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The. You. Welcome back to the Ross Bohlin podcast otherwise known as our BP presented by Bolan media. I'm your host Ross Bohlin back again with your co host Chris Cole's Colson Hello Christopher Hello Ross or William as some know him or wr as others know him or bill or build on guests Laurent or Roller Ron Bean or Ron Wick I have too many nicknames it's a man many names very serious and stupid problem. If you're new here, our podcast has been around for a few years where comedy show with a focus on mental health we talk about a lot of different things though music history sports, animals, current events, and more. So, much more to start today show Cole's got his first ever pedicure this weekend. I got soft, which is important because I, have received. Zero pedicures I'm not only in this past weekend. But in my life I'm out here living I'm out here living be wa get invited by lady friend and it was on a Friday and I figured what better way to get off for the weekend right? Then some self care. And so I've never done it before. You just never had the desire. Do you find your claim to be satisfy your feet to be clean enough and satisfactory? Don't get me wrong I do a good job of cleaning my feet like I clean my feet in the shower. GRUB them. Yes well, I worked like I've mentioned before I worked at a boat dealership for a while and so when you weren't GonNa vote to do with anything you wear sandals a lot. So I can't be having gross feet because that'll scare way customers at my feet are disgusting. So like you have to grab good man if I'm bringing my boat to be cleaned, I kind of want the dude who's doing the job I wasn't likely early I. Wasn't cleaning the boats was like selling hundred and eighty thousand dollars boats. I can't have like Bunions I get it. But I'm just saying I'd be disappointed if I rolled up and it was your ass it was like I'm cleaning your boat today I want like a pirate I want like a guy with one leg in a fucking thing growing on his neck. Wow. Like a barnacle on his neck. Wow He's one with the see he's like. The the guy who plays Anton sugar from what's the Coen brothers movie that? Western? Anton sugar from the No Country Oldman he then as the villain in the newest pirates of the Caribbean move your bar, deem you want him? You aren't him to clean your boat to show up with like the barnacles all on his face like. Like you're talking about from pirates of the Caribbean yet the most recent one he sure Hon, he is his most recent villain. That's what that's who Ross wants cleaning his boat anyway taught me through this. What do you feet? So you get there. First of all, you start with a nice warm soak. So you just put your feet in the water also glass of wine which I mean for you doesn't really do anything but they do offer a glass of wine, which is very nice added to the experience. The chairs are mad actually pisses me off now when I go places in, they're like, would you like a nice alcoholic beverage and I'm like? No not because that's the thing that's offered. It's like it just it just sucks that it's not a or a joint. Yeah Yeah know that's a joint ideally. Okay. So you definitely want. Beforehand. I would say definitely smoke. Pitcher. I'm just saying that overall speaks to like the deal in. America where the alcohol is just. So deeply ingrained in the culture as like the option. Yeah and I'm like, Damn it man I smoke weed. Help me out here. Give me the option help me out here like an edible see starting. No, not really fuck. The sad they voted an edible you take beginning like you're just eating. Zuber stone you're walking out and you're just like, oh, now it comes. All right. So you start with the foot soak which is very nice. It's nice and warm water. The chairs also are the massaging chairs so they have like different settings I had mine on the Settings. Like a bucket, right? Not really it's more like I mean kind of. A connection to the chair. So like it's. Janke not at all? No No. No. No. Sometimes I see girls. You know how girls put up this story. From their instagram story the view from them shirt to their feet some matt, and then like the person doing their feet and it's this awkward thing where it's like. You know. You put this up because you feel like baller whatever. But you're like kind of making the other person's subservient to you, I don't know it's weird situation the being sometimes I've seen one where the buckets like Janki the it's more like a very, very small hot tub. That's the material also seen them fancy ones with some of them look like they have jets do it. On the bottom they're they're small fish coming in nibbling at your toes there was an option for that but I didn't choose that package but that was an option at this one. What happens to the fish after? That You Go. To a bucket for that, they don't put the fish in no, but I'm saying my feet. Okay. If you who fed some fish off my feet, those fissure going to die you got the good nutrient feet. You got the thick feet you know what I mean. Like getting jacked they're getting that you don't want that are gonNA survive and they're the ones that are immune to dacoven because they've been exposing themselves to all the antibody testing the fish probably the fish what fish species. Folks what fish what Aquaman? anyways. So you start with the Soak, get your feet nice and soft i. then they just do the nice little clip your toenails. That thank God and then after that, the best part about it is, then they clean out your cubicles at this like scrubbing thing and it gets your nails all soft and even and they file them interested in and that was incredible. That was like very satisfying to watch because they're getting all the like not gunk, but it's just like dead skins. One time don't get me wrong I try to keep my shit tight. All Right I. Bite. My nails 'cause I'm anxious person. So you don't have to worry about my fingernails getting long although my fingers look like they've been attacked and it's Kinda disgusting and not very. sightly, it's unsightly I keep my toe nails trimmed when they get long I. Cut Him. You know and like one time I've liked gone in there and like really gotten the cuticle. Clean, and there's like a relief. Like Oh God this is the way my toes were to feel. So I can imagine that if you get it done by a professional and they do all of them yes it's got to be quite the clean feeling. Exactly. So that's excellent. That was one of my favorite parts, and then after that, they use basically kind of like sandpaper. Like Brady Go. Yeah. But then they lotion it up first so that it feels really nice on the bottom of your feet, but it gets very very. Off exactly running outside do this shit. My Dad really on his bed, his mom and my mom in his bed. Yeah and he used to he used to sit there at night and scrub his feet with this thing. My Dad's been a big runner, his whole life and I remember thinking men that's disgusting. Isn't it because they like? and. Then my parents got a divorce and I gotta think that had to have something to do with. Like that you should been doing your fucking feet in a different room not in the bedroom. Mom Can you confirm? Let us know countless show? Okay. You Say W. Bolan you soak. Soak Clip Clip. They political. And then scrub. and. Then after that, you either get color if you were going to do color which I didn't like Ho. Yeah. Like on your toes I didn't do I didn't like I didn't get my nails pain handing like that now. Or bleached no. A little like wider. These look less like I've been through some shit. You want like the fake sock Tan you WANNA. Give me a buffet. Okay. Wow. I won't move like I'm a Golfer bold move from bill today not GonNa do that. And then after that, they give you a nice massage on your legs with lotion interesting. cavs. Yes. Knees above the knee not nothing. Now it goes up to like High Shin Hyphen. All right. On summarizing your experience because I've questions, I would say I'm done. are you ticklish? I'm