Monday, Nov. 9: Cindy McCain


Subscribe to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon and while you're at it rate us in labor review today on a brand new view. Biden's america the new president elect of the united states has people celebrating in the streets brock. Coast to coast and leaders from around the world welcoming him to the club how he says he plans to heal the country. Broken into our to be a president who seeks to divided but unify doesn't see red states and blue states always sees the united states. How new vice president elect comma harris just shattered glass ceiling to bids while i may be the first woman in this office. I will not be the last in no. He made a peace offering to maga- country for all those of you who voted for president trump. Let's give each other a chance. Will high profile republicans supporting the president's claims that democrats and the media are trying to steal the election meeting. This battle is far from over. By back believe president trump still has a path to victory and cindy mccain is live to share if she thinks more republicans will get behind the president elect like she did and her home state of arizona will turn blue for biden when all the votes are counted. Plus a brand new view. Your deal get ready. You're hot topics dart right now. Hello and welcome to the view. Is speeding along. Come in but it finally came and you know what's really remarkable for me. As in two months. I'll be able to say the next president's name out loud joe by dancing in the streets yes all over america around the world at my house. He he's the president elect and kamla. Harris is our next vice president. And here's what they said when they took to the stage to do something you know who never could rally the country take a look at plans to be a president who seeks to divide but unify. I'll work as hard for those who didn't vote for me as those who did. Let this grimmer of demonization in america began to end here and now every little girl watching tonight sees that. This is a country of possibilities. Now i wanna bring something up. I wanna say all those people who don't believe that americans actually got out voted. Let me say this to you when you know who was elected for years ago. Hillary clinton didn't say hey wait a minute. This doesn't feel right. Stop the count. She didn't say this isn't right. I'm not going for. She didn't say any of that. So all of you suck it up. Suck it up like we sucked it up. And if you're not sure that you're comfortable with joe biden do what we did find things and then take it to the law and if the law says it's something to look at look at it now on suck it up. Grow the pair for him that he can't grow for himself because this is ridiculous. You not sure that he wants you bringing into question. All these americans who voted legally came out and stood and voted. How dare you question it. And i imagine that there were some bottles might have been popped your house joy. Did you drink to sing dance. What did you do. I did have a. We had champagne and we all had a great time with some friends in a safe environment. But you know a couple of things number one. If we look to cheat ever there was gonna be any kind of fraud why not do in the senate also why just the presidency might as well take the whole enchilada so the completely illogical right there. Second thing is i would like to congratulate. You be having spent four years and never mentioning his name. Once i think should get an emmy for the best non spoken word okay. That's another grammy. Rather actually grab me feel like this morning. I said steve. What is it. That superman always said truth justice and the american way as back. It's back. I don't think people understand today. Everybody should be happy because just picture in your mind what it could have been if he had won it would we would be. It would have been the end of this country. It would have been the end democracy and i am not exaggerating. I am not exaggerating. I believe in in truth. He started outlying and he would just continue for another four years would never get out of this covert disaster that wherein will never have scientists if he were here so please everybody take a breath and say thank you america for for saving our country. Yes thank you sunny. What what did you feel. I know you probably singing and kicking up your your toes to when you heard this new believe it i was. I mean i cried. You know because We representation matters and the fact that kamla harris is now going to be the first woman in that seat as vice president and a woman of color it. just. I watched her speech with my daughter. Paloma and while paloma couldn't vote because she's only fourteen could see the hope in her eyes and it meant everything to me when communists said you know. I'm maybe the first. But i'm not going to be the last and little girls watching no that that there's possibility and that's really what it meant for me and for my daughter And so it was just a joyous night and also look at the work of someone. Like stacey abrams who registered eight hundred thousand additional voters in georgia. Look at that work of latasha brown. The founder of black voters matter. Those are two women that took their personal losses in politics and turned it into to visit an action and helped this country. I am so proud of them. I know a latasha personally. She's a friend. I'm just so proud of their work. And i'm proud of black women once again being the backbone of one tar ninety one percent and by women black