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I'm worrying a suit isn't just for job interviews anymore. It's a lifestyle and HP the new line of men's suiting only at Saks Fifth, and as p is modern suiting designed for your active lifestyle. Elevate your student game with HP shop online or find a store near you at Saks Fifth dot com. And now the low has welcome to the low post podcast where I was not even planning to do a second podcast this week. But the warriors are here for four days in New York City getting both of their visits over with. And that means the sonorous tones of my friend, Nick free Dowell are in the five boroughs. And so we had to do a podcast Nick, how're you doing? I'm great, buddy. At all these years that we've been doing this, and I've been showing up on the podcast randomly. We've never been in the same room exciting. So I am I am really looking forward to being able to sit here with you and go through the wonderful world of the warriors. I bet you are great. I don't know anyone has ever gotten such a clear environmental promotion from the bull suck beat which you've been on since they started sucking to the freaking warriors with Kevin Durant. Demarcus cousins. Even played yet. Like, yeah. I just don't even know. I mean, both cities are great. I'm not going to put one city above the other. I would slightly prefer San Francisco, but I love Chicago. Thanks, Chicago is an underrated city. I just don't are. You are you are you are you like a kid in a candy store? Do you miss the bulls? No. We're going to have a reunion soon. The warriors go to Chicago after they get through curb stopping the nets in the Knicks. This we look this is Shangrila being out with the warriors and seeing the machine that is that organization every day. The team is unbelievable. They're good to deal with in large part because they've won. But they've got great guys within the organization from the top down. So it's been awesome. Every day. I kinda have to pinch myself that I'm in California. I'm covering the best basketball team on the planet in. I'm comparing it to what I've been. I mean Zach Steve Kerr is an unbelievable coach. But for what we do in trying to to talk in in in create stories and draw interest. Steve sits there after practice, and I've never seen this in ten years covering leak. He just sits and talks just about whatever issue doesn't have to do anything with basketball. I mean Tibbs used to look at the bulls. PR people and be like get them the outta here. He wanna dope part of seeing anybody. He wanted to do his responsibilities in get them over with my favorite my favorite thing about Minnesota Tibbs. And there's just been it's just been such a funnier in Minnesota. With tips has been the consternation among some people on the business side of the organization that he's not enthusiastic about doing like promotional events and stuff for season ticket holders. And like all the like the videos that they show in the arena. Really? You guys are surprised you do do you make one phone call? What did you do one background? Check to do just wants to watch film and coach, that's it like all this other nonsense. He doesn't care about steaks. Zac it. I've heard the same stuff for Minneapolis in all I kissed them bands. Did you guys talk to anybody within the advocate center? The bulls practice facility, we're all the offices are did you talk to anybody in Chicago. Because it's the same idea will TIs doors closed that he doesn't want to deal with the people on the business side. Yeah. Anyway. So you're you are you are. I mean, it's a cliche comparison for everyone between the ages of thirty five and forty five which I for it in the sweet spot. You are Tim Robbins crawling through the sewer the sewage pipe and raising raising your arms to the sky. That's you made it you gotta get it. We gotta get a photo shop of that. Except you laughing instead of how he looks up at the sky, you have such a great laugh just for your for Dell's laugh anyway, so I I have never the one of the great shames of my last eight or nine years doing this job is I missed the curry fifty four point game at Madison Square Garden in two thousand thirteen or fourteen whenever that was I don't know a long before when the warriors were kind of becoming like not quite the warriors. But you could tell something special is happening. I don't know why I missed that game. I had some sort of person. Commitment. And vowed if I'm here, and they're here, I'm never missing a game that they play here again. So I don't think he's obviously at some great games in the finals, some eight or nine threes games. I don't think I've seen one of the three or four like legend performances in person. You just got to see the fifty fifty one. What did he have fifty whatever you one fifty fifty one and three quarters? Yeah. You just got to see that. And I saw the first half of that game. Then I had to be able to do other things. I mean, it's the logo shot even the first one where he like on TV he kind of like vanishes all of a sudden he's moving forward, and then he vanishes backwards like like some sort of video game boss that can like operate from one spot the other. And then he's gone. You can't see him. He's behind Markeith Moore's all of a sudden the balls in the air. I I've never been to in oracle for that was that like that's your first one incredible. And as a public service announcement any basketball fan with this being the last year and oracle after forty seven. Years in Oakland. If you have the ability to do so get over there because when Steph gets hot in oracle, it's unlike anything I've ever seen there is a roar in early on that first quarter. He was just knocking out shot after shot her shot, and you're going. Okay. Well, it's probably one of those nights. And then every time he comes down the floor. There's this rise in anticipation in the crowd, and everybody's going all you're gonna do it again. And then he knocks down another one in the bench is going crazy and everybody smiling and jumping around it is an unbelievable experience as a basketball fan to watch that guy in that environment knocked down shot after shot, and when he puts them up zek he knows they're going in. And that's pretty cool. He knows there are cliquey knows their online you can you can tell and like so those are just clean like they're just going in cleaner catching rim from thirty five feet out. He knows their online. He knows when you feels it. And there just isn't anything like it? There's just no viewing experience in basketball. That's even close to that. He was saying that Durant and a couple of his teammates are on the sideline at the end of the first quarter and they're screaming at him. Don't pass it don't pass it. Because just like the fans the players are standing there on the floor and they're going. I can't believe what we're watching right now. Just put up another shot. He said he he was taken bear shots. I mean, it was so much fun. And that is what is cool to me about this