160 Seven Reputation Points and Lawsplaining


The B. He's episode one sixty of feed the old Fischel Lipson. Podcast the PODCAST. That takes it beyond how to podcast and do keeping you podcasting with podcasting. Tips and information for the every day podcast. Her and taking you inside. Lipson the largest podcast host and distribution network since two thousand four. Hey there welcome. Do we have a long one for you today. Extra commutes an extra workout. Y'All alright I'm Elsie Escobar Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson. If you would like to connect with me you can follow me at the Elsie Escobar. Alright so we begin with a timely update as of Tuesday January twenty eight. The Apple podcast directory has not been updating. This is affecting an unknown number of shows and results in new episodes not appearing in the Apple podcast directory listings. The issue started late last week. Apple is aware of the issue and is working to quickly fix it. In fact maybe when you listen to this all things will be well no existing subscribers to your podcast are getting the latest episode as they would normally do. This is only affecting what is shown on the Apple. Podcast directory listing. Okay and now onto what we'll be covering on this war and peace type episode for you today. Apple is creating podcasts to support their apple. Tv plus offerings. And we have receipts for you guys. Oh yes we do the music modernization act more into Google podcast and your podcast website. Rob's new facebook policies. Dmz A takedown notices geographic and user agent stats and we finish off with a discussion of all about the whole spotify is bigger than apple. Podcast narrative out there. Oh my God before we get onto business though. Here's how to get on the show. Because I know you guys want to get on the show. Please send in a thirty second promo to the feed and Lipson DOT COM. It needs to be thirty seconds or less end. Be Clean as in no profanity. I'm needing some PROMOS. I am running low. Please please people attached to your email and again you know. Send it over to the feed at Lipson DOT com. If you don't have a promo but you want your voice on the show ask us a question or add to the conversation that you hear on episode. Send US your feedback record it and email it to us. You can also call for one to five seven three nine thousand nine hundred eighty four or you. Can you speak by at speak by DOT COM? The lastly we also have a long running blog. Future called Rockin Lipson podcasts. Every Monday we highlight one. Lipson podcast and in order for you to be featured on the blog email the feed at lipson dot com. That's it I'll send you all the information. It is first-come-first-serve so the sooner you get your information to me the sooner that I'll get you in the queue and now let's jump into our main conversation with Rob Walsh VP. Up podcast religion. That lipson. Who is also happens to be my co-host right after our first. Bromo of the episode Pixie Dust Fan. Hi My name is Francine and my podcast is called Disney chat with Pixie Dust Fan and you guessed it. It's all about Disney each week. We talk about the topics from the movies to Disney plus to the parks and attractions. Anything to bring a little bit of that Disney magic into your everyday life so if you need a little extra pixie dust in your day come check us out. Disney chat with Pixie Dust Fan and thank you for hosting us. Hello Rob good. Generic time of the day Elsie. It's a new day so I kind of want to start the show today talking to you about something that I think might be really helpful for a lot of podcasters and I've been talking about it on. She podcast a lot. So if you listen to that show. You'll hear you'll already get a little bit of the scoop on this. I downloaded this really neat little APP. It called trip mode. It's a very small little APP. It's available for both windows and Mac. Os It's also very inexpensive. It's like seven ninety nine and what it does. Is that when you turn the little APP on it? Essentially throttles anything in the background. That is hogging up your bandwidth so one of the reasons that I did. This is because whatever little thing wants before Catalina Apple decided to make things in quote easier for us and it started to sink lots of other things in the background. Like docs and things like dropbox started to behave differently and they were all. There was all kinds of things that were going on in the background. That changed and there was a lot more nuance to the way that Os worked. And I honestly did not want to take the time to figure out how to turn off all the things and I just let it be right in the process. Though I started to see that it started to use up a lot more of my gigabytes that were allotted to me when I'm in North Carolina when I have a limited I supposedly have unlimited hotspot usage floor my The hot spot the my five at home book that just means they throttle you and you heard a certain level or exactly. Yes so then. I hit thirty gigs. And then it starts to throttle me and I didn't used to hit that very often before and then all of a sudden I started to top it out you know and I was like and I could not look back and go. What what is it? What's the thing that's doing this and so anyway? I decided I've got a download this little APP and I found out about it from power users and so what it does is whenever you turn the APP on. It disables almost your entire desktop essentially from thinking. So but you can pick. They can choose what you want so like you can disable anything in the background like the clouds zinc. I cloud When password the APP store like all of the things that are in the background dropbox like all of that stuff is already sort of like reconfigured in there and you can have different kinds of profiles for it. So let's say you're on a business trip and urine really low speeds you can turn on trip mode and it essentially takes all that off the background so you could really focus on what you WANNA do. I have a profile for my home when I'm connected to the my fight and as soon as I connect to that my trip mode actually I turn it automatically turns on trip mode like I don't have to think about it and it all and it turns all those things off in the background and you can also see how much data you used which is great for the day or for the week and it shows you. What APP is the one that using the most and you said that? Who's both MAC AND PC? Yes it is it is both Mac and PC. And I believe the website is trip mode dot C. H. And I'm I've been really I love as you know. We are all data. Have E- right. We would love to see data so just to see this here. This is the first time that I'm using that. I've turned skype on four using trip mode. Oh you sound great. I was like that's why you said I thought you would be North Carolina but you sounded like you were in Pittsburgh. Well I'm glad we'll obviously maybe it's a lot of stuff like. I just didn't know what was going on going on anymore. You know even if I turned off things like back blaze and things like dropbox which are very in your face like you can kind of. Go like yeah. Don't don't have those. I know that there were other things in the background with MAC OS. That were happening. That I did not know so now I have this now. I can tell and I'm excited. I'm excited by this so I think it's a great little APP to have and especially for podcasters if you guys just want to focus on one thing and you do have really strong band with whatever you can still turn on trip mode so that you disable everything in the background that sinking without your knowledge. Anyway how about them chiefs? I know I'm in Kansas City for those. That are new listener. So it's exciting. They're back to the Super Bowl for the first time in fifty plus years. So we're very excited here in Kansas City Missouri excited. 'cause WE GO to games every year so this is this is fun we were actually at. We actually went to where they played San Francisco in the preseason though is the last preseason game gotten picked up front row tickets on stubhub. So they're excited to to see that game. Well we are not going to know where she performed we going. Are we going to add? Are we going? I'm like Not at forty five hundred dollars a ticket. No no no not going. Oh my God is a big difference between the preseason game which was seventy dollars a ticket or sixty something is like no six seventy seventy a ticket for the preseason front row versus you know nose bleed it six thousand ticket well. Congratulations good times. Usually the super bowl falls Falls right around my birthday but thankfully my birthday this year I believe is not on a weekend so therefore it won't. It won't fall my birthday. I remember so many when I turn thirty municipal twenty-ninth Oh yeah. I know no but when I turned thirty I believe some of my best friends through me birthday party slash Super Bowl party. 