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Worked as pass off to become one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, we're gonna take care of business tonight. And that's the bottom line. Now, he's dominating the world of on demand, audio and he's doing it for the working man. This is a few bullshit up my brain. This is Steve Austin on the league. All right. But it welcome Steve Austin show. I am coming to even meet streets of Los Angeles, California today. I'm glad to be back. We'll be playing some of the most requested Steve Austin show classics and been locked away in the archives. I got a great one for you this week. And here's my producer shown to tell you all about it. What's good? Everybody. It is Sean with another classic episode of the Yvonne's did show today being episode number three, fifty four with don't ABI hall of Famer Pat Patterson, original air, date, August, twenty fifth two thousand sixteen Pat Patterson. Of course, the first ever intercontinental champion and one of the most. Influential figures behind the scenes of the WWF slash WWE for the past twenty thirty years for very long time he has been behind a lot of the creative finishes and match structures as Steve. We'll talk about in this episode. He is also responsible for creating the concept of the Royal rumble. So you have Pat Patterson to thank for that Stephen pack together, talk about PAT's book accepted, how the first gay superstar change dough W E, which is still visible on Amazon and places where you find your books you should check that out talk about his book, though and all the stuff. That's in it. Talk about PAT's history working in the territories, specifically in San Francisco, Portland, the Awa the WWW WWF also talked about some of his EPA clashes with such legends as Bob back, lend Sargent slaughter working with a mad dog Vashon tag teaming with Ray Stevens lot. Of stuff in here for the old school fans and just a lot of really cool stories about pro wrestling, even talk about the Montreal screw job. So that's how wide we go on this episode of Steve Austin show, also want to say thank you, everybody to listening to the Boston show. Steve is back with brand new episodes. Every Tuesday US very happy with all of you being so excited that he is back on the airwaves. And he's got some great episodes up since he's returned with Tony Kahn of eighty w as well as Debbie hall of Famer Mark Henry just released his past week so you guys should definitely catch up on those this day Steve Austin history today, being June twenty-seventh we start off in nineteen Ninety-one for WCW in Joplin, Missouri w w TV champion, Steve Austin, defeated, former champion beautiful Bobby Eaton, and nine hundred ninety two in Milwaukee. Wisconsin doses w world champion sting defeated. WW TV champion, Steve Austin, then in nineteen Ninety-three. And Knoxville, Tennessee at six and tag team action with sting, Rick flair and aren't Anderson defeating ward. Steven regal and the W, W, NBA tag team, champions, Steve Austin, and Brian Pilkington, then we go through the DOE, WFAN nineteen Ninety-seven and Salt Lake City, Utah, WF world champion the undertaker and stone cold, Steve Austin, defeated WWF, intercontinental champion own heart and dodo VF European champion Davey boy Smith. Then in nineteen ninety nine in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is don't have enough king of the ring in nineteen ninety nine which saw Vincent man and Shane McMahon defeat. Steve Austin in a ladder match. Of course, this is the match where the one hundred percent control of the WF was in a briefcase high above the ring and Steve Austin and the McMahon's were racing up the ladder to grab those shares match ended. When Shane grabbed the briefcase after pushing both Austin and his own father off, now earlier in the bout Steve Austin, had them. Match one. But just when he would to go reach for the case someone raised the briefcase, and it was just out of arm's reach. So Steve could grab it until later lowered for the manse to win. It was never fish Lee said who did it? But it was heavily implied that it was big boss. Man, I am of the belief that it was big boss man that raised the briefcase because at one point he was at odds at the time with the corporation, and this was his way of getting back into their good graces, and that resulted Vincent Shane winning one hundred percent control of the dote of, and finally in two thousand eleven in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is not a Steve Austin event specifically, but it is worth noting. Siham punk unleashes famous pipebomb promo at the very end of Monday night raw and he was wearing a stone cold, Steve Austin t shirt while he did it. So there's your connection. So that's it for today in this days, DeVos history today being June twenty seven. I got my information from the history of WWE dot com. 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Cannot be combined with any other offer. A combo meal single item at regular price. This is Steve Austin on to Leach. You started and what you in business. Yes. Nineteen fifty eight nineteen fifty eight I've always known, you just as Pat Patterson that the guy who was agent and help guys finish it. Here's the thing, as you know, because you've been around for so many years, and so many different territories in New York, specifically guy comes in with the different agents, you know, I was kind of a blackjack, Lanza guy, exactly. I was gonna say that. Yeah. He was a guy that kind of handled, you know, my matches in the book where we're sitting there talking about pets new book, and it's called accepted. I read the sing from cover to cover and shit. Let me just backtrack at the book is mesmerizing. You live such a hell of a fun live. It had its ups and downs positively and low spots, but it's a very fun book to read. And I thought, what we try to do in our conversation, given short prep time I had for I sit there and go. Oh, chapter by chapter and take you through the boat. But that would be giving the book away. So I just kind of wanted to pick your brain shoot the shit and just talk about the business and coming up, when I'll tell you what when you first came, I remember that I remember it was somewhere in San Diego or in LA somewhere. And you are not stone cold, you were throwing master their ringmaster a you went out of your mind. And I remember you screaming at somebody and all that. I don't know what's going to happen. You hated that. Fucking damn did you do they call me up, Vince, call me? And I was in Atlanta just gotten let go at a busted arm, and he you know, I've been working for EC w. Thank thankfully, all Heyman. Call me and I got a chance to learn how to do a promo or start the learning process. So no, when Vince bisbee, the ringmaster, I'm thinking to myself this dumbest shit shitting a world, but it's my foot in the door, because bet we'll go over this conversation two times, Vince, had talked to me. But I knew he only wanted to bring me in. Mechanic, this time he was. At least pitching me a gimmick. It was a bad gimmick. Right. It was a foot in the door, and the promoter wanted me. It wasn't me wanting to go because I had to which was a case. But as you know, you don't have to make that phone call these days, so no, I didn't like that giving it all because they wanted to go nowhere now. It's not you with all due respect to teddy Biaz. He was my manager and I got on YouTube and I watch an old match with you work with Ted tremendous. You know as good as Ted was, I just learned to start talking. So he was was a hindrance. And I say that with respect because he's one of the greatest workers that I ever. So I see there's that was a dead end. But my point is so the