Pixel vs Nexus with UrAvgConsumer


At Novartis. They're exploring the boundaries of science in pursuit of transformative medicines, and that requires intense collaboration. Keep breakthrough often happens when experts of different fields combined know-how with innovative technologies like crisper teams at Novartis. Are Designing, one time treatments that address the root causes of disease to hear more about how Novartis is reimagining medicine with cell, and gene therapy stay tuned for the show. Greetings mobile accomplishes I am bone. This is part of our special run for the verge cast where we talked to other reviewers about all the hardware that's coming out this season and this week I'm very excited. We have got aura he's your average consumer on Youtube. Drivers consumer and we are looking at a review that I've been teaching for a while it's the nexus five from two, thousand thirteen. The reason I wanted to talk about the next five is we just saw the announcement for the Google Pixel five and I think they're really comparable devices low cost new kind of wireless network coming into a very interesting phone market. We talked a lot about the differences between the phone markets back then and how they are. Now, we also talked about what it's like to be reviewer who works primarily on Youtube like gender does I'm really jealous of the fact. That he has all these different formats that he can make. You know I've got blog posts I've got reviews on the website, and then I make some videos whereas he just makes youtube videos. He can do a lot of really interesting things. We also looked at some of our very, very early youtube videos. They're kind of embarrassing. I'm just GONNA. Say That mine is ten times more embarrassing than Jenner's was because mine made everybody who uses android on it hate me for three years I'll tell the whole story in the show had a really great conversation with I. Really Think you're GONNA enjoy it. Thanks so much for joining us. You are the average Sumer on Youtube and I don't believe this, but it may be that some people are audience haven't senior videos or heard of you. Can you talk a little bit channel it what you do I? Sure. So I, of course, have a tech channel also on Youtube at call it your average consumer because I want the videos to be easily digestible for the average consumer. Tech for the everyday person walkaway knowing whether or not something is what they want to buy or something they should stay away from it's more fun. But also like more useful thing than maybe some of the stuff that I do. Hand reviews go. We need to that later So I had you here I've been telling people that we're going to be talking about a product they weren't expecting, and if you looked at the title of the Podcast, you'll see that we're talking about the next five review. which is ridiculous because that was six or seven years ago along. Yeah. But I thought it was interesting because we just got the announcement official finally after all the leaks announcement of the Pixel five and the Pixel for a five G. and I don't know do you have a review unit yet to you? Do you? You know you don't. Fortunately now, since we can't talk about that review till later I wanted to talk about The next is five because I think it's really like a parallel device to the pixel five it was really cheap. It was the first next on a new wireless standard and like just a bunch of stuff. But before we get there, we should actually just talk about the pixel five stuff. Did you did you watch Google's infomercial? Would you think it was good? I mean honestly what I would expect from one of their presentations it it felt right in line but you know the pixel five itself out like what I saw in certain aspects. I mean looks pretty good on paper for a Pixel device and I'm very happy that the front of it at least looks up today bright just like the screen and every. Elizabeth Twenty Twenty device on pretty happy about that. Yeah. The back man that's what do you how do you feel about fingerprint sensors on the back I was initially it was like but then I kind of miss it. I don't know how I feel about it. I've missed fingerprint sensors since they've. Vaporized by it's weird because it feels like a step backwards we're we're not used to seeing features go away and when something else comes along, see that go away in favor of the older writer you know we we haven't really seen that yet. So it feels weird. I finally starting to get used to face unlock and that's gone like I do we know if there's even like an unsecure like a not very secure version of the face in law they might pull it android hat not secure version of face unlock since the Galaxy Nexus, which was. Twenty to twelve or twenty thirteen way long ago but they you know it might still be there but I guess you could use that but I would never i. don't know if you do that but you're right it's weird to have a phone where they pull stuff. So the the processor is technically I think even slower than staff eight, fifty five. If you just do a benchmark on it, maybe that doesn't matter who knows we'll see but they don't have the pick. It doesn't have the Pixel Neuro core image processor goes back to the fingerprint sensor There's a lot of stuff that's like. Yeah, it is surprising steps backwards. Yeah. But I mean it is supposed to be a mid range phone So you review everything watched your note twenty trust stuff that you've done and you also reviewed like the mid. Range Funds. Approaching needing to make a video about something that's like in the