Seven dead in West Texas shooting rampage.


Coming up on veneers death toll hole in west. Texas shooting rampage rises to seven German President Asks Poland to forgive Nazi tyranny gene and Bahamas slammed by category five Hurricane Dorian it Sunday September one. I'm Anthony Davis the death toll in West Texas. The shooting rampage increased to seven today as authorities investigated why a man stopped by state troopers for failing to signal a left turn opened fire on them and fled shooting more than twenty people as he drove before being killed by officers outside a movie theater. Odessa police say that at least one person who was shot remained in a life-threatening condition authorities say the gunman was a white male in his thirties but police have not released name all possible motive the shooting shooting began Saturday afternoon setting off a chaotic rampage during which the suspect hijacked a mail carrier truck and fired at random as he drove in the area yeah of Edessa and Midland two cities in the heart of Texas oil country more than three hundred miles west of Dallas. Three police officers were shot before for the suspect was killed authorities say the trooper was in a serious but stable condition on Saturday and the other officers were stable. Saturday's shooting brings the number of mass killings in the US so far this year to twenty-five matching the number in all of two thousand eighteen the number of people killed this year has already Eddie reached one hundred and forty two surpassing the one hundred forty people who were killed all of last year today. Donald trump reiterated he's more recent calls for greater attention to mental health trump said new facilities and needed for the mentally ill to reduce mass shootings however mental until health professionals say such thinking is outdated linking mental health illness to violence is wrong and that the impact of more treatment would be helpful overall. We'll have a minor impact on gun violence German President frank-walter Steinmeier has asked Poland's forgiveness for Nazi tyranny eighteen years on from the start of World War. Two Mr Mr Steinmeier and other world leaders are in Poland to commemorate the outbreak of the conflict speaking in the capital Warsaw. Mr Steinmeier apologized for the a horrific war unleashed by Germany. This wall was a German crime he said in a speech his Polish counterpart and US Vice President Mike Pence also so delivered speeches in front of crowds and heads of state on Pilsudski Square Poland suffered some of the worst losses of World War. Two about six million. One of its citizens were killed up to half of them. Jews the conflict began in the early hours of the first of September nineteen thirty nine when a Nazi battleship attacked back to garrison of Polish soldiers West plant Poland's government had moved this year's commemorations from Westerplatte near the Baltic port city of Gdansk to Warsaw aw in anticipation of a visit from the US president who was to give the keynote speech but trump cancelled citing hurricane dorian and sent Vice President Mike Pence instead shortly after trump cancelled Angela Merkel made lost minutes announcement that she would attend yesterday day it emerged that trump who had given the impression he would spend the day at Camp David with experts to monitor Dorans progress had in fact flown by helicopter from Camp David to Virginia Gulf Club. A Hurricane Doria is slamming into the northwestern Bahamas as a catastrophic category five storm with sustained winds of up to one hundred and eighty miles per hour the extremely dangerous storm is the strongest hurricane on modern record in the area according to the US National Hurricane Center Grand Bahama residents have been evacuating from it's predicted path Dorian moving westwood seven miles an hour is expected to continue to move over great Abaco Island and Nia or over Grand Bahama later on on Sunday into Monday. Authorities closed some airports in the outlying islands but the main international airports remains open today after hitting the Bahamas it should move closer to the Florida East Coast late on Monday through Tuesday nights local time the NHCD Doreen was the strongest hurricane to hit the Bahamas in modern times times in the island's government officials urge residents to take immediate steps to protect life and property the US administration recently order to transfer funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency Fema to immigrations and Customs Enforcement Known as ice most of the a female money would be reprogrammed to the border one hundred and fifty five million dollars would come from the Disaster Relief Fund based budget which he spent on recovering from natural disasters. Ole told the department said it would transfer a total of two hundred and seventy one million dollars toward immigration efforts. You can subscribe to the news with your favorite podcast APP or ask. 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