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Ep 26 | Phils Message to NFL Quarterback Drew Brees | Guest: Jim Daly


On a chain uh what about you mm-hmm money as fill out biliteral better grade he has twenty minutes just figure out where I'm at that's because you need stronger coffee missile I mean this is the worst I get it all right let's get started here we started with their we're already started we're talking about your coffee so Jim Daly welcome to the Unashamed Dana where were you at a Colorado Colorado Springs so this this is what you could label when all the smoke clears run in with the rednecks run by his uncle my brother Silas Robertson I'm I'm beaten up trot line across he got into Turk took off he was all really two good night so Jay's came out Jason Silas Robertson he was marked from birth and definitely that fit like that this is green acres this is Lisa coffee yeah exactly so so like mud Jim is the is the aside hollers apple will while you want to name him she wants to know what you want to name him I said Abeid it another guy said name him after you he dad of a focus on the family which is a group that was started in the seventies by Dr Dobson Yup so you know back in the seventies we were doing we Ed River Basin Baiting Hooks in Cya Pos up on the bank over there and I look over and see South Park and he come running in podcast I love it you get some of Dad's special brew coffee that you that you drank drank it Yeah Board I've always act like an idiot he said but I didn't think I'd ever find a bunch foods and pay me to do it I love it so the kid is just the way you know it's a New Orleans the way he was he was marked as a volley was just out of the watching Dr Dobson on films those real to real films on Wednesday night that's right about marriage about family so it's a long tradition That I think this is it today to the water N- I'm in the middle of the river out there Bayton allowed I look up he said he said hey he's Miss Kay's having that baby which she was Tom Aurelie says it was a couple of sentences you know he said something like yeah we're looking forward to it but like like he was Sunday I preached at our local Church and sal was the amen section so he loves you will argue but when you get up and start speaking he's like your biggest supporter Braille all right so something bad happens you know we got some kind of natural loud I mean everybody's but he knows what he's saying you know and I was like I'm preaching now J. Starts Right Jack I he was really the only person in the audience that I thought was actually a weight well we have two service preaching is only connect Sir I love this guy he's awesome and he'll scary because he'll yell like in our church is not like super you know not a lot of yellows and and raise Dr Amen because he's just like Geez it's with everything he's got but saw we'll just start talking Jason you've been on Jim Show Yep you're welcome that as no that I don't know it's okay I remember I wake up every morning and takes me it may be something good I mean if Jesus comes back I'm wondering two people will be you know he ate fish after the resurrection the sad I need to go back you know what's weird is he doesn't have you know side we have one guy who's real emotional and charismatic Kurt lives down happens every day around the country so we got something right here where you can avoid all that is called a paper twenty five years is how long is this stuff is built to last we got there's some homestyle potato soup we'll get around here we got some cheese I've never heard him do it but if this is family he feels like well this is my family I can just push commentary in there that Sunday yeah and so I've heard that he's gone Patriot pantry so it's a four week food supply this stuff lasts for twenty five years twenty five years so when he when he goes into Kirk goes owners Modis it's Issoire it I usually have to stop and say for the visitors that that is uh-huh so Jay I'm as favourite oh here we go a they do have an affection but it's like you know they it's a fight Broccoli and rice soup I mean so this year's in that point five years in the pack so is going to be around for Lewa something bad happens astor you know hurricanes tornadoes you wind up having to stand in some long line trying to get some food field grid grid goes down it goes you could actually grab some of this journey well and they've never thought about not needed stay alive sola days is real spiritual contribution I mean it can maybe go into the next ride I mean that's pretty good and he ate focus on the family evangelism is right you're y'all's values marriage biblical marriage how to raise children teach them all scriptures God breed teach them rebuked as opposed resurrection. I'm just saying this needed to stay alive at that point but I just think that it after you know because ads and maybe our eternal snacks so it's pretty good deal act now save a hundred bucks on a four week which is what this is a four week emergency a Chinese plane the roast concept of that figured out the discount a dollar there's reason my five dollars yeah it's why sometime back about half off a explanation size famous line food get you can if you order now you can get it two days Brought to you save one hundred bucks if you go to prepare with Phil Dot Com as long as there's woods is water we can catch fish and kill animals but this would be fantastic for sides yeah this is basically decide bucks prepare with fail dot com so we were preparing with you dad hey for sides and whatnot you never know them correct them train them so that's a great group of values here we incorporated in your mission statement eighteen that I've ever tasted you need a better grade autumn do better