group. This year is they really seem to be enjoying the chemistry in coming together more. So maybe than they did last season in part of that is because Steph is just on a tear and admitted as much after the game he wants to win that third MVP. I think I wrote before the season that I think it's unfair that curry and Durant kind of get mutually disqualified because they play on the same team because they they both can't be quote unquote as valuable as the singular star on a worst team. But I I mean, it we'll see how many wins they finished with. But I mean, this is like this was like when some people didn't vote for LeBron when he was on the heat because he had weighed and Bosch, and they voted for other people on teams that won fifteen fewer games or something. I would say well those fifteen games wins. Fifty to sixty five are each one of those is exponentially harder than the other one to get those are those are the hardest winds to get. And if you are fifty percent of the reason, why your team is getting to those windows or seventy three or whatever it ends up being like, I think that that's part of being valuable. That's part of that that shows your value. And I I said this before the season I said it on when I was on my greenberg's potus it on in a column I wrote I just keep seeing LeBron Durant one two. And then like, oh, yeah. Curry Hardin Kawai AD to me curry is is right there with K D, And those guys are closer to LeBron now eight AD is getting into this group if he keeps doing this. We just have an honest, and we just have this top five. That's ridiculous. But curry is closer to LeBron then he is to the jumble of guys that people put at four or five and seventh. They're all great. But curry is I. I just isn't anything like this. That's ever played the sport Durant made a very interesting point the other night Zach you said that the MVP award to him has become like the most up and coming player award in the NBA because he feels like guys like LeBron guys like himself guys like Steph. They did they get discounted because the league is looking for that next. Great player in that next. Great narrative, he said that when Steph goes out knocks down three pointers from all over the place that has fifty one and three quarters then you have to remind people. Hey, I'm still here. And I can still do this in the fact that curry knew already who had won three MVP's in in the upper echelon of player that has been able to do that in his career. He looks like a guy who wants to send a message every night. And when you're playing with this team in this group right now, he's going to be able to do that time and time again, the sees the fascinating thing will be if they win it again the. Sure. October twenty six warriors wanted again this year. That's where we are in basketball Toronto's. Awesome. Boston is going through stuff. Like, this shed Houston's one in three or whatever they are like maybe trading nineteen first round picks for Jimmy Butler either. You know, we'll see. If they win four out of five, and he doesn't win any finals MVP that would be just unprecedented. I I'm not rooting either way for him to win or not win. It's just it would be if it went Igwe Dala Durant. Durant question. Mark not curry it could be clay could have four forty point games or something. And he would I don't know. It would just be unprecedented for a player who's going to go down as a top fifteen player top twenty top twenty s to low for Steph. I just think it is going to be higher than that. Who's one? Let's say four championships or more to not have a finals. That's never happened. That'd be like Larry Bird, not having a finals MVP. Our Magic Johnson not having a finals MVP if it's me, and I'm running Vegas and those lines come down in and we're we're skipping steps here in the words of my pal tips. But everything holds the form I'm running to Vegas in. I'm throwing money down on Steph to win the finals MVP because all these guys. Guys know, they all say, oh, you know, the titles are what's important and we care about the team. And that is true. But they know what the individual words mean is well in I really believe that Steph this season wants to remind everybody. Hey, I'm still here, and I can still dominate night after night after night in assuming they get all the way there and stay healthy and keep rolling. I would think that once the the brightest of lights go on. He'll be ready to roll. Oh for sure. So we're in New York there's a stupid billboard up. I guess. About katie. The warriors got here last night and immediately practice, which is apparently the thing that Steve Kerr does when they come west to east and the practice did not get out until you told me like ten fifteen ten thirty. So so obviously, everyone's there to ask Katie about the Knicks you describe the scene for me earlier, please describe the scene of of because it's amazing to me. I kept waiting for the quote, I kept waiting for the woo of that's he closed the door open or any kind of just like I barely saw a quota. Then then MSG it's like a playground like described the scene. He handled it really well as far as I was concerned because I'm looking at the some of the New York media. That's there and I'm thinking, all right? How is drained gonna handle a navigate the questions that are gonna come as way in Steve Kerr at the tones act because he comes out and somebody goes, you know, do you Kevin talk about free agency this summer, and he goes, not not at all. And then he says, well, did you see the billboard incur goes? Well, Raymond Ridder the the PR czar of the warriors. He told me was cleaners weather's food. Knicks number thirty five. It was clear Weatherspoon. Sure. So he totally evaded joke of it. And everybody just kept rolling on durang gets out there. And first of all a lot of people thought Durant had left the gym. So the the New York media members going, are you kidding me? We we sat here for two and a half hours in Durant left. Families are furious nuts. And it's I mean that was the latest media Vail Bill the other seed in the league at least for practice. But yeah, they told me they were going to do that. So we're going to practice when we land. And I said, you know, what I'm gonna I'm going skip that one you guys are here for four days. We'll see it the game. Let me tell you didn't miss much which ties into okay? So durant. Appears they find her aunt and he comes out and he's being asked about what he thinks of the billboard. And he's like to be honest. I really don't care that stuff doesn't impress me. And he's asked about the state of the next and he's like, I don't pay attention really to that the main quote that first of all yes, he does. Well, exactly. He's he's just trying to downplay everything I and by that I mean Durant his attention to every team. He's a huge fan of the MBA. He knows exactly what the state of the nixes. And he's but he's saying speculation as part of the game. I thought that was interesting in that he said, you know, you guys have a job