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Scout Sobel | Public Relations Expert and Celebrity Podcast Booker of Choice for Brian Grazer, Sophia Amoruso and Jill Michaels Shares How She Started Her PR Firm


Today WE INTERVIEWS SCOUTS. Sobel the public relations expert in celebrity. Podcast BOOKER OF CHOICE. For Brian. Grazer WILL. Who's Brian Grazer? Brian Grazer co-founded imagine entertainment in nineteen eighty six with Ron Howard. And since that time they've produced films have grossed over thirteen billion dollars including a beautiful mind. Apollo Thirteen Houston. We have a problem Frost Nixon and check this out. Brian Grazer has been nominated for Forty Three Academy Awards and one hundred and eighty seven. Emmys and today's guest has worked with the biggest loser. Celebrity fitness trainer Jillian Michaels and the best selling author of the book girl boss and the founder of Nasty Gal Sophia. Amoruso if you ever wanted to start a successful public relations company or if you've ever wanted to know what a successful public relations company does this is the show for you. Ladies and gentlemen is our exclusive interview with Scout sobel shows don't need celebrity narrator to introduce this show this show to main eight kids co created by two different women thirteen multi million dollar businesses ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the time. Yes yes. And yes Dr Nation on today's show we're interviewing the amazing a scout. Welcome onto the thrive time show. How are you? Ma'am thank you so much for having me how are you well? I'm excited to have you on the show and I've never met somebody by the name of scout before meeting you. So do you come from a long line of scouts or or to tell us about the origin of your name So basically it's actually nickname that was given to me when I was younger and My best friend gave it to me on behind the Tequila. Mockingbird characters is scout and I was so upset with him because scout is a tomboy and I didn't consider myself a tomboy and so since I hated that he decided that was my nickname and then it just completely caught on and now I'm scout okay. That's that is fair there. We knew there was a story there somewhere now for the listeners out there that are not super familiar with you. When did you first figure out what you wanted to do professionally? When when did you figure out what it is that you now are doing? You know that such a crazy question for me because I have gone through so many entrepreneurial nations of my career. I started when I was twenty two and I create a physical magazine that was sold in Barnes and noble newsstands across the country. Being we had hold the on the cover and then I transformed that with Another woman into a digital women's media site and then I started the blog and a podcast and all these things kind of led me one into the other to really find my true business purpose as I say which was creating scouts agency which is a PR agency. That Helps Women Women. Brand businesses podcasts voices. Cowan's Kinda get their name out there through podcast bjarne traditional pr but something. That's always kind of common theme in my career is women supporting women aspects. So I've really held onto that throughout my time. Could you explain for the listeners out there? We've got a half million listeners? I'm sure many of them know what it means to be a PR agency and some have no idea what a PR agency is or what it does can you kind of explain what a PR agency does. Yeah so essentially Momo. My Cat Agency does is when I started Scott Agency. I really wish down into podcast. Pr So I was essentially doing a little bit of podcast manage by where I help. A Book Gaspar podcast. Big Guess like Randy suckered Sophie Amoroso. Brian Grazer Byron Katie and But my other two services are really geared towards PR. And I noticed that podcast were really great new form of PR. And I thought that being a guest on a podcast really gave you an intimate and you know an intimate. Look into the person their business. Whatever it is that they've got going for themselves. And so I started getting people onto bunch of podcast and then I also offer traditional. Pr SO TRADITIONAL PR. Prepare agencies is really just placing a brand company or person into traditional media so we've gotten our clients brighten up about in Forbes Entrepreneur Buzzfeed marie-claire who wear backfill essence domino. Stuff like that. So it's really figuring out where your clients best shines on digital media and getting them exposure. So did you mentioned Brian Grazer. Brian Grazer. Yes I got him on. Don't keep your day job podcast. Now how did you first meet meet Bryan because Bryan is? What can you tell the listeners out? There who Brian Grazer is for those who don't know 'cause they they probably know of the works. He's done but they don't know his name. Maybe he is As director producer in the entertainment and industry and I have never met him. Personally I just Found his email or I think it was his publicist email something. I'm really good at finding the right person and I pitched it. And they went it so Most of my business has been built upon cold emailing and actually just creating relationships via email and I take a lot of pride in my pitch letters that I write and kind of creating a really warm environment that someone would want to respond to and Brian. Grazer said and it was amazing. I'm GonNa give you a mega point and I know that's what you're looking for was an audio only mega point but anytime somebody books Brian Grazer on something you get to make a