'cause there was there was always like super bowl happening for my birthday. So it's Kinda like Christmas and your birthday. That's what it was that it was this little like me. It's like noise my birthday and Super Bowl but a good year to become a football fan root for the chiefs. Okay wait for the chiefs. Yes all right there we go. We've rambled going after hitting the thirty second floor. I remember back in July. That was a really bad report from Bloomberg Apple and podcasting. That said quote apple plans to bankroll original podcast defend off rivals unquote and the article was by Luca Shawn and Mark Gherman and the article in that article. They said quote apple plans. If UNORIGINAL PODCASTS that would be exclusive to its audio service. According to people familiar with the matter increasing its investment in the industry to keep competitors spotify stitcher at bay unquote and at the time. We both were like Something don't smell right here and so we both were like no. That's not right in. I said at the time this was which you can go back and listen episode. One forty eight is where that conversations is in it starts at ten forty four marks go back to episode one forty eight feet ten forty four you can hear what else he and. I said I said at the time quote one advantage of covering the IPHONE for Tullus years is I have learned apple press coverage speak and when dealing with apple when someone says people familiar with the matter quote unquote or unnamed sources or sources in the know. What they're really saying is the following. We speculate this will happen and needs some good link bait so here is our guest attributed to made up sources so when you see this article from Bloomberg citing unnamed sources it really is just them guessing and they shared these insight tidbits quote In that article say quote apple has yet to outline a clear strategy but has said it plans pursue the kind of deals. It didn't make before unquote so I said at the time that the worst part is the article that set off a plethora of derivative articles that spun and spun it to the point. Where somewhere saying apple announced will do a net flicks of podcasting and going after remember. So that is e in in the Going in there. We're going to go after already. Shows to get them locked down to just apple podcast and finally said this enjoying quote look if there is any truth in any of this it is that apple may have reached out to some production houses to see if they would create original for apple content like tied with or wrapped around. Apple's new original TV content for Apple TV. Plus the idea of new new Ronald more podcast to cover his new. Tv show on Apple TV plus a lot of sense after they had the best media. Podcast of all time in his commentary. Podcasts FOR BS G. He told me he liked doing the podcast and I can see him wanting to do it again. For the new show apple creating original podcasts to support their new. Tv just seems like a no brainer but it does not mean. Apple's creating the next luminary. How or Netflix podcasting. Just they need some original content on quote gas. What Bloomberg is reporting now quote Apple Inc is discussing making original podcast related to programs on its apple? Tv PLUS VIDEO. Streaming service done shocker soccer. Nothing confirmed but this is always what made the most sense for what apple might do not buying someone like podcast or Gimblett not creating lockdown content. Like Hal a luminary but rather just getting someone to create some content that promotes and covers their apple. Tv Plus Programming Hakim's razor folks Razor Lincoln the show to both articles from Bloomberg the original and then the new and again go back to episode one forty eight. You can hear L. C. N. I. Riff on this starting at ten forty four mark and I also talked about this on. She podcast as well all have links Shin as to all of that stuff and I might even just give you all the time code for those places that you can go check it out but it's true it's I don't understand why why be will make it a little bit. I think what it is. Rob in all honesty is up. People don't quite know the space and they also don't know how podcasting works the best meaning we have historically seen fan cast out there. We have historically seen out like any kind of pop culture TV film podcast to be some of the biggest ones out there. They are cross platform. They appeal to a variety of different audiences. No they're not niche down. I mean unless you're thinking of a very specific show but it works incredibly well and it's also overhead like you don't have to story like you could just interview the makeup artist many for fans. That's enough right. You don't have to create a huge story around something so it becomes like yeah absolutely. It's a no-brainer. One of my favorite shows right now is the witcher. I started watching it. I just got through the first day. I watched the first episode new thing on the workout thing. And it's so good. The Diet was the perception that there was a very good. So that's that's my that's my workout Q. Continuing with that as I work out. Yeah so anyway. The witcher's great. I really enjoyed the witcher. And it's incredibly complicated and very like what's going on like there's a lot of times where you're like what. I don't even understand because there's all these time stuff. So there's a podcast now. I mean they looked official. Which exactly I'm loving it because you're of course they're getting access to the people right. You're getting all this background information. That a lot of people may not necessarily get access to right now and of course the Fan Phantom for the witcher is massive. But I think gosh I mean with Abadieh plus can you imagine how amazing like a for all mankind. Podcast would be all the background on that. Every single one of those shows as a potential have some very quality behind the scenes information that will get people into Apple TV. Plus and. That's how that's how apple's making money right and I mean you know you know even with Disney plus. They didn't do official ones but there was a few. Mandalari on demand allure. So we talked about. I always wanted. I listen to and and me and my son listen to border on the drive to and from school we would listen to that and theories and stuff baby yoga and all that but yeah it discussion you find a TV show you like finding a podcast that goes with it is great and then it's even bonus if that podcast can get some inside information. I was really hoping that apple would have launched Ronald more hosted podcasts at the launch of for all mankind. Unfortunately they haven't yet but that doesn't mean they're not yet And it sounds like they. It's still in the works and hopefully apple roll out. Some official podcast go along with the shows. I'm I really. We me and my wife really enjoyed the the morning show. I really like I watched all the sea and I really liked it and for all mankind was great so I need to start looking at some of the other shows. I haven't gotten into any of the right now. I'm in witcher. That's my when I'm watching it and then I'm going back and re watching the expanse with my son so it's so it's so much good if you can get so deep into it and also I. I want to address one last aspect of of this of the speculation. I also don't think apple's going to keep it apple not going to be like if you you have to listen to these episodes or these shows on apple PODCAST I. I don't think that that's that would smart and I don't see them doing that at all. I don't either I. I think they'll make it open on all platforms and make it A. They're actually going to make it a podcast. Yes yes that's available out there in a different platforms and and probably even committed to spotify. Yep and I think that that you guys what meaning do have like some of the top podcast on spotify the apple. Tv shows you know Apple TV show TV. Plus shes I mean how fun with that. The for all of this framing that people are putting out there between you know apple versus spotify. And we'RE NOT GONNA get into it now but at the end of the episode we're going to get into the whole apple. Spotify bad reporting that came out of Mit media research and in in smugglers also stick around. We'll go we'll cover all that after the stats so you definitely want to stick around through the stats today. Yeah so having people watching TV on Apple. Tv plus because they are huge TV like and and show addicts that maybe have never listened to his show a podcast before this would also make the pie bigger because they all find out about them. I'm sure apple is going to be putting them front and center. I'm sure there's GonNa be some kind of commercial in some way right advertising for these new podcasts and so this is going to just allow people to to find podcast and to maybe have. This is the first time that they listened to a podcast therefore getting him into our ecosystem and the power behind apple thing once they discover one podcast search for others and some of them will find yours. That's what we want. Yep Okay so we had an email that I'm going to read this one. Yes you're going to need to answer great. I've got a good generic time of the day. I've been listening to the feed and enjoy very much but then switched to my own podcast the Aarp Washington State podcast and it seems like the audio level. My show is quite a bit lower. I'm mastering to minus sixteen laps. Which I believe is the standard but the feed and several other big time. Podcast seem louder. Is there something? I'm doing wrong in regards to master audio level. Thanks Bruce that you do the mastering on this one I will lead to you. I actually in in a phonic. I I do export to negative fifteen in a phonic. Because of suggestions from you rob and things that you have said in the past that is Spotify or in electable. Yes so they wanted a little bit higher so I thought okay. Yes