is he not drinking straw it tastes like home I'm telling you it's just like my wife's coffee was GSI yeah then my wife and I bet she's as governor like Al and I was like that's the first ever heard that she was run from this so Vibrant Society if human beings knew are pretty confident of the fact I love you know what I mean it says you know it it helps if you WanNa have a cohesive jake though but I said hey have already done my part the case fashion yeah so Kudos for that social responsibility just doing good when you get out love your neighbor you love your neighbor God love your neighbor you know he does but only only does that one it's us like that was speaking with somebody else's really a great individual relationships with people from from the homosexual community I mean you're you guys are labeling hate group sanctity of life for crying out loud I mean give me a break I mean we have a country that's slaughtering their own all crazy you're like what in the world being a- they are basically but the the jar close to this is a weird well yeah I think it's one of those deals he loves to argue with me it cleared up for you but we live in these days you like the ones who repents that by the way when we're talking with them and they turned to God main who's GonNa look at you and say do what you're not love God and love your neighbor why don't we try that Reckon out by work and I love God they were either male or female absolutely man I said look in a mirror strip and begin your bathroom look in the mirror and check things out and I said that show array with the Holy Spirit in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible if that's not the the the Robertson and then social media place of talking about this you know it's a different environment it is and you know God's got a relationship I think the whole thing is you know we ask them did you know it was a lie the whole time did you. Did you know you are a male and Tom Tom the female did you know you are female all of them say and proclaimed the Gospel right you gotta be talking to somebody when you do that and I think it's been something I've tried to do is to reach out to those who see us as the opposite listen to go meet with them and so yeah I've developed some of those relationships I've had dinner at my home with those people and it's very interesting when you meet with them it's always out of if it's anything like my earthly father I don't want a relationship with him isn't that amazing and I think the whole battle is trying to overcome that damage yeah and show love and grace rain yeah the one of the The gentlemen I'm closest to it came from a Christian home a farmhouse in Kansas and when he told his mom and dad he was Gays Dad said I love you but I never wanNA see again get out of my house and you know he had to deal with that so you talk about okay how do you see your heavenly father will I don't the second video we didn't ask them to do it he just said Hey I'm going to do this for you and he got on he did it was on social media and people from the LGBTQ Square they've mastered the art of the Mafia shakedown so they're trying to intimidate drew brees basically to not associate with us you know he had to make a choice such as these United States of America and with the Constitution that we have you'd say what you will these guys were very we have this thing every year called bring Your Bible School and this October third it had happened and we had six hundred seventy thousand kids yeah what we're trying to do you are so bigoted and hate-filled how did you say well you know what happened with drew brees right I wanna talk about that tell us about that intelligent very I mean it never happened before you'd never got a democratic republic like this one ever so what's here's here's George because focus it's there it was their idea which I think here's the problem I'd love your perspective on this to me some oppose religious expression in the public's Abbott amidst preaching someone who's still trying to wake up the amazing thing so drew brees just chose to do this twenty two and above all the religion Jesus cries this will make you a greater and happier people then you are country say what you will if you got a group of individuals together at any time frame in history and they come up with the Democratic Republic will you do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life he's talking about America community began to attack him how could you work with focus on the family there hate-filled people and they weren't attack him what he said on the video yeah it was he was while we're zealously performing the duties of good citizens and soldiers remember George Watson was general we certainly are not to be in attended right I mean he chose to stand with us God bless him for doing that but some people would buckle because they don't want that pressure they don't want to be called out that way so they just kind of say Jason and the face of all of them get mad drew brees lower here's George Washington the first president you do history because you believe in traditional marriage in the Bible but you have a lot of relationships we do where you're you know when you can get out of this sort of allowed and bear helper so I I love this dad so when I saw the focus mission statement this could be our missions they listen to this this is the mission statement from folks on the family to Cooper and then there caveat what they focus on by nurturing and defending the God ordained institution of family and Promoting Biblical truth. What so I mean that's a great Mrs Day with us to dispose us all to do justice to love mercy to demean ourselves and that charity you he is the Jesus that is told about in that story till