point so hopefully you feel better about yourself with a mega point there but for the listeners out there that don't know Brian Grazer at the guy behind he. And Ron Howard put together Apollo Thirteen a Beautiful Mind Frost Nixon. So you're you're working with some big players here. Well what's the most rewarding aspect of doing pr for these kind of people the most rewarding aspect as my clients reaction so when? I Book Them. Opportunity You That really easy joy. I love being able to take a women's brand podcast and get it out into the world and tell their message and being when we booked for example severe. Mr Founder of girl boss on a podcast. I think my whole office will be opened up a bottle of wine because we were so excited. It's really about creating wins for our clients and seeing them happy and The thank you note. We got up on my God. I can't believe you this person on or I can't believe you got me you know featured here. This has been my dream and things like that. Just fill me with such such reward. Such bill meant that I kind of take that high everyday with Sofia. She's obviously the founder of of Nasty Gal. I know you said you opened up a bottle of wine as a team. How excited were you to book ice cream for celebrating every little win that possibly walks through my email inbox and so when a big win comes. I definitely go nuts. I catch my dad and my husband and I really relish and those good moments because I find that if you don't do that when you're starting a business or running a business you know what's the point right. It's all about kind of figuring out those good moments throughout the day. Really Rousing calibrating in them. Where is your office located? Are you in San Diego in La or where you call home? I in San Diego or office is in little Italy San Diego But I do drive up to la every other weeks to record my podcast. Okay with my sister and while I'm in La all organized bunch of meetings for Scouts Agency. No I know a lot of people want to listen to your podcast. What what's the best way for them to find that debt? Incredible podcast. Yes I actually have two podcasts. One IS OKAY. Says you can just type it in. Okay a sis she wherever you listen to podcasts. And it's Me and my sister and then if you want more of an entrepreneurial and mental health self-improvement mindset podcast. You just look up scout my name. Seo Ut in the PODCAST APP or spotify and you can listen to solo episodes of my mental illness journey that I've gone through in my entrepreneurial journey that has kind of led me to wear him today. So tell us. How did you start your first company? How did you do it? Yeah so when I started my company. I was heavily depressed and dropped out of college. I'm doing my parents and just been kind of floating around loss and my one of my main in dreams was really to work in the magazine industry. But I had interned. Few and just didn't find you know fulfillment in in those jobs but loved the pages of magazines and so I was just sitting with my friend at a coffee shop and I looked at her and I said Hey. You WanNA SORTA magazines together. And she said yes. And we decided that we would just printed at Kinko's and you know take picture with a disposable cameras just pass it out to the friends and something in my brain completely switched and I remember that feeling was like a light bulb went off and I went home. An insanely started researching printers like nice printers and all of a sudden. I put a budget together and I need to ten thousand dollars and so I created a kickstarter raise the ten grand and we did a three issue run and Barnes and noble actually contacted me. I woke up one morning to an email from Barnes and noble and I literally responded with just checking. This is Barnes and noble. And you want to sell my magazine. Is that correct? Because I I was twenty three at that point. I couldn't believe it so that's really when I found my purpose and realize that the entrepreneurial game for me do you. How would you describe kind of the the day-to-day basis of what you do? I mean what? What does your schedule look like on a day-to-day basis? Yes oh I may wake up around six thirty or seven and eight. Each morning I humanity. I write in my journal for one to two pages. And I read a meditation from the daily stow it and then I usually Kinda just check my phone kind of browse through my email sleepers important. I need to answer right then and there and I get ready. Go into my office at around eight thirty nine and I pretty much work straight until five or six I don't really take a lunch break. I don't know why I just don't really feel a need it And then it's kind of ordinary and then I go home and I make dinner for my husband. I'm in bed really early or read a book before bed meditate before bed and go to sleep and then obviously on the weeks. La I'm in La Tuesday and Wednesday every other week and then my schedule's a little different. I have meetings around Los Angeles recording podcast and all that stuff but for the most part. It's much I go into my office and just work all day and what time you like to go to bed. Oh Well I like being in bed by eight thirty and Falling Asleep around like nine thirty. Okay Okay and then what do you like to eat during the day In the morning a little bit different now in Corn Dean back in the morning. I have apologized smoothie with banana. Berries almond milk collagen protein powder. Flaxseed is And then I have two eggs and like some sausage for Lunch and then. I don't like to eat too much during the day because I have a very strange such a strange