men eighty percent also black men eighty percent and so collectively. You know just to see that black vote you know. Donald trump never wanted to save black lives matter but he knows black votes matter. Now right so. I was just ecstatic ecstatic. What about you. What about you where you were. You quietly jumping up down not trying to wake the kids though when you heard well i was. I was traveling for the entire day. And when i landed i right away wrote my husband and i was like what's it looking like. And he said you gotta see these speeches. And when i watched them i found myself getting more emotional than i realized because i took the deepest breath and felt like this weight had come off my chest and as i saw joe biden running to the stage i felt like we could all stop running it just was i remember for years ago after i had voted for hillary clinton and i had to suffer through that loss. I remember just waiting waiting for president trump to step up and say. Hey the election's over. I'm going to be a president for all and that was beginning of the dominoes falling of what i expected versus what i got. And in this speech he struck and an comma the most beautiful tone of grace in victory. he didn't spike the ball. In the end zone he stopped and kept reminding people. The one time you mentioned president trump's name was to say for all of the you who voted for president trump. I'm going to do my best to represent you to. This is not a red state or a blue states. A united states he kept talking about how the mandate of this election was that in. Dc we all need to start cooperating. That's what he heard and he called for everyone in senate to do the same thing. It was the most beautiful example of what we haven't had in so long that i felt myself kind of feel lighter and i keep waking up reminding myself it really happened. I feel hopeful and unlike what we got in losing in two thousand sixteen people that voted for president. Trump are getting a unifying message. That says he's going to do as best comal is going to do their best. They're going to represent you to they. Wanna bring everyone together and that's not something we got in two thousand sixteen so i just stand what you're hopeful and in the throes of a pandemic when we have every reason to be. This was the celebration we all need. Yeah hey. I know you had that bottle of wine. Chateau was running around you a storm out the side window a storm on television. When when did it hit you that this was. This was the news. You were hearing. You know i've been telling you all for days to snap out of it that this was looking good but listen what we i. I was struck when it finally got called by the networks. I was struck by this. This lightness of being. I felt. And you know i've been personally attacked by trump and his minions for four years but i'm person with a platform and i'm a person with a voice. There were so many communities so many people that felt the same way. And i think that's why you have this impromptu eruption into the streets all over america and then to seek comal cozy kamla. They couldn't pronounce her name. Remember what they couldn't pronounce her name. Well now they're going to have to pronounce my damn vice president and there was this picture for me was so poignant of all the vice presidents before hand who were all white men and then kamla standing on the other side and it just it lifted me gave me hope and i wanna thank. I wanna thank black women. They were the mvp of this election. I wanna thank latinos and latino women who came out. Despite a huge campaign of disinformation navajos the navajo nation. Ninety seven percent for joe biden and they had to ride two hours on horseback in places like arizona. So it's just it's like. This is the first week in so long that i wake up with hope with joy with happiness with with this unbridled lightness of being and i think is what you're seeing all over america and thank you. Joe biden for being inclusive. Thank you comma for recognizing those whose backs you wrote to bring to come here. Thank you to those people who didn't lose the hope. And they don't lose the faith and democracy. I mean it's just oh happy day. Oh happy. I had no. I had no idea how enraged. I'd been all for these last four years. I'm either really when i started crying. That's how that's one. I knew and i wanna tell you. Foreign leaders were elated. They know this means a return of leadership. You know who has become a crybaby. The cry baby in wiwa chief. It didn't go our way. Hillary did not wind. Hillary did not qui- she did not say we need a recap she said okay. You won fair and square. Even when we knew the russians had been in there she did not say. Well i should be president now. She didn't she did what you're supposed to do if you don't win then you say okay and you fight harder next time. Which is what's happening. So there are seventy three days before they become the president and vice president united states. Seventy five seventy three days. Do you know an al gore in two thousand. Al gore had an actual case in the difference in florida republicans. Keep bringing this up. The difference was five hundred volts k. And one went on into in one state. So when i hear these people saying you know when i hear the republicans saying you know we have to recap listen suck it up. Suck it up. This is the united states of america. Went our guys win. We gotta suck it up when i when your guys when we got we got we each have to do it. We have to do that to the american way so. Let's at least