S2E145: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 04/20/21


The plan and hey west breath star right now. All right like my mother always say. Thank god for jesus it is. It is a turned up. Tuesday it is tuesday april twenty twenty twenty one eighteen minutes after our walk to the sean hannity show features jalen alcohol's barbeque loan week. Each one started right. Why not only place on earth. We wanna start right. That chat room is wide open. Please call in five seven zero nine two six five zero iheartradio. Radio dot com. Sean hobby wanna show dot com fan radio app stupid. Connie worldnet radio also All major podcast platforms and especially shout out to all these long country. We definitely appreciate you guys social media. We wanna facebook. Please go to our business. Page and like the page show. Harvey won't show featuring waco team business page. You get notified after seven o'clock in the morning when we go live monday to friday or so. Join our group sean. More show featuring recalled seeing who paid one of the hottest groups on facebook. Please invite yourself. Join us in Meet some brand new folks via social media this one. We're also youtube or go to show harvey marshall feature show harvey morning show on youtube. And we're right there so there you go only place on earth where you get your morning started right why not bingo barbie cologne. God bless you. Good to see to be saying bobby looking good this morning looking. Well rested really. I didn't get much sleep last night. You look you look well rested. Thank you lip glosses plopping. You know that black don't crack up. Ham tried what not to. If you don't know what is really eighty three. I will get more than how you doing. Great showing how are you. I'm here in bethlehem we broadcast live to you from is thirty nine degrees right nashwan. Can you turn up a little bit. Sad little low. Thank you The day we go in bethlehem where we worked to you from it is thirty nine degrees the highest. Gotta be seventy today and it's going to be beautiful action. War dress it's going to be sunny guys is gonna be beautiful and strasbourg. Forty three degrees sunny in sixty eight for the high in new jersey. It is forty eight degrees. Going to a high of seventy three today and sunny fifty fifty two in new york city. Seventy-three will be the high and was going to be there as well in hotlanta fifty two right now seventy five for the high clear but some clouds a little late in the day. But it's not gonna be any rain. Just below little cloud. Mix and miami is seventy two degrees eight will be the high cloudy with morning thunderstorms but It should be cleared by the afternoon in the rest of the day is going to be beautiful in chicago. Thirty seven degrees thirty nine. We'll leave a high cloudy in the morning rain as well. Fifty five in los angeles seventy five for the high end fair. in louisville. It is forty five degrees clear but rain overnight. And it's going to be seventy two for the high in rochester. Forty one degrees fifty high cloudy and rain in the may have some Snow showers overnight. Guys have here. In louisville road tests in in in louisville. That's the weather i have for you. All what to look like where you are. Why because kevin so you live from the show. Hobby beach may see will. We'll get you to start right. Exactly we get you want start right only place on earth we get your morning started right on a turned up. Tuesday we have the front page. News was j s to eat w. n. y. We'll give you the news Right on the top of the hour around nine o'clock stay tuned For that where we give you the news locally nationally globally and you know how like it from the hood so stay tuned for front page news. Cj calls this is so excited about that now but before that we have the morning. Buzz everyone and i like to say on this show each and every day that is one thing that we could guarantee this and that is that your head will be buzzing before nine. Am so you stay tuned for that. What else you are. There will be some harvey house sports. Your state. so guys don't Don't go nowhere that stay right there. Stay right there because in the next forty five minutes. You know we're gonna do. We're gonna shout out to other people come in not it coming into champion. They are coming. So they're going to do is Especially shot out the dj dj young and dj night. He no question about it We play one or two of their songs throughout the week. So we appreciate But what we do is within the next forty five minutes or so. We shot out the room. Don't go nowhere you know we want to show your some love Because that's what we do here and Especially shot i like. I said to dj rome dj Young and also dj not here on a tuesday. Before i get into my whole thing probably get up to four. If you don't mind we get a chance to get up there. Today's four twenty marijuana thing get up that day in day. We'll talk about that but before we get up get into that. I want to say this. And i said all the time Like my mother said thank off cheeses That we are here that we're up in that we are live today looking across the street. And there's a whole bitch big pacha grass over there across the street From where we're right across from the moravian college football stadium and you can see like the stands over there and there's little grassing Don't worry about we and the grass is growing. The greenery is upon us right now. This is sometimes we need to take moment just to look at that and brief some oxygen in have and drink a glass of water some lifestyle things that we need to sustain life and i say that When you get up in the morning yes whoever your guide is you. Pray to your god. I swear you do better and then after you do all of that and you use the bathroom and you check on your kids. This is the time of the morning when you get your morning started right. That's right this is where you come here like. I say each and every day a collectively as a group. This is our meeting place. First thing in the morning there are people that listen to this show does not even morning people they they despise they discard morning and they come here to gather around his love community because they don't even know they don't like the morning this is where they get their morning started yet. You know that this is a powerful vehicle for us when there's people that don't like to be here in the daytime in the morning and they're here in the morning so that's the first thing we got so when you wake up in the morning and do all the things that you need to do. This is your next stop whether you're in transit. Going to work in. And please drive safely out there if you commuter more even if you logging in because you're blessed to have a job that's allowing you to work from home during covid if you out there hustling independent gig workers or you just your own business owner. You know you still need the come here because this is what you get your start right. This is a community now. Bobby cologne and i say this. Because i have to say dillard. There's a lot of folks out there this this folks out there that data blessed this morning. God bless you. You have the tremendous amount of love or ready built in got the eggs frying in the morning. The kids got greece phase toys. All over the place if you have family or if you off your kids are grown. You know your houses. You're getting up and you start new regular routine. Grab some arms. Ucla and you have that love but even folks like that they need some love and then on here for the folks that don't have that love in the morning because there's some of you that don't and get it and there's times that i walk in here and i don't have that love. I walked in here with a deficit of love. But at least. I nowhere going because some of knowing you're going you boy. Harvey is here to lead you to the morning. Promised land you in house of harvey to have house of harv because you're out there running around and spiritually physically mentally. You don't know where you're going because you're robotic. This is your refuge of love. So you want to start it right and you get some love and isn't this way all this before eight. Am in the morning then at that you should gillick clear because sometimes it's life is frustrating. Bobby cologne sometimes. Life is unpredictable. Barbecue life is unforeseen. This happened in life that we can't control and there's things like that we can't control and and everyday life is normal stress. Well not know. More since two thousand. And twenty stresses not normal. No more anxiety is out of all time high. You got people that don't want to go outside. So then what happens is you kill it fulop into get mad and then that hate juice drip down into your into your gila. You got hate juice. Dripping into your gillet. Gillick gets added and it overflows. Now you've got to of hate in your stomach. Don't have a tumor hate leads gentleman. And we're here to save you from your tumor. We're going to cut it wide open. And we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna squeeze the plus you policy. What a pleasant in the walking around here with a pussy. Gillet i welcome you. Because i'm a clean that out. I'm gonna get that pass out of there and and you're gonna get you more started right three foals you get your morning started right. You get that love that you need and you get that gillard clean and after ten o'clock you going out there and and and and and like i always say attack that day you attack the day guests tagging harbor tax day. I get up in the line. So now you have the ingredients to take you where you need to be your you work on for depot for the on now. You have the direction and guidance to go through your day here for parties. Here's cities and that's what we're here for. We provide a community service. Shaw harvey is essential. Need to be here. Because what i'm here. I received a lot of guys that continue my day and a turkey tuesday right. guess what. I'm already turned up. I see. I see markups now like this because i don't have any muscles or whatever whatever's called that really hand in my my hands a war that is going away look at my on video looking my hands. If three of them broke three three of them a broken here. I have frankenstein handsome fats. I'm okay three of them. A- broke crack is around. They see all that sean. This lady's a sexy too. You know sarah no no. I don't how sure now put them away. Stay away showing this little scary scary bones ma bones of breaking become to get my morningstar right scaring the lady. I'll put him away. You see these. This life experiences No way please. I say to you in saying this before. We start to show barbeque on that. As you have this inflammation that you all please share to show. Yes she ever show. You cannot this. European disrespectful folks that are listening new listeners. I know who the hell talk. You will get it the friday. You just keep showing up Shared his show. Because you never know there might be one of your beloved friends. That are struggling in the morning. They don't have the right momentum bobby cologne now to get your day going could be. You might need momentum and he little momentum right okay. Well because what's what what they're doing to get their morning started. Right obviously isn't working. That's you tried everything. We're going to give you that proper momentum and we usually do that on on mondays but it's turned up tuesday so that's all i wanna say. Get your morning started right. Get the love cleaning gillet and shared a show. Thank you yes. I want to go back to sunday. Real quick barbie. I forgot to say this yesterday. You and sidney. J looked absolutely beautiful. This laid the place. You look absolutely wonderful. Lynda jacobs look beautiful And i didn't get a chance to say on that and also before we do it already know this so today. Is our favor vernet his birthday. Today's right yes a happy day to happy birthday. Happy days. Everybody chauvinistic george. It used to be george henry. Had i don't know she henry. Fin- george in fiji the building though that well. I know everybody wishes happy birthday. I want to say personally to her. Like this is a woman who Such a loving heart love such a loving person such a smart women and also She's here each and every day in the show and we appreciate her on her birthday. We wish you a glorious day today. And she's so special for us initial room barbecue. She's the one who who who who have been Lynette serano involved and And daniel williams. Yeah so we. We really appreciate you on your birthday. We want you to call the shots you out in your birthday. So let's Everybody's show veneta george henry. Some birthday love on four twenty nine speaking of four twenty. We'll get into that. Listen everybody we'll keep that freight train moving. We've got the mother's day matinee wearing at the new bobby. Where is that located. Eight thirty one south delaware's right in eastern. Pa come on out come on out. Doors open at five. Yelp showtime six already got birthday parties coming. I'll snap about to turn up tearing up his day months. Dang come on now come on. Get your laugh order party. Kiki sundays is the do. Saturday nights inherit ahead firms. You're going to their seven at seven seven at night. You're gonna be like is this zelda sunday's over you missed it. What will party will dan. Hey yeah you missed it so come on now To fly a. I'm for the fly out today. Come on now Let's have a good town mother's day mother's day met of hilarious line of a lineup of comedians That's sunday made. A knife at the mill was located. Begin work eight. Thirty one south delaware. Dr a great city of eastern pennsylvania grew courtesy of east east. Go east lived. There lived a few months trying to get out. You live in old squeezed it live. You live in eastern houston was popping thirty and need to move. I absolutely need to move. I live in a ghetto. Y'all ghetto somebody got rated down the block to block donald from me this morning. Somebody over rated look me up. I live in the ghetto. Now it used to be suburbs. Now it's just like bobby liz. I can get into the show right now again part. Yeah bobby lives in Like old school eastern Like yeah you're right like beat that's when eastern was popping twenty years ago Now now this The neighborhood has made a transformation. The neighbors in the neighborhood. Let the neighbors in and boy did they show drill holes. Came over there with bobby. Live by forty five miles an hour. He actually now. I think it's really quiet. But this location with lotta role houses. Thousands of row houses thousands of blocks exaggerate thousands. I it's almost like using the bronx. It's like like like each fremont philly when not not not violence but like them. It's like they're practicing to be really but that's the thing like this morning. I like what the hell is going on. It scared the crap outta me and this goes back to what i was saying yesterday with before we get into the second. I was saying yesterday with johncock. Fam- radio i said thing and everybody disagreeing with me and everybody gets mad at me. Bobby you and other neighbor who's been living here for twenty years white. We're living over there for about twenty years so you guys with a prior to all the neighbors coming so you see the difference and it's gotta be some neighbors that are over there like. Why are these people here. Because before wasn't like this. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Lots of jersey a lot of new york and they come out here and this is a commonwealth state. And they don't care bobby. I wish that some point you get an opportunity to I'm working on a plane. Come on this side of town. Now come to move to the suburbs. I want laying. I want you want you want. You wanna like boo to want to move to a township moving to have you wanna move back to. I've tried to get about the city. I want to go to the outskirts. They want like one point. Five acre the white picket phase. Two point five kids and the dog Bobby for sure you will achieve that in the next couple of years but until now be safe my friends because over. There were brought barb. You've got to get out of here. Yeah i'm getting is and thank you for your transparency. She just said she just admitted it was very liberating time. She said hey. I know she'd been one to say she says. Hey are i live in the ghetto. Who got twenty years ago. Today they let let let top grade neighbor in name let regular neighbor. They write a neighbor of the neighbors. Yes and i was like. Oh where'd you come from you. Where are you from the very right new york here in the lee valley. Allentown is sort of like of the worst alison. Wait a minute. Wait a minute but your hood is running almost a quick a close second third batty probably getting it. I'll tell you that it's time to move on over. You know when you don't want your friends to come over. I'll come over to your your out for sure for sure. Your beloved sean. Hey sean brown. Alberto parts of that neighborhood no more. She asked nypd much as you probably scared nosy. Because the show braun. Oliver and bobby cologne live in. Two different is to two different spectrums. She living in suburbs. She lives in suburb. Nice colin sack. Let this is good and then go to bob. you hear. you'll ma eleven hurt. That's been filling. Well what bobby is. Doesn't that feel liberating now. It's fine because it's it's what it is now like you said you. You have a plan of action to get out the hood. When i was in the bronx i lived in the hood. Put a number one if you live in the hood every everybody put a number one if you lived in the hood put a number two if you've never lived in people who never lived in the hood right as bad as norc. Oh i am moving the first thing day smoking okay. We'll probably does. You're gonna run into some turbulence. And i'm gonna tell you are the first thing i want to say is When i last hood i lived and was in the bronx. Move out here in the poconos and i lived on. East tremont and morris. Park rang front of the bus. Stop tenement building. And when i tell you was the wild wild west but but when you lived in a hood all your life you also kind of immune to it like it was. I mean everything that was going on like the raids and everybody gets that was part of sort of almost normal behavior in a sense and cities to say that. But it seemed like. That's what that was. The last time i lived in new york city was two thousand and five years. It twenty twenty one twenty one. So was that a sixteen year. And when i moved out here was a culture shock for me. I don't know if that was very ill moved out here. No five I moved to the poconos. I moved into this house to the before predatory house. I got caught in the house and scam that old. Five or six hundred thousand were people who got caught in person. I didn't read the contract. I ain't do not decide the houses Two hundred fifty thousand dollars but it was really only worth like forty five thousand. And i thought i was the edge but when i moved out here like it was a coaches shock for me because it was. I went from each trauma. Wars park from the bronx new york to the poconos and was like there was a guy that lived down the block and and down the street. And i didn't know that no i didn't know anybody. I went from a tenement building with a thousand people in front of a bus stop in the bronx with gas stations across the street. Everything that i it was right there right there. My punk ass. Go move out here. You away up to the poconos dumped move deep in the pocono by marshall creek wasn't even like deep like he was like right on edge and it was still like nobody around. I mean. I'm grateful that i still did it looking back now. Glad that i'm in pennsylvania no question about it but we're thinking about it like for me when i left the bronx. I didn't think it through at all. And i call it was john is doing it. Was crazy baby. Bump moved out here that was holding. Oh shit too but there was parts of me that wanted to go back to the hood. Bobby clo- why. Because that's all i knew it like i said this a withdraw. I told you. In the opposite i wanted to go back to adjust yourself you. Gotta you know. You're not used to that environment now. Bobby alone i know that. And and i. I i really appraise that. You succeed in your endeavour of moving in purchasing purchasing a piece of piece of a house because It'd be my second one hour in this one. But i'm sure enough moving. Well well please hurry up. Because housing market is exploding after covert Not only is what's scary about the housing market. Now is the fact that on tuesday persona four twenty. I don't believe in. Here's the scary part about the housing market for the next couple of years because a lot of people are working at home barbie. A lot of corporations lot of big businesses. Barbie which i take. I don't even know if this is against the law but a lot of corporations are buying residential houses. Yeah which is which is driving the housing market to a very high rainless. So i was something that we need to have a conversation with and look into. I believe that there are some corporations that are buying houses. I don't of their selling them manado. Maybe they might have the you the people who you know corporate folks move into a lot of them do that because they have their employees living. That's how they be able to relocate their employees because the company only question but now it's like a spike like now they're really buying it probably just doing it because they'd be incomes off despite a ball house right making it probably go for us regular folks so now there's a bunch of folks standing on line trying to purchase the the house and the problem with that is still assila say yesterday like in the land. Let's say the houses a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. You might need a hundred fifty thousand dollars in cash. Christ you might. I don't know about the to this. I mean i think everything a flattening out polls in a few years and everything go back to normal with the housing market but my my fear with the housing market is the fact that they don't give a damn about your credit score. You can have eight hundred credit score for fifty years on tuesday. You have eight hundred credit score for twenty five years and you little twenty thousand dollars respectively down you little house. That might not be enough because somebody might come in there. We got two hundred fifty thousand dollars cash right. You've got check right here which which will be doing. And that's for a seller turned down so in that goes into the We got two stories that goes into the that. There's something going on what you punch up this story to barbie film. There's something going on in this society with covert on turtle. Tuesday it is what's going on Is called re entry and zaidi barbie. So a lot of people don't want to come outside right so like say if the person wanted to sell the house. Anyone say they before kobe. You know we thinking about selling the house. Proper cova comes right now. They're not selling the house because they don't want to leave. Yeah there is illicit to each his own. Don't get me wrong. i'm not this. Covert is still going on out here before long. They are reports. Now that i was listening to the news that they are literally some people and not not talking about the l. d. like like like my mom's like my mother ma harvey regular like like talking about like. I understand the elderly person. Like i said like my mother standing right kind of get the exactly. But that they are healthy. Folks in the forties and fifties and thirties barbie cologne. That haven't left the house since last march that haven't basically having been outside or just roaming around their property so you have a lot of that so now those folks maybe there might be ten fifty percent of those folks that that will take it about selling the house. You know damn well. They're not selling the house now So bobby i wish you luck because there's a lot of folks that that's that's not forget about atlanta. There's a lot of folks that are exit new york new jersey and moving out here to see how that is true. And in the poconos you might have a better shot moving up into the poconos than down here. That moves now. That's the question if you go into the real estate like a real estate site right now. housing dot com You might see like four houses down here in valley four and they all black like four hundred thousand dollars you might. I'm just saying no you. And then you might go to the poconos and see like seventy five houses for about one hundred fifty two hundred up. But i will never make you might have you might have to again. Explore geographically bobby cologne. Don't think about moving to central jersey. I ain't gonna move back jersey. You might want to move. The phillips were thank you. That's worse in the next town new jersey but next that sounds horrible. How you live in phillipsburg new jersey. You have my condolences bro. And if you live in phila- ver- what the hell is wrong with you. This is like a wild wild west town so in the housing market on tuesday barbara. I wish you luck. I hope it all works out. But no this that There's only right now today. There's probably five houses this five houses in the or they do have some houses like there's a bunch of houses down there in eastern. The people were in your hood. They're not selling their houses now. I've not seen doesn't know you don't see no this two things you don't see at the moment. These are the things you don't see and society at this moment. I'm gonna tell you. What to twelve twenty twenty bumper stickers and flags and for how for sale on how on the In front of the house you don't see no for sale signs in front of housing. All see them. This is what i'm trying like this. That's why i said next year. Twenty twenty two twenty two thousand to try to make exodus out of easter. I like said i wish. I hope that you might have to move around a corner. You might have to move around the corner or you buy. Stay where you are. If i had to stay state of the year ten you know there have now. That will never happen down south before i stay here probably schwab will you will you will be. You'll be on of the blocks today. Have you done you understand so a hold on to what you have And and i. I wish you'd most assess because like there's there's nothing there's nothing out there. S getting for now. There's nothing how they went to arm and leg. They won't for this. they're not even worth it. In my opinion they won't four hundred thousand dollars for like like this like the lehigh valley turning into long island. New york it's ridiculous. Four hundred thousand dollars for some brand new condo. Whatever it is rich you've got to share you know the house you share with one driveway baba and that's like in the next township. Yeah i refuse to live the house. Attached anyone paying four hundred thousand dollars to live attached to somebody test now so Everybody chat room wherever you live right now. Put a number one. If you grew up in the hood put a number two if you did. I grew up in bobby bobby has been in hood all this dog baby they just suburbia correal as well you from one to another hood now. Let's not hurt capacity where i'm from ch- shell by this is the life now if you're real estate if our would ever see real estate agents out there like you see before kobe real estate agents was out there. We've got houses we got there. Call me baba battles were home blah blah blah we. I don't even see real estate agents out there period your real estate agent call in 'cause i will see all industries poly no houses out there to sell wabi. If you real estate agent right now that might not be the look know every like everybody is village they ages. I thought about doing it. Everybody every black person in the world real estate. Get little side hustle. You know i'm not mad at that. I'm not mad at the hustler. Listen to that. I would be a real estate agent to dump still thinking about doing it. Lusa with real estate agent when there's no houses houses for this houses where are the houses commercial. Real estate is i don't hear nothing about real estate. No more than an me. She didn't agent misdee- with the health. I'll just say do you. Do you hear anybody talking about i. do i hear. I have a few girlfriends of niagara for associates. Who are ages selling real estate here there. What does that. I want grocery store three last week. Three houses last week. What part you should have bought one of them. No i'm not ready to buy a house yet and we so so so really. So i am. I wrong this houses. It may not be as many as before but go on go on houses in the lehigh valley for sale houses in. They have valley for shot to a new folks who champion. Well 'cause i wanna know. I'm not i'm not in the house of the market right now. i ain't doing that. My beloved tiny. We're going to buy a house next year. You go about house next year going by going to move in that house you