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oh you like tom brady fuck you in guy i got i got a guy a guy he looked good did you shop yeah you're buying glad you like it made another one half off he hasn't put on closing two years retroactive abortions all you know big deal i feel like we can never talk shit about india ever again next but he did sean sean g g suite at that time don't be shocked you know why you didn't know that now i know that series i don't care what you don't know it is obvious when we met up with the tidewater you remember you know you're back out i feel like you're being dexter jerry on purpose that welcome the next evolution of math points where you said the shackles of feminism feedback depression of political correctness gear unfiltered opinion but everything pop culture to our listeners nbn we find out who stands true and proud and our listener mail the feet per who's just a simple little punk ass selling it's a mushroom stance on the forehead to currently safespace colonel pretty scary blanket and prepare to be triggered 'cause are facts don't give a damn about your opinions even though we don't have any facts we don't care sit in a room with me west is chris an sweating is nut sack often frigging miserable held the west we have mitch rich warm in trouble with his haji hangar in miserable the middle east with his free credit buddies we have dr liederman right digitally i mentioned on the way on the beauty but i come in complaining about how how did it work like ten it's hotter year students are honored and tony nighttime yeah and it's still hunting they don't get you're telling me it's a hundred and ten degree in the middle i've been dying back how many i made you not now but why janse yesterday was america's birthday oh my god where did you guys do get the fuck out of here i know and they're out of their pride and recognize that anymore i did without additional americans do i drink bamboo crap up i'm seeing let me know you know we move everything down when i say it was real quite impressive former basha neighborhood put in money we had probably a thousand dollars for the good stuff oh yeah maybe which craig allen however yeah did you have any anger missiles a no we leave those early lynn mc looks like the biker gang hours away last night was launching stringer miracles right taken down seven forty sevens steve stinger missiles have a completely different meaning at the at the truck stop oh yeah sure so are you old when he died died they shoot truths crack or thinking about soccer is lost right hey man like i don't i don't not lot lizards too soft tacos demoted lot lizards who may may actually a so susan had a friend that she went to high school with in pensacola the is a firing i guess arson investigator how here which is kind of like a hybrid up and arson slash firefighter and she got us behind the scenes at a trash more you know work you know everybody's over at trash more on the big hill watching the fireworks we're right where they were watching the fireworks is pretty cool man it in forty seven years for the coolest fireworks i've seen 'cause we were just literally right on room is you're amazing but we did have the park you know you're in the fight for parking in which she you open the little secret gately man there with the firefighters in their families and here's a good time that's cool yeah he really awesome legit i dressed up like george washington and walk around i saw you retire you're young you're too young and pretty george washington i didn't know who you're supposed to be i just i mean you guys very president did you could have been here drinking beer with reagan drunken uncle dave and his red white and blue overalls did he did he really oh yeah your pictures for the pay she somewhere i may have it but yeah he was fully decked out in his overall is great end he came in hot and he was already frigging were rocker and how before he showed up of course wired up it was raining it was raining and he wrote here at the back of the truck empathetic to oversee getting out of the truck recently sitting on a bail hey sorry what one long piece if even some hail user he's flat on his answers his legs out that's that's hardly get a big man up ten o'clock in the morning i got up early did i miss you guys on the drinking cores light you gotta start at six and you guys know that's gonna take you guys don't fall asleep in july third with a cooler besides her bed ready to go when you wake up and you're bringing on american basher unpatriotic bastards are we only nation that truly this goes in the straight retardation on her nation's birthday or just gonna do we're gonna get a drunk as we possibly can in were gonna blow up everything now you have a renewed on cinco de maya ranch dressing tatra say well i'm came in the murder of all this afternoon with america turned a career at the melting pot part tamblyn declared independence with the most powerful nation at on so and we did it so i don't think i guarantee no dude victims at that point you there weren't many other army taking over airports others in art back then it was real hard purified water back then may wait wait wait wait lately is that a real nightmare 'cause i did not catch that yes it is when you say that i thought somebody making fun of like a rental joe thanks headline i'm gonna do i'm gonna make fun of him because it's funny like is it that big of a deal later anita like they sent me like there's something wrong on the teleprompter and you know how did he just ramble she said something about like yeah the best the rams rampart and if you said something about taking over airports yeah you're gonna be five that we did you know did i mean you gotta punch the teleprompter guy right in the mouth rampart in rampart off 'cause i guarantee you not that stupid but when you're delivering stuff you just redone it yeah the girl night look any dumber than saying that little bit of pressure there's like thirty thousand people stack and funny on the wall for a brief moment ocasio cortez wasn't the dumbest person in dc first splitsecond somebody trump through his name trump literally did you did you see a big i like they focus on it a couple of times i dunno if you recall but you see the guy in the crowd there that had like the maggots type red hat and it said make a alexandrio cossio cortez's bartender again she will be in about four years sixty six years and they get a terms of like five years right yeah she's not not really no oh no ono she knows she's a congressman okay never mind like two years yeah yeah yeah she's she's she's she's not going away see her on april going to start around i mean the democrats won't even her own constituents in in new york where like you you screwed up amazon yet bitch yeah well i mean where did she go from here do g will be inside hunting talk show she will air to you and she she'll make way more while way more money oh once he gets out the guy that shit i don't think that chick host their own universe something like that what i'm saying shit all you know what i mean she's gonna be announcing along on her on her know joe rogan can i mean she gets her salary for the rest of her life she won she got a hunter fifty thousand dollars you and russia under two years now and i think you gotta do more that i do think there is like you have two lanes yeah 'cause i always thought you got it automatic remember right there's i can't remember how many years but it's pretty short basically like six years total to get that one the president is the president and vice president are they only want to get money through life yeah you'll get average there's a certain amount of time they have to do yeah he's fact jack well i mean she she deserved it man i mean she's a she's doing hardcore undercover sting operations looking through sense is a parking lot crying i wish she would do hardcore porn that's i'm waiting for he's not that hot which is attractive girl politician because most of them were like nancy pelosi maxine waters most of my hot one hot each like awkwardly now that are now need she seems like she's not daytime stripper but she's not headlining on a friday night on the center stage mad and i doubt that she has the balance even walking he'll throw on a pole i certainly where there's well i just don't i just yeah did you see a i don't even know about her until she got like weed on twitter but have you seen this a a mini aol see twitter account that have popped up no no no just like little eight year old girl who like that looks like a small gumri oh cousin over a starting their own twitter you know her parents obviously behind it she ate the kid likes the act does a pretty good job so she would do these videos where she would mimic hey oh see you know her speeches are what she would say it was cute and it was funny and obviously it would politically dakhli slammed more the writers are making for number on i mean i dunno you could maybe arguable exploited of you're kid kids seems like having fun you know they even did a photo shoot they draft pick it up and white she went to the playground fence there anyways anyways you they ended up picking the debt dulack lefties on twitter got so pissed off they freaking docs turner family started setting the death threats and then you know leader account got out there like that at the same time from rick wilson you know the congressman from florida that always wear pink at talking about anybody that believes people in congress or even a you know makes fun of an elected official shouldn't be in you know going on all right so here's something for you on that one we all their everybody knows where i real stances on this like free speech i don't care it all the way you could say whatever you want but i almost want her to make it law and then wait approximately five minutes before they said i'm a tweet something about trump yeah it'd be like yeah it's the same thing fries outlet guy going well west and continue recording this is i don't see very often wessels right it's based on age and time in terms service and so the most any congress making get if eighty percent of their their actual pay while they're active which of minutes but you have to serve like sixty two years or some crap like that yeah i mean you have to be at least six or just be at least sixty two or at least fifty one twentyfive years of service but it's really based on you mean you wanna make smile mccain never got his retirement shut out even though you