try to be respectful. Because if you're not going to respect the fact that all these people came out and voted you are basically saying. You don't care about the american democracy. That's what you're say all y'all who has said well i don't know you know. Suck it up. We'll be right back after historic voter turnout. Your president elect joe biden. So what happens next with so much at stake. Every view matters. And that's why the view is new. Show like yours you the view on. Abc back kamla. Harris isn't the only female politician who won last week and we want to shine a light on the women who are changing the landscape of dc and america. Take a look this year. A record number of women are running for congress twenty twenty. We'll be remembered as the year. Women's smashed the glass ceiling wide open. At least one hundred thirty. Five women will now be serving in congress. Thirteen non incumbent republican women just one house races public and women are doing it all across the country this election year. It's just exciting to be part of history. The republicans did a wonderful job of recruiting strong conservative women. This was a monumental win for diversity and inclusion. This is our moment. Corey bush will become missouri's first black congresswoman yvette herrell becomes the first republican native american woman to win a house seat. Stephanie buys becomes the first american to serve in congress and in delaware. Sarah mcbride will the nation's first openly transgender female state. Senator is always possible. The road to the white house has been an hill battle for women from shirley chisolm who ran for the democratic nomination in nineteen seventy-two to geraldine. Ferraro and sarah palin who ran his vice presidential candidates not to mention hillary clinton the first woman to capture a major party nomination for president. But this never stopped women from organizing and mobilizing and forging forward. My job right now is to fix our democracy to make sure that any person who wants to vote in america who is eligible has the right though one hundred years after some women secured the right to vote and fifty five years. After the voting rights act was passed comes another barrier breaking victory. We did we did it. Joe comma harris becomes the first woman the first black woman and the first asian american woman to be elected as vice president of the united states. The first woman in the highest level of government the a long time coming women also the leadership of the. I'm so grateful it's amazing. It's amazing it brings tears to my eyes and enjoyed in my heart and it's also bringing lots of joy to the next generation of black and brown girls and girls all over who are finally getting this message loud and clear you could be president. The lime thinking about the generations of women black women why latino native american women throughout our nation's history have paved the way for this moment tonight women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality and liberty and justice for all but while i may be the first woman in this office i will not be the last and there you have it. That's that's what we want you to know. We'll be right back. Welcome back. I gotta ask you all this question quickly. Because we don't have very much time for question is is he really going to go quietly. I'll start with you ana. Well we'll be look all of these all of these attempts at calling into question the integrity of the elections. It's like it's being run by the keystone cops. I don't know if you guys saw over the weekend they were they were going to have this press conference at the four seasons. They screwed up and they scheduled it at the four seasons total landscaping. So off goes giuliani back of this landscaping store. That's right next to fantasy island adult bookstore and across the street from a crematorium and the first witness juliani caused up as they child sex offender. Who served time for exposing himself to children. Okay in the nineties. This is the kind of operation. They're running they were a landscaping store to all the press conference instead of the four seasons. It's over. I mean at the rose. Don what about you. Is he going to leave quietly. He's not going to leave quietly. I don't even know if he's going to concede but we know that. The electoral formal vote of the electoral college is on december fourteenth. And so that really is sort of the deadline date for the transition team. What is concerning me whoopie. Is that the administrative. Emily murphy has not sort of sign the formal letter to start the formal transition in in motion and that means the funds for that transmission. A transition is usually over a little over. Nine million dollars haven't been put into motion. And so are we going to have a biden harris administration way behind the april when you have a global pandemic an economic crisis national reckoning on policing and system and systemic racism so that really concerns me. They're holding up the money. What what about you. Sarah as he go quietly no i don't think he knows how to leave quietly. But i also think that it's a good time for the entire media to pivot from talking about him. Because as biden harris have this whole corona virus force we should follow that guidance and stop giving him a platform because he wants to scream louder and we don't need to let him right. What about you. Real quick is going. Go quietly is the he is the jennifer hudson of dreamgirls. Let's sing it together. And i am telling you and i am not going