746 - Footh and Flaw | Sleepin' With Dr. Who S2 E3


PR ex. Leads gentlemen, boys and girls and friends beyond binary time for the bad caster. Whose main tenant is making sure you're comfortable tenant in your bed. Or you're you're sleeping area or a sleeping Raina? Holy mackerel. If you have a sleeping arena congrats EV it's night. That's gonna courtesy a David Tennant as decker who in who. Am I? To unless you let me just. That's that's price. Is it all it? I'm the guest the bay the person it it's ever slow, by the way it set for sleep. With me the podcast puts should asleep in. Here's a couple of ways. We keep the show agoin. Hey, Rudy was just wonder if I could check in with you real quick if you listen to the show five or more times a month or five or more episodes a month in incudes like people that listen to episode after episode after episode if you're listening all night long, if you either consider going out of your way to support one of the sponsors sharing that with us or becoming a patron. 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Trouble getting to sleep trouble staying asleep. Welcome to sleep with me. Bad casts. Put to sleep that we do with a bedtime story. You need to do is get in bed. Turn out. The lights impressed Belay. I'm going to do the rest going to tempt to do street, a safe place where he could set aside whatever's keeping keeping your way, whether it's Dodds feelings physical sensations. Do anything keeping you do changes and work schedule routine? Travel. New family members. All no fence. Apparent adult. Parents. Older family members, you know, any family members. Soundly sleeping bed bed mates. But I'm trying to do is. I'm gonna send my voice across the deep Dirk night. I'm to use wallowing. Soothing creek. Adele, sit tones pointless meanders is the first sapphire everything in spite guess for the first time in this. I don't know if this is gonna work, and I don't even know really what you know. When you catch yourself doing something physically, and you say, well, that's interesting Druce coots, what do you up to their? I have my what is that? My Sosa my right hand in hand, my right index finger is arrest of a hand is kinda cool out was to but my right ex- index fingers out in kind of hook pointing position. To the left part of my forehead, the right part of your right, right, brain, right left, brain, it is under right side of my forehead in. It's just perched. They're kind of like, I was pointing to something or if touching something. But I like, I don't have anything. That's I wanna touch see say his ED's may getting may A m. My hormones going wasn't dad saying, oh, boy and prepubescent gets mackney, and it wasn't a little scratchy poo. It just I just found my finger. They're not actually do. You know, what a full-body missed is someone that can read the fold, you know, anyway, I don't wanna get supposed to be setting this up and also my arms getting tired. But yeah, my fingers just up there Catolica saying I'm thinking, but what made me say, I'm thinking his body. What are you doing? So maybe like maybe somewhere another university. I'm thinking about something here just on talking without thinking if you're new welcome. I'm glad you're here. Really hope I can help you fall asleep. Now, despite guest is not work for everyone. But here's a proposal in your free to accept it or go, go about your business. Give tries to see if it helps to see if it to sleep. See if it relaxes you make. You more comfortable? See how goes bad guest is free to consume particularly for new listeners. You could come in. And browse you say we'll like we mean, I can come in this restaurant tastes the food. And see what I think is he. Oh, yeah. All of its imaginary here, you know, do have a business and working on a sip and bras. So we can pretend say you come in. And you sit him. It sip and broths the first to sip is furry. That's not gonna be our catchphrase. But that would be one of our tenants. You say, well, how do you run? Well, the first sip is free. It's very small sip though in it's regulated sip. And believe me, I'm behind the counter and say, whoa, whoa. You've had sorry comes in those catch up the pay the paper things you can put just a dollop a ketchup in it. So we serve our first sip is free. Okay. Sorry, who knew listeners newest I may have lost a few there, maybe fell asleep. Maybe made me this isn't for me. But if you're in the neutral zone, which is a pretty wide range of the spectrum. You might say no, I don't understand what I say. Yeah. Kickback see if this bad cast can help don't try to overstate it. Because. I'm not running. I don't know how many cylinders the average brain has. And some part of grinches said there is no cylinders than another part said were not Celinda Rickel in great. You're paying attention in the part of C L vocabulary cynical somebody another part of my brain just yelled cynical. Why why would you do that? We're having fun with cylinder and Celinda ical. And now wanted to sing a song about. It's like I'd sing. It's not unusual to be Celinda coal. If maybe a car could sink cars already say saying that really like a AA MC. Oh, maybe it saying that song. No, okay. Well, I gotta get back to new listener. So nice to meet you who are you? Really? I'm talking to a part of my brain refuses to answer that question. Okay. Anyway, if your new listener don't try to make too much sensings because it's a bit of nonsense around here in the whole idea of the nonsense type stuff in the Cape going off