barely ticklish on the bottom of my foot and there was one moment where I was like a little bit ticklish but it wasn't bad. It was never uncomfortable. Okay. Okay. have you ever gotten a Sasha before? No, not like a SPA massage. Okay. Neither have I really want to the reason. I've never gotten that or pedicures because I'm very ticklish Oh and I'm concerned with. How the experience will go if the entire time I'm giggling like an idiot now, with the fact that I'm not doing either one of those things sober I would love to experience some under the influence of marijuana because it just seems like that would be the better way to get a massage and or a pedicure pedicure hundred percent you just like if you're a drinker, you probably want a glass of wine. Because it's just more relax absolutely same exact thing. Don't judge me Fucker and ask if I'm very ticklish I feel like that would contribute to the we'd you know we'd make sure little GIG lease. So I just feel like if I, it just wouldn't go. Well, they do ask if you're ticklish I do think they'd take that into consideration. They probably have secret techniques that are unknown to the normal man on how to avoid the ticklish nature in some human being okay I can believe that ways to circumvent the actually believe that because I've been touched by people who like there was no ticklish to their touch. Sure. You know sure I'm sure it's that same vibe maybe they get a little intimate so that it's not as ticklish for you now I'm wondering lighting handle. You know what? How many people have touched my feet. In my lifetime so like my mom, my dad obviously Dick. Sporting. Goods that measured your feet when you're like seven. Okay Yeah probably I guess he probably touched him. Yeah. Dr. When is Touching feet dude. They're doing shit you and your little kid to poke and everywhere and making sure all your shit moves proper. Sure a poke in the bottom of your foot to make sure your toes react and Shit don't do that I don't know Dr would just putting doctor I just remember the knee thing remember when they used to hit your knee into the reaction yeah. Wouldn't foot one two. Foot one two. There wasn't a for one. Actually I think they did hit the top of your foot or the bottom of your foot the dead center. The Poem No not the did Center I. DON'T I don't remember anyways. That's why I've never gotten a picky I have been invited by female friend as well. Get A pedicure. In I'm in doing, we just haven't found a window yet, but we're going to go do it. I'm just I wanted. I wanted to hear firsthand yet how it went for you. The recommend I highly recommend the only issue that I ran into is they had to move the chair to like Max length because the chairs are built for like five eight women not six foot tall men will legs were just bit long. But they I when it was all the way back it was totally fine I was I was very comfortable. The entire time can I opt out of the Cath massage because that's essentially just bone bone on bone fingers on bone just there's nothing there. Yeah. You can opt they have a hot they have a waste start time hot stone massage, and instead of a massage hot stones. Just take me back and the shit on they. Can do that that's the leap package while you were getting a pedicure this weekend. I went back to enchanted rock again. Yeah. I saw your caffeine and sarcasm bumper sticker that you ran into out there. Oh Yeah. Good stuff. That's a typical Austin mom. Picking the best shit to put on their vehicle. That's amazing. Anyway, I had a phenomenal weaken among the best at twenty twenty for me. I've been spending a lotta time though with children. And babies and small children in also their parents. Also. Clarified that. Yes yes. A small children I just WanNa say again man parents. y'All are working you dixon. tits off out there and I have mad respect for all of you. I know this year has been very, very difficult and taxing parents especially those with young children. Just. Try Not to forget that. You're literally shaping the future of the world and try to make non shit humans please and thank you. And one day I will join you know pressure. No pressure anyway had a productive healthy weekend. Ready to crush this fucking week. Let's go. It's the year the Comeback Bitch Strap in BP three thirty one is brought to you by Ritu Wool Men's diets are falling behind over seventy percent of men don't get enough vitamin E. and up to ninety seven percent of men don't get enough vitamin D from their diet but fundamentally, some men may overvalue exercise and undervalue nutrition and may think if I look healthy im healthy and I definitely fall into this bucket but there's more to help than meets the eye. 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If you want to see are shining faces on there where there look, we wave at the camera on twitch we also wave at the camera where we stream every Sunday Tuesday and Thursday at seven PM, central time Sunday Tuesday Thursday seven. PM TWITCH DOT TV slash boss role in that's Ross Bohlin with the and the are reversed twitch dot TV slash boss role in Sunday Tuesday Thursday seven PM central time every fucking week and sometimes randomly throughout the week as well. If we feel like it that will do it for announcements and shouts unless you have one you have one has one he's got one here it is folks Shots Nick and Sydney on their engagement. Wow Way to go nick and Sydney huge. Really fucking doing it. Both are BP listeners new additions to the gang one, one new body as one new listener together one all of us now. Nick Sandy Sydney Sydney Close Chris and I all together. One human one when while love now segment. Monday mental health minute. Today. We're GONNA talk a little about coping. Coping mechanisms, healthy coping mechanisms, versus unhealthy coping mechanisms. Back in the day way back in the day back I wanNA. Call Myself The J. Cole podcasting iconic because we had never had a guest on this show up to that point. And as many of you know, J. Cole never has features on his albums. This led to a conversation about the subject matter of his latest album at that time o d the title track of which opens with this. A newborn baby has two primary modes of communication. Laughter, which says I love this or crying, which says this frightens me I'm in pain. Life can bring much pain. There are many ways to deal with this pain. Choose wisely. And I always thought that was such a dope little It's a little monologue there at the top of a song right in a lot of this album k o d get into mental health topics and tackles things like coping. Directly, and it's funny because if you're a casual rap listener. Listener whatever you heard the song of the radio, you might not even notice 'cause they're very you know he's got great beats incredible lyricist. He makes great hooks. Yeah. He's a great musician and he makes hits that'll be about random serious shit that you don't even realize it sometimes it's very talented. Do J. Cole I'm Big Fan one of my favorite rappers if not, probably my favorite rapper North Carolina boy yeah I've been his house two, thousand, fourteen, four sales drive. It's in. Right outside of Raleigh on slow. How about that? Winston yeah, stand up the when he named his album after where he's like sitting on the roof that House fourth drag twenty fourteen. So Nice on twenty twenty, we are all coping. In one way or another. And when humans get uncomfortable and get scared to start hurting feel pressure, we often turn to very unhealthy means of coping to survive in advance, which can be extremely detrimental to our long-term mental health productivity and happiness. In the song friends off Cayote that same album J. Cole sings. Meditate meditate. Meditate meditate. Don't medicate Medicaid don't Medicaid Medicaid meditate meditate meditate meditate don't medicate Medicaid don't medicate Medicaid. The point obviously being the he believes. When you find those moments were you need cope something away to cope? Instead of medicating which