to do and his players whether we pay attention or not. And you know, he does, but whether you pay attention to not it's just part of something that you deal with as a superstar in the NBA. But the the biggest poll quota the whole session is he's talking about how the garden is is just a cool play ground with walls in every player. Zach loves playing at the garden. It is no matter how long the Knicks. It doesn't win guys show up on that stage. A different light turns on for him in in. We've seen it for years and years and years to rain is no different Steph. Curry is no different. But as far as the, yeah, I've come to New York for biggest is going to be coming off that injury those quotes, they never materialized. And and I'd say this. I haven't been around the words that long this season. But I I've talked to Duran about the topic of free agency I've talked to to dream on. And Steve Kerr, I've listened to a lot of people in the organization. I don't believe as we sit here at the end of October, the Kevin Durant knows where he's going to go. I don't think he's made any kind of decision. I think he's waiting to see how it all plays out in. We're gonna find out how they do this season if they can win another title, but I don't believe in my heart of hearts that right now today. He's decided yes, I'm going to stay in Golden State or Nope. I'm going to New York. I'm gonna go play for the next. I don't think his mind is made up. Do you think maybe he's waiting to see how Cristiano Felicio? Develops in Chicago. God see we're on this. Hi, hi. We're talking about Durant and curry sorry. And then you hit me with the the big Chris reference. I do think the porzingas thing is so interesting I've had this conversation with a thirty people around the league just randomly in the last three or four months like do end the question. I asked him is do you think not just Kevin Durant? But any star player? Do you think they need to see porzingus for twenty or twenty five games this year, or do you think that even if the Knicks sat on the whole year that they would just assume is long as they got good dribbles of Intel. But what about what he's doing behind closed doors? You just assume that it's the same Kristaps Porzingis as before the ACLU will develop further, and I've actually been surprised I think the answers are are fifty fifty and maybe forty sixty on the side of he doesn't need to play. It doesn't matter. I thought it was going to be eighty twenty like, yeah. Katie's get K D or Kyrie or whoever is going to need to see him play. Play a significant chunk of games. And maybe I'm wrong. Of course, you'd like to see him play. But I I'm with the it doesn't matter with the majority in this sense that it it really doesn't matter. Because if you trust that you're getting those those little packets of information that are saying, hey, he looks fine in behind closed doors. He looks the same then fine. The only the only issue is for me. I watched this with Derrick rose, and I watched the bulls try to recruit free agents and in. Yeah. Yeah. Derek's going to be fine. No problem. He's the same player. And you just you'd never know you never know. Once you have that first major knee injury. What happens after that? Maybe porzingas comes back, and he's unbelievable again, you don't know. But if if you're Durant or any other free agent, absolutely you're going to have a question as to whether that superstar player can maintain it over time. But I don't think you have to see him before. I think you just rely on the fact that everybody is is giving him good signs in the clearances there, and you just hope for the best if and when you decide to team up with them. So the warriors are now up to and I stress up to. Twenty-first in three tied for twentieth. In three point rate. Twenty nine point nine percent of their shots have been threes. That's tied for twentieth. That was like twenty eighth before they played the sons, which is you know, like a less free win. And then the wizards the other night, it's actually been interesting to watch because in in fifteen sixteen which is there sort of you know, that's their seventy three win season. They were somewhere in the low thirties like thirty two percent. And that that ranked where they were they were excuse me in fifteen sixteen. They were number one. And number one was thirty three point six percent. So four percentage points over they are now was number one. And they just kind of held steady there. Now, they've tricked trickled down a tiny bit in the last two years, but they've essentially held steady and the whole league around them has just gone crazy. And it's just been interesting to see their place within that evolution with the two greatest shooters ever, an Kevin Durant. The league has passed him buys the wrong way to phrase, it is at least launched more threes than them. How concerned were they really after three games when everyone was like, oh, you're not shooting threes. No one but Steph can shoot three's. None zero. We don't care concern in encou- and curry and Klay, and they're all asked the same question. Hey, you know, the pace is way up in the league and everybody scoring in you guys aren't shooting as many threes. And you're not making as many threes as you're used to and Steve just sits up there. And it's like, yeah. A lot of trying to copy us, and they see the success that we've had but you laid it out. They've got the two greatest shooters of all time. Plus, Kevin Durant whose top ten creek. Kevin Durant as a fifty forty nine season on record already Steve Kerr after that game in Utah last week in Salt Lake he said Durant is the most gifted score in the game. And I thought that was. Interesting because Steph curry sitting there on that team. And then Steph goes out in and drops all those points and three quarters the other night, and you go it's it's just such an embarrassment of riches in it's not something that we haven't been through in the last couple years because that narrative is always the same. I'm telling you having watched it firsthand throughout this season. It it really it's unfair. You look on the floor in there is Steph curry, and he can get a going at any point in Klay Thompson, the first few games hasn't even been very good. And I said the other day, you know, the it's coming the avalanche. Maybe it'll come tonight the thirty seven point quarter against the kings. A few years ago is coming Steve Kerr said this prior to that wizards game he said, we know it's coming with clay. It's only a matter of time in clay Durant and Steph have a neon green light to shoot whenever they desire. And when you watch them Zach, and you see them running up and down. On the floor. I mean again as a basketball fan to be around this team into watch the mecca nations of the group over time. It is own believable. Because you just don't realize unless you're watching them day in day out. Just how talented they are man. I was talking about all men, I feel so lucky to be in this position. I walk into