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Episode #047 Bye Bye Drake and Penn State!


It is Thursday November twenty first welcome to menace to Society Ministers Sports College Football. Show the analysis show really fired. Tired of man got some good stuff to talk about today. I'm just wondering I'm not even going to apologize but We had a two episode week instead of four episode week this week because we have a huge event. Ain't going down if you haven't heard about it. I'm sure you have listen to the show. You've heard me talk about it. This tailgates popular and we sold like two hundred and fifty tickets or something like that and we have probably can sell another ninety or you're so we could probably fit three hundred three fifty in there comfortably but it's going to be sick. We got heaters. It's covered in case it rains. We're good we're going to be dry. got a private bathroom right next to Varsity Club. It's at the point on lane right on the Corner Elaine. And teller a park or something like that and great food coming in Buckeye Vodka is bringing vodka vodka broke brewing and north high brewing or providing. Beer we're GONNA have all kinds of food shade on the Canal. Giant Eagle Revelry Tavern Kasinga's I singers Delis. Bring us some desserts. So we're going to be loaded up with food drinks. It's only fifty bucks. You get three drink tickets you can buy extra tickets for five bucks. Drink ticket is cheaper than anywhere. You'RE GONNA find down there and it's going to be live. We got some custom science custom. CORNHOLE got some a couple bartenders so anyways stop by your. You're not going to regret it. It's GonNa be sixty bucks at the door fifty bucks. If you buy early patriotic subscribers get a discount so check those out and then also before we get started. Make sure make sure you get. Get Your Free Week. From pro mathematics. They ran a promotions. You can get a free week to get their analytics. Your he'll the ad later in the show. And then take that analytic advice and apply it back to your mybookie account with our other advertiser because it's time to make some money this weekend. We're GONNA put a par lay in at the tailgate for everyone to be involved and it's going to be awesome so make sure you check those out. But let's get to the show. Boeing has picked up by miss the stakes Jackson. I don't know make therefore portman for ordinary heat soon. Thank you and you didn't invite the pope. Did you push this did you. We're doing loss today from menace to welcome to menaces sports we're going to create a new intro. We've got a couple of Intros we use on the two different platforms. souverain shows two different styles so Starting next December I is really been targeted but I think next week we might have to roll out a new intro song wrong but first huge news breaking this morning for at least Buckeye nation and Ohio state fans president. Michael Drake the man. The myth the legend received oral sex from intern. In the recruiting office allegedly allegedly. It might have been a joke. I Dunno no. I can't remember if it's a true story or not but in the sports media that's not relevant but Michael Drake announces. This will be his final academic year at the Ohio State University. So so I think that causes time for a little celebration for Buckeye nation Outbreak Talk Radio on a celebration. The laughed so paying you ask we celebrate your body with you come on men. Have there's a party going on in Buckeye today. I promise you that at least the majority of them because you talk about an incompetent president and a guy that really screwed up a lot of things at Ohio state. I mean a lot of things it was bad and I'm not GonNa go through them all because this is not a show about academic presidents but good day in Buckeye nation in and I know a lot of people were talking about it a lot of speculation a lot of things to come on. Who should replace Michael Drake and I will say this? Just because it's I I mean it's definitely relevant to Buckeye fans and it's relevant it's relevant named Buckeye to National College football fans and I know book already buzzing about it is Jim tressel needs to be the president of Ohio State. Just so we're clear. There's no other candidate there's no one else to even look into. He's currently at Youngstown. State he is is one of the best things to happen to Ohio State University regardless of what you think of Tattoo Gate. Jim tressel should be the President Ohio state but the good news is even if he's not. It's an improvement automatically. Or maybe Gordon Gisha come back. What do you think Gordon G. Returns for? I think seventeen seventeenth stint as Ohio. State's president a guy that got ran out because he made a couple like inappropriate jokes but was a phenomenal president. I mean talk about engaging the university this could be great news because I don't know people that know this but there's got him Dr Schaar. Who's doing unbelievable research? and the t the charity Tailgate is working with is my grandfather's tailgate. which is for for Alzheimer's Research and Earl Jean Bruce's charitable benefits fits and so there was a doctor? Dr Sorry that was at Ohio State. Phenomenal I mean you talk about this. Groundbreaking