we are prone as a nation to do via alcohol and drugs. he suggests meditation. Now when I first heard that line and when I first talked about this song, I had never meditated in my life up to that point and in fact, I remember even thinking to myself like. This is a little like you know a little cheesy in j Cole can sometimes be a bit on the cheesy side of transparent which I respect because it's familiar territory for me. When he does a very damn good job and making a rap song about a subject that most people aren't even comfortable discussing with normal pros so I get that meditation sounds silly to some people. Particularly, males. or it sounds like this like entrancing, it sounds like a much deeper than it actually is when I before. I started meditating. Things you don't understand. You think it's like this full like spiritual religious thing almost to where it's really not that it's just. Like. What is meditation? Yeah exactly and it sounds like this thing that you would have to learn or. Or something which it can you have to learn. One I did was alumnae am but The point being it's it's a lot less complicated than it may may actually feel like it would be from the outside especially if you don't have a familiarity with therapy or self help or self. CARE, self care yeah or whatever all these skills that we're trying to develop. Now, as we desperately see that we need them and twenty twenty. And so. I basically wanted to explain that like you know when you can't keep your mind from racing from thing to thing sure in that's. In creates panic and and even for those who don't have anxiety issues or panic disorder. Obviously, it's you know you awake at night you can't get to sleep. Your mind is racing from thing to thing and people with this issue or more susceptible to trying to quiet the demons of the monkees in their heads with substances in unhealthy distractions writer. will meditation gives you the piece that you crave? Swear to God on it only donating agree with the one time. In terms of an organized meditation session and it worked so well that I haven't done it since because I fell asleep and it scared the shit out of me how still I became because I've been living in pure chaos for so long that that was extremely uncomfortable for me like I went from peewee football, the NFL or some shit, and it was just too much I had to pump the brakes but I do smaller versions. Meditation Daily, I pray every night and sometimes throughout the day as I see, fit. But. I just wanted to suggest that if you're if you're still looking for more tools in twenty twenty or just in life in general as a way to cope with the difficulty of our circumstances as as a society as a human race or just as an individual, maybe it's particular individual things that are happening to you. Specifically, it's funny because I know people on both sides of the spectrum I know people who are having one of the best years of their life among the chaos of covert and I know people that are just getting absolutely fucking pummeled. Yeah. On top of Covid and everything else it's happening. We but we all need. We all need coping mechanisms on both sides of that spectrum. But especially those of us if you feel you've been getting kind of dumped on that, it's been a harder year than normal even considering the circumstances. Then you need these mechanisms, you need ways to do things. Healthily we can't just be like the American. Dream was like homer Simpson. You. Problems can be taken care of a couple beers at the bar with your boys and some dumb assery. You know that's not really true. You need help like we to be you need to re ground yourself come back to a center point like madge meditation for me is like if this is the path that I want my life to be going on a straight up and down line consistently with chaos in my life, I managed to slightly branch off to one side or another in like as it goes unchecked that lean is more and more exponential you know what I mean it starts slow and then the. Ground myself the lesson bring myself back to that center point the further away the that I go at a quicker pace meditation for me brings me back to that center point. It allows myself to rebound myself. Taken my surroundings figure out where I'm at as a person figure figure out where I wanna be and then continue moving in the direction that I need to be moving on and one of the easiest meditation practices for me a super simple one. If you've never meditated before, have you never even thought about it? One that helped me out when I first started meditating that I still do very consistently in that takes as little as five minutes is closure is. Sit in your chair. Imagine yourself as heavy as you possibly can be sinking into your chair and then slowly trace your. Your mind from the tips of your toes up to the top of your head from then back down to the tips of your. Go as absolutely slowly as slowly as you can, and if it takes you two minutes because you can't go any slower, that's fine. But be completely in your mind is and lowes Mo- only thinking about that for two minutes if that's all you can do if you can do it for ten minutes and stay in that space even better. But go as long as you can, and that's really really good when the star win an. Look if you just I literally got on Youtube and typed in meditation. Practice class and I found one would like twenty million views and went yeah, and that's it so. You know obviously the opposite side medicating I it's a very temporary. That's the problem with using it too often it's not that I'm not saying there are days when you don't you need a fucking couple beers with the boys at the Bar, whatever it is that you do. Substance or otherwise unhealthy a coping mechanism wise I'm not saying there aren't days where you need that. She have there are. Yeah but but that can't be your go-to no because that's an external source looking for an internal help China meditational problem with external both yeah. Exactly. Meditation is fixing an internal problem using yourself, which is the way that it needs to be done that that's a permanent fix there because you're actually doing it on your own, you're not relying on more of a band aid or crutch approach to things where Medicaid can come into play. Now, medicating can soften the blow medicating can absolutely help you get through certain things in a healthy way but it's not a long term. I. Don't I just don't if there's not other stuff implemented with the medication, it still doesn't count as a healthy way to me if it's just met but that's just me in my own mind the way I classify things I understand like I can take my meds. But if I'm not doing healthy shit adding actually healthy coping coping mechanisms outside medication, it tends to be very short lived in terms of success hundred percent. Sometimes you need that short like no absurd saying there's days where you need and you just need. To just fucking get through. So you just gotTa have something to grip it and rip it. Yeah. I get that too. Yeah. But if when you can get yourself to that place. In. China of mine if you're like I, need something quiet my mind. In, typically you're somebody who goes with you know few drinks or few tokes or whatever. It may be. Try something different try meditation try. Little. LOAM M- To See, what happens why the fuck not you've got nothing else to lose the world on fire. 