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Throwback Thursday: Auburn beats Oregon


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I'm a man I'm forty. I've heard so many players say why I wanted to be happy. You want to be happy for day. To stake WO- Untie. Welcome back to the Sullivan. Boys Girls My name. Is Cy Hildebrandt joining me? Way Way over there out of the quarantined at New York City. He has made his way west. He has made the cannonball run to southern California. Mr Dan Rubenstein. How are you? I'm tired it was a slog but I'm okay got out of New York. Did it safely quarantining at the moment from relatives who are at a completely different locations? So it's just me and solid wife. Jody and the solid toddler because he now is walking so I guess that technically makes him a toddler. So we're doing everything by the book and safe and staying away from people and removing from everybody ties so took every single possible precaution and now I sit and literally sits with a large pot overturned next to the guest room bed speaking into pillows as one does right and we still sound better than the competition. Well we hope everyone out. There is as happy and healthy as the two of us. I know it's very uncertain times for many people listening to this show. We appreciate you spending some time to escape it and Talk College football with us. We've got a fun show planned for tonight. Which will detail here disagree momentarily? If you do like the show and you haven't already follow us on twitter on facebook or on instagram. Please go out and do so it is free. You can also go out to her. Website SOLID VERBAL DOT COM. If you've got a lot of downtime you WANNA listen to some of our archives. You could find it there and if you WANNA participate in the conversation as say long after the final bell you can do so at solid verbal dot ready dot com or good friend. Peter Hoffman is trying to keep the fire Burnin Dan he's doing his car sharing in Ama's and and really keep content fresh and lively especially again white folks look for something to do right now so head on out again solid verbal dot read it dot com. What is our show for tonight? We're making peace. I am making peace with. I suppose it's the two thousand eleven. Bcs National Championship game based on the twenty ten season. The game is Oregon Auburn. We are not just going back. And we have re watched and we are going to relive and try to analyze things and rehash things with twenty twenty is sort of in retrospect but I also feel. It's necessary and I didn't ask you to do this and I have prepared my own. Remember when Ace Ventura answers the question. What do you know about Ray Finkle? All soccer style kicker. Yeah the two thousand ten season and we will get to the lead up. Both in terms of Oregon's twenty ten season and Auburn's twenty ten season but the college football season that happened in the fall of twenty. Ten was suppose depending on who you root for and who you care about kind of perfect the way I like college football and way you like college football so like your eggs over easy you like your two thousand ten college football season like how. I've forgot everything that went and we can get into a right now. I don't know if you want to introduce anything specific or tag anything specific and asked people to follow whatever that this point. They probably know that we have social media accounts. But no. I already did that you already. I know you did that but when you I'm retina and I say this actually completely independent and we're getting into it of the fact that my team Milem Ni- my alumni my my alma mater. The Oregon ducks found themselves the national championship game. They go twelve and before that game. Completely independent of that. What the two thousand ten season gave us and you can throw a jazzy little number under this beautiful work of Art. That was the two thousand ten season retrospective. We have an incredible rose bowl champion. Tcu team led by Andy Dalton and he gets Josh Boys Jeremy Curly out wide. We have the Best Stanford Team of the Modern Era Andrew Luck Jim Harbaugh and a ton of NFL talent everywhere. We have an Ohio state season. That technically didn't count because wins were vacated but it's still a Terrell Pryor led Ohio state team coming back from a rose bowl when beating Arkansas. And I believe the sugarbowl we have Landry Jones and Oklahoma putting up all sorts of crazy crazy arch the of Jj Watt and Scott Tolls ING and Wisconsin. They lose the Rose Bowl but they have an incredible season including a win over Ohio state in Camp Randall. You have a boise state team which may be played in the game of the season against Nevada. That overtime game decided by a game winning field goal. You have an Alabama team who had four or five head coaches but managed to go ten. Three nine includes a bowl win. Murdering win over Michigan State and a loss to South Carolina. Steve spurrier in South Carolina South Carolina. Team that it was the very beginning of their ascendance. They like a really nice four year under Steve. Spurrier's that's Stephen Garcia alshon Jeffery and Marcus lattimore beating Alabama two touchdowns. That's incredible you have Colin Kaepernick senior year. He's obviously an amazing college quarterback running that pistol for Nevada Ryan Mallett. And I want to say it's Jerry's right. Joe Adams Cobi Hamilton for Arkansas. Their incredible credible Mississippi state goes nine and four Manny Diaz as offensive coordinator. And and in retrospect really fun Backfield of Chris. Ralph Vick Ballard. You have Florida State Mizzou and Washington somehow generating first-round quarterbacks out of Blaine Gabbert Christian ponder and Jake Lock you. Have the emergence of Ryan. Tannehill converted receiver to quarterback at Texas. Am In there. I believe it's second to last year at in the in the big twelve. All the while realignment is starting to in continuing to continue. Sorry yes now hold on. I was I was hoping that you would eventually get to my favorite story. Yeah of the twenty ten season and it really had nothing to do with the on field product but twenty ten is when all this dust started getting kicked up around conference realignment. And you might remember. Some publications reported that five of the big public schools in the big twelve. We're GONNA MAKE THEIR WAY West. The PAC twelve or the PAC sixteen czar. Become a super conference. This is going to trigger some sort of nuclear winter as it relates to conference play in college football. Obviously it happened to some extent not to that drastic extent but that was a huge talking point and it was something of like a side. Gig All to itself people talking about different possibilities. Who could end up where as you said it? It was sort of the beginning of this run up to what eventually was a much more modest realignment think about these are the teams by the way that realigned around this time so and the good teams TCU yes realigned Yup yeah they make their move to the big twelve. Eventually Boise state from the whack to the mountain west. I believe Nevada. You have Mizzou Arado. Yeah well Colorado's not good Colorado's especially not good but in terms of the good teams Maryland. Good this year offensive coordinator James Franklin at Maryland Defensive Coordinator Don Brown Daniel Bryan. I think redshirt freshman quarterback was promising. Tulsa does not. I don't I don't have it. You can just cut this out actually leave it and who cares but Tulsa was todd. Graham and Chad Morris. Ucf is good this year. Jeff Godfrey quarterback. They beat Georgia in the bowl game. The other side of the deep South's oldest rivalry so they'd be both Georgia and Auburn Ball Games in decades spanner so we have Nebraska realigning. We have an realigning TJ Mo is wreaking havoc at Mizzou. They move conferences. It's it's a special year in that. We had the best versions of teams or near best versions of teams. We had these strangely down versions of really strong teams. I think this was the worst year of Mark. Ricks tenure at Georgia they go. They end up owing six seven Stanford with their best like. There was just so much upheaval. Then you go to the National Championship game and the National Championship game features two teams. That were really. I mean. Oregon was sort of near there and Auburn with sort of near there earlier. On in the decade Auburn going undefeated and being left out Oregon finishing number two in both polls in two thousand one and being left out but these aren't your perennial top of college football year in year out powers both finding themselves in the national championship game so there is just an air of novelty and freshness to college football in twenty ten. There's just a lot of T- magic Taylor. Martinez is a freshman four. Nebraska is an incredible story. An incredible watch there is just something. Do you know what the word you mommy means tie. No Okay you've heard the word though as it relates to the word I don't know mommy is sort of the the vague concept of savviness. There are four main flavor profiles tie in food. It's sweet sour salty bitter. Oh Mommy is like Parmesan cheese. That has sort of all of those in one or or tomato you know. There's there's certain foods that are considered to have a new mommy quality too so twenty ten. What you're saying was your college football thousand percent tyler. Cows percent you missed the best part to the best part was college. Football decided that in twenty ten they were going to outlaw the ability to write not the ability to write but the liberty to write some sort of message in your eye black so one nine of course they decided they were gonna Tim. Tebow had a thing like there are a couple of guys along the way who had a thing and they decided they were going to outlaw really cutting down to the important stuff in college football. But you're right Auburn Oregon. There is definitely a novelty here and both these teams took it very different path to get there if you look over. The course of Oregon Season Oregon didn't have much