the distinguished character Patriot it should be our highest glory to add the more not and Pacific temper of the man which were the characteristics of the divine author of our blessed religion? That's the way these guys were I'm from God's perspective we've put a human life unborn and born above an animal's life you know in you go through to the higher duties of religion he said that was that that's the apex of it all make sure you understand what the Bible says by their creator with certain unalienable rights and among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and you talked about that life how we and in every way but I was getting to a point of that is what makes our our nation great in in course the honest when say well yeah well yeah I knew I just listened to accept this you have but now he's the task at hand that's enough about Silas bills get your daily I'm just reading here talking and two thousand two thousand two hundred and forty years later drew brees said make sure you bring your bibles their lacked while and all it's a whole different that principle that's in in Romans one and Romans one disguised when you when you don't have that what happens as a result of chaos and evil thing when you start looking at like that from grand plan all of a sudden your attitude about yourself start changing which I got to the point of we as extinguished character of Christian so if you start reading through this on that'll make it my earnest prayer that God would most Gresham only be pleased light quoted a scripture scripture great for you to bring Your Bible School I mean what are you saying it was yeah it was very it was nothing controversial about the video but the attack was some Jesus yet to all who received him to those who believed in his name he gave the right to become children of God children followers of Jesus we have a declaration of dependence and I read John One twelve I'll read it I'd like to get your thoughts on it not of natural descent nor of human decision or a husband will but born of God and so my whole lesson was that God gives all men life and breath and everything else and he determines the places for them in the exact times they should be there so Daniel Webster John Adams all the founding they all go preach my son son Neon made a point of what makes America great and what I had I really never noticed it before but I'll read it and it says speaking we're not confused about our purpose and so then I fused in this idea of being born again of getting God's spirit and letting three quality point was we were made in in heaven by God and we're made on purpose so you see all these people in our world that our show confused about their identity or they don't feel worth any you know we're proud of our nation and you know I would I would I've been to third world countries I love living here but I my point was I got to flip in stream BECA that's why they try to undermine gentlemen lack Washington Yeah God created us he determined the time Sept Mois exact place we should live yes we love our country but we're from heaven and we're waiting for a savior to come back there and they decide to go with me but this be good for scientists so the Patriots my Patriot supply folks have provided our side how come God said let there be light and then he didn't create the Sun 'til the fourth day which is a really good question but our citizenship is in heaven and that I read Act Seventeen Yohan Paul's explanation there he says then I made a point about light he is light which I answered an argument that people who don't believe say they say will let's forget that focus on the family let's not work together they shake shake down that's what it is I mean it's an charred to undermine the guys that founded the in the declaration of independence you know we hold these truths to be self evident all men are created equal and it says and they are endowed night and you will not need the Sun it's awesome Texas is for he will be there lie so I was like he is lighten he didn't just and I'll read revelation twenty two I went to the end of the story where it says in the end when Jesus gathered us together they'll be no not of God three characteristics of God's DNA which is getting to a point where life is one of his qualities he doesn't decide to live he just is life that's why you know when Peter Preach that sermon act two it said it was impossible for death to keep its hold on he he is live forgotten and then just load it to the folger's top holders to the paper Expresso thing l. come up with thank theory. Everyone agrees that there was some explosion of light they just focus on y. win where we focus on who they decided to turn the lights which he just is you know there's versus he lives in unapproachable light and even the the point about the big six when he was asked about you know homosexuals your actual point was yes god loves everybody and there is a way and here's Daniel Webster. US Senator Secretary Stay defender of the Constitution the Christian religion its general principle he tried our freedom our civil liberties directly to the Scriptures the Bible is a book it teaches man his own individual response years now people are there's an outcry because some football player a godly man says by the way bring your bibles we're going pulls must ever be regarded among us as the foundation of civil society now thereafter breeze two hundred years disability his own dignity and his equality with his fellow man. I simply bring this up to show people Ozzy Rodion oh he gives you the opportunity to start over to be born again and even my dad when he went through that controversy over quoting First Corinthians we love him is that he showed through Jesus that he died for everybody so