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Ep. 447 - Cant Stump Trump(s)


Donald trump junior takes no prisoners during an appearance on the view. Meanwhile smart ex administration officials stay on the trump train and even more Democrats Democrats get ready to jump into. The presidential race is the odds of the president's reelection. In increase we will examine why Teflon Don the Teflon. Don's keep keep winning Nikki. Haley blows the whistle on sabotage in President Trump's cabinet surveys show conservatives or hotter and more dateable than liberals I've been saying for years and a a young Maga- hat glad hero trolls. MSNBC all that more Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show so much to get to the Don Jr. Clip on the view is one of the most satisfying things. I have seen on network television in my entire life. I want to get to that. I especially want to get to the story about how hot we all are but I think our friends over with stamps camps dot COM STAMPS DOT COM. You know that the holiday season is upon us. 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I know how to describe it so I will give it no introduction other them to say the view made a very very big mistake inviting inviting on Donald trump junior to promote his new book triggered. Here is how the interview began talking about lowering the discourse to his level which is horrible so this country even if people are working we don't WanNa have a country like that. We've the things that we regret. Okay so I want it to be clear here. They started the fight fight. The view started the fight. The way this is being portrayed in the media as Donald Trump junior came in there with guns blazing just going out to la bombs at the hosts hostesses of the view. That's not what happened. Joy Behar's started it and she said look. I don't care if people are working. I don't care if the economy's going great I don't care if consumer a Confidence is very high. I don't care if all of that is so great. The discourse has been lowered in this country which is the greatest example of a pot hot calling and kettle black. I have ever seen in my life. Joy Behar a host of the view. A show that has almost single-handedly degraded discourse in America. I mean truly. An example of some of the worst discourse in the American public sphere is is hurling this insult to trump and saying your father has degraded discourse in America. This shows you key fact about trump which I think a lot of trump's critics misunderstand especially as critics on the right misunderstand this what we're pointing out so much of the time what is clear so much of the time from the trump era is not that Donald Donald Trump is the greatest guy that ever lived. It's not that Donald Trump is the most eloquent guy or the greatest president isn't that it's the trump is better than his his critics. The lesson is that the criticisms lobbed by trump's critics are actually more applicable to the critics themselves. It's it's this total explosion of self awareness because if you are a hostess on the view accusing somebody any else degrading discourse you have lost the narrative so Joi Bay starts the attack. She says you've degraded our discourse your father's offensive and John Don Jr. things that we regret I mean if we're talking about bring discourse joy you've worn black face won't be I I I'm sorry and Polanski. It wasn't rape rape a child. So let's I'll I'll tell you so you don't want to bring this up. The question came on. I did not allow black face please. He was not in Black Fan. Just sorry listen being black. I recognize blatch. What's base this? I can say so no. Apparently she doesn't because Whoopi Goldberg very famously was sitting and laughing at a dinner next to her. Then boyfriend boyfriend Ted Danson who was wearing actual black face by the way. I'm not attacking Whoopi Goldberg Ted. Danson for this but clearly we'll be Goldberg has a history here. You're with black face and it's you can't use that attack to assault You can't use the attack of offensiveness to assault Donald Trump or donald trump junior or any of them. And then meanwhile deny that your friends and your CO hosts of Warren Black face and say it never happened. It's just gas lighting. We saw it happen. We saw the photo of Ted Danson. And by the way we saw joy behar wearing black face in the nineteen seventies and. She didn't just wear it. We didn't see the photo. She actually admitted to it on television. Oh Oh you know this picture you know. It was a Halloween Party and went as a beautiful African woman. Oh yes anyway black hair via but is that is me tanning lotion on a little makeup. That was a little little bit a little. Makeup was a little bit darker. Makeup was just a lie. Okay so I wore dark makeup to go so in a costume as a black person. But that's not black face because it's only black face when conservatives do it even though I can't think of a time that conservatives have done it because Justin Firdaus not a conservative Ralph north not a conservative. Ted Dances not a conservative joy. Behar's medical -servative. I could go on and on and on Billy Crystal's not a conservative address. Like Sammy Davis Junior. We we would spend the whole show talking about left-wingers wearing black face and I'm not even attacking them for that. I'm pointing out the gas lighting. Because Whoopi Goldberg Joy. Behar say black faces terrible. You can't