there's that. And then when? And so then I exported out phonic to negative fifteen and then when I pull it into garage band I do have presets on there that I've adjusted for us right so for for the way that I like things to sound within garage band some I kind of built on some of the presets that are already inside of garage band and in some of those presets it also amplifies and levels a little bit so my thought is that it's probably negative. Fourteen negative fifteen. I haven't actually measured what that is and it's really hard to do. Select people have given me all these all these little APPs that I can use and I don't want to deal with it. I wish there was just a way just like you know if I can just look at Info on a file and immediately see it but alas you can't see that I'm a saying that it somewhere between negative fourteen negative fifteen and that's how I do a per suggestions from rob and I had these settings are preset into a phonic the desktop APP. I just changed the settings for that. And that's what I use all right. Yeah okay so moving onto a little bit of a correction for us. This is from a an email. Hi Robyn Elsie. Things for answering my questions in your podcast. So often I have a direction. Maybe of something you said about nine thousand nine hundred twenty. Four recordings becoming public domain. I read a life hacker article that says quote. These compositions are now in the public domain. Any audio recordings from this year don't lose copyright until twenty twenty five and he. I'm going to the life. The Life Hacker article in the show notes which he links to hear. Just thought you would want to know. Thanks Thomas Okay well So I had to research into this to what was going on and it comes down to the music modernization act or MMA it is United States legislation signed into law. Toby seven two thousand eighteen aim to modernize copyright related issues for music or audio recordings due to new forms of technology like did you digital streaming in in other words that just said they extended the copyright recordings prior to nineteen twenty three will enter the public domain three years from the passage so that means. January first twenty twenty two prior to nineteen twenty-three will then enter into the public domain and recordings between nineteen twenty three and nineteen fifty-six will be phased into the public domain over the next decade. So that means the stuff from nineteen twenty-three will come in and twenty twenty two nineteen twenty four. We'll come in twenty twenty four so one hundred dollars off. It's actually not twenty twenty-five that will actually be Well actually get it gets whenever but point is it is a few extra years. So thanks Thomas. We stand corrected actual recordings of songs. You need to hold off on using just yet. Looks January first? Twenty twenty two for recordings to be used from anything prior to nineteen twenty three then each year. The next year will enter the public domain there. That's an easier way to say You can still podcast any books from nineteen twenty four and earlier so books printed material that is not covered under this little extension. And who knows what's going to happen when nineteen twenty eight comes around because that's when Mickey mouse comes into the public domain and Disney's lawyers. I am sure are working feverishly to extend all of this and Muck it all up for all of us. Sorry not that. It's already not muggy but they just you know everything is so oh my God kept just keep extending extending it and as we get closer to the mouse. I'm sure there'll be new legislation that will get entered because someone's campaign will gotten a windfall of dollars how that works not working before Under original copyright law if Disney hadn't pushed through I think it was Disney and the Gershwin family where the two ones that really responsible but under the original copyright laws. If they hadn't pushed through those extensions we would be getting stuff from Elvis in the nineteen sixty one or sixty two content would now be coming available. Wow all right so we have Yet another email Hugh O. Eil read this one okay. Do you have any suggestions on where I can look for? Podcasts that are looking for host. I ended mine last year. I interviewed entertainers at any level of their careers. So Anything Entertainment Related Sports movie comedy. Go the like not looking to get paid but I am interested in finding a podcast. I join thank you Michael. So now. We're matchmaker so wealthy. Will where would you know? I don't even know how to do this. Okay so how you guys can email the feet at Lipson dot com. I promise I'm not going to be reading responses on the show so if anybody's looking for a co host or wants to start a show about entertainers or I guess comedies. Boards met me like pop culture kind of stuff. I show about apple. Tv plus here. Michael I didn't hear Michael Zapping up there and saying that he was gonNA do editing. You know that would make him a lot more attractive to say so anyway. I'm putting that out there and if anybody's K. If anybody is up for it you can email the feed lips and dot com and then I will introduce you guys and by the way. There's a place that folks no of where where you can go to try to find Coz I mean other than going into a community. You know going into a form board or going into facebook community for your topic and saying. Hey I'm looking for to join a podcast. Anyone there I mean other than that. If you have any other suggestions to let us know about where people can go to find matches and no army doesn't account. Can you imagine that something? Someone's emailing you harmony. Tender TINDER APP. Oh yeah that would be a different kind of podcasting space for sure. So pender people go get that you are L. Dot com the place where we met you up with podcast to podcast only got moving on to another e mail gets okay in today's episode. Rop totally confused me with what he was saying about the way to properly. Connect my website to Google podcast so my RSS feed is solving. Meet TO DOT LIPSON DOT com slash. Ara says while I haven't done it yet. I'm planning to put the rail link. He mentioned in my websites header tag as described in the help article. I found on Lipton's website but after listening to the podcast today. I am afraid that I'm doing something wrong. Can you please fill me in? Thanks in then. She clarified so she sent an email and she said clarifying he said. Rss Feed points to the PODCAST PAGE. Podcast page point to the RSS feed. That makes Google happy that the part. That's throwing me a curve ball in his mention of the podcast page. It does so happen that the web page on linking two in my IRA says feed is a new website. I sat up mostly for the PODCAST. I'm not using the Web page for my coaching business. For example sends I'm currently in launch phase the homepage of solving me to dot com is all about the podcast but there could come a time in the future that might not be it might be about a live event or a piece of legislation. Or do I need to create a solving me to dot com slash podcast page now and does that need to be the URL in my R. S. feed. And if yes and yes then where do I put the railing? So that it's on the podcast page rather than in the main header area of site. Hashtag so confused. Ashtec'S TIRED OF TECHNOLOGY. Thank You Messenger. I am domestic. Remember that okay so I wanted clarify this one. We say the RSS feed points of the. What the webpage page points the s speed. What we mean by that is in your feed. You have the website link and that website link should be to a web page that has the real alternate tag that points to your assess fee. And you already mentioned this but She did in in back in her email. But we put up a great blog post about this back in April twenty eighteen and will include it linked to it in the show notes for episode one sixty for that blog posts. But let me read the part of it that matters if you're using your own website again. This doesn't matter if you're using the lips. Oh upset we already have is coded in for you. But if you're using your own website Outside third party outside the Lipson you should always link to your feed on your homepage of your site. So that potential listeners can select your feed and use it to subscribe easing whatever APP. They wish but a special link should also be used in. That's a link. Rallycross offline it. I go through all the coding of it For example this code would look like this for Lipson podcast feed and it's a link royale alternate and then in the feed and there's hosting and then as an H. Wrath and it has a gps the fee dot dot com charge us. We recommend placing this line of code in the header of your site in between the head and slash head tags. How this is done will depend on your site sites built and the template using again be sure to use the full url for your site. You know https the www dot. My website is awesome dot com. Be sure to include the. Www if you traditionally use it with your site. I want you to know that if you host with us and you use the podcast pages that you get with lips and you're covering so they're getting messenger. I am the Messenger but if you are a third party website you should have that webpage and and it's really important on this. You can't point to podcasts to the same page and you can't point to two different podcast. From that webpage it has to be eight. The