dad i hate it i hate it i never do i really hate him but i had the lead after the give you a little props i think you'd think he would have were mad tours in a he had a tumor in spring i hate him explain why guys you know there's really no his brain swelling no wonder it's not good for the economy the reasoning so leaving no rockets red glare which is probably a good we're only rahman pretty a pretty quiet and like i said man you know a power around george washington john adams a continental folder and she read coach and a like almost like it's funny man you know you're over here and you were hot amer just like do something slightly like adam norm in britain the smaller space i must have taken rican two hundred pictures of people yesterday every single person that you know sauce and i get that extra points but we know that's not the real question real question is where did you get five costumes yeah how did you pull the revolutionary war dodgy land thinking that far ahead i got i got a guy a guy oh you got a guy we know yeah i don't i know you just you gotta you gotta think or had used the same way i dressed up as a teenager internal halloween you gotta rican playing the long game now i can't believe it or not not much ahead i would argue all day i would i would have been cherub never rubber one guy waving you wanna talk about not lazy like the one guy anybody saw the picture like diana try corn a continental holder track one hand all that do that with many costume that was like going from him you know he he you know i'm i got mine thirty five bucks duty is with her reenactors like he win balls the wall shot like three hundred bucks on it man like look look how much per diem a healer marriage that'd be really good dude do the funny thing was right there people my people came joyce talk to us and so we had to do dresses rent toast right and they were actually british couple of people come up and they were angela and just like oh man yeah british so a you're just making conversation in a couple of commented man you're really in character got that got that english act sat down and everything is i am english british like oh man that's really good happy treason already told you know now i see you as soon as you know that hopefully somebody else heard him coming around the corner like hey great ozzy accident broke down under where we stopped you're asking me to the reason we don't know where's be pissed on other cultures 'cause where the only one accounts reincorporate tomorrow we appropriating reappropriated we do if we like like you know what tacos good britos good temporarily bad cimber you don't play around with adhd mustaches bad bead most i have some boroughs you know they're hardly get on a bus and leave it doesn't work for public transportation hotel the metro man oh man yeah what have you been doing bud what'd you do for the fourth a you re fry kayak i'm well wow that's interesting that you say i'm well how mitch riggleman i'm well i'm very good at gardner well all right well how's how's mitch junior right we you know we had a nice quiet oh that's right they had the big went out on a six point two sequence hours i heard about that can't can't get my animal you think somebody have breaking news in backyard who i am a wide the big one off causing earthquake that i heard a vast fireworks ever people in california saying they felt like a six point two yours out yeah but way out in the desert oh yeah i i loved it i heard it on the radio talking about the the the the the reporters like yeah it would have been a very heavily populated area there would have been a bunch of death and destruction of crap like that and i'm like punny reason they didn't build right there so you don't have that on the excel smoke cigarettes in washington or you're gonna throw me but the but even then they try not usually put things right on the faultline gonna run out of room eventually yeah on that property it'd be cheaper somebody's gonna buy and you know we house right under the power lines you know he's gonna buy it eventually after new prices good in the end you know what you would call that not my problem yeah how far away from making a video as possible oh pay for it really gonna put this in a house you're looking for but oh however there in psalm less that's the best place to put it federal emergency funds minutes are problem again yeah oh hey hey guys on an update from axe i think just last episode a you know we talked about the freaking not met fueled attack squirrel no while remember that story right sorry i'm rebecca reasons not i think yet for some reason i think somebody said wasn't real but it was attack anybody i think he has banned who said it wasn't real 'cause he will try again honey the known originally did it with alabama not florida sweet defending the possibility and not be real this could be for the second you hear that story you know it's florida and it's funny how the floor bam align and he's probably right around parolee so mickey paul which was the one that you know the mess a mess fuel tax world was actually just arrested thursday night following a chase in which he rammed into and investigators vehicle with a stolen motorcycle he also had a gun in a bunch of dr a yankee is going to jail but north tomorrow so so no one seen he's not hey matt the beautiful cutting say but don the saudis actually went to a town end that that that they couldn't pass the squirrel math but they did go ahead and release it back in the wild so now you've got these not at the end meth addict did frigging squirrels the asheville north carolina deviants grown up in iran exhaustive withdraw and they friggin lion in trying to be nice like peter something 'cause you know damn well they they they killed that thing there's no way they released it i feel like we can never talk shit about india ever again were so pathetic they were releasing messing demented squirrels into the wild what if you learn how to make it did you imagine that it'd be the the walter white of square neighborhood full of meth addicted squirrels aaron horses zombies man break acorn can't beat that number bastards a quick normally yeah you know basketball freaking move wait maybe it's explains everything they i mean they do look like this weekend squirrels or anything yeah there is a fair over what you see when they go the road they can't figure forget which will definitely get hit like if you just continue on national yeah yeah under action going straight line they'll just keep stopping restarting oh my god squirrels and that has the fricken animal kingdom let's floridians well do you want rolling right end up i have another update about animals in from florida this is a couple of years ago but a joseph tarot you would not from orlando andrew remember we talked about the freaking piece of garbage that winter busch gardens tampa reached the cage and frigging wrong the knack that flamingo oh yeah thank you yeah well you know what there's two things karma dental joseph joseph not good at the end he's also not good at looking both wayne wade cross honoring achievements crossing the street in the forty eight year old but there by ford f one fifty end so wow he got it pinky got his revenge you is actually getting ready to go to trial that's the majority iran story oh yeah that's animal you know he's pushed by method dictatorial job they'll do they'll do anything right hit will they will do anything for freaking forming goes go that's definitely cheap so now you could hire frigging hit squirrel squirrel dude i almost ran over family last night mirror leaving the fireworks we pulled out so there's a sidewalk tons of people people even trash more right we get past the sidewalk but we can't quite merge contradict directing traffic so it's not based off with a light it's whenever cops aside they're gonna let this direction go that way or and for some reason even though the thousands of people for walking behind this on the sidewalk students families sidewalk right in front of me right in front of my car is moving forward merging traffic he's like you know i heard and so kook like why are you walking in front of a moving vehicle you family astle everybody else i cleared the sidewalk behind me you could've kept doing great i it was so weird i did not expect cnn super strange breaking news stephen speaking i'll be bomber he probably he probably stringer fucking flamingo last week and that's why you shouldn't random over sure there's no first of all there's a dude destroys it broke that they're telling the the beware story in a david dow in brisbane australia on december first loss of the new zealand border somewhere right around there he would he would get drunk with his buddy guy dared to eat a gecko so he ate the gecko the next day felt kind of sick dick thought it was hung over insurance has cancelled and it never it never really cleared up the day after so they went to the hospital configure it out ten days later do died salmonella poisoning they couldn't figure it out could figure it out so right on inside i dunno no who is the hotdog or i'm sorry i thought he led would like i ate a gecko let me think that would be like i would i would attributed to but he's only gonna like dude i'm telling they'll think i'm crazy going out of their unusual was oh idea gecko maybe it's that you're saying are you saying that he died of salamander poisoning a homeless man dealer but yeah i just thought that was hilarious at the i mean they couldn't figure out first world country australia's not backwards like could you seminarians kind of a normal thing in if i ever learned one thing from watching medical drama unprotected don't eat them at the house to you're not well known you the one person you never lied to you is your doctor did you shop snap you're buying then you count the did you know we're seeing like you're you're shooting nail into you're freaking you know but then you get to one person you don't lie to you yeah extra why why do you think this is happening well i do math fifteen minutes before you came to the hospital figure skating glass you know like i say that to my friend's mom right in high school she did she did you do nine minutes for sure you're gonna go have a scheduled surgery like you have to tell with doctors you have to this this could mean life or death is gonna kill you in the studio and this is gonna try to give you drugs and make you gotta sleep in when she gets real weird they need to know it's oh you did max domi