mid range. That's explicitly not like the superfly except that everyone wants to know about the cool new tech stuff. Do you approach those kinds of things differently than you do the flagships or is it just you just need to tell people? You know if it's good or not or what? So for me mid range and looking at those. Can I complete all the tasks that I'm used to doing on those devices? That's the best. That's more of the criteria they're like can I get regular stuff done for flagships? It's like okay I know I can get regular stuff done. What more does does this product bring to the table right and that's kind of The way I look at them I. Think when you do it like when you look at it that way it makes it makes it a little bit easier and went up device has a mid range device has a little something extra. That's like a much bigger bonus whereas like you get the job done and it's got a couple of cool features to. Does one thing. Yeah I guess for the Pixel probably be the camera again has got to be right I mean they they actually talked about improving video this year, which I was not expecting I didn't expect either I was actually pretty impressed with the portrait mode and nightside combination. That's a lot of a lot of work for a that process assuming this. is coming up with the cameras. So there's a surprising to see that kind of evolution there with even back processor. Well, tell you what we will review it. When it when we get, but we should actually talk about the nexus five. So okay, this was a came out in two thousand thirteen, the Google Nexus five is now official. The algae may devices a five inch ten, eighty P display supports Lt e. and runs on the new android four point four Kit Kat besides a few design tweaks new integrates SMS into hangouts upgrades Google now and add search to dialer essentially turning into the yellow pages the next you remember about the next five it's weird I feel like Google loved that phone. I I assume many years that was the form they used as their product images for any kind of software. Dan, that's an extra five th on. Whether it's hangouts or I don't know whatever software they came out with. The next five, even after multiple phones came out on. In particular that phone it was interesting to me because it was was it four hundred bucks? It's three, fifty I think three fifty wild right here that price nowadays, and you're thinking like you know super low tier phone but it wasn't we saw L. T. e. come to it actually took a look back at my review and it is interesting to see that the camera. Wasn't really like a big thing for the next this linebacking today watching and playing games are a pleasure on this device as the screen is much better than it was with the next four although there is a drawback, hinders the experience and that's the speaker. The speaker is very easy to block depending on how you hold the device and can lead to some completely muffled audio. Cleaning. Muffles out. Okay. So what's funny to me about that? I mean we should get into the camera two minute but the fact that you pointed out that you can muffle the speaker every single phone. We had to put it on the note twenty-year-old tra- why do they keep making sustain? It is the weirdest thing you would. You would think and they watch these reviews. It's they know that this is a message that not only are people experiencing, but we're talking about. It, it just doesn't matter I. Guess It's maybe it's easier for them to make it that way but you would think that's a problem that got solved years ago. Well, so they did solve it for a while it was thing where you would get front facing speakers on phones and that was the thing and everyone was like oh finally, and then it turns out nobody cares I guess except for us and? We need more we need bigger screens. Yeah. I what who introduced those kinds? I, think HTC was really big on what was it the boom boom speak they had the boom sound. So there was a a windows phone that had a slight up speaker that was front facing and it was like it was meant to replace a Bluetooth speaker and then they had boom sound on the htc one, which was a direct competitor to this next two seven. The one seven technically right we should. We should talk that phone was hot HTC. Till. Frontal. Stereo speakers with Bilton amplifiers sharper reach. The new HTC one. Okay. So besides the speaker other any other little things that bother you on the people just keep doing it in phones like fix this one little thing I'm tired of it it's been years. Discover the speakers like a big one for me. Definitely. Actually a pretty good question. One thing that they always do be. It's face moving actually on the on the selfie camera. I don't mind if it's there and I'm happy to turn it on and actually use it. But even the default you think you've turned it off especially in like Samsung. Phones it smooths no matter what and it always looks a little bit fake to me. I don't know I really persnickety about cameras. I. Keep using the word. persnickety. No I I completely understand that sentiment it always just looks so process you know it makes you you're in baby mode. It's it's a weird. It's weird thing to see when we look at cells in the mirror every day, and then we'll see this completely different image and it looks like we did some kind of photoshop to. Fix Our face up. You know yeah I can completely understand that I'm not a huge fan of those either whenever there's an opportunity to turn it off. That's like one of the first things I do yeah. Well, I mean also I can fix