Obama Funded China's COVID-Leaking Lab?! | Ep 10


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I'm on the show Well actually I will say this. The caffeine kicked in full show. I'll be talking with you. Why don't we fundamentally the thinking so if you see my face go? That's what's happening in the room. This bill Richmond quarterback Aaron Audio. Wake Gerber overlays by the way this is every Monday Wednesday and Friday at ten. Am If you're watching right now live at the blaze. You can chat with us. Of course we will read your chats as we go on with the show That's a little perk there. Of course WHO's not club thirty dollars off a ladder dot com slash club entering the Promo Code Quarantine. That's good through the end of the month. Credits also podcast. Sold or free What else do we get to Let me think a lot to get to here today. We have a gonNA talk about Barack Obama funding the China's putting the Chinese the Chinese they Chinese. But he dumb he died and Funding them after the one child policy that they enforce and I was there in Cancun Mexico when what's his name. Ted Turner was talking about that being a good idea and wrote it on a bison and then like skis lawler. We'll also be talking about shake shack. Ilan Omar what else. Why Brian Stelter is a bitch? So all of that but my question to you have guys heard about the report. By the way that Barack Obama did fund the BAT CORONA VIRUS LAB in Wuhan German. Did you think do you think anyone in the United States has any business funding any of that oversees these labs were? They're doing the bat stuff Hey let's see what's going on CNN. There's a guy right. There looks like a jungle book character. I think he needs some eyedrops. We believe that's how harbor no no it's SOS Augustine Channel. Please someone I thought I was talking with Blitzer. Poppy Harlow Speaking of which quick fact check here by the way we just just was breaking on. Cnn SHAKE SHACK. Schick check with their stimulus. Money Right for small people got really mad because there's an why do these giant corporations get this money so they gave it back? If I were shake shack I would give the money back and immediately everybody off. Just lay them off and be done said. This is so fun when they go trickle down. We're where we're giving us the businesses. Well what do you think's going to happen? If they can employ anybody nice check in a basically a free vacation but if you want a job when you come back we do need to support the infrastructure That actually creates that it does help. Occasionally they are so screwed by the way this is virtue signaling at its finest. They received the ten million dollar loan which means they went through the loan process thinking it was a good idea to get the money in the first place. Rahab one hundred million dollars in the bank their latest. Sec Filings showed and now they got public pressure to give it back. They can never lay anybody off again because then they'll be either way right right. Oh you gave the money back. We know you have one hundred million. Why anybody I keep the shakers? But I'd lay off the shacks. Yeah those guys they don't see. It seemed superfluous. Why why why check in this day and age come on Castle? I don't a small brick home comparison to kept the money. He used to take pride in marketing. White Castle and we all knew it was a shack but now they say shake shack and we all know it's got the new. It's got the new sconces wall and that every single. Heyer CH- you know. They also have what that coke machine has all of the flavors one. Borough you're getting the flavors of all the different mixed. Nothing's pure these that is just a dopamine surge. Really I mean it's worse than pornography yell at me when I say she shanty. Remember Tesol News that word because it's a small local mom and pop shop and I don't want people to know about good morning. He's going to reveal. Oh my spots. After work schedule Gerald. They have no idea where. This place is Before we Brian stelter law. Who RADIO Ilan Omar She now has been at that. She's been using a donor money to pay the firm that she had an affair with the guy the guy who owns the firm as a Guy. She had an affair with the guys she used. Yeah donations and or taxpayer dollars to pay the marketing firm of the man with whom she had an affair. So it's not enough to be a terrorist sympathizer and now. She's got to be a cheating whore and embezzling cheating for all. She has is taxpayer dollars. There is monopoly money point right. I mean I don't know what I guess. It's sort of reversed prostitution. I don't really know how verse. Let's talk about the science for all I know is he must be a great way. Which you had you had your first year anniversary. I did yesterday your only way by the way to prophylactics and a very long penis No social distancing. No no you don't have any of those coupling coupling in a two. I think that's what we're implying. Good that's that's the implication. There gives children nightmares. If only you could fit in Joe Biden sniffing. Yeah wait I think I think nambla just on their new posters weekends fantastic weekend socialistic. And we are not all in this together. I want to be very clear about this. I recognize when people talking about privilege. I recognize that I am actually privileged in the sense that this does not affect me. Nearly as badly as someone who's lost their job in a manufacturing line lives in a small apartment. I live in a decent sized home. I don't go out a whole lot. Anyway I'm really reclusive. I'm a homebody. This is far harder for example for like an eighty two year old diabetic nightclubber. This has gotta be Hell on Earth. The him because he's lost everything he loved. So I WANNA be clear. Sorry and setting up the context as to why and I feel like I pick on a whole lot to the point where it's it borders on bullying but I don't care Supporters tweet about this and then limit touching this. Because I'm uncomfortable to watch that fat gay face married face warm. Brian stelter talked about hitting. Just let's play this. This is Brian stelter. Because he's just like you. It's okay to not be okay right now. That's the main thing I want to say to everyone. Watching all of us are grieving whether we censor not past few weeks accidentally grieve the father or mother. Relative others have lost livelihoods. They've lost access to family and friends elsewhere. Skims over George is profound loss. We're all grieving. These look at notes tried to bottle up really. I guess I was trying to be STOIC for my wife and kids this Friday. I hit a wall. Hit A wall finishing my nightly newsletter. I mentioned earlier but I couldn't do it. I couldn't get it. I was so gutted by the death toll. I was that. So Marcus Aurelius ignorance in Washington. My Greece lost their jobs. That mix of emotions many of you also also airline Tears Cape. We don't talk about this. George Michael I think we should really you think you talk about he's experiencing because we've been doing wrestling or other emotions as a result of this crisis. Look let's remember we've never lived through something quite like this. We have nothing to compare this with an intern into an teen vogue. Feel your feelings. New RESEARCH DOT COM taking time. Best Devon Sal. Gt Base time. The emotions are real everybody. There are a big part of the story for me. Someone just put it overly and they're all being at CNN and says the reactions were stored or four CNN. Reactions was extraordinary. I'm still getting hundreds of emails from readers about this and we're noticing. Walking e mails going to be physical letters. Like someone's walking all these letters. Brian stelter throw them on the table then. Aarp member junk mail no hair clip from it. They related to this. One of them was Mike. It's okay to not be okay right now it's a wrong over agrees. Squirrel overlay at all. Okay so my message is Susan. Okay right now tell the truth. No no no we need. Let him make his points. Okay to not be okay. We've heard it three times twenty five years ago today. Today was the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. I have nothing to compare this a little more. Severe mostly mean and selfish. They ought to come to Oklahoma. If anybody thinks Americans have lost the capacity for love and carrying and courage they should ask your boyfriend. They should ask every other person on CNN dogs on a mirror like every other minute. You kidding me. All of a sudden he loves OKLAHOMA RIGHT IN AMERICA OKLAHOMA instead of flyover right. Yeah yeah there's also the disaster distress hot-line helpline. We will put that number up as well as his number. There's also the number to call for a good. He just gave out his emails. Talk Live and we're going to be accused donxing. He did it. We're going to be accused of DOTS on. It is of course okay to not be okay and I understand the loss of me when I tried to be authentic invulnerable at the end of these shows. Usually we do those credit closes. That being said if this this is not that point this I hit a wall really okay now. I understand if you hit a wall if you had cove in nineteen actually lost a direct relative. Of course you hit a wall but if you've got all because of the news that you are pedaling letters letters what's amazing is. We have nothing to compare this to. I was just watching. And it's a little heavy handed. The plot against America which Lindbergh had one instead of FDR. And I can see all the implications Donald Trump in America first and he must hate the Jews. Even though his son-in-law Jared Kushner but I digress. Anyway it's still a pretty