Ep 223 | Greta Thunberg Says She MAY HAVE COVID-19! | The Chad Prather Show


It is oh you know what time? It is parties among to another episode. The Chad Perry the show here in the mother ship. Just studio twenty two. The puppet master mark driving us into the next did it. Did it the nether regions it. It did it did it. That's all folks Nether regions of the corona virus. It may be the end of the world as we know it who knows canned queen of the Ethiopians. Of course being over there sitting there lovely as ever in front of Herbert. The silent deer with the same face Schalke made when the Kovic Virus GOT HIM PARTY STEVE. Hanging out at the pub as always wave to everyone. Steve so Herbert. The deer has now contracted the krona virus. Valley's dead he's dead. I don't know but I'm not gonNA kiss him either. Twenty four hours have come and gone since our last episode and the world is still crazy. I want you to. I want you to get your hands together and welcome yourselves back to the Chad breakthrough show and as always. We're still quarantined. Here in Studio Twenty to bring you the hardest hitting headlines cutting out the bull and shooting the shit with one another overnight the Democrats once again or blocking the corona virus bailout until elements of the green new deal. Yeah I said it are added. Who's trying to politicize cove? In nineteen now Nancy Pelosi nonessential surgeries have been canceled across the country as a right to choose. Activists are worried about access to abortion during this troubling time. That's where their heads are folks crying over the amount of deaths in America that could be faced it at the hands of the covert nineteen while permitting you to kill your own child out of convenience and yes inconvenient pregnancies all the while those evil evil billionaires out there that we have been warned about are working to employ more and more unemployed Americans companies like Amazon. Cvs Walmart and pizza. Hut are hiring people. Like Crazy Elon. Musk is converted. Tesla factory along with other companies like Ford and GM to help mass produce ventilators dropping. A thousand new ventilators off at a California hospital jess yesterday. Airlines across the country are looking to stop air travel entirely because of the fear of an insufficient number of air traffic controllers. The movie Box Office for the First Time. In history folks has reported no earnings over the weekend. And we're in. The Hell is Dr. Tony found she the doctor behind the White House. Garrone Virus Task Force hasn't been at the daily lerone briefings for two days. That's he told reporters that he was having to explain things to president trump upwards of four times in order for him to understand it strange strange times in America and unfortunately we're not in the clear just yet. How are you holding up? We're going to find out on a days. Chad Braider show hang tight. Hey we've all got an idea of what our dream job looks like but someone isn't just going to hand it to you. 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So get on the road to earning your degree and make your dream job a reality. There's no fee to apply at Ashford DOT. Edu Slash watched Chad that's Ashford dot. Edu Slash watched Chad for no fee to apply go to Ashford DOT EDU Slash Watch. It's not the covert people. It's just me trying to breathe. Hey Listen I WANNA remind everybody. Go to where music is offered you can get. He's still your president even in these trying times he is still your President Ron. Weaver not came out with this little beauty right here a couple of weeks ago and C. Ingles Ted and I have a single that is about to be released here in the next week called quarantine life. You're GONNA love it. It's going to be. It's GonNa be a lot of fun for you party. Fausto sitting over there in the pub Steve Any any symptoms yet of the cove nineteen and your house. I woke up with a headache this morning. That ain't one of the symptoms is not long so no trying times trying trying time. Somebody said Chad. You've got to stop making light of this. People are dying. You're right we'll be serious so people won't die if we would just be serious. It would curb it would stem the contraction rate of corona. How dare we find humor? In these days? Laugh find that emotion that emotion is off limits. Candy do not find humor in anything. Well as long as people are out there doing stupid stuff steve. Find Humor any of people doing stupid stuff so some stupid stuff being done the sad like you saw the kid in New York who tested positive and then decided it was a good idea to go to the Walmart and walk around doing a facebook live video bragging about having it and being out in. Well he's in jail now he's probably jail or does he have a cell mate he probably who knows? He's probably I mean I don't know I don't know man. There's a lot of questions that come to my head about that Yeah I had a lady. I've got my quarantine fifteen. It looks like my face is giving birth to a whole new face. It's fantastic it just great Stepped on the scales today and they said get off. You had someone online yesterday to. Yeah gain weight here. No she said this morning once gained weight. I said well somebody doesn't get invited back to the family reunion. I can't believe people. Just get on there