Kevin's High School Side Hustle


In High School I came up with a way to make money by joins up in in the morning before school and then the afternoon after school selling this stuff to local businesses. My business was catching and selling minnows. For Fishing Bait. Hey there I'm Kevin Daisy and I'm Eric Olson. Join us on our journey to building. A one hundred million dollar companies. Hey what's up there. Is this Kevin so and if you know what a minnow is a little teeny fish typically boat captains and boat docks use those for fishing parties to take people out fish with and so our backstory on from Chincoteague. Virginia really small island a lot of seafood. A LOT OF FISHING. A lot of boating. So we'll I would do is in the morning before school. I will go get minnow pots and I would fill those up with dog. Food sounds kind of weird but dog food. Attract these little fish and I throw these in a creek before school and when I got out of school ago. Pick them up. I would dump all the minnows into a bucket. And then I would take those buckets to different boat docks and sell them and so what they would do they. Would they would way out the bucket modest water and then they would pay me and sometimes that'd make fifty bucks depending on how many I had and then sometimes happens that need anymore. They already had a lot and they went by them. But my day was basically spent trying to get minnows in the Naga sell them and I would make twenty five bucks fifty bucks here and there while I was in high school so there's always a way to make money you know whether it's sufficient for you right now is questionable. But there's something you could be doing right now outside of what you do daily that you can make some money and even when I was in high school I was making pretty good money. I'll send a job at the time too so there was just extra cash me but you just gotta get creative and think outside the box and really you know we need to find. Your customer wants your market. I don't try to create a market. Come up with a product that no one knows about. I knew that these fishing captains needed these minnows and so I went and got him so think about that with your business find need and then develop a product and service that fills that knee. Thank you for listening. You're in need of SEO or other additional marketing services visit US online at this is the ray dot com.

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