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The. Feedback Friday everybody welcome and we're going to talk about ready Mac today we're digging into brands and their emails here on feedback. Friday. Hey Matt Helbig. What's up man? What's up Matthew Smith Welcome back their feedback Friday episode. We are longtime fans of the ready meg brand. So I'm really excited to walk through some of these emails I. Think I've been getting ready MAG stuff for years in different forms and I'm just super impressed with what we're landing on here. I think you've found this and I'm psyched he did. This enormous beautiful live, taxed really cool. Like fun use of the sort of old school Emoji. I think there's a name where it's like more than just ASCII art like this particular variety. To What an interesting way I mean. It's almost entirely black and they're really using that to their advantage to create something super interesting. You know this apply is just really clear. They're using bullets like giant bullets here to talk about specific things down the way which I find really interesting. I'm just really impressed the visuals as a lot of sense. There's sort of clear and focused and interesting, but it's so simple. Like you know how I feel about with golf they've just really trimmed this up a solid car if you're going to be a design magazine if you're going to think about design in your brand, if you're going to care about the things that ready MAG does you've got a freaking own your emails like they can't be shitty and so I think they've done that here and I'm I'm pretty impressed with the way that they're using such minimal color and then man look at that title. Footer we were just talking last week about how footer seem like the dirty rats like the milk after the cereals all been heaton this feels like fresh zero right here. Want to eat that up delicious I. Feel like this one I can like feel the grid like I feel like everything is sitting real nice everything's aligned right the mobile and desktop styles feel pretty right to me. It's a well coded dot out email everything sorta seems to have its place indefinitely stood out to me in. The box something a little bit different. This is a great use of release simplistic pared-down email to me. I feel like what they left out is really shining through look at these interesting changes that they made to mobile where they June eight, twenty twenty over here inspiration, which is here, and then they drop newsletter. A lot of people would just jam everything in but hiding certain elements is okay as well. You know speaking of hiding I'm not like one hundred percent sold on these. Giant bullets in mobile like centered I feel like they work incredibly well in this version when you have a bullet that hangs off the edge call that hanging punctuation and it worked so well here and then not. So well here why not just mimic some of what you've got going on here and have a slightly less wide mobile email or maybe pull the bullet left and put it over here at center disc doesn't feel quite right to me but everybody's got a subjective opinion. That's my. So should we switch over to the next one? Color. It's a big deal. It's getting crazy over here. They're asking us to stay creative home I can get mind that they continue to use really simple layout here, same kind of layout introducing color. This time which I think is a nice change. Look how simple these graphics are to move people through. We were talking a couple of weeks ago about font. Shop And I think this is another really simple newsletter. There's just no nonsense right but they've done simple. So well, they've nailed this like approach everything is very elegant and so easy to read scan as a user to me. I feel served by this because I can. No really quickly if this is something I'm interested in and I just enjoy looking at it like the value actually just looking. At it is great versus so many emails that we get in that we end up having to deny and not accept to our feed. They're just too busy or they try and do too much and they just don't get down to the point and they're not enjoyable to look hat, which is not just fluff. It's part of selling your product. That's why brand is important I don't know man. I'm kind of obsessed. I think I've got a crush on these these emails when you don't use color and in using color really stands out and I feel like they're using these graphics really effectively to express emotion or message, and it's really interesting to see when you include enough white space in balanced out a while doubt out design system that you really letting the design system flex and taken. Some of these longer headlines and they still work on mobile and desktop. The only thing I would love to see is maybe a little bit of interactivity on these like just subtle, but it doesn't take much to add some interactivity, do your buttons and things like that. Sometimes the depending on where you're sending your email from coding and some of those kinds of things can be an issue but. I just can we just talk about the footer again? Sure no, that's. All right everybody this was a great one. I'm really psyched ready MAG. Well played my friends well played hey listeners, viewers, friends, email geeks. Let us know what brands you'd like us to cover. Let us know how we can improve or things you're looking for from us, subscribe like love give us hugs. Love all this stuff. So it's great to be here with everybody even there were virtual. All right. We'll see next Friday.

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