Cortney Got COVID


Kim park media from vanderpump rules to vegas and everywhere in between it's time to party sina shake. This is dan again. And now here's your host sheena shea right. We are back getting into shenanigans in san diego happy new year. Everyone no we had tomonori on a here for the first episode of twenty twenty one which was also their anniversary. I think it was like seven years but one person missing from that. Podcast was my amazing co-host miss jamie lynn. Welcome back it's good to be back back. And our guest of the episode titled according got covid is my little sister courtney. I'm no longer contagious. Definitely not we would not be within six feet of each other and that's why we didn't spend thanksgiving together. If you saw my blog you might have noticed. Justice popped into our thanksgiving and we all avoided my sister while she quarantined at my house in palm springs. It's fine whatever. You had salmon on thanksgiving but i didn't taste. It went for healthy. Then yeah so. I think we should have start from the beginning. How did you get it. no. I don't know exactly. I could take a educated guess but yeah mid november. I traveled for work with with my boss to miami florida. Were there for a few days got home and obviously did the right thing that anyone supposed to do the second you get home test in quarantine to my surprise though i mean not to my surprise morning of those so the morning i got back i started feeling off but i was like. It's my anxiety. Like i'm just worried that i have. Kobe probably finds still going to be saved. Just in case i got tested. And they're like go back to your car. We'll give you results in twenty minutes. The second i got swabbed. I just broke down crying. It was like dot swab told me like before my results came back that i had it. I just knew. I was sitting in my car and crying because i was just like on sales like this is just so inconvenient. Were you crying because of the inconvenience or religious scared that you know you could have action to it. I was scared for numerous reasons. I was scared that i did see my mom the night before. Luckily we wore a mask the entire time i was just man i was like shoot. I traveled home like they're going to be any repercussions from this. Like i was just scared in role. Yeah and i was scared the symptoms to come as well like i felt not great at that current moment. I think i had a low grade fever but then at the same time i wasn't sure what symptoms reminding zaidi worrying about how i felt versus. What symptoms were actual physical symptoms that i was experiencing from that positive test. I drove over to my boyfriend's house. We stayed like thirty plus feet apart in masks. He was amazing. He went grocery shopping for me. Got me everything. I needed for the next two weeks of crying still sitting in my car just like camp. It's hard to. It's hard to believe that it's real when it's happening to you. You know you don't really know how it feels or just even know how to feel once you do receive positive tests like it was a shock. Even when i was at the urgent care in the second they gave me my result. And i started crying immediately. Minors was like okay. Let's look at the bright side one. You don't feel that sick right now. Like that's a good thing and he was an to honestly from what we've seen we haven't seen anyone get it twice so you can a good thing that you know it's a good thing you haven't got anyone else sick and if you're able to go and quarantine away from anyone else in know that you haven't got anyone else sick like that's best case scenario and almost like thank you like nurse dude like he really made me feel better in that moment see so many positive tests per day. Care him the holidays coming up. So yeah my awesome boyfriend. Got me some thanksgiving dinner. He got me some stuffing he got me. Some nice little vitamin powdered drinks. Keeping healthy and yeah. He let you in his house. I mean you take part in the front yard. Yeah so i immediately drove out to palm springs and luckily i know a lot of people didn't have it this way. I'm glad i had a yard. I was able to get some fresh air every day. I had the beautiful view. And i had the freedom to like be able to walk through the kitchen to shower without worrying that i was gonna like expose anyone else and had my dog with me and had just adopted her before benn a lifesaver. Oh totally i think. I don't know how. I would have done it if it wasn't for having my dog with me like just having like touch honestly though i think that was the biggest thing i was like we cuddled and like that was it. You know it was just physical touch. Made me feel so much better. And i slept the whole time. That was one of the biggest things was. You're so tired you're so fatigue like you're laying in bed and you think you feel okay and you get up to do anything you get up to make the bed and you're just suddenly winded and exhausted and even though you got up thirty minutes ago you're ready for your three hour nap like so so crazy a yeah well. I'm glad you're doing better and you know you didn't get anyone else sick. We're less importantly and you know the we were fortunate enough that i had a place you were able to go and quarantine by yourself. I just felt so bad. That i like. I didn't want to ask you if i could stay there but it made the most sense to me. My other option was justices. Rv in his front yard that water hookup so like don't know how that was going to work. It wasn't even a question. The second mom called and i go just hard to go to palm springs. Those like i know her. She's freaking out. She's when she's afraid to ask you and then it was like an my mom was like luckier. Actually heike freaking out. Because she's like she mean having picked her up at the airport she's like we both like we double mask like we kept our distance in the house and like we weren't close within each other but then she's freaking out so then i'm like trying to call my mom down but then court was