solely dedicated web page for your podcast and it sounds like she has that covered so it sounds like things are covered for her. As long as she can get the all rail alternate tag into her header. Information there you go messenger the Messenger just a messenger. This stuff is complicated. I have to. I'LL HAVE TO COME CLEAN. Like for she podcast. We have done nothing of this stuff. Because I just don't WanNA deal with it. It's hard and here's one thing to note what some people will do and this is about getting indexed and you only have to get indexed one time from Google podcast so once you get indexed you can change things around. So what will have We have customers that they can't get a dedicated page set up on their on their site. So what they'll do they'll use the Lipson page in the link to the Lipson page in. There are satisfied until they're indexed. And once they see their in Google podcasts. Then they changed their website link to whatever they want it to be so. This is really about getting indexed once. You get index your feed gets in there then you can change the website like months. You've been once you've been scraped and spider and your feet is in there. Then they just re look at your feet. Don't look back and they'll just get in that and I think that that really is what it is because I know I know we are in Google. Podcast I know she podcast. Google podcasts and I know that we come up there. I think that the difference is the way in which we come up there because there are some things. Like if I write down. She podcasts podcast. We definitely come up but if I just searched for she podcasts. That's a different story and I think part of it is that we need to. We just need to be clear when it comes to that stuff and whether or not I I we update any of that stuff is really just gonNA come up to mental and bandwith. That's all okay moving on to another question here. Would you like me to read it or do you want to go ahead by away okay? It seems like you've been getting these types of questions a lot. So here we go. Hi Rob we published a couple of podcast recently and have noticed that they have not uploaded to spotify but are working on apple podcast. Here's my feet. Are you able to see the issue? The most recent episode did not get on spotify and tomorrow were uploading another episode. Thanks and our Mahalo in our and the issue is you did not upload an MP three file you uploaded a wave file spotify only sports serie and I'm actually surprised. It worked with apple PODCASTS. But in the past don't believe it would've worked but please replace the current file with one that is MP three or four minutes in their past episodes were MP three so awesome. They switched to a wave so it sounds like they messed up and again. I was really surprised to hear the episode working on Apple. Podcasts and I don't think way fouls I didn't wave is going to work on Apple Pie. But at least this one did on Lipson if you submit your show via our destination and its employees a will convert it to MP3. I don't believe that conversion would have worked for away file so long short definitely do not use warehouse go to MP3 MP. Three is the format. You should be using podcasting either. Audio podcast for audio podcasts Fisher. Moving on High Rob. I had a quick question. One of my podcast has ended his run. I intend to basically rebrand the show and continue to push per usual with new content new-look new genre and a totally different concept to all the subscribers from the original podcast any issues with that. Thanks and are. There will not be an issue in his actually recommended. If you're closing down one show and going to a new one that you keep the same process you are Al and by doing so. You keep the same apple. Id You just change your shows titled Description Artwork and Meta data then release a transition episode. That's important release a transition episode slash trailer episode sunsetting defer show and introducing the new show. And what it'll be all about the reason doing this as smart as you get all the search juice from the original apple. Id where search results are sorted based on the number of subscribers all times. You're not starting from scratch so keeping that apple. Id the same is key an apple. Update your title artwork. All the Meta data typically twenty four to seventy two hours so new people will never know about the old joe so but good luck with the new show but do make sure you do a transition episode that way. People aren't complaining to apple that thinking that the show got taken over or hacked or something like that where I've actually seen this and work really well was where someone was covering a television show that ended and started covering a new television show. Yes I have seen that you are correct. I yes I have seen that Fisher and that way. They were covering the new television show and they had more juice than anyone else. Who's starting a brand new show coming in you? So they showed up in the result higher. So you're actually going to transition from where you were covering you know breaking bad to now you're gonNA cover you know the new hottest show. You get a little bit much juice doing it that way. So that's where it really makes the most sense upset and your audience will follow you. Write it more than likely if you like the new show and you like the old show. A lot of your audience is going to follow you and part of them are going to like you anyway. So you know boom and I'm just going to clarify one thing that you said rob when you said you mentioned apple. Id and what and what he's referring to with this apple ideas not the apple. Id you sign into like you know. You're I cloud and all of that stuff like the thing that you sign into podcast connect. That's not the apple. Id's talking about he's talking about the number of the Apple. Podcasts coups to be called the items I D. I believe if you look at the end of you you are L. You'll see ID and then a number that that number keeping that number of the same. Yes okay. I just didn't WanNa get people are going to be like at by what. No No. No no no. You're not talking about the fact that you're logging in at the same apple podcasts connecting you're submitting a brand new show we're talking about you keeping that original url to your show at Apple podcasts. Because that you are. L. is based on the idea that ID number at the end of that url the tax. You can actually take the text description. Out doesn't irrelevant when you see the description in your your url from Apple. Okay all right. So we have some thoughts on facebook. Allah Rob Walt Elfi. It'd be happy on the. I have a new policy for facebook in two thousand twenty. Call Call My Twenty twenty resolution for facebook each toxic personnel encounter. I'm blocking them right away. One strike in done. I had one recently and it made me realize there's too little time to deal with some folks when you're trying to help others. I also noticed those that make mistakes and no they messed up the yell the loudest and that is why I love podcasting and despise social media in podcasting. You can control the recording. You can put in the message from people that deserve to be heard not those looking for attention but those that can actually contribute to the message folks that brings up to remind you. Use Your podcast to help others to engage with your community. Make sure you have a call in number and an email address for people to reach out to. I had multiple calls with people that thought. The idea of having a call in number and an email address for people to reach out to their show was novel. No let's see I know. Don I have a theory on. Why shows that launch with ten episodes in general do much worse than those launching with one episode when you launch with one you can ask for listeners feedback right away and get it in the next episode when you launch with ten you have ten episodes with no listener feedback kind of setting the tone in feel that the show is not one that embraces interacts with your community? Gannets at theory but I think that explains a lot about why shows what launch with ten often do so poorly in typically closed down within six months. And one of the reasons. I try to teach people this a lot and I think that especially this is a slight. I'm not sure how to frame this. A slight cultural change. Maybe not for the better. It's kind of like you know when your family started to. Have you know some ritual or some something that they did as a family for a holiday or something like that? You know you guys always watched specific movie or something like this. And then there came a point when that information didn't translate to the next generation or the next generation. But you do know that. It was part of the historical context. That's kind of what I see is happening with podcasting and audience feedback segments or calling or offering a number to have communication with with your listeners. Is because that's the way podcasting began really fueled by the listeners. That's what started from the Gecko it was this openness of being able to reach the host via email via phone. Hear Your Voice on the show just created this wonderful feeling of I matter. I'm they're hearing me. I'm part of a family and this latest generation of podcasters. That are coming into the mix are really seeing it from the from the sense of like. I am the podcast. I'm putting