to I mean, I'm good at going off topic naturally and good at nonsense actually naturally, but believe it takes bring some levity to bedtime in soon. You'll realize okay, I can try to follow scoots. They can follow him. He goes it pointless. Meanders send my voice cross dip Dir. Ignite willing, soothing creek adults tones go off topic all that stuff. So. Just give it a try see if it works, structurally, what to expect to show starts off with a few minutes of business. So we keep it for a as a people sport showing sponsors. Then there's an intro about seven minutes into the intro intros round twelve minutes as they are not like anything other than show fun show within a show. Why say fun part of my brain just put quotes around it already. But it's a part of the show where you can get familiar or obese familiarity, some levity. Is there will be some so integral thanking? For sure. It was a strange. I don't always observe everything. That's going some art of part of my brain just yelled at stupendous with just as a word not saying what I said was stupendous. Like, you know, what is this called free association? Right. When I said Celinda coil. Another mar part of my brain said stupendous on then. Okay. We don't need you chiming in with other S T U words, unless it's sturgeon they take over for here. I at least church consciousness today. So oh, so the intro is kind of like a show finish. Oh, sometimes new people or people say, oh, it's like a bit of. It's just a show they show some people. Listen to it to fall asleep is some people listen to it, more and more people. I'm hearing from listened to during the day to say, whoa. That was like a head some intensity to it. Let me listen a little scoots row again make that phone call later. Let me listen to some scoots c- could do that few people skip the intro to go right to the story here. The discussion of doctor who which will be tonight's SO. However, do it, you know, more a lot of people also semi pitches when they play any intro their cats or dogs or had like to see some turtles coming to take the scoots, your intros are just as the same length that takes metro to come get in bed with me. And they said, well, what wh- hold the phone here? You're you in bed with a turtle can make sense because you couldn't like they couldn't roll over on turtle because if it would be an shell does to deterred always sleep in their shelves. That'd be another thing in an not talking about in cartoons talking about in reality. And here's another thing what for turtle oversleep. And then they do they do the same thing as humans to when they stick their head out of the shell. They say. Oh, the sun would how would time is it. Holy mackerel. Now, I'm going to be really late because it takes forever to get get no fence trying to make jokes that your speak, Spence turtles. I'm just saying. If you're listening, and you're you have a turtle is a bed mate, a real turtle. Not a. Your turtle lake being. Well, if you've totally being it's bed mate, also. But as the turtle neck you say, oh, yeah. Randy, where's total neck dmed. Also, if if they do get in touch with me about that too in Debbie interesting, of course, when I started to sleep in and turtlenecks never went back. Is really tell tell me more. I'm deepen this intro. But I, you know, trying to tell the new listeners, but tell me more about wearing turtlenecks to bed. Will you which which type NAT turtle turtleneck? I of. In weiser. No, call those quarter turtlenecks or have turtlenecks to double where he folded over where you could go all, you know, if you wanted to you could, you know, unroll it up Jere knows ever you get a nice fold in air in just just it's just like a comforter for my neck. What can I say, see, you're brilliant? You may have changed pajamas for forever today and sleep with me. You can we get does anybody have the number for pajamas today that doesn't exist? What about pajamas weekly? They lay internet took them. What about pajamas monthly? Okay today were purchase. I Vanity Fair. Really? That's good. That's interesting. That's pajamas. Monthly would about be PJ's BJ league. Like duri? Oh, I get back to this area. You're we grade do you do you have one of the PJ BJ monthly what about PJ quarterly that? I would say that's a quarterback really PJ quarterly to me like two they should run for office. This this bad gas of sodas brought to you by PJ quarterly. So anyway, if you're new so. Shirk of the show is the intro goes out for awhile. Then there's we'll be talking some business. Then we talk about a doctor who episode in very meandering an indirect way, and then we have some banks in consis structure show, you're under no pressure to listen in no pressure to fall asleep here to keep you company issue drift off to take your mind off stuff to be your boyfriend to be your bore, bud. It to be a friend in the deep dark night. You know, why because I've been there tossing and turning a know how feels in a believe you deserve a good night's sleep. Or if you're heading having a rough day or you did is something say, hey, let's think about this. Let's think about whatever Raynham stuff just it just rattled off twelve minutes of randomness in. But seriously those last couple ideas, I think have some merit PJ quarterly. Somebody's about name. And maybe you could like if you're entering one. If you're if you're ending your turtle and a competition. If I mean, I think that'd be a good name for turtle especially one that you dress up as like like a like professor at