situation but I really. I have a lot of fatigue issues and so when I eat too heavily during the day or eat. Really Fatty Substances I get really tired like to keep it pretty light. During the day. And then for dinner I'll make a protein veggie and rights and I will eat back and sometimes I'll have a snap today like a power bar or something like that or if I'm really craving something I'll go get some Hash browns down the street or something like that sausage are you eating. Is this real sausage. Is this some kind of Organic Vegan? Sausage what kind of sausage if actually the vegetarian Morningstar sausages. I've been eating them for so long. I'm not a vegetarian I don't know why but I just love those Veggie patties for the morning. Okay okay okay. We're getting we're getting into the deep world of scout here okay. So now you mentioned the daily Stoic. That's Ryan holiday promptly correct. Yeah do you have a favorite Ryan holiday book or Favorite Ryan Holiday Books? What I've actually only read the obstacles the way and I read that say October and I felt so in love with ten and stoicism that I bought the daily Stoic and I actually everyone that insurance for me or is on. My team gets daily so like I ordered it from Amazon and we all do it together or we kind of reflect on our journal. Proms and so something. I try to tie into my office. Culture as well But the next one that I wanna read at something with ego and the title Should order that. I'm looking for a new book. But he's amazing and so is completely changed my life when it comes to mind set and mental strength Stoicism means the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings in without complaint. Can you explain what stoicism means to you because sometimes when you hear the word people start to think? Oh that's weird. That's that's a that's a I don't use any time you hear. It can kind of weird. What is stoicism mean to you what I live with a pretty severe case bipolar disorder? Where many years of my life were taken for me due to being flooded with really deep and painful emotions and so? I asked I started going on my own healing journey and figuring out what that looks like for me is just as a reminder that I need to trust in the negative thoughts in my head and I don't need to necessarily act on my motion at all times and I can assess what's happening in my brain and say okay. Where's the rational aspect of this? Where's the reality of this and it just brings me back to a place of balance that isn't so bogged down in unnecessary emotion that is completely catastrophic or not necessarily related to the event itself. So for me. It's just been a really great way to regulate my bipolar disorder. How you minimize the downs. In how do you keep them from bothering? Because there's somebody out there who needs to hear this right now? How do you do it yet? So I was lost for many years. non-functioning my doctor and therapist end even know if I would have a career and here I am and I made a six-figure revenue on my agency in its first year and It's a mix of things one it finally deciding to stand up for yourself and device for yourself. You know you really need to make that decision and commitment to yourself too. It's really creating a relationship with yourself and figuring out what coping tools work for you and it's accepting that you need coping tools if I wake up in the morning and say this isn't fair that I meditate journals essential oils Ashley. Gonda journal more. Do this do that to keep my mind and check in just a function on a day-to-day basis. That attitude is just GonNa get you into a deeper hole so once you really find acceptance that this is the way your brain works then you come to a place okay. What works for me. And what can I do with it so for me at therapy? Once a week I took a really long time finding the right psychiatric meds but I finally found them when I take them on a daily basis. I employ a lot of holistic tools like cupping acupuncture essential oils. Just little things little rituals throughout the day to keep me grounded. I practice gratitude. Not On stop. I'm really big on gratitude So but really the shift for me. When I started taking care of myself was when my boyfriend now husband said to me you know. I don't care if you're depressed and hopeful if you're hopeful we can work with it and I'll help you but if you're depressed and hopeless. I can't do this and so that inspired me like what if I just woke up and dealt with my mental illness with a little bit of hope and then the second thing I would say is really entrepreneurship for me. Saved my mental illness because it gave me passionate accountability and responsibility that really hung on my shoulders. And so you know when I wake up in the morning you know people that have paid me that are relying on me and so that really helped me get out of bed so maybe find something that you're actually passionate about beyond your mental illness and throw yourself into that project. You are an inspiration for a lot of people and I want to see. I'm not asking you to name drop just so that we can name namedrop. I'm just saying for somebody out there. That's thinking about starting their own thing. Can you maybe fire off? A few of the biggest wins. You've had in your in your PR career so far where you're like. I mean because brank razors huge. He's he's huge and these are big. I think somebody out there needs to recognize day can do it gives us some of the big wins. You've had why so I'm familiar is wins is that we got to podcasters in a Forbes. List Article We got I think. Two