and say that. Oh they do but if you said it'd be fat shaming it would actually owning this weight gain shaved so you guys could see it better. I had a mustache last night while Chad sing songs horribly to jade and we sing. I saw tiger now understand. I saw tiger and tiger soul man. Did you have like Porn Stash Little Mustache? Molo so patch here so you were trying to look like he ms. Well I'd man shoo whole thing like Joe Exotic. Yeah and then I was like. That's just too creepy. Should've broke out your wig. That used for Triggered above surprises. I'm sure triggers like cousins with Joe. I've got I've got some surprise videos coming. And then we have people who just don't they can't give us forty five minutes chat. I can't I can't walk. I don't have forty five minutes to give you to watch your show. I want your tidbits from the truck. Okay whatever whatever whatever. Everybody has an opinion in several of our friends. Texted me and said please. God Shave that mustache off Between me and you and I'm not used to always look. You WanNa say that the me and you difference between Party Foul Stephen. You and me in you is. We're willing to put ourselves out there for your entertainment. Yeah and we really don't care no we really don't care that you're not in the world of entertainment that comes natural and we've talked about. Not caring comes natural for for me. I had to kind of you know you had to get over the caring part. You still care still care little narcisse. Zoe did You know I went. I went youtube live last night for an hour with Tony. We had a blast so Party foul nation Youtube. I am telling you can do you care about people's opinions I mean. Does it bother you when people give their opinions? I mean people always say good things about giving their opinions regarding to something. I'm doing. Yeah no no now. Mariana Opinion Seeker. It all. I'M GONNA make this type not really yeah. I really don't care much the people that give me. You probably don't WanNa hear this or you know they start off with you. Know telling you you. Don't you not want my opinion? But and then they give it to you now. Well opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one I. I'll tell you this. If the praise of man can complete you the rejection of man can destroy. So that's why you know as Rudyard kipling said Meet with success and failure just the same. Because they're both impostors and I'm not quoting the poem if but he says you know if you can meet with with six foot with triumph and disaster. Treat those two imposters. Just say that's the deal. People are little too self important and plus. I've seen our fan base. I've our demographic so for them to and it's funny to me is how many people came out talking about Joe Exotic. Well it loose. God gave him a beautiful singing voice. That ain't is that him singing vanillin hundred percent. But Anyway we're having fun man. We're we're in studio twenty two having a good time. I WanNa tell you when I talk about stupid ideas. Here's one for you. There's a Florida politician. He's apologized now. He told a public that blowing. A hairdryer up. Your nose can cure the corona virus. Okeechobee County Commissioner Bryan culpepper. Now I'm sure Bryan called peppers cousin or somebody's going to send me a text message going. You need a bad my good man outlets stupidest thing. I've heard that's like some kind of advice. I would give them my background as a paramedic. Steve no offense paramedics. But I don't really listen to paramedics advice God bless you for what you do. But I'm not listen to a lot of paramedics advice when it comes to a worldwide pandemic but he said Yeah. You just use a blow dryer you blow holding your face. Inhale your nose. It'll kill the virus in your nose. So He's trying to like I get what he's like within some of these diseases various sample real hot air. See that's the thing. They misinformation deadlier than the virus. Trump was right when he came out yesterday at the Presser. And he said we'RE GONNA kill more people trying to prevent this thing and we're seeing this. This is a sad deal. I got a report this morning cooks. Children's Hospital in Fort. Worth reported two more deaths from child abuse. Yeah from his way up. People can't live with their own kids. They're shut in with their own children and they can't they don't know what to do with them and kids are home from school. Did that blows my mind like I understand. There's crazy people out there but they can't they can't be at home shut up with their own kids. You think you think we've lost parenting skills. Yup they never had them. Yeah I agree. Well we don't know what to do with their kids anymore. We've we've allowed either the government to raise them in train them or we've allowed video games to entertain them. We have not had any interaction now. We're forced to have interaction with the kids right. And it amazes me this is such a telltale sign of our culture because we have not spent any time with our children and yet we get with them. And so you are. You're seeing child abuse cases that are just going through the roof. You're seeing divorce. China has seen a huge spike in divorce. Because we were having to spend time together when we were kids and we were at home we were never inside up eight o'clock in the