225 - Do this before you burnout - 5 Minutes of Momentum


Welcome to five minutes of my tend. These episodes are a short five minute bursts of inspiration motivation and massive action. If you need that little kick up the to get things moving into its take massive action every single thursday. I'll be sending through a five minute episode to download digest and implement to finish your week off strong. He ready to get started. Let's okay it's time to stop. I know you are really high achiever. I know the able to do so much with your time. But as you're listening to this is just five minutes. I'm going to ask you right now to stop. Take everything out of your hands if you can. If you're driving pullover if your if you can't they'd come back to this episode. But i want you to take everything out of your hands right now. Place you are. There is time for you to do this. And i want you to do this. Before you burn out burnett starts to happen in your mind as we start to use language like. We're overwhelmed with too busy. I don't have time anytime we're using those where activating part of our body which is putting ourselves into a stressed state just causing more cortisol to coarser our body which is putting a body out of equilibrium. And so if you don't wanna burn out because you know that you are the bay all and end all in your business and you know you need to be at your best all the time then. I want you to stop and take a moment right now. So stop stopped everything out of your hands and just take a moment. I want you to put your hands on your laugh if you can and you just going to break with me. I'm going to take you to a relaxing process right. Now because we need to calm your rump nervous system and remind yourself that you've got plenty of time that you are safe and you're going to be okay because we need to calm your body down so then your mind can also come to accomplice so take a moment with me now. I want you to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth and we're going to take some big deep breaths and going to us out breath as an extended time palm at body down so this is perfect to use when you're feeling any level of anxiety and stress anything that you feel like you just got fifty things on the go and you can't forecast. This is a perfect breathing exercise to do. So what you to breathe in through the is an app through the math breathing through the noise and now out long through the through the math. And if you want a cat with me at four and six so breathing out two three four five six and in two three four and out two three four five six and continue breathing and what you don artists. Now if your belly is filling with air because you'll ballet should extend as your breathing in so if you're breathing shallow from your shoulders from your chest. I want you to deepen the breath as you. Breathe in your belly should extend out to breathe deep into belly exile out and if you can close your eyes down and i just want you to bring your attention to breath. What does it feel. Like entering in your. Nour's what does it feel like as you exhale. What does it feel like in your body to receive the oxygen and as you continue to breathe deep. Repeat in your mind off to me. i'm safe. I m i k. I'm safe. I m i k. I'm safe. I have plenty of time. Everything is working out for me. I am safe. I'm okay there is plenty of time. Everything is where he asked me. While more time everything is always working out for me. Say nice quick easy and it helps to bring your focus back helps to get you out of your head and back into your body and live your life from a place of equally rather than a high level state of stress hurt misserved you please share it with any friends that you feel really needs to hear this and i hope you have an incredible

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