whole time that I was here in WW in my micro, you help me out many, many times. But you I wasn't in your click you, you were rocks guy. You were, you're everybody's guy well on your different main guys, I remember a few times, which, you know, and first of all talk about still go, Steve Austin, you had a character that was strong as it could be. And you were a pro and I remember a lot of times what you on the card you are watching backstage or watching the matches you wanna see who doing what, you know, because you don't want to do the same thing and occasionally sometime when you knew what you had to do for. Match. And you would say that guy that fuck and shit as that back. I got them at Steve down. Maybe we'll will come up with something better. If you times where we will come up with something, you know, so this way, it's easier come back. What do we do it this way or that way? Well Dame that sounds much better. You know what I mean? And after that you're easy to play with you know, but we all had the were all way, we have a new character something is not working, you know what I mean. And then somebody some zoo what about this way? Oh, okay. You know. But did you get this incident had a bad attitude? No don't because sometimes when to hear dealings on myself I wasn't a little artery, but I mean I was so hungry. I've been fucked around for seven and a half years. You're paranoid, all my shoulder yet. You paranoid about that. Then all of a sudden you hear something and you get really upset is anybody that anybody else go to use as well. You know, come down come now I'm gonna go out sandwich, the catering and event. Hour from now. We'll sit down and talk. You know, something guys get mad and did don't want to do this. Okay. Can you some ideas? I love that. I love that, Sean. Michael, these guys I just love to help somebody that because we all get stuck. We all need to be produce. That's what you say over and over and a book and go, let's, let's go back to when you were a kid growing up in Montreal. And do there was eleven family members in your house wasn't a condo, and apartment, it was an apartment it was an apartment with two bedrooms, two bedrooms, people, and no running water running water would just cold water. No. Because you had to heat it up in kitchen on the stove exotic. Yeah, but then you would have the bath houses down the street. Yeah. And you end up in the house, two bedroom one kitchen, but there was one toilet. Yeah. No bathroom no shower it the way the line to go to the bathroom. And then when you took a shower, your mom would give you a sliver of soap and you go down to the public. Matthaus. Yeah. And then she would ask you for the sliver soap when you've got an egg or. Yeah. You have to nothing was ever handed to, you know, Pat, is a kid and reading a book. You're always looking for an audience. Yes. Why was that? I mean I don't know you don't. I'm one of my brother. He was about two years younger than the e was good at playing hockey. It wasn't me. I don't know what it is. And I was a kid I was an altar boy, and with depre- you now there's a big no wedding on, then I'm with depre-. I'm dressed like him. I give him the knee Anson ever, I'm in front of the people. You know I like that, you know. And then later on I watched the icecapades. God, damn I like that and it might neighborhood every kid play hockey. Right. I got a pair of figure skate, and I'm skating with the girls like this. A faggot you know, because I had those skate didn't know what it wasn't. I'm doing, you know, and I went through an addition when he came to Montreal and my father's, you're not going anywhere. I was too young anyway, circus. There was a circus outdoors, you know, and that would hang around try to go on a trapeze and everything else. I would've left with a circus anything I don't know what it is. I went up to perform in front of people. Don't ask me, why I don't know in a book you wish you would have had to guts at that time to do it. You didn't you waited around and just by chance with as many family members as y'all had know what it was because you're Catholic right? Yeah. So I guess y'all started eating just bread on one day of the week. Or was it on one occasion? This leads to you go in and see I professional wrestling match. Yeah. Tell that story because there was a free ticket and a loaf of bread. Oh, yeah. A loaf of bread. What is my mother would buy two or three loaf of bread? But once in a while there was a ticket. On the and you got a free ticket to go to wrestling matches. I went there and I'm like crazy. It was not a big big place. Now, the smoke plays, maybe science five six hundred people I was going crazy. And I hated villain. You have no idea. And I'm standing up beat out of him. Come on. I was going crazy. I got hooked. And then I found out later on in school. It was a kid in this father was a promoter he was my age. So I talked to MSN you're gonna come to the gym that I go to the place that was a ring. And we train you a little bit. You know he's might that doesn't want us to wrestle at all. Don't worry about that. So I took him to the gym. If you times then I went to his house, and I talked to his dad, as, you know, your son. He's pretty good in the ring. What do you mean and says he'd been training? It's don't you talk to my son, but don't even train my son. Holy ship. And he was good. You know. So I had to say a word about a month later, I says, sir, why don't you give us a chance one time into preliminary match? I'll think about it. One day did person little town first match my God. He was. He was so happy. Then I was in then in all the old timers kid, right with me, you know, and that's all I got involved in the wrestling in Montreal's at that first match you went to the elsia ticket from a loaf of bread. You got a chance to see buddy Rogers and you said when he walked his entrance captivated you, and then as ring performance. Like you said you were going banana. Was about that guy. Buddy Rogers, which was so magnetic 'cause you wanna greatest ours. An issue of the business you would go on to become friends. What they've been wrestling occasions. Yeah. It's amazing to me, buddy Roger. When I first saw him in Montreal. And he just walked in the ad that walk in. He looked like a star. He looked like somebody, you know what I mean? Now about a month or two later in Montreal. I have no money to get in the building. But these guys would park their car, buddy Rogers got the suitcase and he's walked questions to me carry a suitcase. All right. Can't I walk in with them? I'm in Cornwall ski same thing. I get suitcase as I was money to get in the many years later. I mean, if you win buddy Rogers, I'm in Japan with Cobol ski her. It's a long way you know what I mean? But it was as if when you're talking about carrying a suitcase, when Jamie carry suitcases because you only spoke French. Your English was the shit. That's right. I drive me suitcase. The no, no. So your first lessons, because the promoter was Silvio Sampson. Correct. Yeah. And so you find someone to teach you a little bit. But you end up basically, they're stretching you more than they're teaching. Oh my God. Yes. Same shit knows eight years and years. Try to weed you out or not smart up. Well, Dana preliminary match kid. You wanna bring me on the interesting somewhere? You wanna learn. Okay. I go and stretch to hell, chronic got out of there and blowing up, you know what I mean? But I kept coming back the first few Russell mashes you had. In like you said, you guys were hitting it off. The father promoted was impressed. But one of the things that kept happening a lot of your paychecks bouncing. And so you father who you never really had the greatest, you really did read