like they're gonna have you're gonna have to sit and watch every eight hours before they could even do anything she's like okay like you know you're you're gonna tell me okay all right well how much the morning you faster twelve hours what's that like in any who were drinking water but i didn't eight ball left side smoke the little rock in the car parking lot you know she she she did realize way better drugs i know you're gonna get certain way better pharmaceutical grade under doctor like they can't they can't fault you for taking much you want me by real scientists without baby laxative in it or wherever else like baking powder on the battery acid ninety nine percent percent pure with a street value of this good oh man he said why mitch mitch might but i don't know about you do you many you guys know bell bell seen in that slavery rings a bell rachel i say that again dell dell e oh man i george gonna come out now i mean literally a minute you're gonna give more down in that would that would the cricket melvin all right so bell dopey is essentially like a pretty instagram model like you know attracted you cheaper preview and reclaim the famous she she kind of place in not very much you know she stream the more about her getting a reason like shaker booth and the camera but anyway so shallow bringing this up so now something else recruited journal is it is it is a genius so she's recently started selling for their hogan insert yes a glass of her bath water oh yeah it is selling out you know the house i'm hearing you wish only ashley even taken aback she literally just filling up bottles yeah well you heard there were two things first of all good her she's working manager of these these loser intel that freedom oh my god no no not offering her and she even had it in a she's not like sending it just in plastic bottle she made like a little confidence is immigra water whatever so far she she a she listed i guess jets five hundred i'll be like i don't like an out of the water in the thirty plus allowing like the thirty bucks a pop wow now what do you think they're gonna do that yeah what do you think that's what i was gonna ask a second i mean i know what the only thing i think they would do it it is literally drink it porn and on their general i think drink or or jerk off in it well ding ding dang you're right acas one drinking at somebody's already gone to the hospital after drinking too much of a fast why wouldn't they expecting it to do like well i don't know i think in your mind like you know it'd be cool route that math water in the second question you how like how much bathwater that'd be a bona fide hunter because you'd have a hell of a lot of water seacat thinking do i would like you know like obviously lately soapy water heidelberg now shit so whatever all that yeah she put in like the one i'm in there maybe that's why i went badly at all just jumping she wouldn't bath salts actually did awesome yeah he's sort of ito's i face off in the us if you start feeding into a squirrel oh like a bunch of freaking loser said you like good wanna hang out again i just molly outer underneath my my gender here is that was a fan of the hey could we try that it just blew my mind earlier for our land nobody burn a t shirt when you know i know i told you this my market on air you're gonna get next time you're back we have to sit down together news 'cause that link you sent me does nothing i can't and never opens okay here's oregon hi it's alright i don't buy a shirt right now you can't you can't that's what i'm talking about tony stewart could there's like well what a weird thing literally doesn't work like no it's like facebook is a sign of there's a mismatch because my my name on it and then west his bank account or something so it's always telling you like they need to call the verifying the sales on old we haven't we haven't done it we what'd you sound like yankee nigerian change count stupid it's time make all the info line hey everybody like leading man words have inherited a great deal of money from it i nigerian you're in print i get i get a new one the oh i gotta pull out real quick i bet you a newly rent never mind no dude no one's owner it was eight hours in deployed in iraq ooh city find some baseball somebody i think watched that movie and tighten it up and like i found like it was like millions and millions of dollars in iraq and they have they have no way of getting back to the state so they're trying to connect with needed do wire transfers or something like okay so that alone is worth creating new account with five dollars and being like let's see i i wonder if if it's somebody somewhere i wanna get rich enough then i could do it it'd be like five bucks at best ownership but no i i if you haven't had enough money to pull it off i would have to do it bill gates you know the middle gate should do that just lie why try the nigerian prince think somebody finally takes me up on it in the boom their bank account they got like three million dollars now the thing when everybody everybody's in areas where everybody's of the nigerian do the thing is though dude it doesn't take very long the reason that that damaging is still in circulation is doing it works yeah i can't believe people are still fine really nice now really you can't guarantee there there's a new generation sure it's harder is turning in every year you know every day there's another million eight year old but what did that i'm just saying targeting there's a whole new group backed by hard just what do you say and i kind of understood people are stupid yeah and keep producing them not teaching them anything and they get dumber have you seen my boys retarded slick out there and i believe though nigerian prince i yeah i don't know how to keep reminding the breed they'll by thirty dollar bath water but they're not gonna give out their personal information right without downright son yeah yes he's the guy behind the bath water are talking the nigerian prince is well i just had my boys were adler japanese by the way you're angry about getting ready go back to their moms were you dirty close but what oh you were the same job as per week dirty amarillo on that bought that bathwater water capitals the scary part is is no no they're not i mean that would be nice but they they are overweight white men yeah they're gamers again yeah ever left the frigging all they do is watch shirt on twitch jerk off her bathwater a reporter now there's you know there's there's tons of screen right now i taste you i case you know backtra she's like oh like it'd make another one product taking another mathon i know what i don't care about bailout in god's earth children exploding i don't give a shit five hundred well i'm just sad i had made me wanna vomit five hunter bottle you don't need fast that is usually don't care about children exploding smith on the front line yeah i mean i don't i don't care anyway it's thick over there you did blew up out there all right don't retroactive abortions so it'll be genetic do kid with the national anywhere it's it's what you start doing like i kinda don't you're gonna start suicide squad implant in their brain later on you there you're working you know little button you can still only one now they're not adults twenty one there's no organized now even in virginia you can't buy cigarettes so you're twentyone what as of july first a or shattering unless you have a can of our military idee if you have a military you kind of eighteen but you can't vote still i think motor fourteen but they can't bribe you're voting for real i mean that's what they want like literally vote like sixteen is what the goal is but you can't buy beer you can't buy cigarettes you're not smart enough make any of these decisions i promise you promise you i never met a sixteen year old but i i feel confident oh i met a lot of oh they were trying it out more they literally brought it i don't have confidence in eighteen year old voting they should be able to drive yeah i don't think you should you should vote until you're twenty one with a w to end then you show up with their idea you're w to a vote starship troopers full citizenship privileges you gotta serve no you don't deserve to be twentyone o w two w two if you're not a deep into for testing different teams that would i'm not into the martial law but no i i do think you gotta have a w two got you gotta have skin in the game yeah if not you but we don't pay raise yeah and that ain't fair right congress astles like no we relieving college debt when two thirds of americans don't have a college degree so you're fortunate enough to get a degree somebody gave you alone and now the wrestlers you're gonna pay it back you got hit by jellyfish they did force alone on you i get it if you graduate high school not here here's two hundred thousand dollars you have to go to college like okay i guess yeah oh it's loaning we gotta get back that that okay which fortunately but no you had asked for their their departure for yeah you really want to 'cause none of that we've all got loans there is no loan you literally right i want money it's like pulling alone like you don't have give this give it away i want somebody who pay money holly 'cause i didn't really understand if you're thinking about any loan you got and how much you had the frigging fill out like you're committed to the honey it's yeah it's you're committed on a short of saying like you had play opportunity it'd be like on the fifteenth time you're signing name like do i really want this how many years ago jamie pay this off yeah you're getting scared right here on your home court under thirty three percent in whichever you what what you're degree in a gender studies oh two hundred thousand gender studies we got you're lifer fifty years like when when you really think about it if they do tomorrow wipeout college loan debt you know for the college colleges raise tuition there that they are going to stay dry he's got no one is going to join the military but like as the biggest problem is you don't give him his education in the military and how much these colleges there i think about about no one's gonna join but everybody has a lot why did people joined the military queen roar 'em to get out of the trailer park as a college speak my patriot call shining a lot of people do it for calling man i never intended go to college oh yeah i just wanna get out of the house i it'll do for jared doormat you never even line which is why you