Halloween. You say like to meet you meet me, my turtle PJ quarterly, you know, PJ for short or PGE also sleep with my. I mean, I sleep in the same bed as my turtle. So I just wanna get you know, I don't know if that's the deal breaker. Oh, it is. Okay. What was it? The fact that may turtle a first name in a last name impossibly too. I aim Skah's PJ could stand for something. Or the fact, you know, people in their beds. Oh, see see. Maybe the ski conversation go into how does the in bed? Maybe jumps that you'd have to. Okay. Give to the list. Sorry about that. Okay. Hey, some here to keep you company here pushing a good mood. Ideally or neutral mood you'd say. Yeah. Scoots him. I don't know what he was. He was messing around last night. I don't know something about a a something in some tortoise related. Maybe tortoiseshell gla- tortoise in tortoiseshell glasses. I can't believe it to the the end of the intro. That's not a good thing. You're right PJ. Maybe a PG quarterly. Meet my new menu subconscious PJ quarterly. It. My sub catch is very turtle like in has a. It can you deal with my lizard brain police. Thank you. Okay. So anyway, I'm here to help him here to keep you company. Appreciate you. Checking the show out give it a few tries, and what you know. I work very hard in a in strived help you fall asleep. Right. And here's a couple of ways we keep his show going. A body. I don't know if you check that are shop yet over it. I sleep at me podcast. I'm so store merchandise store. Get it some amazing shirts. They're burning the butterfly to- bag our own sleep spray sleep with me sleep spray for love -ly better. Bedtime, aromatherapy, sprayed on your pillow in sprayed it UNICEF rate under your arm. So let me know sprayed under Necker wherever else you see put sabre to sleep. We also have sleep. With me branded is sleep phones. Effortless says severe wiccan getting sleep owns effortless. Is this pair comes with the super meal logo on them? He could check all that out at Suba podcast adak com store. Thanks sewer talk in series, Stu to episode three to co-author in ran the Doh don't achieve something as one of the actor for sectors. We see who's mental. Look up would what is the say Spencer Hawkin get glassy wind or grassy wind mountains. Bells. Some mung Sii hiking. They have staves or stabs or stamps. They can look like they would be chanting over, but Ron Dona Chee, Donna CHAI. He's from you'll recognize him from game as owns someone box. And they say, hey, we want your house in. He says you can't have the Sassaman the caretaker whatever. And then we get Suber action movie amongst become like orange action stars and totally it was a little bit different than the rest of the episode except for one or two there in these orange in nj type things is doing super high jumps there's action music. I mean, I guess the probably come in. Later on as y. In there doing the action against the people that were caring for the manner. Like, what are they are? They taking out servants. What is going on ear like by or they do par core in the kitchen? He ended in they go down the the good to put everybody in the basement, and they put this canvas stark down there. I don't know if you've gone camping. And, you know, the head of canvas guitar not like a, you know, any kind of tarp. And then just squish it up into route in the trunk and threw it in the garage and corner, but as it what's happening here in they say, good luck with that disturb has been cou is release you down here to the star is choline. And they said we went camping about forty five years ago. And they say see, you everyone works what I think also because they say well won't be that hard to clean the Avs. It opens. Obviously with the twist to nose in. Then we see Tartus dump a damp something. It's late nineteen seventies. The dagger says bin bag. Overalls been bag versus lamilla get some of this. Rose has overalls and. Oh, he says bin bag. I think he's talking about around fit for the seventies. Then he searched Iraq in some Ian Dury in the by Dury in blankets and ruin nineteen Seventy-nine. Dr spunk in out rose. Can't believe it. He's she's like, oh, you're punk with Little Rock, Billy and guys. Like, we're taking a catch took charter go see the cancer. You know, this is why we use it. A battle of Trafalgar anti gravity Olympics Caesar Rubicon and injury tap Aranka. Sheffield England nineteen Seventy-nine remember twenty first in then they start to the move the mood music rock and the doctors banging bell or something Tartus bell. But to have a rough landing as a head tour Sheffield at actor. I love the seventies man mobile movies. Good Sancha Skylab mixed. Then they get off the charts, and they say, holy Redcoats, or whatever they say eighteen seventy nine in seventeen never mind, but. Is there an skid? They say what's up Scotland is sewn about them looking dazed and confused, Elliot. No there people in red coats. And they say why is this girl not clothed brab? Really? And I didn't really that's like a little bit of ongoing joke and they had scotch. Accent us other doctor figures it out. He goes, oh, I've been chasing her around because she's in these overall so in starch, tune of bad Scottish accent route in boots almost as bad as mine hoots Munn hoots Mon and he says don't do a Scottish accent? Then he shows his psychic favors credentials of some doctor from Edinburgh. But the approach he's broaches slowly with all due deference to the the coach carriage, and they opened the door. In its soclean going