next week i go with you and i think we got the perfect able to wear show you got quiet neighborhood and they would houses for the did say what they say the ham on union street. There is a two bedroom two bathroom for one hundred fifty thousand dollars a look see. That's the bobby. That's their right. If you union s right down the block now looking to see you wanna see you want a nice looking house. It's the same house now. Look everybody come on a hundred hundred and fifty thousand dollars back off the loop. She didn't that's like an investment property. If you want to buy and rent. And i want to get this it out. I wouldn't live here. What else you have over there. Barbie wilson wilson. That's a hood now is now who is hood. Bullshit is not right up the block from you. We'll could as nothing but babylonians can't live the one thousand nine hundred. I'm wrong this houses out there. They are houses on one hundred. Nineteen thousand dollars. You could little something out now. I was scrolling. See well i stand corrected stand corrected i am wrong. Two houses three hundred. Let me see. Let me for loosening museum stolen. That's parma township right there okay paul matteo. I'm gonna smack myself in the forehead. There are ten houses out here. Yeah ten houses out here bobby. So it is what it said houses. Everybody if you wanna move to the valley the ten fifteen hours is out here all these prices starting to go up in the ones that the further you go down they go up because they will gallo. Guy has gotten a little better probably. Hopefully you'll be able to move to like a wilson the next town the next town over so now before we get into the bus driver. We'll shut out the room Today is Before twenty and that was was to deal with four twenty with the with the marijuana. Because i never look at that story for your mind we never like cosign dad like four twenty. You supposed to go out there and smoke all the weed you want double. I don't know where ridge from me as a former we'd had become. I didn't care what day it was a. We usually don't care what the so there's some sense of what's this would. What makes this day so special for twenty of it. And i think veneta george birthday is more special than the we day. Okay well the origin. Four twenty origin Dates back to nine the seventy thousand nine hundred seventy a group of five high school teenagers in california usa. Meet at four twenty pm. Each week in search of a cannabis plant that was supposedly left behind in a forest by the us coastguard So but they couldn't find it so they will. That's what the original a the origin of all other term. Four twenty dates back to nineteen seventy nine to seventy s. A group of five high school teenagers in california used to meet at four twenty pm each week in search of a canvas plant that was supposedly left behind in a forest by the us coast guard member who could no longer attend the crowd. Oh so they were trying to find a we sean so they could smoke the weed. So the babylonian started for twenty two and half your out there smoking the weed. Bobby i used to smoke the weed. I smoke some good weed back in the day. And you celebrate On four twenty sparking up your blunt which. God bless you but a lot of people don't understand for me. Baba cologne weed is an addiction. It's a drug yeah. Marijuana is a drug. I don't come from the earth shut up. It's very addicting. okay. I get it like. It's almost recreational wear now. there's laws to pass. You know where you can smoke a certain amount of weed in different states of this country Which is fine. But you're you. Fi fell realize that you smoke the weed. You get in a car drive. It's still a dui is so you don't you don't even realize the mixed messages that are going on here. Be careful which afford twenty. We'd celebration today. Which is stupid to me. Because i don't want you to get weeded out thinking that these are your rights for your country because the state legalize it because it's not a federal law yet. Barbeque alone is a state law. The feds are different out there. Smoke the weed and getting your car. Because you're gonna get pulled over in on four twenty you're going to get your license taken away from you and you're not gonna be able to drive and you're gonna look like a complete idiot and you're gonna lose your your family and you're gonna lose your job and it's going to be stupid and you're gonna have stains on baldwin. I smoke so much weed stains on my point of finger and my thumb you ever had those glow. I smoke so much weed that my thumb was it was like a golden it. The smoke weed like that net now. Have you ever smoked weed twice in my life. Yeah what is wrong with you. I just wasn't it wasn't for me. I just walked up now. It wasn't them in the two times in your life. Was it in the same era of your life or it was like when i was eighteen. Eighteen that's regular six seven something like six twenty eighteen and then twenty six twenty seven years and no more says 'i did edible. That is a different type of situation. When did you do the about two months ago. Oh so how did you feel different. Yep boy i smoked. The we had the was it was. I was stuck in that over exactly drugs. Don't work thank you stop. Why would you feel stuff because it was. I think it was just too strong. The girl who made ed what he's media movies from put to sing. Why as an adult. You're going to be stuck. You know what i'm saying is stupid right right and you're grown ass person and that's what we does it gets you stuck right. Why would you want to be there. It stops the whole thought process. There's no higher conscious. You just high right okay. No philosophize all this crap in your head. You're high offer chemical is to me weed is a drug. Yeah i'm not knocking new folks for you know smoking the weed but celebrating for twenty is stupid to me. is dumb. Stop smoking so much weed. Get crazy because you say that it comes from the earth and this is margaret. This has come. If i was one of the big we as bobby i smoke weed. I used to work in a wheat spot. Did you know why we. I used to go to the weeds spot black. I was going to work. The we spot was on one hundred sixty fifth in boston role. Bobby i was the guy who gave the drugs on. Know how you open up the whole and you get. The drugs are used past. I was the guy who pass. The drug was the pastor of it. When i used to sell drugs in the we spot My cousins would be over there all my friends and then even know that it was be that was given them the weeds. Hand we so we saw The trae back all we sold and body we so the trae bag back in the day we so big nichols and we had this weed. It was called sess. I'm kind of rate three dollars three dollars bag and then we sold so these buddha bags we we we. We have to three dollars three dollars yet. Listen we the tweet alabama we. We had the the five dollar bags week. We had to ten dollar bag of buddha and says and we like a twenty dollar bag and me and my man north was working in the we spot. It was on the first four. Bobby we selling weed out. I'm coming in the morning to the job. I come to dreads work. The spot right. Bobby me and my man. No of gap me job. So why are we selling weed or there was only like a to couch this three tables and that's the only thing and old school tv bobby while we sell in the we we robin the wheat dude at the same time and this is how we rob him so we would we would jump all thousands of dollars read right and me and my man north tap the bags take a little bit here we we we we. We tap more bags that we sold. Shaw wanna show cine barbie. What's up sean. What's up. Barbie has he is. Can you be winning. Hey kenny look when piggyback off of that which is just saying i was from so we will be the ones coming over there grabbing them. The trays in nick was in going back to jersey. And dublin. the money on. Wow so where he was saying was absolutely correct. Yeah we i used to get a tray. We've bought like twenty trays. We can go back to earth selling for five dollars. I mean for ten dollars side. We did it so so What are you saying is correct. But what what the deal is. Do you drink no. I don't drink for seven years. My is you. Don't drink or smoke or do i can't because if i drink smoke or do anything is not good for the community i sean harvey makes a sober sean. Harvey makes this world a better place to living. Let's keep that's awesome. What he was partying or was just hanging out. Would you rather hang out with people. That's been drinking or people that has been smoked drunk. People i hang out with both the. I don't like hanging out with the drunk people now. Is this same like it. Always in bad but we just have to get him to do stuff. You gotta get them motivated right it. Just they they real sluggish. They'll slow drive people could get a little belligerent. Get a little stupid. That's the thing about we we. We'd is a depressant. It a downer right. It's not like you smoke weed but let's do outside help hype like this. They see like white liquor. Gets you more revved up than dark liquor. Which i think is true but that hennessy kind of put that myth to decide because it's a dark liquor and people. That's the devils juice dazzle yet. Because i say people who drink wine liquor be five adri dogs stuff. It'd be like whoa. Wait. what are you kidding of smoke or drink. Now i mean don't you know i don't think at all you know what i'm saying. I don't drink at all. In to me i would rather brings you know because it seemed like it is in bad with drink. You can't talk for them. You can't have a real conversation. The conversation with somebody who smokes a real good. We take you to places like saying you know like you know so i know when i hear you talking. I don't drink. Don't smoke and all this. now. I'd rather be be hanging around smokers then drinkers all day but i drink and this more socially accepted than smokers from reason as weird as you say that is more socially acceptable but it seemed like the most crimes happen with alcohol. Alcohol should be banned in the whole country. If if i had the choice to do. But i can't yeah but alcohol is the accelerate of just bath things happening. That's why you hear a lot of bad. Hit like people getting killed or just fighting. And all that i always on the weekends right right. Yeah and always on the middle of the night is because they don't they never tell you the part about the drinking that led to it. That's kind of would use. There's a large percentage of crimes that happen with people that are intoxicated with alcohol. Paying absolutely at you. Don't you don't see really here like you'll tuesday night. Everybody started shipping now. Because everybody's working but you're right. I okay if there was a choice. Yes you're right. I would hang out with a weak person. But even though even with people who smoke weed that philosophi- they become very annoying as well a lot of times. They take things like wow you know. I ain't never think about it like that because that's too right now like we had a cookout. You're trying to recreate spying. It's tonight but then they also have like they get the dry mouth and then the little rules little white creamy silk goes at the real crazy is or i don't like they people who smoke weed and how they also metamorphasized like a turtle. I don't want to look at a turtle bro. No turtle turtle as create bliss. What what you were saying earlier. I was like wow you took it way back. you know. that's way back in the day. I don't think a lot of people understand some of the things she was saying that from from back in the day in the bronx and stuff like that. Yes he did. Bobby he took the the trae bag had nine thousand miles of trade back on reality and he would take it to jersey and they'll if ten no no no i i made a mistake with that trades for five praise. And for your off we make downs so it was like it would double everything would double except detroit because it was three dollars but everything else was double double but the thing was getting home so we had to get home on the new jersey transit and asks where you know back to penn station freedoms. Cd they lived on the wild side. Eddie murphy drive to to new york. They they know who cut and dry because they were mark you at the toes. Watch your toes in mexican time coming back. Oh yeah jersey. Looks liquid. wasn't new york that would get you was always jerry's all the know that excuse me jersey come back. Measure your time for the toes. Bring so i think bobby win. I think there's an age restriction on weed. I think like if you're in your forties and fifties and sixties and he's smoking we look crazy and he's trump's able to do it because he likes them. They need it to he needed. People were high anxiety they needed to see if you have high anxiety and you need weed and then next thing you know. You're smoking the weed. Medicinal weed whatever you become addicted to that to s era as well. So you're so you exactly. He's going now your big. We'd head right. Well they are. They are a com. We'd here then they don't wanna come outside agree. I would rather hang out with a weed head alcoholic alcoholic. It just goes back right and even even me being sober. I've seen some of my friends trip out on alcohol. When i was the one tripping out back in the day barbie i was the one tripping out of alcohol they will call me down and then i just so and i see them tripping out and i'm trying to calm them down and i'm so people right right so the effects of alcohol. Yes you're right. Please that alcohol now that that will destroy life. Be careful with that. Yeah that's true a barbie hot. It was puppy sunny up. There we shall we send some of that. Sundown to florida rain in the rain. And every since. I got your rain every day. I'm sorry about that. We went in florida. I'm an orlando. That's why okay. Miami s messed up outside at this. How how long you stay down here. I'll be here to saturday. I got the family down in Hopefully you know hopefully clear up today on minister worse but mardi say the clip mall. We'll go down to clear. What it beached maung start doing outside stuff. If i was out there bobby colonial draining family was going outside at the roller coasters open. We coast rain we we we hear me now that we did alligators all allocated minutes of yesterday outside so we do. You mean alligator. Was that out. It was a place that had alligators. And you see the alligators and you know didn't have miniature golf sydney paddle boating. All that stuff's interesting attractions landau. Guy