afraid to tell me and so then my mom like we do a three way call and i was just sort of springs. It's totally fine like it's just thanksgiving even if it was my birthday or christmas. It's just a day. We can celebrate that another day and we ended up on christmas eve. Having all six of us together in palm springs. We made thanksgiving dinner and it wasn't like we missed anything at all. You know broken. I got to experience cooking our own. A turkey and doing our own thanksgiving dinner at our neighbors over justice. Stop by helped us blog. Some stuff traumatizing for me. By the way. I watched that there are there was a voice. No that was missed. God dollars trying to be funny but it was literally just for you. That i wanted in that vogg where i was like. I sat a voice everything from bronx phone and just was looking at the notes from my phone. And i was like go right before we do like the turkey and he's like pulling all this stuff i go. I wanted to back warning sign novel vegan. Well here's let me paint the picture watching this video. So as you know is subscribed to your youtube channel. She is your biggest fan. She loved the every time. You have a new video. She'll run and tell me mommy she hasn't even you so she watches and so at this particular moment. I was doing my at home infrared sauna. Which is this crazy. Contraption i bought on amazon during Corinthian because i couldn't go to my regular infrared on spa basically. It looks like a sleeping bag. You get in and you sweat like crazy for an hour. And it's supposedly burns twelve hundred calories. So i'm like hell. Yeah i'm gonna do this and some not moving at all so anyway. She comes in and she puts the video on and then decides to go leave. I'm stuck in this asana sleeping bag thing in and i'm just i wouldn't say stuck watching your video because i didn't know what was going on but i didn't have a remote anywhere near me and normally when this came might have fast forwarded like fast forward through instagram stories and so i was just naked in this bag wedding my having to watch a bloody turkey. You're seeing. I couldn't even like was seen in person. I was sick to my stomach. I was just like what are you doing. That is definitely not how you do it. I've never seen blood come out of it and then he's like what's that in. There was like oh my god. It was so gross. I can't eat this like don't turkeys have like feelings and emotions of gore. After i saw that. I think probably on jamie story right around thanksgiving. I don't wanna eat turkey anymore. They like music. They're really sweet. Kind animals brett will tell you otherwise. Bret hudson sort of experience with a family member or somebody had a turkey farm and like they would always like chase him and he was scared of these turkeys. Just sounds like he's he's like giving up my. There's they're sweet. Kind on thanksgiving since i did have covid. Cheesecake factory delivered the day before. Because they were gonna be closed on thanksgiving day so it was perfect had mashed potatoes asparagus and salmon for my dinner because it felt a little bit more rather than like the mac and cheese. I probably would've me myself. Tasted what would you say. It was like the worst symptom or experience like during that. I'd say i mean fevers always suck fevers. Always make you feel really really bad but i think the thing that sucked the most was how tired you are in the lack of energy. Because you'd feel fine there and you're like i have all this time like i have to be here for the next two weeks like i should be productive. You're starting to think about all the things that you wish you would have done in quarantine round one and the second you get up to do anything you just don't have the energy and it just kinda messes with your mind cause i was just thinking about all the things that could possibly be doing but then could it. Because i couldn't leave also just didn't feel up to so probably the fatigue even though it doesn't sound that dramatic. Have you gotten any like backlash or hate or people who like. That's what you get traveling and like just trying to like be no at all about it. Yeah i think especially when you work in. The entertainment industry like people don't see that as essential but it's like that's still my job not still like how i pay my bills. Yeah so i think for people who don't know like the situation and don't know exactly like how your job is. I'm like i didn't go to miami to party. I went for work. So yeah i have gotten some backlash. And that's why. I didn't wanna tell. I only told people who needed to know at the time like my close family and friends and then obviously anyone else that i may have exposed with. Luckily for me wasn't anyone. But yeah i just feel really embarrassed when you have it. I think people are quick to judge. If you're like oh. I had it a few months ago. People like that's almost like comforting. Oh you already had it you already. Oh you're safe to god. How the way but when you currently have it it's like you have the plague and like people look at you for sure treat you differently in which is why. I just didn't want anyone to know like it. Saved me from already embarrassed so it saved me from any other uncomfortable. Situations are conversations that needed to be had. I mean i was even like 'cause i know how she is and i didn't want her to feel bad for stain. My house or anything. You're saying i won't infect your whole house but then it was like for me. You know especially being pregnant and knowing i was going to my house shortly after i was like okay but like it can't live on surfaces right like just clorox everything and i was like worried and i waited like a week and a half to go but i'm like i'm fine right like it's okay to go to my house. Just because she was in the house. That i just like i didn't know and so then she is so smart and just got so educated on every single thing cove. Ed better do so much urge them like. Oh okay. i didn't know this. I didn't know how how long can