that was the gist of you know what I shared but forty two hundred and forty years later because he's a bring your bibles whatever makes men good Christians makes them good citizens who said this been funny to the free and universal reading of the Bible Man are much indebted for right views of civil liberties that's the way they were talking two hundred forty years ago that's the way they were talking and just look at the difference in a couple of hundred the gist of my sermon which is the same thing that you're sharing you know just from a lot better probably like this and their kin folks who come up with things like dictionaries you say and you have a group CEO do you get these Bible you lack I think I'll go with the webster's because they made far more sense when you made you just have to interrupt what I was gonna say the point fills assist Daniel Webster who was a was then Noa's brother now former US senator and Yeah Days Kin Folks Kinetic Book Yeah I just you know to be redeemed to be washed correct and do it gods are what you're guilty you're trying to share positive so now is the king is so strong and by kind of positioning with the founding fathers and what they said and what drew brees said I don't think we understand how far we've gone away from the that would be impossible for him he is love he doesn't just pick a group say yeah love that grew and so I'll read the first John Four he is love it's not that in breezes case he had about there was a couple of days of the you know rancor in so then he did another video where he explained exactly what he meant you know that's pretty think about it think about it you get chastise and my land and vitriol is directly to you drew brees because you said and they're like we didn't know Noah Webster's one said education is useless without the Bible correct us all he's the all these webster dot com use the Promo code feel when you check out you're going to get a free knife in who cannot have enough pocket nice I mean I'll lose them all the time picked up on it because we did a lot of media especially on Fox Laura Ingram Hannity and all that but the two things he said Hey is a follower of Christ there's two commandments I saints loved the Bible I play for the size of Sake you idiot thank you say the Noah webster he come up with a dictionary I mean that's his name he wrote so therefore when you have people so you're building up your arsenal you got a are fifteen parts you got is you got cleaning kits tactical gear we live a raffle stop justifiable rifles so it's it's basically just things that it would help you if everything goes south and these are things that are coming in all right so I was excited this week because I got in my monthly tack pack get here so I am yeah look I'm I'm like a kid and what he didn't mean which I thought was he didn't apologize for anything he just said here's why did this video and that pretty much kinda peters well in the two things he said in the video which we the TSA has got like twenty of them. I'm fine and usually one knife per month treasure hunting metal detecting so if you missed the October pat pursue and that's the love the Lord your God with heart soul and mind and to love your neighbors yourself shot and then we just reiterated that because that is true that's your Christianity he should've said really that's the sleeping bag pretty handy is in this little amine you can carry it in your pocket does it like in look by the todd frog the people that can can mosquitoes borbor through that nope safe night's rest and Louisiana without the Mosquitos Yeah this is like Christmas okay this comes every month and then you get to find out these are basically things to help us survive some stickers at well that's currently email the team which is what we just saw you can sign up there will help you out with that so if you're into tactical gear and you're into survival stuff that you need let's I mean why are we on our heels we got the greatest news ever I say play offense scored touchdowns let's use the drew brees thing to make a point in the culture that's loving and kind basic understandings and fundamental way team when you say it that way with drew brees and the founding fathers bind goodness it's crystal clear how far will business of his throws even in his forties I may WanNa say put it had has to be them and I we just went out well number one I had to leave four into the game in New Orleans before only the sugarbowl okay so I went down there and it was a great game back and they'd be sure and go-to tack Pack Dot Com it's a good deal I love it I can't wait every every month I'm like a kid at Christmas what am I going to get today got the heat deal Sam 's or you're GonNa get co so these are our friends attack pack if you go to attack pack John Including you dude who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted what is this this is a drill really yeah survival this is where you get something new every month I see we got here what he's saying these people people wouldn't like founders either but they would they voiced that and so what happened a little bit to remember is and fact this is good for you drew every be prepared be prepared tack Dot Com offer code feel so that's what how does it work gap when he needed to in that you guys I just saw breeze and as a quarterback and I would see the precise talk to myself I said you know you know when you got on your sad you're the ball will go straighter boastful proud abusive disobedient to their parents ungrateful unholy without love unforgiving yes what Jesus loves you God loves you enough to die for you and now since that happened on some passers down sat Louisiana in breeze when he's not doing back and forth and then about four minutes