the practice facility in Oakland. And there are Durant and curry having the shooting contests every day, I'm going this is like all star game. This is where they're at. This group is is that talented, and I think to bring it kind of full circle, it's why when I've talked to Steph and Draymond and in K D. Everybody's trying to stay in the moment and focus on this year because they know just how talented they are. And this is without boogie cousins. I mean, he's gonna come back at some point. But this is without him even in the conversation. This group. Group knows how unbelievably special they are right now in they know that it couldn't drink could leave at the end of the season. But they're trying to enjoy what they've got in the moment. And that part of it is pretty cool when you when you look around, and you see exactly who's on the floor playing together with each other the thing that the thing that sort of changed their not change their team. But one of the main and sometimes under discuss things that has happened to them and explains their plateau in threes is that dream on's three pointer fell apart. Fifteen sixteen year, they want Seventy-three shut thirty nine percent on three attempts to game deer before thirty four percent on four attempts to game. So around a little bit below league average last three years thirty percent thirty percent twenty two percent. So far this year. I his shoulder got screwed up last year. I don't know if there are any lingering effects on that he's only taking one point eight threes a game, so far nobody guards them. Nobody's guarded them for a long time. And that was there was a moment where it looked like he would turn into a serviceable three points not stretch for but a big man who would shoot threes to deal in Gulu. And who would who would let it fly five times a game? Maybe eventually six times a game. He took you took what I say four point two three point three three point five three point seven. Attempts per game. And the and this is kind of what makes Damian Jones so interesting to me because they've never had a pick and roll dive guy like this people will say javale sale, and I get that. But they didn't trust jail and jail is as athletic as he was in his prime. He looked he's just a little creaky still. He can't he's not that north south fast like this. If you put Stephan Damian Jones in a pick and roll with Durant, clay and Draymond around him. You should be able to generate threes at will. And you can you can see them playing with it already where they'll run that. And then they know they're going to help dream on dream on will flash up to the elbow. Catch the ball. And then the help will come from somewhere. They call it shorting the pick and roll he'll kick it to Durant on the other side. You could like that's a vehicle to me to generate easy threes. It's just Steve doesn't wanna play one five pick and roll basketball never has on top of everything else. Damian Jones is going to be. Leader in LOP dunk. I think he's shooting eighty five percent from the floor of. And I feel like every time I turn around. Here's David Jones, another lob in and just throwing them down all over the place. The looks that they are going to create both for for Jones in for the rest of the group offer some of those sets again, it's an embarrassment of riches, it it really really is in. This is what Steve Kerr keep saying. They're you know, four or five games into the season. They still haven't even figured out all the ways in which it can all click together. And that's what it's borderline comical. Because we're talking about a a kid in Damian Jones who's getting a look with playing with all these future hall of famers Zack in a few months. You know, who's taking Damian Joe, I know that it's in his spot cousins and cousin's seems so kind of joyful when you see them in practice shooting against clay. He it's like. He sees what his role is going to be within this group any any feels like the rest of the people in the organization do is if they handle business they'll win title yen in then he'll go back on free agency, and he'll get his money somewhere. And and all is well, but that that is the craziest part to your point they're setting up all these different looks than the offense in, you know, the guy who is going to be playing with the Vars steps lead Claes into reds is cousins of all people it it's just it's incredible. They're going to move through these bad Eastern Conference teams. And then we get the pelicans on Halloween, which which will be fun. It's always fun to watch the warriors negotiating Davis. Now, Katy has given them yet. Another guy they can throw on him. But he's too tall for Draymond as good as dream on. He's heard Draymond before. And they've got it in with centers before jail guarded him a fair bit in the playoffs last year. That's going to be a fun game that England sater's at New Orleans in Oakland. That's an Oakland. You ready for that? It's going to be fun game. Those those games in the playoff series were pretty fun. At least a few of them. I'm curious to see how my man Nico miratec plays in that environment because he's been kicking everybody's but the first week or so here but in that series few months ago in playoffs. He was it was really a non factor in most of those games. It's like they just stuck eagle on him for a lot of the time. And they said take him out. And you're right. Yeah. They threw a good all in on him. And he wasn't able to do much. So I like New Orleans Anthony gave us was my pick for VP prior to the season. But if you're looking at any team in trying to see you know, it's the litmus test game. How do they fare against the best? What I'm telling you is. So much better than everybody else. They are so much better that game in Denver that they lost Steve Kerr after the game said it was some of the worst basketball he'd seen as the coach of that team in four years in the second and third quarters. And he's like then we hit the switch. We started playing and they were right there in the end they've been Jones got blocked by Hernan Gomez if they play at the level at which they're capable of and and granted were two weeks in the regular season. But if they play at that level, nobody is going to touch them. It's not going to happen this year. If they stay healthy, they are that much more talented and more secure in themselves than any team. I have ever seen in my life. Yeah. I think the team that's best to the teams that are best equipped to challenge on are both in the east, and and one of them Boston is is clearly a little further behind than they wanted to be at this time. And then all of us thought they would be they need to get their their. Third quarter against Oklahoma City. If you saw any of that game was the first time they kind of looked like the Celtics all your even in the first game. That's kind of a ragged game against Philly the third quarter. They kind kinda came elaborate. They have they have a long way to go thunder, by the way and four. I