research groundbreaking things going on in the Alzheimer's quest to to find a cure and and really impact the Alzheimer's community which is devastating disease and president. Michael Drake completely ran him out of there. And if you WANNA know how it how phenomenal this. Doctor is just Google West Virginia University Alzheimer's because all the people that were at the Ohio State University University Hospital that we're Gordon e people that were just I mean they're making right now grounding us an ultrasound all kinds of stuff they're they're treading water. There were no other. Alzheimer's research team has treaded. And they're doing it all with at West Virginia University. They're getting all the pub all the credit because of Gordon Gigi Guitar and because Michael Drake what do you do just how ostracized that whole teen whole unit at the hospital. And it's really a joke. So maybe there's a chance we can get that back in Columbus backward state where it was supposed to be. Because they're on they're gonNA find a cure for Alzheimer's they're gonNA find a way to reverse Alzheimer's to prevent Alzheimer's and it's going to be Dr Dr Shari and his team at West Virginia. If we don't get back to our state but quick side topic just had to bring that up so great Dane Buck nation. I let that song go on a little long because I was Dancing like the best day ever that clown is out of a scarlet and gray so run out to deal with them through the spring and then then it's over then it's done. The ten year is over another thing I want to talk about a lot of conversation had Mekka Don and V on the pilot boys. PODCAST shout out to them in studio yesterday. They were recording their podcast. Hard cast which is a new podcast. You should check it out. I've been on. I was on with them and I listened to it and I wasn't there for this segment but they had a segment. We're we're about to a tug of Iowa and his injury and I've heard a lot of different takes. I gave a quick opinion on the last show. But I do want to talk about it because there's a number of things that I've heard in in really in media social media it really everywhere and it. Is this all all this heat on Nick. Sabin for playing the kid right. Why did he play? The Kitty should have sat should have sat to a low. He should've sat him and not played. Emory I should've pulled him out earlier. So much conversation about it and my question is why. Now let's not be revisionist historians historians. Here why are we angry at Nick. Sabin now oh because it was okay that he played against Lsu because it was a big game mm-hmm that's the reason. It's okay to put a kid in harm's way if it's a big game but it's not okay if it's a lesser opponent. The other thing I thought about about is do people watch college football upsets. That occur. Certainly if Georgia would have said you know what Jake firms a little banged up. Let's sit him against South Carolina. Look at how it went and with Jake from in the game. You can't sit a kid against a conference opponent. I don't care if they have four. Wins two wins. You see it. Every year upsets upsets upsets. You can't sit that kid and here's the reality of it that I don't know that people understand is if he if to Tonga Vilo law was healthy enough to play and wanted to play. We're saying Nick. Sabin should have still benched him. Stop it with the protect protect kid. He's twenty one years old twenty one years old with family people that can help them make decisions like this. Doctors rely heavily on the athletes own assessment when it comes down to the difference between are you able to play and are you going to play. The reality is if they say hey medically he is able to play in the football game and they ask the kid. How do you feel? Do you WanNa play and the kid says I'm playing playing. What are you GonNa do say? No it's his body. It's his choice and I promise you didn't say I don't know about this. And they pushed pushed him into playing. Did you see the on the sideline before the series before he got hurt. Nick Sabin was having a conversation with her about Poland. He was adamant that he was going to stay in the game. The kid loves to play. you watch him. I mean you watch everything that does he just wants to play football. He just wants to play football so you need to restrict him and it is a freak injury I get it having an ankle. Injury injury does make every other part of your body more prone to injury I get it. That's real but that you could say that about everyone so we should sat to kit and said no to A. I know the doctor. You said you can play. I know you wanNA play but you cannot play. I think back to J. T. Barrett at Ohio state in two thousand seventeen kid had knee surgery right after the Michigan game and was adamant on returning to play in the big ten championship game. Adamant he rehabbed tw- like eighteen hours a day. It got to the point where they said the incision is his knee is stable enough to play in the game if he wants to and guess what J. T. Barrett said I want to and guess what he did he played and honestly I mean selfishly. I think I think we could have done more in the throw game. Aim with with a dwayne Haskins in in the in the pocket to go put up. Maybe some more points in