Victoria or majesty in she goes credentials since she goes, oh, you're my Lord provost. I guess oh, they say Queen Victoria, empress of India defender of the faith Andro sorry about the outfit. She goes. Yeah. I got five daughters and she s she looks psychic paper. She is. Yeah, we're trying to get to Aberdeen or something in doctorates. How come you're not on the train? Go like line was down. In goes next. And she goes, she was no probably something planned. She says, you don't have untold total. She goes until really tough good morning. Dr one bell Maurel. Each in seventy nine six six people tried to take me out as choline. What of laugh rose Wasser say we are not amused, which I think must be miss show at have time to lick it up. We see the big house. They're going to a big Tillis cope. Can't do it. The -mongst her their undercover pretending they work. There is also big corrosive front charming, if Rosie charming if rustic that's what issue Queen says is places charming if not rustic. And I think she makes a bet was a doctor is simply that she can get the Queen to say we were I'm not amused or were not amused in all sorts to torture would estate so holy back story robbery of the crown. They say like it up a shish we see telescope again. It actresses something. I like him, but it's a bit rubbish. I don't know what the maybe about it is guys stand to may. 'cause telescopes is too many prisons that actresses totally weird. Doesn't make any sense. What you have that many Prizms on a? Telescope Verdy infinite word of God winkles, doctor Polly mass or so maybe the day is a regional Torchwood, Johnny Torchwood. Also, he was in the fabulous five or something. Stars and magic he was into. Then they talk about how Prince Albert hung with his Torchwood, dude. Banking eighteen seventy five or something. I don't know in how Albert and him to talk focal or magic. They also loved puppies and camping tar Petar poems. I think they call them. Then. In. He by the way, you any close to row Styler missed Eyler, they call her because she's she's dress like she's going to a hoedown those haven't been invented. Maybe they have which is in the American west in dinners at seven still trying to get the green to say I'm not amused in. They see great news. If you're going to be outdoor camping, there's a full moon tonight. Only can't you know, only thing as most of our tarps are spoiled sunsets roses and armoire always see beautiful when the sunsets against these mountains in Scotland. Then we see rose armoire. She's looking at outfits is big music playing with the. We also see like the the monks every bottlers there's like never been in a house with this many bottlers actually have been anywhere with about ler. But, you know, even in my magic nation also butlers or making dinner because everybody else's trying to clean camping tarp. They say drinks for everybody. All the all the red coats to. Then rose meets a friend. In armour. Who says, you know, they got us cleaning these camp tarps that they can't clean them is some sort of strange thing. And then all the guards so fall asleep in the raptor roses. I don't know the doctoral know what to do. She knows who we're going to camp outside. We have to have tarps. You know, they say could you sleep with your ten on the ground with everyone knows true, unless you know, that millimeter really makes it more comfortable. Flora who I don't know. I have that me. Oh that was a Rosa's new friends. Name rose finds a sleeping guards. She says we're just gonna sleep inside. It's recapping outside. They give busted by Manco who was undercover Butler ACRI. Another is said undercover boss about undercover Butler where butlers go undercover Accu. How about that? They could be like the next movie is a TV show him in undercover Butler. It could be a series idea down the road undercover. Butler. Somebody remind me actually at dinner by candlelight row Anat Rosen's air, she's choline into Arps now, but the doctor the head of the son of Torchwood a Jimmy Torchwood his name. Either having dinner by candidates are talking about this crystal no MU their drinking on a crystal. And I tell me about your dad tell me about these stories. You. So I miss my dad used to. He was the torch. They they called him. He wasn't actually he didn't have any superpowers that we know about any loved camping. Lana table, taro glasses unindo tempting to glasses at each place, setting greens. A little bit said she misses sprints Albert's is wish you they? Tell stories serious dangling. Oh, serious dangling bike hearings. If I would've finished the sentences queens wearing them. She says tell us everyone downstairs. Always see the butlers dark is full moons or full Mohme's in. Oh, yeah. Is a puppy barking to. And they say once in a generation you're going to camp outside and unclean tarps Chirps that wouldn't be cleaned. Rose goes, and she says we've got to get outside and camp we can't cleanly stops in. They're never going to dry. And then she says, you know, what if you spend enough time in the city stops aren't from earth that simple. These are intergalactic charts in there. No good. See? There's also a bunch of puppies somebody recognized from oh as the doctor recognize him from Harry Potter. Then dinner and butlers like whispering to the moonlight the diet that catches the doctor's attention. Of course. He says we doing and then he said that actresses what's going on here. And he says, oh, they're species out there that went to a henchman tarps. That's what the