this stuff out and there is no back and forth. There's no communication there's no dialogue and there's an impact in football parlins depend kind of stiff. Arming the audience. Look that yeah. And it's it's unfortunate to some degree because then you get things like. I'm not getting any feedback or my show is not growing or I'm having downloads and you know and I see that people are listening. But I'm not getting any feedback and then I my first question is. Do you have a feedback number or do you have an email address that they can reach out to or do you tell them like another thing? You can very easily do nowadays. Can you have them go on instagram? Liberty that's your place go to instagram in. Dm You your feedback or like you have to. You have to tell them what to do when you have to tell them often and it doesn't happen it's like you can't and this is what I hear. If you have any feedback let me know. And that's it or if you have anything to say about. This number is four one. Two five seven three nine thousand nine hundred thirty four and I say it every single time now often say a lot so that you have to tell people where to go to get this to you and you have to re remove as many obstacles from getting that to you. Generally a phone number or an email is possibly the easiest thing it feels natural and it also feels private in a way where you're talking to somebody one on one versus. I'm just going to post this for everybody to see like that. That to me is a deterrent. You know if. Somebody's looking for my feedback. I often give it back via email and a much easier way than if somebody is like what do you think of this and just puts it up on. Social Media. It feels very. It's too many voices and you can't get a focus on who you need to speak to me one last thing. I'm going to address what you were saying in terms of social media and yeah. I have stepped away particularly from places like facebook because I find that my mental health and my ability to function every day in my life is a lot more important to me and I'm not saying that people shouldn't have heated discussions on social media. It just is that for the kind of constitution that I have. I would rather have helpful communications and I find that sometimes I get so affected negatively in either stress or get angry or account focused on things that really matter in my real life if I'm triggered by something online and you know in any situation like that you just don't do it. It's sort of the same way that you avoid driving may be in a crazy traffic like if you know between five and seven you should not take the freeway at that time you kinda go the back way just so that you feel better even though it's to be longer that's the choice. I'm making I. I'd rather step back because I value my I value myself in in being a good Momma. A kind sweet. Where before anything else? But I don't want them to be like Mommy. You're stressed out again. I'm on social media. Really start help. Answer People's questions trying to help and you know and speaking of helping people from the Apple. Podcasts COMMUNITY I've been helping people since two thousand and five. I had the Apple Team. Recommend one of my answers and they don't do that off And and I knew this because well apple send you an email saying that quote. Robert Walsh. Thank you for posting on Apple Support Communities. We just recommended your reply on some sites discussion. This means you're a reply will appear above all others on the discussion and also that you earned seven reputation points. I felt one God. You earned seven reputation woods. We love that in. This is not something they do all that often. I don't I very rarely get that a lot of answered many many questions there over the years and typically the only do it when it's a question that comes up often so I had to go back and look at the question posed because I didn't even know which I don't remember what it was and what my answer was and and here's the question and it was kind of like really interesting high. All itunes podcasters. I'm reading this. Sorry Apple Happens. Say the word. I did I want to measure my podcast episodes total listeners. On all black forms including items the episodes are store on my server so I can count. How many download requests are sent from all episodes if I tunes APP downloads episodes on their own server? My assumption will be wrong. My question is are itunes downloading each episode on their servers regards and our UNQUOTE N. My response was apple does not released any files. All requests from all listeners via apple podcasts and items will go to your servers that was it and evidently. This is still a thing. Okay well that's great for anyone want. It was curious no apple. There's none none of the podcast you see up. There are hosted by Apple. They're all hosted by a third party and downloads when someone listens on Apple podcast. Ident- comes from your servers and seven reputation. Points for you. I know it was a yeah. You of question I've answered. Ns One nothing. I know one-sentence gets you points. Maybe that maybe we should all learn from that instead of like a man because we're gonNA get into okay so this is a great time to start to kind of break things with our second promo. The episode called Cherry Picking. Hey there. Are you calling football fan while I'm Andrea cheering on my show. The Cherry picking podcast. I dive deep into the world. College football during each week of the season for the past nine seasons fans have come to my site chirping sports dot com to hear my college football analysis and game when he predictions for each week of the season Cherry. Picking podcast is presented by the big heads media podcast network and can also be found on apple podcasts. Stitcher and spotify make sure you click the subscribe button today. M- okay thank you here. We go off to another rule. Really quick comment email mail. Hey Rob I'm trying to get The NRT podcast on spotify. I appreciate your help and our. Here's the problem with making your podcast name. Very Janet and the title of their podcast name was quote the and then it was actually two letters. Tv podcast When the name is very generic in spotify the searches not and and is not looking for results with all the words in spotify especially is more of an or search with the MTV and podcast and the title. There were just too many results to get a new show to show up When picking title. I show search in both apple podcasts. And spotify for what you want your show titled be and see not just if anything shows up. But how many anything's show up if it's one or two results and they're not identical to your potential title that's a good thing if it's more war and there are more than you can count. You Might WanNa try something different for the title in one last note in spotify search results do change from user to user. They put some ai to work for search results for each user or so of hard so again the surgeons will change. But you should as a minimum going to apple podcast go into spotify and search for your potential title of your show is going to be looking to change your title of your show to what you're you want the new title to be and and see what the search results have you see. Eighteen shows pop up with the exact same almost the same title. Probably not one you want. We actually had a were going to mention this later on today but we we started doing a series of Learned a podcast series on the blog. And we just published a show where I kinda go in just like paragraph on exactly what you mentioned When it comes to naming your podcast and gave different different tips and to what you can search for what places you should search and also a little extra tip of learning from my own mistakes too because here I thought you know naming the feed a show would be amazing because obviously it matches up like I. It seems like a great name right. And it's not that and other people have picked it as well but the problem is I picked. I picked it I yet. But here's the problem though. The and feed are incredibly common like so common everybody for I know not everybody but lots of people put feed in the title of their shows like because now there's like eight hundred thousand podcast apple podcast and there are a lot of people that ad feed to their tidal. For whatever reason whether it's a network feed or whatever that is and because of what rob just mentioned whenever it comes to search results and because there are other aspects weighing. They're not just going to deliver on the feed. Sometimes it's like the insert for your four workers and at the end of that is feed in that still coming up so I offered up a little bit of advice that yeah when it's like really generic. Tom's like fat. You you have to better. That's why I tell people search for the feed Lipson and then come up because lips and nobody's putting lips in on their title right. That's weird so unless it's US So yeah it's very helpful moving quick. Congratulations Jim Herald You had nice feature in podcast. News daily listen podcasters captured now. Worst email of the week. And this was an email string in with foreign this one elsie as it was unfolding To protect the guilty I will paraphrase from the first email but basically they asked us to take down a podcast claiming it was using their content saying at the end of that e mail quote we demand the immediate removal of