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Eleni Mitzali -- Move Over Men Make Way for Modern Empowered Women on the Move


Bundling home and Auto Progressive GonNa finally by a ring for that Gal of Yours Ugo send him my condolences this nice the starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box tickling the ivories he just saved and a meaningful impact in their next phase of life the guests and show content I bring to each week all address some unique aspect of learning leadership or legacy tuning in your attention we'll dive right in now we've landed a bit of a coup today to get a hold of the one and only Aleni goals and strategies to leverage creative living and giving I'm your host Donna Kim brand creative brain trainer and legacy strategy coach I helped Change Nottingham University and then I think it was about three years ago you can correct me if I'm wrong she made the move to New York City to work with a UK solly and we're going to be looking at making way for such modern empowered women on the move as Laney in fact she was born on the move born in Chicago but taken as a as a toddler infant really to grow up in Greece later found her way to England where she didn't architecture degree at welcome to living legacy leadership will you'll be introduced to incites tool it was really when I went to the UK that I met so many people from different backgrounds as well So over the years I think one of the grown up in a multicultural household and lived around the world has obviously given you exposure to a lot of different viewpoints different work ethics different cultural experiences wants a month by also offered training session to skill you and game change your thinking for your own application so get your notebook ready or sharpen up your memory about what I know when that's extent of my Greek Ooh do right now the fact that you've actually now would you do us the favor of just giving us a little Censor to greeting in Greek DEFA KEN so how you raise your own game as a leader and business in life and also showcase some extraordinary people who exemplify living legacy leadership at least hey based or at least UK originated startup business so welcome Eleni thanks for having me really happy to be here leisure Bruce and late career professionals who are deciding what's next to develop their thinking learning creativity and collaboration skills along with leadership mastery what would you say are some of the key learnings that you had frowned this upbringing so I think get things that taught me is to communicate and I actually listen to this talk I'm trying to find who who had done it you realize it until I actually went to college in Nottingham by growing up in Greece on going back and forth to the state viewpoint evolved wow this thing here hello thank you for having me I'm really glad to be here delighted at Fata Sto that's gets things that has impacted me throughout my life is different cultural communications within work but also personal relationships oh I'll take a step back and kind of star with the actual fighting to move to New York on get sperone into that a new branch of a media company that was opening up in New York City and you said yes hopped on a plane I and another big thing is actually never felt stop to a culture you know because I've moved around so much I kind of had to adopt actually find it but basically talking about how different cultures communicate and when I looked into it like yeah like I feel that that's one of the how do you find the work ethic is different in these different cultures yes I definitely do not different things on I think it taught me to learn to see those different things or you know they're not immediately visible it's to try and under now speaking of leadership you made the the the leap really from university days in England and an internship to a new company or at least immediate impacts seeing that immediate impact that you know my work was actually receiving on so that was kind of a big driver Dan m so it's really helped the communication in the professional world on and another person's work ethic on you know what I mean honestly coming from Greece like hyper was super super hard like I would tutored for the past two years and that's how everyone kind of knew their high school life it was all about school all about working twenty four seven on worked for a few different publications on like you said the most notable was our women's Vertical Babe just respect other people's culture and respect placate this base Niemeyer Mint I'm I'm in how about the winding road armament so I knew having worked with this company before Hounds I eight you know like the fast pace of it on really like the daily and in the beginning I really really enjoyed it on still kind of enjoyed that environment US Barry Fairy instant popularity you know thought that no one was prepared for you know I wasn't even prepared environment I with it and the people I was with on over the years I felt that's just kind of open up and become a lot a lot easier on it's really taught me to kind of stuck with me in a way you know in other cultures there's a different way of going about working you know people values itself but also comes from the environment that you're working on something at least I've tried to inspire in in a team you spend an entire year working on one building in the gratification was daily the impact was is it I don't think that any one is better than the other I think thoughts where communication kind of convinced to try and understand that led me to actually hop on a plane in twenty four hours notice on make that move top media for four years also understanding what motivates people because I feel that you know about a really different thing you know something that motivated me when I was growing up on you know we were very we were very young not without the fact that we were young incentive like in the same age of the it tell us what that was like being the editor of a startup magazine which was highly controversial I I dare say with a very strong point of view so tell us what it was like kind of had to rethink that I'm really put myself I well still keeping my passion were card you know isn't the same motivator as someone else on and I feel that that personal motivation that comes from would be writing stories that to ams something broke on I would be messaging with our with our members you know talking to them about their ears talking about it on twitter and on snl these are big name so it was crazy what you described as much as you want about the publication your demographic in than what the lifestyle was like for you in in New York City in that kind of work fat you know I like I like the fact pay but no-one prepared to blow up and have five million people know your know your website and you know and try and find that individual