trouble along the way Oregon had a a weird game on the road. Mid-november AGAINST COW BARELY WON. But outside of that they were they were blowing the doors off teams and we can get into. Why just a really dynamic offense that teams in the PAC? Twelve couldn't keep pace with on the auburn side of the equation. Though a much different story now still a very dynamic offense a very good defense for sure but they had six one score games chart before they got to the National Championship game the National Championship by the way twenty two to nineteen obviously one score game that made it number seven on the year for the Auburn Tigers. But going into this. Football game These teams took two very different paths. Oregon goes thirteen. No twelve now. There was no chance no PAC twelve. Yeah to get to the BCS national championship game At the time There led by their quarterback. Darren Thomas who had an amazing year will Michael James Kenyon Barner Jeff. Mail a name that I'm GonNa talk a little bit more about as we get into the actual football game and as we saw in the National Championship Pretty good defense too so we can start there. This was in terms of Danna lyrics points per drive defense. This was two thousand ten two thousand twelve or the Best Oregon defenses of the modern era. I suppose until two thousand nineteen but this was a team with an amazing offense but an uncharacteristically great defense to go along with it. Now I suppose you can look at the PAC twelve and the offense is in the up and down this of the conference to say well. It's okay there. Were some good quarterbacks in the PAC twelve day this was Matt Barkley Andrew Lock You. You know you're you're a big brock mansion guy. But now nick foles was in Arizona. There were legitimate quarterbacks who have played and succeeded in the NFL in the PAC twelve. That year and Jake Locker so I I really do especially with how little success the players on this defense had at the next level. I think they did a really nice job. Rounding out a very complete excellent Oregon team. You're right about saying that. Some of the defensive stars didn't have much luck in the NFL but on both sides of the ball but yeah on both sides of the ball. Yeah for sure what was apparent. Though watching the championship game was that they came to play. And Kirk herbstreit. Even set it on the broadcast by the way. This is my first time watching this broadcast as well. Oh yeah dislike last week because we were at this game which I'll get into here momentarily. But he made mention the fact that you know we expected that defense would come to play. We figured they'd come to play early. Both offenses had a tendency to start slowly. We did not expect to be this deep into the game that deep into the game and have the game be nineteen to eleven nineteen nineteen or even twenty two nineteen given the strength of Bo. Saw both offenses these defenses came to play an Oregon. I think was more surprising. In that regard. We knew that Auburn was very good. Upfront but what? I don't think we expect. It is for the Oregon Defense. The show quite the way it did no. I was pleasantly surprised that they were able to to handle cam the way that they were across the board. I know Dionne Jordan was taken high but he was not a huge factor in this game. You've taken high in the NFL draft and didn't fully work out given where he was drafted and defensively certainly cliff. Harris had a number of off field incidents is that incidents that curtailed his NFL possibilities but he. He had an all American caliber brief career at Oregon at cornerback and played a major role in this specific game. When I think about the two thousand ten season I think I guess I I'd think of you know three or four things. One the speed on offense with Michael James Kenyon Barner especially in the backfield. They had terrific seasons Michael. James is a heisman finalist The fact that they had to pretty crazy games. You mentioned the cow game that they seek out with only one offensive touchdown for each team cal. Recovers a fumble in the end zone. And Oregon gets the TOUCHDOWN FROM CLIFF. Harris on a punt return to eke out that fifteen thirteen win. I believe you said what the final score was at ten thirty and they fall behind twenty one two three two Stanford at home this excellent Stanford Team Jim Harbaugh Andrew Luck and we made a jeopardy video out of this on our youtube channel. They fall behind twenty one to three pretty early on and then completely ransacked Stanford. They completely demolished seven. They rip off something like forty nine points at from that point on it was like fifty two to twenty something so those things came to define the season for me. They were terrific at USC. I was at that game. The two thousand ten game Darren Thomas and Jeff Male had these huge games with Michael James. Barner that that came to define the season for me and this was chip Kelly. Second season much in. It was gene. Chizik second season with Auburn but chip. Kelly had the advantage of being in Eugene since two thousand seven so this was not a sort of flash in the PAN for chip Kelly. This was sort of the culmination of a ton between Mike Belotti and chip Kelly. Getting to this point the rose bowl the year before which Air Mazzola? And then Darren Thomas taking over because Jeremiah. Musalia kicked off the team taking them to the to the national championship game in his first year as the starter it was. It was an incredible season for Oregon for sure in on the Auburn side. This season that would be honest. It was dictated by Cam Newton. So Cam Newton had been at Florida. He was there. Two years decided that he was going to go play elsewhere. I think in two thousand nine and then came to Auburn for the two thousand. Ten season was at Blinn College. Chewco between Florida and Auburn. Yeah all sorts of speculation. Was there a bag man? Was there not a bag Dan for camp? Who CARES CAM? Newton accounted for fifty one touchdowns in twenty ten thirty through the air twenty on the ground and even caught one as well so the story of the year in many regards was the fact that this newcomer too big Time College football steps in leads. His high powered offense wins the HEISMAN. Trophy leads a very gritty campaign. Obviously undefeated all the way to the national championship on that Auburn team. You had some other names. That will get into like Michael Dyer. He's a true freshman at the time rushed for over one thousand yards Ontario. Caleb one of the great names of the time another guy who had a very huge impact on the success of that Auburn team. What I find interesting watching back and this is no knock on Cam. Newton Cam Newton's gone onto amazing things. I found myself somewhat underwhelmed by CAM. Newton has a passer. He was such a bull as a runner and the numbers speak for themselves. The Guy ran for over fourteen hundred yards but what he could do on the ground trying to bring this behemoth down really opened things up in the passing game in a way that you know maybe somebody was similar arm. Talent wouldn't see the benefit of just because they didn't have the legs of camp. You know what I mean. Totally one hundred percent correct. I will add this. This Auburn team was not fully realized early and a lot of that has to do with the fact that Cam Newton almost stands alone as not just a one year wonder. He was only there for a year. So we've seen quarterbacks come into situations and players come into situations for a year and shine. Russell Wilson at Wisconsin Russell Wilson Power Five starter before then Russell Wilson I mean I think. Nc State was ranked at the end of twenty ten. And so in two thousand eleven. When he goes to Wisconsin. There are those one year wonders. But Cam Newton didn't start at Florida and goes Auburn for a season. We've seen it with some Juku guys. I think Chad Johnson was at Oregon State for like a month and a half. He was there for the season and gone. So we've seen sort of that but on the level and the success that he had. I suppose if you're talking strictly on this level Vernon Adams Kinda did that playing at the F. C. S. level before succeeding at Oregon for just a year and then moving on but Cam Newton really stands alone. Mitch trubisky sorted did that. You know these. There is a redshirt Sophomore North Carolina but Cam Newton what he was able to do. So it's understandable that against Clemson. Say they go to overtime at home? Mississippi STATE. They sneak by in Starkville early on. They sneak by on the road against Kentucky into October. But then starting with I guess they get by. Lsu amazing seventy some odd yard run from Cam Newton. They turn a corner they. They beat Georgia by nearly twenty points again. Not a great Georgia team. But that Comeback Against Alabama I. I don't know if greedy is the word I know you use that. But there was something twinkly. There was something charmed about this auburn season. Four Point Comeback Against Alabama Amazing Twenty. Four point comeback. They needed to come back against South Carolina. Good South Carolina team in the fourth quarter. I think they were down going into the fourth earlier on in the season and then they just obliterate them in the SEC championship game. Darvin Adams has a huge game. You mentioned some of the running backs but Darvin Adams and Emory Blake. Were at least solid on the outside. And then Phillip. Let's and Kurkin was an underclassmen. I want to say he was a sophomore that year. Obviously an incredibly tragic situation is far too early passing but this was a talented offense led by once in a lifetime quarterback talent and a pretty average defense a pretty average defense. That didn't need to be more than average obviously for Auburn to succeed. Very good upfront. 