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Thank you for listening to this. Podcast one production now available on spotify apple podcasts. Podcast one dot com in anywhere else. You podcasts this is the rich Eisen show. It's on my phone. And my oh my gosh nationwide online at richeisenshow dot com either in the clubhouse rich. Eisen live from the Rich Eisen show studio in Los Angeles Everyday Vailable now on the rich. Eisen show APP earlier on the show from NBC sports. Peter King coming up three time pro bowl quarterback Carson Palmer was star of the CBS drama. Blue bloods actor Tom. Selleck and now rich. Is everybody the final hour here of the rich? Eisen show on this Monday before draft week relied in Los Angeles California on our simulcast. You can check us out every single day from one to three eastern right here on NBC. Our our number one. We did not We did not get pulled off so I'm going to take that as a positive and we're still on something. Maybe they like the poll question. Because Tom Selleck is calling into this. Show we decided to make our poll question. Selleck mustache centric. Christopher Brockman my On air colleague. Who IS EARLY RICH? Eisen podcast as from which the rich Eisen show was born over five years ago now here on NBC? `Send Mike Del Tufo my My audio executive Over there from my great state of New Jersey read the poll question Christopher over there thanks to all five thousand of you who voted so far at richeisenshow. Who's got the best TV mustache of all time Tom? Selleck Alex Trebek's Isaac from the love boat and Ned Flanders guys. Tom selleck running running away. With this sixty four percent. Ned Flanders a cartoon. My new is second eighteen. Percents that reminder Alex trebek's thirteen percent Isaac from the love boat a hair under five Dan. How's Isaac No wait the double point? I mean the number of times that Isaac made sure that Jack Klugman and Charo could get together when it looked like they were gonNA break up. I mean yeah I just said those words I just said those words Tomorrow show already have a guest at this very time. Make sure you're here on. Nbc tomorrow at this. Very time. Or on a youtube stream YouTube dot com slash richeisenshow. Please subscribe there too. You can go down to video. Wormhole there Siriusxm Channel Two eleven podcast fellow on podcast. One This very point tomorrow very funny. Joel McHale will call into the show. Did you catch the tiger king added at on last night on Netflix? Joel hosted now. Oh My Gosh. It was a great. Yeah we'll talk about that with With Joel and also. He's a die-hard Seahawk Fan so We'll we'll hit the NFL draft with a very funny Joel McHale Right now. I turn the phone line. A man who spent fifteen years in the National Football League heisman trophy winner from USC and a good friend of the program Number one overall pick back in his day he is Carson Palmer how are you Carson? Well let me you got a man who knows his facial hair and you do you want to chime in on our poll question today to start everything off the mustache and television off. You heard the choices that we have out there carson. I mean I I I actually used to rock a Detroit Tiger hat back in the day and couldn't name a player on the team but but magnum. Pi used to rock that hat. So I did myself serious. I think he's an obvious pick for runaway and in fact she he had the mustache in which every mustache was judged after. No doubt the best the best mustache ever well. I mean I do have do on behalf of Burt Reynolds. Step in here and say but maybe just television wise and we're we're we're looking at right now at the Detroit Tiger hat so you would watch magnum Pi in Young Carson. Palmer grownups it. I gotta I gotTa rock the Detroit Tiger Hat because a magnum love the show rock dot hat like I said for a long time. I couldn't have told you a player on the team but magnum. Pi was wearing the hat. So it was. I is that why you have a Ferrari now to Carson Red Ferrari do you slide across the hood of it when you get home. That's what you do all right. Let's let's get into some football conversation. Your name came up last couple of weeks ago. And and Trent dilfer on talking about Tom Brady and how he will look in the Bruce Arians offense or how the two of them will work together and he's like you know who would talk very well on this front about it would be Carson Palmer so now here you are. How do you feel the Arians? Brady marriage will go carson. I think it's GonNa be Great. I mean Bruce's You Know He. He's a very difficult guy to play for. He's he has a very very high expectations. He doesn't put up with a lot of nonsense But he treats his vets like like adults and like that treats the young guys like young guys and and obviously Brady coming there and having experience he has I I I see him running and and then running a lot of what. Bruce's offense has been for a number of years. But I also see Tom. Coming in and going. Look I need my thirty pass plays but I absolutely love we can we. Can you know return them and put them in your language? So they fit in the Bruce Arians offense but I I would. I would almost be positive. And I don't know this for a fact but Tom's coming in and really running the bread and butter of of what he's been running for the past twenty years. I mean there are very few quarterbacks that get to play really in the same system their entire careers and for twenty years in New England That was you know it was you know I. It was Charlie Weis and bill. O'brien and then Josh mcdaniels. But really that was. That was brady offense if you go back and look at the years. They're running the same concept year after year after year. You know it goes from You know Wes Welker into Jillian adamant and then just continues to evolve into different players but really the bread butter of of what he's been running for the last twenty years so I I would. I would assume that Tom's going in New England with his top thirty forty pass plays and really kind of building What Bruce is often doesn't have or isn't you know doesn't have similar place to