motivation cool yeah that's that's I think a modern approach to leadership so it's wonderful that you're able to to practice because of the fact that it was controversial and we were publishing you know be published a few really big stories that God been thought so I kind of had to realize and rethink my work life balance because that publication was my life I would eh our audience and that was what made this publication do so well but you know we were dealing with something bigger than we that's number one and then number two you know given your controversial I imagine some of the post you and Blah which was going on for about three about two and a half years maybe you think it almost got to three on you know espinel talked about it twice and we're just like Oh so that was I think the point dot where where the struggle began and put your health first on your well being I think is a is a skill and it's something that I try and share with you know my friends who I see for me but you know taking a step back and actually I've learned to be smarter about the way I work and how I approach that work life balance for work like I will always have a passion for where I'll always you never think of a job as a nine to five but I really had to commenting on what we tried to prepare everyone on the team for was you know you are writing the controversial opinion it was a completely new environment it was very nice spa paced environment are to what I was used to in architecture I think of that think about balance on I think especially New York is a hard place with special place to do it because it's New York is always on there looked up it was an all female staff What about the the stereotype that females are clawing at each other and very competitive the end because coming to New York for us out of college like you want to do everything you want to own your own company when you're twenty five issues that they had and it was really kind of all encompassing on you know went through a few trucks will points in my life and the fact that they are they are like a strong strong woman on you know can can talk about these things so that's kind of how we how we handle that on you know there really isn't you can't actually make any impact tried not to look at the comments but you know there were times when we people we saw people commenting things that were you know in a react really gratifying was seeing the people thought agreed with us who were made better people on we're also happy to see that MHM within the within the south like I tried not to only there's always something to work on and actually taking the time to step back people were fine with it you know like we did you try and have a culture where you know we didn't care what people were saying online on were aware of that actually handle any pushback before even publishing the story and Actually like a lot of goals you wrote and so on Nab Gaza pushback from people so how did you handle especially as you said you were working with the eighteen to twenty four demographic and that was the age of your into our story that was just blatantly wrong and you know and not case be would comment back to kind of like we don't want start things online but we also don't want people just like you know step all over us if you know they are just wrong and it's not an opinion thing anymore very supportive environment on the fact that it was the majority of us were winning it felt more open like we could talk about more things in those things out so you know I don't necessarily think we got any any comments about we're never going to have the quality so I mean definitely don't think like a cat fight between the girls awed you do need to prepare for the fact that not everyone's going to agree with it so we tried to you know make sure that Pete did bring an interesting perspective so you know I'm hard hitting you know feminist immune support support women but you know I feel like yeah so yeah that's I mean that's pretty amazing and a couple of questions about the dynamics all female I presume what is actually expressing an opinion dot you know they felt Annette made made them feel more empowered and more more comfortable in were allowing for multiple perspective that's pretty cool and you know we we move on to what you're doing now reading your job description I'm I dare say your staff how did you handle the pushback and not take it personally or did you it really depends I you know I'm not I'm not a fan of Internet Internet grove just because it's never gonNA go anywhere you've just sat there the majority been majority of our stuff was girls we also did actually have a few male members who I think brought shouldn't manager with cloud sense which is a salesforce platinum ISV partner that helps customers center companies reinvent the way they sell and deliver for the more on the marketing side so demand generation manager is basically a fancy word for marketing it's the view and so even though you came with a strong perspective on the publication You know that you as the leader ringleader of the group so I joined called sense about six months ago and I was only the second higher on the marketing team in the US So hopping a male presence and a male kind of like view on things also helps you put things in perspective 'cause I think are you know if we don't have thought than stop basically met that I was responsible for a lot of different things across the board which is what was attractive to me because customers and then there's more verbiage I mean I get I get part of it of course but what what do you actually up to now or you know change things in the world if you don't make people a little bit of a little bit mad on what was actually and try and raise awareness within our own network of contacts but also grow are following on grow so a bit more specialized I took it's on all our email marketing on our social marketing I was also responsible for babe you know touching a whole different a lot of different parts of the process and the journey what you're actually doing is in the process of being invented and reinvented every week or two so I imagine having to keep up your kind of saw a fun challenge and not how I've always approached any learning curve because I mean I've personally feel that yeah I don't even know what a lot of it means I know you know I'm GonNa let you explain it in a minute but it just says here on your CV you are a demand generation and telecommunications space as well as energy kind of cover a lot of different entity industries and are applicable. You're not you're never done learning anything on I always kind of think of I would tell myself to do the work on will I start up and did a completely kind of one eighty and now I work at a company for potential prospects and on cloud fence is like you said a salesforce Putnam partner but learning curve you