Hour 2: Kyle Farnsworth


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I want to ask a mean in the rest of you. What would stugatz as a head coach actually looked like and I wanna get to comedy doors as well. But before we do that we've got Mike Ryan is immersed in court bat, I want I want to know first of all a lot of people writing in. That's a myth that court doesn't actually help you in bats. But man is it embarrassing to put Super Bowls in a bat. Have your bad explode Super Bowls are all over the field. And you're trying to cheat and clearly trying to cheat. But you're doing so poorly that not only are you getting caught. But the means you're using doesn't actually work on you steal my thunder a little bit because I covered a two thousand seven episode of Mythbusters in which they tested whether whether or not cork bats actually help and it was determined that. They're actually detrimental to the bats performance. That is crazy and here a handful of famous uses of cork bats in baseball. What is the most recent one? The most me so says three we've gone a long time without a corked bat say scandal, Wilton Guerrero, lads brother that happened in ninety seven then Chris Sabo, the F four mentioned spuds in nineteen ninety six Albert bell nineteen Ninety-four Billy Hatcher of the Astros in eighty seven at Greg nettles of the New York Yankees in nineteen seventy four was the first documented use according to this week. He entry, however, Phil garnered minute in January twenty ten on Houston radio station that he wants to use a corked bat against Gaylord Perry and hit a home run with it. Why would he do that? Why would you snitch on yourself? You wanna hear the excuses by the Lakers? There's an excuse column. You wanna hear the all these great? Yeah. Forgive my ignorance, Mike. I know that as I age we put essays on places that they don't belong and take them away from places. They don't belong. It's not spud the nickname for Chris Savo. What's Chris Sabo was spuds? I added to z to it because I'm cool like that. Okay. All right. So, dan. Sammy Sosa most recent one suspended eight games corked bat was the offense. What was the reason? It was a batting practice bat, according to Sammy Sosa wind Guerrero, suspended ninety seven eight games. He was suspended. He didn't give an excuse come on. Come on the chin now come up with something. Chris Sabo suspended seven games. Wow. And find twenty five thousand dollars by the team corked bat again with the offense. What was his excuse? He borrowed the bat from an unnamed teammate didn't wanna snitch. That's a good move. Chris sale. But by the way, Christine was glasses. He was a hero for us following about follicly-challenged. That's here. But people they can see he was a hero. That's the word. I'm looking for Dan. All right. Albert bell nineteen Ninety-four suspended seven games. He didn't give an excuse. That's not fun. Billy hatcher. Never does. He doesn't have to explain himself will just run you over in his car is terrifying. Oh my God. I was legit ski. Well, everybody was a little scared of Albert bell including his teammates there. Couple of guys in my lifetime in baseball that I've seen everyone. Be scared of one of them was the second baseman for the pirates. Jose leaned who had a habit of throwing a hunting knife across the locker room in a way that would embed itself somewhere in the locker. Wait, a habit a habit, and yes a habit and people let the more intimidating. He's tiny. But he had a hunting knife that he would throw across the room, and it would embed and sell self in the locker, and it was Albert bell. Who one time objected to the fact that they were messing around with the thermostat, and he didn't like that. They kept messing around with the thermostat. So he just took a bat to it and everybody just ran away. Bill was heckled by one of the fans turn around into a baseball dentist. Just right. That's right. Thinking about this. Now, I'll propel is so strong that he only should have been allowed to play with a corked bat. Right. Because if not he hit the ball too, far, I feel like everyone was afraid throughout the was it Kevin Mitchell or this guy in terms of people fearing in baseball guy that you simply new not to trifle with Mo Vaughn was big variety. But you've got to have an undercurrent Kevin Mitchell caught a fly ball with his bare hand one time. Yeah, he terrified people. But I think it was Albert bell. I mean, I've I think most people were terrified of of not most people everyone was terrified of Albert bell. You mentioned Bill is being snuck out of the empire's room. It was Jason Grimsley who went into the air duct and snuck his way into the empire's room. And replaces that would Paul Sorrento's bat. That's great. I think about that. I think about that assignment. Imagine the conversation that had to take place. Can we get that guy? Can we get on the phone today? Alison, Jason Grimsley. I one of