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Get ged Q. Ip dot com slash P. Quip. The Good Habits Company. Next segment. Current event. Capping? We got a few things. We have talked about today in current events. Oh goal state of the world you know beautiful world we're living the first things funny as hell and it pretends to podcasting Allier. The Joe Rogan discussion with Tim Kennedy retired May fighter in which Tim Kennedy suggested that Joe Rogan should host a debate between donald trump and Joe Biden. Now obviously off the rip. Yeah. That's a very, not shocking thing that Tim Kennedy would suggest this the Joe rogan would. Then dive into the possibility of it and sort of break it out how he'd want to do it. He was like four hours just us three in a room fucking Austin Texas. He is here by the way I did not realize that was officially official he's reporting in. Austin. Texas moved here. Not In our studio. Not yet you weird if they didn't tell US imagine. Yeah. We just walk out and. Pretty sure. He's got his own building Chilin right there somewhere. As a result Tim Kitty tweeted out some Promo. He said on my podcast with Joe Rogan he offered to moderate a debate between Joe Biden Donald Trump so I guess it was on Tim Kennedy's podcast. Hours with no live audience, just the two candidates cameras in their vision of how to move this country forward who wants this So trump quote tweeted it and said I do. Of course absolutely. You know that's the way that trump gets his news out these days. Twitter twitter only never mind this was on the Joe Rogan experience on Sunday. Got You. Okay. Ten Kennedy was the guest host or whatever the fuck yea So I WANNA say bold move by trump to accept because of these dudes are named Joe. And everyone would the first same same first name test like an unspoken alliance sure. Sir, like all Ross's and I are on team Ross against everyone else on earth low key like we don't talk about the shit. But even if I even if you disagreed with every like you don't like Ross Geller. If you ever met him in person you're both team Ross. Sure I mean but yeah but he's like he doesn't even really exist. Now he's like this. He's staying on the Ross name that shouldn't even be there. So even so he's he's across the line for you. Your team Ross is combined in their efforts to. Push out Giller wow. Yeah he's out. Okay. Well, everybody besides him you will let us it comes down to it. You in a room with ten people is in three of them are named Chris and everybody else has assorted names and you don't know anything else about each other you go going with the Chris but yeah, I. Mean if three of them are named Chris how yeah I'm going with. The Chris that's your squad. Even if one of Chris I mean at least I would have you know, hey, you know what I mean. Yeah. So it's like it's it's just I'm just saying bold move to be the first to accept a going up against two jobs in the same room. You don't know what could happen just based on the fact that they had the Joe Alliance exactly if nothing else. And the telepathy that they share because of the Joe. Lyons. Always a you know what? Wildcard that's always a wild card out there. Trump's gotta be real careful with that now, the Oh, for sure obviously, the jokes are running rampant. I'm just imagining four hours of trump and Biden on TV with Joe Rogan in the middle and. Like Windows Two thousand twenty stopping an SNL it. You know. But it's like like I've seen everything he's making a joke like. There'd be sitting down and it'd be trump and Biden and they'd open like thank you for being here. We very much appreciate you taking the time to be on the Joe Rogan experience and this debate will be moderated by myself. Joe Rogan. We're GONNA LIMIT RESPONSES TO X. amount of time Have you tried GMT? Like everybody's like. That's. They just end up talking about psychedelics sexually art Hogan conducting a presidential debate would be so like I get it I do but it would be in the same vein as like Portnoy interviewing trump to me like this would be way more about me watching for the entertainment than like because again. There is no debate scenario. With these two candidates that results in any of US getting real answers we're like truth. No, it doesn't even if it's put on by it. Put on by the HBO. Lear if they both sat down in this room in agreed to know prescreening of questions, it wouldn't matter. I'd still get the same goddamn words out of both these men as we hear all the time it doesn't matter who interviews these fuckers. Yeah. Be Biden's been in politics for too long. He has an answer to every fucking question. You possibly throw at them. I'll be some of them sometimes might be about it completely different subject now as very fucking old. Yeah, and then trump. Walks you know what manuals? Yeah. He doesn't give a shit what you ask him. He's GonNa talk about what he wants to talk about every time every CENIS exactly what he wants to say regardless of the fact checking regardless of if it's right or now he's going to say what needs to say the difference between this and the Portnoy trump if you obviously being, they would both be there it's just. I'm not confident at all. We would get answers different than we'd get anywhere else. So one thing just about the entertainment factor for one thing that I do at least enjoy about Rogan's interviewing process is that for me it's always seemed like he does not move onto another topic until he understands the topic at hand or at least the answer that somebody's giving him like he doesn't usually except vague answers. Like 'cause I've I've seen guests on his show before that will say something and he's like well, no, that's not answering the question. I'm asking though but I'm saying both of these dudes won't get there. Water, outer unit, view with the what books what get that guy asked great follow up questions. He still didn't really have to answer them. He just continues with the Lai like or makes another lie to cover that live with ally four hours four hours of that. Twenty. Thirty Minute interview I feel like a like four hours we would at least get something show up just degree that because he doesn't think biting can stay awake that long. But. It would be look. There's no way. It's four hours even if they get this to happen which. Our tops we're about. Yeah. It's no one is trying to listen to frankly either of these three motherfuckers talk for four hours even the Rogan podcast will top out at three. Like. Four hours of of. Algiers to fuck insane recycled bullshit I'm just. For that, if this actually happens in boomers are like having to ask their kids who Joe Rogan is and they're like do. You know he's a former UFC fighter turned you have see commentator lighter. I think you was like one of the Oh Jeez right back I know he trains at least. I, know he was ever actually professional for I've seen them train due to beast, but I just assumed that he fought as well no no. No. You'll never came from fucking just commentating the no bureau factor fear factor factor. Yeah. Former fear factor host, and then you have see commentator who went on to start a podcast that went on to be one of the bird the most listened podcasts in the world. Now he's interviewing her potential presidential candidates. Well, maybe we'll see. Potentially. Four hours is unnecessary though in less walk. Goes over the top in goes along musk and his like Gimme a blonde that'd be incredible in I'm in. Because trump's going to hit the blunt. He doesn't. He's done. He's never smoked we in his whole life. He says his whole entire life is that really what he says I don't think he's ever had a drink either. His I think his his brother was like a really bad alcoholic and passed away from it if I really. And so he has that sort of like deal I. Don't know I can't speak to those type of circumstances. I just can't imagine going through this life. Without? A single goddamn visit to help me in the in the term substances 'cause. Then what you have to be a serial killer, you have no choice things wrong with yeah. Like how do you go through? How do you be in that position of power with zero vices unless look it'd be different if trump was like meditating constantly in spoke about like Meditation Enterpise Coping mechanisms and I know Goddamn. Well, he doesn't have any healthy ones reads a lot of the. Bible. Though obviously you watched his interview I, read my Bible often huge lots of favorite versus all versus. This individual personal he's read every every verse as a person to read the Bible many times many many times I hope this happens. On trump biden content wise i. mean this