live on surfaces. What did you think it depends on the surface. What i did know is from what they've seen for. Mild cases people that have covid. You are only contagious right before. Symptoms and up to ten days after symptoms in recent studies. Even seen people not being contagious. Fix so i was trying to convince genome like if i'm not contagious anymore. I guarantee any of like the light switch. I touched like you can possibly get it from alec it since it doesn't have like a host as a virus like it can't live on surfaces longer than i can be contagious for testing positive. Even though you're not contagious. Scott tested this past weekend. So that was what janury fourth or something. And i was finally negative. That was my birth a month and a half a month and a half. Yeah so my first positive test was november nineteenth. And i think that's where a lot of gray area is where people who have kobe. Because i think right now the world is split up into people who haven't had cova dea and are obviously negative and people who currently have covert and are positive. And for me. After i was done with my ten days of being contagious and even quarantine for fourteen of them after that my doctor and all of my testing sites said you've already done like your quarantine period. You don't need to get tested again like you're at risk of getting a false positive even though like you're not contagious anymore. And so obviously doctors can tell. You don't need to get tested again. But for like certain jobs. I have to do certain appointments that i have. They need you to prove a negative test or even like traveling one of the girls that had it at the same time as me was trying to fly home to pennsylvania to see her family leader for christmas and you can't find a pennsylvania with a positive test and there's obviously ways around it you can find a state you run into problems like that where it's like. Hey i had it two months ago. And i'm still testing positive awkward gray area now where it's like okay. I'm not contagious. But i'm still not do all of these things so that was really tricky Another interesting thing about that. You kept testing and you kept getting. Those positives is that added to the tally of new cases in the state and is the number skewed than of total cases. I can't say one way or another. I'm not sure. But i'm kind of assuming i wondered that too because i've got multiple calls after my first test. I got a call a week later. Trying to contact trace. That gave them as much information as i possibly could. When i had another test a week later. I got another call. And i'm like hey like i already talked to you guys. I already gave you as much information as i could but it was crazy they also emailed me over a docu sign that was agreeing to self quarantine for ten days and they sent that to me nine days after my positive tests. And i'm like. I'm not going to sign that at this point because you guys are nine days too late like think of all the people. If i didn't know that i could have exposed in that amount of time. Yeah so. I definitely think they need to be a little bit quicker and like their contact. Tracing but yeah. It's crazy a lot of people. Don't know that you can test positive for up to three months and i think it would benefit everyone. If like somehow there was able to like. Keep track of illness on. File your to your driver's license or some things when you scan it. It's like if it says positive. It's like you're already out of the contagious. 'cause i know like multiple festivals have talked about this to like. I heard. I don't know if this is a rumor. But i heard coachella was going to work in the price of rapid testing into the price of ticket. So like you get a rapid test with your ticket and they're gonna test you. They go into the festival. But i'm like wait. That's tricky because you're going to have a go wrong in both ways. You're going to people who already had it two and a half months ago. Who aren't contagious anymore. Not be able to go in because they're still testing positive and they're probably some of the safest people to be around and then you have the people who are testing negative because it's a false negative because they you know at the onset of symptoms who test negative and they're the ones that go and expose people so there's every it's just such a gray area there's so much gray area with the like i'm so torn i mean even just hearing you talk about coachella. Part of me is like well. Nobody needs to be going to that. But then another part of me is like when does this stop like. We can't just live like this forever. Can we and i. I hear of like. It's just so torn because how much damage is the doing of people just being so isolated all the time and the suicide rates and every domestic violence is up and all of that. I almost feel like a broken record saying this. You know it's not a new conversation. I feel like america's having this conversation. But i'm just so torn on it and again with like she with what you said with being attached to a certain identification ever. I feel like there's so much more that could be happening with research on komen. It's like i want to know. What are people eating who've who've contracted it. Are they eating a vegan diet or the eating of meat diet you know and like what is their level of physical fitness and what is their blood type and just. There's so many other things that i i question like. Are they doing all of this research to see who's more susceptible to catching it. And i would say no because i was an asset with those questions. So if they're not asking people who end up testing positive those questions they'll never have that data true and i actually want to change my answer. On what the hardest part was about home bid it was definitely the mental aspect a thousand percent it was the isolation and just like just feeling guilty like feeling like you the worst person the world because you have covid and like. I think that was definitely the