parking about. And that's goes attackers. Nell something else, wink who will be whispers in. They say, I don't know the they don't look at poll net. Means you your ladyship. Oh, that's when rose is trying to pull. She says also starts incredibly heavy. Let's pull it out and shake it out in. She's trying to shake ATar bound to get a flat on the ground or air trying to clean it crumpled up. Who was that? Is in dinner, stole chaos, and they see what do you want to starting in the camping in the pug, and they say throw. Rose gets wanna turps read out in doctors. She runs into Dax or she says, let's get out of here and figure out what's in. She's where the heck even been is in. They see these puppies, which you clearly are like space, but he's that PIN things with space Bowers in the doctor's transfix puppies Arpaio. Say lack the doors. They say go to the bathroom, and he's expensive rugs or something the queens, very calm. She says, I'm prepared. And then somebody says some tour she goes direct form of address as your majesty. In the doctor rose and the crew like to Queen and the the due to Jimmy Torchwood. They're working on a plan. Puppy are everywhere. The doctors can still transfixed and there's a bunch of action scenes actions action up action. And we see the monks again, they're in their orange outfits in the doctor. So he tries to warn somebody about the ping puppies in the tarps. He says you can't camp on those sharps covered myspace, but BP. Puppy looks for something net. Then the Queen grabs her aback so she because she had this box. It would I thought was like the crown jewels that she liked up, and what is happening then the Queen highs and as about. Is in there surrounded by the monks who went to camp outside and turps equations in denial about the puppies is in doctor says those go jogging around the state, so they ju- jogging around these shades. Chanting music. There's a chest. I have it in the the due to Jimmy tortured says a by some time or somebody says in an roses transfixed in the room was the shooter armor and trying to comb the plan ends of it's the library, which I just saw the second drastic world scenery reminded me of it. And what is the waiting here? Where what are we waiting for? Even the doctor does no. In an him in rose hug to break the tension. Jimmy Torchwood apologizes bald at actively Auld ASA Latics. Roses, still clowning around queens, NAT happy. This is not my world. She says is in the doctors put things together he says, there's some mistletoe he says mistletoe oil in the wood mistletoe. He says something with this mistletoe. Got some power. Or maybe it's how they trained the puppies. Only the peon mistletoe. And he goes she had not he goes, no, no not to be on missile. He goes to the peace. Go away from mistletoe to go potty in the Dieter. Sis were your father had all the brains because we're in a library books. The greatest Bubby training tools in the world and he puts his reading glasses. I'm just school. Then they're all calling Queen. Mum had looks at mumber. Mom, technicality would say word there. Let's see Otis is it Queen because the Queen grills the doctor here. A see what are scrip shins? My father didn't treat it as story. Explain yourself. As Iran around. Also, the the wife of Jimmy Torchwood is like she's she's thinking fast with the mistletoe. Elliot's doctor finds a woodcutting book about mistletoe. Anisi? We can here's the story that Hispano easy and the turps gaming unaccommodating comet together. Let's see Dr carvings in wood chopping who. There's shopping in the middle mistletoe. Yeah. They're doing research everyone's talking at once until the doctor finds the woodcutting of like a picture book. Woodcutting miss the species from space also sees very steam Panchi in the Queen has this big diamond. Which I think right came up earlier Ono. She says keep an eye on this diamond for me if I'm gonna have to go out and camp with puppies. I don't want to get up. He stuff on this diamond. The Cole eye cocoa. I know or I don't know. I didn't have Lucas a forget that is e and she goes Cincinnati. Good lock in dodgers, Tim you take a look at it. And they see it's worth a wages interior planet for a whole week. In rosa's. Like, can you? Imagine my mom. She take singing run. And say dockers way you carry. And she goes I'm taking it to the Royal jewellers at Hazel Ed to get re-cut rose goes it's perfect. And she was Prince Albert was always trying to shape in Erie addresses. He reduced by forty percent. And she was never sought to shine was right? It was still unfinished in the doctor's away too. Sick unfinished. He goes unfinished business a business in this house any goes Hugo's transfer elver Jimmy Tor, Johnny Torchwood were working on a plan. He this is the perfect diamond for the perfect moment. Ecosystem thing was to catch the puppies in tarps and. It teach about these where to go body and appear. He goes, this is to purifies the tarp. So you can camp outside in queens mind is blown also in the puppies get in the room. And everyone's like way, we we cover to mistletoe you're gonna get beat at an. Then they the wave of the Jimmy Torchwood Johnny Torchwood Jimmy Torchwood at a no, she's rose mistletoe. So they can jump over it like mistletoe water ended in the run into the room with the observatory trying to get up there. Why travel notch separate at all doctors. Oh, yes, shine wasn't what not a separate. All this is all part of a plan. I need the diamond in. He started the Dieter says Roselle me cranks