I never wore it. I've never approved if anybody wearing. Yes you did you did so maybe before you start throwing stones at Donald Trump for how offensive he is. Maybe just take a look before you accuse me take a look at yourself. So Don Jr. flips the script on the view. This is a key of the trump era. Is that flipping the script. What's good for the goose is good good for the Gander of the left is going to attack us in a way that some deem unfair trump is going to attack them in that way? He's not going to unilaterally disarm and apparently the straight applies not just to the father but also to the sun. You broke them this piece of ice because I guess this is the fight you want. It is but if we're calling You questioning my character. I'm not talking about your questioning. My father's I'd say I'd infested anybody I simply said. Uh that when you're talking about your father's taking more heat than anybody else that is not so instead yes I don. So she says this is the fight you wanted done junior. No it's not. They started the fight. This is what the left always always does to us. Say you started it. You want the fight. You're bringing no we. Don't you know when we when we go to college. Campuses some of US conservatives who go give speeches which is a college campuses the the left which becomes often by actually physically violent becomes almost always disruptive accused us of starting the fight. We're not starting the fight. We're giving lectures at college campuses. That's what college campuses are four were exchanging different ideas on college. What's campus that's where college campuses are for the people who are causing disruption the people lobbying the tax the people who are becoming sometimes violent? They're the ones who are starting starting in their gas lighting US and for so long conservatives. Were coward by this kind of behavior would say oh. Gosh they're calling us they're saying restoring the fight on TV we don't want to seem like the TV stacked against us. So they're gonNA make us look bad and we don't WANNA look bad and we're trying to appeal to the people that the TV appeals to so we're just going to back down and let the left run roughshod over the culture not just on TV but in the movies not just in the movies but on college campuses and the thing that people love so much about trump even more than the mean tweets even more than some of the policy successes. Frankly is that he's fighting adding back. This is a trait that after trump has gone trump is a unique figure in American politics. Once he's gone. You're not gonNA have candidates like him anymore is one of a kind okay. An American original but we can at least learn this one lesson from trump which is just. Don't take it don't lie down and take it even when you're invited it into the lion's den on the view don't just lie there and take it they start the fight you finish the fight. Don Jr. then goes nuclear nuclear at the end of this. He's prompted by question from Abby Huntsman whom I love when by the way when I am criticising hosts on the view just assume that. I'm not criticizing Abby Huntsman. Who is a friend of mine for a while and I like very much however my friendship with abby does not excuse the other women on the view Ajoy Bahar who are just absolutely destroying public discourse so abby abby pushed back on done junior and says your father or is imperilling the whistle blower. Your father is not following the norms on the whistle blower. It's important that we protect whistle blowers and whistle blowers are great. And and if you ever reveal the identity of whistle blower or otherwise punish whistle blower for blowing the whistle. You're really being bad whistle blowing sort of person don Jr. flips descriptive in their outraged. Because I care about diplomacy in this country I care about how we protect the people when they see a wrongdoing that they go through the proper political channels near protected for doing that. So you can see the that. Let's give ourselves name has been out there for five days. It doesn't make it right but nevertheless the right now chasing down a whistle blower about all of the Epstein stuff because those stories were killed so if we're going to have the conversation about the average we don't we stay you work with allison whereas we sticks w working stick to what she asked him the question just because if we start getting so you see what won't be dozen there. She jumps in the mid the minute. That Don Jr. Answers Abbey's point won't be says no no no we're not talking about the Epstein whistleblower. We're not talking about the people at ABC News who leaked video to James O'Keefe of our own hosts talking about how ABC he news killed the Epstein Story. We're not talking about that kind of whistle blower. We're only talking about the kind of whistleblower hurts trump. You can't talk about. She says you you've got to stay on topic. Don Jr. is staying on topic. He's saying hold. On a second you're casting aspersions on my father for for what for saying that. He has a right to face his accuser. All in the name of the whistle blower. Meanwhile you're network that we are currently on is chasing down whistleblowers for pointing out actually corrupt behavior from this network so so corrupt that they're actually. ABC is working with CBS. To chase down this guy who leaked the footage of a host telling the truth about how. ABC News Killed The Story