43. You've Stopped Progressing, Now What?


Hey Come on going to. Watch the project. Spoken. Only way one eighty. Two fifty, what is up? Guys for Selah and you're listening to the show for the realists say goodbye to the lies the fakeness and delusions of modern society and welcome motherfucking reality guys. Today we have a short episode, but very important episode. It's a it's a it's going to help you figure out how to get yourself unstuck, and I'm gonNA cover one of the biggest things that you can do. You can literally do it right now. To help you get. get past that feeling of. Spinning your tires or being stuck in the mud? You know where you're doing all this work, but nothing really seems to be happening. We're GONNA. We're GONNA talk about how we can switch that literally almost immediately, but before we do that. I WanNA remind you guys. You know. We don't run ADS on the show. We don't run ADS for the show. Our show is completely organic in its growth and. We depend on you guys to spread the message. That's just what we believe in. We believe that if we do a good job, if we if we give you info that you think is good, the show will grow because you'll share it. Our show groves by basically three different ways one you talking about it to you posting about it and three you hitting, subscribe and leave us a review on free episode that you think was good, so we have this thing called the fee and the fee is basically this. If you like to show if you learn something from the show. If you got something from the show that made you switch your perspective that made you think of a help, you better. Really in any way. We asked. Leave US good review for that episode and then also give us a little share little love with your friends, and that's it so. Our mission here is to help you guys. Become realists are. Becoming a realist beneficial because when we remove the idealistic men set from our brain, were able to produce an idealistic result because we address what is real if you're addressing the facts to produce a positive outcome. That's how you produce a positive outcome. How you do not produce a positive outcome is by operating on the way you think things should be when they actually aren't. Because that's what's going to keep you in that same spot and frustrated and angry and mad at everybody, which we have a lot of going around right now right so with that being said guys today I'm going to get right into it. Today I want to talk about one of the main things that will for sure destroyer forward progress. It's going to destroy your forward momentum, and ultimately destroy your potential for success, and that thing I'm talking about. Is this holding on to your past victories also known as reliving Your Glory Days Right and I'm sure by now. You guys have seen this scenario. Play out in person, a bunch of different times I'm sure we're not just say that you can actually remember. A time where you've seen someone just stuck in the past so hard. You know you go back to that town where you grew up and you decide the stop into the local watering hole that used to visit all the time and it's a Tuesday. The clock is barely tick past the start of happy hour. And there he is at the corner of the Bar Shit faced slurring the prom king from your graduating year. He's sitting right there. The captain of the football team the Star quarterback, the guy who had it all and he's drunk any sloppy and he's drooling. Any still talking about it. Now I'm sure a lot of you guys can relate to this. I know I. Can I count on this a count. This many many times in my life witnesses. And what what's our? I thought when we see this right? Did you want to run up? Shake this guy's hand and pat him on the back and congratulate him for all the shit that he did way back in ninety eight. No, that's now what you did. Instead you probably thought like I. Did wow man that sucks. I'm I'm sorry for that Dude. You know I'm really glad I left this all behind me and it serves as a reminder of you making the proper decisions in life, or you know if you're like me. You kind of avoid the awkwardness and you decide to skip out on the drink entirely. Just avoid the possibility that this guy might see you in rope you into some conversation either way. It's not a positive offer anybody. You know these people that peaked in high school. They're still in the same spot. They're still stuck in time. They're still rolling up in that same transam. They did back when they were coolest Shit. Only now. That car is a piece of shit. It's faded from years in the Sun. There's rust on every quarter panel there you know the person's about one hundred pounds overweight with male pattern baldness, and they're still hitting on the fucking waitress. So what happened? Why tell you what happened? Guys, these guys, these people. They put such a focus on their past achievements that is block their ability to see a possible future, and since you cannot relive the past as much as people constantly try to what happens. Is you end up dead in the water? Guy You're a sailboat would know win you're you're at a complete standstill in all areas of life, and you think looking back at all these great achievements that you once had will encourage you to go out and accomplish