good show but it was sitting there going when people talk about how. This is unprecedented right. The new normal. Do you really think and I get it. I get it when you take precautions like we've talked about. We've always encouraged you to wash. Your hands. Sanitized mass they just think we need to be accurate about the numbers but it is remarkable to me to compare this to say. How do you think Americans felt when you're talking about fear really anyone across the globe when France surrendered and there was the Blitzkrieg in London? That was a little bit scarier watching the Nazis marched through Europe knowing that we are next unless we enter into possibly the bloodiest war of all time. That's what we thought. Were going man. We don't know what we're GONNA lose a lot of lives. You really imagine just to put yourself in that mindset France Surrenders. Do you have any idea? How spine chilling? That must've been back then. And you want to compare that to your coverage of Kovic Nineteen. It's not even close now. It's not of course every loss. Every life lost his precious. We understand that we always have to say this. Because if you don't say you don't make sure there's thirty seconds of contact where you talk about all the Rosenthal lifeless people say that you don't care but the fact is we all know that right. Let's move on and being accurate about the numbers but to act as though you hit a wall because this is the hardest moment in America. It's not even the hardest moment in our lifetimes when you compare it to nine. Eleven did did he hit the same wall in two thousand and nine. I'm sure we can go back and see coverage of that when sixty thousand people died from the swine. Flu that right. I'm assuming he had the same all because he said I'm gutted by the number of people that died and I'm like well. Nobody wants people to die but or the house in seventeen flu year. Which was seventy thousand different. Yeah it's it's it's hitting you now but also don't seem to be very genuine in this as well. I thought that he doesn't have anything new to say. Run out of things to give them a little credit. He's run out of things to say and that's just breaking sour fat bald man. I mean like sour patch fat and I don't want those candy I think we should send them some snickers shot that went sour patch Sour Patch STELTER I. They're sweet then they're gay but rainbow colored already are colored. Oh this is also a too when you're talking about privilege who's somehow got wanting to go by selling something that wasn't worth anything working. Cnn link there is no redeeming value backs of talent. I get that at least Chris. Cuomo telegenic. I've often told that I myself have the gift of Gab though I would prefer it we're welding useful to more ARC ARC or spot welding. Don't get with Brian. Stelter brings to the table and now it just seems like this is I just. They hit a wall. Like what are you running the Boston marathon and I had to type. I had to cosign a newsletter used. Ab testing someone in autumn made a newsletter. And I put my name on there and I think that's when the tears came. Is He like a first responder? Is he on the front lines like working. Everyday people helping people like that. Is that what he's doing or is he actually in a studio making a million dollars just totally fine? He works at. It's filled with sick. People want coverage say but he's already been infected with that. Yeah he was a first responder in the department store when Moscow on the Hudson defected. That was when I was a first responder. Make one quick. You can make no yes. I'm kidding level That was his notice within a few days of Cuomo kind of having a break and speaking honestly about his feelings about CNN and they're hyper partisanship CETERA. You also stelter saying hitting a wall. I can't do this coverage all this crap that were peddling actually getting to me like. I can't really spend the dollars as quickly as I would like to cover up for the feeling of Horn that I have and pedal now. He's wishing for the days of Jesse smaller to come back to God news hour right. We don't really have that much to offer you here. I just wanted to touch on it. Let's go to another story here right now. Florida beaches right. They're reopening and it's amazing that this is his controversial as it is. I'll get to why in a second that I want to know what you guys think. Republican obviously Governor disentis right. Now this is being covered everywhere. I think we have Clinton. Meanwhile some states are already starting to ease restrictions in Florida beaches like Jacksonville. Neptune Beach Atlantic beach. They're open today governor onto Santa's gave the green-light despite the growing outbreak those beach Mir specify they're open for exercise purposes only and not for tanning nor gathering in Laura. I'm looking at a fat guy on that. Beach was clearly not ex- exercise stelter double who the social distancing. I was exercising. Oh it's called me while I was taking first speech. They named open his Jacksonville Dreams. Go to die en people so this is obviously it's been trending left us or outrage everywhere on twitter that Oh morons and Florida and let me be really clear if you go to the beach you should still practice certain precautions route. What I saw there were couples. Walking hand in hand as couples do and then other people and they were relatively far apart. I know some people aren't necessarily obeying them but this is to me entirely reasonable. It's amazing to me that people are saying these people protesting going out first off. We're not really protesting going onto the beaches anymore. Just to be clear there actually going out there and obeying the law but it is amazing to me that people are upset at the beaches are open but not upset over the fact that in New York City. The subways have always been open. Subways are rolling pringles tubes of farts. It's already assessed so cussing and by the way they did say could be the source of the virus. Spread like subways terrible to say. Well we need the subways for the economy in your first off. The economy is kind of stopped a little bit walk. You can ride your bike. The weather should allow it if you're an eco-friendly activists at this point. And if you talk about the economy in Florida. It's almost entirely reliant on waterfront activities just as the Mayor of Amity so let me get straight so large open spaces bat. I don't space dishes underground in New York. Good that's what I'm hearing. I Still Dixon well. Every time they mentioned the subway they talk about how it's necessary for the economy right right. I'm like I don't understand. I thought you guys just said you don't care about. Yeah Right Right. So it's a key in my allowed to go for a walk in my neighborhood because that's kind of like going to a beach in front and announced. The L like in walk woke woke all phony. What are YOU WALTZING MILWAUKEE? Are You walking like this? Well I wall three four years. Listen three four. There's an l in the word and I will pronounce it. That's fine I don't I don't I don't progress you notice. There's nothing more defensive. Any given week than the hills that Gerald chooses. I write them down in a little notebook. And I. We all got say. Walk Natalie Bunker Hill history tour a tale there's Gerald died and there that's that's not even a hill moat actually depression that I threw myself into wait. A second is just landfill. What is he chose resting place so this is something else. That is pretty important when you compare. Also subways subterranean sick alien. That's not the way radio heads. I don't know if you've ever listened to okay computer but I always felt like it kind of gets me a little bit. Disoriented York's at. That was a design of OK computer whistle. Yes to make people kind of nauseous like there's some great songs and then it's also a bunch of rap How are you doing work? Artists opposed to bother you city so when you compare the subway to to Florida there's also remember Donald Trump was mocked for saying that this could go away in April. Now we know that sunlight actually seems to be killing a cove in nineteen according to new studies. Bad for specifically direct. Sunlight can kill it very quickly now. This isn't entirely definitive but every study that we have available to us says that it is helpful. So that's a vampire especially if you look at the numbers between sort of a southern states and where it spread more rapidly. I think the average temperature. We'll talk about this a little bit later tonight. I'll I'll do a little bit more of a deep dive. I think it's very low and this very low humidity so there is a trend. There is a correlation looked to see if there was a causation by studying this virus with UV light directly and it turns out that Sun kills it so if anything is going to be open the New York subway where people relieve themselves on a regular basis in the pit of filth and sadness that is New York City interests do bad rap or with salt water UV light. I think by the way. Are we just now realizing that? There's a flu season flu season's not during the summertime. Haven't we known this for like one hundred and fifty years? Flu Tends to spread during colder months. Leave holiday I mean come on. This can't be news to anybody right. Yeah Really Doc Holliday. Had Not being. Who is the markets rickets vitamin D? Right I think rick. It's probably Macaulay Culkin. They said you're Kokin. I hate to take no issue with it but apparently ricketts old can get a genuine reaction. Please anymore. South Florida Corinthian hateful. Oh by the way South Carolina