think we have Russ was oh for over the world in the fourth quarter last night was ugly ugly game we underestimate. I think I underestimated how damaging it would be day. Just don't have enough. Good NBA. They just don't have enough average NBA players, and because they have to great ones in Russ in PG and one very good one in Stephen Adams. I am I am guilty of underestimating the impact of just everyone else around them being bad. And like, I don't think Jeremy grants bad. He's just a tricky fit because he doesn't shoot and doesn't want to shoot Patrick Patterson left his shot in Toronto at never never travelled south with him. They don't trust. Breen us hit some big shots there their own four is, you know, not great. There's just not good enough. That's the issue. When you look at that roster. They don't have the depth that everybody thought would be there to your point of round two superstar players that group. There was so much hype surrounding them after the big PG announcement, and you did it was literal hype. They threw a house part. Yeah. I mean. Actual act an actual house party. I when I think of that party. And I think of because I was I did what didn't go. It was a very exclusive in violence. I think of the the house party in old school. Yeah. We're welfare will conflict snoop is randomly there. And wolf Errol comes out naked. And that's that's the party. I think get your hat and Richard Green had. Let's let's roll, you know, the if you're the thunder. I don't I don't know. I don't know what you would do because you're not trading Russ, and you're certainly not trading Paul George after just resigning him. But I don't believe that even if they turn it around that they're going to get to some point where you go. You know, they've got an an actual chance here. I don't think that roster into tally is nearly as good as as a lot of people thought, it was gonna be and I think that is going to continue to show itself throughout the course of the regular season. I was worried like I wrote keep an eye on the thunder. They're vulnerable right now. But I did not expect them to look this bad. And and they just look bad. They'll they'll be don't get it together. Eventually the steam has been kind of an open down team percents Katie left, but they'll get it together. Eventually have breaking news on a team that I know you wanted to talk about today are you prepared for Detroit, Pistons breaking news? I know you're very all the stock you you're all missed and stuff. You are you are going to be selling when there are five hundred again in like three weeks. Oh, no, no, no. It's Luke Canaris. It's breaking news. Luke Canard will be reevaluated in two weeks with a with an AC joint sprain in his right shoulder. Nick for Dell. Does Luke Canard's injury. Is this ruined your day? No. Is it is it is it sapped your optimism about the foreign undefeated Detroit, Pistons, Mr. low so long as Blake Griffin was not in that breaking news with some kind of just check kind of ailment. Yeah. Do a do a it's a two sentence press releases all about Luke Kennard. Okay. Everybody in Detroit, take a deep breath. I look I I was around this team a fair amount last season yet they were part of the ball. Beat the Bill the midwestern bowl suck be the the bull. Suck beat added. The pistons right around when Blake gut got traded, and they never found themselves understand. Reggie Jackson was hurt throughout the last couple of months of the season. But I always believe they could be much better than what they had shown to that point. And part of that was I was there the day Blake got dealt that. He was so pissed off that he got dealt and in the manner in which he got delta. Remember, he told me I found out on Twitter was that the whole truth that you know, who knows but he was pissed in. And I think he wanted so badly to go in and do well, and they didn't do well and staying gets canned, and he's gone will now all of a sudden you have Dwayne Casey, and he's putting it in his system. And you have a group of guys that seemingly the whole basketball world has written off as just whatever not good enough. I think I don't think. I saw Blake say that the like every time I read everywhere that I'm bad. I don't know that anyone wrote that blaetz Blake's a really good player that contract is problematic for obvious reasons that you know, he I I understand that. He if you say that he thinks that means I'm bad. I get that. That would suck if any of the if we someone said about one of us, oh, it's a bad contract for Delhez overdose. Clogging, the cap Zach LeVine, tweeting that it'd be oh that was awesome. That's right. Wait, what was that? You tweeted like the bulls don't wanna pay him more than sixteen or fifteen weeded like crying emoji or the from the bulls perspective four for sixty his always felt like the the comfort zone for them. And if if I'm the bulls, and this was the night of free agency if I'm the bowls. I'm not going to far past four for sixty because I'm not sure at this point that he's worth the investment in an hour later. Reading the crying phase laughing emoji at v. Have you seen him since? Then I I went up and shook his hand in Vegas. Okay. After he signed a deal. I said congratulations on your deal. And I'll go shake his hand. When the bulls he says, so you just said, thanks. We kept moving on. But I feel like this Zach this is like my party gift to guard packed like I pissed off Zach LeVine so much to the point where he finally kind of bringing his offense of game together. My whole issue with the contract was was never on his offense. It was what's he gonna do defense? Well, I I have said many times that for as much as Tibbs is going to get beat up for Butler when they finally trade Butler, if they do or if they're really going to do this thing where everyone hates each other. And they're just gonna play all your. He's going to get an I've said before that there's a chance, and I think it's a fifty fifty chance maybe more that the only asset that matters from that trade is marketing and Zach LeVine if he keeps playing like this is going to meet make me eat those words because that contract is a fat contract. It's eighteen five years something like that. He is still a disaster defensively, but he does try heart. He's always I don't think effort has ever been a problem for him on defense. He just doesn't understand. What's happening? It's doesn't click. Yeah. But like he had that late deflections and steal against Charlotte setting up his game winning free. Throws the other night. That's a great play. But like, I don't care. How bad you suck? It defense. If you shoot. What is he shooting sixty percent? If you score thirty game on sixty percents shooting and forty plus from three and like eighty at the rim. You can be really on defense and still approach the value of an eighteen point five million dollar contract. Now is he going to continue shooting like this? No. But I mean, you can go back all the way to when I wrote a piece about Zach LeVine moving