what Brady's been running for so long and then building upon that so I I think at the end of the day. It's a really good mixture of those two guys offenses Carson. You started your answer with two statements. That normally would be contradictory. You said it's GonNa go great and then you said Aaron's is difficult to play for normally. That sounds like that would be a bad mix. What makes him so difficult to play for? That actually is great for a quarterback Carson. Well that sounds a lot like bill check doesn't it? I mean a really really great play for but really really difficult and very demanding and very high expectations You know it'd be one thing to be a first year quarterback and a rookie quarterback under Bruce. It would be a long long season but being Tom and having his accomplishments and and You know his twenty plus years of experience think Bruce is going to treat them really really well and treat them like a vet. But I think Tom is used to a certain standard and bruce demand that same kind of standard that that I think Bella check does New England so I think that message is going to be really. Well it's not gonna be that far off As far as how difficult practice is GonNa be how intense meetings are going to be how you really have to be On top of your game where you're sitting in the classroom and Bruce's up in front of the group or you're out there on the practice field or your you know on the sidelines and game that he is always on. It is very strict New cannot if you're young receiver and you line up in the wrong spot. You know more than one time. You're probably is probably a couple of days to get another rep on the practice field. He he does not put up with nonsense. And not knowing your stuff and that's a lot of what we hear out a out of Tom Outta Bill. Belichick in New England is is difficult to play for. He's very demanding. So you know I I. I don't think it's too big of a transition for Brady. He's not going to you. Know Very Loosey Goosey environment With a lot of you know pump up speeches and and You know some of the stuff you hear out a different Teams in the League. He's going to kind of a similar guy. Expects you to be on your PS and QS. He expects you have already watched your opponent coming in To the next week. And no you know. Know the defenses. You're playing and You know the personnel. I mean he. He is He is not easy to play for. But as long as you take your business you play to his standard and the standard you set for yourself and you you come into a game week knowing your opponent and knowing what blitz come up on third down and what to expect in the red zone as long as you stay on top of your game. Bruce's is great blackboard. So what's the most difficult this begs? The question begs a follow up Carson Palmer. What's the most difficult memory or the most difficult areas was to you? That leaps out from your memory. I mean the most difficult moment. Bruce there was there was one every day. Okay let you get away with anything. His you know his point is this. Is the national. Football League? Guys aren't run around wide open. You have to create. You have to make these guys open and throw guys open and use your eyes to open up Receivers and tight ends and running backs out of the Backfield But he's just always on and he's great he's great to have a beer with and play golf with but when you're at the facility you better be on your game and you better know if he asked you a question you'd better know the answer or else you're going to hear about it and you're going to hear about it and so is everybody else on that team because he's GonNa say it loud enough that everybody hears him You know making sure you know your stuff and and from everything we all know about. Tom Is is. He shows up ready to work. He shows up prepared. So I just think that Nash is going to be really really natural and easy for the two of them Carson Palmer here on the rich. Eisen show so you say again Tom will come in with a bunch of plays and Bruce will change the language Byron left which will place it all into an offense off. They go What do you say to people who think it's not? Maybe a scheme fit because of the no risk it no biscuit. Tom's going to be forty three. There might not be enough people back to protect etc so on and so forth. That's definitely been part of the conversation. I've heard a lot about. Yeah I mean you look at Bruce's offense and he sits in a he empties the backfield and they're in spread offense Novak's in the backfield. No extra tight ends in blocking. It's five on five. You know. Five offense align the blocking four or five pass rusher so I mean that that's what That's what Bruce wants to be in. He wants to give you as many options as as you can have with with having five guys out in a row and you look back especially back in the day In the mid two thousand you know Brady was in a ton of empty packages and just would sit at the line of scrimmage and no huddle type scenarios and redirect protections and pick up a lot of different blitzing schemes. That people bringing them and throw the ball down the field. So I think Those two guys see the game. The same now can can brady still on a on a seven step no hits Type of pass play. Throw it sixty five yards. If you've got the right coverage and the right pattern on probably he's probably a guy that needs to get the top drop. Be Moving up in the pocket and be over really hitch into throws to get the ball down the field That is going to take away some of the stuff that bruce loves to do But what you lose with Brady You know in in his arm being forty two years old and maybe not having You know the same carry on on his long balls. Maybe not having the same arm strength you gain so many other things. I mean you is his ability. To the line of scrimmage to dissect what you're bringing defensively and put himself and the guys around him in the correct protection for that blitz is second to none so what you lose physically with Brady's agent and all the all the wear and tear his body you game so much from and then you throw in the whole