blessed into the playoffs with a convincing win. But we didn't but it would just fine. The kid got to play you know why because he was able to play and wanted to play so this relaxed on Nick Sabin now. Do I think Nick Sabin would make a selfish offers decision absolutely but do I think that it's his fault. That got hurt absolutely not. It's a part of the game and the reality is to announce a decision to make. Is he gonNA just crazy Rehab and hope that a team takes a flyer on him and goes to the NFL. He's still going to be a millionaire. I get huge difference in money or does he come back for one more year ear and tried to become the number one overall pick. Because he wasn't going to be anyways he was going to be probably a top five pick. Maybe a top ten pick the difference in the number one pick in the number. Ten pickets is is astronaut. So does he. What's HE GONNA do? I mean I think he's GonNa go to the NFL. I think you'll rehab. He'll take a late first. Round draft choice. Being confident is ability to make it through that rookie contract that regardless of where you drafted is peanuts compared to your second contract anyways. I mean you're talking about thirty million dollar contract all the way to like one hundred and twenty million dollar contract contract so anyway. That's enough about two. I just had to get off my chest because so many people have so many different differing opinions and I haven't agreed with many of them. I mean people either say Nick Sabin was right. They had to do win with style. points or Nick Sabin was dead wrong. You put the kid in harm's way but anyways that's a little national conversation tation a little Ohio state presidency The presidential debate but Nah we would we really want to get into the game of the week. So we're GONNA take a break for one of our sponsors right now and we're GonNa talk talk about the huge matchup in Columbus on Saturday and a huge parties coming up next. 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If you're a college football fan you will go to the Fox. Big Noon kickoff after you come to the menace to sports tailgate and you can come on back back because we have a bunch of food and alcohol and drinks for you to drink so definitely gonNA want to check those out. But everyone's coming into town. I think I think everyone waiting to. Here's the president or someone like that's coming but this is the only top ten college. Football playoff ranking matchup remaining in the regular season and in true Buckeye fashion. There's going to be rain and it's going to be cold and I just want to talk about that. How critical that is for this match up because because I think back in my career in the biggest game that everyone wants to point at is Michigan State in two thousand fifteen and to be honest? It's a similar team. Coming into the horseshoe on Saturday. I mean. It's not their backup or third string quarterback or whatever whatever it was at Michigan state but this is a crazy talented Ohio state team. That should be the best team in the country country. I mean stem and Clemson in my mind and they have a formidable opponent coming into town and it's all going to be about how both teams manage the the elements manage the rain. Manage the cold manage all the difficulties that come with that in Michigan State it was J. T. Barrett didn't throw the ball well early in the rain and so we completely abandoned the throw Game Michigan State knew it so they even more so than they already were going to do. They loaded the box six and then it was a complete. Miss Misfire miscalculation to just flat say we need to run J. T. Barrett every play we don't handed does e. Don't try to throw it and we lost the game because of it and so that that was my biggest criticism of that game was we lost the game because of how we reacted reactive elements. Why not lose the game shooting your gun? Throwing it to Michael Thomas handing the ball to Zeke. I mean doing the things with the Uber. NFL talented offense that we had. And so it's about what is going to happen in this game. How will Ohio state manage and if you think back of course? They've had two huge games this year. Wisconsin and now Penn estate both in the rain. Both Kinda shitty weather shitty elements and it's all about the preparation for a rainy weather game and I talked about it going into Wisconsin but this week had had to be the best week of preparation in Ryan days career in Justin fields career. I mean the number of times they needed to throw wet balls balls. Catch wet balls center quarterback snaps in with wet balls and everything needs to be prepared for the elements so so you are maximized for that situation and I know we used to have big huge as though there's like ten gallon buckets or whatever. They are filled with water. And the manager edger would dunk the ball and snap it in seven on seven and the quarterback Justin feels had to get used to catching a wet ball and throwing a wet ball and the receivers had to catch sweat balls and my biggest criticism will be. There's drops early to take the gloves off. They don't work in a rain. Take them off another part of this because it's going to be slightly colder than the Wisconsin. Game is the on the sideline the