just followed suit and said Yeah. We're opening to really. Yeah so everybody's going to open their beaches in warm climates and be like no yeah so the the MSNBC Anchor said something about despite the growing numbers adding one is growing it will always be growing until there is no more cases. You're adding thirty seven hundred that were never even tested mobile. So hey listen more from the more this guy. This has a knife wound. Best not to take chances cove put complication. There you go. This guy crashes car but we have strong reason to believe that before it crashes car he went Kovin it. And that's what caused the crash. Yeah that's what caused the crash. He was watching Brian stelter in his little little icon to not be okay. It is okay to not be okay just like this is. What's the things Brian Stelter? I was just watching a thirty for thirty. Did you see this on the Duke Lacrosse? That's a great one. That's actually a really good because I didn't know a whole lot about the actual evidence of the case and that Nathan Nathan. I found the guy who was prosecuting. How he actually withheld evidence and actually lied about DNA EVIDENCE. His barred the guy who actually goes completely disbarred as well he quickly. Yeah so the problem with that right is that it does a huge services. We've always talked about two women who are victims of a horrible crime like rape. It's okay to not be okay. One there is something that makes you not okay. But to simply say you're not okay because of the coverage that you have peddled out there to try and make people think that it is hopeless. That's not an excusable reason and this was something to this is. This is really true. My therapist just laughed the other week. 'cause we we go through and I was talking about how listeners men. We don't always get to. We have to control our emotions if we're experiencing something that bothers our wives. Let's say familial issue they can cry and men can cry but I said you know like the thing is. I know that me being really emotional would make my wife feel less stable. I can be sad but I can't fly off the handle so a lot of the Times men. They're like a dog off into the woods to die. We go when we sort of cry by ourselves. Therapist laughed really. She's in the woods to die. I'm like yeah. She's like dogs do that. Don't you know they go and die alone? Disrupt the pack. She's like well okay. It's a good analogy. We need to take deeper into layers. It does a disservice to its. There's nothing wrong with crying as a man. Obviously that's a very new thing that really kind of started in the forties and fifties is false machismo. If you look at Abraham Lincoln you look at George Washington. Go back to any of these great men. They all cried they would kiss each other on the cheek. They were very affectionate. It wasn't like you had to be a jock or an artist right. You had to be a well rounded man all across the board that being said to say that you hit a wall and you were crying because of your coverage of cove in one thousand. Nine is a gross disservice to when a man needs to cry in front of his wife because you know his bulldog died or because they have something going on with their cancer or even something happening. Yes a real issue. I think you're right like with somebody like Brian stelter he. He's part of the problem. It's like if only if only we could find a solution to this problem. If only I didn't go in and make this sound worse. Every single day only did not provide context for every single stat. That I'm throwing out there to make Americans feel like this is the thing that's ever happened to us. Just don't work. Brian do us all a favor. Stay home you'll feel better. We'll feel better everybody. Yeah I think it's easy. I like this solution reasonable solutions. You know what I petitioned the day on a good one to find you. Dead on that hill copy for a buck fifty every year. And thank you we. We talk about the fact that it's been ten minutes of Queen Talk on CNN. Oh really let me see yeah. They're talking about that is that is That's a that's a long. Hey that's a long nose braschi doctor on Grey's Anatomy. And now she's what's her name. Have Sandra Sandra Oh treatments. So here's what's really interesting is. They've been talking about how they're moving forward with major Pharma testing. Now they're interested in seeing the results and that there's some potential that it's going to be a part of the treatment regimen right. Yeah it already works. The only one and we'll talk about the only one that didn't Brazilian study where they use far too much of a dose. And what's remarkable to me as I see young Turks and CNN and ABC. Well this is what we were afraid of talking about chloroquine. Of course this is what we were afraid of because there was no evidence that it was effective and now and they say one small study in Brazil the only city that I know of that US significantly over the recommended dose by the US. A high dose and a slightly low dose. They had to cancel the high dose and they continued with the low dose because it actually from what we know could be pretty effective but they had to cancel the highest. We know that about hydroxy. Chloroquine dose dependent. There is occurred right but it's remarkable to me that they go. There's no evidence that this works and then go see. This could be deadly. Had to cancel the study. Well on second. What about all the other studies that would have all the other studies that use the appropriate dosing and actually sort of eliminate these other CO factors that contribute to one's health. Obviously you don't conduct a study if you're looking at people who have heart disease or high blood pressure if we know that you shouldn't be using that so there was no evidence whatsoever and then you have a one study from. Brazil that used too much and they cancelled half of it. And you go now. We know for sure what would happen to the whole evidence scenario in the pitch meeting for that when that came across the guys. Look at what I found like. Everybody's face just lit up like the grinch like with a smile all the way up like yes. Yes exactly study. And unfortunately people taking the high dose. Their heart drew four sizes amongst tells them to burst open but yeah and all they left in. The house was a stint. There was even too small for us. do we have actually right now. We have the Rhody so actually to see what we got wrong in an update because we don't necessarily have all the news. It is time for the morning after with senior. News correspondent. Rattigan all right Mr Brooklyn. Are you there Sir? Okay Yeah Startup. Happy Birthday goes out the JOE. Rogan snoop dogg McConnell. Surprisingly both cheech and Chano Okay Rattigan. It's no no no no it's not. It's not their birthday today. Brought again I wanna be clear about that. They weren't born on four. No they weren't all born in no now okay. Did you catch any of the president's briefings over the weekend there brought senior news correspondent? Okay Yeah So Trump three point plan to get America back to work okay stat one still the underpants step to secret and then step three of Erica profit. No that's no that's actually that's from South Park confusing the plan with a facebook. Meme making. Yeah making fun of the news at all. I don't WanNa get snapped. What else do you have? Oh okay. Yeah trump. Also named his counsel Reopen America includes a Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliot. Chris Cuomo Lady Gaga Ninety Year. Old Woman who said she was a beer former. Wb Russia's a revival known. Okay no no yeah no. Yeah yes thank you. I appreciate your listening up the council. It's jared Ivanka. Okay WanNa be clear. Then there's the treasury secretary the Commerce Secretary and what you just talked about. As a matter of fact I'm quite confident that those were just people happen to be trending on twitter or they've taught him for. I don't I don't care. I think it's because they're on the commission. Okay so one last. Donald trump news He didn't visit just one last bit of Donald Trump news this is one last but a journal. Donald Trump. This is big. This is big all right. He didn't it's been joked about but he didn't give Joe Exotic President of Arden. Smooth that clip a clip. We don't have a clip. No no way. I talk about the clip from Britain brought and that actually that was a clip that we did. Is he talking about the thing? We didn't show that was a big part to exotic. We need a bit about it on the show except in a facebook because someone shared the clip on another facebook page. Okay right are you. Brought you brought in brought again. Yes look at me. Are you drinking already online? Is My business. That's that's not how the plug works had enough has been morning after with rotting and everybody. Hey so what do we have the duck commander giving a certain? I don't know he didn't really bet he could take over for stelter though. I think I think much better job. Here's the thing when it comes to drinking brought never hits the wall that he just hit me just find another juggernauts like Antonio really let me see where we are after this. Click the KOOL aid. Man Yeah truly by the way thank you expressly expressly dot com slash credit. I think you get. I don't know you get something off and on I twenty percents. We use it. We did it with the toll thing that we did on Youtube Express. Vpn We did it. What was IT Retin Lincoln lab an extra three months free off of a brand X. Nord had a security breach. Wow and they didn't let people. This is public news. I can say that right had for years so I will have to decide between VPN that has a security breach covers it up and one. That doesn't I mean there have to be other deciding factors but it's big one. Is this a trick question? Or it's not a trick question for you. It might be expressed opium Let's get into destroying the coffee bag. I have to have something there. We go ahead. A popcorn kernel stuck in the back among brushing. I got the electric brush. I got the flaw so I got the water pick. Popcorn is the celebratory food item Steven One. What do you like when you watch movies? It's like watching a movie. Tell me doing that. Popcorn eating habits you see this. Pick another hill to die on. Its when I pop a another terrible. Why how many letters in court when they run out of the just the first double a triple A. Baseball? Yeah how far does it go? Has It ever gone beyond like triple? Z? I've seen four a weapon in a trial. I mean 'cause that's if you think about it. This is only like around one hundred hundred twenty-five exhibit. Yeah I guess so. Actually W- Gerald Ford Museum. Bright three diapers cements. It go to your point. I have my point about the jail for museum. My point was just terrible hill Gerald I. I know I heard it. Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids Michigan. I lived there for very long time. And when you thought you made it up no no. That's like a piece of pizza. It's like a triangle. So you go in. And it's like Gerald Ford and it shows that he played football in Michigan. And then by the end you walk back and they're just an elvis exhibit. What is this picture of far from jail? But they don't even have like. This is less than planet Hollywood pictures of like actual displays and put them up because Joe Ford actually seemed like a really supremely decent man but he was just known for the pardon. So there's like a little bit of time on the pardon and then elvis and videos of Chevy Chase falling so it's always interesting. Museum is my point here. Let's go to this story Obama Barack Obama Right He. This turned out. And you're right about this bill. The lab in and I didn't WanNA pedal any conspiracies because I know that we'll get snapped here in the Youtube. We have to be really careful about that. Even though wasn't necessarily conspiracy turns out that Barack Obama actually the under his under his rule. I was going to save rule. That's such a horrible way they funded the Wuhan Virology lab that ultimately leaked corona virus to the world So there's we know that there was a ladder going on right now. We know that it may not have just come from a wet market that it could have come from a lab and gotten to the wet market. But we do know that the lab has something to do with this. Let's go first to president. Trump's responsible the Obama administration gave them a grant of three point seven million. I've been hearing about that and we've instructed that if any grants are going to that that lady was fetching area we're looking at it literally an hour ago and also early in the morning We will end that grant very quickly but it was granted while ago. They granted a substantial amount of money. WE'RE GONNA look at it and take a look but I understand. It was a number of years ago. Right what did you only fifteen? Who was president that I wonder what he heard the first time you said the year? Wait a minute I will say. Donald trump to throw the audience. He's like Lori. Never no question. There's no the answer. What where'd you hear it? I know you heard it fat gay stelter who is presently you know. I just. I can't after I don't know throwing out twisting the knife when he does if he doesn't want someone room to play. Excuse me excuse me. Excuse me that means. He wants to control it when he asks you a question. You Damn well better given the right answer. Because he's going to give you the right answer right better equipped better. I think there's only one more thing he could have done was like looking at the camera and just mouth or the next one. Yeah saving certificate. Take I forget so. There's new documents have been showing the labs experiments by with the BAT. Coronavirus concerned officials in two thousand eighteen in the United States stopped sending assistance over to the lab and rightfully in two thousand eighteen. This is also important to note because this shows a sequence of actions right of US having funded it at some point and then stopping it at another point and then okay maybe people wanting to say we should start refunding. I don't know exactly what's going on what they're talking about on CNN right now. Italy considering which antibody test to adopt for national. Nobody Cares Obama Administration. It's something else that is really disconcerting to me they funnel three hundred forty million to the UN Population Fund. That of course helped with China's one child policy We're of course. Women were Hog tied and forced to abort so people don't know this one child pal basically a policy in China where they say you can only have one child right Because of population control I was at the Cancun climate summit. This is back when it was called the Kyoto. Protocols opposed to the Is it the Paris Agreement? Of course it was the Montreal Agreement Kyoto Protocol and now it's the Paris accord if they come up with it back when it was a Cancun. Climate Summit was Kyoto Protocol. Montage wants to protocol because that's the Buzzword of the day and they all flew to Cancun because they couldn't do zoom meetings which now we know they should be doing. I do zoom meeting at my office and I go. There and Hummer equals out so I remember Ted Turner. They're praising China's one child policy. Yeah it was remarkable to me for someone that just shows that they are team World Teen Guy. An anti human. I think we should keep our stuff clean. I think we shouldn't put you guys know. I WanNa keep the office going colluding when I see someone. Throw some trash out the window. I am furious because there's no reason to not put it in the trash can. Of course we should do our best to be good stewards of what we have here on this earth that being said people take priority and back with the Kyoto Protocol. When you would've looked at the skyrocketing energy costs package that I did back then it would actually be inconvenient for Americans and it would thrust third world countries into a plague of death. The likes of which they haven't seen the modern because they too deserve their industrial revolution. So Barack Obama supported the one child policy. Funneling millions hundreds of it. What does it three hundred? How much money three hundred forty million? I almost three fifty almost use the rally against this on the Youtube. It'll save for all info and Kovic nineteen go to Washington Post Ribs. Exactly so bitch rhet- rhetoric at the same time. I guess that this was happening. I saw a Ted talk on population control and this is all tie this back into. China's one child policy. Ted Talk Are you watched? Ted Talk I I went to you a passer. Yeah when I saw it was happening I watched one at a live audience. That was streaming right. So it's all confusing well. Climbing spotted from the summit Carolyn Hill died. Yeah it was a really small high. Wasn't a chair in this presentation. They had a chart and they said here. Are these different countries population per family right. Like how many people that the kids that they have and what they said is we want to institute policies that push everybody into the bottom left which was near zero right or under one and the reason I'm bringing this up is because that kind of policy led to China having the one child policy thinking it was a great idea but it would have the same effect on everybody in the entire room was applauding. This is how we should end the world. Basically because we aren't gonNA have enough kids to propagate anybody's culturing more. I think you have to have like two point. Four two point five per family to do that and everybody was cheering that the government or the four. I'm sorry this is really unfortunate for the point. Four it is yes. They don't get to be selective reading the midgets. Nice how do you know who's to give birth to a midget it's difficult? I guess my point is that he was a bad idea that the government was pedaling back yet as well so the Obama administration isn't just supporting the one child policy. It goes much further than that and that was just one iteration and I guess you're just a little boring but the slow jerk Gerald Eric. Just learn how to edit. I try I tried you guys to me off my game with the whole hill. Dying Gerald. That's a really good point. So Brevity is what you're saying also WANNA make sure I'm getting this. He is the only president since Reagan Barack Obama to not cut off funding to the United Populations Fund. So it's not like everyone did it. And then everyone went along with it and Donald Trump. Put a stop to it right now. It'd be nice if he was singularly unique. No this case. Barack Obama is the one who is unique one child. Yeah I'll funded on. This is that. Who's that guy with the the the bagger Vance haircut there in the left sorry giving very young Mitt Romney Congress close to deal for more small business aid? I hope it doesn't include those bricks at shake shack. Nope already be done. If the DEM's hadn't stood in the way odd helped me a five guys applies. You know all the people that were like. Oh man sweet or payroll going to be get. Oh No it's not it's done it's you guys are not rehired sorry audios and forget about the never ending peanuts at five. They have that yet. Never been peanuts what were you. What are