before the end we had to go out and do the Ingram show and I'm out there doing the show and when I left the saints were ahead then they slanderous use a they slandered demand yeah they did slanderous without self control just a sexual free-for-all never direct argued it to him now drew Read Second Timothy Three but mark this mean in Yamato to jot this down because this is where it's going to be brutal not lovers of the good treacherous rash conceded lover's of pleasure rather than lover's of God bows as he's speaking at some church all across South Louisiana he is passionate about his face so you know and I'm so glad they you know stood in the just won the game and I'm like what so but it was good to be able to use exposure. I think he played quarterback I played quarterback I love spiritually playing offense not have a form of godliness but they denied power and then he says Paul Timothy have nothing to do with them and just just wow which most quarterbacks are 'cause now and you know he's not very tall he's five eleven or something but you don't see gets up on his tiptoes when he throws the ball to try to make himself forgive him and go on down the road and never look I think the problem is you got a lot of religious people that are being judgmental yes there is no way around it so if I were drew I'll just take that as a badge of honor they all got after me here for five years ago Yeah Yeah Yeah Jim it's your faith on bring your bobbled a school day and share God's love with friends you're not alone so hate-filled I mean that said something about the character that guy I mean I was in tears watching it because I though most athletes are about look what I just accomplished which in it was amazing they hate dripping off of that that no hate there I mean come on man I mean come on man for this missed it country mile but then these groups will lump everybody who is associated with is Ali said he said one of my favorite verses in the Bible is set Griffin's five seven for we live by faith not by sight so I want to encourage you to live I'm able to those few groups out there that's exactly a bad name so by the way for a guy we talk about living in a listen to this there will be terrible times in the last days. LS See people be lovers of themselves lovers of money drew brees nevermore yards and Inyo in that moment when they stopped the game or Monday night game he went over in knelt down till his two boys I can't remember the university and played and drew brees showed out pretty native remember I'll is through it all you say he never makes a mistake not one and look what they did to him yeah his Co. so point so when here's Jesus God in a human body walking on planet Earth thirty three years you could see Morgan down the road you can listen to him you could touch him modern insanity so let me give you another story I know Guy Keith Becker Todd Becker his older brother died drunk with two football buddies in high school and Carney Nebraska he had nothing for him he was light let's pass that onto these two boys Aman and tell them this is what happens when you're the man you need to be and I came in interfaith was what he said last year when he broke the record for the most yards in the NFL which is huge. I mean they Manala quarterbacks that have come before he mom was not healthy and like he raised his younger brother and then somebody died his mom just died yeah years ago right right they had a really doubt behind and then they came back and kick a field goal so I mean I missed your hands Ingram's like spoiler she's saying hey guess what they just they and and he made that moment about them he's out sailor mentality boys you can accomplish anything you work hard emmy he gave them a little and to me so he's younger brother Jason Listen to this girl who drew brees is this Guy Todd Bekker's younger him for focus on the family in that character that he has now was developed in the valley because he had such a tough childhood about his dad died or left the families they all the guiding hand of God with drew brees because I've watched them with breezes that disobeys both Y'all were quarterbacks your boat Cadillac that you say you know what there's going to be vitriol and hated that says it's a devil along with there being a God let again it's this rather Keith Becker starts a foundation goes around to six seven hundred high schools in the Midwest Friday high school assembly talking about the impact of alcohol and so isn't that bizarre is strange that the ACLU threatened to sue a school because a young man whose brother died from alcohol is saying hey there's a better way a concert tomorrow night it's going to be the Baptist church in town here so it's all opt in in the schools have done this for years he starts getting letters these schools hugs and what happened to his family and the death of his brother into football buddies and had ended their lives and then they simply say if you WANNA come to from the ACLU saying if you have Keith Becker at your high school assembly we're going to sue you and I'm thinking you know what's the conclusion to that that the ACLU would rather have clear to me at least there is a God in heaven he is the God of love and there is Satan and his forces and I and there's it were kind of like what the pope is so gm so then you went to a game they end by Monday night game with the Texans the opener Galvin again as you said what was that clash there it's not the the human beings were struggling away but the power that's indium that were struggling with but the we fight with or not the weapons of the world so you know I I say this and mean this I care my Bible round I feel demolishes strongholds makes every thought obedient to Christ because in the end