know how i'm i am i am saying it was a miserable year my logan's harry because a call well i know a lot do during the first gulf war was an army there were a lot of people like what the fuck i ain't gonna know fucking or i joined this morning and it's like are you sure yeah like i was surprised but there were people like that no no i'm not saying there's not gonna be but the biggest problem with this whole deal is again look how much money colleges make it for nothing that i look at nobody's angry at the collins yeah yeah they're angry at a stanford letting them get alone you oh yeah let me get less loan lenders in the book cost a hundred and eighty bucks that's what i do you can't you know mary you can't use the last one yeah some of the wording is chain has a new version you can't buy it you i'm all for the loan amount for them get rid of loans now i want it but this time forward to get alone since we all the co signers on his you have to get every taxpayer signature as a coach signer everyone had any single one from this point forward alone but if i'm paying it off and then that means i'm held accountable for coach china right let me get my signature series a yes man it is ridiculous but you fix it instantly like all right we were all held accountable for it so let's go simon that loan i dunno nobody's going after university wondering whether it's like it's only costs less pay off the mortgage is i'm for that might have used for vets that program yeah yeah i pay off my mortgage you're gonna you're gonna choose choose are you gonna have the house paid off or you're a patient at all it's unrealistically expansion and takes too long the payoff yes we now need to petition the federal government they offer mortgages they trick this yep tribute good giving us alone to get a home in particular early american dream and they treat the world by saying i agree anyone necessary oaks college degrees aren't they make it the gift shops like you need to have a college but it really college level job most armed and also i said there's a hundred times in the pot already but universities you should be respected institutions learning you had to have a certain academic record's even get in because their reputation on the line they don't want gumy's graduating from college and now it's like just give me money it's a high school let you do whatever you want it's high school grad with a massive him it's a big scam it's like i said the rocket education and they're all working together oh yeah like have to kaiser friggin raking it in you hear how much like the baylor what is it like sixty thousand a year yeah it's sixty thousand a year yeah when i was a kid growing up in the eighties at sixty thousand four you're college education yeah maybe it's still how am i paying for that you know sixty thousand a year what do you think of how many students how much you're paying that plus everything else because that's just tuition that's not you know books room board everything else and goes indifferent gonna college stupid ass college to church and crappy got a bunch of big phone fingers those expenses were from the number one finger they they bring face thing it's expensive quick so they so they get it off right harbor sticker it's like it's yeah and then you gotta represent the rest of your life like an idiot and they're like hey like were number one you have nothing to do they're all you're professors you're dead by now if nobody what do you notice doing everybody on the team when you were there is a retired by now but no it's it's i i can't say it's just bad you're thinking there's massive military vets like now you gotta buy maybe guys you gotta buy the navy apps and they were not here's i ever ever ever ever ever so i saw this trucks yesterday and it's like like maybe stickers all over it but it also said if you value freedom think of that and then the license plate was like veteran to forty one or whatever and i'm like yeah you could you could you possibly drive down the street blue and you're horny or it's you know what he did nothing nothing probably not probably not they finally got kicked out it did for years med board it after one year to the planner fasciitis pretty twisted his ankle buddy oh i wish i could say in my country but that is like the kylo ren guy get bored at the marines is i just really hurt could go there like what happened like basically rolled his ankle or something illegal border oh yeah it makes the city forty two sandberg you're bringing horn he sure does yeah like you said to me once a marine always a marine and you know what i mean yeah thank y'all know he's got a lot of crap from a that he does so yeah i mean yeah smokescreen smokescreen we don't look see adam to to closure like everything's shower socks wanna kill you asshole hall marine marine just do a nice all right well leaving alone i don't care how bad you gotta be fisher she has been doing it forever another star wars movie you asshole eiser yeah hey you know what screw in field on the no you know what i hope he dies a horrible that his own daddy daddy you know you don't want matter of fact i hope hoping it's raised five guerrilla grabs her mitch my you'll get a rate was man yeah it could it always goes they're very quick there's no middle ground mitch loves you you hope you get raped by a wild animal it's like zero sixty but they say nowhere in wait the bad part is yes even like shoot he helps you get any money when they leave again you really want me speed round just march when she said it's a cruise cruise every once in a while i really would be chris i like it my way i we share similar views told oh you like tom brady fuck you die down here we go wait a trigger in that's the way tonight in the morning that even the guy just all right now here's all the critical yet i hope they get raped grasshopper football praying mantis bites their head off after they come to cricket cricket genocide against one of the gothic when deserted come i guess you they're the year man was sick gives me an extra forty five minutes of time that's what he does some lower and all my god loves you know how long it takes to get rid of the national and you can't really get rid of completely if you just dumb it down a little bit i hate that bastard jimmy cricket all right well you'd were waiting so i know i know now is about ten days two weeks ago but we we have to talk about some of the highlights from the first two democratic debate did you actually watch no oh yes you yeah and i mean i kind of like well i i watch it the next day and i kinda i i like going just youtuber watching the like eight minutes yeah it's it's manner so long nothing i didn't watch any new ones here that rate it you're great thing so a well for the pond down the head hands down the best moment of the night goes the build the blasio so they asked him a question i don't remember what it is and he doesn't care you know how these things are you answering questions you want answered well yeah you can answer that you have to get out there you're you're writing so he goes he goes i i'm gonna i'm gonna get to that but he's like i would like to address any a question that you posted you know andrew andrew whomever about gun control gun safety and then he goes have you only want onstage that has a black sun what somebody just this kamala harris children's separated i'm only girls kamala harris and cory booker my daughter's like i know i'm thinking that he was like hey a guy that corral harris cory booker's kids about you know like a damn donner she's like so i could say so i can't say i'm the only one with a black child but i could say black on white with the blasios in the first black major second one the second one okay so it wasn't released kamala harris and booker yeah but you know i'm just saying like well well on mr mayor technically that would be a true statement but we recommend you don't they and he's like after i die like twenty years ago it's time to shine when you do it's about time i get this pays off for me yeah that'd be only one who has a black sun high bad have or talk with him about a week and what you do with weapon and then also i'm thinking you can't deliver it new york city he's in charge of the car but that's a good point but but it goes down to get rid of this when you want this time the cory booker kamala harris could really frigging it'd be like thoroughly so a what was your life like growing up as a black male the team gear son everything that you earn yeah it's like like this is a stupid statement like i could tell you what i heard on tv or i've heard people talk about but honestly i'd never been a black man i don't know i talked to my son's about how did your police just the same way my father taught me it has nothing yeah there's there's you can see them grill you know you don't move around the way e you give them money now why you deal with them you know why you are killed on average more than black people by the police ready that's just a fact you give me this what is alive white car you don't has the white car no i don't i'm not in the club i guess an early on then you know the other day you don't know you have to touch it they don't have to suck it okay my mom there will if it's anything a misdemeanor bob not just a standard yeah really want mitch radio next time so i could just look how many i mean what are you saying that they all you're doing is a reason bitches and i can't rush yeah he hasn't put two years dress anymore he's literally wakes up walks around just a big yet eating wherever he's trapped in the wind over there walked in and said hey mom good generally tomorrow and it just in life it's the lake it i entered this world it make it i'm gonna leave you only brought one set of clothing wisdom and we all know how that turned out or it's way easier hose you mall just fucking around like cancer where boeing is laughing i'm thinking like oh man i gotta go find a fucking coconut each paul man volleyball means that we're ellison mitch been bitching about it's hot right you got all these guys walk around with a collar on his neck freshwater and coconut he's actually lost like you know what i mean he's got a thirteen foot shirley now all this thirty pound man i've been spread schmidt eloquently indian wrapping around stick a hell yeah my dogs they've been helping me anyone know how he nut butters the king of kings has got all the good video man holy moly there's no talking about you're talking about build the blasios black