the Jason Grimsley was sent through an air conditioning duct of some sort to go to the buyers room. Like, you can't go. You can't go there. This is like an ocean's eleven episode. He's going he's going into the umpire's room to replace a bad. You said it was Grimsley. And it was rental is bad. Yes. All right. So Billy Hatcher in nineteen eighty-seven was suspended ten games for corked bat and his excuse. Now, remember sable city borrowed it from an unnamed teammate, Billy Hatcher name names. He said he borrowed it from pitcher Dave Smith. So he was suspended, and then the originator Greg nettles nineteen seventy four was suspended ten games for bat with Super Bowls in it and his excuse was he received the bad as a gift from a fan? The setup these these guys are Stu since the last time you hear all the time in sports about accountability. And not a one of them just. Yeah. It was trying to cheat. Why our air ducts made in these movies, and I guess in this case to hold the weight of a human body because I feel like if I were to Clement an air duct fall immediately. And I'd get really seriously injured, but somehow our Belle's bat someone's crawling through the air conditioning. Why would you have something support like three hundred pounds in case people on a crawl through it, and we backtrack for just a second? And all of us analyze if Albert bell comes to you and says, hey, I'm Pires room. Go get my cheating bat you go. You gotta go. Even if it's through an like, and the idea the plan starts to form, listen, this is what you're gonna do Grimsley. You're gonna crawl around like die hard in the air conditioning. And you're gonna you're gonna come down in the middle of the empire's room. Racer? I'm imagining alva- bellsa. Hey, you gotta get the bat. Well, how am I going to get in there there the? Security there. I don't care. You gotta go get that bat, and then Grimsley comes up with the idea while I guess if I go through the air. Do you think about our scared? You have to be if you're Jason Grimsley much behind you as our bell threatening you to get his cheating material. I wanted front of you is I've got to descend into this pit of judges where they're keeping the evidence. And I've got to go do something that might be bolognaise. His his other option was the put on a wig and some listening. Hey. This is the way. Seducing Joe west on his right past the locker room. Joe Ghezzi anything? So you want Grimsley on is that the deal I wanted. I remember Apor I want to get while you went along way for that joke. Well, that's his name. But you brought crinsley only do your joke. How did he get that nickname? He was forty two and fifty eight with a four seven seventy RA Stu gods here. Warmer weather is finally here. And that means it signed for spring cleaning, you can spend time sprucing up the housing yard. 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Terms and conditions apply. Donlevatar Alan, you got something big in Harry forming. Stugatz. Everything you just said about me is true. I'm a fraud VC's libertas show with this two guys on ESPN radio. So I wanted to talk comedy doors here. But for some reason Mike Ryan is standing in front of his computer and doing a bunch of fighting gestures. I've been trying to engage Mike Ryan in a modern day baseball conversation for about fifteen years. If you want to see how it is baseball has died on this show. It is dive with Mike Ryan quitting baseball in two thousand and five and ending every damn conversation about baseball that we try to have around. Here before it can even get started. Unless for some reason, it's about Kyle foreign law farms. So yo what are you? Why did you get your fucking portal watching Kyle Farnsworth stop? I was like trying to like come in with like, some pretty cool bad ass baseball players, and I came across this list and calif- north was like it was a top fifty forty nine. I was like wait a second Farnsworth. I remember you Bill, but he wanted to fight that guy sack. I I was like he didn't have an epic fight where somebody tried them. And I found the fight isn't a mixed martial artist of some sort like, he got off the mound. I remember him coming up the mound one time, and he was one of those echo morph. So he's just like physically looked different most people rip. Biceps six foot four. This guy looked every bit as intimidated stepped off the mound looking for fight. Yeah. And it was like this handsome guy had Clark Kent vibes because he wore glasses and not like the Chris Sabo specs. I'm talking like regular glass any through one hundred miles. He was wearing Puka shell necklaces Nolan. Ryan would have wiped the floor with foreign, oh, you know. Cryan not orange worth is the most chisel relief pitcher of all time. He tried out for football team. He did he tried out for the full of Florida football alliance about that. He's a football player that fight. It was embarrassing for Nolan Ryan on you hitting