my book. Did you read it from cover to cover our freelancing here in a minute? But I want to set the tone because the, the biggest thing for with you is you're one of the greatest minds and with. And especially as it pertains to the finishing sequences and stuff like that. So I just want to get to how you competent coming from you. I'll tell you that the true story. And, you know, it is, but so your dad the paychecks bouncing your dad. I watching to be a professional wrestler. He says, get a real job, right? What was it about the nine to five grind with all due respect to everybody's working nine to five listeners podcast? You know, me myself when I got out of college and started doing this in eighty nine this was a job for me when I took a test Pat, in high school in the kind of point you in writing direction. You tell Newell circles, as said, I would make a good park ranger. I want to be a park ranger. I won't be oppressed arrest. What was about the nine to five or just a regular job? That was so abrasive to you. I work in the factory, what the make ice skate, and shoes. And they got on thing, and then I might talk to put them in a box and all day in day out. They didn't they out. I'm gonna do that in the factory, I got fired who I had to get another job that took cookie factory, you place, I e lasted three weeks, I told her to go to hell. And that was it. My mom and dad screaming can't keep a job for Christ's sake and on, then I tried a big factory in behind our house, cigarette factories, huge. And if you get a job there, you're different, forty years, and you're all set you many times, I made an appointment at least fifty times and two girls sir, you can't be last week. And now I know. And I'm glad they didn't take me at still be there for only it wasn't for you know grown up in a booking. You really admired killer Kowalski. I guess you weren't purple Trump. You would wear the same. When you start. The book's theme. Fuck around Pam war would not killer Kowalski that should he was just your hero. He was vicious. I'm mean he was mean. Thank you. He was mean and he had purple boots purple tights, but and purple jacket, I had some made for Mimi, and I was like a young all ski and it's a funny thing, the first time he saw me wrestle, I wasn't Boston and promoter in Boston brought in Kowalski unit. Couple of guys top guys. Oh my God. I'm going to Saint cardis co Oskoui, now is in the locker room. I was afraid to put my boots on big thing he's gonna give you shit. But the hell of that, just gimmick fac the promoter says to go on ski says, I wasn't the first batches go all skis. You watch you. I was nervous wreck. Right. Mass being being being about ten twelve minutes. And it came back state. He did a good job kid. I was in heaven. I was in heaven, and then later on in years. I was in Australia with him. And I wasn't Japan and I-, I- tortured him. Why, why? Because he has a hard time. He's division -tarian. He has a hard time eating, and I would our food for him. That was Doug. I said they brought to you this. I don't want that another review Poon on him when he would go to the bathroom. You would put chicken and his rice. How will you get I'll everything terrible. Either one of the biggest rivers in the history of the business. That's one of the things I have this book here and because look at all the dogeared pages, Pat, those are ribs and funny stories my book is torn up because there's so many ribs of you we'll get down. We'll get to it. One of these are like about the book is how you wrote it, because anybody's ever spent any time with Pat, if you know him as the book is just like he's telling you the stories you'll start getting getting ahead of his self go back. But wait, we'll get to that minute. We're still here. Fill the book lacked. I'm having a blast. I'm on. I'm on. But this is other than having drinks at a bar being in a finished room. I mean, we, we never really got to just hang out and she shit because you're you live where you do. I live where I'm at we're we're both busy. But a common thread was Bizet. I wanna go to killer Kowalski, because you said, because he was so got Dan mean. So let's segue here. One of my biggest things these days because I want someone to learn something in the business to learn something about the business a he'll you I watch, I watched many of your matches you had a mean streak many heels, and I got a chance through your book to, I'll always remember Lord, Alfred Hayes from doing commentary on WWL. I didn't know that, that guy even worked so I got on YouTube, and he was a nasty vicious, he'll any made you mad because he cheated. And then when it came time to get heat on you. He was a mean prick explain the importance of a mean streak pet because to me it's so simple. As far as being me. Yes, you don't just go through the motions this with. No. You gotta take pleasure or to passionate fucking Jackley when you throw a punch, your facial expression. You mean it, you just don't do it for fun? Right. When you grab that leg and you twist it. Yeah. I mean, you got to show me that I'm plus thing that, you know, that's the whole thing to facial expression is so important. So you working with Silvio Samson in Montreal. How long are we there before you had end up going down to Tony Santos in Boston? Right, Montreal I wrestle with the kid. And then from there, I had a chance to go about the promoter from Boston would come in sometime to Montreal. And he's looking for talent. You know, so I go to him. I said you Rupe remote that you me go Boston, and he goes. Yeah. I gives me his car. Late. You started telling me to get out. You know what I mean? But I kept that card in about five six months later as what my dad threw me out of the house, and my sister, like she gave me twenty bucks in those days, it was a lot of money. I took greyhound bus and went to Boston. You gotta go through 'immigration. I thing in those days, I guess you didn't need a passport. That's a knee. Go to Boston. Wrestle. No, no, no, no, no. I was at the border sixty seven our the business card. They could calling to promote her body promoter answer. What do you got a kid here that wrestling for you? Yeah. Yeah. Yes. So I went to Boston, and they went to that way. And you don't even started you wrestling careers. Pat Patterson, because there's a shoot appear Clermont. So you already, Pat, Patterson and waiting for you over in Boston. I I changed my name in Montreal. Okay. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Claremont can you imagine a name champion to start yet Clermont? Gimme a break have a religion assay quad to it. If I will tell me how you came up with the Pat Patterson, because then the book, okay? You know what? That was a two local guys there were lumberjack. One was. The pulse smitten and the other one was back Smith to lumberjack. And I liked the name, Pat Smith. You know, the name, Pat, so I think a dictionary and toback page at addiction, every they have the what is it a surname surname to bat? I like Pat. So now I didn't know what to call the last one that I took the dictionary, and I told my is an eye open. I made myself with Patterson Addison was guttering to it been my name for years. What change when you went to Boston, because you are in Boston, what two years about about two years. And, you know, I learned I learned to wrestle to travel all these little towns with different guys. They were deal timer. They like to play with you and trying to stretch you. But after a while they like to work with, you know, not kidding taking good bunch. Right. You know what I mean? You to help you, you know, and I was there for two years, I had a blast home. I. God I was young. I didn't know I didn't make any money. I was living in an