more, but it doesn't. Actually, what it does is the exact opposite. It creates a dangerous cycle of depression. You'RE GONNA. Realize that you've passed the time where you can match your former self, and also that you spent so much time dwelling on it. You haven't even learned a single new skill and guys I know this is depressing, but I want you to be aware. Is How you end up dead in a Shitty recliner, surrounded by some shitty carpet with empty six pack, a fucking stag in a room, full of trophies, and no one gives a shit about. Think about that. When you're gone. Do you think your kids are? GonNa keep all those trophies from high school and proudly display them in their own home as your legacy to them, no best case scenario is they end up in a box someone's addict, but the most likely case scenario is, they'll end up in a motherfucking dumpster. So congrats on being good at something at one time. But, what do you do today? Okay, this is the mindset you need to adopt and put into practice every day every week. Every month is a new opportunity to get better and to move yourself forward, and you have to be able to take that Russia achievement. To be proud of the work you did to get there and then immediately move on to the next thing hand I. See it all the time. Guys and you do too for being honest. Someone wins employee of the month, and all the sudden. They're walking around with a puffy chest and they're. They're the shit right, but then they start to slack off, and then they become more lax. Lax on the the exercises that got them to that point. They stopped doing the things that got them there in the first place, and and they assume that they've reached this level and they're going to stay there. And so, what do they do? They go into cruise control mode, and they think that they're just going to be employee of the month forever and what happens next month. They're the shittiest employees in the business. Successful people guys. They realized that you half to keep moving forward while you're congratulating them on their success. They're already planning their next move. Dude, let's talk about Kobe right. Do you think he won a championship and then went home to cuddle with his trophies or go to the club and tell everyone and listen for the next four fucking years now. That's not what may Kobe great instead he woke up even earlier the next day ready to go to battle. He stayed even later than everyone else so that he could keep his focus. He looked at his complacency in his winning as something that he needed to attack aggressively to keep him from getting complacent. And if it wasn't for this truly unfortunate helicopter accident, you all know that he'd still be working to strengthen that legacy today. Okay, we can. We can go down the list of people here. Let's take you on mosque and ninety five. He started zip two with his brother and ninety nine. His company was purchased by Compaq for three hundred million dollars. He personally got twenty two million dollars off that deal now if you gain twenty two million dollars today. People would think they're gonNA retire for life. Didn't do that. He kept going and one month after this huge payout, he co-founded x dot com. Three years later, he was able to sell that to Ebay for over a billion dollars billion half to be accurate, okay with the three years he was able to sell it to Ebay for one and a half billion dollars in stock under a new name, a name you know as pay, pal. This time. He accumulated one hundred, sixty, five million for himself Shirley. Now's the time he Kasit on success. Sipping some pretty umbrella drink on a private island, but if you're familiar with the current events, already know you can do that instead. He forced SPACEX and then Tusla, and then solar city. He became one of the richest and most powerful people in the world, and continues to create new ventures and foster progress in science and mathematics and business. That's impressive. That's legacy. That's the mentality you have to keep. If you want to become the boss like everybody claims they WANNA be. You can't beat guy sloshed at seven PM. In the Bar Blur springsteen's glory days. Okay, that's fucking ironic. Anyway. Even springsteen's make fun of these guys and that song. You have to word. Take your little winds and use them as foundation for progressing further. If you find yourself at the highest possible point in some areas of your life, that's the time to reevaluate. Learn some new skills, and then build upon it to create something even better a right to only limited to a successful career or a successful life. Our self imposed. Right, basically what I'm saying is, is this milestones are huge? They're important and it's important to celebrate your wins. For a short period of time you can't just hit one home, run and quit. They're meant to be built upon. They're meant to be strung together. Those stones should eventually form path a path to success and what your legacy will ultimately be. It doesn't matter what you did yesterday. It doesn't matter what you did last month. It doesn't matter what you did last year. It doesn't matter what you did ten years ago. What are you doing today? Ongoing. Project. spoke. Welcome.

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