management. How Brian heartline keeps his receivers fresh? How Jeff Halfway keeps the? DB's fresh rush. I mean keep them keep them warm really not even fresh. They're going to have heated benches if you see those white benches their heated and they feel great. There's heaters in the bottom blowing heat. The actual benches are heated. So when they sit on their keeping warm there have their coats and all that other stuff and it's also about making sure if if the defense is on the field for an extended period getting justin fields up and thrown into the receiver. So he's still throwing keeping staying used to the elements. The receivers are used to catching the ball with that Precipitation on the ball in their gloves loves. It's going to be about doing. Those things on the sideline making sure the receivers and tight ends and the running backs are getting on the bikes. And I mean keeping a sweat going to stay warm because that that is more important than you know. It's critical really in Ohio. State walks in to this game as an eighteen and a half point favorite which is extremely high for a top top ten matchup and really a testament dominant. The buckeyes have been in all phases of their game pro. Football Focus Actually Penn state with fifty six percent likelihood to cover it. I mean that's a big spreads so I'm not surprised by that fifty one percent probability that it's going to be a lower scoring game than Vegas anticipates so I expect this to be a little bit closer in Vegas thinks but I really WanNa look both sides of the ball. In starting with Penn State on offense versus the number one defense in the United States of America. This is probably the biggest mismatch mismatch for Penn state. The biggest thing to overcome is this defense and the return of chase young. Obviously I mean at pro. Football Focus has penn state is the number thirty thirty-four graded offense in the country and as mentioned every show. I think we'll have states. That number one graded defense in America. This is the difference in the game. This is the lopsided match chuck. I think James Franklin is one of the best scheme coaches game day. Prep coaches game plan coaches in the country. Every year. He comes out out with few wrinkles. A few I guess a complimentary plays the catch a defense off guard and he always has set a good game played very creative to he always has been. It's so well organized and thought out. It's it's really excellent and that is going to be something that I'm curious to see. This will have because they haven't played played a team. That's GONNA scheme them up. Like Penn State Wisconsin Wisconsin. They're always GonNa be that same style of offense. They're not a Lotta dictum plays. It's going to be interesting to see. See what Ohio State puts in game plan wise to catch James Franklin off guard to catch SEAN CLIFFORD OFF guard. That's what I'm interested to see. And the big thing is this is going to be all about penn state's ability or inability to run the football the lawn boys as J. One side or the running back coach coach Penn state has coined their backfield. They're going to have they're going to have to be the difference for Penn state if they're going to win this football game and they will have to do it against the best rush defense in America and just looking at who they played with a good rush defense. I mean Michigan is the ninth rated rush defense in America. They had just over one hundred yards three point four yards of Carrion. The and one touchdown Michigan State Fifteenth Rush Defense in the country. Had One hundred thirteen yards three point zero yards a carry zero touchdowns so they've only faced to top twenty five really to top fifteen rushing defenses and have had kinda rough days against both barely eclipsing one hundred yards averaging just over three yards per carry and only had one total rushing touchdown combined in both games. Ohio state is going to try it out. Excuse me the fourth best rushing defense in America. Not One into the Horseshoe Horseshoe and we'll be the this'll be stout US run stopping. Unit Penn State is faced to date there also the number one pass defense in the country and a top ten ball disruption defense turnovers man. It's the name of the game. And this is the issue. Sean Clifford the quarterback at Penn State. He's been average at best. I would call it average. I think he's above average of expectations but on a national landscape. He's been average. He ranks in the bottom half of the big ten in pass efficiency. Fifteenth in the big ten in interceptions options thrown and the real real stat. Line here is the Penn State. I Guess Skill Group has twenty I five drops on the year twenty five. They have a big play receiver in Caja Hammer. He's electric. He has the speed the explosive ability to cause some defensive attention. I don't WanNA see mismatched. But it's going to take some attention. But his inconsistency catching the ball is extremely concerning his percentage deeply receptions isn't astounding. I mean forty. One percent of his yards have come on big place. Let's seventeen in the big ten nothing to create a headache or panic over. He's third in the big ten with fifteen catches over twenty yards downfield. So that's a huge point