leadership aspect and the expectation aspect every day. Those guys are having to walk in facility with. Maybe the greatest quarterback to ever play the game mean you gain so much When when you weigh the the gains versus the losses and the pluses versus the minus with Brady and his age. It just has so much more to offer with his leadership and his ability to to run an offense at the line of scrimmage for let you go Carson Palmer the The big story outside of the Super Bowl At the Super Bowl was where Brady was going to go Now we know the answer to that the other story outside of the Serbo. So big involved Joe Borough and whether he wanted to be drafted by Cincinnati. Your brother being his throwing Guru and your comments about the Bengals You'd realize you kind of threw everything into the fine Pan Right Carson back then. Yeah I did that a while ago though. That didn't just happen at the Super Bowl. There hasn't about seven eight nine years ago. Something like that so yeah that that didn't that didn't go over. Well I get it. Yeah I'm I'm GonNa give an answer and you know outside of the Cincinnati outside of the bengals organization. I don't think there's many people that would argue that. They haven't been really very competitive for the last twenty years So that's basically what I was saying right and but it's different now right. I mean I know the owners the same but they seem to have a would you say. Would you say that still stands your statement? I I haven't been there in six or seven years so I can't speak to to how things are currently operating I I just hope that they are taking those those strides in and making an effort You know to get up to speed with the rest of the League and be on par with the rest of the League as far as you know everything that goes into building organization and building a culture and and Just over the last. I don't know how many years or decades they just haven't consistently Shown an effort to try to win the Super Bowl and do whatever it takes and higher you know. Gm They can come in and and you know move things in the right direction They they seem to just kinda be sitting in the same spot. They have been for for last ample decades. And I know from You know just friends in the area and Lifelong Bengal fans. I know it's frustrating from their perspective. It's frustrating from a you know a player's perspective when you come from one organization and then get there and see how things we've done. It can be frustrating. So I think there's just a lot of pent-up frustration from You know past players. Maybe some current players. But I know definitely from the fan base and Jo's an exciting player. He's an exciting talent. I mean he's he's in Ohio Kid I know You know that team organization means a lot to him growing up in that area. Stop the to play in front of this. Is Family play in front of his high school teammates? You know all all the people that are still there but he grew up around And and that he means so much so you know if if what it looks like it looks like he's GonNa go there if he goes there You know he's got his work cut out for him. That's a really difficult division division. To begin you gotTa Play Against Baltimore. Year in your. You gotTA play against Pittsburgh year in your out. Cleveland's kind of a wild card because they have this massive amount of talent on their roster. So it's an uphill battle No doubt and the teams that pick number one. You always have enough to uphill battle because you had the worst record in the league. The previous year so You know I'm I'm excited for him. I think it's kind of every kid's dream to go and play for their hometown team And get to play in your home state or your home city. So that is That's unique and that special. Not many people get that opportunity and it looks like Joe's me get that chance Carson. The man really appreciate you coming on the show Best Your family best your wife. Best Your Kid's best to all the Palmer's You take care of yourself. Thanks for the time. Thanks rich right back at you go that's Carson Palmer. Right here on the rich. Eisen show how about that. He wore a Detroit Tigers cap because of our next guest. Tom selleck wearing. It has added some great insight on what how Brady and Arians. They're going to just Mesh. Sounds like what Brady what what airings expectations of somebody or what he might make? Somebody's life difficult. Sounds like Brady just comes in already wired for it right. Tom selleck coming up next but before we had to break. I just want to let you know about GEICO. And how GEICO can if you own or rent your home make everything easier by bundling policies with gyco making it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing because you already have so much to do. Obviously around your home go to GEICO DOT com. Get a quote. See how much you can save. It's GEICO easy. Visit GEICO DOT com. Today that's GEIKO DOT com. Tom Selleck when we come back here on the rich Eisen show. Okay so Tom selleck will be joining us In a matter of moments here after this three minute break here on right now. Just talking to our youtube viewers YouTube dot com slash richeisenshow before we return to NBC. `Send and we're having a lot of fun already in our first day here and we'll take all of your phone. Cho's look at that photograph of Tom. Selleck from back in the day with the the lead the old English de right there magnum. Pi Way back in the day. And we'll talk alkaline with with Tom. Selleck in a second here on the show how about Carson Palmer. One of the best college quarterbacks ever right Heisman Trophy winner I overall pick in the. Nfl accomplished man thrown up in southern California. Couldn't name you one Detroit Tigers Player but Detroit Tigers. How does a kid because he loved Magnum Pi? He picked it up from Tom. Selling so that would have been like mid to late Nineties Tigers Well Carson Carson Palmer. I know because suzy was covering the USC and she bluer knee out right before our wedding and we watched as her her knee she just got it a knee surgery we watched Carson Palmer in