just have to be open to open to anything apple the questions taken everything you know even you know I was thinking that I was because I had these four years experience I was set so just always be the open to the learning curve because I think in the company in the content in our message so you know I felt comfortable three months ago so it really isn't isn't that isn't that that's actually something that I always wanted to wanted to break into I actually was doing a bit of a Babe I worked with our engineers a lot on got you know we go through as women and personalized but also in the workplace in the workplace you know in a more male dominated fields like you wouldn't feel comfortable bringing basically means that our product is on sale towards it's not kind of stand alone and we work with large enterprise companies in the media on a lot of different places that media and telecom are like we like say bread and butter of well cool so you know a lot of kind of a new term in the space there's no real kind of one one thing that I do a steep learning curve all the time how do you how do you handle that yeah that's honestly very true I came into wall I mean I started what if you are open to an work hard cool and Kudos to you because some women of my generation in general where and I liked it that you said that having that perspective allows allows equality because in there are always multiple points John's where we don't think we have it all in the bag already and of course we found that male counterparts will say they can do it even if they don't have any also and females in the workplace or is it really a non issue you know I mean I think we've got a long ways to go it's new career change or a new top that you haven't done before but you know six months in I'm entirely comfortable in are very very comfortable in you know speaking up for themselves but not only speaking up but also oh to fully see that thought equality on I think at least the women that I've worked with generation ahead of you are in terms of life on the planet has traditionally been much more hesitant to apply for position my job at media not knowing anything about the media faith launched we launched babe not really knowing anything about growing a media company do how much more of a sense of agency of self efficacy of willing to jump in as an equal to their male counterparts what are some of the dynamics with males in my role but also you know the tech world is still a male dominated field on we are rounded by a lot of sales people on on so you know the fact that I came to clouds and not really knowing anything about how the technology space or the beater beat space thing in the bag and you know maybe that's just something generational maybe it's just you But I think the empowered women of today really AH ready zipped to a point of closure so I wanNA thank you so much you're very inspiring and I I love talking to win so you know proving my point in different ways is kind of something that I like to go things like that so you know keeping not communication open with your colleague antastic wonderful well at any our time together has the fact that it was all girls and you know Oh my God we're GonNa have catfights but we just didn't really didn't really care about that you know if someone's not doing well in their job you know doesn't matter if your girl or a guy but it was you're gonNA learn something new and try and spend everything into a positive but as far as getting through the I'm lucky enough to have a a female boss currently whom learning a ton from you know not and you know she I'm really learning how to navigate that fanatics you get my point across on really making it down a bit and be open to learning from everybody on the team and not going into something from previous conversations you talk about choosing for example to be happy and also you you've given advice or you would give advice to younger bouts what's GonNa get through get you through your career on really happy progress faster is being open to open to whether I am I like to do is you know actually proven my point through results that I get but you're dynamics I think rain were you hearing about other people's situations with their male colleagues on how they went about them you know what makes you feel that you know you're not as is necessary so I appreciate you slipping us into your very busy schedule I know you're running off to a meeting as we speak so how can people get a hold working at this company for four years on was responsible for so many different things than you know really really knew that space but I had to kind of let Michael website game changer thinking dot com to find more resources and links to coaching session so we look for seeing you or hearing from you and up and coming emails about not planning to far ahead because things change but have goals but the like you just said about learning the open to learn new things be open to change in pivot you know this is the way to do it and some people are in that grace you know I try and played the slow game on because sometimes you just you're just hello hi it's Jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message at the Hi Jamie it's me Jamie I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's savings coming at Ya savings coming at you yes no maybe anyway see you practice tonight I got new lyrics for the rap Break Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates Pricing Coverage Match Limited by state adages for yourself your family people you know we do have podcasts pass show available on I tunes SOB radio network and you can also check out impact and make people make people trust me in terms of you know for that working environment is I always tell people knowing when the right time to speak up on I feel that something not I personally do is you know I'm I'm not the type of person to just you know immediately shout out tell us what you want to pay hey hey trombone goes blah blah blah and you say we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes a stall thank you so much for being with us today and thanks also to our listeners for being on the show this week we hope he game some new insights tools or France next week on living legacy leadership and remember the life you live is the legacy you leave bye bye now oh you know be open to talking about that with war your group of girlfriends whether they're people at work whether they're your friends outside air my email there on yeah feel pretty took super and I'm going to spell that out so that's www dot l. any savings coming at Ya savings coming at you yes no maybe anyway see you practice tonight I got new lyrics for the rap Break Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited hi it's Jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in

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