it's right and it's true that's what happened to her on your vehicle rather guessed deg dead on his Wheeler Legare Dad Yup look what so you look at what it was it sleeping bag armed not have it because I know the conversation when it comes up this this at home without yeah this weapon the kids high and drinking and driving than have them encounter God forbid that they should encounter God that would be the worst thing of all I'm joy peace patient kindness goodness faithfulness horse lv wrong were those things those qualities will eat you took out wendy people have ever asked that syncing he cannot hug her I use this story Emma O. Zane stores and so I said what you saw was she's accepted which is a powerful but he did say my hope is for you to what was the word to us about Jesus mocking gun but those follow that up with drew thank you gotta get this too drew brees by the way address says so the judge who's a Christian as it turns out she's so moves like everybody else so the thing is so then she goes back to her convicted and sentenced for killing his brother and so she's going to jail and the family they're not you know most of the family is still hurting tag get and they're like she needs should got more years but this young man eighteen years oh the brother the brother says his brother got murdered says an open court schools us think about it you God out right said this many times the by product of that was you took those principles arrive forgotten I mean he had he had a really rough childhood and amazingly he and his brother talked about playing in the college world series of baseball and his brother actually was a walk on things that make people get along the gift second chance sure Guinness and so when you say that you know had that in the name of religion you kind of back to the founding fathers there's a higher order there's a better therefore we don't we don't our struggle is not with flesh and blood but Africa I want your Latte to be better she breaks down into tears he asked the judge he says can a hugger which I thought about that exact words but it it was powerful now there's a guy this live in his faith out on the biggest of stages because everybody's watching the sube he's going to break through that character I interviewed the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms you're like when the powers of this dark world elect you know what it's pretty well and so then I got to love which is my point and God is love it's not like you know people that say he loves some people when he don't love the other people she she gets the Bob Lout but the commentators I was going to show this dermot some but it was so funny that though I don't WanNa make light that this guy unconditional love is right you'll see that very often very rare society below days it move that entire would move a lot of people to move that courtroom in the moment so that keep that separate page just below Liga what just happened like this this young man couple of weeks ago is in a courtroom and a woman launched his brother 'cause that you so what was funny about it the commentators were saying on like court TV There said the judge he's told her she needs to find cries he she goes back to her area where she gets ready to go out to try cases everyday be judge and gets her Personal Bible I would I would want you to put your faith in Jesus and have a relationship have a relationship with ceased that's all I am so so he sets it up he's I you gotta find Jesus the judge the cases over there about to take her off to go to prison the convicted woman Oh yeah this is as the guys offered the forgiveness in key question Phyllis how do you how do you maintain that godly character when your flesh wants to do what Peter did in the garden let's strap on and go to war and brings it out and gives it and she actually opened it up look the I don't know if you saw the and the cameras caught it yeah you have to be wise in the weapon and also says the web the weapons to have some statute in there this is very unusual this what is that well I don't know it some Kinda it's it's a book of some sort with the I don't know what this is don have you ever seen highly biblical I have been a to court you know Matt was by their murdering me my murder is going to remove their sin of murder Tate's May do not participate and simple behavior once I know that he for eight years and it gives you hope that we can be nine which is what the brother did call they get to they can get to confront them yeah confront their the guilty party but they call that something somebody Google that let me know three perfect God in a human body and they've strung up black an animal and driven spikes through his feet and his and then there's there's the what do they call it when the family members get to express themselves of yeah it was the it was the family sentencing yeah in John Three sixteen at that point the hair stood up on the back because the brother had said I want you to have hands nailed to a tree and his final words were forgive them they don't know what they're doing what he the bottom line is the only store that will top that one when you see acts of kindness forgiveness you have a sin planet earth that courtroom just being one of those moments of when you look at it if you could still say forgive them for the way they have treated me in the last few days ace and strong me up like an animal you could still safer give them get that out yeah that makes me feel a little man that that here's were streaming down her cheek of course then they went to commercial that's add ended so guess what happens the next day the separation of church and state thanks JAS be happy son I'm seventy

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