morning all right. Y'All go play but that the case in a pandemic when you gotta shelter at home and you know stay home. Stay kids can still plus. My neighborhood is still not together. Yeah they're all playing in their own little. It's hard to play pick up basketball with a six foot radius. Yeah you gotTA touch the same. All you're sweating on each other and it is. This is a scary. Thanks so let me give it to you and I have people who keep wanting to come back to me and say well. Yeah two weeks ago. You said that it was a you know this is a non thing. Okay well we've had. What FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY DEATHS IN AMERICA? Out of three hundred thirty million people it is still basically a non thing. If you're speaking in terms of the numbers now can it become a bigger deal? How many people have died now Kansas? That was yesterday's number. We we lost a couple of twenty more. Do we know. Let me check check on that. I don't know but back to me on these pandemic numbers. Thirty thousand thirty one. Thirty thousand people have contracted it and I'm not saying that people aren't dying. They are a bit as ten times more that they're just hadn't been tested won't let him attested. Jade said to me this morning. She said it would be wonderful if we could do like. Korea did just test everybody. Those who test positive you quarantine because the issue is you may have it and test positive and you don't show symptoms for fourteen days. We'll in that fourteen days you've infected ten other people write those ten other people they don't they don't feel symptoms for fourteen days and so now they've infected one hundred people that's how you know exponentially this thing works in terms of pyramid scheme. If you use that term same goes with normal flew to write. I I'm wondering if some of the you have the flu you feel the flu. Yeah this thing hides. Will you think some of the side effects of US quarantine baby help with some other things like that? Just I know by nature. Really don't I don't I don't think that it will candace how many people have died. Okay so As of yesterday March twenty third four hundred people have died. And there's a total of three thirty three thousand four hundred and four cases in just the United States alone. So you said four hundred of died C. I saw a number somewhere that said four hundred seventy one. So let's say between four or five hundred out of three hundred thirty million people have people who are throwing it back in my face saying oh two weeks ago you said this was a no no no no. I never said it was a hoax and I never said it wasn't a big deal. It is a deal that has to be dealt with but the president is right. This thing more people are going to die. They're GonNa die from going hungry. You don't see we don't even recognize stuff like that in America. We don't have people starving to death are homeless early obese. But you will have people who will die. I'm already hearing stories of people who elderly neglect in nursing an assisted care. Living Homes We have a good friend whose father just passed away because of neglect and abuse basically the nursing home killed him by neglect. There were so focused on other things. You will have people who are going to abuse children. You're going to have people who are going to have heart attacks and they these people that need certain surgeries that are out there. That are going to be bypassed. Imagine my situation a couple of years ago when I had to have emergency surgery and they had to cut my guts out. Could I've waited another couple of weeks to have that surgery? Probably so but I could have also died in that couple of weeks. Yeah because of what was going on inside of me and I won't get into all the details some of those view that no. No what were you gonNA say. But I was just thinking you know the the child abuse is up to sure Domestic battery and stuff like that. So Yeah I was GONNA say like you're in the same house it's Yeah can't leave or go myself Asking jade all the time. Saying what the Hell's wrong with you. You know what is wrong with you? Tony just rolls her eyes at me. Oh I know she all the time I know she does. I love this story about this woman who discovered she's up in Washington state. She discovered that she had been washing her hands. For days thinking it was so it was actually a block of cheese. She was Oh It's out there and let me tell you something. The stupidity is crazy Steve. There's so much stuff now. People are on social media so much that they're I mean the stupidity level that you're being exposed to now is through the roof. I like I. I do social media for a living right for the last five years. I have been inundated with comments and messages in. Dmz people sending me memes and videos and stories and like I'm on the same Internet. You're on yeah I was just I was telling you the people send me stuff to Cindy you right. I don't send a thing. We gotta get this news out there we. They shut down the rest area at exit. Thirty seven in Wisconsin on Iowa. And I'm like we gotta get this out there. No I don't have to get that out there. You get it out there. So that's the kind of stuff that we deal with and it's funny to me right not playing but it is funny to me how this thing works. I'm GonNa give you some alarming numbers in the next segment. That should scare you more than these corona numbers are. I WanNa give you some numbers in just a minute. All right before we do that PAT. I love him. The premier monthly subscription box for military tactical in the Second Amendment Uzis. Just forty nine ninety five a month. 