telescopes. She was what are you stargazing? He goes. No, no. This isn't a telescope to moon. Magnify. Gal the sing and the moon. So it cleans the tarps with moon power. So they do that. As is get go. They go right into moon mode, moon cleaning mode is a puppy says they start to sense also like makes him just sit down. It because I guess against smell the liquid puppy stuff on tarps. Is very there's even schools like iron moon shape on the thing. Very cool. They catch abreast for minute Queen gets kissed behind licked by puppies, which she doesn't like, of course, because she's a Queen. You know, so they have improperly invaded. There's a cool shot of the valley. Roses shirtlessly. Then they see this is like after so everything south basically is easy telescope to to peer to Garrity like shoots, moon stuff instinct cleaning, you know, you just need a hundred cared. A Royal diamond to do that too. Yeah. Then. So then they see the roses like Nightingale Dieter or the Queen is riding the doctor and rose, sir. Doctor of charts in Dame rows of the Powell states in doctors, many, thanks. Grosses zinc's. No one's gonna believe this in a data goes, you know, your husband may pulled this off. And she was she was but I'm not amused, which is happy. She was you know, now, you're banished. Dr exiled from the empire, never return. I don't know what you are either one of you. But you can sort was stars. And magic and think it's fun. But it's not as reverse of. And she goes I won't allowed on these shores. And a hope you reflect an afar you choose strayed inches. Leave my world and don't come back. Actress is like what I'm sorry. But in a sense of like, I know I didn't hear you. I'm sorry. Like, what are you saying you're kicking us out us, maybe night, or whatever OB? WBZ f- the way the rose in the doctor rose walking until I can through the hills. If they give off a Kurt could be Barney. Because they say what about because his made the Queen net. Let any kid quick, you know, any descendants have puppies in the name of rose makes a joke about Princess and in agree. Yeah. Wonder if we're gonna have a puppy. He's well, maybe they have lots of laughs about over some reason. Then it cuts back to the main in the Jimmy Jim one of the other Torchwood weak- he had to go to the moon actually to help reflected. So he's not, you know, he's staying on the Mon in the sky. It says waste is to sell this place. In don't wanna stay here. You know or pull it down Queen goes us keep this on the lowdown. Your husband, ingenuity rather will live on. And she was realized, you know, Great Britain. Skip would you know, there's going to be a show called the X files in we need our own X-Files year. We're going to call it Torchwood Torchwood institute in if the doctor should return Torchwood will be waiting, basically. I don't forget this. To stop the doctor. I guess I saw the sewed comes to. Woes? Let's start with some vocabulary words Sabaot, we mass Gordon Wikipedia. Having learned much universal person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas known to drawn complex bodies analogy is just south specific problems. Davinci would be or Galileo or to examine. Especially in a renaissance and in late men, Batista is another one or maybe that someone who said talking about it. So you know, it also there's another word for note all that that's a famous in skidding as splinter Polly splinter what about timorous? Which it to Timur is said to you. I m something I don't know is, you know, somebody with this. Worried running around timid aka James Joyce used it and ULA. Sees George Orwell used it in Burmese days in this is all according to Wicky Wicky next week wicked Nick, you know, we compete is dictionary. Basically, what is a Lord Perot Vos? I had to look that up. I mean, I figured it was some sort of protector. It's a Lieutenant of one of the principal cities cities scowling county mayor only Aberdeen done Dane Edinburgh and Glasgow. Ev Lord have a Lord provost eh Burtt also calls it civilly real civil eater. Lord. Bravo stew. Could be a is a higher status award mayor. But like, so maybe it's just I don't know. Maybe that other dude was the Lord Bravo's. Doctors would underscore as-as yen and the replay bowel moral castle L blade to check this out. It's a large state house in the Aberdeen Shire of scowl and. His residence for the members of the British Royal family one of them. When it was first by Prince Albert eighteen fifty two. See remains bradfor- private property, Royal family, not of the crown state is soon after it was all the when they first bought it. They said the house is too small. It's built a castle. So William Smith Aberdeen did the architecture Prince Albert amended the designs prince over sounds like apology may. It's a Scottish your barrel architecture. It's a category a listed building. I wonder if you can go onto or maybe it's actually in use, you know, they hung air. King Robert head. Oh, this is a history of the area in visited in eighteen forty two Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. They said, you know, this was by this place. You know, come out here in the country and kick it. Look to telescope and then one day it'll be leaky exiles its Bill from granite quarried to Imon Gilder on the estate it. Consisted. Two main blacks each arranged around a courtyard. Western black is a main rooms north, western or northeastern service wings is get eighty foot. Collect our top jurists was a balanced rod similar to Cashel castle. Frazier is only