About Jeffrey Epstein. Who by the way did not kill himself just sort of sidebar he flips the script entirely? We should learn this lesson all the time. Do not accept the left's premises you know. Even I was I was having a debate at in Nashville politic. On with Klay Aken I was supposed to be having a debate with the Democratic Rozan but it ended up becoming intimate with the moderator quote placate and classic and kept trying to do was get me to say the exact words that he wanted me to say bye bye which he would get me to accept his premises look bad so one thing he tried to get me to do is he. tried to push the same kind of hoax about the CHARLOTTESVILLE rally that the mainstream media pushed. which is that? Donald Trump defended neo-nazi white supremacists in Charlottesville. So he wanted me to say that There aren't there weren't very fine. People on both sides not very find people on both sides of the debate overtaking historical monuments but specifically the people people who chanted Jews will not replace us he wanted me to defend people chanting Jews will not replaces and I said Klay. What a stupid question? What a ridiculous question Nazis or bad? I think we all agree. But he couldn't leave it there because the question he was asking me was more or less. Hey Mike when did you stop beating your wife either anyway. You answer that question you look bad. This is what the left have to always does flip that script do not accept the premises. You don't owe them an answer. Don Jr. doesn't own answer on whistle blowers to the view on ABC ABC an answer on whistle blowers to us done. Junior doesn't answer on degrading American discourse to Joy Behar Joy Behar does an answer on degrading American discourse of course to us. Don't accept the premise. Don't accept this ridiculous idea that you know people you know people on the left some kind of answer on a little children. They were for a while they were saying that the trump administration was imprisoning children. which isn't true? The these parents and were sending their children across the border illegally in violation of the law and they were obviously. We're being detained and held in custody. You don't know an answer to the left on the left kills million babies a year. The left is now supporting injecting little children with hormones to stop them from going through puberty. You don't don't own answer to them. Don Jr. proof that I love it I think that's key lesson of the trump era. You can see how dishonest people are the website a political fact is actually now lying about video that we also with our own eyes. We'll get to that in a second. We'll get to what that means both for the administration. Twenty twenty and for the Democrats running for president. Because there's a lot of news on both ends. I gotTa thank our friends over at policy genius. It's very important of life insurance and you can't just rely on your employer provided life insurance especially if you work at the daily wire because I don't know Ben put all this little language. Enjoy my life insurance policy. That seems to give him a few ways out. 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So what political fact and organization that pretends that it exists to fact act check politicians not biased at all not partisan at all in reality. It's just a leftist website but pretend to be neutral they pretend to be objective they say by that. The statement the Democratic presidential candidates support giving illegal immigrants free healthcare at our expense is mostly false but but we have the video we have video from. NBC News from the Democratic presidential debate were the moderator asks. Do you support giving healthcare to illegal aliens and ended not just one not just to every single candidates hand one. Raise your hand. If govern government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants so every hand goes up there how does it affect justify their mostly false rating. They say that the moderator's moderator's question did not specify if the healthcare was free. Did it actually did she. She said. Would your government plan provide healthcare for illegal. Immigrants provide the word provide. It's giving it's it's bringing. It's giving it to them. It is actual even their BS. Trying Clinton sort of twisting. The words doesn't work. It's just an outline. That's from politic fact no credibility the view no credibility all of these mainstream outlets. Just I do not do command our respect and it makes you think a little differently about the president who's usually the object of their ire even in the administration the station. You know we had been told all the really smart people all the fancy people wear jackets and ties and live in the beltway. They said look trump might be terrible. I'm Dr even about right waivers. I'll say trump might be terrible but at least we have responsible people in the administration. Good serious responsible. People defending the rule of law defending ending our institutions and our norms. People like. I don't know rex. Tillerson former secretary of state people like John Kelly former chief of staff. They're the good guys. They're the defending our norms and our constitution. Trump is the one destroying it except now in a new book and a new interview. Nikki Haley is saying saying that it was actually guys like Tillerson and Kelly who were undermining our norms undermining our institutions