the orange bowl so that'll be two thousand and two. G. Can go back to when he was in high school. That's nineteen ninety eight. You go back a little further. Yeah the Nineties Tigers mid-nineties Tigers. Let's look at the Ninety six tigers. We're GONNA Brad off Miss Tony. Clark President Tony Cecil Fielder Hell heavy seaman and then the Yankees got him. Cecil fielder won the world series with the Yankees and ninety-six. Remember that Cecil fielder join the Yankees magazine. Ham and Strawberry Veterans Ranch strength. Yeah Oh yeah. Look at the ninety six right. They traded for them. Got The last fifty games of the year with Cecil fielder was Yankees. Won The world series and ninety six with Cecil fielder Dow Strawberry. Wade boggs. Charlie Hayes is the one who snagged down man. I remember dogs on a stupid whore indeed Sir and by the way that is the absolute one hundred percent. Sign a phantom. I hated him until he wore pinstripes in more than and rode that horse in a mile. Box See I never got clements. Clements was the one that Never Tim Raines. Rock rains was on that ninety-six Yankees team so cone. So Jimmy key was he. Forty-five Jim teases sportscenter. Jimmy Key. Oh yeah but no mattingly crush on sale my God. He should aren't very excited to talk to Tom. Selleck come back here on the rich. Eisen show and just about thirty seconds. We'll be back on. Nbc S. and we're all there every single day from one three eastern. We thank everybody for hanging on our youtube feed on Youtube every single day from noon to three eastern. And that's how a rolling Tom selleck blue bloods on CBS. When we come back in a moment to the rich Eisen show live here on. Nbc S and again every single day from one to three eastern for For this Monday the rest of the week. We've got Joel McHale on tomorrow's show. We've got the actor. Geoffrey right from WESTWORLD GONNA be joining us on Friday because we'd like to mix pop culture television movies music with the sports world. Sports is as pop cultures. Anything else. So if you're just somehow watching us for the first time we've been on five plus years and I'll be very honest with hoping to get this This next guest on this program for those five years and I'm thrilled to be turning to the phone line right now and find the Emmy Award and Golden Globe Golden Globe award winning actor from blue. Bloods currently airing in season ten Fridays on CBS. At Ten eastern time the actor. Tom SELLECK OUR UTAH. Thanks for coming in. I am better for talking to you. I appreciate you calling into the show. Just had the fifteen year. Nfl Veteran Carson Palmer on tigers cap as a kid because you did on Magnum. Pi In he couldn't name a single Detroit Tiger from the team. So you were well. You know I'm I'm an SEC. Alarm on Obviously SC Fan. I didn't know that but What a what a great career Hat Carson Palmer. No doubt about that so I know you wanNA share some stories about The great alkaline who passed away last week so I will give you the floor. Tom On on on on who alkaline was to you. Well look. He was my my boyhood hero when I was My Dad put my brother and my mom I in a car and drove out to California took the risk and we started life out there but it's promised to my mom was She had eight brothers and sisters was I'll get you back there every summer. So every summer we'd pile into mostly a fifty three pontiac and and drive straight through because my dad was working on commission so we only had like a week in. Detroit and he had to get back and he was real estate. So anyway I was a huge Tiger Fan. We had no dodgers in La. Till I think what was fifty seven so I sound like an old timer. Don't I well I am so we had the the La Angels in Hollywood stars where a Minor League Baseball teams? But I was a tiger fan and somehow I got the tiger locker room and met L. K. Line along with Harvey Kane and a lot of that was obviously. A big deal is a very young kid He just And occasionally the Tigers had get on game of the week and in those days you. That's all the baseball Major League Baseball. We got to see You know once a week that was the game of the week and and that was it so case. I got him play. I just admired the way he played in the more. I found out about him that the more I admired who. He was He he wasn't any kind of a showboat. He was a great Ashley and But he he let his His playing is is is character. Speak for itself and I I always that was kind of The mindset I hopefully in inherited from There's a there's a story rich and I thought it was one of those mythological stories. Maybe like Babe Ruth pointing and calling his shot. Who knows what whether that's true. Well I always heard this story so I went to spring training with the Tigers to prepare for movie Mr Baseball and Sparky who I knew by then because I worked out with tigers a couple times sitcom to spring training. It'll help you prepare so I went for two weeks. I night I go to dinner with sparky and and Jim Campbell. Who was the general manager of the Tigers for years? I said I've heard this story. You know and you gotTa tell me. Is this just a meth or something? Evidently hundred thousand dollars was the big mark for the our best baseball players in those days. And that's what Mickey Mantle and Who else was getting it. Sure I'm sure anyway. Yeah I'm sure mantle and all the all the all the top players back in the day. We're getting Tom. Well Know Mickey Mantle was that was it okay and So basically I said this was the days where players came in and negotiated their own deals. They didn't have agents or anything so comes in the end of the season beginning of the next and and they say are your as valuable as Mickey Mantle. And we're proudly going to give you a hundred grand next year and K line said I had heard. I don't want it. I didn't have a good enough year. I didn't hit three hundred. You said next year I'll hit three hundred and you can give it to me but not this year and I asked Jim Campbell if that was true because he was in the room and he. Yeah he's an out wouldn't let me tell anybody so all year. I got beat up in the press. Giving