hardest to change that. Yeah i feel like we should stop being so hard on everybody like you see a picture of someone out like us in mammoth and like i've seen just gonna tell people like you shouldn't be doing anything right now but it's like i get it and yes okay. If that's how you feel cool it do that for you. But let's stop being and i don't know if this and i'm going to get backlash for this but it's like if can we just give everybody the benefit of the doubt that they're being responsible. I don't i don't know and one in five people. And i think i don't know if it was los angeles city or county right now. I saw like we need to stop. Judging everyone and making them feel a certain way for and i learned getting sick people get sick. And that was the thing with mike on the mammoth blog that we just put up. I mean the majority of stuff on youtube. Which is why i love youtube. So much is all very positive. But there's always the one or two people and like one person was like you shouldn't be traveling anywhere right now blah blah blah and people are coming to her. They're like as you saw like she was with her same small group that she's with almost every week. It's the same people they were in a house together like everyone got tested. We took every precaution and she was like. Yeah you're on my i who am i exposing. I am negative. So why do you care that. I'm going to get gas she goes. You're putting yourself around poor people who have to work at a gas station and people at the grocery store mike. I get gas and groceries regardless of going to mammoth going to la. Going to palm springs. I live in three cities. I am constantly inbetween cities getting gas and getting groceries. I also test regularly. And i'm negative. Who am i exposing. What is your problem. And i guess and then. She said that her friend's mom sadly just passed away from cova so she's really sensitive to it and i'm like and i'm so sorry for that there's so many people yes who are dying. There are people who die of something every single day. But if i'm doing my part. And i'm being responsible i'm getting tested and i'm negative and the seven people who i'm with regularly are also negative. Who am i exposing. That's pissing you off. That just doesn't make sense. She literally said the people at the gas station i go. I don't interact with people the gas station. I swipe my credit card. I wear a glove. I like it's like i. Don't talk to anyone at the gas station. Yeah i get that. People are so divided on this because like the truth is none of us really have the answers. We don't know like. I got in a fight on christmas night with my brother over this and about us going to mammoth like my own family. It was a frigging knock down fight pretty much ruined christmas night over it because he was upset with me going to mammoth and i was like look. We're all getting tested before we go and it's i'm only around sheena lake. I do this podcast. And it's like i'm not around. I didn't even need. I knew i didn't even need to get the task because i'm not around anyone else. Yeah but i got it for peace of mind for everybody else and because everybody was doing it. I'm like. I'll do it too. But i mean that's just how divided people are on how they feel about it and we don't really have the answers that i was looking to speaking for those people who do say certain things like i've studied that as well and i think people get upset when i'm like. Hey i'm only around the same four people so like i'm fine and you have to also consider if those four people are also around for people and then those four people are also around if everyone has such a small circle like it can still spread like crazy so at the end of the day like that still doesn't matter and then at the same time to yes you communicative tests but you can get the virus a second after you got tested. You can walk out of that that testing site touch doorknob accidentally. Rub your face and contract the virus. So it's like there's honestly there's no winning situation like testings never going to be sure like unless you never leave your house. And you clark's every even if the order your groceries and i know people who did not leave their house and they got it ordering gross. We're still. We still have to get our food somehow. So that's why it's scary. It's like it isn't going away anytime soon because even all safest can be like. I don't know how new zealand did it. But like i mean they also if you see how many people live in new zealand. It is half the amount of people that live in la county. Yeah so it's like if you think about how small of a number of people that is and non spread al. I mean it's not the biggest island. But you know what i mean. Due to say new zealand is very healthy. A lot of them are vegan and another thing. That's not being talked about. Is that how unhealthy and how obese. We are in this country. And i have to think that that's contributing to the number of cases that we have you know that i think is an underlying condition is being obese because then what comes with that is the diabetes or heart disease or whatever you know whatever else is attached to that. So it's like that's a whole other thing that like it frustrates me about this is. It's like that's not even being talked about. I also do want to mention that the people when you said you know the four people were around. There's four people there around like tomonori on of don't really leave their house. Same james raquel jesse. And i see you. So it's like. I do know with my small circle when they leave their house. They're pretty much just around me. And i don't go around any of my friends unless they have been recently tested and not around other people so anyone who thinks. I'm being irresponsible being pregnant. Like i haven't seen some of my closest friends in san diego. Since i moved here in august. We're now in january. Because i see what they do on social media. And i'm like i'm sorry i'm not gonna put myself around you. That's why i