it an editor I know most people don't really like throw it into fallen photo editor but. They've gotten so good now. So easy. Now, Google photos is actually really great. Now, they just updated it that I if I want to smooth my face up, I can always get it done after the fact that an editor you know. But maybe maybe as cameras snobs are the wrong ones stat. Really. Maybe the average person who've. Has a blemished don't WanNA show maybe. Yeah. Maybe they appreciate it a little bit more but. Reviewing phone ring phones. It's tough because you look at a bunch of android phones and like a bunch of them are usually have the same processor. You know they're a bunch of stuff is really say me and like you can talk about sophomore differences but usually the big thing that's different between each phone is the camera and so you end up spending way more time than you expect on the camera when really it's not the most important thing on the phone, right? Right. So we played your clip forgot to play my clip, but I gotta I got set up are. There now saying the the we know they're gonNA announce an exercise, leave everything Google makes leaks right and so they call me upward having an event of like cool. We're GONNA bring four people we're live blogging where do the verge thing where we show up with a huge crew and do a big live law and then go to a big hands on it'll be awesome like no, no no, we're going to a really small event for just like maybe fifteen journalists and you only get one person that can come and that's it. It's not going to be livestream. It's just really quiet. No that sucks do you gotta bring somebody like well, look like there's this guy that got put in charge of android not that long ago and you know he just wants he wants to have a really chill event says his name is Dr Chai okay, and so he just wants religious event and So okay fine. But I pushed and pushed I pushed I finally got them to let me bring a video director. So it's me and this Guy Christian christian-moslem. So we show up, they announced the phone we ask some questions everything's fine. Okay. Go do a hands on where at I know some Google office in San Francisco or something here's what happened. It was just like fifteen people in the room is. Quiet just utterly quiet super echo and everyone was like doing their thing and working. So he turns the camera and I start talking and everyone looks at me. Oh Oh this is awkward and there is an eight megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. So that should help a better shots that has a hd are plus which does a better hd shots. We'll see how it goes. Usually android cameras aren't that impressive Man So. This whole video is like maybe a minute and a half tops and I was so nervous to talk to loudly in that room I talked really really quietly and didn't really make my points really well. But here's the thing because there weren't other camera people there. There's like maybe one other person. This is one of the only videos on the entire Internet for a few days over the next five and it was just me like whispering to the camera. Style and not actually testing it yet, not actually putting it through its paces because I had to do this really fast because I wanted to get it up because we were going to be the first of course, and then I say this thing about the about Andrea Cameras, right? Yeah. We'll see how it goes. Usually android cameras aren't that impressive. So back in the day, it was this phone. I. Think it was s three was yes. Four ACC was just getting good. But what I meant to say was next cameras because we're next cameras. Any good before the next five extra the pixel they were not right. They were not that good. They were fine but they were not like the central focus of thing it wasn't. It wasn't point. Yeah. But the result of this video being the only thing that people could watch about the next six people were desperate to get next content was our slash android on on reddit hated me for about three years just I was the guy who hated android for years and I found android central. Blanking enter. Thank you. Yeah I. Get it. You're in the moment you're just trying to get something out there. Yeah. A little stumble of words and to Saul takes. Around and the vessels on the side of the screen are very, very thin. So it's actually relatively comfortable. The hold the hand despite the massive screen we're GONNA have a lot more with the next five soon. But for now, it's just a quick look. Okay. So we finally review the phone like what did you think of the phone like as a phone? Did you think there's any good I like to actually I? I. Liked it. It was back in days pretty snappy next devices were you know smooth as you have a pretty smooth experience I think the only thing I had the bright red version which was super. Read it. It was like orangey red exactly is more of an orange is right in the middle you know you. Can See where a little bit on the back with the material that was made out of but for the most part I kind of liked it. You know there was always plenty of pride back in the day is running stop android like you know geared you're getting the full experience here. Yeah. It was nice to have as interesting to see just how things have changed since then. Yeah. So what are the dramas when it first releases? The camera was actually really bad I was right Everyone flipped out user terrible, and then six weeks. Later Google put out a software update that kind of fixed. The Camera Google has released the android four point four point one update that