these episodes and any other illegally using W. E. O. T. W. which of course worst email the week content Should this not be done? We will have no choice to file. Legal action wait. Hold on before so before you continue though. I'm going to give just a tiny little bit of back story here. I'm the one that alerted this to you. And when I looked at the issue here they have you know they can stand their ground. Like this is true. Like there's this is not like some random person just deciding to do this. That's got the email within is not how DMC a takedown notices work and specific procedure that has to be done and I replied. Hello W W we need a proper. Dmca take down notice before we can take any action lease a takedown notice to me. Robert LIPSON DOT COM. The email below is not a paper takedown notice regards. Pro Ball sleeps in his email like that. Was it in by the way I've had many times where someone's coming in with a non proper and I sent that and then they come back with follow up they do Google vile up with proper DMC. Take their reply was not typical. You WanNa read cooked very well. You have received notice of clear breach of copyright and have decided to continue to breach it therefore we shall regard everything from this point forward as intentional intellectual property theft presumably that is your business model and seek appropriate remedies unquote. I replied back. Dear W. E. O. T. W. That is not how copyright and the DMCA works your lawyer will tell you you must send Anna proper DMC a takedown notice. Please consult with your legal team. Once they repeat to you what I said you can send that proper DMC takedown notice then and only then. Can we take action? I will wait your proper DMC. A takedown notice regards. Rob W and their reply was quote. I said copyright theft is your business model thanks for confirming that on Clint. Okay so let's put this into perspective. We host around six million media files last year we had less than ten valid DMC takedown notices Senate so clearly that is not our business model but here was my reply high. Wcw As I said talk to your lawyer they will tell you that a proper DMC takedown notice is required. Or You could Google at and see what that is and then you could send that proper email to us so far. You've not sent anything. We can act upon sending emails like blow will not result in any actions. I'm trying to help you but this is the last email I will apply till until you send a proper DMC takedown notice regard rob. W and now we get to the email that earned him the worst email of the week right cloud. I'm not interested in your loss blaming a bunch of Yada Yada Yada Yada finished with. You can remove the content you have stolen from us now or we shall see you in court unquote or Vais. I want to point out sending in a property and say take notice takes one minute to Google. It and you will see free forms online. You fill in Info and get that letter to send its five minutes total work tops but any podcast host needs a proper DNC takedown notice to remove content from any service out there again. Last year we had less than ten of those come in For around six million media files overall podcasters steel content. And do things the right way. That's if any of your content is ever used where it should not be used as a content creator. No it's easy to get taken down if you follow a few simple steps and send in the right info that's not loss blaming that is common sense and I think lost planning sounds like it needs to work. Its way into this episode's title somehow. Okay never been accused of loss blaming before but I actually you know there is loss planning and then there's what you said which was to send in the DNC take take notice you know that's all you have to do and it doesn't take that much longer it really is just you have to fill up this thing and send it. It's mostly for them. They need to take this legal stop. It's well I think I was that I said like okay so if somebody bad is after you and you can't just necessarily just say take this person away. Let them not come near me. You do have to take the step of going in and filing for a restraining order and you have to show why even if this you have to show why because if something does you know God forbid happened later and you have to go to core or something happens. You need to have that paperwork to do back you up right. You can't see like this person. Whatever if not everybody would be everybody would just be like keep them away from me and in any hosting company has to has can't take content down just because an email comes in you have to have the proper DMZ. I mean otherwise competitive podcast. Just write in and say hey take this down. It's leading and if you just took it down No issue and there's a whole thing called the safe harbor provisions so legally we can't even listen to see if the content is being that's being questioned is actually violating so there is a legal framework. It's real simple. They stayed under penalty of perjury of of law that they are the copyright owners and that this content his violating their doctrine. It's pretty straightforward in. It's a simple letter and again is forms that make it so easy to go in and just fill in information and boom you have you get the email then you just send it off it a moving on from that. We have another email. Hi Rob and Elsie. I love your show. I been listening for a few months and have been wondering are the stats for Lipson shows. Only or all shows. I'm assuming that it's lips and only but you know what happens when we assume if their lives and only do you know how non Lipson shows compare thanks and this is from Jake from educational duct tape. Podcast I jake. Thanks for the kind words and the question and the question the stats we give our per shows hosting on Lipson and Lipson pro. It is not for any shows not hosting on one of the Lipson services. We talk with others in the space and the numbers are similar. Later on. I I will mention chargeable. Numbers that Apple podcasts. And spotify within one percent of our numbers on both. I think where we might be different than some others We do not count apple. Watch numbers I think for. Npr and megaphone. They are close to fifteen to twenty percent of their numbers but we filter them out as we know they are not valid. Download a hopefully the IB will add apple. Watch the blacklist and others will then be forced to not count that which we know already is focused but otherwise numbers for others are going to be similar. Apple numbers not not included under the next one. Here we have another email. I have just spent forty five minutes looking for an article that you mentioned on the feed. Maybe last year and I can't find it. It was an article that broke down accuracy of stats of different hosting providers. I have a potential client. That hosts all their podcast content on another service. But I wanted to propose moving them to Lipson. I thought it was done by the audacity to podcast. But I can't find it scrolling through your archives. Help Steve Artie. Lincoln the show notes and yes it was from Daniel at the audacity to podcast report. He posted at the end of June twentieth. Nineteen great article and we'll link in the show notes episode one sixty over at the feed dot Lipson Dot Com. All right. We have our last Promo. We have our less broom of the episode before we get onto stats. So over Calgary podcast. We'll find out right here. We go hot flashes and cool topics. Okay colleen should we describe our podcast hot flashes and cold topics as a funny podcast for women in Midlife? Yes but we talk about everything relating to women at this stage. She'll still not enough having a hot flash. Take your time. I forgot what I was saying. Anyway okay I got it. It's for women life that talks about the good the bad and our newfound freedoms. But don't forget to mention that we have funny amazing guest so basically our podcast is a girls night out with our friends. Do you have any wine? Thank you all right first. We need to point out these advance stats for the first time spotify and all other podcast download all other user agent downloads together. No longer taking the percentages we saw in Lipson DOT COM and applying it but now that spotify is pass through. We have the true apples to apples. Comparison pardon the analogy. This does mean there were some items that move a little more than we see from one month to another but overall the changes were actually not that big and less than I expected I up is country breakdown and this is for December for downloads. And now this does include spotify mixed in This for all stats That we talk about going on the word include spotify mixed in so United States in December of two thousand nineteen still number one so in they were at sixty point eight percent. Now there's a drop from sixty three point eight so that annex spotify and did affect things there but Canada in December is five point three percent number two down from five point five United Kingdom five point one day down. Just attach from five point two Australia three point four percent exactly where it was in October Germany two point nine percent up from two point four Sweden two point nine same as it was before France two point two just to touch from to Brazil. One point six up quite a bit from the point nine Percent Mexico. One point three up quite a bit from point six so