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Not The least of which of course is the video on my youtube for. He's still your president. Go get it you realize Kansas that. Half of the nation's money half of the nation's cash is possessed by people six in their sixties and seventies all right. This disease is not a disease. Let me just stop myself right there. I've heard people call it a disease. It's not a disease so virus huge difference. This virus is specifically tacking. People who are older and people with underlying conditions are really endanger. According to a Harvard Research People. Seventy four and older control. Twenty one percent of America's wealth. That's twenty one trillion dollars. Now you combine that with those fifty eight and older that brings it up. Seventy five percent of total wealth that is controlled and it brings it to seventy five trillion dollars now according to Forbes the least moved by traditional truth Biblical Truth and religious. Truth are millennials. Millennials stand to inherit sixty eight trillion dollars by the year. Twenty thirty that means the People. Most open to socialism most open to progressivism and these ideas. That are being spouse right now in the halls of Congress and in the floor of the Senate are going to inherit the world's wealth The Nation's well that's dangerous. That's scary stuff to think about. So that's far more dangerous than virus. Steve My kids get shit they had to work for. So it's a jury thing seventy yet I don't have a lot of well built up so I'm going to have to get cracking. All you have to do is just look at the last couple of days of them trying to pass this corona virus bailout bill where they're trying to put money in the hands of the American people to help them in this time where small businesses are shut down. Because here's the thing you have. Here's the here's the other dangerous thing what you have going on. Is this if this lasts a month? It's GonNa shut down some small businesses. If this what we're doing now goes on for three months. It's going to shut down all small businesses. Because they just they can't continue And I will give a shout out to to folks like The Spice Rack in Burleson. The WHO you know. They got their little drought through good food. You go through. They'll bring out to your Clark lunch. mark Pagel our buddy Ren meets they're slammed but they're still getting meet deliveries in their desks hat store where we get American hat. American hats come from best hats in Fort Worth their showroom. Shut down but they're still taking calls There's all kinds of folks there if you don't Doing everything they can to try to stay in business pizza. The Domino's pizza right which isn't a small business. They've they've now have contactless delivery. They'll put it out there on your porch and you have to see anybody. All these companies are out there trying to find ways to stay open. We're trying to stay open. Watch Chad Dot Com. We're trying to stay open for business. You know somebody sent me a thing the other day because now we're on cameo right cameos a thing where you can go on there and ask for a personalized video. Shout out to a family member. Maybe they're a birthday or whatever and they've been after US forever to be on cameo for more than a year really and I just kept putting it off putting it off. Finally Alison set it up. We shared it and somebody's like Oh you're on hard times No I just but I'm all for doing business in making money. So that's why not you do it if you could. So we're out there. We're doing these things. I put my cell phone there so there you go you get party fouls Steve haven't got it hadn't approved yet famous. I'm on thinks I am jump right back on us and I'm like Oh yeah. We walked Chad. Mom YOU'RE GONNA have to pay five bucks to get a video of me saying hey mom how are you? I Steve Video giving my Vin. Mo- here before long exactly. Oh and by the way if anybody wants to vend MOAS money Chad. Prater to it's out there folks and not. I'm not you know people say that's beneath you. Chad. You have no idea how low I can get CanNot believe you would do that. I would do it. What's your earmuffs? I'm looking for right now. I can't find it I can. I don't even know what are you on. I'm on I'm on Vin mom looking. I don't know my number I don't ever you're the only person. Hey you through so okay back to this point this last three months all small businesses are going to shut down. What does that mean? Well not only does that have just Gargantuan effects on our communities but also it's going to make sure that companies like Amazon and Google and on down the line they're going to become governments in and of themselves and they are going to rule us in terms of commodities and supplies. And they're going to be the ones who control everything they're going to control commerce. They're going to control our finances. They're going to control how we how we live. Breathe SLEEP EAT die. They're gonNA control all of