you well? We do have our next segment ready to go our doctors. We just okay. Well then we have some more. We're going to talk about crenshaw after that night watching But we haven't ready to go okay so this is actually a new segment. I want to be really clear after people at their because people really had a positive reaction to this gas last My personal doctor and he talked about Kobe. Nineteen it was a very I would say. It was a very measured approach and a very balanced approach where we didn't need to panic but we needed to take the proper precautions so a lot of you said we like him. We would like to see him more. And so this is a new segment with Dr Troy. That limp lamenting We call what's UP DOC? All Right Dr Choi. Are you there Sir? Yes you really you can. What sounds like you can hear me. Dr Choi I hear your well. Yeah what can you hear me? Okay Yeah we can hear you just fine there you go. You're looking very chipper and I know you're on you're on the Pacific Time so I appreciate you getting up early for us How's your practice going last time? We spoke with Kobe. Nineteen are you doing while you're keeping safe? We're still kind of semi lockdown so only the essential businesses are open. So I mean we are considered essential. Were Open but not seeing any a routine business writer that does make it in a dangerous patient. So we're just seeing a urge visits okay and just taking a lot of phone calls from the patients and testing some patients. Are you making sure that they're wiping off the phone? The phones after they when you talk to them on the phone do you make sure that they sanitize the phone. Because that's the dirtiest place in your tell the cases to sanitize their a cell phones multiple kinds of today. Well that's good. That's a good precaution. Takes that's why and that's why you're my doctor. I'm so you know what we're going to be. Actually some people here at the office. Dr Choi they don't they don't they. Don't have health insurance yet. So actually quarterback Garrett I believe right had some questions for you About a current condition. Yeah I'm not sure what it is yet. So I'm okay condition that he has and so Dr Choi where we've sent. We've sent a picture. Dr Choi believe to his email audio aid to his phone to his phone and at quarterback yet just give him a briefer here What it is and we can show it to the audience. So they know well. So we're I'm I'm experiencing some abnormal discharge from my lower region. Okay and since this is a big thing too is tele visits with doctors. So right WANNA see also. I'm having some severe burning from whenever I dr Troy. You do this a lot on skype and you do. Tele visits like zoom visits with people especially during this emergency based on the picture that you have there and Garett listen kind of some of the symptoms. What we think is is going on. No yeah you got the picture. I got it okay and we can show to the audience here real quick so they can see. Here's a discharge and burning Dr Choi. What do we think might be going on here? Say it's really well all the second that's doesn't mean. Do we know how what I guess. What questions would you have for quarter for? Garic here and that that might be able to clarify what's going on. What is a sexually active physically active all times in monogamous? Or does he have a multiple sets partners monogamous? Are you sure you're not swing or anything? Okay no all right. He's saying one partner needs monogamous. Dr Troy how long for as long as ever had won a two months but they have another sex partner two months ago. Nope just one just one just one. Is there anything else too? What kind of S D do we think it could be Dr? Choi what part of bodies this I'm not what era around my my anus. Oh okay around his posterior. I tried to use the technical term for clear. Yeah so is that does that help. Does that help hone in on what it could be because STD's and you also have to worry about The Ale Cancer. When you grow up there okay usually occurs in people who engage in anal sex Oh okay that's not the case. I don't know about that quarterback so your bag. It seems like you would probably doctor. You would probably get quarterback to come in and maybe do a full physical to crack. Pick the history like we're going right now and then examine the patient and removed the lesion and chuck word so discharge biopsy and of course a ritual discharge up to a sample of that other city. Like Longoria okay. Hiv or potentially anal cancer with HIV. Herpes Simplex virus. Okay that's a long list Kandalama also a while. That sounds just looks like a ADL works. Oh okay well. We have to blurt for Youtube. So you can't see but that we appreciate it and if there are people at home Dr Choi who might be suffered because this is a big part of the show you know you have lots of people watching who might be suffering from something similar. What precautions should they take to avoid this? And what should they do? If they think they're feeling some of the symptoms like quarterback Garrett obviously is a sexually transmitted so that it abstain from sex. Okay if not make sure you use your protection okay. Birth control pills do not protect against STD's barrier so a physical barriers a condom okay and to be monogamous. You Be Conservative with your central office. Okay so have won a partner And then if you have symptoms you gotTa talk to Your Partners. You gotta come see your doctor and get tested. Okay because most common A CD in this country is clear. Media at in Columbia Columbia Guardia. So that's what we always check the Clinton gonorrhea together okay and if you don't treat this in time that he can actually become more systemic okay. Well then we're going to educate even meningitis brain okay. She's a rare complication but it can happen right. Which is very dangerous. Yeah so you think I'm just GonNa go run with what your party yes I will. I promise you we will have. We will have quarterbacking go in for an examination ABS. Absolutely heavy two bosses orders at this point. I'm the shake shining any shake shack right now and I'm determining payroll we appreciate it. Dr Choi Quick anything else that you want to let people know out there to stay safe with a covert nineteen well either. We're still on lockdown. They as a country and I think that is very true. That right now and we are like we're getting over the Hump but you're not very careful right now that we can have a second wave right. Okay so we do need to be very careful in social Washer as a worrier mosques now the CDC Carlin said the general public should wear the mask window in a crowded places. So wearing the masks and be safe out there. And don't go out unless you have to write and those same rules should probably apply to quarterback Garrett across the board. Dr Choi. Thank you so much for being with US. We can let them go. We really appreciate it. We'll have you back soon. This has been what's up doc. Took right I lost a lot of respect for Garrett. Yeah I believe in you those things I think Hey Garrett person and we love you no matter what but take the color bars off my screen here all looking at our color bars on my screen. Because when I see people call him by Skype and I want to ask him a question when people drive around in their cars with their mascot is that effective. All right. That's right you got in your car in the garage. Drove somewhere got out for two seconds. Corona is in the back seat. It's gotta be ever known. I saw someone driving. But then they would take down their masks. Jeff is one of those motorcyclists the skull-and-crossbone come on you just want addressing a bully from karate kid medical device it's not FDA compliance. That's the karate kid costume. Oh Man All right by the way hit the notification bell subscribe on the Youtube. And you're watching on Youtube right now hit all notifications because apparently just notifications don't mean a whole lot. We end of course subscribe on Apple. Itunes they don't do I tunes anymore. Spotify wherever they are so bad. I consider joining clubs apple dot com slash Quarantine is the Promo Code to get thirty dollars off. It's the only thing that keeps us going as well as bits has been doing pretty well freshly spot so we appreciate that okay so then I guess the last story we should talk about here is damn crenshaw. My Hero was on whooping it man. That's your hero. He's doing a fantastic Mary. Louise dyne heels. He didn't take lifelines when offered. They could. Just say your hero you but I admire him but you stuck with back to my hero. Didn't back down. I do like to how like sometimes. We'll try try to move on then Gerald will and then just like sneak it back in again and we're like no no no man. I have a few more points on this little. No no hold on hold on. I have a few more so I have exhibited a are you in the Godley family where you're trying to shave points off this show. Gel just mega going next twenty minutes on a show. You don't Sane is just a little while long. They want to move on to something relevant back. He's got an over under online. Cover the spread here. It's a it's a bear market all right like monsters. Don't bear market a lot about the world sports betting defending the mob Gerald. You're like the worst undercover is men. Do you know what I wonder if the mob is really wondered if the mob is really pissed about Silicon Valley because the new mob right now when you look at Google Twitter facebook they can just step in and do all your stuff. Yeah so I wonder if the mob has their claws into the digital space at all because that would be interesting. That would be proud like a little babies grow up so fast the mob the mob. Yeah they taught silicon valley so well taught Silicon Valley okay. I thought you were saying like that. Babies that they were just they didn't know what I was thinking. Honestly I'm still distracted by you. Don't get hurt. Just talking about monogamous One hundred percent. We need to get him back. Yeah he's sitting on one right now. He's sitting donut. Okay so Dan Crenshaw was on with Bill Maher and I will say this about Bill. Maher I don't have a whole lot of respect for him. So there are people who are funny on the left and like Jon Stewart. Was One of them. Stephen Colbert one. Point was one of them. Bill Maher you see when he didn't have a crowd and I will say this I've I've Witnessed many time. People who've gone to Bill Maher show and had to deal with the crowd. They are very much like trained seals. Not only every every credit crowd animator right with an applause line and all that they have a warm back but bill Maher. It's very very clear that you are team. Bill Maher and not anybody else. They're provided that they in fact are backing up. Bill Maher Se Cutler then and makes a point that reiterates like what Bill Maher said. Okay you're allowed to because she effectively was re communicating bill. Maher's point but anything else not allowed and you see it very clearly when he's trying to do this stuff from home now without the audience. 