like ten million attractions. Talk the times square. Florida alligators a miniature golf. That sounds interesting like that. One time when i was in myrtle beach and we was feeding the fish. And i'm sitting there. Feeding and i did not nola. I was standing next to his column and it was the smallest by away. Way onto like right here on my right is pleading it. S a my husband tom. The i'm where i'm like. Why are you said. Jess mu adbul. Look over this show out kids you. It was his almost zaza. My head right. Next about phase i lost by like you would have so that they would have been to point eight. We'll be careful candy dan. Well you shouldn't be playing minutes ago. I'd always wanted to do something on believable. You even thinking about that you. You didn't fly you got down there list. And that's where we always go back right. Come back with a day of missed. The finger and the last time i came down i went on this thing. They call the sky coaster. Y'all got to look it up. I can't really explain it. You just gotta look it up and man that i did it. Once i got the dog got the hard drive through. Prove it but i never do that again. Where he right the case and you start trying different things. And but that's the purpose of vacation. You know the do something that you can't do like i went on vacation. Once i walk alone in the caribbean one is one no same four islanders. All black folks go to for the fourth time and they had excursion with the dolphins and you have to go over there by the beach and and then you had to go out like about a quarter mile out in the water and you had to work on this loop plank in the water which you walk in on a plane right and you like the what is already thirty feet deep so you can go play with the dolphins now and they do it. Yeah i know how to swim but in thirty feet of water in current is different different you. They have the lifeguard so far. We go out about fifty feet. Are you wanna be bold bold little little. I told us. Do get me off this thing. That'll be me. i go. I say i say. Get me off this loop plank. Whatever this is i'm done. I'm not the only way you went all the way out. All the way out there. And i said i'm not doing this. I looked at golfing. That door looked at. And i saw jesus i say i bet you did. He was come on my like not yet lower back to where the sani all i have the life raft and i was like no up. No getting no. This is not normal right. Keep your little seventy five dollars mad at that to four hundred dollars for the pitches. I'm gonna take the pitches but know that goes to doing things on vacation. This fall crazy. I what he's talking about his sky coaster. Whatever i want to see naked crazy barbie to figure what that is you let yourself go. You pull the strings restoring. This old boys is all over. He's talking about he did in florida. You did this. He creates like a bungee jumping. Kinda sorta a quarter buggy weighing not done that. That's crazy that i can do that. I can't imagine we're we're pretty. I hope the weather clears up for you and your family. Your can have a good time down there before you leave. It wasn't clear up your article twenty four hours. You gotta get all the rest of vacation in. Yeah now we'll get it in get at a water park and itself so woman okay. So you're at a water park anyway. Amount west gave resort. It got water park right in any way. They got miniature golfing here too. So i haven't seen in the inner resort. Okay okay all right. we're good good now. I feel i feel much better. I well god bless you going to do the family thing walking around family. Good god bless pakistani before we shout out on the turned up. Tuesday image. Back to this this with four twenty. Which i think is ridiculous. Yeah mothers listening to this. God bless your mom. anyway so the weed spot barbie. Cologne was on six. Five hundred. sixty four wrote mine in the beginning of boston. Road right up the block from one sixty one one c three and it was in a tenement building and i would arrived via. We had shifts. We work from like eight in the morning. We said they had shared at it. Was it was too treads. The the rastafari rod they had the money thing to them and they were real skinny and they didn't eat like they were vegetarians. And they would o'clock's number two clocks. They were typical dread jamaican. Joe d the back in the data had like audi or some like no cressida. Toil jamaicans love driving credits. The crescent is back in the day to green was remember them. I don't know you might be. They had the green credited back in the day of chrysler's hit the streets after after cressida was out before didn't honda excel came out and everybody had one of those remember sale. Honig everybody. I have one and didn't even have one but the the toyota cressida is the preferred a car for the ross far they all have crested the green with the sunroof why we would get there in the morning. I have my coffee doughnuts and say does this is in there and then like i said i was see everybody that live in the community because i knew i went to school in the community. I went to junior high school over there. So everybody in the community were get up in the morning barbie cologne and and it was just like regular customers new customer. And you'll look through the peephole right and like i said like all my friends and my family members was copying. I never told they never new to this day. They never knew now selling the week they know. Now that's show have you would've told them then. They would have been expecting you to get him free. We'd or discount so we sell them. We we also me in. I was living hours in living in house very scandalous life back. Then i wish that whatever me and my man north they call them north because he stayed in jail and he was always up north. They really called the north may. Us peace that we pass away so we we again high we selling. We'd we tap in the bags. We're making an extra two hundred dollars a day off dreads. That's why we stayed there all day. Execute bobby like friday and saturday night. Saturday was busy. Everybody's smoking weed so one day this this is just one of the. I can't tell all the stories. We've got a winner you know. It's too much when incriminate myself. And i'm already doing doing a good job of it now but go ahead. This week spy One more now. I remember i'm flies. Hell we got. We got the money we buy clothes. We just i am so full of myself. My son was like one years old. He ain't gucci before gucci came out right so one more in film myself from high. 'cause i smoked a blunt of that data. We had have that. Buddha black now wasn't he was doing blunt. Smoke in with the bullets wasn't even out there right now. I do know that because my my my family and we were we were smoked. Those big blunts like my mayor from the movie mexico and was moving belly belly to belly camp and the and the dread had that big giant. We'd like and we used to smoke so now remember we selling. We have to be on the first floor. We're on the first floor and our own tenement building so we can see outside because bothers bothers around to of course the bothers poison wiping just by what bob is around bob. Everybody knows that this is the we spy. Even bob so you watch because you don't want to get caught up with a raid or anything like that so one particular day feeling myself. This is four twenty. I want to get my twenty story bargain. Come to thin golfer. Jesus so what we one day like. I said my cousins and all i one day run up with to my cousins. I'm must say you know what. I know. I tell you we Do people bubalo so one particular morning. I'm in there. It was like a monday. We have worked sunday. And the the threads. They were getting their money. It was a lot of cash bar become. I'm sure there a lot of key. There was a log on like a lot of bad. no no no they will bind. We have to trade bags but they were buying the ten dollars bags in the five alabama. They're buying that bul and it was they will they will buy fahd regulatory bad but they will buy set that and then we had the twenty dollar bags remember. This is in the eighties so one day. In the morning bobby cologne. I'm up like seven thirty in the morning. This female came to the door. Look sort of like you. Okay so i want you know one bag of buddha. Whatever i find open up and give it a bag. She says that she looked she said. I don't want this baggy look real light five with won't gave number back how you like this one. I baba i don't know what her answer back. We're back to the third bac came back. Gave it a back. She gave me the money already. I don't know i'm like yo like this is copying. go right. this is called copying. Go outta here right with back. The fourth time time. I go back to here. Go cable nice. I didn't tap the bags. You ain't tap tap the bags. I know we had. The bags was on a tap. We back when we did take a little feel me. So i gave it a bachelor drag gabor's the fourth bags she was like. I don't like this bag. You know. I said listen. Here's your money he go your money. I don't have which one get out of here. I said. I said i said get outta here. We gotta go so she said what if you bubba about that we behind the door with my dad who you think i'm doing on again Right and probably she was sketched so pissed she goes like this. You know what. I'm gonna call the cops i knew as i go. I'll go mr thought of here right in calling no car bomb. She walks away. Leave i go back to tap in the bags. Should've went to pack your bags. That's what i did. I said something that hit me like this. I said now. We got the whole hip bags on the table. Or something said harvey kid outta here someplace said harvey get out. So you know what i did so all the weed right. Put it in a bag put in the bag. I'll walk out. I locked the door. I'd get down the block and it was twenty squad cars j to the building. It was coming for you. They can't your. This woman called the cops. She says she was. She's made where you ain't give what she wants to show and This before twenty should. I couldn't believe it right. Bobby i had to. We owe barbie. Oh happy they go right. You ain't get busted. That's how lucky come to dreads with the cressida will happen. So you're they called the cops. I got i. A new should have cops bust into the weeds by yet. She was like your wisdom. I said went all the we all. We probably have sold much. We get you sean. There's going to take your downtown. I said to them to dress to dress. Want to know what we don't care about you really they. Where's my product. bobby. I had the weed. Did you give back hell. No auden million north guy. We told them the police for me. I had a cop out the window and everything sign. They came in hot and heavy hobby. They miss bob by literally. Two minutes bob would turned around and saw me walk it. They probably like it'd be like your coming here. They just didn't look that way they were. They've laser focus right into the building. 'cause they ain't gonna lead. You probably think you need to have theory years. Old woman up swami. Yeah i should we story well. Happy for twenty eight. So if you're innocent if you ever so we'd we'd spot call call ended number five seven zero nine eight. Six five zero now reassured. Japanese snap if they are here who shot out the chat room man. God bless each and everyone else shows especially to. Aw our creepers in the chat room just listening to the show on audio version really appreciate you so much. We couldn't do it without you You lunch pell guys. You just listen to the show while you're going to work i'm with you. Everyone out there that listens to the showing audio. God bless you now haters. You have to submit to me pounding you and head. I'm not gonna stop and we keep pounding you and all my chromosomes. That are circling around. I pity you let me nice. Show hit you eat. My hate us for dental is up. Oh my grasp telling jokes in philadelphia this saturday night. If you wanna come through. I'll put the fly of anybody in the philadelphia area. I'll be down in philly rock and these jokes put the the information in the group. Groom now to the beloved folks in the chat room. We need to see the hearts because without you guys. We wouldn't be here right. They enjoy watching thank you. I think it was my. Who's it michael grassi or younger than wanted to say show was hot boy man. I could see here. I'm going to say one day. Bobby be here all yoka stay home. I'm just gonna go through a ho show on everything you guys would be. Fascinated showy will get your popcorn ready. We'll go through that whole thing. It's a whole movie the whole thing. Men's holding. I should write a book bar folks showing love in the chat room. They are practicing. She's probably the cops that's why she. She called the tried to buy. We tapped bags. She called the cops. You might was cops. I couldn't believe this woman dead. Dad i'm thinking about. She may have been cops. That's probably why she kept gas. While i was thinking like from suspicious so high but something told me to lead and back to keep the hearts on the channel back. That's for sue days later. Luce we are back in the day we go back to the we by open up. Keep working into ended. I can't even see how it ended off came via. Oh i wanna share so bad how it ended anyway. I don't put as we ended us mere nor had to sprint away. Yeah we put it this way. Men norfolk came up with a plan to take over the weekend spot and it went very bad now. You know good while you can't mess with jamaica's sean. Movie oh my god. And that's why. I say. Thank god for jesus being as this thing god i could even share stories imprint. Over your crazy asu put it this way. We tried something. And i had to go in hiding for three weeks three weeks. I'm sure bobbi corentin without a virus. Worry our jamaica. They will cut your hair off off people praying over love. My i was in a corner high. Nobody yes house more relaxed in three weeks. I came first out. Because you wouldn't be here today. Jobless we need to see hearts in the chat room right now. Please put your hearts in the chat without having to say you should have known your time with short. If he was if he was always he always been to jail. Like ah stay home his planned. Never gonna you'll go work. Go jail jail a man and then and then of course he got killed and like years later knows who. By that time i i was trying to become a family man but host. I was practicing. Let's see those hearts in the chat room. We want to show you. I'm already turned up arguments. Ardo to i is that Pay check