of emphasis for the defense really. They have to limit him. Downfield however ball reception is the key. He has eleven of Penn State's twenty-five drops this year for context. That's the same number of drops for the entire Ohio state football team this year. I'm talking backups. Walk on's you name it. Eleven drops for all of Ohio State Skill Group. Eleven drops for K.. J. Hamblur you're alone so this is going to be the matchup. Will Penn state be able to run the football against the best rushing defense. They have faced when they haven't ran and the ball well against a good rushing defense and if they can't or even if they just marginally successful in the run game will they be able to throw the ball on the number one defense in the country will Sean Clifford turn the ball over. Like he has been doing because if he turns the ball over and if they can't run the ball Ohio state probably gonNA cover. That's how ugly this could be and when I look at the menace analytics as I call it kind of my own statistical analysis of of combining two teams and seeing how they match up. I mean Ohio State. When they're on offense just first and second down is like a four spot favorite or four spot a higher ranking than Penn.? State's defense when Ohio states on defense. That's when the landslide occurs. I mean almost forty spots better than Penn.. State's offense critical down and distances. Ohio allstate has an edge on. Offense has the same edge on defense. So it's really going to be about that first and second down offense. We'll talk about that in a minute. But getting to this offense defense. I don't WanNa forget about the Buckeyes previous game in the rain in there earlier. Top fifteen matchup against Wisconsin because it's applicable. It was another other formidable opponent and other really quality opponent and Justin fields pat really average day. Twelve twenty two hundred sixty seven yards. He was sacked five times James. which is going to be the key allow state? This will also be another test for Ohio. State Skill Group. As a decent secondary's coming into the horseshoe and they need to have a better performance formats through the air then versus Wisconsin in similar. But actually I guess slightly colder conditions wet and cold. That's never good for a wide wide alter like cats. I I settled down there like cats. They get wet and they don't WanNa go anywhere. Don't want to be anywhere. They want to sit there. A little PREMADONNA ISH but Ohio state has tough receiver so maybe not as much. The buckeyes is and zone six but this is pro. Football focus is number three graded offense in Columbus versus the number two graded defense in America. The nittany reliance. It's going to really all about Justin fields and really zone six. They have three receivers in the top seven in the big ten in touchdowns Chris Alavi number one in the big big ten with nine touchdowns and then Ben Victor Cage Hiller tied with six each and then it will really be about wh- what can have state get out of Austin. Mac is awesome. Matt GonNa Blais is he gonNA provide death. We'll Garrett Wilson be more involved. This week I think the real question here with the weather is how will the buckeyes be able to run the ball against the number one rushing defense in the United States of America. The question is are they going to be able to average five and a half yards a carry or five point three yards a carry like they did against Wisconsin is jk Dobbins going to be able to go off for over one hundred and fifty yards and a couple touchdowns again like he did against Wisconsin if they're able to do that and if that offensive line is able to win the line of scrimmage which they did against Wisconsin and they have not done all year will they be able to against this penn state. Rush defense the number rush defense in the country. If they can do that this is going to be a really good day. For the Buckeyes and then critical situations Sion's critical situations the number one. Third Down Offense. The buckeyes faces a top twenty third down defense in the rain. That's huge and the critical component of being a great third. Down Offense in the rain is first and second down deficiency you WanNa get to manageable third-down distances. We talked about third down. This is after the Wisconsin game. They have to be in third and five five or less if they are in third and seven. Plus this as a lot of drives that are gonNA stop. You cannot expect Justin fields to convert third and eight and nine in the rain all day. It's not going to happen. And if it does my gosh thrown heisman race and the biggest part about all of this is how will the pass pro hold up. Penn state has two top ten two of the top ten. Pass rushers in the big ten in your tour. Gross mottos was six and a half sacks shock tony was six and a half sacks with thirteen sacks between them. They don't have chase young but they get to the quarterback well they have thirty three sacks on the year second the convert the third in the big ten number twelve in America. So safe to say they've gotten after the quarterback now house they offense align is second in the big ten in pass aspro there ninety one percent efficient. That's just the five. Oh Lyman though. Overall Ohio states