apartment at ten dollars ten dollars a week. So at this point in your life later on, we're going to get to this. You always feel comfortable when you when you really start at understanding the business, whether you're working to heal or baby fish, you always preferred to lead the match, but I'm imagining when you get to Boston and while you're still in Montreal. Or if you're working with Sampson's kid, maybe you were calling a match, but a magic thing. You're still following at this point. Correct and learning. Oh, yeah. But I learned from them. There were telling me what to do that. Eventually Nestle, wait a minute. When my time I'm gonna teach these guys what to do. You know, I came to that level where they started believing in me. You know what I mean? Those days, I just wanted to lead in it under these guys are just looking at you come on this felt that way. I don't that you the same way too. Well, because I don't hear very good. I was kinda legendary, if I'll never forget, working with Lawler in Memphis, and he was a guy that let's start talking before you've been locked up. It'd be trying to call the first spot and I'd be like what well the crowd would call high spot out Tim ridiculous. I just when I was working, Hiller baby. Once I got a hold of it. That's when I started liking to lead the match, and that, that's what I feel comfortable with. Funny about leading match, you know. And that's one thing I had to do. Come on. I just I couldn't let a guy they go ahead. Go ahead. You lead Lear you're gonna do something. You're gonna take my ads a lot. Do something. You know, I'm waiting for something. No, I'm only domestic. I'll tell you what to do. What rocket Johnson, I've worked with him? So many times, then I used to give him shit every night in the ring you lazy bastards fucking up on, you know what I mean. That's scream at him because if we have a badge Matt becau- about not because of him this fall. I don't wanna have a bad match right? Going going back to the, those formative years, man. I can't imagine there was a lot of high spots. It was a lot of holes working for holes healing, and then one or two spots, but it wasn't a spot fast yet. You're right. Yeah. Put a whole naked Smith. The guy suffer. You know, make them tap out years ago. Not too many guys with that. They didn't want to tap out. Get pinned. It's okay. Back to that day just just of two guys grappling. Just wasn't attraction in and of itself, because, you know it was it was still that time. I mean, of course wrestler had been around states for since before the TV was around and also television comes out. It's an actual for TV, but. And that day that style just captivated people. Oh combatants trying to Russell a win or four championship built. Right. And so all these years later, the business has evolved so much. Yeah. And you you're right years ago, you'd rather hold it. He could have a hold of the wrestler, for twenty minutes, get out of there. And what he does. Look out. You're right. It's true. But today you grab over twenty minutes. In boston. You're out on a town and you meet Louis your life partner for forty years. And then so you guys become an item. And this is back in the day when the business was protected, and so you don't protect the business. Yeah. But you protected your relationship. Yeah. Louis and all about the long story in a way because I met him in Boston, and I would see him on the weekend because he lived outside of Boston, and he had a motorcycle to come and spend a weekend with me and go, you know, a good friend, you know. But then in the meantime, mad dog is in Oregon. He's a star and Oregon, and I don't know how he got still don't know today how he got my address in Boston. He sends me a letter yearbook and note do week in Oregon, you'd better be here. Matt dogs wants me to go to Oregon had no idea where Oregon is, then I go to promoter in Boston. I tell him I wanna go to Oregon. He takes a map. I'm never seen him back that big is you're going from coast to coast to me, was like going around the world. And he says, you could starve to that, that scared me. I didn't go about three weeks later. I got a letter from my done. You bet it gets. Well can I ask over here on God? Now, I have to go I borrowed money from Louis flew to Portland get a little apartment. I stayed a hotel that dog was there. So about a couple of weeks later, I miss, my friend, Louise, and Louis flies in just thinking. Hey, man. When you say goodbye to Louis, you know, you're just gonna see it was going to go do his thing. That's bad Patterson's phone going off anytime. Someone's phones going off. They owed me a beer, and you'll marry so Pat Patterson owes year round, I'm sorry. There's a lot of noise we're right here to Staples Center at an auto workers out phone. This is classic cluster. Fuck material on Steve Austin show. But you didn't figure you didn't figure you just figured it was over you you'd never see him again. Now I never thought I would see him again, but after a while I'm on the loan hotel room, you know, and. Somebody would pick wanted to boys picked me up and all that stuff. You know, and I asked him to come to Portland, he quit his job left a family, everything. I mean he had a good job and that little little town there. So we're sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I never forget that on a Sunday night, who comes walking in not dog my friend of Louis when he saw Doug because he heard of mad dog before mad dog comes to walk in and he's drunk and Louis sees mad dog eat runs out the door. You brought your boyfriend which you did you. I says, well, he's my friend. We'll get you go as Murray. I don't know skid. Well, we'll go find in oh my God. Getting a car with driving all the way downtown Portland for one St. to the other, and he's. Z where the hell is he hasn't dog? I don't know during here turned into, and he sees him on the sidewalk. Was the window doubt. They get an a car Louis keeps running these steps on the gas and get on the sidewalk blocked him get an a car. He gets in the car. We're going to go to the bar and talk, I figure prepared to kill both of us. We were scared that we're sitting. He's talking about Louis more than me, and they never shut up docking became the best friend and become very good friends, but this ended up being the case because Louis would your wrestling, always came first, and he would end up following you to all of the territories and everybody that he met just love movie. Yep. And so it was just a natural charismatic guy and just, just a great person. Yeah. So everybody loved him. Yeah. I just thought that because he's my friend was better to me for Christ's sake. Bay was a cool guy. He was just in any way about that dog. Yeah. But tell me about how, how over mad dog Sean was because I've always heard the stories. And I didn't get chance to see a whole lot of his work. But I just knew that he was very feared and had a ton of heat. Oh, what believable? But he was when you watch him work, and he's beating the shit out of you. Right. You know, he is right. You know what, like the facial expression? And I mean God he was was unbelievable. And you know what? When I went to Oregon, he wrestled guy, but a name, what's his name sh- nuts Thomas? And then we had a black wrestler. He was very good. And I'll never forget it. In seattle. You had a one hour match of never seen that before a one hour match Luther Lindsay, not dog a Neutra Lindsey one hour match and didn't know the mattress you lessen our. I could not believe at the end of the match people were going in sane. I've never seen that couldn't believe it. I I'm you see our, our matched. Right. Right. God. You just that match these guys that were wrestlers wrestled not dog