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Morning Brief for Friday, January 25th


I'm Anne Marie for totally in the newsroom at the Wall Street Journal Friday marks the end of another pay period without a check for hundreds of thousands of federal employees as the partial government shutdown continues to rival proposals to end the shutdown failed in the Senate on Thursday. Some eight hundred thousand federal employees have been furloughed or working without pay since December twenty second more companies are separating chief executive and chairman roles due in part to a push from shareholders and corporate governance experts data compiled for the Wall Street Journal by s s analytics shows the percentage of S and P five hundred companies whose chief executives also serve as chairman declined by about three percent between twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen US banks report that financial abuse of seniors is on the rise with more frauds and scams targeting older customers banks reported a record twenty four thousand four hundred fifty four suspected cases in twenty eighteen that's more than double the. Don't just five years ago in twenty thirteen for more details and to our website wsJcom or the w s j app.

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