in an entrepreneur list article I signed Catt Sadler. Who is a former E. News host? Who QUIT YOU TO GENDER GAUGE WEAP- gays a wage gap Which was really big for us. I just got our newest client. Bala who just signed a deal with mark. Cuban and Maria Sharapova On Shark tank. We got them in Mary. Claire and who aware last week which was really big. We'd find more and Goodwin from career. Contessa started career contests and just some of the big people that we've booked Koby Calais. We Bugs Randi Zuckerberg. We've obviously talked about Brian. Grazer we book Jillian Michaels. Any porterfield So those are some of the bigger wins that have kind of kept me pinching myself that these are the people I represent and these are the opportunities I bring in the doors. That is awesome now listeners. Out there what to learn more about you. What's the best place they can go to right now? What's the best website or best post they can go to learn more about you? Miss Scout. Yeah the best place is my instagram. At Scott's SOBOL OB Alabama you'll find all the links in my bio two scouts agency to. Okay says podcast a scout podcast to my dog instagram. If you want And I post a lot of entrepreneurial and mental health things on instagram. And then also my podcast. So that's the best place to kind of find me as a whole in my emails up there you know you can. Dm knee whatever it is. I'm always an open book when it comes to helping others through their entrepreneurial and mental house journeys even gotten on the call with my Followers that I don't know just because they're having a rough day and provided some sort of inspiration for them so my on my door is really open scout. I really do appreciate you taking the time carving time out of your schedule here. I've got two final questions for back. Be An awesome this whole thing. How are you doing what what are you doing are you are you are you? Are you in the House are you? Are you in a Condo or in the office? Where are you quarantined? I'm going teamed my apartment with my husband and of course. Obviously there's a little bit of a lingering back ID that. I feel due to heavy times that we're living in but at the same time. I'm really looking at this as an opportunity for me to help others. Who have maybe never dealt with anxiety or panic attacks because I learned the tools to kind of cope during uncertain and mental turmoil. And so I'm really leaning into my tools and really harboring my mental strength to kind of be a light for others and it has been fine. my husband and I have not really thought which is amazing and I kind of settled into my new routine routines are very important to me so I kind of created a completely new routine that keeps me really grounded in Harvard throughout the day to keep me productive and so it's just really about adapting to a different time and doing whatever we can that's in our control and people out there that WanNa hire you hire your pr firm. What's the official name your Pr Firm? And where can people go right now to learn more about them? Yeah our official name is Scouts Agency Just after my name and you can go to scouts agency DOT COM our emails affair. You can go to Scott's agency on instagram or you can in a major league scout at scouts agency DOT COM which is also on my instagram. If he needs to find me scout. I really do appreciate you taking the time. Odd your scheduled to join us here and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Thank you so much. This is such a pleasure back and now without further ado three what. Why does this keep happening to me? I don't know who's prayer break too but I'm breaking into somebody's crab. Why do I do the same things over and over again and you? The problem is with your default until you change your default you will always go back to bring who you were before because you have never change your mind trading to friends trying to address trains the phone number. You're trying to solve and say you changed everything else but you did say there is nothing at the long. GotTa pay a lot of homes. We've taken helping. You Thought Tom. Now bar no big play back. Give my whole around on quarterback avocado back only got one. Hey Go pick it up to come up. Because we chatter going back to back him back. They pull off only ninety bomb. We take thought. Oh you ain't no big Obama optimistic. Hey came along the way I don thing don't care in climbing ran to the back. Don't make clean no. I'm not only real. The women's gone do now in days. WanNa change even when I sit down. I'm thanking getting in. Become your become your actions taping intentional of what your passion focused focus. Maybe can't press rewind but you can make on to the next level headed Minnesota Overhaul Inc Ron to show can't turn out the rats with Clo- cash Minnesota refugees consistent sap as our rep on hip upbeat tax. Even though the blast I could play folk music for it but we don't host three to change. Benecke told some attack by people pay not at home and we've out on you know I've now big overwhelming and law trade. You're always go. Are that much. Say Your Mind Training to friends. You Change Your address phone number trying to solve say you trade everything else but you didn't change your mind. There's nothing as powerful as a change. Mind here the rest of td. Jakes incredible life. Changing and mind altering sermon. Nothing as powerful as a changed mind today. I looking up. Td jakes on Youtube and typing in as powerful as a changed mind can run the glory that is a biblical miracle rap.

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