them worth. What I think is important to remember about Al. Que Line and what I hope his legacy would be is He just that that was very typical who he was and And who he was how he played. And that's not always the case anymore. No definitely not. I don't think you can imagine how K line slipping back. I don't like people who flip bats. Maybe I grew up in a different sports world that I I've always believed in all sports that if you demeanor opponent view trivialize your accomplishment and it's it's it would be nice to see that legacy continue and he he certainly my heroes still and the more that story gets out the the ironic thing is. I tell that to people who remember that generation and all and they're kind of in awe. If I tell that story to kids I do a lot of work with him. Kids they the general responses. What a chump kid. I don't know I would agree with you. Thomas it's not a good thing it just shows a sense of responsibility you know In a way just to do you know. Did he hit three hundred the next year. Did he do that? Did you get them on? I don't know I do know a little known fact you know. He's credited with three hundred ninety. Nine home runs right ten golden gloves and he actually hit four hundred home runs but one was taken away because of a rain out. There's a little known fact. I don't know whether hit three hundred Up until his very last season he had a lifetime three hundred batting average and his wife had to convince them to to play one more year to get three thousand. Hits He was he was a proud man. But Ah took pleasure in his abilities. He was a phenomenal baseball player. Wendy see the evaluations guys. Like Brooks Robinson all the people who played in his day and subsequently you see the respect he earned as a player. the other player got one hundred grand with a shoulder. Go that makes sense. That makes sense that makes sense guys and and I only got underground and I assume he hit three hundred. You did for most of his career so youngest guy to ever win a batting title but those are stats More important is who he was. No doubt I do know he wasn't just you know it wasn't a do-gooder or just a stuffed shirt. You know what to tell me if I'm talking to know by the way Tom Selleck here on the I. I love all this because I know he kind of played a prank on you. When you when you went to spring training he go to spring training and The backstay really big deal. He was he obviously knew I was a big Fan. I I certainly talked about it enough interviews and he on his own comes up to me. He's in uniform and he says you. WanNa play catch When we after we stretched and we've warmed up and so I got that play long. Talks with my boyhood idol which is a rare thing. But I I I figured the Tigers Kinda accepted may sparking made sure I had a locker with everybody and and I just They tried not to treat me differently. What they treated me like was rookie. So I I mean I figured I was accepted because there were constant pranks on the new rookie like putting eat rub in my jockstrap atomic bomb. Call this and I They're all watching me and we're out stretching and I'm just feeling a little uncomfortable and laugh started so I got to the point. I'm the smell. And everything I put on. I was very suspicious. Sanitary socks anything and But outcomes over one day and he pulled up a stool and I'm trying not to act impressed or anything and just be normal and I don't want to gush or anything and he's talking about me and how I'm doing you know hitting and stuff and and and and I see everybody staring at me in the locker room and I go boy. They're impressed else fails accepting me well And every time I look away he he get my attention. Is this talent. Listen to me? And so he is and what they've done is they put a product skin lube in my shoes up. It's a little put on. What did they do to you? My God Celik filled it up and I never got to look at my shoes. 'cause I was in a hurry but I wanted to listen to our feet. Into a big pilot Goo GA P laugh. But if if I'm not mistaken sparky did have your back when he tried to give you an at bat in Spring Training Right. Where well spark? Yeah what happened in that one? Well he called me in And they said Tom We plan the world champion reds at night. He says look I. I not going to really know what this is like. You know what it's like hanging out with the players but I'm GonNa get you in at that. He said they're probably gonNA find me. But what the hell can they do to me? So He says I'm GonNa put you in the seventh inning. And you're gonNA pinch hit and so on sweating bullets I mean I'm I'm I'm excited. But but scary and I was sitting on. The bench usually sat with a great player. Great Guy Dave Bergman to the guys and I knew them all by then and seventh-inning comes around in Sparky doesn't even look at me. He just Kinda strolls down the dugout in my direction as he passes me. He doesn't look at me but says because the guy warming up was rob. Dibble Rockville all. Yeah nasty boat around dental really hard and grunted when he warmed up. So I'm really sweating. Bullets and sparky walks by. Doesn't even look to me but he says in logos. I'm GONNA wait a minute turned out the show. Anybody up which is serving. I know alkaline believed in you. Don't show people up in baseball and He had talked to Lou. Pinella and lucid. Look I don't mind if you put them in. That'd be fun for everybody. It'd be a little change of pace but don't do it with my closer so he waited in ending and I went in and got my bat. What'd you do? Well I hung in there. I think Al might have been in the booth during the announcing but I hung in there. I my my brush with greatness fouled off about four pitching go. I was late I was late. I hit left handed. I throw right and Me and Ted Williams and You know the ball always going up near down the third base line in the stands and so the guy is in the tiger bull fan told me later because they were rooting for me. I was one of the team now. they thought it was pretty cold. Because eventually the guy throws me he'd been thrown straight and everything else He