grooming heart. Set chat boost chat room. Hey bobby let's turn apple. Hey what are with a heart set with after work with heart set win hearts parent gap. Whoa hey what are little run through what we want to turn food chat room. Hey chat shot. Hey wait a heartache. Pick with heart set watson. Hey hey hey her down for a why may pan. Eu jones is in the building. Hey nathan you good morning to you. Shout to rj. Johnson hey audrey good morning Dj romey rome is in the building. What's up rome. Tim house is here. Hates him morning. Sir print bane is in the building. Hey of sir. Prince morning is in the building. Hey charles good morning to you. Shut out to ask castille yo. Hey askar good morning then. Young is in the building. What's up yelling. That showed up to the beautiful one. This anti go shepherd. Hello wanda good morning. in the sondhi is in the was setting the song morning to you marquez. Mr one emoji. Johnson is here. Hey mark is good. Morning shall to the queen's. She's in the building early. Hey diane john cochran is here. Good morning to you. shout out to johnny whip. Oh hey johnny morton. The net net nassarawa was in the bill. Dan hold on. Let me get not girl. Hey you go there you go you got your seventeen. I sat for you la- show on hayes. Jones is here haley. Show on good morning to you. Shout to kenny. Be winning. what's up. Kitty richard nine is here. Hey richer good morning then show. You must wasn't in the building and one until you shut out to natalie right. Hey girl jerome kill do is here. Hello jerome Kenya williams is here. Hey kisha least got is in the building. Terrible league is here veneta. George is in the building. Happy birthday happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to happy birthday. Happy birthday girl sean. Yes they have been Pity coughing tiffany thompson is here. Hey girl just popped in gonzales. Just in good morning to you mr brow just popped. Hey mr brown. Good morning Shoutout to a will robinson. Good morning to you. Ram mr sensational holler is in the building. What's up well. Good morning prentice. Cogs gwanda mr ravin in. Hey boo gordon. Nita willis is here. Hello anita good morning to you valerie. Thomas is end the building. Hey girl tiffany closet cassia. Hey tiffany trina pinker in the building to deal. Oh hey de la. Good morning to you. Dear jackson his here hades era dawn. Smith is in the building. Moore's be lori is here a love is in the building. Hey shemeikka good morning. Miriam feliciano is here. Hey mariam danya williams is here. Civil fox is in. The bill was up silver fox. Good morning. Shut up to dan taylor. Hey darren good morning to you. Td mickey is here halo td morning. the godfather solar tracy is here. Hi tracy more to you. A shout out to the real sakina scott. Hager morning nicole harris. Hey nicole showing be aches is here. Hey girl moreland now. Roma vo row janssen. Hey row row. Good morning girl Deborah base is here. Hey deborah no. She's been here times Sabrina laurie is in the building. Good morning sabrina. How are you today. who else we have here. Michael donghae kumai ski. Good morning to you. Allen swab gallison just popped in. Hey alan good morning. And i believe those all the names that i have seen if you hear ninety so your name. Sorry thank you so much. We've definitely appreciate you out of this. The hey best debu with up leshan. Thank everyone Tune and you said Before we get into We're gonna get some get into a little story of a quick but before we start that you said mike excuse room so kumai skew. Who love loved. Death on. One of our members have passed away. A rory treetop frazier. I did yes so one of our if you are a norm but he. He's in a chatroom often. She's always he's always. He's always been in the room one of the curve. Komo promoters in connecticut roy. He's been in a chat room many a times good friend of mine from connecticut. Pass away the day our condolences go out to him and his family. Rory treetop frazier good. Dude man our condolences. Go out you and your family bra me. And this is so sad. Such a good person. A good guy and We i want to reach out to coup. Mike ski about that. Because him might will reveal tight and i met robbie through. Mike is doing lots of shows in connecticut. So onto the frazier family Our condolences from the sean harvey moines show featuring a wakeup who rory was always in a room he was he was in the all time and Blessings to the family. And we're just so sad to such a good person Shaoguan anybody good morning guys. Danielle how ya doing doing this morning. Great how are you. We're going through the motion. I know i did hear that. My condolences definitely don't and you know i. I heard the comedy show was all of that. I gotta get get to one. We'll stone tell about the money you said you said. What did she say. I've gotta give comedy comedy. Show real sewn. I heard it was a good turn out. Yeah come on now. You know we doing superspreader up here. we doing. Listen when bobby. Cologne took off. I knew daniel just beyond business. Okay all daniel. I saw so many cars in the parking lot. I just want them without the mass on which is starting to roulette party right now. Yeah you would like actually even after you know what yellow merola data. how so whitman. So then they'll we'll give it to thursday thursday. Because i'll put my little johnson and johnson to the test right now. We definitely we all right. Yeah and i mean the powder so you know out now. Cj you're right. that's funny because a reference. When i was hosting the show who i said ronald clause if you took the vaccine and and people clap and then i say i turned around and looked at senior said sydney. She didn't she's not vaccinated. Rob applause if you're not vaccinated in the whole room erupted in applause right. Yeah i and my whole thing is i. What are you a weapon in applause when you not. Nobody has on the alarium rolling on. Where's the parts. Yeah they up. There was so many people. And i think seventy percent of a weren't axiom. Why but like. I said we give it to thursday thanking you know how you get again but i also wanted to call. I wanted to wish my third day at this friend One of my best friends closest friends veneta happy birthday. You know. i've known her. Two thousand sixteen she she'll tell you how to store. She always said that. I was i was in high school. It's a company live. She tells that story all the time. And i'm like nah just wasn with the with the foolishness even back then but i just wanted to call and wish her a happy birthday and many more healthy and happy birthdays and i love him friend. If you're listening and the thing is you know the type of person that is. Because you know like i always say. Birds flock together. Tell me who you hang out with. I'll tell you who you are. And that is a testament of danielle and lynette solano. These are good people that bring her good graces into this room into this chaos showing love. I love the show. Thank you because she could. I love the north of foolishness and we have save a daniel from the from that that message of these power ninety nine thousand dollars of a coin shows one. You're welcome people but again. Where's annetta why he's tele calling and what cindy was dead for veneta for her birthday at the so amazing. It was so hard filter sold loving at. They had a whole section for her for her birthday. And that was so nice. And it's just the show the testament of the type of person that she is so veneta roses today. You just awesome person and thank you for bringing folks like danielle and llanesa ronal pat. And that's the bottom line. I'll be philadelphia anyway sunday. Saudi these show. Have you wanna show city barbeque hall and and danielle yet. One more thing about veneta llanesa rondo. If you haven't seen a live in person she's a beautiful young lady. Beautiful and danielle pitches show. How beautiful she is as. Well thank you try in venice. Veneta is a beautiful young lady as well so there's a lot of beauty with cloth with a lot of beauty. The woman of the show. Have you wanna show feature waco team all beautiful. When for in this wrong you never lack soliah. It'd be appreciated and we appreciate you as well. Thank you for bringing. This brings every morning. Who thank you and We're going to start a showing harvey morning show featuring the waco team ladies basketball team. Chris cox no pauses the head coach. And the trina. Give out the gatorade. My legs and too short police. How smaller you. As when i'm five guard guard. Can't we got guards right there. Well i wanna play because three right who else. We said that shamila six five short bravo you say. Come out and lease about six to right. they are. Tom parish observed. Right right right cocoa. Who is president general here. Here's the down. the lower. The prisons avenue. Barbie cheers your baby. Great shale either. I need you to formulate a team with the ladies. Ladies in the chat room and field got another call but ladies in chattanooga failed on my just. Put your height in the chat room. We just need that. Imprint is will put together all your positions so so daniel. We'll start with you if you're in a chat room. Just put your high in a chat room bobby. If you don't mind help me. I'll put your high in a chat room. Ladies and the one put your height in their practice will put you which your position comparison to you high and we'll start from there. Play average is going to be the assistant coach. That's why you're single right now because you don't if you start playing you might have a peanut somewhere. Play a good man. We had we had a young audience at the comedy so she had fish. She looked flies. Held and bob. You couldn't stop staring at him. And what will you you know. You lag tissue. Sorry princess bobby. Did you put heightened. Oh you got to. she's five. Nine is five ten utah. She's tolan statuette. I'm getting a little bit. Give me like you do so. You need some maintenance here for me. Their ladies put your highway doing a show more show featuring teen ladies basketball team. Purchase cocteau pause because criticizes qualified. Because he is a coach buy. I'll make your uniform rundown of course so they could see him a girl jason. That's all your nasty saw s. Hello i'm sorry. Good morning hi. It's not okay you put in now. The right is five six five three five eight. God shamila chance. Go ahead respond three to five short. You wanna show city barbie. Hello hi sean. good morning. Good morning barbie. Mornings ron now. Hey get someone say support talks. Go ahead you're right. You're right our thank you so much for the tea. But i couldn't let the day go by without crawling to wish my sister friend a happy birthday. It's a blessing because she's gone true covered. And i think god that she's still here to celebrate and we can celebrate her life. Life is precious. And i thank god that you are here for neta. God bless you. i love you. Oh oh that's right. She's the blessed. I never take anything for granted but when my friends have gone to things i feel with them and when she went through covert like kept saying. It's god keep her key part because she's a good person. When you meet people like that in your life you have to celebrate them. Every day of your life and their life absolutely. I definitely agree. Get them they're here. Words your words. I love it. I love it but neta introduced me to the show. And it's been a blessing and i wanna tanker for that as well have a great day. Everyone. i'll get back to the chat room. Now thank god. She's so sweet. A words so meaningful is so powerful. And so sincere. Yeah every time. The network choked up every time she talks and she had that soothing. Common voice jesus. Christ these kicking in the net. God bless you. Where's veneta another calling for chat chatting with well. Let's keep showing her love. Princes wanna play. If you play you would stay in something. And i'll be playing right you. I don't think so i do. Up on the bench. Now you ain't get no minutes. You better step up like that girl in love and basketball and when you were spot on the floor and score some points you need to be dumped on which you can't be doing if you're not in the game you're on the page. Get off the bench and get dumped on. You might need in assists. Yeah because your lack of scoring is not productive. And you've been in the lead a long time you've been traded a few times to not as many as you. Well you need to you need. If you want to be a free agent you need to get your minutes up shown and i like being afraid but you're not getting your maximum amount of money for him being a free agent show. Trust me because you're not playing in the game because you don't wanna get into the game. I play show. I don't know. I just don't want to What they it. A permanent team at mit now. But but but you'll stat so real horrible stats right lost. That is where they supposed to be barbie. Your own the average in one point. Five you on the average right. The average one point five painters in the last three years so not a good average. I've had old pointy five grabbed. My sheriff games is good ratios hall. You can't play so many games worn out so you don't wanna get worn out showing. So how can you know what i'm saying. You're the mortgage when you stat celo see great stats get great results stats get great results for the law. If you know what to say answer the phone you dilemmas man on team right right. You're probably and i like it like that right so you gotta get your minutes up. My is white way needs to be you. You haven't even found out the game cow meat file out because i'm a player of the game even though you're not even mentioned in the game to get fouled out bitch minutes up your ratio is right is right where they should only play one point two minutes and forty eight minutes. That's the good thing i mean. You won't get tired out okay out you been so long. You don't even get a chance to take uniform dry avenue absolutely take my uniform all you got to be in the game. You know you're not playing when you is on your uniform or keep it on. That's your problem. You can't play everybody. Show everybody not worth the mvp baby. Everybody i can't play for. Everybody is going to be real sick. Who you play. plus you can't be. You can't be a team. You good for your stay put. A lot of time is now no. You can't no you can't out every minutes baby. Listen you can't be me team happened. Listen you go for your for. Your reputation was picked in the team. Happy that man. You ain't no