sometime. Joe crazy. And then come back into the wrestling Iowa. I was unbelievable. So why did why did you consider because Donna ones running Portland? And so he was a promoter and you start at a Montreal went to Boston. But you consider. Portland to, to really be where you kind of started filling your Ocho filling your own. You had television exposure you were getting over at what year was this business? Why we who is teaching you. What was clicking with you was it. The reps was at the time in a ring, and I want the guys I worked with, you know, and somebody'll timers and I took a lot of bumps for the Yeltsin. I have. I've learned all that, that some guys important tonight's little territory. For example, MiG Bachman Cole was there at one time. But Martin was a good worker, and he was there. She's all these guys that I didn't know you know what I mean and pepper. Martin goes through a promoter one night. He says, let me work at program, but the kit damnit he's good so pepper. Martin was a top baby face. We can wait to work with each other. First match we had its don't. He's talking to be in the ring. Can't do it. I'm talking to him. He doesn't listen to me that for next. I let me lead the match I'd have to that we became the best friend, he was so good. Tell me the story about Nicole Zach because in your book you said this guy could sell his oh, my God. He taught you a different level of work because it's dude would sell sell sell, and because he was so great at selling the people would go crazy when he made his comeback. That was an eye opener for you at right? I'm in your life. Exactly. But a reverse headlock on Emma. You hold onto it. And you don't he's trying. He's trying to Brian. He's got that the pull the hair, my God, they go crazy it Bill the head. Oh, hey, sometime for fifteen minutes and he would fight it. And find it back down. So do you go get out door it stay there. All. 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Recaps after every episode with the path house get talking about all the updates from the game, and the gossip from the live feed listener Roberts podcasts exclusively on apple podcasts and podcast one. And if you love the show, why don't you share it or even leave us a rating and review? This is Steve. You're in Portland. What about eighteen months couple of years? Yeah. Couple of years, and then you go to San Francisco to work for ROY Shire, and big time, wrestling, and sixty five yeah, so I got to hear about ROY Shire, because I heard that he would just can't tankers guy he watched every single match at every single show when he was always yelling. Is this true, please explain to me about this? Roszak. Yes, sir, you want. You didn't initially like, you know, at first, you didn't like me. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. I did not like me at all at all the you notice story that I told him before I got there. Right. No. Oh, you didn't know that I wasn't Portland and in Portland pepper. Martin was used to work in San Francisco. A couple of years before that, Nick balked winkle has worked there before. So these guys are telling me back, yet to go to San Francisco and you and Ray Stevens would make a good team. I didn't even know Ray Stevens. I says, well, I don't know whether you should go there, you know. So I did the usual thing sent pictures, you know, and then I call ROY Shire, about a week or two later as Mr. Shire is like to work for you and a date, you know, Bachmann Cole told me, it'd be good and pepper. Martin said we make a good tag team. He says the boys don't do what I did not. I do today that, that I do the tell the boys what to do. They don't tell me that. Exactly. Right. You know. So I said, okay, no problem. So he gave me a date to that went to San Francisco. My first night, I had a little apartment in San Francisco to how you're going to go to Fresno. It's one hundred miles from San Francisco to Fresno to do TV. So I write about him and his pickup truck a pickup truck and got a gun. You know, you got a big wrench anyway. So go to go to do TV and after we're done TV getting a truck with him. I'm having a few beers. He goes, you bet it stopped working out. Look like shit. I said holy Christ. Almighty, you know that wasn't new it into work out thing, you know. And then he says, I heard some shit about US as what you hear your different as what do you mean different your different us as well? I'll tell you I'm gay. He said you dumb shit. You admit it as his ROY I'm going to work for you. You know, he said you're stupid is I'm not I'm just telling you. I'm bill. I'm honest with you that I got home. My friend, Louise waiting for me. I says, I don't think we're going to be here long. It tells me about work out that he's telling me about being gay Jesus Christ. And I was there, fifteen years on the on first of all, before we get to the back in, because this is when he would start hit helping you or drop and finishes on, you are just discussing finishes with you. But before that you finally ended up doing what you said you were gonna do you hooked up with Ray Stevens all turn into the blonde bombers. And if you go to the Wikipedia page when you look up cow palace, you know about the middle of thing also that happened at the cow palace professional wrestling with with race Stevens. And Pat Patterson among others would sell all the time now. So tell me about Ray Stevens, because I didn't see enough of his work, but everybody swears by that guy as where God, this kid. This guy was always a fifteen year old, no matter how old he was he was fifteen eighteen years old. He was a party guy. He was a fun guy. You know if his wife is White House him to go get a level Lofa. Read it come back two days later, but the bread. He was a party guy. I'm telling you in the ring. I'll tell you what he was so good. He could have a match what his is close. And then we're attack team. Now. I says Ray what are you going to do? You wanna start to you just call it. Don't worry. I'll follow it. Just didn't worry about anything. He was low by devoid. There's no question to guys like to work with him. And he was he was fun to be with. But as one of the things also just with your relationship with them, you guys spend so much time together, no matter what it was. And he goes, you would ask him. Ray. What do you wanna do? Whatever you wanted to you want. Yeah. It was just easy. No problem. He's in the ring you where we're working our ass up. He's laughing. At that point, you career when you guys are starting to get white hot. And he's over laughing on a corner ahead. You learned that you can have a good time in the ring. Because for me for my first five years, I was so dead serious. I didn't think it was like you're allowed to have fun in there. And when I was able to have fun boy, that's when it really blew up. Yeah, yeah. That Lert out from right? You having fun working. It's an unbelievable to joke. He could do in the ring the boys, you know what we're doing. It's great it. Oh, we have fun eight. Let's talk about the cow palace a little bit because that building was built, and I think forty one and it was original home of what is now the Golden State Warriors. So give or take that building was twenty five years old. When you get there when I got there in the nineties, it was a cold stark building from my memories and kind of wide open and was cold because it also played hockey. They're so they'd have the cardboard sheets on top of the ice. Sometimes when they set the ring in there, so it was a brutal place to work, but the fans were hardcore hardcore to the point back in a day, you guys would get so much heat that Joe would afraid for your fucking lives. I'm lucky to be alive. How long from dressing room to the middle of