'cause Bill Marr thing. He has kind of like Jean. Gruffly like men laugh. Bill Maher has this really does he does the laugh. That's his cue. And because when he does this when he says you know when you look at Republicans rarely. They're all closeted homosexual people. Then everyone goes ooh but then he does this to silence and he just looks. Kinda stelter a little bit selfish and it doesn't work so I also think Maybe it's been hurting confidence. Because he had a Dan Crenshaw on the show and representative crenshaw. Who's a friend of the show? And of course I want to be clear Representatives and crenshaw very nice man cordial Madonna everyone everything but cordial respectful and of course not homosexual. But you would be confused with this clip because it amounts it's tantamount to rape very close. Yeah Graphic I was watching the episode of Oz it's more power thing really taking Dominic Heart Lake in upstate. Maine to to Whiter guys so here is Dan Crenshaw talking with Bill Marr and to be clear the context. I don't know we have in the clip bill. Maher said I want to talk about the issues and stop covering tweets and stop covering social media. And let's talk about what's actually going on The second that Dan French I decided all right. Let's play by these rules. Bill MAHER TRIES TO ZIGZAG FASTER THAN GEL condign hill. It's watch there are still people coming in from China or national. Okay let let let me address that because I know that's that's the people are saying right now but the reality is that was about forty thousand people came in after that either. Us citizens and green card holders and passport-holders being repatriated US citizens to the nation argued. That Matt it's not the same thing I it sounds like. You're fully agreeing with president trump on this when everybody else disagreed with them. You're saying that you wish that that travelers more exclusive my applause sign. You apparently have the look at me as to Joe Biden was in charge at that moment. He's already said he wouldn't have done it. He criticized it as not Pelosi. Actually stop anyone who wants to test can get it which is still completely. He's February clearly wrong because you mentioned February twenty fifth the day before a twenty four. That's when the administration requested two and a half billion dollars. Shares run shaw brought him seeing funding to combat the virus and potential spread of it. What happened right then. I'll tell you because I was in Congress. I know what happened? Did we vote on Supplemental Funding Bill Known? We wait days to vote. No still didn't vote on it. You know what we voted on later that week. Ansi close to the only thing she would put on the floor to vote on was a bill to ban flavored tobacco. That's actually it wasn't it was only weakly. Noticed by the way they go full screen away from Bill Right now. Graham cutting their mouth open goal to make the goal to get to the truth. Because there's two different sets of answers for that well without the audience to answer that by the way that is a legitimate. I Patch Bill Maher heathen by novelty sex shop. I know you think that he may have after that. It was just too because the rape so I point is it was. It was as thorough of a debunking as you can end. Yeah Alison stand crenshaw is not always that way. He's on our show and I felt like sometimes he didn't necessarily give the answers that I would have liked to have heard but this was incredible because I think this is a perfect example when you see bill Maher here with Dan Crenshaw Bill. Maher is used to this working. Yeah because he's surrounded by people that agreement work. Yeah exactly and now you take those people away because of the quarantine and he thinks going well. Donald Trump didn't do an anyone who has looked at the time anyone who's followed the time on anyone who saw Donald Trump present that petty childish and perfect video at his presser with time. Line knows what actually happened. Knows that you had to Blasio Nancy. Pelosi encouraging people go out and eat in Chinatown. Knows that there was a China. Travel Ban knows it obviously. They were looking for testing earlier and they were. They tried to send in people from the. Cdc THEY KNOW THIS BUT BILL. Maher wants to focus on mean tweets and it works with around when presented with evidence. There irrefutable evidence. You may not like Dan Crenshaw. You may prefer Bill Maher. It is undeniable in this instance that Dan Crenshaw was correct and Bill Maher was incorrect in Dan. Shells point is that we were working with information that we had. There's this there's this big thing out there right now that everybody knew all this was going to happen in February everybody. We lost February. This whole lost money. Made this point like people didn't like. Italy didn't start closing their country until later in Spain didn't do it until later as well. They didn't know exactly what was going on. We were gathering information and try everything we could to prevent it spreading with what we knew that was it. What did we have like one hundred and twenty-five cases well and they tried to slip it and they go well. That's just because testing. Okay when you say well. Why don't we shut things down earlier because there were only one hundred cases or maybe at this point? That depending on what? You're talking the timeline. No deaths or even even if they're a couple hundred cases even if there are thousand cases you think that the American public would have stood for shutdown at all and then they they respond with well. That's because they have enough tests. That's irrelevant to the point that you were saying. We should have shut down. We only had one hundred cases that we had tested for sure would have a nice that we had tests earlier would have been nice. Had We partnered with private industry early as opposed to relying on the CDC would have been nice if we had private industry. Stepping up and making masks and protective gear and ventilators. Like they're doing now when the government has screwed up so the private sector is picking up. The slack would have a nice for all of those things absolutely. But that's not what you said you said. Why didn't they start quarantine or stay at home order earlier because there were only a hundred cases at which time your folks were saying go on down and calvinistic in Chinatown read after? President trump did the travel ban. Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill. That would have prevented him from introducing anymore bands. If you remember that I know the no band bill it was like what's serious. Well keep in mind to again. They're playing politics with this. Were they thought they could seize upon the travel ban from China trying to compare it with the Muslim ban which by the way was from seven countries doesn't get it by Barack Obama so they were going. Oh I know we made this sound like a Muslim ban when really it was a temporary moratorium coming from countries that were hotbeds for terrorism. We were able to make that work. Let's do the same thing and try and tie this China Ban Right now to xenophobia. As Joe Biden said Joe Biden. Said he wouldn't have done it. He said that he thought it was racist. Xenophobic represent a bill to stop it because politically they thought they could damage. Donald Trump. Screw up you screw up screwed up used it up and your constituent screwed up trusted you. That's IT and story. Let's move on. It is remarkable to me when I tune into these left. That's not the time line at all now and I just appreciate the Dan Crenshaw did this. He did another video as well. I think that this kind of had the same kind of Poynton. I think that's why he was so well prepared and just didn't stop. He wouldn't let Bill March. I'm back in because he's like look you've got to say this this entire Spiel on what's been going on. None of that's true right. Here are the facts and just laying it out very clear. Do you like the idea that Bill Marr being kinda stripped bare of the audience. Jump in and laugh because all it would take for him is to do the hand flip even when someone else was talking and the audience laughs and cuts off the speaker rest but not in