went off speed on Tom. Selleck did he go off speed on you. Tom Did he really go off. Speed on the he went way off. Speedy through knuckle curve which. I slow pitches left-handers so out kind of mid lower by and and by the time I swing. It's the dirt in front of the plate and the guys in the Tiger bullpens up. That was cold. He didn't want some goofy actor. I vest not what he's trying to make the club before I let you go Tom. I'm just glad that you're on the show to talk about this season ten of blue bloods on Friday at At Ten eastern time and What The New York City Police Department is going through right. Now is nothing short of heroic and. I'm sure you must have some thoughts on that subject. Tom Before I let you go here. Well obviously I got a lot of friends in New York. I got a lot of friends and in light. Pd they're doing their job And all we can do is be good citizens and do our job but all those people on the line just of from ems fire. Ems. Guys that police to the military people especially the caregivers. it's different. I got a lot of friends and I flew out before they They shut it down They shut down our show and I flew out. 'cause my homes in California and I saw with my wife so I had a couple of weeks of quarantine and I'm doing fine. That's great to hear but I think everybody the only thing I I wish I could do as a citizen if I was still there is open my window and seven night banks pans shout support which I think a wonderful thing I think it It it. It says a lot of the people that police get You know get you get a couple of bad apples. Police get blamed for all sorts of things. I kind of know what the job entails after playing the police commissioner for ten years of It's What they do and what. They sacrifice and the toll on on police officers and emergency workers. There's a there's a toll on what you see that you can't it can't help affecting you and and it's it's multiplied about tenfold right now and it just grinds you down so Thank you no. Thank everybody for their service just understand the toll wet that's taken and then they gotta go home their families and hope they don't get sick and that's well said as possible. Tom And I appreciate you calling in and sharing those memories that you did and saying what you just said so very well straight from Commissioner New York City Police Commissioner of blue bloods himself and Frank Reagan right there before I let you go because we're we're here to help people's you sort of take their minds off of things. We fashioned our poll question today in honor of you. Tom selleck my my my colleague. Chris Brockman read off the poll question. Right now we know who he's going to vote for but maybe he'll vote for second place here. Chris Tomah in honor of you. Who's got the best TV mustache of all time yourself? You know I knew you were going to do mustache question. I don't get through an interview without a moustache quite well. I need the mustache. I was born without it. But who's got the best one besides me. Alex Trebek's Isaac from the love voter Ned Flanders. Oh Gosh you know what a good word. That was a great one but we went television. We didn't go sports because we could. We could have gone all that way so so. Give him the other choices. So we went Alex back from back. In the day Isaac from the love boat and Ned Flanders from the simpsons. But he got who? Would you vote for second place there? Tom I'd go for obvious reasons. I hope it's a shot in the arm in his arm. Alex trebek's okay. What is a Mench Tom? Selleck right there. That's well done Tom. Thanks frank thanks for calling in you take care of yourself and hopefully this'll be the first to many times you call in. I'm a big Fan. Thanks for thanks for talking about how you got Tom. Selleck right here on the rich Eisen show. I mean it's I. I remember just real quick first time doing sportscenter. I was so nervous. I did a half an hour show. It was march madness. It was sweet. Sixteen I did it with Larry Bill. I had eleven tapes. I only saw of them going down to ten highlights blind. I remember thinking to myself. I have two choices. I can down my leg or I can do this show. I might have done both. I got through it then. I'm doing my first sportscenter and get through it and I'm nervous but I threw it next time. I'm looking at all the tapes. It's the two. Am The tapes? Come up because it was back in the day tapes. Come up from downstairs. That's the way it was. Tapes would be used from eleven o'clock sportscenter for the two sports in it. I'm looking at all of them and I feel like there's a presence to my left this large presence this shadow to my left and I look up and it's Dan Patrick looking me in the face going so you nervous. Wh and I just absolutely lost and a couple times. He did that a little bit more and I thought to myself okay. I'm one of the team. At least that's the way I looked at it. Yeah he wouldn't have done that he didn't think I could handle it or you know. Tom was one of the team that they didn't they. Didn't you know what I see? How my my my ears phone like. They did him. Hot Foot one of the team so I appreciate Tom. Selleck for coming on the show and talking about the great alkaline who passed away last week. May He rest in peace. Yes indeed. I got a story like that. Richie breaks we're not on. Nbc FIRST NFC Championship. Mix same thing you're sitting there. I'm in the truck. I'm in Giant Stadium and I'm sitting here and David Hill. Great Executive Fox comes in walks in the room and goes by the way. It's not like everyone in. Your family is going to be watching everyone you know. Yeah there's no pressure on your del Tufo few mess ups. No one's going to say and I'm sure it look God the number of Times Steve Bornstein my rabbi who smart enough to have hired me twice so I like to say from. Espn baby. And I'll clean it up. He would walk in right before walkup right to my desk before going on an assignment or sometimes just as we're about to go live a rich. Don't F enough exactly. That's a big. That's basically what he would do. Richie Baby Richie boy. And we're