me. He looks like a he was just giving him nuggets certain point. You just the old man do it. So you don't wanna embarrass him. Once he going to get drop them to the floor, and he's going to break his hip. No. He just let him do it because he's a legend. Like, okay, I have your moment knowing that fight was embarrassing for him telling you right now, my foreign Z me the Orlando phantoms he finished the season with eleven sacks. He was a defensive end defensive player season for the team. All right. I was in good, California. Where on the line with us? We failed with Jason Grimsley. She got him. She got to Jason Grimsley, but he has passed and was roaring with laughter. Because it appears the Jason Grimsley is the stugatz of baseball or all your fraudulent needs. Jason grimsley. Is there we've been trying to reach Jason Grimsley Allison has reached Jason Grimsley, and he has declined to come on with us. He is not someone who likes to do interview. He was the center of a L A times report back in two thousand six he's the guy who you know, ratted on Roger Clemens Andy Pettitte Miguel Tejada, Jay Gibbons and Brian Roberts. What else is in his past? That is worth chronicling. Here. We are hopefully somebody can talk to Jason Grimsley and tell him that the only thing we want to talk to him about. We don't want to talk to him about any of that. We just want to talk to him about that Albert bell incident. That's thirty for thirty. Is it not my just just court back? Absolutely. Early. I also I don't know how I got to forage worth from Grimsley. But now, I carry lightened Berg's mutton chops. Mean? Incredible sideburns you remember this guy. Carolina Moore second. I don't wanna leave notes moving gas. I don't wanna leave Farnsworth yet. What was the fight that you saw that made you fight with your own, computer? You're like yelling fight fight fight. Paul Wilson Paul Wilson try to step to California's worth. And he took a step in his direction. Farnsworth the Orlando phantoms defensive player of the year, straight up tackle, spear tackle sim off the ground then ground and pounds gets in to clean shots. Even dusty Baker gets involved in this fight. I mean, you take a step in farnsworth's direction. He takes five steps in your direction. That's what happened, but it on the poll. Guillermo, if you take one step in Kyle Farnsworth direction does he take five in your direction because that's what it feels like. Carrie lydenburg? Nobody rock that look nobody. He was the only one why are you leaving the fertile Farnsworth ground is that you see these sideburns. We just I did not know that Farnsworth went. So he went from reliever too. Hey, I'm going to just try playing football. You know, it's kind of like this bad ass when he's like. Yeah. Forty two years old. I wanna pitch in you know, the Mexican AAA league as a decision he made good money in the league. You don't have to keep doing this. Games Brady Anderson had creek. Yeah. Rape burns burns. It's hard to rock that look is it not. Yeah. What happened? He had one big ear. Well, speaking of which the movie screwball is opening Tunisian. Yeah. But it's a natural transition, Costco, all Bernstein, professional, Kansas. Definitely who who is the all Bernstein. Now, we have to do that carry Lydenburg number one Brady Anderson famously number to Ryan Klesko had a year. He didn't always do it. But he had a year where he tried to go lightened. Berg ask Eric Byrnes stigma baseball, right because otherwise it will be the rock the rock for sure. Thank you. Chris cody. Thank you for nothing. He doesn't spell his name burns. Does. He actually have burned. Joe Mauer had some burns Williams. Check him out. Yeah. He did. Really you're going to giggle at your own joke. There Bernie Williams burns. That's what you're gonna do Bernie the heat mascot. I'll leave. Yeah. Please go walk into the ocean. Thank you. Well, thank you for not making me make you do it just do it on your own. Jeremy brunettes. Really? Good to take is that right? Okay. Do we have an all burns team though? I feel like we've only got three or four on our all all Bernstein Moammar actually doing sideburn Bernard guilty. You went off the board. There are we doing only baseball players. Why are there? No other players than any other sports that rocked the side berms famously. On. It are sideburns a white person. Also, I'm off Caroline Burg now, and I'm into like nineteen ten baseball. And I discovered this guy called Mordecai three finger Brown that guy wanna guess how many fingers this guy had it's actually four didn't make sense. But one of them was like really broken pitcher pitchers today. Complaining about listeners and Mordecai three fingers out here making the hall of fame being do nicknamed three finger. Not enough is done with revenge. We don't cover him well enough how many years later one hundred years later, do you play in the nineteen ten or before that what year what