kid and then when i'll talk about you dick i i can't believe this ridiculous pander show that it has become and granted i guess i haven't watched it i've only seen the highlights and i know how dangerous that it'll take things are kind of you know who raise the most money doesn't right i wasn't here i know i well i made a leader on k p p a that that ridiculous each raised like an ass ton of money that ridiculous spanish the vet and cory booker did i didn't realize it at first or like a day and then i saw that one and i'm like oh like hey hey leland a i got a question joe i 'em all right so within those two bay okay which one do you even though they're still running for president a they only allowed what a hop right okay so here's an here's the thing top twenty anonymity only radio here's here's how you get on my numbers might be slightly off but you get on stage is not based on how you're pulling 'cause we're in statistical time gold abroad wall euro percent so it's about that all right it's about it's about individual donations receipt and i think it's either show your child steering yeah i i believe it's three two or sixty four thousand individual donations so really by the time the next election rolls around we get a go fund me going get like let's just stay with sixty four i can't number right now it's sixty four thousand people you're gonna go fund me you you know shake it up in the pot all donate a dollar my campaign how'd you get on the debate stage when you're the clear or runner from the now i'll be there has to be you know what that's all you do it doesn't have any aka larry god man you know what you all you need to do is just a a get the betsy ross shows and use in may get on stage there's a hard to come by right now yeah i mean why don't we aunt betsy ross i didn't know she already started library in fact we've already been to in somebody else yeah now one of the nine line i think it was her again mainly the extra starting parental monterey are lower retailer so they've already got t shirts and everything like they've jumped on it quick yeah well i saw the guy there there's a new the helicopter pilot that that a lot of money raised infer eddie gallagher he he's on fox and he had a bet you it's like t shirt on and i'm like man they didn't waste any time on that one like soviet brock obama bama bearing a second inauguration really yeah yeah i do i break some some update for you guys remember a justin be were want the fight yeah tom cruise tom cruise they'll do it as high as eight said yet we'll do it three you see like man this is often not only that you wanna cut out just hey if he won't do it i'll do it people you've oh yeah that's a more normal flight from jackass live he's he's cleaned up and everything i wouldn't fight steve no no highly trained at the killers recognize there's a way but tom cruise i mean really i wanna do and i think you'll go forward i think you know you've seen go for it because you know it's money that would draw i'm not quarter ben no fucking way dana white will not have amassed a lotta money money he will not allow that clown show the one thing that dude is is a businessman in the sheer volume of money that he would get i like after mcgregor mayweather can you get more of a clown children that that was such a we all watched it i paid for and had people were auto is there like what are you talking about his standards are you are you fucking kidding me i wanna see people if there's a demand for people would pay for it will happen man developed i wish i'd found politicos yeah saying i don't think that sucks is we've all done are thing in this not even gonna be fun the bet on because they only person that's taken justin bieber is leeland yeah that'll be fun taking all this fucking money he got that kind of money but with this we are bending already been a hundred bucks a piece or i'll tell you i'm the we already out though in nashville bucks each tom cruise do in vegas odds are just like straight up straight up leaders that are here are still here here's one for you between stevens in in just a number and most evil evil he's a fucking human champagne oh yeah you go how yeah yeah yeah yeah without a doubt of oh just make my i just wanna see it so bad dude i tom cruise i hating but i love the sea is old that old man beaten that young punk ass oh meet you now you're on the slave ship bitch about scientology homo it'd be down there the frigging in the boiler room sucking dick entertaining the rest five years on the ship around man stuff punishment he watched that read the going clear i think it'd be it'd be bad and i still watch there but i've i've heard about it from you guys in other podcasts yes but i think just getting beat by the old man would be the shame enough there oh not that they have they have to put things on the on online like that sissy so if tom wins justin has the joint scientology if justin wins one tom after do it'd be my new caney oh you gotta became a christian may join that that that hollywood church justin bieber goes to oh did he really since he really you know i think i think there's while there's like a controlled start there and they all go to man you just need to be justin bieber bro you just gotta follow around go bro i'd love to be a fly on the law that church from the stars thing you know it's just just just automatic more yeah late shares closed the door frigging it just goes bad where they watch movies about themselves are comes the wind scenes oh no i've been gone he's like in in in this movie i play white samurais really good really good the last one ever there's nothing there's nothing left i just just me just the one that got me just the white guy it's me and i really liked doing this movie because a lot of people don't know this but a japanese people are short but made me think todd i think even kenwood towne obvious taller than him they probably had a do the you know stand in this whole you're next tom wellman are most fair yeah were getting about their how would you like me are yeah all right so it is about that time then but but who's up first not legal emphases got w because he's got that going on ricardo so i got tenant brian john navy prosecutor any entire navy prosecution team in eddie gallagher trail why you gotta do more of that well let's just bad just in this review man look that's all it's written down the rest of it's in my head so should i try shop one because it was actually did show i mean tapping his emails to his defense just really whether you think he did it or didn't do it just a horror show of abuse and in denying them you know a medical treatment and just what a shit show man they did this whole investigation up whether you think he did or didn't do it the prosecution screwed this they screwed the pooch on this one by sign this guy who obviously doesn't know what the fuck you doing and this is by the way i'm only active duty guys have to put this out there this is not my opinion is united states sailor this is my personal opinion has no affiliation with united states navy it's just i think they screwed this went up real bad no they did a normal season prosecutor probably wouldn't have even brought this child now based off there are no i'm not but i just kind of like i mean it just stopped at his job yeah i mean really well i mean it it gives a little deeper now there's other people involved here that i would car but i can do it seemed alive while i know i know a lot of any style in any mutiny if you guys were just like we don't life is far girl that's exactly what it was yeah it really was now did the guy do everything by the book imperfect crawling out but donald kerry admits it i really don't care like that's what really pissed me off about this like i got it if the guy was confined brought back the camp and then he went in there stabbed in the neck secret behind a wire half stabbed the dude enact whatever you wanna do gillam i don't care even kill somebody else came in testified like i choke the guy who drove the method of yeah yeah so the murder thing aside obviously that didn't happen but duty six now though that sucks man not really goes high three that high three rules on their they also they also had like what part of his punishment is well they were gonna take fifty percent of his his retirement pay and they did so there's that but yeah so he'll be fine in the cool thing about the guy eddie order he never pointing fingers back he didn't he didn't say damn word you're just like hey i i think the truth is 'cause he had a better lawyers and the prosecutors next to his wife would be freaking may in silicon oh yeah she added a shitty job a lot of now split and who do you think you are i mean you know some young maybe jack guy he's got excited he got the take he's gonna get picked out a big bad guy the guys got rebut a few good men you know i think money is you got only objective got gallagher sitting over there and his uniform in here comes a prosecutor with his national defense ribbon ten that did not even when the store located at one the money you don't have the service yet just yeah national defense river fresh out of school and he's like i get the take down that guy that's all it was besides i mean they get their last but once you get there that's alley comes in with a guy like super circumventing the rules to try to make you name in this trial and it's like a set of just giving the guys you process that's offensive team where the word justice falls out as soon as i said nominee but i wanna bring a nike and the reason is not just were like not just prefer not doing the betsy ross black shoe but not doing it because of one person like we've sally duties for like ten people frigging boycotting the change there literally one guy that has nothing to do with that side of the house like the worst thing that could have done the art equipment all right and when you stop paying you yeah like you really pay this guy to advertise but then he's making a decision on something that could have sold so the the whole reasoning is the sound like timmy is literally you you're not one dude nobody else came up with a prominent an employee nobody said anything one day is like hey that flags offensive who has absolutely no historical friggin mindset at all has no idea what the real world is like because of his privilege is that's one privilege which totally prayer and that's why he's blind the real life is an if we're gonna go back day we gotta get rid of i heard yesterday to they