the ring? Oh my God. And try to get out of there. If you just cheat it to win the championship thug at it, yet there was riots many times I mean many times at one time I thought I was gonna die really crazy. You told an VM readily Peter Maviya. He's a God. I mean he is a real God. You know, and that night, I pulled a brass knock and night, and knocking in Shiraz. I'm not going to do that. He can't take the heat. Get out of the kitchen g right? Bouma did speeder believing all over the place. Who do you think in the ring and all them Samoans seek? I it killing me. These saved my. Life. Peter he really did. I swear to God these guys in off. Sika was really crazy, like three or four weeks later and wrestling, and return Matt seek way up. And of course, far as you can go because he would not allowed to come down there. I on beaten shit on a pita here. He comes and no one could stop him. It was dangerous. Gee, what was it about in your book? You, you, you call to people wrestling geniuses. You call ROY Shire, and Eddie Graham down in Florida now as you I started off and San Francisco rawdon like you in the beginning. But then you had your meeting. He understood, he accepted you so name of the book you always been accepted, and he knew that you would work, your ass off and high integrity, go out there and do what you set out to do, so then in the later years, he would start asking you your opinion on finishes. And this is one of one of the great finish Gazza history of the business. How did this help mold your model or your acumen when coming up with the finish because now you're getting one of the great minds and he's asking you. I know always like. I don't know how you say that. It even if it's a Vince McMahon, and he's got a nigga decision will should do a disarray. We should put that match there. You have to make decision after a while you do that. Data day out. Yes. Somebody their opinion. What do you think you think we should have this match later or earlier show? Would you have this match doing this way? Because after a while you need it's no no no different than their wrestler. You know he knows what he wants to do in the ring. But I'm not sure maybe I should ask somebody this way you feel good instead of walking in there got them at, you know. But that's going back to taking it. Like you, you, you say many times in a book, rustler's need to be produced great. Maybe I need feedback. Yeah. And so, so sometimes, you know, they get such. I, maybe so the old saying that gets so far, so far in the woods they can't see the trees. So. You know they need to be produced. Like I could be stone cold. But sometimes, you know, maybe you would come up to MIR oblige. Hey, think about this, and I'd be like, okay, I'm straight ahead here comes alternatives. Like, oh, that's a good idea. Let me broaden my horizon, and open up my mind to being able to try that and experiment with that, and grow because if you're not produced or don't have any feedback, you know, how do you get better? Yeah. You know, and sometime also this too many ideas at one time, somebody said, well, you don't think you should do it, then you bring it back to somebody, isn't it? Yeah. I think we should do they wait. Now you get rid of confused history. Four guys tell you what to do you're mixed up. And at the same thing with what I will used to work with wood Vincent at the office and being creative. You know, when it comes down to came down to the Royal rumble events. Forget about that path. It's not going to work. I should Finns. It's got the word. All right. You don't want to do it, and I would bring it up, you know, and sometime he'd said, okay we'll to think about it. You know it. You can't do everything and you need help. But somebody, you know, it's like Louis C one hour, they match with Bret Hart and Shawn Michael he wasn't about to do that in no way. One hour match on pay per view. Not are the guys can't work, right? When our events and got two kids, that can tore the house down. Please forget about it. You know, but eventually it came out, probably sometime. It takes to take them to little while to digests. Let me think about that. You know, you can't have an answer for every question. If you have an answer a little bit later, you have to be Beijing. It's it's beautiful. I love it. You know, somebody asked me for my opinion for an idea. You know, even if it's just a little thing that looks bad. You know what's the hardest thing, but the guys have is if you're a top guy and something that you do in the ring that this look good, who's gonna tell you that. That too many. But I like to do that. I Don dodge seen many times, isn't it taunt? You'd think lumpy die, there was there. You know, really? Okay. You wanna do it fine. You know, there was someone in the book, I think they were fictional even to another territory. And I think it was your kicks in turnbuckle that weren't looking yet. Right. No, no. You were telling this to somebody else. It was HOGAN was okay. Yeah. Yeah. You, you tell maybe someone told you earlier in your career. But was I wasn't Montreal Montreal implored? I ne- was in Montreal. I think he was in Montreal. And was working with somebody anyway. I called him and the answer. And I said, dairying all set. Yeah. That'd be alright, and says, remember now you don't have to go crazy. I says this do what you do do it. Well, that's all you have to do your ogan. Okay. Brother berkeley. I put the phone down. That's right. I mean, just a little touch that he needed, you know, towards the end of you run and San Francisco, you were kind of you weren't office. But you damn near where office at work if Russia he can make a battle role. One time. Oh, you had a battle while every year. Yup. Yeah. And maybe was was the Royal rumble born from maybe because the way you invented it was different than ROY shires, but we're the seats planet in those early battle roles organ and big time wrestling. They were just those date that would just regular batteries running. Is your number dude every three? That's it. It was not one after the other. Yeah, I'll go in. Ding dang. It was just a battle will, but I always want to have some stories from old timers that I heard hokey a better world. Somebody came up with that somehow no one knew I have no idea. Nobody knows who invented the battle. Well, you're right. I don't either. I don't know who I kept saying, like. Like to create a battle Royal, what I came up with the idea. You know, one guy in into guy, you know. Can crazy come on? You know it. This yet he hated it. And then I'll go do the Saturday night special or whatever it was. Yeah. Ourselves. Yeah. And. Because we have to give him to card Hogan's Jonah signed a contract, and that tag team championship match and it, it the good card. It's on USA network. You know network but USA network. It's not really something is missing and Vinci's, why don't you tell them that stupid idea? And I give him the concept. I didn't have a name. I know. But you said it, first of all, it's not stupid. I think it's great. That's right. Dick ever saw listen. Yeah. Set that telomere just stupid idea. I should first of all the stupid idea. I give him you how it's going to work. I'd have a name for it. He says, oh my God, this is legal running. That's not a good. Now evinces we'll think about it. You know, think about it, but we did it. Yeah. And it's funny but we'll keep because there was no name for the match needed. Something spectacular to call it. So, like, like fifty people from office are they submitted fifty ideas and Royal rumble was one of them exact and so it became known as the Royal rumble Zach and turned into a pay per view of it. Yeah. So you end up finishing up with ROY Shire in his time to go somewhere