who sounds wish very really does look beautiful in Victoria after Albert you know, and went to the big farm. She hung. They're staying as long as four months during the summer and autumn. So it's pretty cool to know visited you know, if you can over, hey, give me an invite. Now, I don't know if anybody remembers this. It's some point this monk chanting listening to amongst chant. In sometimes with music became a big thing in the nineties in. Now, it's still kind of like it was a fad instead of something. Like, if you listen to monks chanted greats which agree Greg Orian chance in album. I kinda broke big who is called. Chant Ellum regularly and chant by the Benedictine months. Monks of as Santo Domingo day silos in Spain. It was recorded perhaps as early as seventy. Those re released in ninety four by angel records or something strongly Margaret, you know, marketed as antidote I'm gonna listen to this tonight as or stress is the best selling album of Gregorian chant ever really says whoever talking about it when it says number three, double platinum two million copies in the US worldwide. Six million. Now, here's the thing. Even doing the sincere eleven century these monks of Santo Domingo c-l-o-s-y-s. They did take a break in the eighteen thirties, and you know, those disagreements. The the style singing is influenced. Let's injuring getting a little confused here. Oh, even had a chance to chant. No, L and chant to in enchant three. I get look this up on Spotify. While we're here, you know. You know, what I would see it there? So might have to look at where you can get it the. Yeah. That was thing back in the nineties. We're we were wild back, and we really Sweden. Ian, Dury and blankets that doctors big fan. Again, Durrie which bribe announcing wrong, it was an English is singer songwriter. Roosevelt in the seventies during Bonk and new wave in. Born in Middlesex. And grew up in retender. He was from Essex. Is. There was a bus driver boxer is mother was a health visitor and daughter of a Cornish. Dr. A trained with roll Rolls Royce to be a chauffeur, and it was absences, let's see rather show for it for a millionaire. Maybe that was his dad was show for. As us a kid. You know, this is the news in Kilburn in the high road. A reference the road northwest. It will end in he form miss ban. Seventy one. The jury was vocal simliar cysts Russell Harty in some other students were in the band, then he was in the black kids. Under the management of Andrew king and Peter Jenner Jenner. The managers are Pink Floyd in their wanna tap acts of a new wave as like Riccobono poetry word play may have to listen to some of this drew diverse musical influences, including jazz Reicher funk Ray, gay in musical in secretarry. Chaz jangle. The who took Janko took juries Duri Selena. They formed a band even got banned, you know, even assuming their music banned by the BBC. As the you know, they split, you know, obviously what up and got back together because they're point new wave band hallway all the way into the nineties. And then they broke up again in ninety two employed in Europe in Ireland in way, mid nineties. And then you know, stuff you've stuff happened. You know, it's not a. Is so yeah, it's. Sounds like something should definitely check out. Now, what about top rank because as they're supposed to go top rank in? So I said he sent a real place to top rank in Sheffield in curbing to Sheffield history that CO that you k. If it will here to take a little bit. You know, we'll see we'll the history load or will in. We'll load the history of Sheffield it. Well, this is a forms. See pitcher, chap rank Sheffield city centre is a tab rank. So both Skaggs played there. Sunday, actual twenty first two pounds to fifty the door joy division. Say oh, no do Skaggs plus joy division. Who else? Simple minds the police. These are people saying which shows went to there. The Coa enduring the Jayme Joe cocker. Book let's see or slips magazine sushi and banshee ease. A lot of the darned bow. All. See what else we guess simple minds system and said are ready. Yeah. See what else we have an ear? Both gags. We saw. Air. Police cramps sting is just Reverend simply show though. So yeah, sounds like a cool place. People got check. Here's some other ones. Oh human league by house. How about house? I can't say that either Ramones undertones Devaux, so everything. You know, these sifters any other hands here pretty long Chevy Sheffield, that's Yoda history. Sheffield history recall forums, what about the muppet movie mean see, I don't know? I know I've seen them up movie. It's been a while. I mean, the original it was in nineteen seventy nine musical road comedy film. I film starring them up. It's directed by James for all in producer, Jim Henson as screenplay was conceived by muppet show writers Jerry jewel and Jake burns. It was a co venture of American and British Hinson associates, I t c entertainment. In the second half of the mortgage shows heard season depicts those of bridge between the first half in the second half where he sets out to go to Hollywood Kermit to his. Encounter several them up. It's all share the seem Bishen of finding success in show business. Well, dealing with a restaurant tour who what say germ to be spokesperson. It had Steve Martin Mel Brooks James Coburn, Dom deluise Austin Pendleton Charles during Edgar Bergen is surreal humor meta references in cameos in won two Academy Awards nominations for the musical score in the song rainbow connection in a two