undermining our Constitution Nikki. Haley writes in her new book. What Kellyanne Tillerson confided in me that when they resisted the president they were not being insubordinate? They were trying to save the country. Here's here's Nikki. Haley Secretary of State Tillerson went on to tell you the reason he resisted. The president's decisions was because if he didn't people would die. Do you memorialize that conversation. Conversation at definitely happened. It absolutely happened and instead of saying that to me they should have been saying that to the president. Not asking me to join them on there sidebar. Plan it should have been go. Tell the president what your differences are and quit if you don't like what he's doing but to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing and it goes against the constitution and it goes against what the American people want and it was was offensive. That's right that's absolutely right and this is where I come. This is where I begin when I'm evaluating something that the president has done. I do not begin from the position. The trump is always right and I love. Everything is doing whether that's on policy whether that's an executive action whether that's on his behavior. That's actually not where I begin and I do have some policy problems with the the president for instance. I didn't like the first step act. I thought that was a mistake. I felt that healthcare could have been handled a little differently. So there are some policy differences however where I begin is from position of assuming the the best of the president and maybe the corruption of the mainstream media. Why do I assume that? Because that's exactly the opposite of the script that I'm being told by the mainstream media and I've just been fooled one too many times the media have told us that trump colluded with Russia. To overturn the two thousand sixteen election that he should be impeached for tax problems. That he's a racist and a biggest and a Nazi and a terrible person and they belying the whole time and so I just approach these questions not even with treating these guys differently. I won't even say that I treat I. I begin. Assuming trump is really great in the media really terrible I just begin with a little skepticism about those claims and I give a little bit of grace it to the president because it's the opposite of what we're getting and usually that appears to be the right way to go. You can even see this with the trump administration officials who have done. Well the ones who've done well the ones position themselves well or the ones who don't throw him under the bus like Nikki. Haley or in this case alike. Jeff sessions so jeff sessions former attorney general actually did sort of get done wrong by the president. I mean He. He was the subject of many mean tweets from the president. That could've one imagines been handled behind. Closed Doors Jeff. Sessions has not come out and criticize the president. Now he's running for his old Senate seat. What what's interesting about? This is not sessions wants to run for Senate. I thought for months that he would run for Senate. What's interesting about this is that sessions is running for Senate not against the president but on the president's record here is the openning ad of his would be campaign? The opening ad doesn't even talk totally about his record at talks about the president's record he he. Here's the ad and then talks about it to Tucker. Carlson left president. Trump's cabinet that I write a tell all book go on. CNN and attack the president. nope okay have. I set a crossword about president. Not One time. And I'll tell you one I. That would be desirable. I was there to serve his agenda. Jan Not mind second the president's doing a great job for America and Alabama and. He has my strong support. He has spear strong support. Do you have his strong support. Well I hope so. I think he will respect my work. I was there for the trump agenda every day I was in the Senate no doubt about that was the first Republican. First Senator to endorsing yes We pushed his immigration agenda. His trade agenda and begin to work to a more realistic listed foreign policy. I love this answer. The president has my support. We'll does do you have the president's support because I hope I do but it's not about me. That's the subtext of what Jeff sessions say. Because I hope I have the president's support but the my support for the president is not simply Lee some kind of calculation to get him to help me it's not a quid pro quo if you will. My support of the president is four for what the president is doing. Because not only is not about me. It's not even really about trump. It's about what trump is doing. This is an important lesson for all of us. When people want to sail the administration? Go after them on what they're doing. I mean go. We have a disagreement about something like the first step. Back for instance. But don't go after them for yourself. It's not about you. It's not look if you're serving the president as chief even staff like John. Kelly Secretary of state REX. Tillerson if you disagree with the President's agenda then don't take the job there's there's no shame in that if the president asks you to serve and you say look I disagree with what you WanNa do so not going to serve okay fair enough the worst thing you could do is go in there and then undermine your own boss and sabotage your own