into the starting lineup in place of Kevin Martin and Minnesota when flip Saunders rest is rest in peace was still alive. And I talked to him about it. I said then and I said in a preview this year, or maybe it was in the bulls column over the summer, I'm not ready to consensus xactly being even then three years ago was oh he's Jamal Crawford. Two point. Oh, he's Jared. Smith two point. Oh, he needs to come off the bench, and I wrote over and over again, the guy is too good of a shooter for me to consign him to that rule. He can play off the ball. He's a forty percent three point shooter on ridiculous, like not even step back attempts like steps sideways and dribble back attempts. If he keeps doing this. He's a monstrously valuable offensive player. The defense is never going to be good. But if he's actually this good on offense that contract is not going to be bad. And he is well it's going to be that bad. I you know, what I I don't even think it'll be bad, and he's going to be if not a big asset and asset, and I will eat my words on that you and I both the key for Zach early on this season. Also, he's getting to the line. So times a game triple his average so often in the last few seasons. He would kind of wait for some jumper, some tough jumper that either would or wouldn't go down. But I mean, I would be I would be happy to say I was wrong. I mean, it's okay to be wrong. I know it's not we all should be fired. But he I it's like after every game after every bull's game. I get the people like I can't believe you left. You know, you just ditched us. And then I get like the these Levin troopers that are like you must repent you must repent for your take because Zach LeVine is incredible. And he's he's the best player that's ever lived. I mean, look he keeps putting up twenty five thirty night, I will happily go onto Twitter in until Zach himself. Hey, I wouldn't have paid you that deal, but you have earned every penny. And you you've you've made me eat my words, I just don't know if he can maintain this and still try to attempt to be a better defender over time. Now, even if he's never Isabela, even if he's never a better defender. Does that James harden has been a better defender James Harden's one skill on defensive switching onto big guys and poke in like holding his own that's important skill. But other than that he's sort of just stands around and does nothing. You can you can exceed twenty million dollars a year. Just on one way. If you're that one way as offense and the one thing missing for Levin that's gonna make if you never gets better on defense. The one thing that will determine whether he actually is a plus value on that contract is is not the shooting percentage because those will be what they are. They'll be good. It's his playmaking because that's that's why hardened can be a one one way players because he is a genius passer. Who makes everyone around him better in Zach LeVine is not a genius passer. Not a playmaker. He's an like mediocre at it. And you know, obviously had that infamous STAN I'm looking at it as a sissies everything three assists a game. Which is exactly what he's averages entire career. He had that stint as a point guard in Minnesota. That was a disaster. Not good. And that will be like that is the next step for him. If he he's not going to become Chris Paul if he can become if he can have an assist rate equivalent to a really good passing big man like a Blake Griffin or your. Get your soul that that. Now, the conversation changes. I didn't mean to get you talking about the bulls. We're supposed to be talking about Luke Canard it how many wins the Luke Canard injury going to cost the pistons. Well, look tying it all back together. Anytime you hear an athlete coach an executive in the league that oh, I don't pay attention to that stuff. I don't pay attention to what to written or what said that is complete. Both. It's like when Jimmy Butler says it's not about the money. Exactly, another one of my favorite, topics. Jimmy, and an all the that is that messed in Minnesota. But everybody pays attention their families pay attention. It's part of the deal in and if you're Blake Griffin and the pistons you've read that people don't think your team's very good and Blake is read that you're not gonna live up to the contract. He sees it. He hears it. Zach levine. Very clearly. Saw me say if it's me, and I'm the bulls. I'm not going to much higher than sixty million because he hasn't proven it. It doesn't take much for highly talented pro athletes to to kick it up to to some next level. If they believe that they wanna show and prove somebody wrong in and that is what's happened. I think early on in this season in both these cases with the pistons and certainly with Levin, but as one Denham with the bulls, Mr. low, you're out marketing, you're outdone, you're out Portis Denzel Valentine as I literally law forgot about Denzel Valentine's existence until someone tweeted his name on that list of injured bullet of Michigan state highlight. No, I'd realize I think it was Casey or somebody one on the beat tweeted like just hear all the bulls interest health. If I got Denzel Valentine have watched three bulls games of shy. Literally did not register that he didn't play and he has one of the funky as the funky est. Floater in the entire league. Loved enzo. Valentine's little weirdo, shotput floater. And I just forgot so the pistons I wanted to two more minutes on the pistons. I Blake Griffin is fifteen of Twenty-three from deep. That's obviously not going to last to me the most important stat of the whole year for the pistons is this Reggie Jackson seven point five three point attempts per game shooting forty percent that is more than double his career average and attempts more than three point attempts to let's see fifty four percent of his shots have been threes. That is up from twenty nine the year before twenty seven twenty six nineteen. He's just never shot threes like this. And it's a recognition that a book by both him and Dwayne Casey that we have Blake on our team. He's going to be our defacto point guard. Andre got better facilitate in the offense last year. We have to give him some room to do that even with Blake here. And we're going to run Reggie Bullock awful lot of JJ Redick kind of screens, and we're gonna play Reggie and together because our wings are all kind of unproven and shaky. And still red yesterday off the ball. And he's accepted that sure he's not thrilled about it. Because I note Reggie Jackson has told me on record. I would like to run a pick and roll every single time. We have told me that two years ago in Detroit. But if he's going to play this role, he's gotta shoot a lot of threes. And. And he's gotta make them at a high clip and that has happened so far that lasts. If that's real Detroit becomes an interesting team. And I picked the choice to make the playoffs. They were on my list of eight playoff teams. I still think they're going to be around forty low forties wins even with