passposts thirty sixth in the country Grade Wise and they've allow twenty two sacks this year seventy fourth in America if they want to make this a game. If they want to make this tougher I should be let them turn the ball over a twice and let justice fields get sacked five times. This'll be a dogfight that no one wasn't it in Buckeye nation ultimately. I think this is going to be a signature win for Ryan. I think they come out. I don't know that they cover like I said. But I don't see how Penn State is able to move the ball against this defense. And I think I think this is the game that really separates Ohio state from Lsu. Because I think that in the elements they are going to have a day but really excited to watch it. Obviously the tailgate will be there so we'll be there watching watching it live at the point on lane so come check it out. Go to our website. Get tickets and I want to talk about the national landscape before we close the show out. 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Like I said that was just I was trying when I brought that up. I was addressing rumors that it was Maryland and I address them with the actual rumors in the state of Maryland. That was James Franklin. Certainly don't know that I mean what I do. Know is he had a pandit he didn't single handedly do it. But anyways I'm just excited to watch that matchup excited to watch chase and if you didn't hear James Franklin Talk about chase young and the interview. Oh someone sounds guilty But it is SEC. Scrimmage Week if you WANNA get pissed off about scheduling and the the the inequality of scheduling go. Take a look at the gamut of games in the SEC this week. Or don't I'll tell them to you. Alabama is taking on. The vaunted did Western Carolina catamounts Auburn is taking on Stanford Not Stanford with an end not the cardinal Stamford Bobby Bowden coach. There are like fifty years ago. Kentucky has a big game against ut Martin Directional Martin Tennessee. I Guess Vanderbilt Plays Eastern Eastern Tennessee state. Mississippi state has a great matchup against Abilene Christian. LSU Plays Arkansas which that might be the worst opponent in on the on the list and then Georgia has a decent game. It's am so get ready for some some stellar games in the SEC country. Now I do want to talk about one thing as I. You just talk about this college the National Landscape and we're GONNA talk about more about this on Sunday Monday but there's a team that that needs to be getting a little more respect than they have and that's it's the Utah utes they drop the game. USA They shouldn't have dropped on the road. But here's what they have and I. It's it's of note because I believe that the winner of Utah Oregon should be in the playoffs. I do and I look at tackling defense. The country's one of my favorite stats. Ohio States the best tackling defense in the country and Utah's third heard and they're one of the best defense in the United States of America. Here's what doesn't get a lot of publicity out and PAC twelve country this quarterback they have tyler hunt. He is playing really well. He's the seventh highest graded quarterback in the country. Here here's the top. Three ready. Just feels one Joe Bureau to just in Herbert Bert at Oregon. Three Tyler Huntley seven tied with Jake from at Georgia Jalen hurts us. Twelve in Trevor Lawrence is twenty one. Those are relevant quarterbacks. Obviously with two of being out. Trevor Lawrence is playing ridiculous. The last whatever five weeks four weeks let's talk about adjusted. Completion percentage Tyler Huntley number one in the country deep ball. Completion percentage managed Tyler Huntley number one in the country. When he's kept clean Tyler Huntley number one in the country ninety two percent this kid is playing phenomenal and then you add in and that they have a running back Zac Moss? WHO's the number three graded running back in the country? He's has the third the third most elusive back in the country. I'm I'm just telling you for for National College football fans that maybe aren't paying attention to the West Coast Watch out for Utah and I really like Oregon to watch out for UTAH. They might be a playoff team for the first time in school. History since Urban Meyer when undefeated and beat pit in the Fiesta Bowl. And then I wanted to talk talk about the top receivers in college football some of these just astounding obviously we talked about LSU ridiculous and a yellow. She was biggest weaknesses their defense. I don't think that I've been saying that for. I think eight weeks and now the national media wants to pick it up now they want to run with it like it's something new but Lsu has phenomenal players. On the perimeter Clemson has four guys four receivers offers ranked the top two hundred in the country. Oklahoma has CD lamb. Then they have a couple of guys that are decent Alabama's the one they have three receivers in the top one hundred so it'll be interesting to see how that offense plays without too because they're not out of it they're really not Ohio state has crystallize only top one hundred receiver Grade Wise Caja Hills the sixteenth ranked slot in the country. Georgia just lacks complete skill on the perimeter and then Oregon has a