it. You don't want that to happen so it pisses me off Kansas to no end whenever they trying to pass this bailout bill and whether you think it's a good idea or a bad idea. I have consistently said that in many ways. It's a bad idea because it puts you that much more dependent on the government kit but there are people who need help and so for that. I'm for it when they send me money. If they send me money and I- significantly doubt they will. I'm giving my money away. If you send me government money. I already know where I'm putting that money. It will not go into my. It will not go into my bank account already. Know where? I'm going to put that money because I'm not in. I'm not in a situation. Where thousand dollars or two thousand dollars is going to significantly change my life but I know people out there who it will not doing that to pat myself on the back. I'm just saying I'm putting my money. Where my mouth is quite literally. Because I don't believe I stored up for a rainy day right and who knows eventually you keep having rainy days. You're going to run out of what you stored up but we tried to be you know We try. We try to be vigilant in preparation over the years that said with these house. Democrats and Senatorial Democrats start trying to pack this bill with crap like airplane emissions and green new deal initiatives such as solar panel credits. Like this is like somebody describe it as Christmas in March for the Democrats like? We're just putting a big grab bag and Santa Claus wishlist on our on our list. Here all these things we expect to get. And you're going to hide this inside of this bailout bill. That's a bunch of horsecrap man that I mean. That's that's nonsense. Absolute nonsense you're going to try to slide all this stuff in there. Everything from from abortion issues too is just stupid and it and for those of you curious. You really just need to go see everything. That Ted Cruz said yesterday on the Senate floor because he was so eloquent the point he made. If you haven't seen it he said. I want to abolish the IRS. He said. But I'm not going to stick that in this bill. I think it'd be a great idea if he did. He wants to. Maim we all want to. Taxation is theft especially the way they the irs. But but he said. I'm not gonNA pack this in a bill when people need help and I know I know you flaming lips. There's gotta be some stuff that they're trying to stick into though that okay. Well let's talk about that. I don't know what they are because I haven't read four hundred pages. Nobody's read it. Yeah nobody's read it and I will encourage you guys to go and follow Dan Crenshaw on social media but there's twitter and instagram because because Dan is doing a good job of breaking a lot of this stuff down of what is in there and summarizes of things now where the Republicans are catching it is. The Democrats are saying. Well this bailout is all about you helping big corporations big companies. This is all about Stock buy backs and it's all about golden parachutes for the CEO's and these kind of things now when it comes to stuff like that. We're all against that. Nobody wants that. I don't WanNA bunch of CEO's padding their pockets through crisis. Nobody wants that. Okay I am four helping some of these big companies because with these type of bailouts Nano. You're all these companies. Don't need money I ask jade last night. I said okay. You work for a major company in healthcare. Would you rather get one check for two thousand five hundred dollars or let's say get one a month right as some of proposed for the next six months or would you rather the company you work for? Get the money so that you can actually keep your job and continue getting paid. You can answer that for yourself but for me. I'm okay with helping some of these big companies because if you help people on the individual basis you weren't responsible enough to put two thousand dollars back for a rainy day this money right. We're going to talk about it. I won't steal response. We'll be right back. Give a big shout out our buddy Mark Man. He just during that break right there. I know just quick for Y'all but oh rob dickering just come rolling in here with about twenty pizzas from CICI's yeah buddy mark. Thanks pal take a little bite or A. I know you like Steve jumped up and run until the pizza he had to get to at Kansas Apparently Greta Tune Bergh Has supposedly possibly potentially tested positive for the corona virus? She's in quarantine with her father says that it was through close contact riding all across Europe in a train Well I mean we just mentioned Greta yesterday into you know. Maybe she hopes she's got enough toilet paper from killing trees and maybe she's out there just using leaves fall naturally or something. I don't WanNa be me. Hey are are. I'm don't WanNa be me but I I the thing that I find curious where I find a little humor and this just how I deal with real life because thoughts and prayers go out to Greta. Tune. Bergener her dad. We don't want anybody hurting or sick or anything else but where I find. The humor is how how all these famous people with the numbers what they are right. How are these famous people? Get how the hill in prison or in jailer isolation Harvey Weinstein get it. It doesn't mean he got that Harvey hadn't