job. That's making it all about you and a lot of people are doing that these days in politics not just most people working the administration but senators and Congressmen and even pundits and rank and file voters. They're making it about them. What is this what? What is this commentary going to do for me or say about me? What is this time I served in the administration or do say for me me me? What does this vote route? Say about me and how will it reflect on me. It's not about you. That's so much of the problem that we're seeing in the country. It's not about you. We are living at a time of intense political narcissism egotism and pride. We have a whole month that celebrates bride we. I have a whole Internet structure now than exists to gratify each of us individually to accumulate likes to accumulate views to sort of worship at the altar of the self each and every one of us is the two thousand six time person of the year because that year it was a you and we need to push back against this and say hold on. I'm willing to subdue and restrain my ego and even my own desires to accomplish accomplish something outside myself to accomplish something for the country that was the jeff sessions argument. That's the Jeff sessions argument going into the Senate race and I think that's absolutely absolutely terrific. Now it's not just conservatives. It's not just wishful thinking. I think that is saying that that trump's is looking pretty good compared to his critics. Moi's aware of that. I understand look. I'm a conservative. I'M A. I'm a Republican I. I don't want to just get trapped in a a little bubble but I don't think it's just us. I don't think it's just us who thinks trump is looking good right now. I think the Democrats are terrified. The trump is looking good right now. That's why even in a field that had over twenty candidates or twenty five candidates. There are more Democratic candidates about to jump in the race because they do not believe that any of those jokers jokers on the stage. We're going to beat. Donald Trump next November we will get into which candidates are running and which eternal candidate still will not be able to give it up. I'm talking about the person who totally didn't kill Jeffrey Epstein or I'm just because he killed himself so I'm obviously I'm not did he. Not Maybe maybe he didn't kill himself. Well we'll get to all of that in a second but I I've got to say about facebook and Youtube head on over to the daily Wire Dot Com ten bucks a month hundred dollars for an annual membership. You get me at the Andrew Klavan show you get the Ben Shapiro. Show you get the Matt. Walsh show you get questions in the mail bag coming up on Thursday you get another kingdom the final end in my opinion greatest season yet of of really important story written by Andrew Claybin and you get the leftist tears tumbler. This is the view edition. It's really I think it's really good for your voice voice and helps you really elevate the American discourse so head over to daily wire dot com. We'll be right back. We may have a new candidate in the Democratic race. I can't say we officially have a new candidate yet because there has not been a formal announcement but this candidate has officially filed paperwork to run and in at least the Alabama primary because there was a campaign deadline and so this candidate got in their early before that deadline was over. I'm not speaking about Hillary Clinton. We'll get to her in a second. I'm speaking about what. Obviously the Democrats want you know in in two thousand Nineteen Intersectional Democrats Populism Socialism. Obviously with the Democrats are clamoring for is one of the richest men in the world billionaire from New York. Michael Bloomberg Mark Mike Bloomberg has been signaling. Not just for weeks and months years that he wants to run for president he's been signaling that he wants to run for president since the the year two thousand and he's never quite done it. Why not because Mike Bloomberg who look I lived in New York on Mike Bloomberg was mayor? Mike Bloomberg ran for mayor of New York as a Republican. No one really thought he was a republican but he figured he'd have the easiest time running as a republican he runs he wins he then quickly became an independent then eventually he registers as a Democrat. So what are my Bloomberg's Politics Mike. Bloomberg is what what it is often referred to as the fiscal conservative social liberal. And I think even those terms or a little silly what is it to be a fiscal conservative conservative. The History of conservative philosophy encompasses many economic ideas. What does it mean to be a social liberal would it basically means? Is that Mike Bloomberg Burgas Greedy Democrat. That's what it means to be a fiscal conservative. Social Liberal. It means I want to redefine marriage. I want to have policies that kill babies on support. Legal infanticide I want people to do whatever they want. I don't care that much about the culture doesn't interest frisked me. I've got my pantyhose up here. I can live whatever life I want and you Ruffians on the ground can fend for yourselves but at the very least I want to keep more the money greedy Democrats. That's what it is and this is not a popular position if you live on the coasts if you ever go to two elite institutions if you ever go around those nice cocktail parties in Washington. DC or New York or San Francisco or in