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I'm sure still. Here's this all the time he's a megastar. But you know this for me was a big deal. It was my second time in a press box. I had no idea what to do. You looked at me like I try. It's a couple of times what are you. What are you doing right now? I had no idea what I was supposed to do. The whole experience was overwhelming for me. This was was this only saw Mike tirico wearing the jeans. Maybe yes starts Rico in the jeans what did you expect Mike Tirico to be wearing. Well I did I just. I didn't expect the Dad Jeans to be so dad. Oh okay extra dad jeans is how can I ask them? What is a dad? Jean by just a lot of room in the seat is that what? Your guests maybe. Just maybe a little higher than you're supposed to okay Chris Fowler very cool very cool especially on the day with his lot going on people buzzing about trying to get interviews Chris Fowler would casually walk in had a Manila envelope with all sorts of stats whatnot. In it had rosters have coffee in his hand is sort of saunters up to someone. Who's maybe not got anyone at their booth. And just Chit Chats him up Chris Valor looking like he runs an especially successful juice bar. Yes Denver yes. Yeah I also remember from Media Day looking at Cam Newton as he walked by thinking maybe he had shoulder pads on. But then saying there's definitely no reason for him to wear shoulder pads to media day superhero. I would I would go. As far as saying he. Looks like a superhero. Yes so we were there. Thanks to press passes we got through a Canadian media outfit still in existence call scored and we got there on their dime by pitching them a video idea. We're going to go and we ran a document the national championship. The caveat that we didn't really have a plan for that video we had no idea what it was gonna be. We just said it was going to be loosely about the national championship. But we didn't really know what we're going to do so why you brought along our friend. West Coast Kevin to serve as the cameraman and producer. And that was where we ended up coming up with our idea in our cheap little hotel room across from a. Strip club called the Dream Palace. This idea to do something of a Rinaldi spoof video. It was going to be kind of a rags to riches is type of thing where we talk about how improbable it was for us to make it to the national championship and yet here we are these are. This is all the adversity. We fought through to get here. We ended up making that video putting it on Youtube score loved it. Espn love that they put it on ESPN news and they got Tom Rinaldi to call in and comment on the video as they were watching it on ESPN news which was a big moment for us not GonNa lie. Would you say would you go? As far as saying in the end. Maybe the Dream Palace was where we were all along there. It is there. It is the other thing that I must point out about this two things first off. You've heard if you've listened to show for any number of years now about this encounter. I had with Bill Hancock head of the then head of the BCS executive director of the BCS now executive director of the College Football National Championship playoff series. Whatever Bill Hank? I don't remember how exactly we crossed paths. But at the time we were at this resort in Arizona where they were having all the media events and there was a hospitality suite near near near enough to where all this other stuff was taking place. Were the workroom moves. And so I had made my way over there just to grab food and drink whatever snacks toes-to-toes plenty you know and I sit down for a second and doesn't Bill Hancock. Walk over to me and just chat me up. Hi How are you? I'm Bill Hare Talk. I talked to him about the notion of a podcast would blew his mind and before I knew it I found myself in about a half hour. Forty five minute discussion with bill. Hancock gigantic the biggest bowl of tostitos. I'd ever seen salsa plenty drinking. I think coke at the time talking about life media life a very nice guy and in that moment I like to think we bonded. Wow what an unpaid commercial for a human this and also this was the night of the really hard binge. Drinking was it. That was the same as we went hard. Yeah we were going. You're going with Kevin and a couple of media members drink for drink and at the end of it. Kevin threw up and you just edited Audience Ten Beers in. Yeah good way to sum up our show. Yeah so that was all before the game that's the backdrop that's the backdrop. We were excited to be there. We're in the press box. We're down the field. We had a front row seat to everything that transpired in this game. Did you watch this game? Did you watch the broadcast of this game after you got back? How long did it take before he could watch it? Well so I technically maybe. We technically watched the broadcast as it was happening. Because we were in the press box and had a terrible angle. I think we had press box access but we didn't have press box seats so something like that. That's right so we ended up the two of us and I believe I WANNA say Michael. Wilbon down sat down in a in a seated area. There was an eighty inch three D. TV and so we watch this game in three D for a stretch with Wilpon in the press box. And that's how we took in the majority of the game at least until we went down to the field to watch the the final few minutes. I so we technically did watch the broadcast. But we're not keenly paying attention to those elements. I sat next to one of the fiesta bowl executives because they had the orange jazz on yeah and that was before a bunch of got knighted for to offer you take you to the Dream Palace Yano okay. That was before those guys got into any kind of huck folk legal trouble but we were there for. The game was exciting. The first thing that jumps out to me upon watching this broadcast is gene. Chizik was really bundled up for this game. Wasn't he in Adele? Yeah in a dome in the middle of the Desert Arizona. I'M NOT GONNA say it was the warmest day in early January. But there's a reason a lot of folks from the Northeast Migrate Down to the South West. And it's it's usually pretty warm. Gene Chizik was wearing an under armour turtleneck and what looked close enough to being a winter coat inside a. It was a big coaches jacket thing. Yeah for sure no sideburns in true gene Chizik fashion. I also noticed that chip Kelly was his usual abrupt self when being asked questions from Erin Andrews to the point where Erin Andrews just like. Okay okay thanks have a good guy you like. She knew that was coming but she had asked the questions anyway. Chip was his normal abrupt self. My takeaways from the introduction of this game one we have a B O B if you remember B O b. The rapper and future flatter part of the pre-game festivities music. Wise Straight. Joey Harrington Jason Campbell are signing boxes of TACO bell big boxes. They have introductions for both Auburn and Oregon. The Auburn one is as you would expect talking about tumors corner and how football's a religion in the south for Oregon. They got the guy known to sell joke books near the school guy named by the name of Frog. Who's been there forever? So they had him and the Oregon portion of it which was a choice. I suppose Nick Sabin Urban Meyer in the pre-game savings really good. He's really good on camera. As Urban Meyer. I thought was awesome. By the way I think. Urban Meyer retired at the end of the two thousand ten season. That was another thing that we missed. Urban Meyer yes. If that timing I think that timing work And also just happening because it happened in the state a few days before three days before something like that was the horrific Gabby giffords and other people shooting in Tucson. Oh jeez outside. A grocery store This horribly tragic thing perpetrated by a lunatic happens just in that same state. So that all is the backdrop. We have a switch foot in troas. Well we are one tonight and that time we are one tonight outside of this. I should add because we talked about it in the previous episode We have number one in the country. Firework Katy Perry grenade Bruno Mars. We are letter are who we let her are cash cash. What's my Neemrana? Raise your glass pink tonight and Riquet Glassy US The time black-eyed peas black and yellow. Wiz Khalifa just the way you are Bruno Mars just a dream. Nelly an incredible top ten and the top ten movies of the week Do less than that. It was true. Grit little fuckers season of the witch tron coal in legacy season one. That was one of the worst nick. Cage movies really bad. The the fighter country strong king speech which Quality Yogi bear and tangled rounded. Out The top. Ten the fighter. I was odd. Wasn't it fighter? Was I think that was yeah? Was that Christian. Bale Walberg at thanks. Okay that was alright now. I enjoyed that. The the mom was really good in that. So that all places us in early January of two thousand eleven to undefeated teams with TCU being left out and they were excellent going to the Rose Bowl and I was very excited for this game. Oh and it was off site the atmosphere we were down the field before the game was never they let Challenger the Eagle go in the dome and he just like rather than just dive bomb. You just did a slow circle around people were going. They must've phone around the stadium two or three times and people were losing their freaking minds at a bald eagles fly over them. That eventually went down to midfield. And and that was that but the crowd was nuts and the first quarter for its part was equally as crazy. Second play the game. It's very apparent that Darren Thomas may be has a little bit of a nerve thing going on as he over thinks an option pitch a little too late with it it it had disaster written all over it thankfully for his sake it. It didn't amount to anything but right out of the chute. It's looking like okay. We Darren Thomas. He's got some nerve that needs to work through here in the early going. Tried to pitch over a receiver blocking a linebacker. Defensive Back It was maybe the worst option pitch attempts we've seen during the duration of the solid. It was really bad. The flow of the game itself was Oregon comes out and tries to run a lot of options. They have two running backs in the backfield and big user receiver as sort of an H. Back their best blocking receiver drew Davis so they