am only around like this same few people because they're pretty much this at home or they're here. Yeah that's awesome and if you're sure that like your group is being met saved and like i don't see any problem with it. Yeah and i mean arianna has asthma so she is high risk so she's very careful and she's not around people like you can watch our stories and you see her at home with her animals and same with james and recall. They're always doing videos from home. Or they're here in san diego or me in palm springs. So it's like you know. My friend group does stay very close net especially right now and again like there's always the chance we were at the grocery store so allen going you know being as response was we can be know outweighing like some sort of social interaction which is good for mental health. So it's you know. I don't think the people who are like you should just stay home and not anything. I don't think they're thinking about the whole mental health out about not at all. But i do appreciate also where they're coming from because they just want this to go away and they think that that's the way to achieve it so yeah. I think everyone has a different opinion on how we're gonna get this to go away. But yeah i mean they say that your immune not immune but like they say that you can't get it in the first ninety days so i'm halfway there so many times approach that i'm gonna get real scared again. Oh while that was thanksgiving cova than we had christmas. And we celebrated thanksgiving and then as we were just talked about. We were in mammoth for new years and do want to talk about doing talk about mammoth jamie. Oh my gosh now. A trip handed on very intended so jamie decided to go on a little mushroom trip while in. Mammoth it started out with looking at the beautiful snow. And i said to brock. I was like. I wanna do mushrooms and get walk in the snow tonight star injustice. Like i'll do. I'm with you like sure. We love supportive friends. Yeah so you know. Don't encourage her to go for a walk in five degree weather leg did not. It's not happening first of all. There's bears in shutout. They're like no by jamie wants to go on a mushroom trip. Sure i mean. I've been on an amazing mushroom trip. And i would encourage other people to have that same experience because it was amazing. It was my birthday. I felt like i was in his sixties music video. Everything was like psychedelic the lights. It was just like the coolest experience i also is for. You had another time when we thought it was a good idea to eat a couple ray before dinner. So riders are entrees. Got on the table. They kicked in. I had pepper corn flaming yawn and all of a sudden the pepper corn. Got up. swear. This is my favorite meal sitting in front of my face. And i'm looking at it and i was like where were you. This really nice steakhouse me bragging our friend clinton who dead sober says bracken i on this trip and we're like do you see that includes looking at us like knob row and i'm looking at my steak and i was like there's answer on my plate. There's an but jamie's gagging. Yeah so insects too. But not in. That way i know it was more like a first of all. Do not professional advice here. People do not drink before doing a mushrooms. I learned that the hard way. I didn't drink a lot. Had three drinks over the course of the entire night for new year's eve so but they were strong during their strong. I mean there was a vodka something cocktail. Yes actually. no. I think our did art. Oh inside note. He did make me shot. Which i took a sip of and it was absolutely delicious. It was like it was spicy. And i said to him. I was like tom. You should do something where like you meet people and you make whatever drink you think fits their personality because if anybody made a drink for me this would have been it. You nailed et. We didn't finish it well. It didn't finish it. Because at this point in the night i then i had. I sat down there. Is this like loan rocking chair. Near this like wood stove and i sit in a rocking chair and i see out of the corner of my eyes see like brock and james just like cracking up at me and i'm staring at this wall. That has all these like crazy lights. Jesse brought like his strobe light type of thing and james is like playing his. He brought his whole. Dj rig so he was playing all the music that i hate. And i'm sitting there on this rocking chair on my settling in this wall like in the fetal position and the wall. She's looking at was almost like a popcorn ceiling womb so it was like slightly textured good thing bad for sizing because all of a sudden i start seeing all of these climbing all around this wall. In these like geometric patterns. It didn't look like actual bugs so it wasn't scary in that way like she said she saw like ants on her stake. It wasn't like that but it was like it. Looks like insects. But i knew it was just patterns and it was going all up the wall and i'm just staring at it and brock like you need to. You need to stop you. gotta like. He's like she night. You got a hell beer girl now mike. I'm so sober sobers. They've ever been in my life. I'm trying to remember how. I felt many months ago when i was like i was just such a good experience and so i'm like okay. Think about if it went bad if it went south what would i have wanted until i sit with her. And i'm like like patty nerve second and i'm like are you okay. Like what are you. When i asked you sit on me. Yeah i needed comfort needed. Something awaited lincoln. Yes she wanted me to sit on her. I sit on her. And i've got twenty four extra pounds on right now mike jamie if you want like hundred and forty pounds sheena sitting on here right now. I'm not as small as i usually and that help. I liked it. But then i'm sitting on her then everyone's looking in they're like. Why are you sitting on your friend. I was like she asked me to sit on the best you could and then you tapped out and you pass me off to tom. Yes to became like my shaman. Her spirit guide