Los Angeles. You will very often hear people say. Oh Gosh Look I. We need to get over this abortion stuff. We need to legalize abortion. Forget about any laws. Laws that in any way touch upon what could reasonably be construed as traditional morality but look I'm reasonable. I just want to lower taxes Texas. If you could have a candidate who wanted to lower taxes and liberalize all of our social policy you would win the whole country you'd get ninety percent of the vote this the coastal people think this is what all the graduates of fancy colleges thing and they're completely wrong. They're completely wrong because there have been polls about this. The the people who identifies fiscal conservative social liberal the people who are Mike Bloomberg in their politics constitute about four and a half percent of the voting population four and a half percent. Nobody nobody wants that and the fancy people on the coast. Who graduated from Harvard? Don't understand how that's possible. The reason That they they say the reason that people don't identifies fiscal conservatives social liberals is they're just not educated enough. No that's not the problem. The reason they people don't identify as fiscal conservatives and social liberals is it doesn't make any sense conservative thought has an internal logic to if you defend tradition if you defend our institutions if you defend property rights in the United States if you defend these things they all sort of go together on the flip side if you are a radical if you hate our institutions if you hate our system of government if you hate our system of property rights if you think it's all rotten to the core there is a sort of internal coherence of leftism. What does not make sense? is taking the simplest most tempting most alluring and most self-serving courts of each and smashing them together and say well. I'm a complete degenerate on morality but I'm also greedy. Let's put those two that doesn't make sense. It's a luring and it's attractive but it doesn't make any sense. Which is why I'm still skeptical? That Bloomberg will actually throw his hat in the race. Not because he doesn't want it not even because he's cowardly but because he's got very we're good pollsters. He sees the numbers and it's probably not going to work out very well for him. I mean just to give you an example of the kind of more blindness of people like Mike Bloomberg. Listen to an interview. He he gave just just this year. I believe with Margaret Hoover of The new version of firing line in which Mike Bloomberg explicitly defense the Communist government of China states currently accounts for about fifteen percent of global greenhouse gas emissions China accounts for roughly roughly thirty percent of greenhouse gas emissions. How do we even have we get to net zero? And we're doing our part. How do you account? And how do you get India. And the other countries China is doing a lot India's doing some China is doing. Yes there's still building a bunch of coal fired power. The plants burning coal. Yes they are but they are now moving plants away from the cities. The Communist Party wants to stay in power in China and they listen to the public and the public says. I can't breathe the air shaping not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents. or He's not gonNA survive. Here's a constituency to answer to vote. He doesn't have democracy. He comes to his advises prices gabled revolution you're not going to have a revolution. Nobody Solano government survives without the will of the majority of its people. What so when Mike Bloomberg says look the dictator of China? He's not really a dictator. He's accountable to his people Margaret. Hoover says how is he accountable. He doesn't have any elections he. He doesn't have any serious democratic mechanisms. So are you saying that. The only way he's accountable because there will be a revolution and then Bloomberg admits he says. Oh there's not going to be revolution oh no. It's got an iron fist. No way or you're GONNA get a revolution in China so then he's a dictator but Mike Bloomberg doesn't want as a dictator because all Mike Bloomberg is concerned concerned with discussion is that we keep that economic growth going we keep boosting their GDP and we keep getting those cheap Chinese goods and we keep getting China to by up our debt and we keep getting China to be part of this kind of liberal vision of one world market with ever increasing global governance earnings were national ties. Bonds of loyalty don't really exist at all and countries don't stand for anything other than the relentless pursuit of economic growth. By the way I love economic growth. I think it's a great rape thing I think Irving Kristol was largely right. When he said that the three pillars of modern conservatism? And it's ironic. Because people who use the term neo conservatism. Urbanism as a disparaging insult are usually defining conservatism along the same lines. As the neoconservative Irving Kristol Irving Kristol said the three pillars or religion religion economic growth and nationalism and what Mike Bloomberg is saying is yeah forget that religious stuff. Forget that nationalist stuff forget all that kind of cultural and social stuff. It's just about economic growth. Look if you have enough economic growth. The dictators will be accountable to the people. This was the line. We were told for decades and then Margaret