this foreign oh start by Reggie Jackson's been interesting so far and it and it's another reminder of what could have happened last season. If he's on the floor, and he gives some balance to trying to figure out how to put Blake in Andre Drummond in in the right situation. Zach who knows what happens. I mean. Maybe stand still is there because they go to the play offs. And he's not getting completely crushed for that deal to acquire Griffin. I I I would have been really curious to see especially with the end of that schedule and how many bad teams they had. They just couldn't put it together in enough time if Reggie Jackson doesn't miss that that huge chunk of time. What what the pistons would have become but in the moment. Absolutely. If he fits that role. That gives the group even more space in they're gonna continue to learn would Wayne wants them to do. And I like their chances to maintain kind of the new path that they're on an absolutely they stay healthy. I think they're going to play offs. Well, I would like to point out. They've played three games at home and very easy scheduler scheduling been home against Brooklyn at the bulls home against philli without Ben Simmons home against Cleveland without Kevin love and Boyd his Cleveland stink. So I'm not going to go bananas over Detroit playoff playoff team. Well in the east. That's that's the thinnest kid at fat camp status. They play Boston there next to their next two games are against Boston. They have a home at home against against Boston. That'll be interesting. Then they come here on Halloween. Halloween question. Will you have a game on Halloween? So you're not going to be home. Would you would you would you have candy at home in? Do you live at you? You're in oak in a hotel right now. So I'm not the the right person. I still scarred by Windhorst telling me last year that he actively shuts the lights off in his house and does not have candy. I would be would have the v the Jack lantern Orange Bowl filled with candy and be like dressed up like Count Dracula. No think he'd be all in onto everything that is Halloween Halloween in Omaha. I am I got a costume this year. I'm going to dress up with my daughter. I decided you what are well. Look. I can't I I. Many years ago when I was younger and single Holloway was big deal. Oh, yes. In New York City when you're thirty five and single Halloween still big deal when you're forty one and a exhausted parent, it's not that exciting anymore. Here's some kit kit everybody. No. But I'm sure when they come to my house, they damn well better be dressed up because if you try and come with like some lamps costume, or you're not putting any effort into it. I'm at least going to ask you some questions about why you failed as child on Halloween before you get to kick it. I have I have a Harry Potter costume. All right. 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And get fifty percent off your first order with a special offer just for listeners of this podcast. That's crazy. That's half price. All you do is. When you check out you enter the code, the low post fifty that's the name of this podcast billowed post, the number five and number zero fifty the low post fifty enter that code at checkout, you get free shipping, and you get every fourth order for free. If you subscribe visit Hewlett online at Gillette on demand dot com. That's Gillette on-demand dot com and use the low post fifty five oh for fifty percents off your first order. Let's do five minutes on Jimmy Butler because I I can't resist. So we'll reports last night the rockets are prepared to offer for this tip t you're gearing up with your impression. It's like it's like in the engine running. These mother. They don't know what they're talking about. We're here we we can still we could still do work in the west. It's give it time. Four first round picks Jimmy Butler, the the rockets are prepared to offer like number twenty nine for three years. So we don't know the details. I think it's absolutely fascinating. I have no doubt that Houston is among the two or three smartest teams at valuing their draft picks. So if they think it's worth for first round picks to go get Jimmy Butler. I trust that they've done. The math. And it's worth it. However, I will say this. I am going to be blown away to the point that I think there's almost no chance that Houston with trade four unprotected first round picks for Jimmy Butler. No chance the last one would be in twenty twenty-five. Now, it's very complicated because they can't protect them in a way that the protection extends for two and three years because then it violates that you can only trade picks that are seven years out. So if you start cascading these picks so that they go to twenty Twenty-eight twenty twenty nine that's illegal. You can't do that. They all have to convey. Okay. So I like, I don't care. How good you think? The rockets are now trading and unprotected twenty twenty three and unprotected twenty twenty-five is a massive risk that the Brooklyn nets just lived and it destroyed their entire franchise like a decade for a long time. And yes, James harden is way better than Darren Williams in two thousand thirteen and Brooke Lopez's in two thousand thirteen. He's also twenty nine d exact age that de will wasn't. Two thousand thirteen Jimmy Butler is twenty nine like in twenty twenty-five. Those dudes are going to be thirty six years old you cannot trade and unprotected twenty twenty-five Fiqh. You just can't do it. And so I think the offer was probably unprotected this year. Unprotected 2021, some protection twenty twenty three some protection twenty twenty-five where where it's like lottery protected or top eight protected, and if Houston falls into that range than it immediately that year becomes two second round picks or something like that. Because otherwise, it's a huge risk that I would not laugh at if I were Minnesota if those are actually unprotected. That's that's too risky. I bet for more. Yeah. But do you think Tibbs cares about the twenty twenty-five pick? He may or may not get he will be a long gone out of there at that point. It this is why you're coach should not be your general manager. Well, you you are going to get no argument for for me there, my friend. I the the issue as far as that particular deal goes, look, I I loved Jimmy. I've watched him his whole career. I don't think Jimmy even as great as he has become right now, if you make that deal, if you're Houston gets you to where you need to be because then all of a sudden Chris Paul is another year older next season. You gotta find a way to sign Jimmy to massive money. And that is your team. I mean, you this is your group. I don't think it's good enough on top of everything else. And with the Tibbs minutes the gym. Jimmy has put into his body over time, and he's one of the most well conditioned players in the league when you have played all those minutes for all those years as a team looking to acquire Jimmy that is what would be terrifying to me