this for him as well he can still cut it. That's interesting to a producer at Fox. Talk about how funny they thought. Chelsea handler was and I was like. I know it's just not my thing. I remember talking about because at the time I thought I was a great show and I really wish that it had more viewers than had had more kind of promo behind. This person was telling me how they thought. Chelsea handler was really funny. So you know the reason. Comedians don't really respect to Chelsea handler and and not only comedians but actual host entertainers is because she would tape an hour. Run a half hour and it's the same thing with Bill Martin. We'll tape and then I'll edit it down and so I do think that everybody out there for a mainstream show particularly front of a live audience. Or you don't have control over the camera. You should have some kind of a recording device if you're a state where it's legal because they do try and catch you in change the context and that just doesn't fly anymore and you can't do that when he's when he's on a skype and if you try and I think he probably would have wanted to do it but had he done it. He probably knows that it's not all that hard for Dan Crenshaw to hit record even use the depth obviously challenges. He can still find that he just needs to it in dark mode. He definitely easy. Don't you love that? We got in trouble for? Can I say that we got in trouble for saying that Dan Crenshaw looked like an angry pirate? Who on the left we hold on we were on the left hand? Can't remember if it was if it was twitter or youtube. But that was an actual. He was when he was on the show. Oh my God you're fended. We also get made fun of for the jokes that I tell about Asians about. Yeah just get made fun of or you get the right and get you know. People were like well you know. That's clearly a violation. Is Your Chinese social score going down? No no it's going up by counterbalances counterbalances McCarthy was talking about. Let's go to some shots before then I'll close a little bit A little bit of inside baseball speaking about Fox News So we have a chat from Thad love. What you guys are doing. Now that I'm Mug club member. I can talk with you guys. Wendy you see the states start reopening. Well they already are actually. Yeah I mean I think some people again. This is because of the presentation of the Left. They've tried to make it sound as though it's a total reopening total shutdown. No we're seeing happening is beaches where people can go for exercise. They still need to practice social distancing. I mean res Res read the three-phase plan out there. You can see. It's very very reasonable approach. And you're seeing this in quite a few states where they are easing some restrictions for businesses and then gradually moving to rather than determining what is an essential business determining what is non essential. Yeah exactly reverse it. I don't care whatever the I think may I? It's probably what you're going to see a lot of states that was the original end of this period shutting down to begin with and so I think a lot of states are just gonNa play it safe for a few more days and then start gradually opening and may I be the day. Yeah people start opening today before the day that people will start opening up. Yeah other businesses and other question. It's going to be. I mean first of all. You've got a lot of different states that have a lot of different kind of political purposes. And what they're GONNA do in different economies that are affected in different ways. But not only that you have vast diversity of areas within the states themselves right the counties or the cities and when you look in the more rural areas. There's no reason why just given the nature of those areas. They can't ease restrictions a little bit more but it requires a requires attention. There's no headlines. There's nothing sexy about saying okay. Here's certain areas that we're going to do. And here's certain businesses in certain locations. None of that can be headlines on her. That's GONNA BE CNN. None of that's going to be. You know everyone panic. Or he doesn't have time for the he the wall. He came to see through the tears. Go I mean yes and I think you're right Gerald thereby may I you're going to see more of those things start to implement and what people should not be looking at is. Is this a complete opener? Not Right Open right. Yeah I would tell you that any state that sad opening back all the restrictions. Everyone go down your local stadium in Pakistan. No one's doing but but you would think that's what was happening based on the reports. That's a good point. We have a related Chad. Actually Zack from Michigan. Just talking about Governor Whitman. He said he's just curious. If I take my fishing boat out and receive a fine as something that they can actually do or is there any legal action that could be taken for denied my constitutional rights less freedom? Considering we do live in the USA that is an interesting question bill. What would happen? Let's say someone took a fishing boat out and were given a fine so I don't follow Michigan Law because I don't care but here's here's the reality right. Every county has their own rules. And if the rules are there in the written in their clear and they're being communicated you should follow those rules. Here's the practical effect. Let states unconstitutional. You and your boat you GonNa go hire a lawyer and fight for rent. Fifteen hundred hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars litigating. You're right to go out on a boat. Maybe maybe not right. I mean they might. It's a tough situation. But that's the practical reality and the impact of these laws. Is You know they'll have governors and you know county. Commissioners mayors will just go well. Let's just go ahead and write this law? We're GONNA write a three page law and we're just going to say nobody can go out and do this thing without actually thinking about the practical impact of that is so in that situation. You should follow the law. And even if you think it's unconstitutional. You're probably going to have a bigger problem. Just disobeying it. And more tariffs I would Surprise you guys flagrantly disregarding the constitutional regulations from the governor. That's the place where we need to get more guidances. The local politicians. We talked about this before they when they decide to go. And and You Know Sheriff says I'm not going to file the governor's rule because they think it's unconstitutional. They are putting their dicks on the line. Right there in that moment and saying we're not gonNA prosecuted in this county which is fine arrest people in this county. They may face consequences may be ousted. And it's a horrible position to put sheriffs and people who people who are the kind of police officers who you want right out there the kind of and I get it. Not all cops are perfect and not all cops are bad guys. Let's be really clear about that. They're human beings like any other profession. But the kind of cops who you want taking that oath are the kind of police officers and sheriff's that you see in Leon Manatee County in northern Michigan. Those are the kinds of police officers. You want because they're saying. Hey listen I don't want this a thirty. I shouldn't. I'm not granted this authority to tell people that they can't use their fishing boat. I'm not going to find them because I am here to uphold the constitutional law of the United States. It's a horrible position to put those kinds of officers. The kinds of officers and sheriffs who we want out there in when you demand that they enforce unconstitutional regulations. That's and that might discourage people from becoming police officers in the future who you want being cops you end up with nothing but mall. Cops and rent a cops who are on a power trip. We don't want that we want. We want sheriffs who say I don't want to exercise authority. And you know what's what do we call this? The the Batman investigation rule. I don't know for anyone who follows common just like the running joke. Oh yeah in the comic books that they would have Batman Task Force and it would be like the most junior blind deaf. Helen Keller detective in a room without any lights. And they're like Mara go get him they didn't want to get. And that is within the discretion. There there is the ability to say. Oh Yeah we're we're upholding it and we got our best guy tavern over there. I mean you just you just don't put your you don't you. Just don't put your energy and right now if you're flagrantly violating the law in front of a cop now you've put that cop on the spot right now of course what I'm saying. You're not even giving them an opportunity to look the other way. Oh exactly there's a prosecutorial discretion even at the attorney the DA's and that kind of thing. So you know what I like about. This is America finds a way to have common sense even when the politicians in the media is saying America a finds a way. I think. That's what you do as a citizen in these situations you find out you know no pun intended to. He'll die on right. I choose really bad ones. You should probably choose better ones. At some point this becomes through. Go out on the on the lake in a boat just a protest. But I don't think we're at that point yet. I think what they did in Michigan was great where they drove into the capital and they just basically locked everything down. They were still social distancing from one another but they did something in protesting. Hey this isn't right. And also they pushed back and said look. We