would be absolutely excellent. It would be the content of our generation. You know who the big winner would be Joe Rogan spotify Oh. Yeah. spotify right. Next. We Have Animal News Today folks my Dad's sent me this link last night he said he here's some show fodder. So here we are it's animal talk not in the form of an animal the week or insane headline of the day, which is shocking really there's a snake slippy snake. Slippers next ever snag it's about sixty two years old that hasn't had contact with a male and at least fifteen years. That's a long time to be. She's going through a dry spell that surprised you keepers at the Saint Louis Zoo by becoming. Pregnant wow. MR, pregnant snake turns out the these are ball pythons and they can reproduce asexually. It's not improperly to thing that happens. I thought this was just going to be like a real mystery. That's kind of sad that they actually have a reasoning behind. You thought this was like snake Jesus I thought. Yeah I thought they were like. Yeah this Jesus was born. This was the Virgin Mary Snake Sixty two years old going through a bit of a dry spell just. The whole thing played out in my head like snake. Jesus. And then like going up in having a beard and like it's like the rick and morty episodes obviously being white and in the Middle East for no reason no, one can explain it but snake Jesus is just somehow white. That's sounds like a South Park episode. They need to make south. Just trying to save the people save save every must. Justice name Jesus Cya was seven S.'s. Messiah. From The New York Times it's been about two months zookeepers at the Saint Louis. Zoo found a ball python believed to be about sixty two years old coiled around a clutch of seven eggs she had laid. Damn. But the surprise has not worn off not only had the snake not had contact with a male python for at least fifteen years it also would already outlived. It's life expectancy by more than two decades. Maybe this is snake snake Jesus. The snake is a freak super free. This is insane Super Frei Mark Winner Zoological Manager of Herpetology at the Saint Louis Zoo crushed. It said that snakes typically live only about thirty or forty years. Quote kind of crazy in the python. Made it past sixty. He said, let alone laid eggs. It's a snake miracle. Miracle Mark to the eggs which he laid on July twenty third of being used for genetic sampling, which will help determine whether the python reproduced sexually or asexually. Like another snake could've snuck in. That's what I'm thinking slithered in. What's the youngest snake could be to help another snake reproduce like what if like a little like six year old snake that was? You saying. Consent and snake world. You just invented snake Jesus answer questions about snake consent. You said herpetology correctly. So I figured you knew something of the topic of course not okay. We had a herpetologist come to our elementary school classroom on time because one of my classmates is named Zach. His father was a herpetologist said Davidson college say brought a bunch of snakes and lizards in one day. Oh yeah that's all I remember. It sounds like herpetology is the thing that like you study how to solve herpes. You needed some of that. If if if your doctor would have been a herpetologist back in the day, you would. Only diagnosed and live that month I. Wonder How many arrests have you ever wondered how other people out there go through that pain there's probably a reddit page for you I, bet that's a decent amount of fuckers who had been falsely diagnosed with herpes. scabies. The I'm we should go to our dash. I still can't get over with all say diagnosed with Herbie's but it was actually scabies and see if anything comes up, I still can't get over the best part of that being he's got I've got my pants down right and there's like you know it's not looking great. No, and he goes he's a he's going to swab painless and he goes. Now. The test is is not good. And it usually comes back when people are positive. So even if you get a negative, we're GONNA. Still treat it as if you're positive and here's some voucher accent I just remember looking at him in the eye and being like. How many more years was? Like Now, the test is not. But have it son and I was just like. You, did you read any of the books or manual? That's the trump school of medicine right there. You fucking Asshole I still on God if I ever see that dude in the street like I'm not seeking them out. But if I see him if I happen to be in the mall and I'm walking out of footlocker and he's walking in, it's over for this dude, that's it. I'm doing ten to fifteen. He's he's done you emotional scoring on her is I'm taking the to is that he used to falsely diagnosed my penis from his fucking head both of them. Just to. What is Dave Chapelle movie where he it's blue blue streak blue streak. I can't do it. I can't. It's been fifteen years since I saw that movie. Got Me all worked up herpetologist anyway. For snakes. Yeah and this Knicks yes she's crushing. This is the strong woman we need to be writing movies about strong iconic female right there indeed two sixty-two-year-old snake sexually reproducing. Don't need no man giving birth to snake Jesus. Yeah. I. Wonder what seven of them are snake, Jesus what if they're all ossining Jesus? She has seventy. Seven everybody gets one. She's like this. It's the seven prophets. The seven holy seven is a lucky number. Everybody gets one maybe it's a sign lucky number seven speaking of movies. Tenant. Not Having a great run at the box on tough. We everybody was wondering how this would go all right tenant Christopher, Nolan huge summer blockbuster to be. That's been pushed back again and again, and again because of Covid nineteen and obviously the result of movie theaters being. Restricted and how many people they're allowed to have in figuring out if they were going to be able to open at all I, haven't been to a movie in twenty twenty me neither into the i Max saw tenant last week we covered it on clams and cockles are television and film podcast, which we'll talk a little bit about a minute as well. Kohl's went and saw it over the weekend. I did again, Christopher Nolan behind the dark knight, the whole France that Batman Truly Batman begins the Dark Knight, the Dark Knight Rises Christopher. Nolan. Of inception interstellar fame famously the brother of Jonathan. Known Idiot who derail created Westworld I'm just fucking with you. He's probably a great dude. I'm sure maybe I don't know I don't know anything about him other than the westworld sucks I didn't like a joy Nolan to is there a sister in that family? A? Is that a different? Christopher Nolan Jonathan, Nolan something joy I think are the Joy Nolan is An American screenwriter. Behind something. Oh brother brother-in-law. Okay. So What books? Jonathan's wife. Jonathan's wife is joy. So we're good there. Okay. Okay Yeah I've seen a lot of no one's movies in theaters after see one in theaters you kind of realize that every new Nolan film that's GonNa come out. You should probably theaters it's one of those. Absolutely bona fide as one of the top directors in Hollywood. At this point, a guy demands you pay attention to whatever it is is working on one hundred percent and if I have done kirk as well he did dunkirk he did interstellar inception he always works with like the same fucking. He always has Hans Zimmer making his music cons is the goat. Blah, just hit me with it Dude Oh kate me what Zimmer, whatever those noises are bring them on. It's like the high porn, but it's like dark and beautiful. Yeah. It's like it's like a nautical vessel that's been. Taken to another level and put inside of a hundred mile deep cave via. The strongest trombone player in the world and you dropped him three miles into the ocean and made him blow as hard as he could on like into a matter all and five lines of cocaine. Yeah Yeah. That's about as like all fucking go. Ten thirteen has to be an every single movie. He does He. In two