looked different than what they were showing on film all season long and they eventually abandoned that strategy trying to option. Nick Fairley at times which is a bad idea. They tried to leave Nick. Fairley unblocked the clear best player. Probably in this game really right nearly is GonNa get dominant player in this game. We'll get to Nick Fairley. First quarter was relatively uneventful in terms of offense. Yes Darren. Thomas Skittish the Oregon offense skittish but they're able to when backed up against the wall throughout this game really generate big plays but never really the way. Auburn was able to more methodically move. The Ball Auburn was a little bit more efficient in terms of balance in terms of bigger plays in terms of finding matchups. Poor Kenny row for Oregon. They're they're undersized Ed Rauscher found himself in coverage a couple too many times in Auburn was able to exploit that but the FA I remembered. Oregon's offense being worse than it actually was. The offense was fine. They just either came up huge when backed up against the wall or slow down in the worst possible times to slow down whereas Auburn would move the ball and they would either turn the ball over or shoot themselves in the foot or overthrow somebody that was relatively open so there was not a lot of rhythm early on in this game but there were a fair amount of turnovers as I fast forward to the Second Oregon drive where Darren Thomas throws a high ball to Kenyan Barnard deflects off. His hands goes for an interception. They turn the ball over to Auburn Cam. Newton gets the ball throws at the cliff Harris. He's noted as being a risk taker by the in this football game then Oregon gets the ball back Darren. Thomas Precedes the throw. Pick on the ensuing drive after being hurried. Bite Nick Fairley. So you stole my thunder there. But I did want to get into talking about Nick. Fairley because him changing the rhythm of the game. The rhythm of that Oregon offense became a recurring theme. And so I guess my question to you is and I think we already know the answer. Who were the three best players on the field in this game not throughout the course of the year not in the NFL? Nothing like that but on the field right on January the tenth twenty eleven. Who were the three best players that you saw on the field? Two of them are auburn players. I think it's Cam Newton and Nick Fairley and the third is probably Casey Matthews for organ. The Middle Linebacker who Is really good in run stuffs and forces later on in the game a huge fumble for Oregon that the ducks recover so yeah he. He was the heartbeat of a great defensive performance for Oregon but ultimately it's Nick Fairley yes wreaking complete havoc and demanding a ton of attention from a decidedly college offensive. Lihue Allegiance Offensive Line from Oregon and Cam. Newton extends drives with his legs and even though he wasn't amazing in this game hit a couple of incredible passes that that changed. The I mean that one the game proper and essentially so yeah. Those are those are to me. Those are the clear dudes Jeff. Mail has a huge catch. There are moments. Mary Blake Darvin Adams. But an certainly Michael Dyer late but the game changers were those three to me. Nick Fairley was a monster in s game. There was no answer for him especially in the second half. When Oregon's lions started tire out? It was apparent that in the interior part of that Defensive Line Auburn was just so much better truly. It was the catalyst. It was the catalyst that pushed Auburn over. The top here fairly for shore hurried that early interception that we talked about before in the first quarter bloop zone read later in the first quarter when Oregon was down in the red zone so this guy who continuously changed the point of attack changed the game and change the rhythm of that Oregon offense. And you're right like Jeff Male Michael Dyer. The head moments are very good in this game Cam. Newton was just so good all year and had such a skill set that just by being on the field he was game changer. You know you couldn't avoid him. There is no way that you could avoid them. Couldn't game plan around him? He had to be the centerpiece of everything. And so even if he wasn't running for more than I think he had sixty four yards on the ground even if he was air mailing a couple of wide open passes and maybe making me feel underwhelmed watching him back as a passer he just brought so much to the equation that there was no possible way you could ever game plan yeah oriented a good enough job that they were able to tackle them in the open field more often than not. They kept to spy on him and Kenny. Row The problem as I mentioned earlier is they were able to force a mismatch with him and one time a receiver with an edge rusher which is not anything you want an undersized Address her that and but he did a nice job spying on Cam Newton. And they didn't have to bring a ton of pressure they were able to get to him early. Comp- confuse him a little bit in the past game. Because he wasn't making a lot of you know going across the field horizontally progressions it was sort of play action in. This guy should be open and sometimes stack. I was sometimes. He wasn't You neglected to mention one thing which I know you love which is a terrible attempt at a kickoff return. trick play. Oh no the end around right. Oregon went for a couple of times and around in the first time they try and end around and it ends up with Kenyan. Barner believe being tackled something like twelve yards behind where he took the handoff. High Oregon started so deep into their own territory on so many drives that being one of the worst and Herbie mentioned it later in the broadcast that Oregon. Just they can't get too cute here. They're very good. They're very dynamic but they gotta watch it. They don't get a little too cute and that to your point was a little too cute. I think the overwhelming theme of this game was first off defense. I the defenses were outstanding in this football game the whole way through and that's true for both teams. Maybe a little more so for Auburn in the way that they changed the game at the point of attack. But two very good defensive showings in this football game. Tell it the the theme I think throughout was Auburn was a little stronger with its offensive line and a little stronger with its defensive line and over the course of sixty minutes that gradual fatigue that sat in on the Oregon side led to Auburn taking a little bit more of an advantage and it was a close game. It was one on a last second field goal. You know I mean this was a truly. It was there for Oregon. Had they gotten a few breaks? I just felt watching back that it was apparent. Oregon. Just got a little tired. They couldn't quite compete in the trenches and that's ultimately what gave Auburn. Just a little just a sliver of an advantage that they could capitalize on the thing that and maybe this is more big picture that surprise me watching this game again is it felt like a twenty eight. Seventeen Auburn win. That came down to the last drive and last-second Auburn was able to generate a lot more opportunities. Now they've they missed on some of them. I think. Cam Newton through a pick to cliff Harris that was reviewed and ruled not a pick. But that's probably much more heart than head on my part. I don't know when you re watch that. What were your thoughts? He throws. He overthrows a ball cliff Harris jumps in front of it and as he sort of careening out of bounds gets a foot down. Switches hands gets an arm down. I believe as he's careening out of bounds and then as he lands already out of bounds having a foot end an armed down loses control of the ball. Yeah I mean the. Nfl rule is is holding it onto it through the the contact with the ground. It seemed to me like that was an interception. And then CAM throws touchdown pass on the ensuing. Play when it's ruled not an interception Right now I mean it's look at the rules have changed asking who watch football for a long time. And they'll tell you how infuriating it is not just what councils reception but what counts as a fumble right so the rules have changed our ethically over the course of time and football and one of those breaks. Though that I was talking about one of those breaks where we're Auburn was able to capitalize. This was a defensive game though. The whole way through here is your second half drive chart. I know you like to do this. I don't have the music chart now. It's okay go for it field goal PUN PUN turnover on downs. Pun Pun Pun Pun fumble touchdown field goal end of Game Not Electricty but somehow the end of the game was exciting. The end of the game was very exciting. So there were moments in the second half that I think were extremely notable maybe not the pyrotechnic display of offense that you might expect but there was a crazy goal. Line stand blatant the third quarter. Maybe the key play the whole Game Oregon driving. Seems like it's a great opportunity for them. Will Michael James Gets stood up at the goal line? Turnover on downs. At that point. From that point forward it seemed like Auburn Gene. Chizik Gus Malzahn. They just decided. We're going to turn this over to. Cam We're gonNA LET CAM takeover. Starting now on the ensuing drive. It started to become a little bit more apparent and that Combo of Cam on the ground of dire on the ground of what it did in the passing game to open things up and just I think the Auburn Offensive Line wearing down Oregon ever so slightly in the trenches that confluence of events let championship cocktail tied at Championship. Cocktail just was enough to push auburn over the top. I I think I miss remembered Darren Thomas being better in this game. He had a rough game. He had a rough time with the Auburn defense. And I don't even think it was just the pressure that he was under and you mentioned the ultimate yes the Auburn winning in the trenches. One them this game Darren. Thomas looked uncomfortable. Not just early but just missed guys. And when they went to more of a hurry