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Witches & Saints: Tammy Faye Messner


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I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia will Manteca maybe you're hurting and you needed today to think sister and Co Creator Talk Tomorrow Taboo in evangelical circles including AIDS homosexuality and Substance Abuse Tammy Faye's own issues with drug abuse and depression the club during the interview Tammy Faye made an emotional plea to viewers how sad that we as Christians and she did so often her tears Mascara both ran copiously leaving long black streaks on her face Tammy Faye was the glamorous tradition at the age of ten while it pentecostal church services with her mother Tammy Faye had an epiphany of sorts and started speaking and hung's that was a transformative experience for her and according to her autobiography made her want to devote her life to religion air that eventually collapsed scandal meet Tammy Faye Messner Tammy Faye was born in International Falls Charlotte North Carolina Jim and Tammy Faye co-founded televangelist news program called the P. T. L. Club short for praise the Lord could sensitive emotional touchstone for audience members telling sentimental stories and often singing during shows she willingly discuss topics generally eighteen sixty while attending North Central Bible College in Minneapolis Tammy Faye met a fellow student named Jim Baker a year later the US working the preaching circuit with Jim Preaching and Tammy Faye singing and playing the accordion during that period the couple also had two children Oy Girl in nineteen sixty four the couple got involved in the growing medium of television while living for short time in Portsmouth for in Popular Entertainment with the Prosperity Gospel was a massive success after just a year the PTO club grew into its own network the two were married and a year after that Tammy Faye and Jim Baker moved to South Carolina to start their ministry the couple traveled all across makeup she was openly emotional whether praying for the health of an ailing viewer or for generous financial contributions when she broke down on camera according to her obituary in the New York Times Miss Messner who stood four feet eleven inches was known for appearing on camera and overstated outfits and heavy Minnesota on March seventh nineteen forty two she was the eldest of eight children. Tammy Faye and her siblings had a strict religious upbringing in the pentecostal made her a target of tabloid headlines in the Mid Nineteen Eighties Tammy Faye famously interviewed Stephen Peters a game minister with AIDS on Jinya the couple were founding members of the well known and still running Christian show the seven hundred club in one thousand nine hundred seventy four after moving the salt of the earth and we are thought we who are supposed to be able to love everyone are afraid so badly and fully-fledged Corporation pulling in approximately one hundred twenty million dollars a year by its peak in the nineteen eighties pt els woman who accused him of rape this scandal opened the floodgates and soon the couple's business and they're wildly opulent personal lives were under scrutiny of an AIDS patient that we will not go up and put her arm around them and tell them that we care chip show the Jim and Tammy show reached as many as thirteen million households a week Tammy Faye played an important role in the television series young Tammy Faye died from cancer in two thousand seven she was sixty five years old tune in in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight Tammy Faye Jim Bakker's empire started to collapse it was revealed that p. t. l. had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to silence and though Tammy Faye came from a Christian fundamentalist background she became a gay icon in the nineteen nineties after years Tammy Faye stood by her husband famously cried multiple times on TV while defending him and their lifestyle which included lavish homes matching Rolls Royces conspiracy to commit fraud three years later Tammy Faye filed for divorce in Nineteen ninety-three Tammy Faye married wealthy property today we're talking about a famous twentieth century American televangelist who along with her husband built a commercial televangelism empire of refusing to denounce homosexuality and advocating for AIDS awareness she often attended pride marches and the two thousand documentary the eyes of tea tomorrow for the story of another remarkable woman from history all month long we're talking about witches and saints special thanks to Liz Caplan my favorite in an air conditioned doghouse in nineteen eighty nine Jim Baker was sentenced to forty five years in prison on twenty four counts of fraud Emme fe she was asked about her attitude toward gay rights and she said I refuse to label people were all just people made out of the same old dirt and God didn't make any ager part of the Bakker's ministry in its heyday three years later in nineteen ninety six row messner also went to prison after being convicted of bankruptcy fraud in and around the world dupree this show which mixed blitz upper row messner the two met years earlier when Messner is contracting company did construction on the Baker's pushed theme park heritage USA which had been.

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