else. He went down to Florida worked for wrestling genius. Eddie Graham Johnny Valentine. I think had the book. Yeah. You Johnny weren't on the same page. No, not at all. But what about Eddie always heard that this guy was a genius in the business? What made this guy? So smart. He had the great psychology of the business in eat a lot of these guys that worked down there, and they learned business from eighty but eighty was dislike really ideal school. You know what I mean it was not by haha and everything else, it was just. You'll school you know, to work, a whole in workaho and you know what I mean it was not all the flying that we Nick, we do today. He was very good. Very good ideas. And I heard years ago, ROY Shire, Eddie Graham was another promoted. They always talk to each other. Defunct Dari phone. Yeah. It always talked to each other, you know, any ideas and not now. You know what I mean? So employers. I had a blast there, dusty road there that Briscoe. Oh, I had a great time with it. But she didn't stay alone. Now a couple of years, I was I was Booker for about six months. Netra me no, no. How did the first book and Chechen go? What was the problem with it? Well, there's a lot of local guys there, you know, to Briscoes day about, I was not the Booker. I'm sorry. Assistant Booker with Valentine he lies. I'm gonna clean up house. I'm gonna do this and then when I got tired of all these guys. That's not going to work. It didn't you know, because you wanted to change everything and Valentine is slow navy. Dono didn't work. But what about him as a hill in the rain, he grab a holding me to sit in it? And wait wait till he gets out of it. Okay. So you're there for a while, and then you put a phone call into Verne to work for the Awa in Minnesota rate rates to bring me up. Right. So how was Vern? Not funny. I've worked at San Francisco for years had a big name thing else. Ver- Gandhi says what you got. Blonde hair said, yeah. He says, well, we have two guys with blonde aero there. You're going to have to have a different color. I ain't going, I changing my color and a week later. All right to Johnson dollars into re new, I was coming and then I had a blast in Minneapolis. Louis was there to what was the styling originated, a all up in Minneapolis was different than the places that you've been from Montreal Boston pornos, the latest phone now. Wait a minute at the no, the nose days doing divert, Gandhi, the bruiser duck Russia. These guys you know what I mean? And so there was a lot of wrestling, lots of wrestling daylight through a lot of wrestling Vern lightning behind the bang. They would not that many flying in right in your in your career. I always think you, you took chances, you know, I mean it was it was a chance coming from Andrea down to Boston Boston, all the way across the globe, like the promoter told you and then Sean had written a letter. You didn't know the first time but she went the second time. And so you, you always willing to take a gamble. You always willing to take a risk. You always had to push him, but you had to and you did. But after your time in the Awa you requested a meeting with Verne ganja, because, as laid back as Ray Stevens was you wanted to know what a promoters plans for you were because you were thinking into here and you were thinking in the future. And so does he goes, I don't tell my secrets and says, Ray went with the flow you need to know. You said I don't tell my secret. Yep. And he said, he wouldn't tell you and you said fine, I won't. Tell you my secret. That's right. But the secret was New York you had a secret Asian the sleeve with vent senior. How did that transpire Grady? Mike La Belle, a promoter in Los Angeles. And they were friends, and then the all's and Mike Lebel calls me, he said, Vince, once you in New York me going to New York, give me a break for Christ sake, never dreamed of that. And I knew that, that thing but Rian I in Minneapolis, we had enough, you know what I mean? So I throw a reality, I have a chance to go to New York to go. God go, I says, well, what I told her you have any plans for us. I don't tell my plans. And so I got plans to, but I ain't gonna tell you either g gotta know. I said, no, you tell me yours. And I told him that says, I'm going to New York that so ventures plan Vinci seniors plan. He wanted you was was it right out the gate. He wanted to work four back to back back back shots in Madison Square Garden with Bob back on his champ. Yeah. What he rubbed into Dr work with back then. But back to back, I don't think he was sure he then. No, I mean, if the first one is no good. Yeah, ain't gonna go with the second one. Right. Because in New York, you got a sell out crowd first match. I worked with back in the news, like the old man, he was so happy and go to another one, then go to another one, four would back Lynn. That's unheard of it was not. It was not a picnic. Was not a picnic what do you think? Here's the thing limit. What were you thinking because you're creative guy, you're you like to take bumps you'd like to really get your baby face over? Bob's a farmer shooter. What was a chemistry in the ring, Diddy understand what you wanted to do or your vision? He was still when I tell you do it, that's it. Listen to every word, I say, I had it made because Vince, isn't about, but he had the mentality shooting, right? He was always afraid at somebody's gonna double cross him. You wrestle, but some big guys on I mean, I swear to you and then doing the cage match a swore that I was gonna come across him. I asked him he was pulling on me. I'm over the cage bullying, I asked him as, but you can shooting with me what he says. Well, I don't know. I thought you were trying to. Yeah, that's interesting to know that mindset because I can understand back in those days, I mean, because fast forward a couple of years because the Montreal screw job. What happen? We'll, we'll get that in a minute, but I can see where that paranoia would come from one guy, left out. I'd like to take it back, just to. When I must've been Portland, I think you were working with the legendary Pat O'Connor who was us at the time, the national wrestling alliance or. On or. Yeah. I know you're big idol. But when you guys he was a big. You're a big fan of his. But when you guys went out there, the matches weren't so much. And because he was the legendary Pat O'Connor you trepidation? Asli said Pat may have a conversation with you. And you won't get mad at me right? Yes. As you said, just just, do you mind if I lead the match it goes, we'll tell the place down just let me do my thing. Let me think about it. He thought about it and then you went out toward the house like I love it. So I don't count our because I never got a chance to see a lot of film on route ease the gang bang, bang, roll around the okay. What, what are you going to do now? But when I watched them work before, and she's left to work with him. And then after mass, we had he was at the bar, and he was a guy that Titus guy in a business believe me, and I'd say, like to buy you a beer, okay? He says nano I'll buy you the beer, multi to heart attack for crunch saying. Yeah, it was nice. You know what was the deal with the when they in seventy nine when you crown the first intercontinental champion? What goes I was at one time. Then a continental champion I got dropped on my head defending it felt that original belt that was there for a while to a lot of bad ass. Hands is in my safe. You're the first I Chenab. Yeah, but you were never in where was it real generic? Where was it, it was? Yeah. Real date into real. Now the issue don't ask me what they what they. You know, it's, it's only fitting that, that belt would would start off with a hell ACS worker