year with the baseball players working second jobs as plumbers and being dominated by dude with three fingers like year. What what error we talked? That was the air where everybody was nicknamed their deformity. It was an easier time in baseball. Let's lyrically. Correct. You could just name and do after his formative lazy eye McGee. I miss those times. Why can we go back to those times on ESPN where we can make fun of the athletes deformities? Why did Joe Jackson didn't have any issues by having shoes? Does anyone know? Why was Joe Jackson shoeless? Do you know why put that on the poll gamut? Do you know why Joe Jackson was shoeless? Again. I want an answer to my question. Give me the year that three fingers Brown was most dominant. Give me a year. Brown is best here. Okay. He's a hall of fame pitcher going up against guys like gout, Ferguson. I. Pesce your eight year one thousand nine hundred six oh, dude. This guy put up one two three four five straight seasons of the sub to Yarra all three finger win-loss records of twenty six and six twenty and six twenty nine and nine twenty seven and nine three finger Brown. Can you please explain to me how we went from talking about corked bats and nineties baseball to Mordecai three fingers Brown because I don't understand how that happened. What else and they got him on? Donlevatar? Did you guys see that? We're going male cheerleaders this year. Did you guys know this NFL is going male cheerleaders? Stugatz. Good contributions from both of you. A good contribution. Would you guys rather go back to RG threes NFL? Anyway, you gave me nothing. I through the topic out there just stared at both of you. And if I weren't talking right now, you'd still be staring back silently BCC donlevatar show with as two guys on ESPN radio. I o American apology and people have several races and apology for wondering aloud during the last segment, whether white people had exclusive domain over the sideburns. I appreciate you. Eddie murray. Teaching me something today all these years after your playing days. It's my fault. I forgot about the seventies. And eighties in terms of style. They were beautiful side. They were. So I apologize to America. Eddie Murphy, white people and black people Eddie Mair. Eddie Murphy, Eddie is the him down. Use me Eddie Murray. They fun. This is why is that a big fine. Eddie Murphy, Eddie. Mary a pretty understandable mistake is honest to God snow. All right. Just forty seven eight six four five six four eight three seven is the telephone number of the reason, I give it to you is because I defy you America to do better than gout Ferguson. We were trying during the break to do better than gout Ferguson. We were trying to do we gave up quickly. I mean, we didn't think we could do better than the three fingers Brown his his teammate gout, Ferguson and mumps McGee. It's okay, not is gonna go come on. It's again gout Ferguson for some reason felt to me perfect in terms of a baseball player from nineteen zero three back when it was being dominated by someone who had three fingers that was one hand. Right. Mike, wasn't it. You said it was technically four fingers, but what the fourth finger didn't work. Yeah. The I think what in the middle fingers was just so Naro then broken that. It was pointless. Did he invent the splitter? And was it a splitter? If it's three fingers. No, his best pitch was a Koerbel. Okay. Thank you, ROY. How do you know so much about Mordecai Brown? I would like to thank Ken burns for that. Oh, okay. That was that. So Ken burns wasted his time. His precious filmmaking time instead of being in civil civil war rolled doing that baseball movie in which he had to chronicle the excellence of Mordecai Brown. Yep. All twenty eight hours of baseball whose Ken burns really God. What about like scurvy? Green. Irvy's good. But again, Irvy's get as gala, right? Put that on the poll. Hold on a second put down on Paul at lebatardshow. I'm going to take I'm going to take calls from America on this. But what is a better name for a teammate of three fingers? More to come Mordechai three fingers Brown is it gout Ferguson. Or is it scurvy greet? Can we change? It's a scurvy Graham because I think that that might that. Yes. You can direction. Nice word segmented takes. It is a good a good distinction. I think you get yourself in the game with scurvy Graham. Percocet. I want to go back in time though for a second back when baseball mattered like this. Roscoe club foot. I mean, just put them all up there. I'll take calls as well. I will do this. Let's see I don't trust the callers with the funny. This has the possibility of being terrible because we haven't trained the callers on the excellence that is making fun of nineties names, or in this case, I guess nineteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds Roscoe club pa- put in the negro leagues. Though, he wa- he wasn't a major leaguer. Never got a chance to three