and a half minutes ten I was GONNA say he was he was barely in it, but he's still was legendary. There were like Mike Mike how much screen time you got a new and he was like Michael Cain can do. Probably two minutes south. Actually pretty impressive Michael came probably two minutes. Max. Just give me nor suit. She was only eight. I'm not going to do all the the impressions from if you haven't seen the comedy the trip go watch it. They do incredible Michael Caine Impressions Jokes Costume. Design intended some six suits. Suits they, Michael Caine makes a great joke about how he really wants to play a billionaire are the protagonist cannot no spoilers we're doing sport free tenant talk. Let's listen. This is not a spoiled. Yeah but he tells the protagonist If you WANNA be a billionaire, YOU'RE GONNA have to Brooks. Brothers isn't GonNa cut it. Yeah which is such a hot dig because brooks brothers literally went like two months ago. Yeah. But. So then throughout he gets a blank credit card and then throughout its James Bond level suit shit maybe above. that. Could above James. Bond even that restaurant scene the swab, the like undertone of it was absolutely hilarious. It was so much wagon just unbelievable. The protagonist is just charismatic Robert Pattinson unbelievably swab the entire tall. Hey as suits were my favorite because they were like they were very nice but they were little messy to where it was like he didn't give a fuck but he looked nice shit news was probably wearing like ten thousand dollar suits what I mean like he had his he didn't have his cuffs buttoned. He was wearing the scarf very me I identify with Robert, Pattinson probably one of my favorite actors in Hollywood right now. Very you Yeah I would say so. Just, go ahead and throw yourself in the old patents why and Robbie p would like get along. Well, I think we'd be tight. Enough but. I don't disagree with that. Take I think he seems like a tight dude. Yeah. But regards I like I like softspoken motherfuckers though you know I don't I just don't think that loud in I feel like he like is one of the more low key Kinda keeps to himself. Okay. Very soft. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. When I watched interviews, he he. Yeah, and he's like fucking what speak up Bro. Enjoyed ourselves my mouth it barely moves when I talk but I'm incredibly attractive. Of Women. Love. Me Joe Lineup God jump on Spider Monkey. With a terrible fucking. But I've seen I've seen lots not films in theaters the first week that they've ever came out right? This I time front row. I. Maxed fucking panic attack during the fucking. trucking. I went in with a full blown panic attack. Wow. Already occurring front row actually was not I maxed. Sorry. So I was not I max but front row, Dark Knight Bank Robber Seen Keith Heath Ledger Fuck so much of the. And just just. It was so hard core that it stopped the panic attack. In. It made the dark knight like instantly in my top five I was like the movie was so good. Panic attack shifted my mental out of A. Panic attack. Usually when you have a panic attack, you WanNa do something that is not so stimulating that was so incredibly stimulating that it pulled you into a different universe. This is how you. Get ice in your mouth to take your head out of it like that scene was so intense rain was like, sorry Bro we can only do one thing right now and We're focused on this movie. Yeah. Once Heath Ledger was onscreen. Your brain was like Oh. Yes that's it. We don't need. You anymore said we're gonNA see a magic trick in my brain turned off its anxiety. But regardless, I've seen all of these and they did a great job marketing this film to with between the Travis Scott Track that they put on the film that they would use them for all the market releases, blonde, move James Bond move and they really they crush every about it yells franchise absolutely absolutely and they could franchise this when honestly it could have very very easily but. I've never seen a Nolan movie in theaters on release date and been the only person in the theater. I was the only person in the theater on Saturday okay. See we went like opening whatever I think it was one of the first couple of days I max and it was full. So we got stuck in the second tried to go to your. Every. Other I'll and it was sold out and then there's like six seats between groups get roped off like it was very minimal amount of people in this theater. So it was pretty full. Yeah. But the point is obviously that movie theaters are not seeing great results. Based on the dropoff intended ticket sales from one week to the next I mean you gotta think if this if if this was totally normal, you'd probably be going to a legitimately packed theater fully sold out every single seat sat theater for this movie for this one especially, the spectacle that it said to bring on and that it does deliver on visually for sure. I. Mean This would be a full movie. This would be a hundred million dollars opening weekend most likely and I'm I'm I'm not saying that they're not gonNA, make their money back on this. It sounds like especially internationally that they're going to do pretty well and obviously they'll have it. You know available for rent and all that Shit on Apple TV and all the different platforms on Prime Hulu. Whatever wherever, and they'll probably do some like seven dollar rental period or something where it's more expensive than your typical three dollar rental to try to make back some of this money as well. There's GonNa be ways that they'll make it back. Regardless. Nine point five million, it's opening weekend. Oh, which is just not what you expect to see I mean, those are numbers that like. Really. Shit. Films do on like a normal opening week. Domesticated Total is at twenty, nine, point five million. And I mean that's just very knock. This movie was very expensive. Yes. So what will continue to monitor is this shift in how movie production companies are deciding to get their product out there because to switch to our next topic in the same vein Mulan. Came out? Yes. The live action remake and. The way you have to access it. This is another summer blockbuster to push back again and again and again and again, and then Disney was like, fuck it will make it available to Disney plus subscribers, but they have to upgrade to Disney plus prime our premium on sorry. Yeah and it's like thirty dollars thirty dollars on top of your ten dollars, a month Disney plus so you're essentially paying forty dollars off the rip to watch Milan the only additional movie offer live right now and the one I believe. One just like they did with Aladdin beauty and the beast lion. King Lion King Mulan is obviously a huge hit I believe right now Milan is the only movie that you get with that premium subscription. So you're in in theory paying thirty additional dollars to watch one movie. which the original, the Og nine hundred ninety eight Mu. Lan is legitimately one of the Great Disney movies on my lifetime if not of all time zero cap to that current event take. I've only seen it like three times and I know every word to every song somehow it's one of those men it just sticks with you. It was such a well written story that fits in perfectly with the stories that the writing now with like the strong woman character but they did it the correct way and actually giving her a good plotline and she's not just a Mary Sue that saves the day with magical powers or something like that. She goes through training. She's not good at first I'm not mistaken the LGBTQ community is actually upset with the new one. Are they I'm not I. Haven't Sossamon headlines. I know that people are upset about it for. Different types of appropriation. Of Chinese culture I believe there's been some protests and some ups and boycotts. Controversy. They cut the bisexual icon Lee Shang from the remake and says it was a missed opportunity according to insider DOT COM for Disney fix its LGBTQ representation problem. Also, the star of the Shang was