couple of guys outs about one fifty one sixty range I think clemson is the team right now. They have the defense to back it up. Their quarterback is now playing like the best quarterback in the country. They have the most elusive running back in the country. Travis at the end ridiculous he has. The most missed tackles forced in the country. He's playing out of this world and with quarterback performance and running back performance offense align performance. And if you look at grades the Top oh lines in the country. Three as it applies to landscape clemson number four Alabama number five organ number six tied with Georgia Ohio State Thirty Second Oklahoma Homa seventy-second Lsu seventy-six than here's Utah's flaw. One hundred and seventeenth best line in the country. How about sacks acts allowed by an offense align Bam has only allowed one sack their offense aligned Clemson to Georgia three Oregon and Oklahoma Five? Each state's office light is allowed seven sex and LSU their offense align has allowed twelve sacks so I like LSU's quarterback. I like they're running back and I like their receivers. They're line is average. Their defense is far below average. I think this is a two team race right now and I think Utah belongs in the conversation in the mainstream we talked about tackles. I mean there's a lot. LSU Ninety one or ninety nine Texas one on thirty. One had to throw that in there. But I think it's a it's a the landscape is becoming clearer and clearer and clear as we watch this Ohio state. Stay Clemson wanted to pick one be and then I think obviously you have to throw in Lsu. Because they're undefeated they've they've one more big games than anyone one. Their defense is majorly suspect. And I think the most critical thing here is who is the one seat because you don't WanNa play Lsu you and then Clemson or Clemson and then Lsu if you're Ohio State you WANNA play Utah or Oregon and then go play the winner of Clemson Lsu you. That's what you want but it's going to be interesting. I want to get the people as picks before we close out the show to let you know what his thoughts are. And if you sign up for the Pro Mathematics Lennox then you will obviously have their analytic advice. Also and hopefully you can win some money so let's get to people's picks before we end the show and by the way people as went I went seven and two had a rough week like three and seven two and seven. Then what seventy two and one eight and two last weekend. So he's on kind of a heater right now so I'd check them out. Here's his I believe has nine game nine games of the week. One the the the noon games he likes her Minnesota minus thirteen and a half at northwestern he likes East Carolina minus fourteen and a half against Yukon Oklahoma almost state minus seven at West Virginia and then Boston College plus nineteen at Notre. Dame's those are the noon to thirty games than a three thirty games. He likes the apparently he likes the away teams early. The home team's midday. He likes Georgia minus thirteen and a half against tech. Say 'EM USC minus thirteen and a half with UCLA. Coming in town Georgia's at home. I don't know if I just said an a Georgia has. AM coming to town Baylor minus five and a half against Texas boy. I'd love to see. See that with the old Thomas then. The Night Games Oregon minus fourteen and a half at Arizona State Kansas state plus two and a half at Texas Tech and then he likes Tulsa at home minus three against Houston he always has to throw in one like Tulsa Houston who the hell knows about pulse in Houston but I check them out. Eight and two last week Fourteen in four the two weeks prior and then he had a bad week mixed in there somewhere but he's got on a heater. I check it out. I picked maybe three or four of those and try to roller parlay with mybookie. But I definitely check out pro. Oh mathematics they'll help you pick pick the winners and then like. I said. We'll be at the tailgate. I'M GONNA put in a par lay at the tailgate. So come up to me. Let's let's let's talk about it. Let's get it done. Come see us man eight. AM doors open at the tailgate. We're going to have a great time and it's going to be awesome hanging out kind of playing some cornhole tailgate. And I'm not I don't know what that means but we're going to do it so come hang out with us and then We'll see out there if you interested in advertising sponsorship or anything really if you need to contact me us us you WanNa talk about opportunities. Hit Me Up Zack Z.. Ach At many society. podcast hope you enjoy your entertained. Hope you like the show so so fired up about where this platform's GonNa go next week just had to get this tailgate out of the way and then we are going to do it up even bigger for the Spring Games so get ready for that but thanks for tuning in and we'll we'll catch your Monday. You'll Elliott's he's got an opening to the races can catch eighteen eighty yards. It's so easy to it. Takes a little stumped at this special hustle player practicing. We'll want to be rounded. What's going inside outside of John? Hayman Ron thanks income. But don't forget we're GONNA get go hand. We don't forget today today. We're GONNA whisk menace.

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