gotta get rid of the donkey for a the democratic party that came out in the eighteen hunters campbell neil and the forty acres the donkey donkey the empty the symbol of the democratic party right now i'm just people there so this is you're in slavery this was eight symbol for the democratic party who were the kkk members they're the ones who were offer segregation and all that and slavery the whole works when that party came out so that donkey represents that same time period they haven't the jackass fits that party so it does earned but then you go to the betsy ross whole reportedly slavery back then like about da it was the world back then not seen would right now even the flag wasn't like he looked in this story for slavery this win a flat out once it got fourteen stars the fourteenth whisper slavery why why is it white on the that's why they're white ever like it's you know black courtesy against the blue banter well he had a black and white like it just didn't look really good it's kinda tack easily bed with like and just getting one person in soda especially that person that person one of the most privileged astles countries ever produced any half black half white dude raised by white parents got to all the way the nfl wasn't even really that good brian could've made a bunch of money if he just kept his mouth and if there's one thing we learned from nick now you just have to be good you could get back on a team now he's a bad sales person you know the thing that michael vick that's a very good point my this is my way you could go back and play good no evil thing you're doing you're batterer fighting dog's order but in football were bad he was not a part of that what's going on is how he did not know oh yeah that's what i'm saying no holes obviously legal matter mannheim twenty five feet of water in eagle he's a local guy any any most that's okay that's that's why we got it but now i just that's the only people who is he went to jail when you talk about like anyone around the house hey i'm saying yes the judeo not convicted on his property pretty you must not there when it happened on his were right you're right to the nfl is definitely rights organization notice that was really what's going on just like those people didn't beat their their wife elevator with a camera i mean totally fine if there is no camera which cannot sort of black staying on the nfl like that no can't do it can't beat you're you're spelled out on film okay oh you did on film is still tackle like he's pretty good oh maybe this this one time and you're like dog could be coca hookers s's they nfl's very leaning hemispheres rena real pitch i mean like baseball abandon him too harshly he's probably banning banou for vote or betting on your team to win caroline for life but football you murder somebody who have been on your own team to win that what do you think pete rose in see not their team to cause any right pete rose got bad yeah she believes and i'm like okay negativity that that might be a conflict of interest you're gonna answer opening game demand for life guaranteed that's crazy when you're rolling the they'll raise they just ban that ban will be led yeah 'cause it's for life so once you dead i feel like it's just four million dollars and i'm talking about man going around saying yeah well that's yeah once well the problem is he's past the five year mark wow oh like he can't be voted you know put something in there i'm sure i don't get that man like but but yeah that's the arch oh you're betting on your team noises like baseball baseball at least figuratively football you could you could you could do anything if you're good enough they don't care right but if you suck yeah you're pretty much gonna be some issues apparently circa showing shoes to so nobody's gonna happen you don't suck it sounded like you don't let me get on the markets yesterday how'd you watch fall we might take a minute do you watch the what mitch the best football movie ever which was a lot yeah i think that is my idea of a good football team run it down the field with a gun and start shooting everybody how much bush chicken touchdown that's an old movie it's when bruce willis had hair knows rituals to work to pay all not only that not back then yeah yeah yeah yeah nothing beach the hair what's what's that frigging which is the site fi movie where she got deal i hear oh that line no yeah fifth element yeah onside kick god what do you guys have from the great state of california governor gavin newsom you signed the bill and wendy that action this is pretty quiet a that legally protect people in workplaces an k twelve public schools from discrimination based on their fall under one third roco natural hair all their natural hair yet is that sucks that apparently child in california had signing a bill gruesome tech people from being discriminated against by their hair that is so sally's took me cousin you're ahead i mean if if i'm the ended by you're hey i can't do anything against you're you well i do and i know that's why it's even more sally that you gotta do this but legitimately have you ever heard anybody that has been persecuted because of their hair type was apparently get california think it's a big thing i think the problem is california's so full of bigots and racists that the rest of the world on cnn that they need the help they need these protections did i i will state ever i was flabbergasted when i read that everyone's like you've gotta be kidding me i mean you can't wear certain shirts in public but you need protection has a beard hair get started i remember early jump shot in that at rustler that let's borscht the cut his hair because it's dreadlock that was a rice lehto yeah yeah that's roast wrestling that's not has nothing to do with the type of parents if you're gonna play the sport have you played for the yankees you can't have facial hair like there are certain rules for certain standards it's only yankees do nobody else that's why they're so yeah a says a right here that crown act which was passed unanimously crown ads trace historically yeah i don't know what the hell that means the m will bond don't miss right now yeah it it says a december winning referee four seats lack pressler for new jersey high school cut his dreadlocks or forfeit his match and i guess that's that brought up the debate you know the referee in new jersey a apparently i guess in california is a big thing anymore but i just to me it's just those dreadlock we got were they getting in the way we do given an unfair advantage actually's it's dangerous pied are added again yanked back like it's it's i'm sure people here in wrestling though will but if he he's tracking undergoes a rollover and it's like there's it's not an inland lows arab wrestling herited wind gray hair is on game day at the i in football and the nfl harris pregame game yeah petroleum seat or else i the helmet yeah it's outside the alley bacon bacon politiken yep you're not allowed to grab somebody shirt in nfl hockey you're right but the hair you can you could jerker asked back i see it all on wb like teaching the cut their hair note but just getting longer that's gotta be a texas reuther when he got leaving all right now let's go west a lesser merits cutting off mean he's got more and more on the crickets concern i mean she's newton in of itself something is firing up falling in a mitch went outside yeah i'm still here you're in front of the fan i'm right here terms like yeah you got me all right yeah you're never gonna win a so we're gonna go we're gonna start off win oh my goodness registering stuff here it's hard to find any eight m v eight commissioner adam silver o w n b ain't looking to move away from using the term owner to describe those controlling interest in the team in favor of trump like e or online chairman of the team these guys we can't use the term owner who i want you to know when i'm like you know you don't yeah like you know it's like do you own you're how you're like no no no i governing card you only know i'm the chairman of that well here's reached peak level but this is where they get screwed up with this because i i i know where you're going and i am totally on board with yeah but yeah because you can't own man is what they were saying right well you don't actually only don't own the matt you're on the lease you own the team you own board dealership business you own like walmart but nutrition this dude the commissioner chairman about you but let's let's be looks like that's what we do here so let's be real man points podcast let's be real the real reason is is because the majority of basketball players are black majority or basketball team owners are white and i mean even lebron jeans about the seahawks and that's the reason it's i mean it's not yeah so because because of that it did it held back to slavery in it's kinda like the mlb in there were not going to the disabled list were gonna the injured list now because we often disabled people so now we gotta change their name from owners because now they're gonna go she ate slavery well maybe if they would diversity by their teams a little bit nobody will get confused there needs to be more five foot two white new the new teams it's like everything now so it's just like everybody else about players that you know buddy these types of people everything that i've never not but i'm a huge mb eight band but even when i was a teenager i never thought like oh well he owns the bulls like oh he all my daughter this old white guy owns michael jordan and scott no one ever think that including my real one you have you marathon mentally michael jordan bank account yeah i'm just i'm understand all this type of stuff when we talk about you know the same thing about getting something banned for a couple of union stupid point there was no one thinks that i have seen i have seen occasional white basketball player it was pretty damn good but i don't think i i can recall even one hispanic basketball player nope that's made it and m v eight big time like where's their affirmative action for this bullshit it'd be affirmative get along oh my gosh why and yada action in sports there has to be we need to make this happened everything i know you don't like more on professional sports would be if you do a couple of people who just shocked randomly on the team like you put you put this friggin colin capper nick you put this little and you put on the front line in football like you know you're in the offensive