brings dramatic improvements. The next is five camera including faster focusing better low light and less shutter lag. Tested Ourselves Kim away rather impressed by the time of the read one came out. The camera was actually pretty decent, and now when we're reviewing I was saying before now when we were. The everyone pays attention way more to the camera but back, then when we're like, Hey, this cameras bad it was like, oh, wait people care Google's like, oh, the camera needs to be good. No. It's fine. Now, they all their eggs in that. Bad. That wasn't ask. Yeah right now it's now camera or nothing. I mean I love that phone. It was it was my phone for like that entire year like twenty fourteen I just kept going back to it. Was the one that that stayed in your pocket. Yeah it was fast enough. I. Mean I broke like three of them. I kept breaking the screen on it for some reason that was like that screen was really fragile for whatever reason that would break my heart if I luckily, I haven't broken a screen just through normal use yet really guard I probably shouldn't have said that out. Next thing you know next phone fixed five, it's going to happen. But yeah, that's never happened to me that Kinda. Sucks. It sucks but it was only three and fifty bucks I guess, Right But I mean lots of people walk around broken phones all the time you know must be like, do you put a case on your phone? Absolutely do yeah I don't. I'm crazy. Brave as well. I don't know. I don't leave the house still right now. Yeah. I. Still couldn't do you stub your toe. Or something and then phone out your hand I. Guess. Maybe that's people don't care that much about camera bumps, right? Because there's always a case on it anyway. All right. One more thing before we take a break I played my embarrassing video. I, think it's only fair that we play. What are your early videos is this okay. Yeah. A year that this this video gets me. This is your average consumer. And today have video for you guys because all maximum seven one of the comparison between the beat mixers. The SOLEUS US and. I don't have the studio I can't compare those. But I do hadn't have to be. Sounded like someone had a gun to my head and told me to make the video. Like a hostage negotiation. Other they've got. They've got be traffic. I'm. The next it's five, they're gonNA kill me. It's rough to watch that one. Because just like there I'm completely void of energy. There's you no. Looking back at it, there's just so little effort is just just me just just talking and it's funny because I forgot that a comment Dow's like my third fourth video I think. And I was so small back then that a single comment could drive me to make an entire video. Yeah. Yeah. So that's kind of how video happened and looking back out of even the way it's edited I thought I was fancy I had a regular camera. A webcam fired up I I tried to put the I. Put the Webcam footage over my normal cameras footage and you can still see the sides of my of my hd camera. Four by three on the Webcam. Yeah. Horrible editing low energy. Had the beginning on the other hand when you're getting started on something like Youtube like you had the headphones you had right like I didn't have this other one but like you work with what you've got. You do your best. He talk to the camera you try something. Like it if I'm. I'm trying to learn some more cameras skills. I'm definitely not a youtuber but every single time I make video I try and do one thing like one new thing camera technique or trying to be more have higher energy or whatever. Like I work on one thing for each video like this video I'm going to get better I, don't try and like be perfect all at once and so the fact that you were trying to switch between your Webcam and st can like you should give yourself more credit man that's great. Yeah. Yeah. I mean all that has led to. What I know now just practicing, it's always good to I like your strategy just. Give one thing ago every single time just get better and better and better. A great place to take a break and we should actually talk about what it's like to make tech youtube videos. Now that you know we know what we're doing. Right, now, scientists at Novartis are exploring new ways to treat intractable diseases after all medical breakthroughs can sometimes have unexpected beginnings take crisper. For example, when biologists for started analyzing the DNA of bacteria, they noticed something strange in the genomic sequences scientists three, half a tendency of ignoring things to do not understand or giving them really complicated nate's like Christopher they were. Amazed to discover what crisper actually does and that led to a Revolutionary Cure for yogurt but the story doesn't end there crisper technology. It turns out led to a potential turning point in treating disease to learn more about that stay tuned for the in-depth post show and for more information on how Novartis's reimagining medicine, checkout, Novartis Dot, com slash. Cell and gene today. We're back you know what I'm sure that you get asked this all the time. But your big youtuber you gotta you gotTa three million subscribers. How did you get your start? Did you jump? I'm assuming you didn't jump full-time right away. So what was your progression from I wanna make some techy two videos to your average consumer now today. Okay. So for me, it pretty much started I think my senior year of college. I was watching a lot of tech videos. smartphones refresh is following pretty heavily I think channels like phone dog. Noah Techno