little short dude yes. A so they took that character out of the early. Yes. Out and The star of the movie also said it was the part of the movie was filmed in Jinyang region where the Chinese government is held holding a weaker Muslims and these star of the film The female actor. Basically. Supported the Chinese government and the Hong Kong police during the Hong Kong protests instead of supporting the freedom fighters of Hong Kong Orgies Rick. Yeah it wasn't great. It wasn't great. So this had a two hundred million dollars production budget and it made five point three, million it costs thirty dollars to watch on top of Disney plus a subscription before it heads to the streaming library later this year. So made how much I think it made five point three million I don't think they released their numbers for this shit. Okay. I saw one steak and I could be I could be incorrect on that. I just saw a tweet that said five point three on two hundred, million dollar budget at one point. So it's at number six on their trending tab on Disney. But they're saying there's a few ways to monitor it that it had jumped up to. Basically, I'm reading an article this comparing it to how Hamilton did not well. It did have a good little spike to start though it sounds like anyway this obviously, very interesting to have a movie go straight to not just to to streaming or straight to video or straight whatever you WANNA call it on demand. But to be a premium on top of a paid service to have to join Disney plus premium tap to pay an additional thirty dollars and I guess they're logic is like families and kids and shit like. Five people watching it that would have been ten bucks a ticket in the movie anyway Yada Yada something like that. I don't know I. You're not watching it. The thing is you're not like I'm not going to pay more to watch it at home when I'm not getting anywhere near the theater experience for most of the like and also like you said, it is a kids movie. I would say most of the people that have Disney plus that use it for their children to watch Disney plus are either watching it on a laptop or a tablet. I would say probably at least fifty to sixty percent, I'M NOT GONNA pay thirty dollars to watch Moulana on a tablet or laptop you know what? I mean, right? That's ridiculous. That's a way like a complete waste. So. There it's going to be extremely tricky. I don't know. Maybe we'll see an increase in like lower budget indie style films that are guaranteed to make more money at the box office in the next couple of years until things are completely back up and running or less sci fi action thrillers and more drama based character driven plots going to be interesting to see there will definitely be some kind of shift. It's going to be for Hollywood's GonNa take some time to have to get there like financial foothold. On how everything's GonNa work because like you couldn't release integrate budgeting like a movie like in game or something like that. Right now you just couldn't. You would make it would not be monetarily worth it at all to have some sort of massive fantasy thriller come out right now. Well, I guess we don't know you like we don't know if something like in game would demand enough for it to be a massive success through like because people have been unwilling to swing like ten, it is now clearly swinging. For the box office version of this to see what would happen. Yeah and seeing some issues as I'm saying but I don't think like I would say if in game is is the most something like in game would be the most drawing to get customers back into seats at a movie theater I'd say tenant is like sixty seventy percent of the way there Christopher Nolan blockbuster. I mean I'd say I'd say that's right there right below because in games a different type of spectacle another level. The normal movie releases tenants in the tier. One. What what hype that would bring we've also seen films that have benefited from the street to streaming release type of I'd say, Paul Brings Home Range was a huge one as we discussed on always do clams and cockles are television and film podcast that was one that like probably wouldn't have gotten my attention. Because it was streaming on Hulu I. watched new nothing about it fucking. Loved it. We ended up covering it on OCC pretty extensively and Yeah. So we Clinton cockles again is available wherever you listen to the Rose Bowl in podcast along with General TV and film news we're covering right now HBO's lovecraft country we're also covering Amazon's the season two as well as yellowstone. Season One and having a blast. So go subscribe to always clams and cockles also brought to you by bowling media hosted by myself with my co host Barrett Dudley who's been my friend for like seventeen years now and supporters on there as well. Get yourself some TV movie and Film Talk Every Single Week on OCC, and that will do it for current event capping. Will Donald Trump Joe Biden potential brogan news guts minimum news gets a movie talk. I love and I thought it was dope but you got to listen to OCC's movie club on patriotic over there to get my full takes on it. My full review I one more segment we got time for one more segment. Ross reacting to rockets. Alas my Houston Rockets my favorite sports team far, and away the one I've been the most emotionally invested in throughout my life failed to do much against the Los Angeles Lakers and of exited the NBA's bubble ending their twenty twenty season. It's always a depressing moment from. The moment the seasons for the rockets, the title run. which has happened every year for the past. Since nine, hundred and ninety, five I'm always depressed right after like there's this wave of because that's one of the things I get excited about during the week during the course of the week the month what matchups do we have who playing you know what are the spreads Yada Yada loved to get into all the fucking love it I. Love Sports Betting I love sports in general huge huge huge rockets fan and with every off season comes a lot of uncertainty in questions about how they change up the team to make the run and in basketball. When you're a huge fan, there's five starters you know your players very well, you become very acquainted with everybody on the team and you gain. These emotional connections to certain people and in the case of the rockets. Had Connections to which all discussing his second. But first, let me cap off that Lakers series by saying. People are very quick to jump on James Harden jump on the rockets I get. They're very hateful team in general Houston sports as a franchise across all three franchises are very hateful I. Understand that we're fun to talk shit about I understand that James Harden is an easy target, Dantonio and easy target. Russ is an easy target I get all that. But we did not get like blown out in some unbelievable fashion did the guy's not really give it their all? Yes. But there were few factors here that played into what ended up being disappointing series. First of all Russell Westbrook got covid nineteen. Okay couldn't work out for like two and a half three weeks. This was after he absolutely crushed during the regular season was destroying. He was phenomenal. Pre Cova break. He gets Cova can't work out loses the great shape he was in. He's he's coming back. He gets hurt his squad, but he's forced to play early instead of like being able to recover his quad the full way because the thunder force that series to a game seven. himself. which is a very important piece of the rockets puzzled. Then Daniel House gets ejected from the bubble after game one or at this investigation starts after game one and he's quarantined then he gets elected from the bubbly plays no other games in the series except game one who is Daniel House? It doesn't matter than to say that he was our six-man playing thirty minutes a game the six man in the NBA is a very important position. That is a huge loss that was given very little attention in terms of how bigly it