finger. Not enough time has passed since the nineteen twenties and teens Tim, do you have something better than gout Ferguson. Tim polio. Pete peterson. Feed is pretty good. Dan, you're on ESPN radio. Dan. Go ahead. Shingles henderson. These are all pretty good. But not. Sean, you're on ESPN radio. Go ahead. Not a club foot Crawford the club foot categories claim to all right. Go ahead. Jack. Garrick? Stupid. The flu could kill you back in those days. He could. So you're gonna more likely to kill you in the days of three fingers. More Brown is a little awkward that he picked the guy who actually has a disease named after him. Thank you mean. Yes. It is a little awkward. Yes. Not as awkward as pointing it out though. So we can't pass wholly unnecessary on the bright side. It's not the same disease. So seven eight six four five six four eight three seven or any of those better than gout. Ferguson any of them. Did you guys select any of them clearly as being better than gout Ferguson? No, I like flu Garrick, and we'll see this is what always happens with our eggs. Get home. Oh, I got. I agree that flew Gehrig was good. But this is what always happens with our games were sitting there playing it one way. And then it just turns into ponds. So so now, you don't care about either the illness or the player now, you're just making it flew Garrick because it's wordplay and this happened every time we play one of these games around. Here we derail and Stu gods. Usually the culprit who makes us do it is out of show famous. Dan, you know, that is it with with the comedic genius of calling him flu Gehrig while doing nineteen ten humor about Mordecai three fingers round. It's about the time that the show started. It feels like. We were huge in the nineteen hundreds Lou, Al dengue fever. Oh, see this is what it always turns into Troy headache men say he had concussions. Don't do that. Oh my God. Point to the ocean. He had concussions and we've got to be serious about those. They used to be fun cautions. But they're not anymore. Okay. They're surrounded and drowned in an important social commentary now the line is mumps Chris. Roberta lumbago. I heard you say my gout. Oh, I heard you say it into the other room. What are you testing wanted? You say it on the air. We're doing a radio show. I was giving it to the guys. What I mean since when do you give the good jokes to them? The never you were testing to see if it would work out here. So you whispered back there might gal. I mean, I I didn't know really what I was looking for was some clarity on whether or not we close the gap category. Chris palsy. Rachel mad cow. It always becomes this. I'm gonna make you laugh at mad cow. No. But wait, you're going outside of baseball. Now, we're no longer doing. You guys. Always muddle this stuff. What are you see I want the show that Amine and Billy are doing back there because that's the one with all the lines that we can't say on the air. Look at him in hiding his face in her shirt and Garros back there like LeBron Wade talking under underneath the top of their uniform six toe Scotto. Typhoid mayweather. Baseball opening day is upon us. This show in free time for some ads. Flu Panella, not the flu categories been closed. So it was. Donlevatar? Let's be real. I've been sweating a lot in my armpits. And I think it's doing Zayed's. So I started doing these wipes and now not sweating underneath there. But the problem is it's driving me out completely. I'm bleeding through my nose a lot. So to counter balances undertaking a lot of water, but these wipes have saved my life. However, my nose is not stop leading. Stugatz. I'm so glad we got to armpits because I've been wondering this today. But I didn't know how to bring it up to any of you ever use the opposite genders deodorant like do you ever use women's deodorant to you should see my doing it today? I smell beautifully. You're gonna love this every NBA locker room every NBA locker room all love women's Yoder. Finally, the insider gives us something. This is live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. What's the best of what you guys have gotten back there during the great during the break. I heard Tim salmon nila, oh, I heard dysentery Davis. I heard. Something with black lung in it. So seven eight six four five six four eight three seven is the telephone number. If you think that you can defeat gout Ferguson with a just funny disease from from the early nineteen hundred baseball opening day is upon us. And I do want to revisit Stu stugatz. As Billy Corbett makes this documentary screwball. That is just about a crazy time in baseball. I want you to go back okay to when it mattered to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are sitting there are are on the cover of Sports Illustrated and togas because all of the work stoppages all of the fights over money that end up now today with Mike trout or Mike out cashing in for four