those two were big winners in this Japan at one percent rounds out all of those that are above one percent Than those below one percent. Spain Ireland Netherlands Denmark New Zealand Norway South Korea India Russian Federation and Austria and that rounds out the top twenty China. Once we've combined everything moved. They were like twenty one. The move down like twenty six twenty seven so China actually pushed down a little bit more. Because of the spotify I do not believe in China. Now check your stats and see how you measure up for these numbers for December overall. And then now we're GONNA get into user agent part of it mobile downloads for December moved up to eighty six point one percent of all downloads in December going direct to mobile devices versus eighty four point seven percent in October computer downloads. Were down thirteen point. Six Home Voice. Attendance plus set top boxes. Were at zero point two nine percent in December which is up from zero point two percent where it was from. May through October. So yes apple podcast being added to. Alexa made a difference. Almost a fifty percent increase but sadly fifty percent increase of point. Two percent is not a big round number eight always go. But Hey it's it's start. The IOS android ratio in December was up to four point six to one versus four point zero to one in October. That increase was to be expected as I was. Thirteen rolled out more mobile aggregate or APPS. I should point out why that is In Iowa's thirteen. The PODCAST APP is now native not native but on the home screen so new people getting all these new iphone elevens and whatnot the apple. Podcast APP is right. There and Oscar mobile aggregate or APPs not from spotify. Stitcher or from apple moved down a bit in December to fourteen point. Zero percent of all downs loads versus fifteen point zero in October and the big dog and aggregate APPs is still apple with apple podcast APP and I tuned coming in at fifty nine point six percent of all Dallas December. That's a little bit from where it wasn't October number. Two spotify at eleven point six stitches came in at third two point five overcast a two point four cast box two point one five podcast addict. One point nine four Google podcasts. At one point nine. And then podcast at one point three and that's everybody over one Except those absent never picked their user agents Ones with as your application name something And then to mothers combined by two percent but ones with names under one percent that were allowed to report our pod being player. Fm Pandora podcast Republic downcast. A tune in radio DEESOR ANTENNA pod breaker pod. Kicker Ara says Radio Himalayas Castro radio public eye catcher luminary bullhorn and Pod cruncher and then many more that come in under point. Oh two percent don't really weren't mentioned the big change in stats with spotify. Being passed through. Is that now looking at the spotify percentage for all shows it dropped a little A little bit versus just shows on Lipson DOT COM which by the way I went and looked at Lipson. Dot Com shows and it's percentage went up a little in December from October. One from thirteen point one to thirteen six but overall now that. I can look at all at once. Including all programmers customers. The percentage is down a little and that brings us to the last news item and that is the very bad reports that floated since the last episode went out. That spotify somehow beat apple podcasts consumption or was even or close no no no if saw any post about spotify overtaking apple in the last two weeks. It's all triggered to either the Morgan Stanley report and also a really really bad survey numbers from media research. Let's set the record straight and this. This is setting the record straight apple. Podcast I tunes is are the number one place. Podcasts are downloaded period. It's not just Lipson data. That says that but everyone else in the space as well charitable just released numbers that were pretty much darn close to ours within one percent for spotify and with one percent for apple and I have talked to others that are pretty close as well and and I should stop and point this out. Spotify numbers great. I've said this many times is great having a solid number two. But there's a big big gap between number one at sixty percent and number two at eleven point six and last time I checked sixty percent is Kinda SORTA more than eleven point. Six not equal. You hear me media research and Morgan Stanley. The numbers media research are just plain bad in my opinion. In how bad are they you ask? Well they got called out by. Everyone knows anything about podcasting and media. Research quickly realized their numbers were BS and way way off from reality which then left them with to clear choices one humbly admit they don't know the space and that their survey was off the mark or two they could double down on their ignorance and try to make up a definition for podcasting to fit their horrible report and much to their credit. They chose option one. Who Am I kidding? Of course they went with option to and believe it or not released an article titled Quote. Just what is a podcast anyway which they then try to change what a podcast was to meet their horrible survey see in their original report. They ask people if they listen to podcasts. An apple music well. Of course not because anyone. That knows anything about podcasts. Knows Apple Music does not have podcast in their double down chain reality posts. They said quote we of course know that. Rss DELIVERED. Podcasts are not available on apple music but podcast content and podcast like content is available there especially music shows unquote at that point. I was looking for the back link to the onion. We will actually link to this post from media research in the show notes because I think we all need a good laugh and cry. I emailed mark with media research early on and I offered to give him real data showing what people actually did from hundreds of millions of downloads. I will leave you with this quote from mark in that. E mail exchange quote. Yes we're measuring different things you're tracking analytics to see total market activity. Today we're tracking audience behavior and attitudes to present a view of where tomorrow is heading east or complementary methodologies unquote After that email they released that horrible post changing. What a podcast is. I don't think they care about being accurate which sorta you know is important for research to say? I'm very I know news and you step down. Yeah I think that one of the biggest things is that I didn't quite understand the behavior and and I keep coming back to apple music like I. Just don't get that aspect of it even if they are you saying like ours feed and then sometimes even music podcasts are downloaded and people listening playlist on apple music and all the stuff in house like. I don't think I've met anyone who has listened. They know they messed up. And the only solution was to try to rewrite. Change the narrative to say no. We didn't mess up. We we knew this. Of course we knew this. We're we just changed the definition of podcast because we're New Year and we can change it and the other thing. I not quite understanding. Is there tracking audience behavior and attitudes to present a view of where tomorrow is heading and so? I'm still not sure how I'm not sure how that's showing it not don't because the surveys like what are you doing how you listening well tomorrow. That's today right but if you look back at because of the tax because of the technology and the way that people are actually consuming podcasts. Right now in the space if we look back at five years. Let's let's just pick that five years ago like somebody like that. Twenty or twenty fourteen fifteen. The space has changed so much in how people were consuming content or podcast content. Podcast at that time that there's no way to look. I don't think that there's a I'm not sure I mean even set top boxes didn't exist to deliver like Alexai and things like that at that time did not. They weren't even a dream car. Play right I mean. There's all of these things that they weren't around. And so how do you do some people trying to justify some of their things by saying well you know? There's about the same number of people listening to podcasts on the different services people. Listen more on apple podcasts. It's not compared. You know it's not fair we would you mean people are consuming more on apple podcast. That's that's important they're saying is that people tend to. I think what I saw is that it's not that people listening more and applewhite guys. Is that the behavior of Apple podcast or other platforms is such that it downloads content. Whether or not the person has acted upon it without addressing the fact that you know there are many times where you can't turn that off so it doesn't do that. Behavior you know within an APP can be modified depending on and it turns itself off. Yeah all of these things so I do understand that. But the percentage of of it all meaning. Let's say it was just downloading one of the APPS and then it turns itself it doesn't justify everything else right like this just made my head kind of explode a little bit because I was literally confused. It wasn't even I was just supercomputing. Oh and what sucks even more is what it spawned. It's the same thing that you were talking