all count. Lock average been confined. This is why we hired you. But there's five don't F it up that's basically what he would say all the time. Thanks Steve He did that in Jersey. When we did the game which I believe he did that. Jersey did the game we were on my Gosh Crazy. Don Boyer according producers saying that. He's done that to you many times. Okay all producers directors have done it to me. I love it. Do you got the magic hands. I worked magic. I don't know what that means man magic. Can't you mess up? It's Tom Selleck ever on the love boat. Did we ever looked? Eighty ran to eighty three right on. Hold on this. I got this. I got this. I'M GONNA say at least eighty two eighty three. Oh what the lump o one way and went for seven eighty seven. I don't know all the way down. Its First Credit Lancer Lancer the US on Lancer and then in the seventies. He was on Terminal Island. Which sounds of the exact opposite of fantasy island? Marcus Welby. Nd Manic streets of San Francisco who've Charlie's angels? Wow taxi for an episode. Homa nope Rockford files. The Fall Guy Gray Simon and Simon those murder. She wrote close together birds. She wrote tonight. Tom selleck guest ours. Friendly promotional announcement tonight and all week in prime time right here on M. B. C. S. N. Starting at seven eastern time returned to Rio starting out with the best of team. Usa again tonight and all week and prime time right here on NBC S. N. seven Eastern Time. Return to real. Check it out right here as you can check us out every single day right after Mike Tirico is done with his our our two hours and I WANNA thank Peter King Carson Palmer and that was fun with Tom. Selleck right there. How about that sparky Anderson's like going to put any checks lou? Pinella who by the way is the biggest of all red asses. We love our times with Lou when he calls in right and and a warm up. Put them in just not against my closer. They had three closers. Remember that ninety one. Oh Yeah the Nasty Boys Were Charlton. Dibble yeah and Myers. So don't do it against my closers. He had three of them. So Tom Selleck. At-bat is on Youtube okay. From Spring Training. Ninety one it has to pitch. Is the last two thousand one off? We know who's pitched down the third base side? Yeah number forty three pitching from the Cincinnati Reds and then the next pitch it is A. Tom Just said it was a knuckle curve. It is nasty. He goes down swing. And that's not right. How do you not give cookie? Tom Selling let him hit it. Like it's right out over. The plate looks fat and then dives hard down at Tom's feet. Auto Muggings overtop by coordinating executive producer. Don Boys and Myers you be the guy who gives up a hit to an actor I want I want an autograph Yeah Yeah I want something from Tom. Selleck didn't Shan Park Cookie to to Darken all star game. So this is the same thing I know. It's a whole Thompson a hall of Famer. That's easing the Mustache Hall of fame. He's in the Ferrari Hall of fame. He's in the Baseball Hall of fame. But I don't know if those places exist Allen Pennsylvania. Let's take his phone call here on the rich Eisen show. What's up? Hey rush thanks for taking my call loud to see back on the air again. The Big Fan here show and everything appreciate it. We're we're everyday okay. Great I'm glad to hear that And while you were speaking with. Tom selleck about alkaline. And everything. I've just gotTa say that. I've been watching baseball since the Back in the nineteen sixties. I played little league ball and You know baseball up through whenever I couldn't play baseball anymore and And I've seen a lot of the great players I'm a New Yorker. So Mickey Battle is my favorite baseball idol of all time. But I gotta say Al. Hey Line to me. Was the American League right fielder. Equivalent to Roberto Clementi in the National League. I Roberto was the greatest right fielder of all time but if anybody compared to Roberto I think it's GonNa be okay. Line 'CAUSE I. I didn't get to see alkaline. Play whenever they were playing the Yankees the Yankees where my team and I don't think I've seen a better rightfielder sense. Then you know not American League so alkaline out. Thanks for calling for your memories of alkaline right there. I remember going Tiger Stadium for the first time Freshman Year of College University Michigan. My friends are like you. GotTa go to the Ballpark went to Tiger Stadium. And there was The Donny Baseball Minor. Tell US embassy real quick obstructive use seats. They those girls that the difference being an east coaster and a mid Westerner was stark when I stood up and started clapping over the last line of the national anthem in everybody from the Midwest was standing at attention cease. Coasters WILL I. I like about the start playing in the brave. I stood up and started. Clapping people staring at me like what's your malfunction and I'm like oh I'm sorry I mean no disrespect we in the east coast. Were like we're ready for the first Pitch Orioles fans screaming. Oh for you know. I don't want to say that the the lyrics because I'll go full and Rico. Palazzo are real quick. Just do it diehard Yankee Fan Right. Here Don Mattingly is my my player. He's my guy. I love this guy my number one player of all time. Don Mattingly Donny. Baseball Nineteen eighty-six Tiger Stadium. Yankees are coming in George. Steinbrenner has given mattingly all sorts of grief and this has been a long slog since one thousand nine hundred one when the Yankees lost the world series. And Mr may happen with Dave Winfield. Reggie leaves the team. Don Mattingly comes up and he's just the guy we're just GONNA lead us back to the promised land spoiled Yankee Fan five years long time growing up five years not being in the playoffs or anything like that. Sorry Steinbrenner screaming at manningly to cut his hair. And all that sorta stuff and mattingly is going to be a free agent and I'm thinking he's about to leave and this season's going to be a lost season already April and I got to do something about it. Because that's what I do Chris. Right people in a better