Buffalo knows my man hey, was going on everybody I'm doing from Dot Com. This is Google Nexus one it award. This is the best android phone you can buy right now at least in the United States, I've watched these guys and I just love it. I was learning so much. I always had a love for technology, but it's not something I really had I was able to use an. have get my hands on all the time. So I'm those all that was soaking it in through you to, and after some time I felt like you know what I bought a couple of android devices as one day I think I can do this too I think it could make some videos but I remember having to go back and watch those videos here what they were talking about and having to research. I have no idea what this processor means or what that thing does I'm going to go research I learned but what I wanted to do my view, all right I want it to be super easy I don't want anyone watching my videos to have to go do extra research like I did right. So Kyra I'll call it your average consumer 'cause that's why I'm going to be talking to just regular videos like you walk away knowing it's fast. It does this it does that not super SPEC heavy you'll just know your experience and I just started making terrible hills as you as you saw her and. I was driven by commenters who said Hey we want to see this. We want to see that. Helped me to keep going and just from there became became you know but that's that's how I got my star just wanting to do the same thing I saw so many other people doing and I fell in love with and just do it on an easier level. One of the things I love about your videos is you never take for granted that people know what a thing is or that the people don't WanNa see it. So I don't know like just like the thing that really struck be you. Know wireless decks on note Tony Ultra. I'M GONNA. Turn on decks and what's cool is that it works with meany smart TV's. As you can see, I've got LG TV that I set it up with before and you know Samsung algae they're not exactly buddies we're gonNA start this hit allow. Here's what it is. Here's how it works. This is really cool and I'm like you know what? That is really cool and I didn't even talk about it because like decks decks was on the twentieth. So everybody knows that and that's not true at all like you actually do need to show the thing even if it's old hat to me or you, it actually is really cool and you should show and I love that you always always do that on every new thing. Thank you. Yeah. I think it's so easy for us to be a little jaded. that's clearly gimmick and we've seen that before an even though things might come off as gimmick for us for someone who doesn't who's not in the world they just like my phone can do this I had no idea i. just needed to send a text message on the Internet, but there's so much more power there sometimes that people don't know about yeah. Well, and it's also need to always treat it as well. You should you buy this thing or not because of this one feature, it's like you buy the thing around if it's good but if you do get it, you should know about this one cool feature. It's like a nice thing that's extra. Not. Drive. Your purchasing decision but not every feature needs to do that right? Exactly. Okay. So the other thing that a low budget channel that I'm actually kind of jealous of is most I. do Kansan videos the reviews and If I want to do like video say I'll make a processor video that's like I have a deep thought about the future of computers but I've got job. So that's about all I have time for, but you have just a ton of different formats that you make. You've got some really cool like hall and boxing's you've got these day in the life videos that I love here. You've got the reviews you've got your home tours. How do you decide wake up in the morning? You WanNa, make a video. You got a new thing in your hand. How do you decide what what format choose when you're making a video because you can do so much more than just a hands on an interview For me I think it all depends on obviously the product So sometimes, if it's a product that I think it s something I think a lot of people will be interested in feel WanNa know like the nitty gritty you know. So a real during the live four flagship devices listen you'll know exactly what you're getting out of this it makes sense and if it's something that they might not know about I'll try and do something a little bit. More creative. Maybe you know just something that may not draw attention just based on the name of the product itself but like let's say it's a lesser-known Prada I'll try to spend. It s something like interesting video in Djelic video format and try to piece it in their right. Just people can get there is on an NBA exposed to something you. You know. So if it's like I don't know a list of tech that I didn't expect to love. This nice time for people to just see. Okay. So there are these products out there that I probably wouldn't pay attention to and you know it kind of fits in like that. But yeah, we tried so many different things. We know what the out our audience likes. You know what they really engage with and. You know this is a matter of finding what products you know. Kind of fit that those formats in. Staples, but sometimes, we try to go out of the box without too. So the other thing that you do like, Your House your family congratulations. Thank you thank you like their characters in the video like I feel like. I'm looking at you on on our chat on looking at like watch videos I. Watch you do a bunch on