line one of only a hundred pound man equal rights tickets and creamed like hunter and twenty pound wrecking center we don't have we don't have enough asians on the front line just cream hearn somebody more important ask water then you're either one point 'cause you know like there's a week cold air that's completely useless on the front line like i know i have to figure something out her fifteen pound woman wide receiver just skip oh god it would be interesting no age ism no sex simply have a seventy two year old guy furring quarterback right past the frigging terminal what about jerry and reno nine minutes welcoming back they measure in the country more apt to watch the name of planes and some of these other eight you don't want this is how pete rose to get back into baseball forts he's not even allowed in the stadiums bro are you there is no i know he's been kicked kicked denim isolated areas of fog taste like you don't even get to come and watch a game do you the people that are you know when he was he was betting like vegas betting like even spent on his team do any better on other games too but he bent on his team's winning everybody knows me knows yeah i don't get that man don't you want you fucking team why couldn't you make a luxury bedding illegal in baseball wow i can't even come watch a game that you guys know national are easier enough side it was gonna stop pete rose reordering game i wanna see it we are the bootleg mlb back to that already been living on east bay to make lay down and you play the video game he's not but under the under breaking legends on the video game i bet you think like you could build old like they have a lot of players afrikaans always forget the look any saint pete rose on their he's not i don't i don't think so either they blow my mind if he was a big deal i over a where we vote in here guys i want diversity in sports you're voting for david silva 'em it's it's actually hard on emails the cause the cause of him but yeah it nb eight vs nike's where i'm at right now man me to the mbh trained in a name is retali but then and the tire company folding to one dish back to implore you fly but could you imagine maybe even a little one guy one guy like that she doesn't need the get underway it's offensive oh okay i guess we're not gonna do that yeah that's and why do we want to honor collin capper nick it's even with sally sheep marketing associated with that it just doesn't deserve west it's give him so much fake power like he thinks he really has some kind of power like i guarantee he doesn't say like look what i could do i shut the shutdown like you can literally they did it did it so technically but they wouldn't nike hired him a whole bunch of people said well i'm not buying nike's anymore and a whole bunch of millennials that i'm gonna buy a larger storage that guy i like what he stands for it doesn't really change anybody's pain that won't play more but i think you lose a little bit with the betsy ross i i do think they lost some more i think nike was trying to recover a little bit and say hey were still patriotic and then nah them or not you're liberty his nike says remember maryland catholic all we all said it wasn't just about black i guess obviously now was that could see the stars and bars even historically speaking we all know wasn't the real confederate flags of battle flag but i could at least i could see his point of view on that i know that when instantly 'cause a lot of people does directly is ripley a hardcore trigger for like hey including those alliance lavery and yeah there's a lot of people fly that that region through the saying yeah for that reason on the other side of the saying like so that when i get like as a pitcher such a stretch on the truth and the facts it won't be long you'll be dukes of hazzard forget dvd blu ray especially let me get great collector's edition which is the battle flag is the alabama florida alabama for its part of a i'm surprised that it'd be having a city or yeah i think it's alabama maybe there's a couple of a couple of states have something along the lines confederate flags still in there like georgia mississippi alabama and georgia yeah i i have to look it up i know there's a few states because there were some there is a big following following i wanna see it with georgia about the flag recently but yeah so that's really hard so let me think few seconds where you going with chris a god i wanna make sure about his wedding employee he just tanker sales all over again like that's that's the dumbest business decision but on of sally and like just as he knew outrageous hey you should eat a leader of the team is the owner of the team it doesn't own any people those people are getting paid millions of dollars you did a play on the team no matter what color they are they right we've all heard the term owner had owner the lakers out they never heard they'll only the bulls like were you ever heard they owner michael yeah owner lebron james owner tremendous i'm going with david silver this is just it's just freaking out of hand man when we when we can't even say word accurately describe what you are or habits anything but my buddies david silver any mb i kinda wanna vote for whoever the drink build the scenes baffler guy didn't die it'd be good the hospital okay just say oh no yeah he's got like all right i guess that's where i got david sour yeah i mean i think i'm leaning that way myself just because of the whole so masters silver can't reagan right so i'm gonna go over that same i drink build those teams down you don't live here on third man you gotta balance my klaus turns out you have herpes a oh my god they arrested then you can't say no he did you know when you're talking about her being yeah you do who you vote for mitch oh yeah i'll go with then i'll go with the owner by right under i'm literally on the fan what's why bother me ross thing in chicago with bandleader literally sitting on offense right now making yeah joy literally another i am i feeling the pain and we have a feeling leaving going with silvers well somewhere like did you say yes you miss so a massive silva you're gonna get his wish if any of you would like the let us know that you'd like the purchase the bath water you're gonna you know how to get a whole lot that we could send you mentioned about water on twitter where i talk about pecan so on facebook and instagram when you talk to ron pleasure right hey ron google play tune in radio app we're on you ity eight uncensored ready every monday wednesday and friday at nine pm central standard time please please please rate review and subscribe on whatever you listen to us on ice and take the five minutes rate review and subscribe to the podcast really helps out the show so tell a friend telling enemy how an eighteenth century landowner just tell someone and now new league and i'm gonna go right into mind why now you're gonna change and i'm gonna bring up local logan summons sixteen an ad from georgia and you work everyone's favorite chicken restaurant drawn chick fillet owns out while he's working the drive through window you noticed that wanna eat customers in their car breaking out a momma's panicky you know see this screaming freaking out and he looks back there he's he's a child i understand how this happened but choking itself with their seat belt in the mom can't get that she felt on so logan leaps through the drive through window one of their car pulled out of pocket night in custody ronald insuring if we let the kid cambridge that's right now i don't obviously this should be going on for a little while the kid was turning blue i don't know what took so long to the mom and everybody's attention but hey logan didn't hesitate jumped right through their situation they get wind wind or reid don't love it should collect you don't you don't know why it took so long do when you have kids any moment of silence is blessed cherish forever and i'm like wait something's something's wrong things quiet with the seat belt was choking the kid yeah even tangled in the seat belt any choke himself and the mom could get it all mash rain snow you do that in the closet not if you're a kid you know we have no frigging personal space type issues there now a kid is a freak he got into he got mad plus plus logan in the mouth but now it's almost done well i only have one question though when he was doing saving the kid did he say my pleasure which i'm sure of course of course he did my first memory that's when my mother my bladder people don't want chick fillet chicken place even live and the chicken i know still rolling it talking about it earlier alarming man kidnapped her return back to normal color man i'm here i could baker chinese ask you one quick question are you a lesbian what is what's not even a question no okay i could see this chick fillet do you go to church just think if it's sunday logan wouldn't have even been there you know a you know it's true that is true that span on on chick fillet not seven kids on sunday i mean yeah that's their insurance on oh yeah well what do you got chris that's pretty good i got a jeremiah hartley indiana man a so it turns out his so a guy named quinn bose killed his own three month old son a terrible physical abuse a this is a problem that we see quite a bit here in the hampton roads area at children's hospital it's it's it's sad when you know the joke is so today's a good day only have a cancer kid you know parents didn't cause the fucking damage that's killing the child i mean there's a lot of child abuse going on here that's everywhere yeah but apparently yeah so it's normal no i'm just saying it's it's horrible horrible it's an epidemic and i wish and you want to like just punch these people in the fucking face when they tried to call and say pretty much gillam what what could cause this a you throwing him across the room several times probably i dunno nothing else really it's the traumas pretty specific to like child abuse in you know what they're doing they're trying to get information like go to court where it's like well he probably fell down the stairs and like well here that's all you have to broken femurs in several him in town is a lot of the old but anyway guy's a scumbag look again i leave with a nurse matola you need bruges yeah now on the brain is why i mean this is the guy comes in he's being scored in a for the sentencing you only got nineteen twentyfive years nineteen in prison six years of a work release run over