hundred and thirty million dollars. It was saved all of baseball was saved by this juice, all of baseball started to shift in terms of valuing, the home run because of this juice, and when you watch this movie and see how absurd it is the way that Iran and Manny Ramirez were doing this was not high science to gots. This was a guy was a fake doctor. There was just keeping them young. And when you see it all put together in one place going through our tanning salons down here. In south Florida, blackmarket drugs and just a clown show that feels like it's out of a Carl highest in in terms of what your criminals are and how they're just orange. They're bunch of orange people in baseball is trying to shake him down with cash with no jurisdiction on its investigators. The biogenesis thing was basically baseball just trying to chase down a doctor who wasn't a doctor from stopping him blowing his money up his nose at live in Miami. Hem ROY Hibbert. At. So are you saying you watch it and say to yourself? How did we not know? How did the media not knows Norring? I find fascinating about it. All right. Got you know, I lost. My baseball hall of fame vote because I made a mockery of the thing. Because I was tired of what we were doing with the steroid. Guys. I am not someone who's judgmental about entertainers and competition a holic choosing before anyone has seen it how to get there hundred and two hundred million dollars by exploiting a loophole through the pharmacy. Like, I just understand how it is that anybody would arrive in a place where they want a fountain of youth. If I could take something right now that would make me stop messing up names. I would do it. If I could take some sort of drug that ESPN or Disney bans, then I could. So that I just stopped calling Eddie Murray Eddie Murphy, if I could just stop that descend somehow with a pill. I would take a I would take an illegal pill. You know is kind of regulated by the government. And really were just scared when it gets near the kids. That's what got Tony Bosch jailed was he was dealing with kids. And once you're under eighteen in dealing with this hormone stuff, you could really screw some people up, but the effects of steroid use on a dull tes have always been overstated. These guys were not killing themselves to save baseball. They were profiting to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars with just the slathering of human growth hormone, Ed plague. Player me. I know I got it. Right. I'm aware of you want to cover the years of the Ed Sprague all the spread years. He added a couple of big ones in there might go. Check it out. Not Brady Anderson like but a couple of biggies. Oh, I don't know thirty Homer year. I don't think it's right. Put it on the poll game did Ed Sprague thirty Homer year. Third base. The Blue Jays. He was I don't remember him as a as a power hitter of that sort so nine hundred ninety six thirty six home run hundred RBI. Oh, ladies and gentlemen, the Ed Sprague year. That's it. It's just one year the all star game and ninety nine for Pittsburgh now. But there was not another year in which he had thirty plus homers or one hundred plus RBI's, and he played many many years. Happy forty ninth birthday to Mariah. Carey happy birthday to her. I don't care. Good luck. And actually happy you mentioned this because there's a lot of controversy as to whether it's her forty ninth or fiftieth, the internet doesn't know it's a it's a huge thing on the internet. No one knows if Mariah Carey is fifty or forty nine she hides her age. Very well. Ed Sprague is fifty one. No to ED's breaks to it. You hide your age. Wouldn't you do more than a year? What difference is a year? Make all the round number of fifty can be scary. Yeah. But you can only hide it for so long. You you can't like unless you're I don't know a nineteen Ninety-six Lanta brave. This is diva behavior though. Of course, she's going to try and protect her age. In fact, who do you associate with diva more than Mariah Carey like just anywhere? Really? Maybe windy, Diana Ross. But mariah's right up there. Go head gear mo-. I I know you want an Allison to get on the microphone here. She refused. Well, she's she's like ruining the show. So I go at difference. Does you know a year? Make and she goes it makes it a year, which is a funny line if you deliver, but if we have to pull you over the microphone for five minutes deliberate and kind of ruins the joke that you may he lie manning Titus. I still don't think that we've topped heard Ferguson. Let me just bang through some calls here forgotten. If I could take that take it right now. Please get them on. Kaveh here you're on ESPN radio havi air. Go head hobby. Yeah. Up. Mom matic's. I'm glad I waited for that. Steve you're on ESPN radio. Go ahead. Jockettes johnson. Well, somebody give me my clothes plays. Dan. Do it. What do you got? Dan.

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