done anything Kinky in a long time but I mean how does Harvey Get it? How does it Kevin Durant get it? How does Tom Hanks get it. I I mean it just weird to me that all these celebrities now have transgender children and Corona virus. It's like the thing to have everybody's got him anyway. I don't know man. It's weird speaking of weird stuff. You know what chicks are doing now. They're in love with Andrew. Cuomo Andrew. Cuomo of course is the governor of New York and and Andrew Cuomo keeps coming on every day. And he's girls are he does his press briefings as girls say that they're having to Get their fix of Andrew. Cuomo how desperate you girls have to be. It's one lady forty-five-year-old divorce say she's from the upper west side. She says she's officially smitten. She said for me it was when I heard him say my mother is light enjoy. What also got me was speaking about. Family Dynamics disagreeing with his brother about wears MOMS should be it's relatable vulnerable inspiration of there's nothing hotter than vulnerability in a man. Okay so someone said. It's like all these women are back in high school. We're all in our pajamas eating ice cream in bed and he is in a sharp suit looking clean. Is Governor Cuomo Single? Not asking for a friend. How could I not fall in love with him? He doesn't use notes or screens. He's smart his voice is strong love loss and what I wore. She wrote the book. That's the name of the book that this person wrote. Yeah And what she said. I'm almost eighty five and finally think I know what a know about men. He's a man. He's a keeper. He's decisive common gets things. I can't wear these people. Kansas look him look at him. Look at what I see what it is what it can to say while ago. Yeah I see what it is. It looks like she said he looks like a me. Elmo that got run over by truck very descriptive candidacy. Yeah I mean I understand why he's picking up the chicks Andy Cuomo Same Way Joe. Exotic was picking up all the boys and turn them gay. I get it nineteen year. Old Boys Yeah so I mean some people have some people. Just have sex appeal. Andy Komo's got IT IN SPADES FORT. Worth our home. Fort Worth tarrant. County has now declared a stay at home a shelter in place thing that starts at midnight tonight following suit of the two day old shelter in place. Dallas County Report Dallas County has reported twenty four more cases of corona virus in two deaths There's a Carrollton. Gps worker that lied about the test. So that's very interesting The tested negative works. Carrollton driver's license office lied about having cove in nineteen. Talk about trying to pick up chicks by being vulnerable trying to take some sick days. Sounds to me Well I don't know I don't know if that was a man or a woman who did that but you know Seven new cases in Collin County. And I know a lot of you folks don't care about what's going on down here in Texas but Tarrant County Denton County County Park counties. I feel like I'm doing the local news or something here. Dan Patrick. Who's our lieutenant? Lieutenant Lieutenant Governor. He's a good. He's a good friend interesting person and character he. He doesn't like shelter in place. Kansas he urges a return to work said grandparents should sacrifice. Basically if you're over seventy you take care of yourselves. Don't sacrifice the country for it. Yeah I think he's saying for them to stay at home. Yeah for you know. That's hard to do because what if what if what if you go visit my mom Popo. You've been exposed to it. Can't do it. I talked to my mom this morning and you know she goes to the doctor every couple of weeks. That's kind of when she gets out and she's like I didn't want to go anywhere until they told me I couldn't and now I WANNA go somewhere. Yeah Yeah that's the thing I I again. I go back to this whole idea of people saying Oh my God I gotta stay at home and then you know you go back to work. You'd be bitching about it because it's Monday and you gotta go to work so we'll see what happens man. I you know I. My heart goes out to everybody. I think a lot of this is an overblown deal in many ways and in many ways it. We're taking the right precautions. Okay stay at home. A couple of weeks got a fourteen day incubation period. On this thing fourteen days before you're GONNA show up symptomatic if you're positive who knows you don't know. I wish we had more tests. We could test everybody and see who's got who doesn't have it and let's move on with our lives in a big way because we have a lot of things at stake here burp. It must have been that pizza. I haven't even had any thoughts of it I don't know Steve. I think that we're putting ourselves in a crisis. The virus itself is not manufactured in China. China it's from China will shine gives people something to I. Guess people have finally found. I think I know what you're saying. People have found finally found their oppression. They finally found their place where they can legitimize their victimhood. And we've never been through anything in this country to liken this World War Two. You're stupid the inner people who've done that to liken this to the Great Depression you're stupid. You have no idea. And no point of comparison in any way shape or form This isn't the dust bowl. This isn't the Boll Weevil This is this. Isn't