up later in the game he got into more of a rhythm but the majority of his yardage came on two three four plays and so his final line looks better than he actually looked comfort. Wise Control Lies Poise wise. And so that's why I felt that it really watching. It had the rhythm of a twenty eight Seventeen Auburn win. Yeah it was. It was Auburn. Just screwing up key moments third downs red zone trips. Whatever that kept organ in this game and the Oregon defense like you've mentioned but yeah I do think you're right on that. The Oregon has a terrible call. That ends in safety where they lineup under center. They go. They just abandoned their offense. They lineup under center from the Half Yard. Line their own half yard line and try to run some sort of power with Michael James. Just it goes terribly. It goes really poorly so my big takeaway later on in this game when you talk about the lack of offense in the second half and Oregon put it together late and they had that great two point. Conversion to Jeff Male with Darren Thomas Strong against his body and it was it was those moments it was. You mentioned the the stops and the reds on Oregon with. I think it was a darren. Thomas really cool juggled catch from Lhasa. To a he runs it down and Auburn saves a touchdown and then they they stand Oregon up at the goal line. It was Auburn's defense coming up in those moments and Auburn's offense surviving some screw ups for three plus quarters in big moments on offense and Cam Newton and then ultimately Michael Dyer. Who not just on the play where I'm at committee was down. He was down. It was but he was down a second time running it into the end zone late and they ruled him down at the one or two yard half yard to Half Yard. Line there it is. Yeah I play back and back and back and HD and I know people have written scientific articles talking to experts that indeed. Michael Dyer was not down on that play. Magai was down tough guy was down. Tie All right. I think I. I saw that risk downtown. I I still do all right well. Let's talk about the sequence that led up to that moment so okay just to just to re frame things here. We've already mentioned how little happened on offense in the second half of this football game but that being said the last five minutes or so are pretty crazy. It is nineteen to eleven at that moment in Time Oregon punts the football way. There's about five minutes left so wife's nurse terrible drive after terrible drive. You're watching this game. You're thinking Auburn can put this game on ice. All they have to do is what they're really good at. Keep it on the ground. Put IT in the hands of Cam. Newton like just be super conservative. Run the clock. Run it down to like two minutes. You CAN'T LOSE. You just can't lose a football game. Chernoff Oregon. Poncet away three plays into that Auburn drive. Casey Matthews comes up from behind a quarterback rush punches the ball out of Cam. Newton's hands at flies up cliff Harris jumps on it at the Auburn. Forty yard line Whoa what a moment late in this football game did run down at that moment. Well what was funny about? It is for sure footed as you were in a press box compared to me. You were like a deer in headlights. Trying to figure out the precise moment that we should go downstairs and are never you keep you kept asking me? Should we go down now? So we go down now. What should we do what you were? Unlike any other time I'd ever seen you completely in that deer in headlights Boden. So eventually I made the call us all right. Let's go down. Let's go down. And I think we made it down in time for the Oregon touchdown and then of course the game winning Auburn Field Goal. Which will get to here momentarily but An incredible moment that Casey Matthews would punch the ball out of the heisman trophy. Winning quarterback Oregon gets the football back. Now they've all three of their timeouts. Four fifty four left on the clock. Darren Thomas connects up with. Dj Davis along past takes them down to the eleven yard line and then it takes orbit a couple tries like it was it was emotionally fraught there for. I don't know a good minute and a half of game play as Oregon trying to figure out how they how they going to get in here now. They had been in a similar situation earlier in the game. We talked about that goal. Line stand at the end of the first quarter They again were trying to rely on that rushing attack. It took them a couple tries to get in eventually shovel pass. I think it was a shovel pass. I don't remember if it was. Yeah I think it was stolen. Michael James Yeah so a little scamper in from well Michael James that brings us to the situation of Nineteen Seventy Oregon's obviously got a gopher to. There's only about two and a half minutes left. That is when Darren Thomas Delivers that really nice ball across his body to Jeff Mail on the back of the end zone to tied at Nineteen melt-up. You at this point are virtually speechless. I look over at you. Were down on the field. Dan is speechless. Forget trying to talk to him. Hyperventilating gay hyperventilating hyperventilation. Yeah everything you might expect problem. Was they left too much time. They'll have too much time for Cam. Newton I play fifteen yard pass to emory blake gets down to the Auburn Forty Yard. Line next play the Michael Dyer. Thirty seven yard rush. She was not down makes all the way down to the Oregon. Twenty-three a couple other short rushes followed by a long one. The one that you referenced earlier. Michael Dyer sixteen yards to the half yard line. They had to take that to replay to make sure that he didn't get in and he didn't and then a couple of plays here and there to run clock before they turn it over to West bynum. Who was as reliable kicker as you were gonNA find in all of Cairo Byrom? Yeah nineteen yards. Peel go good. Twenty two to nineteen year final score. Yeah that was a really brutal we'd end just because it took so long just because the Michael Dia run Spelled Yard Line. He ran it down to but it was just like okay. Oregon's going to lose this game. Short of a horrific snap on the field goal attempt. He was that was all I could play a prayed for at that moment. He ran it from the Auburn forty. So they're on their own side of the fifty yard line all the way down to them were again. Twenty three points a forty yard field goal which is not automatic but certainly reasonable and then the long dire run to the goal. Line is like okay. It's praying for a kicker tripping or a snap and both of which are pretty unlikely from that short yeah so now that we sort of gone through all this Dan. Yeah being so you were there you've lived at. I know you've really watched it. What is your. What is your impression on the re watch? What are things that you felt? Maybe for the first time after watching the game ten years later I was as impressed with Oregon's defense as an organ fan. I I mentioned the Darren Thomas thing where I watching it I was not in the mindset of really analyzing. It was just so skittish she was so all over the place and offensively. I thought it was actually a pretty sound game. Plan to get trying to get it to the perimeter with the option game. But if la- Michael James in Kenya on Barner who had been the heartbeat of that offense in as good as guys like Davis and Jeff Male were. They didn't have any. Josh was on this team as well. They didn't have a game changer. Receiver so those two guys at running are not difference makers. It's almost impossible to win Michael James Pace that Stanford Comeback Cliff Harris on defense paste that the The cow win with his punt return if their fastest dudes are not changing the game. That for that Specific Team. It was going to be very hard for them to win. And ultimately it wasn't going to be that hard they needed just a stop at the end of the game to try to get the ball back But with with Vernon Adams probably wins that game for Oregon. Marcus Mariota wins that game for Oregon. A An offensive line. That either came before that line or after that line with more. Nfl caliber talent stands a better shot of winning that game for Oregon. I thought what Cam Newton was able to do and I mentioned. The mismatches was amazing. Auburn was the better team. Regardless of Michael Dyer. Being down or not Auburn was the better team. They earned that national championship game. I just thought came away thinking. It was wild. That organ was in that game so overall I am grateful that Cam Newton didn't do to Oregon what he had done to other teams. Because just an incredible player and wild that the the epilogue of everything was that much like camps career that was a flash for gene chizik benches Success was owed to Cam Newton and he gets fired. Two years later chip. Kelly only ascends from that point the two thousand eleven thousand twelve teams that he coaches for. Oregon are better than this national championship. Contending team although they don't get to a national championship game and it was just a right place right time situation for Oregon and for Auburn and so big picture. It's Nick Fairley and Cam Newton and their gang of pals. I think that's fair. I mentioned earlier that I felt a little bit underwhelmed by Cam. Newton has a passer. Obviously Cam Newton is once in a generation player certainly on the Colorado level and to some extent on the NFL levels what NFL MVP took a team to super bowl. I don't know a lot about the NFL but he was good. He's very good very good player. And Cam Newton was absolutely the engine that made this Auburn season. Go he was. Yeah absolutely the. The star the superstar of this football team in this game. I felt underwhelmed on the rewatch with what he did as a passer. Maybe some nerves by him I was really impressed again with Nick. Fairley I knew at the time I remembered from us. Previewing the game that we saw Nick Fairley as a bit of an issue for that Oregon line to try and account for him the game plan for him and we right. Everybody was right. This wasn't a secret. He was just so good. There is nothing anybody could do could triple team. It