to. I'm not going to jail his going to jail. If you are experiencing grief depression or stress better help. Online counseling offers licensed professional therapists. Who are trained to listen and to help with these issues and more including anxiety relationship conflicts difficulty sleeping. Lgbt matters trauma anger family conflicts and self esteem. Simply fill out a questionnaire to help. Assess your specific needs and then get matched with your counselor in under forty eight hours easily scheduled secure video phone sessions plus exchange in limited messages to communicate with your therapist at your convenience. Everything you share is confidential. If for any reason you're unhappy with your counselor you can request a new one at any time. Had no additional charge. Join the one million plus people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced better. Help counselor better help as an affordable option and our listeners. Get ten percent off your first month with discount code. The view get started today at better e. l. p. dot com slash. The view talked to a therapist online and get help that cindy mccain took a courageous stand. That would make her husband. John quite proud. We think when she crossed party lines to support the man who is now. Our new president elect joe biden. But that's not the only reason why we're fans of hers. We're very happy to welcome back. To the view cindy mccain thank you for coming back and thank you for everything you've done you know we've been talking about our new president president-elect all morning and were you knocked out by his speech on saturday and Were you surprised by what you saw happening in. The streets of this country star with the streets are was thrilled. Like all. I saw the san china all of you saw when they announced it and it was moments later people poured into the streets. It's it's wonderful because we saw not just an outpouring there but we also saw a voting electric. It turned out in mass no matter what party. You're working Kinds of voter tallies that we had were amazing and that's always good for democracy as far as by vice president. Now president-elect find his speech. I was i expected it. That's the kind of man. He is kind of speech. He gave just just who he is an The kind of president he will be so. I love the second. But i watched tour. I actually watched it wash it online. Your husband john mccain lived by a code country. I and you endorse joe biden. Because you believe he's what's best for our country right now not your party. What can be biden's administration in your view. Do right off the bat to prove that he is the right person to run this country. Well he's already doing. He's put together her crooked task force to deal with this pandemic that includes an and should include scientists experts from around the country and around the world we have sorely visited a station sorely. Donald did not pay attention to it but kind of blow it off and so i'm grateful that it makes me feel good and safe do know that my next president will have my back on this copay pandemic so important you know so in two thousand and eight your husband a senator john mccain gave a very gracious speech when he conceded the race to president obama. Let's hear a little of it and then we can talk about it. R- all americans who supported me to join me in not just congratulating him but offering our next president our goodwill and earnest effort to find ways to come together to find the necessary compromises to bridge our differences and help restore our prosperity. Defend our security in a dangerous world and leave our children and grandchildren stronger better country than we inherited so so far we have not heard any hint of concession from trump. What do you hope happens in the next few days. Do you think he'll concede that's positive sixty four dollars question. I would hope that our president would do exactly what is right for this country A gracious polite manner. That's what's good for the country in asking also asking republicans to do the same to help support this president a new administration and do what's right for the country not not. What's right for our party. And i i'm hoping i'm hopeful person. I pray quite a bit about this. We'll see what happens now. President trump was extremely cruel to your family How much do you think the unrelenting attacks against your husband's legacy hurt the president with voters. And how do you feel about people. Crediting your endorsement with wi- biden did so well in your home state. You know my husband had a great attitude about that. 'cause he was alive and some of the start and he just. He laughed it off. He said it doesn't mean anything doesn't mean anything and he. That was great advice to meet What i think happened was not not just what what my husband's aunts. But the fact that that this administration has done so poorly on so many different things to start with the pandemic in our military leaving our allies on the battlefield pulling out a trees and we all those things i think is what really i think made made. Most people want to vote for provide and also look at it and hope for president per country. I and that's what. I believe. People looking for cindy i was And it makes me emotional. Because i was there that night when with you and jon when he gave that concession speech and i've missed his voice so much during the election i know you have to but i have a question because when you came out for joe i i saw your time line. I saw your social media. You were getting