Hoover asked the question. Wait doesn't look like he's accountable to the people and Bloomberg more or less yogis now really that accountable but look at the economic growth. That is not going to sell. It's not gonNA play in Peoria not because the voters are so uneducated but because worldview doesn't make sense and because it is repugnant. Now speaking of repugnance we might have another candidate in the race our favorite perennial candidate. Who spent a lot of time in Saint Petersburg when she felt it was time for a change? Hillary Clinton was speaking at a New York Times event. And it's a live event and she's asked if she's running again and of course she can't say no because she's trying to figure out the easiest assist way to jump back into this race question. What would it take you to run? I'm sorry to run to run. You know I I have always been a very very slow runner and you know I. I am embarrassingly slow. I've tried to run races and and I am so far behind that I start to walk acting like that was what the plan was all the time so I don't know that I'm going to take competitive running right now but I think you're asking about something else aren't you. There's been some teasing that. Maybe maybe you're sitting in the in the off to the wings here waiting for some moment. Oh look I think I would have been really good president. I think I could have been a very. You could have done a really good job. I think the last election was deeply flawed and there were so many unprecedented sedated problems in that election that it's almost hard to make sense of but you know I'm out here traveling around. That was my daughter and she's still nursing her newest baby. So we've got our. I've got my grandson with me and life was pretty good. Wife is pretty good. And I'm totally now thinking about running for president or anything. That's why keep sending my senior adviser on television to float the idea that I could run for president. She's so bad at. This reminds me when and when her answer on this. Are you running what. What like running like like running a race high reminds me of that time? She was asked why she wiped her email server when the federal government was asking for those records and she just totally bleach bidded the thing and she gave the same answer where she was trying to be cute and it totally fell flat. That's that's all I can say I'm not I don't I have no idea that's why we turned it over. We're charging you were the official assurance. Did you deserve what might with a cloth or something no no. I don't know how it works. Digitally at all. I do not have any and I know you WanNa make a point and I can just repeat what I have said. What what did we wipe away? What were the cloth or something? Humping Homina I don't know I don't know nothing I don't know Nothing Hillary Clinton's answer same thing on running because she does want to run again. The point I saw in all of this though is obviously the Democrats. Let's feel that the field is weak. Even the field has just about every candidate out there. What is it twenty twenty-five candidates when they began they feel that it's week and for all they're bluster about impeachment trump's gonna go and she's dead man walking they don't think that and that's why other candidates are thinking about getting into this race? They think that Joe Biden is totally weak. Front runner is probably not going to get the nomination. They think Liz Warren way too radical to win a general election. They feel the same thing about Bernie. Plus you with Bernie also have the age issue. They I think that he's falling apart. And then on the maybe more substantive matter the ethical matter of the norms and the trust and our institutions. Let's not forget Hillary Clinton before the two thousand sixteen election said that people accept the results of elections or a threat to our democracy. Meanwhile now we're three years after the election and in that very same clip. She's not accept the results of that election. She says there were so many problems with it. It was unprecedented it. It boggles the mind. What happened the implication here being that it was an illegitimate election? And she wants a Redo. That's what they want. And that's what the president is up against and that's the stakes of the election. That's the the stakes of the political moment. That we're in the answer to this is not to gloss over all the flaws of our own side. Certainly shouldn't do that. But we should be willing to see with the clarity. The absolute rank corruption and desiccation that. We're up against and then we have to make a choice and the choice to me. Seems pretty clear and and choice is not just a political choice. It can be a romantic choice as well as my favorite story out. Today there is a new study out by the dating APP. lumine lament which shows that conservatives are much better at dating then liberals. This company found that right-wingers are more direct than their left wing counterparts. You know we're not that kind of mealy-mouth Saying one thing and meaning another and slippery and unctuous and oily. We're just we tell people what we think. That's what gets us in trouble on campus and in our jobs and television and in politics the company found that they clearly state conservatives clearly state two potential lovers lovers what they're looking for in terms of life and romance and that they also value family and friendships