didn't matter nick. Fairley really changed the game just by being out there The other thing. That really stuck out to me on. The rewatch was just how Little Oregon was able to do on the ground. And I forget what the what the stats are. Officially it was something like seventy five yards something like that but it was clearly an issue that Oregon could not get that facet of their game going. It had an outsized impact on the rest of the offense rhythm that I think chip. Kelly wanted to establish without having that to fall back on which they had relied upon all year. It really did change the complexion of this football game so that stood out to me in a way that I guess it didn't notice at the time and the only other thing that I'll point out here and this is probably because I haven't watched the broadcast until I don't know a couple of days ago I Miss Brent Musburger. Yeah I was going to bring that up right now. The broadcast itself so we talked about. He's great yeah. We talked about in our show. Some of the beef. I have with Tom Hammond. Tom Hammond has called a lot of important events. All right I don't actually disliked the guy just not not when it comes to an announcer but the difference. The stark contrast between Brent Musburger. And someone like Tom. Hammond was on full display here. Tom Hammond shot out of a cannon for that. Usc Notre Dame Game Not that excitability is a negative in the booth. It's not but he was just keyed up from the opening. Kick all the way. Through the Final Gun Brent. Musburger has more of a calm and cool and collected nature about him. He didn't get excitable. He knew how to let the game speak for itself. You knew when to use silence as his ally and he knew how to hand it off to Kirk herbstreit in a way that you know. I thought made her be a better announcer as well. He did use the Big Fella. Moniker a little too much. Almost to the point where I think herbstreet started saying to just by proximity but Brent Musburger one of the all time greats. I miss him in the booth. It was great to hear his voice again. Very big on the because this is the two thousand ten season so this is not as pass-happy College football as we have. Now this is you know pre Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma. This is pre. You know the Clemson and the Alabama Renaissance and I it's before Oregon becomes a really good passing team. It's before the air raid really takes. Hold this pre Dana Holson becoming a household name and so when Auburn an organ. Were throwing these quick little screens out. Wide Brent. Musburger was very big on folks. This is a defacto run. Play folks. They're just getting the ball real quick. There it's a run play type play. That was that was something I noticed that stood out a few times to me. It was more modern than I anticipated. And the two thousand five. Bush game felt older than I anticipated so I was. I was pleasantly surprised by that. I suppose it's five years after that game. The Bush to the two thousand ten twenty eleven game so I thought it was a good broadcast that there was nothing. It was the big thing that stood out to me word. The number of replay ingles as compared to the first game. We did the two thousand five. Usc Notre Dame game there were certainly elements the fact that it was an hd was very good to watch this game in ten eighty. P made a big difference watching it back. I don't have that many other notes on the broadcast itself. I don't know if you do definitely came away feeling that this was way more modern than what we had seen just a few years earlier in two thousand five the broadcast just felt like it was a much more modern product. Pretty close to what we have now. So after this game Darren. Thomas Returns to play quarterback La- Michael James Kenyon Barner are joined by Anthony. Thomas Organ wins the Rose Bowl. They beat Wisconsin. They win the Fiesta Bowl. We watched that game. I think with her friend Bruce Feldman at some sort of sports bar that's over Kansas State and twenty twelve chip. Kelly ends up leaving than we have. Markelle Fritsch and so forth and so forth. They get back to the National Championship. Game in twenty fourteen the year before that Auburn's in the national championship game with Nick Marshall. So right that must have been great progression right. Nah took different routes to get back. Gene's has it gets fired. I think it's it's Barrett Trotter. Getting the majority of snaps a quarterback which doesn't go particularly well it's Barrett Trotter and Clint Moseley for For Auburn Kill Frazier gets in there as a touted Freshmen in twenty eleven and in two thousand twelve. Kill Frazier takes over and is not the answer. I'm going to. I'm going to be kind. My twenty twenty goal is to be a little bit kinder to student athletes. He was not the answer at quarterback in two thousand twelve. Gus Malzahn comes in in two thousand thirteen with Nick Marshall and things change the Auburn offense improved greatly. They run the ball really well. I think that's a Trey Mason team. He's had obviously a weird go of it since his career at Auburn. But he's a terrific patient runner in that twenty thirteen even that twenty thirteen. Sec Championship game. That's Auburn Mizzou with that great Mizzou Front. That was that was a really fun game to that was a fun season. The twenty-three SEC SEASON SO AUBURN REHIRES. Gus Malzahn after he moves to Arkansas state and gets annihilated by Oregon so that at least felt a little good for me even though it was coaching. Arkansas state and Auburn moves onto having nothing but amazing and uneven seasons since then. Oregon has plenty of up and downs. Ups and downs themselves seems to have found a coach that is working out for them in Mario Cristobal eventually. But that's after some people with Willie Taggart and the end of the The Mark Alfred Sarah so to put a cherry on top much the way we did last week when we talked about Notre Dame USC with some first hand perspective. We have arranged a similar setup for this episode. Have we not we have. We want stakeholders we want people who were there and we were there in the way that you obviously were there for the Bush. Game in. Two thousand five bytes. We are going to be joined momentarily. I think I'll do it solo tie because this is just too deeply. Nerdy Oregon. I'm going to speak with Jeff Palmer. Who was the short snapper for the Oregon? Ducks game so he was snapping field goals and extra points for the ducks and they had a lot of extra points in two thousand ten just to sort of walk me through what it was like to be not just a contributor but a fly on the wall. During the Oregon season he was not the offensive coordinator was not leading the defense. He was not on the field for a majority of plays like a lot of players. Were but dammit. Long and short snappers are people as well tie so. I'm excited to sort of go behind the scenes with Jeff Palmer. Let's roll it. All right tied dropped out because this is a special safe space and comfort zone for Sad Oregon. Brains that remember this and somebody who is probably. I shouldn't say probably there is a chance he is sadder about this came because he actually played in it and was on the team. During arguably golden era of Oregon football from two thousand nine through two thousand twelve he started in two thousand eight but the chip Kelly era and the Jeff Palmer Short snapper extort extraordinaire for the Oregon. Ducks overlap perfectly so jeff. Thanks for joining the show. Thanks for having I'm excited All right let's start here. The season was terrific was from the outside. It looks fun. It looks excellent. You're blowing teams out your surviving. A couple of close calls a big comeback against Stanford an ugly that these are my words win At cal in a low scoring game with only one offensive touchdown for each team do remember this season fondly. Absolutely I I always hear you guys say you know a team has to win their clunkers and I think we I think we put forty points on every single team except that cow game If I remember the athlete And so I you know I forgot about that comeback against Stanford but just looking at scores. We didn't have time of close calls I still looking back. I don't know if it was our best team. Out of my five years there but It was definitely the closest team with the best leadership I'd say and Yeah we we really ran through a lot of a lot of the schedule pretty easily. Only thirty seven points. At Oregon State outage war game had disappointing. The civil war was only thirty. Seven led by La Michael James on the ground. But what? What does that mean? What is when you say that it's not necessarily the best team but in terms of leadership? I suppose in terms of locker room vibes and just a feeling you had what is different. About a team able to survive their clunkers that say different from losing narrowly to Stanford in two thousand twelve losing to I think it was USC and Lsu in two thousand eleven. What what's different about leadership and survival? I think a lot has to be attributed to chip Kelly coming in and changing the focus to a lot more attention to detail and the guys that really bought in that were left over from the balladeers Word you know where the upperclassmen at that point the Jordan Holmes David Paulsen and the the Eddie pleasant smell. The older guys Those were all the best leaders on on that team and I think the the entire team was so thin. Especially you know post-civil-war going into that national championship game. I think it was a time for us to all really bond And become that much closer as a team. It was just incredible. Leadership is what? I'll always remember about that team. There's no PAC twelve so there's no PAC twelve championship game. So this is a long layoff between. I think it's the the civil war is December fourth. The Auburn game is January tenth. So this is over a month. How does that space out? I assume at some point you go home for the holidays. Maybe I'm wrong but what what is preparation like for a program that has never ever been in this spot now going to