. I really appreciate that Honey times the cut up with you and your parents at a low. Will do mobile guys listening at home that is is percents show. If you have a quick second drop on over to do a review here until the next step soda.

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