nineteen years the chick who just got busted for licking blue bell ice cream at a walmart and putting it back in the upper twenty years yeah yeah i went out and i had to do just not gonna get if i know you guys see that prison at all that's what i'm saying is the least i mean the charges she can get up to twenty years like this guy should be bottom line twenty ashley bottom line yeah yeah put him away you kill till the three month old baby that you let us protect invicta right this isn't like a buffer guess i mean now he's sentenced to walks in jeremiah hardly who is their uncle of the child russia's up an just super ramparts points this guy and you can hear it just i mean it's a good even a crappy internet speaker on a computer you hear that you know i mean he'll get the one here before the cops roma right on those guys got in quick they were honest crash it like he must have been bragging looking that's gonna do it lineup the gop's it doesn't come like literally flying like neighborhood chauvel has down but i mean heater so hard at it reportedly bloody just face you he flew out of one of his sandals did you don't give you anything shoelaces yeah i thought it was pretty cool man i thought like i think every comic down we get extra shoelaces oh you did you go it's gonna get a little lonely it's gonna get rough rough for well here's what i really option out but my tax payer rest the rest jeremiah you're punched in my head i'm like what is the cops put him in hell all i think i'm still they'd go to jail he gets twenty minutes brew i dunno i thought it was so cool and 'cause i we talk about all the time the lowest form of life is not even terrorist people in rape or kill children are children yeah just disgusting if he looked like a little punk to man and he got roxy the goods outlined by give free buddy like he'll set up you know the guy that hit him yeah okay i'm getting arrested foreign it's totally worth it the drive the cameras like hey anyway i'm jeremiah hurley good good on you man i hope you don't get into more trouble for that is pretty awesome he'll get off depending on the state of indiana yeah he got off they're pretty conservative it'll be fine i mean shoot the guy you're in debt and i gotta selena so lay she say this program so lays esl you will be she's like oh leg how she's a she's a high school track like springer who is bring a lawsuit connecticut again see a guest the people who run the track and stuff like that or wherever the the crack me or whatever they call it friggin who runs organization owner high school track the owner not it's got around body or whatever because district she missed regional so she she got the regionals but then you go further because she got beat by to sprinters there were biologically male which first off and like we all the percentage of trainees right it's not that high but have you let you run it again like they're already brothers they're they're down bond you know like i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry there's just there's the brett burkhart interceptors now we did make the male team but he actually stood up in connection with lawyers in his suing him for her civil rights really compete analyzes biological males beer out which she would she would literally made it but she was right behind those yeah you know you're not out yet basically she got screwed she was first in the women technically burgers sir yeah because these guys got compete 'cause he's do spags i i've been waiting for this it's about time until the sheets connected with she told on move any free money so yeah well that's what i'm saying like she know like in her age group she's doing her neck author she's gonna be black people on by a lotta people it's funny it's funny to 'cause she's still find like the way she's navigating mars which i think is fine she she's definitely separating like she's trying to be called lessons but she said you know she's like hey i am totally a for them to relive their line and be themselves i want them to be they are they're supposed to be what they have their biological advantage in sports and they should not be allowed to compete against me she's very much saying like i i'm really pro trans like this is great good for them but hey this is cheating so like i said but that were that age and we've we've talked we've been talking about this since the show started and i know you know i i said you know you guys just gonna happen where there's some people that now you winning in first of all due to a these two guys they still they still got there you know what other dick and balls all testosterone all the testosterone get all the tests these right a good good so wild time making idiot i mean it's just common sense to me that i totally agree with her hey however you want identify that's great but we still have rules competition here there's a reason why there's two different divisions yeah because there's like like we just talked about diversity in sports split split up all woman frigging offensive line against the male defensive line let's see how that works out it's gonna be real bad here like i mean you you're biggest reagan a group of women were lined him up it just railroad avenue soccer biological differences yeah now but i i like the store i like the story is well i think you know like we said there's otherwise you're you're just looking at at women's sports non existing if they continue the trend at the same rate intended twenty years women's sports won't exist become more like come up with ideas there's people that value winning over there or you come up with a third they'll be like oh it'll be the man's league he did you not worry about trans men making professionally that ain't got well yeah but we have no energy transfer you have these female league and then you're heavy real women league yeah it's yeah i did all the reasons not been allowed to happen at all is 'cause people were so afraid of the repercussions so now if there's legal repercussions from when you let this happen good put the fear back where it belongs like you don't get to just do that because you're too much of a coward just say no i'm sorry you don't get tickets pete against biological women 'cause you're a biological male like it doesn't matter who you think you are in your head you could go home and tucker shit in and be like god for all you want but you can't you can't there's a there's a line somewhere there's a line that they're just connecticut interscholastic athletic conference that's where i'll try say that again when leading sounds like screw that adds connecticut interscholastic athletic camry yeah no it's just i i liked the fact that somebody young enough to sacco you know it's not our parents gummy just shoot a bottom and did not do this could affect her college college scholarship no economic turmoil right now yeah it did affect 'cause if you have lifelock like if he doesn't get togethers meets where there's college scout you start missing the meat to the concert scouts are then you don't get yours scholarship you don't get on the team you don't get noticed yeah they do some point factor lie he loses it to the biological male like her scholarships gonna go to him because he's faster yeah it's so much take care women man what do you think ricky inter switched over he's ready to bring anybody remembers who that is man that name i heard you wanna go back to olympics were the castle is gonna fight tom cruise man stand up that would be even better my money's on that lie on russia how electric's dealing i mean you know now claim this guy got even women that legitimately just having natural higher testosterone like biologically that their own yeah i'm in and they get mad they can't player in the olympics they had that one a lot of the russian checks there now there's of african girl or something like she produces testosterone naturally but it's not like we should grow facial hair but she just naturally has a slightly higher end he won't participate in that feel bad about that yeah saying it's in industries she's got the medical like look this is natural it's not i'm not answering i'm not i'm a freak of nature and my sport at which you're but at least some woman you know all all all the gold medalist you're freaking nature's in their sport i don't like you're not no one is naturally like do not have a little you gotta beard advantage junior schindler hard work and dedication but also you gotta have some talent that you could only be you could only will practice so much like you know you get to a certain level with practice at some point you gotta have felt chicken friggin smoke pot drink beer and frigging eight ten thousand calories with the spaghetti bowl right yeah yeah carbohydrates women i just a freak of nature you incur reverse women who do you got mench oh i man i got nobody i mean sound like nobody nobody murder the ad going on i i don't think anything good i've been there many times middle and i'm like nobody's really mallory this week for me i mean really i just you know all i've saying that reaches just negative negative negative sally sally sally negative that in general in turned fox so i'm watching cnn look at i look weird news that's where i go out of my stuff i just type in florida i only i only thing i got florida but you know what i got bitten by a mountain asian toward washington you can you never know when he had dollar man main airport on the first floor museum partners reemerge man it that's how the rangers a learned daddy take airports because of the koran meals i mean my face my goto west this chick yeah need me to fail solana so lay so my commute original justice or not but certainly i mean i think it actually it's just he's white i think it it it it is so i think probably know i've seen a pitcher ever know i mean the property so i believe you that's yeah actually sounds more for more important what'd you wanna be called so lay is a slow so let me just so low so now we know chris i also all right i'm going with selena myself selena all right there we get to unanimous unanimous that's ryan how's it going man is not here to bring grumble about a unanimous all right so well salinas old man of the week with a man out of whatever you do in life for good or bad you got a phone that should do like how how could you not make abattoir joe we already did did did a whole bunch yeah oh man oh man you know i wanna redo i'm i'm owning it all right well

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