a national championship game. Yeah we almost had almost like a year of prep before going to the Rose Bowl and having close to a similar layoffs But I I think it was like thirty five days if I remember correctly. Something like that and Being on the quarter system you know you get out relatively early for Christmas. And so when we people in Eugene and that kind of goes back to why I think the team bonded so well is were pretty much the only bowl in that little little college town And so we practice I want to say for like two weeks A lot of it was just you know helmets and shorts or whatever and then we got to go home for six or seven days. Celebrate Christmas with the family and then if I remember correctly we reported directly to Scottsdale All met there over the course of two days and then started six or seven days of Bullcrap practices in Arizona. So yeah it was. It was a really long layoff. Do you remember things being different in terms of you know you're not necessarily an offensive or defensive meetings but is there a different feel to preparation for a game like this? The offense comes out with some different looks. The Oregon defense is preparing for a singular dual threat quarterback talent that maybe we haven't seen since or before and Cam Newton is there. You feel a heightened sense of focus is there is it. Is it learning something all knew what? What do you remember about the team? Sort of preparing in Arizona basically after not playing a game for as you said about a month e Yeah I think it was a pretty tricky balance of trying to stay relaxed over that whole ten day period when you were there but also putting in the work and obviously there's no one on the scout team that's GonNa Stimulate Cam as as big as Kim in as versatile as he was So yeah it was. It was pretty interesting because being a specialist. I'm able to watch during practice and get a sense of the team in that sense but I'm not sitting in on all the meetings and seeing how focused everyone really is. We met with tight ends because coach Osborne was the tight ends coach. So we would you know we'd see how locked in David Paulsen and those guys were but that's really the only right and you'll send we had and just comparing to the rose bowl the year before How many guys were in the video game room? Where THEY HAVE KING? Pong tables and pool tables there was just Less guys in their fooling around throughout the day and What I would assume is more intense film study and in meetings and everything of that nature so I think just the level of overall focus that year compared to especially the year before was Just that much more intense so the game happens and the organ defense is I would say pretty exceptional. All things considered with what the the ducks are facing and Cam Newton and the season that Auburn had offensively and the organ offense really struggles to get into a rhythm. The offense generate some big plays comes up huge. Near the end of the game. Generating touchdown drive. Did that surprise you. Based on both the season and by what you saw in practice that it was the Oregon defense leading the way sort of underrated. Part of the The team and the offense which had been this explosive unit really struggling with A. I'd say somewhat average Auburn Defense was at surprising to the way the game played out. It was it was especially like I said earlier. Us putting up at least forty points on almost everyone we played. I thought this was for sure. GonNa be a shootout I believe the over under was like seventy points or something and I thought down crazy but Our defense was underrated throughout the year. I mean it was the typical bend but don't break that I loved and There are so many studies on that defense so it didn't surprise me that sense but I was pretty surprised that You know especially in the second half. We didn't come out and and look all that different and make that many crazy adjustments. I thought We WE COME. Outta the locker room at half and and hopefully hang thirty. Or Whatever. And it's just never came to fruition It was it was pretty sloppy overall. it's one of my. My biggest memories is how quick the game went and how sloppy it was overall you hear. Sometimes in retrospect coaches sang There was a story that came out. Who knows how true it is after this year's lsu Oklahoma game that lsu coaches were quietly extremely confident that they didn't view Oklahoma as worthy of the state. Who knows if it's true? But you you do hear stories about coaches being especially confident. What do you remember about the vibes heading into the game compared to other big game moments because you have now played in a number of huge chip? Kelly coached Oregon Team Games. Was there a sense of your got? This they're vulnerable or was it if we do this and if we do that we have a shot what what was the sense of comfort and Confidence from the from the coaching staff Super Super Confident Ship was always about you. Know Control we can control and win the day and You know build up to the game and the the sense throughout the team is that as long as we played our game there was no one that could beat us And we were extremely bought in on that and there were a few guys especially on offense like when Mike and I were pretty close and I always checked in with a couple of the other. Backups on offense and just tried to get a sense because I wasn't in their meeting rooms and every single one of them you know would would look me in the eyes and be like. Oh Yeah. We're we're going to be fine so you know that. Why do you think that was it? Was it was based on film study based on confidence with previous results. What was it that that filled the team with that much confidence? I think it was because I don't know if they thought that knicks barely could really take over a game like he had a year right. I remember talking to a couple of deal lineman. And they're like if you know if we neutralized Nick Fairley and if he runs upfield and takes himself out of a lot of the plays like he had throughout the year. Then we're going to be fine And then he grew up. Somebody plays in the first half. I thought they would you know do something different in the second? Half to to kind of mitigate what he was doing and it never happened but I think it was. You know man to man if you looked at their defense source our offense. I think that you could still argue. We were better. We just they they made plays especially in the red zone that we can punch it in so You know so frustrating to look back on but have you watched. Have you watched the game since so I had not watched it until I don't if you knew Tim Taylor our backup punter on the earlier years. He got married this summer and I stayed at Rob Beards House This was like August of this year and decided to walk out. Yep We decided to watch it. I don't think he ever watched it and came away. Like Oh my God we. We were the better team like we You know it's just a few days here. There again was the little things that I came down to and Just so close so yeah. That was the first time this summer that I actually watched it. And what during your time? Do you feel like was a more talented team. Better team what. What was that different? You mentioned the leadership where were other teams better stronger. Do feel like other teams could have done the little things. Perhaps at the twenty ten team couldn't do. Certainly there was a quarterback change after two thousand eleven and a different quarterback in two thousand nine. Where do you think other teams during the chip? Kelly era would have fallen against a this twenty ten auburn team. Yeah so the twenty twelve team was our best team. I don't I I know At the athletic just came out with a piece. The other day with brackets and The twenty ten team was the most talented team and the best thing and I think they would be that Auburn to twenty twelve to. Imagine Marcus the twenty team. Yeah Imagine Marcus I can. I would have been such an awesome game And I think the twenty eleven team was every bit as good as the twenty ten team. It was just a younger team. We we graduated a lot of studies from that You know after the Auburn game so I think talent wise the twenty four team. I would have beat that Auburn team and I think the twenty seven team also would have been been a really good game The the team that played Ohio State and in that rose bowl definitely wasn't as talented I think Darren Thomas was better than the solely overall and So I think there you know there was a big hole there and then I think the difference of Kenyan Michael Burst La- Michael in the Garret the year before it was a big step up and I think that would have made a huge difference. So what is it like locker room before the game locker room at halftime and sideline do you. Do you feel energy changing. Do you feel confidence turning into concern. Or are you just so wrapped up in the game? Because it's just this this huge crowning moment of the sport. You're playing in sideline always extremely confident. Okay all every time we got the ball. We thought that's when we were going to get rolling and that's really how every game was including that cow game. It was like every time we got the ball back. This was when we were GonNa put our photo megacity go so there was always a lot of confidence And I'd say pre game is the same way as we just wanted to get on the field and get kickoff going because you know we knew we were going to blow out a lot of these teams going into it I can't really comment much about the locker room at halftime. We're in there for a few minutes and we hear Coach how you know gathering at the defense in screaming at the beginning but Most of US specialists would would get out there as early as possible in during Tro- Didn't see a lot during halftime. But I can just say our our confidence on the sideline always which was really positive. Really really upbeat okay. Fair enough and after the game is it. Is it a crush team in the way Oregon loses the game? Certainly with Michael Dyer with a last second field goal is it. Is it