some vicious attacks from republicans. Some people who had supported john in the past. So i'm wondering. Do you think there's still room in the republican party for people like you for people like me and i also want to know if you would consider a role in the biden administration secretary mccain. Sounds pretty damn good to me. I most of all right now. It's what i want is for this country to be not no longer divided work together. That's the reason. I endorsed to the neen. All the other stuff is is absolutely It was unnecessary but it doesn't matter in the scheme of things what matters is that we do the right thing for our country is i do sit on the transition team. I'm very proud and honored to do so in my job to help. Republicans in two places within the administration. This is an administration that's going to be all inclusive and there is a role for republicans in the administration. Our party on the other hand. I think that what will see niaz. Probably benefit change. Our party was always the party that was departing inclusion years ago during raw reagan administrations and so on. We were the inclusive ones. We were the party abraham lincoln. And we've gone so far awry on what our values are as republicans that it's time to step back slow down and stop this and go back to our core values with regards to our republican or republican party. I'm hoping that happens anyway. But yes i do. Think there's room in the party. Everybody there should be room and we have to stick it out. I think we get better leadership i agree. Hey cindy don't go anywhere because we have more questions to ask you when we come back. Okay we are back with cindy mccain sunny yes well comma harris also made history as not only the first woman vice president elect but also the first woman of color to hold a job. I'm cindy what do you think this means to women and really more importantly little girls everywhere well it signals to two little girls like my newest granddaughter. They get they can do anything. Yes can be by president. Yes you can be present. That should have been something should have been our monitor all along and enforcement As am i just an so excited about having kamala. They are she. I know her. she's a wonderful woman. She she really works on human rights issues which i love and and i were as a country. We're very lucky to have her. We asked we are for sure. And i think that god forbid if anything should happen she can take over in a heartbeat. Because she's really smart. So who hitched their wagon to trump and they know who they are. They ended up doing really well on tuesday. Including mitch. mcconnell lindsey graham and the continues sycophancy what do you make of those high profile wins again. My does those folks. All politics is local so always that was always what we had remind ourselves. It's all local and in those cases that their local community center states that they were the right to sit in that position. It in all in the end all wrong. Wash out. Because i believe that the president will be the kind of person that will work across the aisle and bring these people into the fold so that everyone has a voice in rational voice in a civil voice with regards to legislating and and and making important decisions for this country. Well i saw but you know. Arizona did flip one senate seat from red to blue with voters. Choosing democrat law kelly. He wasn't exceptional exceptional candidate. What does that mean. Though for your state what is it. What does it say about the way. Arizona is heading it was gonna accommodate purple. I think it's starting to look a little blow. Yes i e state has changed a great deal. Honestly influx of newer young people that are coming in from across the nation And influences the voter it and in years past. This is one thing that people seem to forget. And i'm talking about years and years and years ago most arizona's workout grasp voted republican. And and. so. I think i think what we're seeing is. A is a change in the site hall. Certainly a change in in the face of arizona and the fact that the latino community has a great influence. Now with regards to the future of not just maricopa county arizona now before we go. We obviously need a grandma update on baby liberty. How is our newest little baby. And how is megan. Doing she's doing megan's doing great. And little liberty is just best. I obviously have not been able to hold her yet. Because of kobe. But i facetime and do all kinds of things so i can see her. She's laureus she really is. I'm just so we're so blessed to have her the last time she's just a guess she is really the last the last time you were here. We talked about the passing of roberta mccain. And she's going to be laid to rest at arlington today. So we're sending big hugs to your family and thank you again for coming by this morning to talk to us any mccain nicer to be it's fabulous thank you. Can i say all of you. Your input in your face. with regards to biden campaign. I know he'd were campaigning. But you're you're thoughtful. Talking of the issues really helped out at helping americans understand what was going on. So i want to thank all of you for being a part of this campaign as well thank you. We'll right back. Hey everybody greta here with an all new view your deal. The view is partnered with seven companies to bring you early holiday savings of at least fifty percent off and the best part is every deal has free shipping. It's only while supplies last twenty four hours. 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