don't like what you've done. And what we we're GONNA vote. We're going to vote and we're GONNA use that to get people out of office. That around and by the way Wade edited that question. It was governor half and skipped right over now too funny to say on Air So we yeah. We do have a couple of one more and then. I think we have to wrap this up. Okay Yeah Becky d. One says I want to say thank you to louder with crowder crew for opening my eyes. I used to be in the Bernie camp a couple of years ago. I really appreciate your specific brand of talking through arguments. Thanks from your atheist Vegan Latina Superfan. Well what do you mean? We opened her eyes which is an eight when she had six week old puppy to could have been maybe she reminded six weeks old. Well good well thank you very much. We could use some more VEGAN ATHEIST. Latinas six-week goals. There we go but thank you very much. I appreciate that and that means a lot. Thank you guys everyone out there. Of course it was. Oh by the way. Do Follow me on the instagram at louder with crowder because I'll be given away at twelve hundred dollars and better than shake shack. Yes you didn't check off and this is something right after the show. This is actually highlighted. Something that we're all in this together. We're really not now. We're all in this together as a country. Meaning that we are going round should be doing everything we can to move forward and support a fellow American absolutely that being said not everyone is affected the same way right and we talked about this before if I were if I were an eighty year old diabetic nightclub much harder than someone like me who. When I'm done with work I pretty much just go home and watch my shows so I will tell you this when people say we're all in this together and they talk about well the people who are most affected and they talk about race and they talk about people who might have less money. All that is true. People are different. Demographics are affected differently. But there is one that I think is being overlooked and this is something that is pretty important because I think it shows a lack of of scale a lack of actually understanding kind of how the economy works how it affects people. The big divide this is. We are not all in this together. Not everyone is a business owner. You need to understand. Is that right. Now Yeah you are affected obviously as an employee everyone infected but there is a business owner out there. We went through some numbers like thirty six percent of non restaurant or sorry. Non Grocery retail related businesses. Don't think that they're going to last. These people out there they obviously they worry about their livelihood. Just like you I think some people think that business owners have stockpiles of cash. That's clearly not the point. Clearly not not the case. Even with shake shack right they don't have stockpiles of cash upon which they can simply fall back. They're going to lose their living too but they also have the compression of trying to ensure that they can provide for ten fifteen fifty two hundred people right. They've built something up so that they can make a living but all of you make a living so when people say hey. I want to get mine right now. Hey this doesn't we're all in this together to what what why business trickled down one from the ground up. Well hold on a second business. Owners aren't all fat. Cats their most are certainly not millionaires. Most of them actually aren't making much more than upper middle class family. And by the way they should be wealthy if they create a business that adds value to peoples lives but these people will lose their livelihood. Just like you will and they will no longer be able to provide a livelihood for you. Moving forward there is a compression right now we can talk about minorities. We can talk about women we can talk about old people but economically small business owners out. There are so disproportionately affected the amount of stress. That they are carrying right now is not even comparable to someone who is going to receive a stimulus. Everyone has a tough time. I get it but if you have a business owner and you have a boss you think is pretty good. You know what maybe you should go out there and give them a hug. Let them well. Don't get mob but you know give them a virtual hug. Let me know that. Hey you actually appreciate them. Because some of this class warfare really alienates people who are automatically assumed to be daddy warbucks. I don't think they realize that not only shake shack the business. But what do you think about the guy who's running a local shake shack franchise? Exactly I mean McDonald's. Look how much money they make sure absolutely coca-cola absolutely what about the Bodega owner? Who sells coke right? He employs three or four people. He loses his living and those people lose their living that would say this most employers just like most people. Most cops are good people. Most hosts are probably good people. Most government okay. There are some exceptions but the point is most small business owners or at least comparable Porsche them compared to any other profession are decent people and they are concerned the livelihoods of their employees so did just tar and feather them because they happen to have reached a privilege of running a business. That's not the kind of message you want to send if you want an economy from hereafter and speaking of that. I think you're were asking me this the other day audio. We're talking about Fox News and how they like Chelsea handler. Fox News. People smooth bombshell on these shows but my experience. Yeah Yeah about Roger Ailes. Yeah yeah well. There's not really much story about when Roger Ailes made you put on a blonde wig in her belly said show me more rub his belly. Mutual played with the naval. Really trying to get out of there take that I think that's the Roger. Ailes death squads no So you think people ask me about Roger ailes because now he's been a hot topic. I never met Rodrigue was at Fox News for four and a half years somewhere between four and a half and five years total when you ended up. I I never met Roger. That's interesting so I will say this. There's someone there who I have nothing but good things to say about my personal interaction. She's the president. They're now at Fox. Name is her name is Susan Scott. That's public information. She's president apparently she'd been doing a really good job was kind of the person who brought me in there and showed me the ropes and was really nice was really supportive and bill shine. Was there back in the day. I guess you also got caught embroiled in sort of sexual assault scandal so I I can't speak to all that aside from you know. Listen there was the leg chair for recent on these shows and the and the bill. O'reilly thing he did it so whenever but I never met Roger ailes and this lady would run interference for me and then finally I was going on. I was pitching these ideas. One of them was to this guy who really liked Chelsea handler. And they paired me up with a host to create a show similar to this show at this point but then they wanted to change it at one point. There was a suggestion of monkey on roller skates. Which that's horrible. That you came up with that idea. I think monkey a monkey but I don't want it on the show. And then finally she sits down and goes like yeah. I know you've been wanting to meet Roger for a while but it's He doesn't like you know he he doesn't he doesn't he. Doesn't get you think you're funny. Oh okay I understand okay. So in other words I'm not going to meet the person who runs. This network makes all of these determinations as to who gets to host WHO's a contributor because he doesn't like the very essence of Hawaii a comedian. So that was my experience and then there was. I'm pretty sure you can probably on a search and find this. You know Dennis Miller. I used to do his show quite a bit and nor McDonald's to do you know they're really close. Friends and Dennis Miller had a bit on Bill O'Reilly show called Millerton. And it was just by the way. Dennis Miller brilliant listeners. Just an exercise in bill. Stop speaking. Let him finish. Listen I'm trying to get to some material here bill but if you want to go off and talk about we can do that. That's the cutter you Gypsy okay. We get it built. Shut up so they were all friends and one time nor Dennis Miller couldn't make his segments. Miller norm norm filled in and I loved it. I adored it if you go in search norm MacDonald filling in for Dennis Miller and of course he's not Dennis Miller segment tailor made for him. But Norman did as he performed as well as he possibly could. He never did it again. I understand at most. You did it twice and then I heard through the grapevine that Roger ailes really really didn't think norm MacDonald was funny and that was the greatest compliment. Anyone has ever paid me. Even though I knew that my career is at a dead end at that network at that point I felt like I had some some kind of link nor McDonnell was a kindred spirit in that Roger. Ailes also detested him. So you find you find validation opening in the most unlikely of places. This has been Good Morning Club. I appreciate it half Asian lawyer Bill Richmond. Gerald a audio Wade quarterback Garrett will get you checked out Dr Choi. Thank you so much tune in tonight for I. Believe is that Life advice we have we. Have we have something going on tonight? And then of course a lot of fun dot com slash schedules. See you later.

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