and it was funny because he and and we're both in these black and white shirts so again. Like geometric patterns were happening now on their shirts and they were both standing in front of me as my guides. And like i'm like you. Guys purposely were black and white. So i would know who to look easy so then shortly after that i just could not walk or talk and i was just dead on the couch. Then like really nauseous. And so we had these like ginger. Chew things that we brought for like the altitude like every stomach gets upset and this all natural thing. So tom's like oh try. One of these ginger chose you know i bring them with me for altitude. Whatever and so jamie is one doesn't like it fast. Forward like forty five minutes later forgets that she ate this candy. She throws up and she's like. Oh my god oh my god. I'm throwing up blood and sandoval. Everyone's like oh shit like we get into a hospital. It's not blood i was. She's she's exaggerating. And it's not blood and then you know she. Now i'm throwing up blood. And then i look on the counter and i see the second red ginger chew that he was here maybe have to and i was like jamie eight red candy. You're not throwing wide candies like which she walked in on me on. The i was on the floor into plug and i'm like look because there was like remnants still in the of the red pieces i'm like look it's right there. It's blood and so she goes out and she tells her and then as she's walking out she sees the liking alien out. And i'm like you're so smart. Argon is like and the me being most dramatic seriously during but midnight came which i watched your new year's eve. Yeah that came out today. Because now i've learned my lesson ever since she said santa warning learned your lesson warning at the beginning of this one but ever since she said santa wasn't real one of her blogs that i be almost saw. I'm like okay. Now i'm going to prescreen your blogs before. Watches them so i watched the niyazi of one today. And there's one point where like someone's handing me champagne and you could hear me go no. I can't on mushrooms. We really not that. But my favorite part is that You and brock making out at midnight. And jesse and i are just standing there and like the other couples are on making out. And i'm just standing there jesse and all of a sudden i just crossed my arms. And it's like they don't stop kissing and like the on the blog. It's so awkward. Because i'm just standing there like like yes. I'm fucking single. We hugs. I think an awkward joke about is watching it with me and she was like well. That's sad you just like left him out mchugh. Am i not supposed to have my moment. Because there's someone single at the party. Like i wanted my new year's like kids peck and you go around. Give everyone give one to everyone. Dead like cheers after like everyone and like a group hug but it was just like that moment that like is just like when everyone like pairs up at the end of the night jamie and was really money doing. I am now determined that next new year's eve when i have a boyfriend i'm going to show him that and be like look. I was just waiting for you. Look what happened last year. And now you're here totally by overall. It was so much fun. And i'm so glad we went. And those type of trips not pun intended. Felt like you know. Just getting out of your house and i think it is necessary for your mental health. If you're able to do it in a safe place in a safeway with people you trust who have all been tested and we all did it the right way i think so. Yeah i don't wanna feel bad for going on a mini new year's vacation with my closest friends who are the only people. I spend time with outside of my immediate family and you can just get tested again this week. I'm sure roy continue doing so. And that's what we've been doing so moving on bachelor premier. We brought it. yes they dead cell. Why do you ladies a think of matt and do you like the fact that he's never been on the bachelorette before well honestly in the past. I like when the bachelor bachelorette has been on before. Because i already formed my opinion about them right so that was a little weird going into the seasonal. My why do i care about matt. Nothing about him but then watch for subsoil. And you're like okay. I like this guy it makes sense now. I don't care one way. Or the other. If i knew him or not. But my initial reaction of him was like freddie like really frat boy yelich. I felt like he's being all like gentlemen and like the way the bachelor supposed to behave. And like i feel condition. They have to be conditioned and prep to link people. Don't act like this in real life. I don't think and i feel like all the females are. They're almost starting to feel like miss. America contestants there so polished perfect and if there was any season to make me realize like i am no longer eligible to be on this show. And i should have taken my chance on. I had it. It was this season because the girls are so gorgeous. So young like there's a twenty one year old really. Oh i hate when they go that young it should like twenty five minimum requirement. Like i'm going to force an engagement at the end of the season and input on twenty one year olds. Yeah yeah and it's and it's the girl kit. I don't know if you know she's cynthia. Raleigh designer it's her daughter so there from new york city. She's like super-busy when he wants. He's twenty one. Why shook i out that out. Though when i saw she was from new york choosing like a cute little short cocktail dress. I was like she's a little upper east side girl who definitely like. Yeah like a fashion designer. Mommy or daddy made her. I was gonna gossip girl vibes exactly. I don't hate it kinda like it. But i think it's just too young to be on. Jd show that supposed to legitimately leads to marriage and now we all know that that show is more about being coming a social media influence or than becoming someone's fiance or husband. Maybe just changed the premise. Be like who wants to be