more highly than liberals do and they have a smaller and more intimate group Group of friends they're closer whereas liberals tend to thrive and larger social groups where they don't really know anybody conservatives have friends and intimates and liberals have acquaintances the liberals the advantage they found for the Liberals in the study is that liberals are more carefree and more fun loving than conservatives so you know when liberals do get a date get it gets a little bit weird or I guess but for the Conservatives they care much more about these relationships they're more direct. Why is this it seems to me? It's the same issue we keep going back to and going back to conservatives that are best in our worldview in our philosophy look away from ourselves we look at the world what we find great. Aw in the world you know free if it was Chesterton Lewis who said that. We're I think Chesterton. Who said were were dying? Our culture is is in trouble not from lack of wonders but from lack of wonder there's so many wonders in the world. People are so beautiful so interesting and wonderful to talk to for people but what we're suffering from a lack of curiosity lack of awe from ourselves to even be interested in those other people. It's it's the same kind of the sexual revolution you know if you look at the consequences of the sexual revolution ubiquitous high speed and pornography hookup. Culture are all of the hookup. Culture is ubiquitous now too and many people have experienced that especially in college. But when you look at the consequences of that it's it's all essentially about the self. It's about me widespread abortion on demand. Abortion itself is all about you me me me at no regard whatsoever for the person who was killed as a result of this. All of it The consequences of this for children awful case in Texas where the mother wants wants to inject her son with hormones and block them from going through puberty because she really wants him to be a daughter. It's all about the self and that is corrosive. It makes people unhappy and makes them bad dating partners and it's why conservatives do better in the dating scene but it turns out that's not the last thing they discover what we've also discovered is that conservatives are hotter than liberals science proves it according to these studies a person's looks apparently affect their politics and beautiful people lean gene more toward conservative beliefs according to a study published by two professors in the Midwest. If you control for socioeconomic status you find that more attractive individuals vigils are more likely to report higher levels of political efficacy identifies conservative and identifies Republicans. This makes sense to. It's not just a joke. kind of joke about it a little bit. Sometimes that conservatives are hotter than liberals but it does make sense because conservatives tend to be more at peace in the world not that they're always happier but they're more at peace yes they are more understanding of reality and the reality of suffering and the broken this of human nature and we're not constantly chasing utopias and we're not constantly falling apart and focusing on or suffering and on ourselves as the center of the universe because we know that isn't true. Were more at peace in the world and I'm not surprised. Surprised that people who have some physical advantages also are Are More at peace as well just a little nugget to Tuck away in their next time. You're arguing with your left-wing friends before we go I have to I have to thank a couple of heroes. One is a cultural hero a kid on MSNBC who was asked why support trump and he gave the best answer I've ever heard for the president in two thousand sixteen years importers him so much. What posse out say mainly just the no nonsense holidays and spent loosens? Jeffrey didn't kill himself. Go back to tell me a little bit about the Senate race. I noticed on here. What are you looking nine? Yeah so what are you support trump. I just think the policies are really good especially with Jeffrey Epstein. Kill himself total cultural hero. well-done also we have to thank our very literal heroes today Our veterans We should thank veterans every day but at least we have a day for this. The day originally was armistice day the eleventh hour the Eleventh Day of the eleventh month of nineteen eighteen and then this became in nineteen fifty four Veterans Day. There is some confusion people. Treat Memorial Day and Veterans Day is the same holidays. Today's they're not memorial. Day is for our servicemen. Who have fallen in May ultimately sacrifice veterans days for the veterans that we see all around us? Unfortunately oh I think something like just one percent of Americans have any connection really to the military serve in the military and so it's harder and harder to find them but when you do find them today thank them for their service. Thank them for defending this wonderful country that we have keeping us all safe and defending the liberties that we all enjoy. I certainly thank all of the veterans who listen to this show. That's our show. Michael Michael Knowles. Show see tomorrow if you enjoyed this episode. And frankly even if you didn't don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe five. We're available on Apple podcasts. spotify and wherever else you listen to podcasts. 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