the Spanish flu. This isn't SARS. This isn't Ebola. Abullah A Bola Bola Ebola's this isn't any of that. This isn't an AIDS outbreak This is corona virus. This is a hidden thing that we don't know if we have it or not or could get it Sadly there are people. Listener lives There are people who have either been on the front lines. Read a story this week about a doctor and a nurse in China who were on the Front Lines. Twenty nine years old one survived. One did not I've seen pictures of these Italian doctors who have bruises on their faces from where they've been wearing their masks And their goggles. And all these things and they're wearing them for so long. That is literally bruising their face and I wanna say God bless those that are out there on the front lines. This is a global community. We have this is an an American problem. This isn't everywhere problem and thank God. We do live in America where we have the absolute best healthcare and healthcare professionals in the world. We have a you know the thing that makes it great Kansas Americans by and large still have a work ethic. And that's what I love. We're not quitters. You still have those people who get out there in those trucks and I want to say those of you out there on highway if you don't you're not staying at home be wary of those truckers. That are out there. Let them pass. Let them go. Let them get around. You don't don't play cat and mouse with the trucks. That are they have the stuff that you need. So let them get to where they're going and deliver their stuff and we are going to figure out some ways to get these folks fed and places to P and they're not having to go into these nasty ass PORTA potties. You know up and down the road and figure out places. They can't even take showers in a lot of the truck stops and the truck stops won't let them in so it's a crazy thing this going on out there but I want you to know that our hearts are with you and we're going to put we're going to put effort out there to try to make sure that those folks are not only honored but taking care of will be right back. Well I will tell you the Dow's up a little bit today Pop back up over twenty thousand out. Of course is we'll see by the time this is actually airing. We'll see where it's at We're about three hours behind on that. But anyway we'll see what's going on. I still feel like we rebound man. I think if you play your cards right you invest wisely. There's ways to make some money and come out of this thing in very lucrative way. I mean there really is Steve and You know don't don't lose your head when all those around. You're losing there's again. I refer back to Rudyard kipling in that regard in there a lot of people out there. There are people out there who are panicked. They're scared they're nervous I don't I don't believe in that. I just don't believe in panic. I have some concerns but not necessarily panic. Panic mode yet Found dog food yesterday at the pet smart. I had you. I had your back on that. Yeah so thanks. Steve might let a kid starving. Letting the Dog Star. No we have We keep dog. Yeah so all good all good dog food too but I need to get some more. We are dogs. We got some big dogs but anyway it is what it is man. I want everybody to go where a music is offered get. He's still your president. Be Paying attention for quarantine life. That's going to be coming out some fun song man. That's earworm and go to where podcasts are offered specifically apple podcast leaves a rating and review. We need it okay. I don't I. Can we drop out of the top? Two hundred go to watch DOT COM. Do a little shopping. Hang out. You can get some podcasts merch. Never more than ever do I wanNA wear. I'm I really wanted. Just wear that F. The left shirt all the time after they throw in airplane emissions and solar panel credits. In thing that's supposed to be helping people in the middle of worldwide pandemic Manny pissing me off that stuff off. Steve lma thoughts on that or any money. That's given to big corporations should be to secure their payroll for their employees again. If you're getting rid of employees you don't get it. Yeah and by the way. Money is not the root of all evil. The Bible says the love of money. And so there's there. We know that there's a lot of greed out there and they're certainly corporate greed. We're not advocating advocating for any of that. But I want you to your jobs. I want you to be able to hang in there and I want you to be able to keep your small business open so that is a big deal us and thank you for helping us keep our small business open by just simply watching and sharing this show go over to youtube check us out and subscribe. Make sure your friends are watching the show. Tell everybody about because we're giving you all the hard hitting news things like Joe Exotic all the way down to what Ted Cruz said on the Senate floor man. I mean we just covered all the. We're kind of all over the place. There is no other show like us on the blaze. No they're all. A bunch of crazies ended the world scenarios. Here we are. We don't even wear fucks. That's right we come in here. We're that chill candice. I'm wearing stat. Chill will have. Y'All God bless you. We'll see you next time back starving.

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