thousand nine it was team deemed culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant. And selected for preservation national film registry. So let me see of to see this one sounds a bit like booze brothers. You know, and have to check it out and watch it with my daughter and see so it sounds like a fun little film in. Yeah. That's much of the muppet movie was see how long it is and stuff ninety seven minutes. Ninety five minutes US version is what it was eight million abroad in seventy six million. So very successful. What about Skylab that was something? I read about as a kid. I never even believed it. It was a United States Souissi Shen launch an operated by NASA for twenty four weeks, which we in seventy three and seventy four in seventy nine it came back to earth, which gives us to to to spare leave like. Which I get worldwide media. Attention had a workshop solar observatory. In people live, actually, I mean, I remember reading about it. And I said what a rip off. And you know, I didn't get to be around. When at rule if by Sarah, five rocket in lower orbit and three missions delivered. Three astronaut crews there. Final two missions even had I think even movies about this. Within it. Get ran into a bump. And they said can we fix this needed shades, jammed, solar panels? Edda telescope mount spectral solar observatory air, you know. I mean seem super advance this is when you're like, what are we doing? Now, you know. Record time for human in orbit was extend to extended beyond the twenty three day sip by Soyuz crew. By the Skylab, four Karoo. So yeah, this is cool thing. Sure, I think it's on Wikipedia. You could check it out one last thing about this was calling the Queen mom and mom. This is a form that would reference tank Cam. Somebody says western movie, the Queen and go. To say Queen Mum or may. Mother or Madame what's assure for a believe, it's ma'am for mad. You're supposed to address her as her majesty for the rest of the conversation, ma'am. Standard is their line on in the movie about pronunciation something like, ma'am, rhymes with ham. Not ma'am rhyme. Mara, mom femme. What should accurate mature where they said it was may with AM? I find it strange show. My family mayem is used to mother. Now, try to register it never say, mom farm, marm ano-. So guess it didn't answer any questions for me. This is from telegraph dot CO dot UK in. This is skill to how to keep the Windsors from two thousand eleven back in the day. Christopher Middleton roses article. Emotions up a revelation that soon to be groom is Mike Tindall is. Only ever to redress the Princess Royal as fans as mother's maim in one hand mother-in-law's all over the country secretly wishing that they too might receive a similar deference refer new arrivals in the family and the other hand will be wondering how they would feel day to address mother of their son or daughters spouse by toil rather than our name the words who did he think she's royally might not be far from their lips. See it seemed time may gate disclosures set the recipe country Scana blading once again, what's Lake Mary into a family where the Ps and qs after watched around Kodaka in the house. It has to be rough on is the author of the king the ring in the crown Sarah grist would for example, when the cream Queen Mother. Was marrying on the family. I mean, this is we want to again, recently, really centuries. It wasn't a problem because the spouses were usually also Royal if from other countries. But since Arosa started marrying within this country that no longer Bligh's is not just wedding self. No one expected the Middleton's to book western minster abbey. Her a few hundred Horseguards and closed down the center lawn din. Christmas is going to be one year at Sandringham in the next hugger mugger at Milton place, magin that this is the parents aren't ahead to give her sons so to Carolina Michael Middleton handed her daughter to royalty. And after they will be info not and not that they will have been informed about this. Officially practically all outsiders have married into the Royal family, Diana, Spencer, Sarah, Ferguson, if all ended up floundering in Windsor soup, complaining, nor formal instructions on Royal procedure as this might be ongoing thing. Thinking I was hoping to have some tips in here. Insure seems to be the golden rule enjoying Royal family. If in doubt, do nothing. I hope you're royally tucked in their let me check you a little bit more in the good nights. Okay. On a banker review the show on apple podcasts. I want to thank you travel. Bug says this really works out skeptical but works every time I'm asleep as in minutes. December December deca cly deck deck Dekel. He says it can finally sleep just like Ambien we won't wake up with a Abol pass in your lap. He's like a friendly out of purchase your pill and lows you asleep. Thank you there from Australia. Fish fan here. Mrs McGraw up as best friend ever favorite pad cash show. Listen to sleep. I listen to decompress earlier in during the day when he calmed down lighten up is scooters humorous as well. As allowing storyteller. If despite gas is worse worse to me is a little having advantage benefit to others to enjoy became a patron, and my pledge Schwyz while thank you. I'm one of those many people who've listened show head to listen to few times before it became I go to the trick was to surrender to the flow. And along enough to boot, you know, I don't even remember what he said. 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