boxing's right behind where you are, what's it like making the place where you live like a character in your videos. So that's actually something that been I guess pretty intentional. Act Because I had we have a studio as well, but we have studios in like an apartment. Like a separate apartment. Wanted to have like that kind of Homey vibe they're unlike the idea of being guy next door like the guy he can just come up to ask him about tag break casual and when he wants to feel like. jettas this stuff guy who he just stands front of the camera and spits everything. Now let you into my world. That's why do the real day in the life I try to I try to have things in my home are trying to have a home setting. So people can kind of view themselves in the situations or the way I present the videos around and having having friends and family involved too. It just makes it all the better because not only can I be more of myself in front of the camera, but you know the ads And it also adds a layer of like getting other people's opinions in as well. So there's just like so many good benefits such just having family and friends, and even just like a setting that feels welcoming. Yeah. No I love that. That's totally true anymore that but my apartment's too small. I'm classic. Okay. Sorry. We were supposed to be talking with the next five. I totally took us away. So, we've talked about how like you to change the next five came out in this really weird context Google is making its own hardware yet, and I feel like this is like twenty, thirteen, two, thousand, fourteen, the smartphone world still felt like it was wide open. Samsung hadn't taken over HTC was still really popular Nokia they're still making windows phones. I kind of miss those days a little bit. Very different world. If like I said, it was a lot more open. There was so much variety and everyone was coming in with this one feature or this one thing vac kind of separated them from the rest and. Low Bit quite a bit different now. Well, it's like everyone sort of figured out what the core stuff is and they're they're competing on sort of the same thing but. We were talking about the HEC one boom. Sound right. So you when you were going out there, you could go EC had this thing that was all metal front facing speakers, and then it had this wacky four megapixel camera. It was like the ultra pixels because they figured out that you have big pixels you can bring in more light and like this is this is the one as well the camera quality actually it was. Yeah die in theories on great. And then there was leukemia ten, twenty, nine twenty before that you remember the their windows phones and then they had just massive. Big sensors with the Luma. Ten twenty. You will see things you never seen an entirely new. All high resolution forty, one megapixel back side illuminated sensor the forty one mega. Kind of thing that we are maybe entering another round hopefully of weird experiments and not just everybody competing on who can have the best low light performance absolutely you keeping up on like I, guess it's folding phones right thing. Immediately thinking what is it the algae wing and this is the wing. Yeah. I know looking at the pictures it looks weird and. But I'll. Great Job Oh man what do you think of that thing? A thing is wild I haven't seen it in person yet. I have so many questions in terms of how it is to actually use on a day-to-day basis just flipping opening closed is incredibly nice. It's also way thinner and lighter than you would expect from something with two screens in weird flipping hinge like this I think is the most out bird design we've seen so far. Yeah. By folding phones we get it makes sense but flipping twisty whatever yeah I know it's crazy so. We are starting to see experience because I don't want to smartphones have plateaued kind of plateaued in terms of just features an youth new things that will. Come to them. So now this experiment of adding extra screens or expanding screens, it's a, it's really taking over the other thing that was different in that area and we check with the next five is Google had this strategy where they didn't make the phones themselves. They went to like different manufacturers over here and make us a phone and they did it so that they could just make a new version of android and like show off with how Or could work whatever. But now we have this pixel strategy. How do you think that's going? I know it's it was interesting because back in the day who they have within the next five LG was G. I I remember every time a pixel came out a next came out I. I was always waiting for my favorite manufacturer to get the nod. HTC. Come back on the next us. I think I like that. has taken over I think it means that there's More control and what we're not seeing a second vice somewhere out there that looks exactly like but with different software. Yeah I don't know if people remember this the next this was always basically based on another phone that the company already made and so you knew that this was just like the Google version of whatever the other was it like the g three for the next five I, can't remember and remember. As possible ninety five G. Three. Yeah. What did he call those versions of Android I? Mean those phones always had just like a stock version of android Google play edition yes. The play this and. Came like right around that time, and so you could get the stock version a back back in the day we we thought of it as a stock version. It was technically still like it was the Google