place. I just I don't. I don't just criticize and point out things. I'm I offer solutions. I'm a solution guy so I make up in my head. I'm going to go down to Tiger Stadium and I'm going to see Don Mattingly and I'm going to save this situation on behalf of all Yankee fans everywhere I'm GonNa take it into my own hands. Its biggest so I ask a guy in my dorm. Can I borrow your car? Yes go down at Tiger Stadium. Yankees are playing the Tigers that they first pitch one o'clock in the afternoon I get their nine. Something in the morning gates are locked on the first human. Being Inside Tiger Stadium's confines that day. And I get right belly up to the Yankee visiting dugout. I'm GonNa do this thing and I got it all mapped out Don. Don't listen to George. Where Longtime Yankee fans? You're from Indiana. He just talks that way. Don't be don't be thrown off by this. So what he's saying about your hair understand. We know you I understand you don. I'm speaking for all Yankee. Fans do not listen to this lunatic running the team you be you you keep raking and you stay. Put for me and everybody. I mean I had this whole thing mapped out had sure enough. I'm right there. Dugout right in front of me door opens up. Who's the first one out? Because he's a lead pipe ruling professional. Don Mattingley I look him in the eye. He looks in the eye and I go. He goes like this. Pirouettes goes right back in one of my favorite stories well years later years later. Two THOUSAND ALL STAR GAME IN SEATTLE. I. I am the correspondent for the celebrity softball game on ESPN the worldwide leader in sports. Who is one of the captains don? Mattingly he comes up to me. He says he see me on sportscenter. He's a fan of Mar we chitchat. It's amazing Susie took a photograph of me doing that because he was covering a game on behalf of southern California sports support because they're a bunch of angels in there and whatever. She took a picture. I've got a picture of me talking. And he says nice to meet you and I'm like well. We have met before old on told them the story. He says nothing. He's a polite guy from Indiana. Do you remember. And he goes no donny baseball rich and now I just told that story again and now your daughter's middle name is mattingly. Told him back to the dodgers when it threw out the first pitch one day told him that my gosh looked at me he looked at me. Two ways one. I've heard this sort of stuff before. You're not the first person to. May I get a restraining order now? Is there one piece of news just before in our last three minutes? You WanNa hit this real quick. We don't need the job. It's okay we'll save for tomorrow. A Bill Belichick catty conference call with New England reporters this afternoon. What do we have? Okay did the Patriots WanNa Bring Tom Brady back ballot check. That's water under the bridge to talk about the past. We're really focused on this season. Moving on to Cincinnati on the clock is basically what he's saying. Are You surprised Cincinnati? Are you surprised he left bill again? I think we've covered all that. Have we were really focused on this season and trying to at our opportunities and make decisions and plan and prepare to be as competitive as we can this year my favorite part of the NFL one hundred all time team series brought up. Hoyer when asked about cinema my favorite part about this whole the NFL. One hundred all time team series is the affable bill. Belichick the Emmy Award nominated analyst. Bill Belichick he's GonNa win just disappeared when I said I'm going to ask you a question that no one would ever ask you normal question and answer session. He goes. Should I do the voice? Basically what he said. Because we re talking about Vince. Lombardi's name came up on Mike. When you're when you're mentioned is the Modern Day Lombardi. I mean what does what do you think of when you think of Went into that voice. Collin's where it's like. I told you got it. He was asked about quarterbacks. This year's draft said it's an interesting group probably one that has some decent depth to it added that he's talked to as many players as they've ever talked in the past getting ready for this year's draft. Okay one more note the Texans and cardinals. De'andre Hopkins did it go. Straight IS COMPLETE. Hopkins passed his physical. Okay Mazal Tov. Now it's Bill O'Brien on BRANDIN COOKS. By the way who is now played on a team? Quarterbacked by drew brees. Tom Brady Jared Goff into Shawn Watson. I mean you wouldn't talk about high rent district. And He's been acquired three times for a first then another. I now a second. So I guess there's diminishing returns unbelievable and the Guy I think is still eighteen years old by the way craziness man twenty six years old okay very good. I mean he's crazy so there's that and I guess he'll be traded but I guess you know Mahomes will take them in next episode. Honestly you know. Thank you for taking in this show. Today of a. We'll see you tomorrow on. Nbc At one eastern time. Our Youtube Stream YouTube dot com slash. Rich Eisen show every single day at noon. Eastern won't be on serious at that time as well. You can check out our podcast on podcast. One four everybody here in Los Angeles at our studio the rich Eisen show signing off. So you Tuesday on the latest episode of the Big Podcast with the team sits down with likely first round draft. Pick kill borough any disappointment without missing out on that big night that you were expecting. Yeah you know. There's definitely some disappointment right now. I'm planning on just sitting on my couch with my parents and watching it on TV. I guess do you worry about the talk other trying to compare you get to know a great player just like I am and just really good players in the raft? And we're all looking to make a name for ourselves and at the next level and I get so find out ten years down the road and there's discussions throughout time about it but you know we can't control that. Be SURE TO CHECK IT OUT ON. Podcast one or wherever you get your podcasts.

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