good poor below us picked in the third round right team. Happy baby those say you look on the combines right now. Can't be team happened. That a good luck with your team. How stalling suggests you need. Some practice now could be on the team. I got pay tab. You distract you this conversation. Say you didn't wanna play outlined blake can't play and be. Mvp ask saying time and you get plays over a two pack always treated you put you know sad nosair yoga better. I'm the general manager control. Who am i team you know. Let's not get put can your heart general manager because you got nobody on your team. Let's see that's the thing is no because that'll be sharing But we do know your stats and be fun. Put off somewhere. Everybody come on ahead the bear day off come on. let's clap. Thank you so all my appreciate all of you. Thank you so much. I feel good to really good awesome. Will you know again. This is the type of woman. Barbie cologne that that gravitates you gravitate towards the women like her because of her spirit because of her goodwill because of the person that she is. And that's why we all have so much love for you and that's why And you also a of veneta leader a lot of the women champion over the net a call in like she's the ambassador jack up because i know some things live. Of course he made he put team together. Or could we. Bob you on the bench now so and saying this And just like like with a with a serology says you the type of person that we are all thankful to be that to have you in our lives every day while we alive that that is very powerful. And that's just what it is so god. bless you rosalie. We're going to give her. The floor was here we would have had. She's the type of person we would help party here for you. Yeah you always go the extra mile for us here. I wish we would have did that. But you know there's a lot going on But we we we celebrate with you today. So we're gonna give you the floor because everybody loves you so much. Thank you so much thank you. I appreciate you guys. I was so sweet And i'm so thankful to have guys in my life as well. I'm almost died at twenty four. So i'm very grateful to be here today so You i just try to live my life. What aecom head and a grateful heart and said so. I do appreciate all of you guys. We appreciate you because you play a big part in what we do each and every day and i always say we can't do this show without the folks in the channel and this is evident with veneta george or who used to be henry right and it's funny because i e h was here and he heard what bobby was saying. Al's cracking up. He was like today. Yes yeah this morning. He came to jobs like cars and stuff and he heard against bobby was talking about like last name and he was like. Hey let's let's let's clear for age there exactly. Yeah my ex husband estranged husband. So i just do it. Eh instead of saying all that extra yeah. Just my e aches. We'll see that's also awesome where you know. Relationships are complex a complex after after the fact and to have some sort of normalcy. A little bit where you know the exit. Come over and say hey happy birthday. That's a good. Look at that stage. Now i can do that. Yeah that's that's because. I did what i needed to do. Our work in and i did what i needed to do when everything was ending. So i'm in a good place where we are said. He met my. I've been ama- baby. Daddy so look i. It is what it is. I'm good. I don't hold onto southsea. See national makes it a person that she is today. I'm on thanksgiving. Yeah one facetime me and the other one was there. Yeah you say that should there which husband like x. By the on his way to work a couple days ago. Bobby was in a new relationship. And the person live with you. The new man and the ex husband came through for birthday guests. Would you allow that. Why not we still don't know that man. I was eleven years old. We was friends before we even started dating. We phrase now and if you can't accept that new man maybe you don't need to be in my life because definitely as boundaries exactly blatantly. Dating abound needs to be set and stuff but thank time it depends on how you lead the relationship right. A lot of people don't lay that groundwork when they're exiting a relationship all this air the my city and stuff like that and we didn't have a great marriage and he did a lot of things that i don't forget but at the same time i know his is gonna come to him. I don't have to worry about that right out of my hands off that. Will you go right you just set boundaries you are. We are strictly friends. And that's it she. That's why that's why on the shahabi morning show featuring wake of teams ladies basketball team. George is starting center. A lot of that plays a lot of minutes more because yeah you sit in talking about you. Don't wanna play. Veneta goes down as our starting center. We can't put you in a game. They could be like this to right because a lot of times when you get a lot of minutes. That's how you become an expert at crack. The main she whole outback. No i don't know trust. I tell ya i don't know practice because you can't even make the show. Have you want to go team lanes damn team all right. Well listen been sunday. I'm not gonna speak on. Bobby's just one who. She doesn't really talk about things. But the i'll take some things sundays of what i really let us key. Canvassing the location. Anything your friends over work. She's so sneaky cut. I mean i have a little road a thank you so much guys i really appreciate all of you and i love you guys and you back day issuing eleven sharon everyone. They are thank you so much one. More time for a store on tuesday before we get into Drivers let me find this wrong this because we have an issue with this system. Chris do comedy one and radio city coming in low. So we working on that right now. Sending all this information crystal right now to rome so he can Shut out the dj dj. We wouldn't even when we're on. We're on youtube today as well guys. If you wanna go to youtuber the sean sean harvey morning show. You can go to youtube. And we matter of fact we're starting a whole new page so today is our first day on our youtube paves so we're going to build that up so if i want to go on over there and subscribe to our youtube page which gladly Appreciate you for that So right now. On a chart of tuesday for get into for we get into some news. We wanna hold on everybody. They're doing things at saito. Hold on let me give me give me a minute because there's a have to send this to rome right now because we have to get the affiliate stations in the right place wrong. I just sent you the information that you needed with the with the mixing board math that we're going to get into what we know okay. We can't find your bus rob story showing us. Why was it fun. We're going to get it to women before we do that as you said. Chris has the basketball team. Yeah he would is limited live critique this team okay. I used to back well. Not i want to say that. So bad names. I'm not gonna lie used to coat. Nah i never did prince's actually if you guys purchase no pause is a football coach so that qualifies him to be a basketball coach main tomato tomato. You think so not too different. I mean you gotta ball you running jumping swing and you know with the mall in iran with ball no comment since you got all these minutes. Anyway i am williams by five point. Guard on daniel williams. Five five point guard he. I think that'll be a solid point guard ratio. Gonzalez's five eight shooting guard see. That's what makes princes cozy thinking of high comparison to the position. He has a five eight shooting guard. So you get danielle bringing up the pill. Then you'll you'll have handed or right handed. And then you have horatio. five eight. Is the shooting guard. That might cause a match problem for the opponent. I'm feeling this so far ahead to Five nine a small forward now think that's perfect. Because she has this toy athletic thing going on anywhere. She saw the built. Like horatio gonzales the same same same content. She's the. We're god awful small for. Yeah that'd be five nine. God you're the harvey delaney. Harvey team is looking real fierce. Right now go ahead of annetta five nine a power forward all we switch up and put mineta on a power five nine. You're i am really like. I really love this team right now. The lady harvey's who else and to round lofts michelob ten center. Let's grab put bobby at the end of the bench bro. We don't like our players. Don't need to get hurt. I don't know who's coming off the bench hanging also wait a minute. Wait a minute again. What stunned bob again Topeka ship love day year williams ratio and veneta. Put that in our. We need to put that in the groom planning a group printers. We need to put that in the group room. Because we're going to start a movement to lady harvey's basketball team forgot to and we've been hopefully one day we can all get together so we can all play basketball practices to coach precious. I need three more women we need. We need a full team. We need three to four bench players okay. Massimo navy want to football our play. I like lambeau. Barbie play football. You can't really expenses push. We need three to four on the bench and this is serious because just in case one of our lady harvey's go now. We need somebody to come up in their step up so now let's put together of three to five on the bench because they and been playing basketball frank. We've just cute dawn. We was jellied as well. We know barnes not playing basketball right now. Nope not in. That sense occurred exactly and we know shoemakers very busy right now with that husband over there harland rich. Say he'll coach now. My may hall rich harlem rich riches. A legendary basketball player coach harlem rich was an played in the rucker. He played in college. I think he had a little bit of the pro. I rich rich. You got a call in richest one of those guys that you see him in the park back. In the day men he played in in rucker unstoppable. He was a light. Skin was team something bright. Please yellow yellow and blue. We gotta get we gotta get a team colors like yellow. I dunno yellow blue ladies because they are dark. So that yellow lab. We gotta get. We gotta get team colors. We need a mask. We need all that Enrich rich won a top basketball players and then he went to a follow rich. He didn't know that goes like a like a fan. Because i used to go to rutgers. And all that and then i think he went to long island university. He played out rich. Call him bro. And and and bobby he wanted to those tall lice skin almost like he's a a in shape albie shore. Oh snap one of them. Light skinned guys that the ladies love i can rich gotta have at least three baby avenue train the guy who what. Where would we go to china. That's fine if you can't if you can't apply we'll get into the front patients so now we need colors for the team practice. We need three players to four more. Plays the come off the bench. Just i love our starting five right right. I love the start at five. Let's talk for princess. we need. I want listen in the group. Room i want is working. I need pitches in the group room of the starting five like y'all was mentioned. Put off pitcher in in In a groom with the with the title of the prentice geyo which opposition right And then we need pitches. And i wanted to put a whole bench players and rich talking about here coach. The team practice team. Richard be assistant coach and prince's also trainer prejudice that he wanted to be trying to help anyone go. He's going to be the training. He's down your nasty. You definitely need a rub down out. The new dell he came by the coaches is basketball. Team is looking good apprentice. I need you to put before we. Why are we doing. News put together that the bench because we need to bench. Because it's very important. I'm excited are based up with eat. She got the phone page. Hoosier front page news. Yaw got the front page news. Y'all let me see what we going to do. I okay so she wanted to be talking about stabbing people. We do have a story about standing man. I'd be the one for the these kicking and don't pay me no mind. Don't don't please let me tell you something. Say something because the basketball thing. Click kicked in brooklyn brooklyn nets fans brooklyn nets fans. You've been put on notice. The new york knicks bob. Beloved has won seven of their last ten games and a one game away from the fourth position in the eastern conference brooklyn nets. You have been put on notice if you a new york knick fan. I know they're going to say sean. Did he go again talking. If you if you a new york knick fan that made that transition over the brooklyn because you was in that kevin durant fantasy you stay your punk ass over there. You stay over there. Because my prophecy barbie cologne is that the new york knicks will but the brooklyn nets in the playoffs. Don't get it twisted. You stay on that ship. My new york knick fans that made that exodus to brooklyn first of all shame on you. How did you jump on one rival to the necks. You stay your punk ass right there. The knicks are seven and ten in last seven and three a lasting games in on a hot streak right now and we are one game. Out of fourth place in the eastern conference guesswork. Breakfast is number two. They got a number two in the conference at the moment and your payroll is three hundred million dollars more than ours. Day your punk ass right there. You are not allowed to come back to the new york knicks forever. you jumped on that bandwagon. Where's your loyalty bro. Then you come up with excuses about rob stapleton said they escorted charles oakley out to build in the princess talking. Whatever he's talking about you stay right there. Julius randle is the true for the new york knicks. Please don't get hurt. young man. New new york knick fans who made that jump to the nets because you got caught up in that little fantasy you stayed there for a turn. Ity dear put their blue and orange on. I'm done bobby not done. But i'm done. I'm not playing out or you stay the hell over there and done. I'm not playing. I'm done graboy to say your bench players would be Five leslie five. I got tall squad. Nancy right five six. Oh my gut cindy j. a. Five six and the low five thirty. Let's see looking good job very body too hard. The lady hornets are back. The beds we got a. We have a formidable team looking great show. I'm excited okay. it's saying anything you say. Sean okay no problem. A