depressed as it crushed? Is it Sort of confused and in a daze. What do you remember about the emotion following a game? I mean you're you have and I was on the field in the blue and orange. Confetti comes down. You're going into a locker room losing the biggest game of your life. What do you remember about that emotion? What do you remember about communication with coaches? And the way everything is gathered and even though the minutia of postgame loss. Yeah I remember personally just trying to get out of the locker room and get on the bus as quickly as possible I you know I witnessed a lot of a lot of tears and a lot of You know just a lot of really sad and shakes. I think it's the way it all went down at the end of the day. I think you know we went toe to toe with them and to have a play like Michael Dyer. Play really be the decision maker. Was what made that lost that much worse right and then the fact that for most away games you fly out right out of the game and you get back the fact that we had to go back to the hotel that night and Still kind of all sit around and wait to walk out the next day. I think it it made it that much worse so it was. It was quiet if I use one where he was Really Eerie really quiet. Really sad but coaches communicate is there. Is there a giant team meeting? Is there like a debriefing? Is there a coach? Saying you know looking at film not necessarily right. The game obviously but is there. Is there a communication with the coaches saying? You know we did everything we could or we. Didn't you know what what is that? Like the interaction with the staff. Yeah it was. I definitely membership addressing the team and just saying how how proud he was of us and how we have nothing to hangar about I don't remember exactly what was said but I just remember Him saying something to the effect of like you have nothing to hang your hats about. And how proud he was of us And he was always pretty positive even after losses and and taking them as a learning experience So that's the general takeaway of of what I remember him saying that the team as a whole and now as you look back what do you. What do you remember about playing at Oregon? That people don't know people misunderstand. People are one hundred percent correct about when you look back at this time or goes to national championship game and you went to you. Went to four. Bcs Games right. You go to the rose. The FIESTA THE FIESTA. Again and the Rose Again. What do you remember what you take away from the chip? Kelly era and that level of success. Yeah I personally take away. How so I came in ballade. He's finally so. I saw what the culture and the day to day was like being post chips. And so I'm I'm a huge Kelly defender and you know I'll defend him to the death. I just think what he did coming into that program and changing the culture changing the style of play putting his amp on it It was really remarkable to be part of. And the you know the teams that bought into Really benefited from it and he didn't try to just develop us as players. But as people you know like people started going to class more and getting better grades and our networking opportunities got better and better so just the little things that chip did to make us better people you thankful Hor From football perspective obviously getting to play in all those big games Winning rose bowl being a kid growing up in southern California. That's like what I always wanted. So Al- always remember like running on the when time expired during that Rosebowl in like jumping into David Paulson's arms. It was it was. It was like one of the best memories ever so You know just just winning a rose bowl. The first one that in I forget how many years for for Oregon just being part of that was was really special and Just the the culture shift chip instill during his time. There was was awesome to be a part of. We've talked a lot on this show about the secret sauce of winning and championship programs. A lot of that is that word culture and buy in and you you have limited experience. The Final Year of of Mike. Bellotti was a good but not great team. You end up in the holiday bowl. You red-shirted that year is it. Is it just a coaches being more? Humans being more direct about expectations being more empathetic. What is to you what what is championship culture? When you talk about buying is just getting people to care explaining things getting them to to understand what is expected to them. What how do you actually define buying culture? I think it was just put really simply for us like if you're not going to buy in You'RE GONNA be out here like if if you can't be accountable to get good grades and go to class. Then I'm not gonNA play you on a Saturday So we're just laid out really simply for okay. And there was a lot more accountability teammate. To teammate from winter conditioning sustain there for the summer and You know taking summer school and conditioning in the summer it was just a lot more player to player accountability You know guys like Wall Thurman and Tj Ward especially that first year after were were like big culture installers. I'd say But Yeah I think he was just player to player. Accountability was was the biggest change that I noticed. Jeff Palmer thank you very much for your time and for your insight and just speaking from the heart Michael Dyer was down. He was definitely down. He was one hundred percent down. All right man. Cool thank you to Mr Geoff Palmer for stopping by sharing some of his insight. Twenty two to Nineteen Auburn won the national championship for the two thousand ten college football season. They play the game on January tenth. Twenty eleven out there in Glendale Arizona. Dan and I were there. I will post as part of this posting out on our website and maybe on some of our social channels that video that I mentioned earlier the video that we yeah the score that we ended up making that that got us a little bit of a claim which was really cool and a lot of fun to make C- could relive that moment with us. I watched it a few times last night. Still get a kick out of. It can't believe we put together but we'll put that out on our website for those you who WanNa take a stroll down memory lane with us. We would also encourage you to e mail us. Oliver we don't know how long we're GONNA be in this off season mode quite frankly. It's a much different off season given current world events so we are always ready willing and able to read your suggestions for what we should talk about next d. like these shows. Do you like US rewatching games. Great let us know which game we should watch next. Do you have another idea something else that we can cover to keep that fire of college football burning even in these uncertain times. Dan Do you have a non Notre Dame and I'm I I will think of Non Oregon game that you still need to make peace of that. You were just either disappointed with or surprised by and are still trying to figure out how to feel about a specific match up. I'm putting you on the spot as you think about hundreds or thousands of games that are cycling through your brain by well if there's anything that jumps out let's think on that again. That was formative for me. Was that national championship game. I want to say in two thousand one between Miami and Ohio State. That's that's that's later that's all three so two thousand and one was Nebraska. The two thousand one season Brassica Miami Miami shells them. The game where Willis mcgahee. He blew out his knee. Right that game to me is one that I still have trouble with and the pass interference game pass interference game but that knee injury went through me in a way that most injuries don't and something that I still remember to this day. Maybe not so much from game standpoint. The game was incredible. A lot of megastars on the field for that game by that injury in and of itself is something that I still think about how to really really profound impact on me is of college football fan to be honest so I wanNA see densely comes to mind. It was all three it was ACL. L L C L I believe. Pcl whichever it was but it was it was that he came back and was able to play again in the NFL didn't achieve nearly the success. Maybe some thought he could be for the injury but nonetheless a fact that he got to where he got to was an accomplishment unto itself that game stands out. I would need more time to think of other ones but I'm I'm looking at some of the stuff from this game. Mvp crandall how do we were think as a doctor? Now I WANNA say it's a Keith Jackson game. So he went through. Go through two thousand. I know he did. Usc Texas so he still had a few years ago. He did the right of this game. He did the retirement tour where everyone give them gifts and then he didn't retire right. Which I think is still WANNA greatest schemes. Ever played totally true. I'm totally. I'm I'm down to do this game. This was the two thousand three Tostitos. Fiesta BOWL I WANNA say I watch this at an ex girlfriend's parents house that's that's your that's at's I suppose there's a lot of that guy names in this game including everybody on that. My aim that crazy Miami team. What Andre Johnson and Sean Taylor Jonathan Vilma Dj Williams? There's an troll. Who's in a lot? Yeah so I'm down. You want to do that. We can do that. It's also prevailed verbal which I like a lot all right well. Let's plan on doing that. If anyone else has any other suggestions for games that we could watch we're open-minded we'll take a look but for now we'll we'll go with that as sort of our our marching orders until next week and Maurice clarinets. Yeah I'll there's a lot happening here is what's going on in that game. I'm feeling that use tie all right so on that note. Thank you for bearing with us. Thank you to Mr Palmer for stopping by with some of his wisdom and Firsthand Account. And we'll be back next week. In the meantime we encourage everyone. Wash your hands stay safe and as I say each and every week thank you so much for listening.

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