affected the rockets. then. On top of that, we played Lebron James and Anthony. Davis. That is a monster of a team that is like a mon-. Stars space jam situation with a supporting cast that can shoot it turns out. Yes and they were fucking amazing. The Lakers played their dicks off they need to be given a lot of credit. It wasn't just at the rockets fell flat and they were hurt and they were down a very important piece of the puzzle the Lakers just played. Well and they flat out kicked our asses. But don't Discount Lebron James Anthony Davis on paper you're looking at James Harden and injured Russell westbrook versus Lebron James Seventeen years in who is a freak of nature in still a top three player easily if not easily number one in the league seventeen years in Anthony. Davis, who is easily a top three player and youngest fuck Lebron still selling Goddamn feet tall. Still looks their times in game five where Lebron just looked in complete control of the basketball. He could do whatever he wanted the entire series from game to on. Yeah and there was nothing we could do to stop soon as Houston started gain any sort of momentum Lebron was right there to shut down immediately the match up was not good for us. It didn't play out. Well, it's over. But that being said, it's not all this bullshit like NBA twitter is just the worst place in the world the team just this was another disappointing into what had a lot of promise as a year as a result coach Dantonio is out he was an unrestricted free agent. He had the option to either renegotiate with the team and try to get a new contractor walk he chose to walk I loved coach Mike He was awesome I've loved all our reason coaches Ataman Mikhail J.. G. all those dudes I respect it a lot Jay bickerstaff when he was in her interim coach. It's hard to lose your coach. like emotionally that shit. Made me sad man to see him go. He's great. Do I believe he was going to get as a championship man? No. Not after what I saw on this series he got thoroughly outcoached by Vogel Thoroughly outcoached it was not. He was not the answer to me Maury. That being said I respect and love to coach Mike Dantonio Awesome Person Great Guy, and whoever lands him we'll be very lucky. Very highly. Sought after right now in the coaching market Jerem Maury friend of the podcast episode one, Forty, eight, he was a call in guest if you haven't heard it episode one, Forty Eight Daryl Morey rockets general manager still in. He was in a weird spot. Also longtime follow me on twitter looked like you might get canned, but it turns out. It looks like they're gonNA ride with him continue to let him. He's going to basically get to live out the harden Westbrook era. It looks like. So the person in the strangest spot of all is owner Tillman for Tita. He's the Landry's guy the casino guy he's getting rocked. By covert in two, thousand, twenty financially. And he's a cheap fuck of an owner so far has been willing to spend cuts corners and never gets into the luxury tax. How does a does NBA have a salary Cap Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. How are you a cheap fuck of an owner you just if you're unwilling to go into the luxury tax if you're unwilling to spend. Money supermax contract. No. Contracts Are A. Cap on a contract for type of player with X. amount of years, and you get X. amount per team or whatever. get into all that I don't understand the salary in the NBA side as much. I just clarified a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. So he does not spend in the luxury tax does things to cut corners and save money and There's no reason to believe that he won't continue to do that, and if he does, we're fucked sure because WESTBROOK's being paid forty million a year harden is very expensive forty, million, a year but they have to run back. They have no choice other than go hard and Westbrook and try to build from there but the season is over. Disappointing end to another promising one. Loved the rockets will continue to be a huge fan very interesting to see who they pull as a coach. The NBA playoffs however continue on. They are not over in the Texans suck ass and the Astros are five hundred, which means one thing and one thing only it's officially gambling season for me and my loyalty lies only with the Almighty dollar go Astros Texans Whatever fucking Bill O'Brien but money is my team now. T money though to be clear not money team with Floyd the woman beating pieces Shite. So, tonight, we've got first Monday night football at twenty twenty and Kohl's and I. Both have picks for you double header two games double the fun and our sports betting sponsor mybookie will w deposit when you use the code rvp. When you sign up coincidentally, this episode is also brought to you by Mybookie and winning season has returned at my book. Dot Ag Winning Season Means Doubling Your first deposit means survivor super contests and squares at. mybookie. It's time to celebrate the NFL season with some extra cash in your pocket sign up. Now get your first deposit matched dollar for dollar all the way up to a thousand dollars use the code rb. And while you're at it, grab yourself in entry into the famed my bookie super contest. It's a the super contest is simple. All you have to do is pick five NFL games against the spread each week to have a chance at one, hundred, thousand dollars guaranteed cash prize is the best part is my bookie is thousands of best to choose from from all over the NFL slate. An NBA playoffs continuing and in Moby as well. Obviously from live betting to championship futures every play, you WANNA make waiting it mybookie dot ag make your picks win big collector cash use the Promo Code rb P double first deposit. Now it's a no brainer winning season begins today only at Mybookie it's gambling season. My teams are out I am still in a now I mt money. T. Money. Are. My picture Monday night football mom. Hey. I've got steelers minus, six. It's bouncing around a little bit. It's been five and a half. It's been six six steelers six, locked it in my book Dot AG and then I've got titans money line, which is carrying with it a minus sixty price tag i. took it. Anyway I think they win the game I don't trust them to cover the spread. I think it's three still, and I'm taking the money line as a result. Now it's at three and a half. Probably got a good money line on bonds at three. I'm seeing A. Sale, I'm at minus one seventy five on Tennessee's money. Line. So I wasn't GonNa take that because that's a little. That's a little low for you. Boy I was GonNa take on the Titan broncos game. I was going to bet the under at forty one minus one, fifteen ground and pound offense from Tennessee very low scoring team. Last year won a lot of their games fourteen to thirteen, fourteen ten. Similar scores like that very strong defense as well. I was going to bet the under on that one, and then the Pittsburgh Game I was going to argue with what do you mean you were Gonna I'm This is my pick. The under taking the Titans Broncos I'm taking under Titans broncos again the under a set at forty one and that's minus one five fluctuates. We don't know there's going to be that when you get on there exactly and for the steelers I'm also taking minus six, who for the spread steelers. Team. Sucked money were only other sports news. I could theoretically see the giants pulling out a win. I'M NOT GONNA lie Daniel Jones has impressed me a little bit and sometimes they can be a little bit of a wildcard especially first week of the season you really don't know, and after that it's really counterintuitive to fuck and steelers minus six goals. Well, the line on the the San Francisco Arizona game looked exactly like this last night in Arizona came back made it titan ended up winning so. First Week of the NFL really never know. But if I for my bet, I'm going with Pittsburgh Mine Idaho he doesn't know. This, saying I know. Mind is six I'm fucking competent titans moneyline. 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