woman seen on video welding a hatchet after slashing victim in the watched sees you wanted to talk about stabbing people twenty three year. Old woman allegedly a use a hatchet to slash female victim inside in upper east side apartment on monday night before fleeing stealing cigarettes and barricaded herself inside a freight elevator. Police said the mayhem begin inside. A mutual friend building on east eighty fifth street near second avenue was triggered by some time of the super between the two women according to the cops after the suspects last at twenty nine year old victim In the leg she climbed down the building a fire escape before brazil bazaar only serving customers at east eighty sixth street bodega then steelers cigarettes before fleeing according to police and a witness the suspect spent about ten minutes inside the store according to a worker who knew the woman And sought help from a neighborhood. Diner surveillance footage obtained by the post shows Her behind the counter within the hatchet in her right hand. She says they're coming for me there. They're going to murtaugh recall in the work in the store. I told you about the stocks Saved my life now. The suspect said according to the worker the worker said the woman took to pack of smokes promising to pay her back before leaving. Embroidering a bus at first avenue and east eighty sixth street. That's how the block. That's how the jamaicans manson rode the bus. Well blah they got off a lock yourself inside the free elevator inside the or east as extreme. She was luck police. Free her she would take it down to We'll cornell medical center with the last temptation her leg that new york life. There's there's a lot of scary. There's a lot of mental illnesses will cause that's crazy in new york and then it like this that we need to address the mental issues in this country after covert is over because we were crazy before covid won. You don't think crazy has accelerated. It has a worse than tremendously. Yes a horatio. We need be the cheerleader. I can cheer. I don't know. I don't know yet to play in the game. I want you to play. You can't cheer could be a great deal. Do a quick hands here real quick. Can you can't do that in the back go. No you go like this your your crap whole on. Wait a second. Let me see you like tired. That's how i want to the heart that this is. You gotta try out good campbell. Jingle bell goatee this. Is it low. Kick split you know. Trust me guys us quiet. And that was my thing cheering in impetus squad. That's what i did in high school was. That was me in middle school. Did that work for you. Was that right. do work for me. Semite you'll get over it. Yeah story show your bugging nick story. Because i didn't like that one way. Would you gotta bobby didn't might story. I didn't like the tier. I didn't hear i goes. Thank you all these positions. And you don't wanna play and you talk about bobby that's been you. You don't wanna play apollo but but we actually do a cheer. And the cheer of fortunately barbie barbie was it was lacklustre. What i'm not. Try out just said wanted to cheer for the holiday. I have out on the sideline. that's what getting. I'm going to be the why i'm going to be the ones hiring this year. Coach bari was hiring. Nobody wanna play so now. Come with this. Be a spectator be. There can be a spectator harvey morning. Show cine bobby bobby very disappointing. Now we're gonna have everybody. I'm just happy to be here theft. I just wanted to talk about the sports anything you that. I'm i'm going to need a lot of women. A lot of you. Women out there that smoked every day all day every day. I need to get some super mouthwash. Because i know mouth stakes. I know your mouth. I know your mouth tastes like a weed ashtray as disgusting like i i really i really. I mean smoke periods. It's makes about state period. I don't know how they do it. I really i really don't i. It surprised people surprised that. I actually don't smoke. they let you route drills. I'm not. I don't smoke first of all. I don't like how taste and i'm done smoking ban. It's a very nasty takes it's disgusting. I don't know how they do it. But i'm gonna tell you actually it's funny too because when i the first time i started smoking i was sixteen and it was in california now. So see this the problem right here. I live in. The kelly. And i started with kelly but and it was with my boy james and he made a wrong out of the old super soaker to remember. Super soaker knew anything. He made a song out of that. I hate that bomb and passed out when that came back to new york. I stopped smoking because it wasn't the same. Kelly things different that kelly thing was different back then and then i got over here and not just stopped but as i got older you know every once in a while you out you know you you failing yourself you take a little poll and every time i i. I didn't like how my mouth. So i don't understand how the women so so far. You don't think that. I think is sexy for women. Regardless of what asia seventeen eighteen fifteen thirteen thirty forty fifty years old to be out to be out there smoking the blonde. Yeah i agree that is not as bad as and ro who's been are you sitting term re relevant around nothing but baddies you will never see roll around nothing ugly. Nothing well hasn't hasn't been around ugly chicks since the third grade and that was accidental. And the tour and bumpy. From if you've seen well in the glory days and when we get through covert fall beautiful young ladies and even if they smoked or not. I wouldn't want no beautiful young lady around with that stupid blunt. It's the same thing for men like you see a handsome manly. He got a cigarette or a blind. And i'm like oh god and then especially when they get the weed lit when met lip starts turning that that dark. It's not attractive. I don't know respectfully. I don't know women didn't chat room smoke like that but i'm just telling you how this is not attractive. I know your mouth thanks. You got a hot s pre. We'd mount is yom into y'all stink. Yeah but but it's your right. You should women escalates barbie escalades with right and you can say oh my god you smoke smoking. We smell it coup. And that's a turn off. But bobby with women with women dole bobby seriously. That is a super duper turnoff. Were women smelling like we like that or they got the blunt hanging out they mouth like oh like like they got that blunt hanging out like a marlboro from the one thousand nine hundred seventies right. You're nasty right your woman. You're nasty women s very smelly understanding the ones that smokes right. they'll smoke and then five minutes later. They rolling up smoking. How high you go. There must be smoking some trash we did. They get high of the age again from thirteen to fifty. Then they get high and now they wanna bust a nut and have sex right. That's don't don't nationally for you know you got dry mouth you'll be at right you piece of extra. Don't don't kiss me. don't touch me. i'm glad dry mouth would with the with the saliva stains on the side of you live and you got the red is in. Your face is swollen and your whole clothes smell like well. We know somebody for everybody does not the girls for y'all so y'all girls bianchi please. Do you think that is sexy bobby. Cologne smoker smokers for women to have the blunt in hand and smaller like we then ashtray. What about the ash tray the ashtray. A women were the ashtrays flicking. The we'd ashes. Bobby glow cool. Now i don't mind. I don't mind into wednesday. Hit the pence could depend on. Make them out nasty and the ones that do the edibles. Don't it don't make your mouth tastes nasty. The ones that do them flowers wrong. Well well hot hot as trae. We'd mouth yes. Smoke is less. you won't get the super duper list are- with the extra extra face whitening toothpaste a lot of times. Men breath beware. Because you're hi. i'm just saying now. Whatever is just not go look. it's you're right. It's not a good look. And it's not gonna look for men but it's worse barbie flown woman. Most men breath is worse. Because y'all hygiene is not as good as your smell. Working for. The woman was smoking. We with the we'd mouth and with us going on forgotten just doing news i know. Let me see how often kills her boyfriend by repeatedly running over him with her car. According to police momentum a woman who repeatedly ran over her and killed her boyfriend while behind the of his vehicle where she is according to the police are alabama. Police officer responded to a car in eastern jefferson county. On sunday morning after an argument apparently broke out between a couple according to al dot com. When they arrived at the scene around eight fifteen am officers found a man in his sixties lying unresponsive. The victim was pronounced dead shortly after Police told. Al dot com that when they examined a video recording that showed the couple argument before The woman got into the victims car. She then drove away and drag the victim short distance as she s he fell to the ground. Police added the clip revealed. The woman returning to the spot where she had run over the man who was still relying on the ground sergeant joni money of jefferson county. Sheriff's office identified. The woman asks to make assumes forty-six and alleged she had ran overturned to drive over him. According to sergeant money it appeared as though the fiba wrote over him multiple times with vehicle during an altercation she added. She offered no assistance or aid to the victim at any time. The suspects left the scene. A final time in the victims. Vehicle smut office. I'm so sorry. Money at it seems was the victim's girlfriend. She was arrested following the incident and she is being held in jefferson county. Jail on a fifty thousand dollar bond. Good random listen man and all she's going to be. Jeff was for fifty thousand dollars to meet with tobacco was to say that this is a black woman san. Why gets to me like she might be little. African american race has nothing to do with this. Before i start okay but the name due to mika. God bless you You know women women these days. You're not putting up with too much of the nonsense. Not only did you run over you. Random over in his car was i think is really very this. Got in your car and random over and then you re putting in reverse kabwe and and the man is sixty years old and your forty six might be some weed involved in this a little strong little makes you cop a little little little hennessy. This again like i was saying early. early in this show. A lot of these crimes are happening at not in a sober mind. It's very rare like jealousy gets you crazy. Yes that's that's a drug. But maybe mike and controlled a little bit on a sober mind. Maybe now with jealousy and alcohol. that's a deadly combination. Yeah and she took it upon herself with that she has no right to. I don't care what was this guy's name. What was his power. This guy who's sixty is. Did he survive now. They got killed so ran on. A couple of times is dead sumika to make make up. Honey you're going to jail for pinas. There'll be a jail jail you to jail for penis. That's that's fascinating. Ooh even though there's a shortage of black men out here for sure you could have got you another pena's at some point you might might not take you as long as barbie cologne but for sure and you took it upon yourself not to go in. Think about the bigger picture regardless of what this man has done me rest in peace you took it upon yourself to run them over twice in three times and now he's dead and now You need fifty thousand dollars to get out of jail so hopefully you can get out of jail but you have to go back to court. She can be in jail because regardless of what this man dead to you to hurt your fragile villains. He didn't deserve to die. Okay you would have been better off. you know. Have sex with his brother. You're getting gang banged by wesley. Snipes western pipes. You'd have been better off doing that. You've been better off st taking his money. Cash app it. Whatever you did was forty five ways. What's the name again to make me go. There was forty five different ways to to deal with this but you get in his car the sixty year old man. You don't think a sixty year barbie fifty six he said at the comedy show last one. I could die of a black guy. You think that this guy's done to survive credible credit cards. That have damn black. twi you all scouts. Utah's in your fury barrister. What he did to had to make her be that. Hey did you know what he did. Cheat washington alabama so. They do not saying suspect opinion. He probably smashed somebody else. Got cord okay. And he was wrong for that or check. That would be the next thing. It would be financed to see achieving your finances. I think these are the only two. I don't think that she just woke up in the morning and decided to run the sixty zero. That was that was in her schedule schedule for the moment so insane and criminal it was. It was a premeditated but you did commit a murder in the second decree it. Just you have to go to jail. Yeah she's we. Don't you think that you could just run people over on cars and get away with it. That's not your car. You can't be out here amongst us. So you're going to spend an alabama that's like my family's from alabama but that's still a third world country. they have civil laws down there are crazy a biblical coup same black in an alabama. You running over another man in a to jail jim. I'm going to babylonian now. Because if he was going to jail so now if harvey was the president very by make thirty is in jail. You sit you sit. Forty seven forty six forty six. I'm going to. I'm going to give you thirty. Not coming out to seventy six years old gemologist. Their next door may stay there A judge in the derek chauvin chow says representative. Maxine waters. Calmest may be grounds for an appeal. The judge overseeing a former minneapolis police officer derek. Chauvin trial in the death of george. Floyd said monday that a republican maxine waters comments could be grounds for an appeal of For appealing a verdict in the trial. I'll give you that congressman congress woman warriors may have given you something when pill that may result in a whole trial bill. Turn judge peter. Kyle told defense attorney. Eric nelson on monday waters. On saturday night call have called for protesters to stay on the streets and getting more confrontational. If chauvinist acquitted in floyd killing commerce immediately sees by