is how much wear and tear on those knees, and how much can you invest in a guy when he has given everything he's got to get to this point. How many more years at an elite level does he have with where he's at right now. I if it's me and your Shusterman looking to make this move with the type of future picks, or whatever they they would land on. I I wouldn't do it. See I think Houston would say we think we could trade Jimmy Butler, if we recite them we think he's young enough still at twenty nine that if we give them a four year max or a five-year max and also note, they did not give Chris Paul the five-year max, I well, they'd give I think he has a player option. So maybe that's. No, they gave him a three plus one. So they gave him a throw us war taken this taken the player option. Forty four point two million. Didn't give them five and they will play the income tax game with these guys. Go just as the heat will which Butler. But. I think they would say if we got him on a on a four year deal somehow, we would trade him, and we'll just fit there like in figure it out later mode because to me I disagree with you. I think if you can do it if you have Paul I'm just talking about this year. Right. They're all if you have Paul Hardin Butler, cappella, Gordon, Tucker is your top six that's the best. You can do. That's the best you can do to try to compete with the warriors. Now will they have both Gordon and Tucker or will Minnesota if Tibbs actually picks up the phone and has a conversation will Minnesota insist that one of those to be in the deal that hurts you a little bit. Houston has been very reluctant to put Tucker into these offers because they value is defensive personality so much, and if you have Butler Hardin and Paul there is an argument to be made that some of what Gordon brings is now expendable, although his shooting is really important for them. But if you somehow found a way to use those four first round picks as the carrot that allows you to keep both Gordon and Tucker a on top of those three stars in Capella. I just don't know how you can do better. I don't know how you can do better building a team to to play the warriors. I just think you can look at that team and say we took them to seven last year we got Jimmy Butler like we just can't do any better than this. And there's the difference as a fan. I respect the hell out of Daryl more if he's gonna make that move in push all the chips and go to what we were saying, I'm all in. I'm getting Jimmy. We don't know if he's going to stay here long term. But we're going for right now. I appreciate that. I'm just telling you in my opinion. I don't think anybody this season is touching the words. Not touching them to the point where you think. All right. They could really go down and even last season. I the Paul Paul gets injured. Iggy dollar was hurt in in game five. You know, if that if if everybody stays healthy last season, I Golden State gets through just fine too. I know there are people that disagreed. Okay. Well, Golden State still one last year and they're still on track to win this year. From a broader standpoint Zach we'd gets me is the Tibbs GM coach whole conundrum if you're Tibbs in Jimmy made it clear in his interview with Rachel. He led Tibbs no many times Jimmy last season knew that he was just kind of done with this whole thing. Like he knew the towns in Wiggins were not good enough. He knew that he couldn't stay in Minnesota long-term because if he wanted to win and he wanted to get paid it wasn't going to happen at a high level there. As far as the winning is concerned. I think he realized early on. It's why he kept saying what he did in the media Townsend Wiggins Wiggins just to me is not that. Good towns is an incredible offensive player. But he gets he gets sidetracked and his own mind. A lot of times we've seen that to start this Toronto gain the. George. I didn't see that game. I just saw the highlight where Jim Peterson debt, you know. One of those games cat doesn't wanna play wanna play. And that is like if but if you're a player of Jimmy's Calvert, h twenty nine, and you realize that you've got this one big contract left in this one chance to either win or get paid all the money, and you're on a team with two guys that you don't believe in. And you knew this was not new. I mean, this is why I blame Tibbs for for this whole issue. Because Jimi new long-term he wasn't gonna be there in Tibbs should have sat down at the beginning of this summer. And maybe they did. I mean, if you're if Jimmy is to be believed with exactly what he told Rachel if but if you're Tom you have to for the health of your organization long-term, you have to say, okay, he's going. We're not gonna play it out in the public because this has been a total disaster in this is the soap opera everyday, but make the deal happen before it gets to this point. And now, it's at this point and the leverage they may have had. It's just not there the same way. So look as much as I love tubes. And Jimmy this is on Tibbs wearing that extra hat of being these are in the basketball ops guy. This is where burned him because he couldn't face the reality that his main man who he dealt for didn't wanna. Be there anymore could use US up as tubes for Halloween. I'm trying to think what that I don't think you really could. It's it's just it's just like a white shirt tie and blazer. What's your all time? Best Halloween question. I was Fred Flintstone in fifth grade. And that's it all done hill costume y since fifth grade. The there wasn't really there wasn't much depth to my Hellene customs. Fred Flintstone, though, Fred Flintstone being met get up. Got me got me a date with one of the prettiest girls in liquor that though. So in sixth grade, fifth or six I was gonna say you went up a grade in elementary school. That's a hell. Elementary. If you go up a grade when you're in high school, if you're a sophomore at the senior, prom you've done John good word on something. Yeah. I don't think it went that deep, but Fred Flintstone. I do remember it got me. It got me a date in. I was like, you know, what you have to have a do. There you go. This is what what what it's come to on Halloween. All right. Well, we've got a a warriors Knicks game tonight. I'm sure it'll be really competitive. And and then we have the words are here all weekend, Nick Fidel. Thank you for making time and always last minute. But I couldn't resist seven Yuan. Always love talking ball, and you can read all Knicks stuff on ESPN dot com about the warriors. And he is a contributor regularly to Brian win Horst in the hoop. Collective are revamped hoop collective pod. And you know, I love Wendy. He comes on here a lot. So you can listen and read Nick at all the places, I just said, Nick, man, I'll see you in whatever three hours at Madison Square Garden in the world's most famous arena. It's a party baby. I appreciate. You have me on. And it was great to be here with you. Thank you.

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