the next instagram famous. Let's stop pretending it's about love. Yeah yeah 'cause. I mean i do think that some people are genuinely there for the right reasons and not so what i did love about. The very short lived for episode claire season. Because you know she's at that age but it was like you know bravo her. She knew what she wanted and she went for it. And then you know we got ta shan we got like a more normal type of season of the bachelorette. But i liked that. There were people in their mid thirties on. Because it's like these are people who are taking it seriously. Who genuinely do want to find. Love and i felt like there was a lot of that includes contestants whereas now we're back to the norm. The new norm of the bachelor with a bunch of girls. Okay what the drama i needed. Alex sorority though. Yeah so who are your favorites. Lets you guys have any leg predictions for top three. While one of my favorites sadly went home the first night. I thought it was the little goat one day. Yes she was so adorable and didn't think so she went home. I know i thought that was like kiro creative kind of want that stayed. I'm like what is happening. Like it has to be producers being like hundred heap queen victoria. Yeah was he okay by the end did you see her. It was so low we saw ho shiny it's like they purposely wanted command but everyone else still look perfect. They think they know what they're lari. Like straight off miss america pageant. She's gorgeous. I feel like she was like miss. Puerto rico or something. Sure my Of joyce the old beverly hills. Yeah yeah yeah. I think rachel is actually. Yeah i really like rachel. She is just stunning and she's a great personality and then love abigail same. That's might that. Whereas yeah i love. Her and i loved it they brought on. I don't wanna say like. I mean i know she has like a hearing disability like i loved that they brought on someone who's quote unquote disabled. Just to normalize it. Because that's like you don't see that in mainstream media anywhere. yeah. I love that so much. But she's even if she wasn't like it's like they didn't bring her on four that you can tell like she's she's got a great personality. She's she's perfect for the show. I really love her. And i got the first impression rose. Yeah and besides them. I went back and checked. I really liked kayla to the one from north carolina and bells. Kahlo really weird. I really really liked her. What i like. Piper though hyper gorgeous she to pi e e. Yeah but i don't like. I don't know i don't like her. She's she's cool like in front of him but when she was with the ladies. She's just a little you know she's like oh he's not a snack he's a home meal and like oh back felix canned line that she came in with she knew she was going to say It doesn't seem authentic. i don't know. Yeah i also like m j the one with the long blonde hair and then she's just got a call isn't it interesting that he's also mj. And so the vibrator the vibrators gonna be the final four. That's be like the fourth contestants the vibrators fantasy. Oh my god. That's a little bonus thing had it's like how they do not sure and then maree got mad that like she got tapped on the shoulder collaborator. Wait we're talking about this and if we were talking about we're on a deep issue conversation smoke came up on it was like can i steal him. I'd be like no especially tapping me with the vibrator. Give us a couple of more minutes. I'm gonna finish what i was saying. That were given and let them. But then don't be mad if you if you choose to get up. Yeah i think maybe they're not giving out option like if a girl taps you like you have to go. No some people say okay. Yeah because. I think that there's a certain etiquette that i think a lot of the contestants uphold and that's you know like be courteous of everyone else's time because you only have one night. There's thirty two girls so i think a lot of the girls are just respectful in that sense like if i get interrupted like sure and i've thought before like i mean yeah i guess like i would be the girl to interrupt so i got interrupted. I would also be respectful and get up but she was talking about her grandmother or something like very about. I think i would have been my goal. Which is yeah but like the hurricanes and everything would have been like. Oh yeah just give me give me like two more minutes. I would just want to wrap this up. And like i would. I would want the man. You know what i'm in the middle of a conversation and let's give us just a few minutes. Let the guy. That's what i loved about claire. She would do that. Yeah i look because the the girl doesn't know if like he wants to talk the next one act a certain way in front of him. Oh maybe helping a certain way. If i like tell that girl anymore more fuck off. Put it on him to say no. Yeah what the heck man like. Why didn't you do that. That's messed up. I think he was so nervous. And that's what. I love about the fact that he hadn't been on the show before i know one of the girls even said that it might have been rachel. It was someone. I liked that. She said how she was excited to come on to experience us for the first time with him because it is a cool aspect when the bachelor bachelorette is like. I've been in your shoes. I know how. You're feeling. And i can empathize but it's also cool to see someone who doesn't know what the fuck they're doing and it was like. He was more nervous than a lot of the girls. So i thought that added an element that we haven't seen on the show in so many years and i'm here for it. I'm excited jamie said isn't true in that. I hope it's on an act. I hope he actually is this genuine. Because the way chris harrison was hyping him up at the beginning the beginning of the episode. being like. we've never had this. Many women in the country. Want to apply for this bachelor. Like i hope it doesn't get to his head. I hope he really is that genuine. Yeah because what if that does. What does that boost is ego. And he's