version it wasn't pure stock Android, but you could get something without touch was on it because. Touch was was sway too much back then. It was so much stuff that was like the my least favorite out say then having that option was so cool. But Digress. I do like that Google has taken it on themselves. Have they made the best choices in terms of like design, all that MOS. Absolute each person to decide but I still like it being in house you know I feel like it's it gives them more control. They choose to exercise. You know really listening to feedback in implementing that you know but I do like the strategy I feel like we've seen. Microsoft. Really good job with that with their hardware on the surface the laptop stuff. Laptops. Just seeing them. All right. We're GONNA take this in-house start making our own things and you know we've seen pretty good success. Yeah for them. So I like the idea as a matter of like execute. Well so I'd like I agree with you I like the because. Google gets to make what a definitely wants to make. Right. It's not. This, year the next. This is not so good because it. You know they they based on the wrong phone this year, right? The next six was hallway phone had all sorts of bugs. What Google makes Google's responsible for right. There's nobody else to blame, but it also means that there's nobody else to blame, right? Yeah. I love Google don't get me wrong best al I love the Pixel devices but one thing I feel like we see manufacturers kind of learn and change things up a bit. I feel like the pixels learning curve has been. Not, the BASS. Just just from the hardware perspective is just. Having been wowed by hardware in a while right. So this is my take on it as they're really conservative right now. So actually the pixel five is a perfect example of this. They went back to fingerprint sensor, but everybody else Samsung has been doing screen figure fingerprint one plus has been doing in screen fingerprint sensors. It's like it's a whole thing. Google didn't. So part of it is cost savings but part of it their explanation for. Well, the one on the back is a thousand percent reliable and it's faster and they're not wrong like I do still have a little bit of a lag sometimes even on like a super fast hot Samsung phone hitting that fingerprint sensor under the screen, but it's not exciting. Is the TIKTOK they're exactly I honestly, I'm not with you mentioning that I'm I remember liking having a fingerprint sensor in the back and it's just so how how our opinions can change over time because the way the market goes, but I really enjoyed having a fingerprint sensor the because you could just pick up your phone and the second you pick it up you're. Thinking directly go onto the sensor and your phone is unlocked pretty quick and easy experience honestly. Also weird season ticket step back. So with the next five, they came into that thrifty price point done it with the Pixel for the the next four and so it was they were a little bit cheaper everybody. Also, all phones were cheaper. But they were they were cheaper than everybody else. There wasn't a lot of competition at that price point at that quality. So the next five, one of the reasons I loved it is it was cheap and everybody else but equality. But now with the Pixel Five, there's a lot more competition this year right then they had with xs five there's the there's one plus eight out there. That's relatively cheap April can sometimes be that same price, the Samsung Twenty, F, e. Got The faster processor Scott like three cameras on it. There's an iphone eleven that's the same price and the iphone twelve is going to be who knows probably around that same price. What do you think the landscape that they're putting this mid range Pixel five in? Its competitive. It's competitive right now and feel like they went down to weight class but that way classes kinda stack to you know it's not just like bringing down the price you're not competing with Fox's anymore. There's a whole group of phones in that area now. And it's GonNa. Be a tough battle because in the phone department, there are some really big names out there like Samson. Apple. So it's it's not GonNa be any easier I direction but it would have been cooler to see things like to see those flags of specs or. Sort of flagship specs at that price point. Seeing snapdragon age sixty, five or something in there rather than the seven sixty five being able to have those things and kind of call like, Hey, boo, just slashing prices. That's that's a more interesting story you know but I mean it's still and it had like one twenty hurts you know just just those features that we expect from the flagship is if they were able to bring that down then we're. We're able to compete. That's actually like the central conflict of the pixels who pays attention to the pixel like really truly who knows what the Pixel Tech nerds right people that are like really into phones attack an android or like Oh. Yeah. I know about the Pixel I know what that means I know people know that Google makes a phone or whatever. But like the people that are really paying attention are the people that know the difference would might care about the difference between a ninety one, hundred, twenty screen so they're making a phone for the masses but the. Only people paying attention to them are people that are in attack, and that's a really hard thing for them to deal with and people in that category that that market is looking. So heavily those numbers yeah under super informed exactly and even if the