republicans who claimed that wallis was inciting violence The california democrat says. she was in brooklyn. She was in brooklyn center minnesota to show her support for the protests amid ongoing protests over the killing of dante and also to support his family. We gotta stay in the streets and demand justice water said to reports according to Video posted on social media. We're looking for a guilty verdict and we're looking to see if all of the talks that holy That took place and has been taken place after they saw. What happened in george floyd if nothing does not happen then we know that we got there. We got to not only stay in the streets but we have to fight for justice. She added but defense had moved For a mistrial. Monday over the recent pub- publicity in the case including tvs shows and comments about waters nelson noted that the trial had not been in the news but recently included the to Fictional tv shows with the describe as threats against the sanctity of the jurors The process by wars over the weekend. This is a lower of so. Okay thank you barbie goblin. So i'm going to tread very lightly because we are not on Somebody else's platform. If i was on a shot if i was exclusively broadcasting on the show harvey morning show dot com platform. Then i could say what i want but because we on all these platforms someone on this tread lightly were autumn about to say bory the babylonian judge in minnesota say. I will say that you're a trump supporter tread lightly my friend because with maxine waters said is not in comparison to everything that the king forty-five mr nakas said the last five years. He came down to escalator. Mexicans are rapists. This is a jury. Trial has nothing to do with the outside opinion of others to this judge. You stay focus on his trial. My friend this is and he said this when the jury was already off to being sequestered. He didn't say no in front of the jury. So am i think at the at the jerry question. Data wouldn't have her what she say any day but they weren't sequestered at that point. I believe they should have had now. Maxine waters waters who is a hero. Not only in the black community. Not only as a woman representing a congressional district in los angeles california who was in the forefront of the civil rights days back in the date of martin luther king days and has passed so much legislation in the congress to our twenty thirty years of luster in the us. Congress how shame when you judge shame on you there. Social unrest in this country. And you're wearing a bow with a procedures. Young lady the honorable max maxine. Waters have to say when you're babylonian friends for the last four years have created this racial tension in this country. What they are words and she said she really didn't say anything out the ordinary. I think he's talk. He more so is talking about the part where she was. She said we need a guilty. Verdict we really do either guilty for has every right say that you said like if if it's not guilty we need to read the quote again. She says if it's not guilty we need to do. We need to all stands. I some she said we have to stay in the streets and demand justice and she says something after that to that treaty guilty verdict. We're looking for saying that all the police talking about issues show. Something that she said is well as whole quotes chat rooms. Just put a cold's out there that spoke the judge for saying this as well. This is a national case. People are going to have opinions about it. The judge doesn't have the power to sit there. And say to maxine waters anybody that has that's not affiliated with the child on what not to say or say in he's like she's us congressman. She needs to be quiet. No you need to focus judge. You need to focus on the task. That's before you in the here. And now she is right. This leads to be a guilty verdict and stop worrying about what's going on in the outside and whereabouts going on in that corner courtroom matter of fact judge. You are out of order. You are putting your personal opinions in front of this talking about. This could be a grounds of appeal for which she said what about the thousands of donald trump has said the last four years it. His racist comments tweeting disinformation. Belittling black. folks. He said there was nothing but roses and rats rats rats and rose in baltimore. That's one thing he said and saying a whole lot to the last five years why black folks are still getting shot in the street. I say that this judge needs to be removed a leap by his bosses. Whoever whoever the judges we moved this man because he's the guy that's gonna lay down the sentence if he's found guilty we know his head judge. We see right. We know where you're at now just because we're going yourself because it goes back to this embedded racism about know the procedures and the policies. The whatever job you had in america but it still doesn't super ceo racism because it comes out in the light judge then judge name he told on yourself. You polled on yourself and you have just fueled the fire bro. Judge focus on the task at hand. There's a guilty verdict and you lay on the punishment now. I don't know they must be still in sequester right now. They must be sequestered right now. And that's making me nervous. They gotta hurry up and come back with a guilty verdict would have long town in twenty. Like don't know maybe he did. Maybe the film tell killed him that This is serious. Maybe d heart attack. You know he was. He didn't kill him a that didn't kill what's his name showbiz shelving shelving shelving killed them. We killed since it is. Everyone's how he walked out to hide was perfectly fine. He was on his neck. Come on now a nine medicine. Hey just like you judge. Why nasdaq showbiz new. The policies amina police officer. But it didn't matter because his racism was too deep it superseded the policy by doing the same thing judge by worrying about what the honorable maxine waters who's contribute so much to this country and hug glorious career as a legislator you should order this woman such a freaking babylonian judge do the right thing 'cause now nervous with him because if they find him guilty to judge by then we're gonna get thirty days lamb time third toddler the home call now so judge. Whatever you name is. Shut the f up quite shut up. We don't show violence bologna in rhetoric. Right now we don't need it. We don't want your opinion. We want your opinion on the trial. Not what's happening outside in the street. That's your job. You should have been like you know what everybody sequester for two weeks and nobody hears nothing should. He did that geico. So they'll sit there and blame. Maxine waters the honorable. How dare you. How dare you. You babylonian judge. How dare you speak with the speaker. This woman who's a legend in the black community. How dare you. Because you such babylonian in your pure babylonia new voted for trump. You had to what you said yesterday. You are republican throw party affiliations to the side my friend and do the right thing sentence this man to the maximum in god knows please jury please come back with a guilty verdict. Don't let this man walk out of the street. don't hit me. Don't hit us with a not guilty and the discounting well a lot of stay hit us with a not guilty seen how protests they called in the national guard you know because they think it might get ugly if he come back not guilty. I wanna know who's on. That jury knows why folks don't even jury what we do they know. Is it like sometime. They say they don't tell you who's on a jury type of who's on a jury essay like male white male. Black male do that they won't tell. Of course we want us. Respect the privacy of the jury members of course. But i just want to know what it is who is on that jury. And i'm just saying because the defense and the prosecution has the opportunity to pick the jurors that they want so i just need the know like what was the who is people was the demographics was going on with these folks because the judge was sold out of audience. Today you that's like when the young man got shocked the day the female officer and the young. The chief of police resigned because he was so horrible at the press conference because he gave his opinions and his opinions. You could see through a whole racism part of the thing when he said it was an accident. You can't use those words bro. And they came down on you so hard we never so you again and you resign you had to because you show does your underlying racism. I'm derek chauvin. Jury is six white jurors six black jurors or multiracial. Making me nervous. That's nervous because i won't my life only barbie clone. I say the six brothers and sisters we. You know what it is now. Women five are men. Sodas to babylonians right now. Don't be surprised. if there's three barbie cologne that might have a reasonable doubt. And if you have reasonable doubt only one or two of them and then assist arrive because they all have to agree one hundred percent barbeque alone. So you have six of the brothers and sisters at me. It's just my spirit is spirit straight year. Low nervous straight guilty. Then you have the shelby get. Did you have six babylonians. Three of them are okay with it and don't get shelby loss in their by she'd be. I didn't know shelby at the fashion show. We could wait to tickets tomorrow. We'll give to italy babylonians barbie cologne. China have reasonable down and they have to convince these two babylonians to go with the guilty charge. And that's why they're sitting in that room all freaking day because two of them babylonians that these are pure babylon. There's the trump babylonian this pure babylonian is a moderate babylonian and then there's the urban babylonian i love black folks. We with you show may be. They are did. They all think he's guilty. Maybe they just trying to figure out what's charge to give them. Because i think four different charges manslaughter days on that he had different charges. So maybe trying to figure out which one to give him in a perfect world yes. That's why we still gotta get past. The one hundred percent of them have to agree regardless of what the charges. That's the problem. I think they having now to it in like nah. He's not guilty and that's the problem. Maybe come on jury duty right thing. This is an easy one. He'll take all guilty he did it. Maybe i don't know maybe we might have to stay in the house and these young folks come out here and not all young feel bad. I thought coming out to hit after the bathroom and the others because they gonna take that stadium it up my whole thing. They don't so you're going home. 'cause toilet tissue. Have you got no. Because i know it's all just came back fully stocked style last angel toilet tissue paper just wasn't the other day i'm good. Let me go get a pack. Just the case out here. I'm going to go to the market and pick up a whole. Everybody gets tissue. I pay disdained alley and now they're always keep e right so a lot of food all the time. I think that maybe y'all listen up. I think maybe we need to restock. Sort like corona valid style. Just in case you know lamps act. So what do we mean for survive before we got you know you need all as a fudo perfectly wandering really are cook this case you know stuff go down. You can't put your life stuff walking or you need some candles. Flashlights board up. The windows has a firearm. Some knives some kind of weapons. You know stuff like that. And you know bobby gotta do that in her hood anywhere without a verdict. So raff over okay. So let's let everybody the for me. I'm gonna go right now because i have no. I got the last paper towel in two rolls of toilet tissue on. We'll go restock right now. Everybody go restock if you can because if you want to be prepared just in case. This verdict doesn't go the way we wanted to go. So you wanna have food in the house at least and and still come out sappho few days if you don't have to. This is just a contingency plan for us. Yeah okay now when the becomes not guilty and they give him the right. Charlie we come we come on have regular you know what let's say barbie sound ramble right now warm. I mean they go right. You got to be able to protect yourself. They'll cover his house. I was. I wanted to be guilty so go next door to the babylon is who was trump's important. Yeah i hear you right and we and that's where we need to know our neighbors. We need to know your neighbors and chinese restaurants. Y'all close this. Just shut everything down. If this thing comes back not guilty this. We bought all this on topic. Put us out black. Oh we import coming here. Looking like marcus garvey. Like i just can't support the most right now. Not they'll break these windows over here. Please can buy cindy cindy j. facebook facebook's he scored j. haunt instagram. Cindy j. at three on snap check guys find me barbie cologne barbie cologne on facebook. Barbie designed by climates. Instagram designed. For snapchat bobby yesterday about fashion week Yeah design fashioned support with shelby's you know what shelby said yesterday before we show how facebook comedian show having a place called instagram. We love you guys remember. Yesterday i made the quote and shelby just walked biased. So when you guys left. Yesterday and i was here for a few minutes before i left. I believe in shelby's right there next year seagulls. oh so you only go support barbie. We say what she said you know. I wanted to design as i said. Oh my god so we to have to support shelby shelby. And you're going to support shelby along. And then she showed me one of outfits exclusive. Shelby did which was absolutely stunning and Shell shelby bobby cologne. You talk about playing the game. You better have your game face on because shelby loss in. Pa she got a game face on. I think she's ready to slay so everybody that's why they sleep. I was up like one o'clock in the morning. Selling i think this is something fund guy but i think it's something serious. But he's like barbie foster right now. It's like all right this game cabinet your sunday. I can't wait of a fan radio county one at radio. God bless ron thank you so much for fixing the sound over there. I appreciate you guys. Were giving away tickets tomorrow fashion. We're giving away tickets tomorrow. The fashion show. So you're come on now. How have a good wanna show. Hello hold on one of us. Show i as we've done is of whissy tomorrow. God bless your.

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