like oh. I'm the most eligible bachelor. You know the thing. If he's making tiktok senior from now i checked true. I think though if it was going to get to his head being. Bff with tyler. Cameron going into the bachelorette party almost six hundred thousand followers. I think he would have had a more cocky vibe the first day. So nervous yeah. He seemed genuinely nervous and like his conversation with his mom. Like it seemed real and it seems like he's a person who actually hasn't ever been in real deep love before so he's like terrified of it and like we all get a see this first time journey with him. Well i'm here for it. I that was just my first impression was like a little frat boy china like pretend like he's not we'll see me behind when yeah. Yeah what's happening. So they're bringing in new girls. Sue ya then. It shows the preview. It looks like one girl. I think had been on the bachelor before one. I had like a past with him. Or maybe. that's the same. I guess you know quarantine season. They got to try and switch it up since they're not traveling to joe's it already looks like an upgrade from the palm springs. Slow for sure. They're like okay out of the white house. We know how to do this better. We're done with the dates in like the law. That was i feel bad for everyone. Though who is on claire and asia season including the girls because they got the short end of the stick for sure ours looking at t shirts instagram. It's like she posted you know. She kept like flashing back to like this date and that date and they're all just like in the same like forty square foot and it's like well you said you're here for love. Are you here for love or go on some awesome vacation to peru. Because you're not getting up in peru right while i'm excited to see why this season has well obviously probably talking about this weekly because we watch it weekly together by to wrap up this episode. How about we do some reviews. Yes we're going to have court read the negative yes and and with jamie on the positive. Okay this is from jillian. Twenty oli polian. So the title is i tried to stars. She said press hilton was egocentric and obnoxiously arrogant. Oh shoot. I didn't know this was this podcast. That's a review on my podcast yet. So i to his stars because you don't like the guests. Why don't you just not listen to that episode. She know. why don't you just make him not arrogant. I mean dare you. These are the reviews that annoy me. Because it's like that shouldn't be a two star review on my overall podcast because you didn't like the guest on one episode. Guess then that brings down my whole average because you person didn't like brock was here you'd be mad at us for not taking the constructive criticism that we can't make not coming back like unless you're less arrogant and egocentric. I got little ten expect. And i mean like why. Can't we have guests that are different personality types or might exactly differently. I mean that's the whole point of it is to hear different personalities and different opinions. Yeah and if you don't like the guest coming on maybe don't listen. I think science forward. Yeah i dunno whatever but thanks. Thanks joleon okay. Here's the five star. It's from glimmer. Four seven to eight two enjoyable love your very transparent and vulnerable. I enjoy listening. I like the condo style. Podcast versus interview love gossip and trash talk but then having other hosts on maybe have a patriot on where you can have a fan on as a guest interview. Love the games to hit like all different aspects. yeah that's a podcast reveal. Yeah apple podcasts. Or whatever platform to go through and like read reviews and be like oh val review or like. That's a good point like yelp. If you're nudie yelp you can't go and review. Because i think it's a fake review your tablet. Yeah so maybe they should like kind of so adult spotify. Whoever you're listening let's get with that because of our constructive criticism. Yeah yeah. I mean the whatever while i appreciate you guys for listening. Continue to send in your views. You know preferably more stars than lahcen positive. Because let's keep spreading positivity new year new day. Anything else ladies. I'm going to stop shopping. Going to try to spend less on amazon and try to shop more small businesses. I like that. Because jeff bezos is already like way too much a billionaire and i think we need to support small businesses and it during a pandemic man all the time. I'm trying to support as many small businesses with baby stuff like even if it's just bows and little things like that our bags. Oh my god shoutout to shop. Jamila i e l. So they have these amazing machine washable backpacks tote bags purses fanny packs so many different things. They're really really cute. Style. they're stretchy. They fit everything and it's a small woman owned business that monica. Yeah yeah and she sent me a few of her bags. And i'm like oh my god i absolutely love these and now. That's the only backpack. I carry and once little baby comes along. You're going to have to put that in the washing machine on a regular basis. I already had to wash one of mine. Because brock sets my white tote bag down on the black asphalt as. He's packing. Our car for mammoth. I was like what are you doing all right. Yeah right. I was just like don't sent my way. But he's like you said go in the machine will like oh. My god doesn't matter if you wash don't set a white bag sleep dirty by ground. But but yeah i do. I love supporting small businesses. I can't wait until we're able to support restaurants again. Service industry tipper servers. Even if you're getting food to go and on that no. I will talk to you guys next week. Thanks for listening by asking. Thanks for listening to shenanigans. Sheena down though new episodes every week on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you get your podcast girl with me to get over here boy. Genius club little black.

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