numbers tell the entire story or they don't, you know exactly take the experience that audience is suber driven by those numbers like insanely. So it does make it a lot tougher because people will just look at it on paper and say, Hey, this I mean, this oneplus near over here has forty cents megapixel camera thirty megapixel. Really really tough well, lucky for everybody There are Youtube Channel Take consumer that will tell the people about the specs and about the numbers. So the understanding but also talk about the actual experience of the thing if it's any good and the average get Super Schwab, where can people find you if they wanNA look for you youtube back actually anywhere you can find me can also media just type in your average consumer and Alibaba. Well. Appreciate you coming on the PODCAST and I'll be waiting for your up five view. Sounds good to see her. Thanks so much for coming on the show like you said, you can find him on Youtube. He's at your average consumer that is you are AV g consumer. I on twitter at backlogged, and actually if you wouldn't mind tweeted me or even shoot me an email theater at the dot com, let me know you think of these Tuesday episodes or anything like that change. Are there any products definitely want us to talk about really curious to get your feedback next week we have a new guest. I'm very excited to say we're going to have Marquez Brownlee you known as MK PhD. So tune in for that. Gene. Therapy is really confirmational today crisper for breakfast brought to you by Novartis. This is not the future anymore. This is the protest, a global health care company that's reimagining medicine just the tip of the iceberg. Crisper it does sound a lot like a breakfast cereal but what is it really? Think about it as a pair of programmable molecular scissors cut anywhere. We target Susan. Stevenson heads up the cell gene therapy initiative at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research. So how did crisper get focused? When crisper was observed by researchers in the early two thousands it was heralded as a miracle cure for yoga. That's right. Yogurt is basically made from bacteria which can get viruses just like you and I can't food scientists discovered this strange repetitive DNA sequence in the genome of certain strains of bacteria that are used in dairy production turns out. It was actually an immune system enabling the bacteria to fight off. Viruses by cutting their DNA into bits. So the researchers turned crisper into a technology using it to vaccinate yogurt and cheese cultures against infection. One giant step for the dairy industry not to Earth shattering for anyone else until scientists outside of the dairy world started asking Paul from cutting denial viruses can also do something else Dominic Hefner is the director of Genomic Science and Novartis Institutes for Biomedical. Research scientists are now using crisper on human cells in labs around the world in the hands of the scientists weakest parts of the Crisp Machinery to cut DNA in desire places to alter the genetic code of cells. Team is using crisper to study the roots of the. Other groups are designing crisper based technologies to treat disease currently the most promising applications Paul, so-called diseases. So diseases which are really cause by era in the genome. In other words, Crisper is ideal for treating diseases caused by a mutation in a single gene diseases like Huntington's Disease Parkinson's disease muscular dystrophy that the. miatas inherited retinopathy many others crisper. It turns out may enable researchers to carefully snip, DNA, and fix broken cells at the genetic level. Susan. Stevenson and her colleagues at Novartis are developing a crisper based therapy for sickle cell disease. That's genetic condition that affects the shape and function of the bodies red blood cells leading to pain crises in significantly reducing life expectancy. The Food and Drug Administration has approved plans for a clinical trial of the experimental therapy retake the patient's own cells we. Delivered, the components of the crisper system into the stem cells, and then we re infused those gene modified stem cells back into the patient. The idea is that the repaired cells will then flourish and fill the patient's bloodstream with healthy blood cells unlike traditional medicines, this treatment targets the root cause of the disease at the molecular level Crisper is just one of the technologies powering cell gene therapy and exciting new approach to treating disease. These treatments are designed to be given just once so There can result in potentially lifelong cure just a single treatment for the first time. Scientists really have a tool in the hands that allows to dream and think of potentially being able to really correct the underlying causes of disease. So, despite its humble origins in your breakfast bowl, this revolutionary technology has huge potential and for Dominic Heppner crisper is more than just another tool in the geneticists toolbox it represents a huge leap forward in shared scientific knowledge story of crisper actually shows how silent thinking hampers scientific progress I mean keep breaks often happens when experts of different fields combine know-how and only when gifted bacteriologist and Mammalian cells biologists started work side by side. The true potential of this discovery was realized for more information on how Novartis has reimagining medicine, Goto Novartis Dot Com Slash Cell and gene.

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