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This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply live from n._p._r. News in washington. I'm korva coleman. As president trump prepares to visit el paso tomorrow following the mass shootings there and in dayton hundreds of people gathered gathered for a vigil outside the national rifle association headquarters in northern virginia from member station w. a. m. u. Julia chang reports gun safety groups including march for our lives. The brady campaign and moms demand action stood outside the n._r._a.'s office calling on gun reform at chanted the words enough and both them <music> out there were joined by student activists as well as virginia congresswoman jennifer exton who suggested the issue of gun control has transcended politics is a political to say that kids and and adults shouldn't be gunned down when they're doing things like shopping for back to school attend utter. The names of those whose lives were lost to gun violence. Organizers drew attention to the recent shootings in brooklyn in chicago earlier monday the n._r._a. Announced welcomes the president's call to address. The root causes of violence for n._p._r. News i'm julie really chang in washington. Democratic presidential candidates have continued their condemnation of president trump. N._p._r.'s asthma holland reports this came during a san diego geico conference on monday of the nation's largest latino civil rights organization all day whether on t._v. in statements or in speeches the candidates admonished monisha the president for creating toxic racial atmosphere former vice president joe biden told a gathering of latino leaders in california that white supremacy he is on the rise and the words president utters matter. Mr president is long past time. You addressed it for what it is. This is hatred pure and simple. It's being fueled by rhetoric that is so divisive and it's causing causing people to die referencing phrase. The president recently used against four minority orgy congresswoman california's senator comma harris told the crowd trump needs to get out of the white house and go back to his reality tv. Show us mukalla n._p._r. News the treasury department has officially labelled china a currency manipulator. This comes after china started weakening its currency. This has the effect active making chinese goods less expensive for consumers to buy n._p._r.'s gyms. Rulli says this also trim market selloff on wall street on monday. Ain't we have seen a big drop in stock prices really all over the world but here in the united states <hes> this standard and poor's five hundred index <hes> was us down for the sixth day in a row we also saw big drops in the other indexes and this happened after china allowed its currency the yuan to drop up quite a bit in value <hes> it's not that this is so bad in and of itself but it is another sign that the trade war between china and the united states is intensifying fine and this scares a lot of people in in the markets n._p._r.'s jim zarroli from new york. You're listening to n._p._r. A heat wave continues in southern california as temperatures have reached triple digits across the inland part of the region for the past several days as mad gillam reports. It's the heat broke records in the desert resort town of palm springs on monday about one hundred miles east of los angeles palm springs routinely see scorching temperatures in the summer however hundred and twenty one degrees is hot even for a desert community celebrated for its year round warmth. Initially the national weather service said palm springs tied nineteen sixty nine record of one hundred and twenty degrees for august fifth that was later revised indicate. The record had actually been broken by one degree heat. Wave gripping much of the region is expected to break by mid week highs in palm springs or forecast has turned to normal just around one hundred ten degrees bob's recorded temperature ever was seen in california's death valley in july of nineteen thirteen the mercury climb to a blistering one hundred knbr thirty four degrees for n._p._r. News matt gilman san bernardino south korea says that north korea has again fire projectiles into the ocean the fourth time it's done so in recent weeks north korea has previously fired short range missiles president trump recently dismissed the significance of the north korean actions even though the weapons pose a threat to south korea japan and u._s. Basis in the region president trump is frozen assets belonging to the government of venezuelan president nicholas maduro american companies and individuals are immediately blocked from doing business with medeiros government and its supporters in a letter to congressional leaders president trump's cited the madore regime's human rights abuses. I'm korva coleman n._p._r. News from washington.

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