because of the best workers in history of the business at times that I see built was built to go. See that because it that way. You're right. It's a lot of times the world champion was the world champion, but that the workers were the ones carrying that. I see strap. And I was just coveted to me. You're the first one. Oh, god. Another thing that I gotta say it Sargent slaughter. The Elliott fight had dude I in nineteen Ninety-one we've got to talk about that, that I watched that mess three times. See your kid was the selling a what? Oh my God. But just the magic that happened on turnbuckle when he. Gets the job done and action Matt while he's flying hits one. And he just on busted wide open God. And he's falling down one knee and he wants to fight and he was so good. But both you guys were selling into such epic fashion. And if that's the difference valley. I know you're here now today and you still work with WWE hands on you foul reports about what you see you still talk to the superstars. You talk to me. You took the rock under your wing mentor so many guys on the business. Now when you think Pat always Elling, too lentil now has the business gotten so fast that we can't slow down a little bit, where are we going to fast, my opinion? Yeah, let's fast forward. Montreal screw job you maintain in the book you had nothing to do with it. Absolutely. Straight up shoot shoot. If I had, I would say, I have no choice to be part of it. I did not know Steve. Let me tell you. I was watching the match. I always liked. I mean, there's a curtain over and his data and what's his name to what they're watching the match and all of a sudden holy shit. And they go what the hell is deadline had no idea now. I'm freaking out. And I look at guerrilla before it was really. There was a lot of people. There was nothing many that there now there are some people knew that I didn't know I don't know what to do. And I'm freaked out honest to God. I didn't even go see Vince. So I took my suit gave my briefcase I went downstairs in the parking lot tweeting. I get in the car, and I went to the hotel across the street, a few drinks, and that's it. I'm quitting. I just I was shocked honest to God non drinking. I'm drinking and I'm day about a half an hour. Forty minutes not start thinking. I looked like running away. No, I'm look I'm fucking. I'm afraid I gotta go back and get in the car, I go all the way up. Upstairs about time. It's about half an hour, forty five minutes later. Whereas Brett, he's in his room. I taught walking somebody said to be don't go in there. Now, it'd be trouble. I said, I'm going this Vince was there earlier about says, I don't get it. I'm going to go, Dr Brent. And I knocked under door was that Pat Patterson? They opened the door and I went to breadth he was sitting down breath. Got them. I had nothing to do with you, believe me, shake my hands. If you don't you know how much I can help you over the years. I didn't know I did not. No. He wouldn't shake my hand and in the next day were Ottawa. Oh my God. I was I was even two boys were a little. Great. I thought man when. Got screwed. And then it was going to go down to WCW, and I was just thinking, what are we going to do in that the one and only Bret Hart? You read offers a big part of my career. I love that guy. So I'm like, what are we gonna do without Brett because I just thought that much of him. And of course, you know, everything transpired and everything ended up. Okay. But there was a lot of bad blood there forever. Finally, finally you were able to break through and make peace with Brett. Right. They took a long time. Yes. Many years do it three years. I think. Yeah. What would you thought had you been and his boots set night? I don't know. Man. That's all. That's alternate betrayal. Right. But I mean but by not wanting to do business. I mean, the promoter has to do motor has to do. Has to do, but, you know, you say this in, in a book many times, Pat, this is sports entertainment. Yeah. So everybody knows that but to us, it's real. Yeah. And so was so real about that and his fan base in Canada. Yeah, that he had made up his mind that he could not drop the belt there, anywhere else. But I thought I was wrong spot. Big time big time. So what do you do Vince had to do what he has to do? Right. I don't blame Vince. No. After after I go hell did they do that for all my God? After awhile, you digest it, then, you know, the reason why you had to do it right at all. But I didn't know. The funniest thing is that in the afternoon. They're sitting down together, you know. And I'm there sit down with Dan, blah, blah, blah talking to walk away. Now, I know why they were talking because I think I think Sean new, but I so they're all getting along. I would vintage how they're doing doing great Bagger talking talking spot. Great. Okay. I had no nothing as good as yarn man. Match was sixty minutes. So I think the added few minutes to it. There was there was never in love lost between those guys. They don't think that time was think they were so competitive. Yeah, I think they weren't mad at each other. And I just think they're so competitive that that was an awesome match. But then after that, you know, the screw job. I think I think there was a divide, but I guess, in the video that they did the DVD, I guess, now that they've come full circle. I loved the book and I'm must say this. I had a ship pollen notes on my computer and I didn't get through half of them and there's many more stories in this book. And so it's a ride that will take you up and down and you'll laugh out loud on some of the stories of the ribs, it, Pat played. But it's a book, it's written from the heart. I didn't want to just go straight from the book. I wanted to talk about some of the promoters, had it worked for, because there's some great learning lessons in there. But if you have any kind of passion for the business, or if you just want to hear about story about a guy, there was gay her reached about the highest level, you could reach in a business professional wrestling. A macho bad ass tough business. I suggest you read accepted by Pat Patterson, because I enjoyed the shit out of it, and it was able for me, as long as I've known you as much as you helped me to read your story, and God, damn you had a hell of life and for all all. Of the things that you had to hide. You always made chicken salad out of chicken shit. You did. And so the glasses. Always have foam. Yeah. And Louis wonderful Louis for forty years. And I got wrestler solely passed away, I didn't I didn't go into that. But you guys just did you thing. And y'all blend it with everybody and people loved you. I love you. They could to me, you imagine Stoiko stone cold macho man loves this OB business got them. Isn't that beautiful? This is this is the competent. That's proft our friends over truecar or sporting podcast from day, one with truecar sixty seconds is all you'll need to get an offer for your car, and it mounted time it takes to flush teed pet your dog could do if you push ups, you can get to cash offer. Best of all, you can do it from your smartphone or even from home. 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It's not criticizing other Democrats I'm out here laying out. Mike station debate. Number two is tonight in Miami. The candidates include Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. President Trump's reaction to the debate can be summed up in one word on Twitter boring. He met with troops in Alaska, in a stopover on his way to the G twenty summit. Just started. And I had my choice between you and them and I chose you and the president has arrived in Japan for that summit. I'm Ed Donahue.

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