about at the beginning of the show where people just ran with it. People just went with it and then and everybody had an opinion and they were actually some really good articles out there like there were. There was actually one in specific that I really enjoy reading. It was very smart. I really liked the breakdown. The chargeable article was really cool. To like there's a lot of stuff that was really good but the but the that was very nuanced and those were not the larger publications. The larger publications just had a field day. It was just like I think all they did was looked at the headline as it was reported by another publication and they just took it as fact that drives me nuts in. We didn't even get into the fact that getting your podcast. Donald podcast wild. That sixty percent of the consumption is apple. Podcast is another ten to fifteen that comes from overcast and cashbox and other ones that poll from Apple podcast directory. So you're really looking at seventy to seventy five percent of consumption from submitting your podcast apple podcasts and people making decisions of all while. I'm just GONNA have my show and spotify now that the head of Apple. No they're not add apple You know so you still want your podcast to be everywhere and I think some people use this bed information to make bad choices about where they distribute their podcast to. You won't be everywhere right and you want to be on spotify and you want an apple podcasts. You don't WanNa be in just spotify. You don't WanNa be just an apple pie gift because by the way you're you're never just an apple podcasts. Getting DABBLE I guess. Get many other places. I I don't think people understand that black hole like like at all all right. This does not have anything to do with the stats. That you just mentioned or this discussion but it does have to do with consumption an audio consumption specifically this is a tip that I saw via twitter and I am over the moon over the step K so you know what my favorite podcast APP is right. Yes yes yes okay. So they have this thing for premium users. That's called side load. Where you down you know you can essentially just click on an MP three file and through the extensions on Ios you can sigh loaded into Castro so you can just grab whatever MP3. You are doesn't have to be a podcast and it delivers it via the APP downloads. It but here's where it gets really interesting because I had already known about this. I think it's genius. It's a great way to add content and listen to it in a way that you really love. But now they've added the functionality to be able to pull that audio from Youtube so if you go to youtube on Safari on Ios you can essentially have the extension from safari side load into Castro and it pulls the audio into Castro for you. How amazing is that? And yes and no. Because if you're the podcast or in your podcast is getting side loaded into Castro from Youtube your neck and stats on that. But that's okay. I don't care about that. I care about the fact that this is what I'm saying is expanding the Listener Bill. Listening Culture here. This is expanding the ability for might like this. Here's a use case. A my daughter right now is obsessed with Book Iman. She loves POKEMON cards. She loves the POK MON game she. She's into collecting boogieman. She she wants to learn as much as possible. The majority of those on boxing videos or videos on Youtube are about pokemon. We can't have that so we don't have Internet here. They can't watch you two but if they go into town she can side load the audio for these for these on boxing videos and I know she can't see it but the whole point is that she really loves to listen. She listens to the information. That's being shared about fake cards and new card and this is a fancy card and whatever the heck she loves it so this for her. She was so happy when I told her about this. She was like mom. Do it right now do it right now. So I'm for for people. Who are that have. Ati that want to listen. This is great just to be able to listen to this extra content anyway. I'm just sharing that right now. Castro. There's a bug so you can't do it via ipads. They said that it's going to be pushed out in the next. There's going to be for that in the next release but you can definitely do it from IOS. I did it. I was like this is magic so I love it anyway. That's a little bit of user behavior. Tippett moving on now. Where have we been now? I I have had email issues and so I apologize. I don't anything for this category because I like couldn't get back to me emails and check but Where have you been healthy? I was on the milk. Podcast how bad you you might want to explain. What s mill podcast so milk? His mom's I'd like to follow and it was really fun interview very behind the scenes. I share all kinds of things that I've I always say that. But it's true like an every podcast I reveal a little extra about elsie so I think if somebody listened to all my podcasts. They'd like no me inside out and it would be a little scary but now so that was so fun and I want to give Kudos to Jennifer from the MILTHORPE CASCA. She has gone above and beyond for promotion. I mean on all honesty her the images that she shared with me to share her. Swipe Swipe files that she sent over the email like everything that she's doing to promote the episode is on point in terms of marketing. So if you guys want to check out her social feeds the way that she's marketing the show her visual brand. You guys take it. That's how you promote a podcast. And she's not requiring me to do it. She's doing it all on her own. So bonus for me to sharing amazing content and feeling incredibly supported. But here's another thing she did. She sent me a present. This is what she sent. Rob Let tell you what she said. She sent me a t shirt. A branded t shirt. I think it says got milk are got milk or something like that. I don't know I took pictures of it. But she sent me a t-shirt and She sent me on my God. This is insane. She sent me chocolate but not just any chocolate random chocolate and on the chocolate on top of the chocolate. It says milk. How about that anyway? I just WanNa say thank you. Kazakh was like wow. I was not expecting that super kind. Super Sweet just a thank you know a teacher and some chocolate with and her business cards were the ones that went. I at the table. No really yeah and it's a grand. It's also bonus it's a great show so she's she does a really great job all the way around anyway. Kudos Jennifer and one last thing before we switch on where we're going. We do have a new blog series on our blog and it is startup podcast series. That are going to be slowly publishing out. We have these lovely images that go along with it. We've been working very hard to get the stuff out so if you come across anybody that is looking to start a podcast and doesn't know where to begin. Now you have somewhere to send them so that they can read up and it would be awesome if you guys helped share these post out into the world so that we can get more engagement from people knowing good information about podcasting out Lincoln Janet to all that stuff where we're going. Dave Jackson will be at the mass media. Pica summit January twenty four th through twenty six virtually at least that's an online summit February eighth in the real world. Dave will be at the bay area. Independent podcast Publisher Association Event in Nevada California then podcast moving evolutions in La. Every twelve sixteenth raw greenlandic. Jackson will both be there. Dave will be at the spark Christian podcast conference in Houston Texas the Twenty First Twenty second in February. I will be at the National News. Broadcaster Twenty Twenty proclaimed twenty twenty show And that is in Nashville. The twenty fifth to the Twenty Eighth Elsie. Dave and I and more Listen WE'LL BE AT PODCAST Orlando March. Six to the eighth will be at N. A. B. Las Vegas late April and all bunch of us will be podcast. Movement Dow's Texas First Week of August and then of course she podcast live and NABC NYC in October with more INFO on those in the future Plus some other events Looking to get out to at least fifteen events in twenty twenty We'll see how that goes and of course. Please come out to the events will be at say. Hello we really do like to get around country in chickens Ducasse bumps Yada Yada as always if you have an organization or event and need someone to speak about podcasting. Just email me. Robert Lipton DOT COM. We have a few people that can help on that front. And we're working on twenty twenty schedule now. I think Dave is also going to be speaking. I can't remember the date in Mansfield Ohio which is way too close to where my ex lives so Dave's taken that one them all right. Well then on that note you guys will hear from us in a couple weeks but you can always send us feedback to the feed at Lipson DOT com. You can also call us for one to five seven three nine thousand nine hundred thirty four or you can download our free APP for both IOS and Android and they're literally little tiny places. You can tap to send US feedback. Leave a comment. Email us in whatever way you want within the APP itself so thank you so much. We really do appreciate you guys reaching out again. The feed at Lipson DOT COM. And on that note. You will hear from us in. A couple of weeks.

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