Wrestling Cheers- Episode 119: Big Twan Gets A Milkshake At Little Guidos Beer Bash (Review)


Hi It's Jamie Progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message at the Hi Jamie. It's me Jamie I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey and the trombone goes Blah Blah Blah and you say we'll help you find carbajal options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at Ya savings coming at you. Yes no maybe anyway see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap Break Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law scoring on everybody this Joshua Bishop and you're listening to wrestling cheers. Everybody knows your name. The world today takes him taking a break from tall your show and how you live away some time ago where everybody John You WanNa know you <music>. Welcome back to wrestling cheers where everybody knows your name. Even in the year twenty nineteen this is running chairs with like talk about things going on North East independent wrestling scene we preview shows we review shows and sometimes we even have interviews along the way this is a review episode of a WS Little Guido's beer bash. I'm your host. I ingest in summers before we get into any more of the show. Let's go a little bit details. You need to know please <hes> so try to us on wherever you listen to your podcast whether it be apple podcast Google podcast stitcher tune in Youtube spotify iheartradio pod bean wrestling ensures that pod bean dot com you can find us on facebook twitter instagram facebook dot com slash risking cheers twitter dot com slash ricin cheers instagram dot com slash wrestle cheers email if you so choose a desire wrestling cheers of G._M._O.. Dot Com and we have the merged or over at what maneuver Dot Net Andrews injuries also brought to you by the training topics network Midwest territory and key on sports like I said I'm your host Justin Summers and tonight. We have Stacey `Amenaza going. It's going good. This is what your third week on you. Come men <hes> yeah yeah. I think it's three in a row so record that is what it was supposed to be Cayden. Who told me he was fulltime but now I now I get you yeah? I'm the I'm the third stringer on this one. I'm the third replacement he was replacing Pam so and we have PAT everybody. I'm back. This is implied Van Damme and you're here nope. I'm ped- Pie Van Damme this week. Though I wasn't a big Fan of my audio you can you hear me. Do I sound good did you. You sound just finding to be just as good after I had it awesome. We'll get a I didn't like my audio this week. Number Cord live pretty much every week now especially after this week live audio always just sounds so how much better he just talked about it but listen to it anyways. It was a good episode. They hit me. I know we tailored our recording schedule just just for you but busy boy on Tuesdays. He's gotta get that money. You know got a little baby coming and I I understand I want. I want people to feel like they're welcomed on the show. I WanNa be like Oh. It's only Tuesday so you can't come on but I can easily do Mondays just like this week weeks. Oh Yeah Hey and to be fair. All the people that are on the show all the time the roster of characters <hes> not not not a lot of more at the show yeah. That was the other big thing because I was like <hes> there start jabber not they're young Ed not there <hes> Rick Rick not there and it was like Okay Shit. I only have people who could talk about this show. It was pretty much US three Cayden in Pam. That's it yeah yeah so what about <hes> about Dustin him he was there. Have you been addressed. I've never I've never trailing. Can he be on still or what you know. What I mean like is up even brought up in my because Dick here? I mean because he's training. I don't WanNa like if you jeopardize bringing him on or anything but right right okay so let's just say because he was there I know but I don't think he can can really beyond much anymore. I guess just backing him up you know he was he can't really be well. It's like him also <hes> old ed like with Ed. He's always taking pictures and he. He said he's only good for previews yeah. He's a little busy during the show yeah so we're still down to us. Five and Kayden never got back to me. Pam was originally supposed to be on but there's reason why she can't beards perfectly understandable so we get stacy now as the as he said the third string so that's where way stacy's good you listen to this guys podcast man. He's fucking good. Of course I do. Thanks Man Lilia. Classic pipes need that Shit Sky Voice Voice for audio. Man People say at face Friday on sheds like this voice audio. What do you think I wanted him to be on the podcast in the first place yeah? I'm just saying you know giving them the brother Yeah of course I love Pod van. Damian super-fantastic Palumbo shows at the end of the show. I feel like we're like a trio. You know we're like a try effect of good good good listening and then we can get I'd on then then we can get on here and it'd be like a two hour three hour episode. I was texting. I'm like if Cain doesn't show up in a stacey doesn't show up. You might need to jump in here. We can just pretend like you were there. I thought of a funny thing today. It was like what if I got like for example for the show I wanNA got on Ed and Rick for the review to people who weren't there right and I just read the results and said what happened and they had to give me their thoughts on it. While cadence been doing the you know the gift so technically they could have seen you know some of the you know he could get a mind for it per se but would only be in the dark. Has He gift the show yet. Wasn't he doing live stuff that I think he does. There's like some lives. He puts out some videos here and they're like night up all yeah. He put the put videos out yeah yeah so I mean they could have seen some of that shit. You know that's that's Andrew Smart Mark. I think the rough edit is upper now. Maybe not I duNNo. He'll have a shot to do it with Jalen with mpn on fire TV he could go home that like after every night and or I should say and give them up and he would do that. Yeah that's definitely something I could doing. I like the Jails Aumf T._v.. This year I I wish everyone was on T._v.. Even between fight T._V. or being live on independent wrestling dot TV like give me one of the other and I'm I'm happy I liked the a fight because then I could buy it afterwards and have them digitally to watch whenever now yeah and some of them if you buy like I know a lot of the stuff that gentleman's that I bought and stuff you just you have it. You have infinite replays when you buy the first time yeah my only only issue with stuff on T._v.. Or what ivory and into lake with Josiah now's lost in New York when I bought that I watched halfway through and then I went to go back and it didn't have a bookmark that kind of annoyed me yeah. I don't think that I don't think the APP does that. If you go off to start at the beginning yeah so to do that through loss to New York I was like damn it so then having like fast forward to them I mean granted first World Problem Bullshit but I've always liked that thing. We're just like with every every other digital service out there. They leave up like this is where you left off continue watching yeah first world problems yeah. That's why I don't know about it too much but hey I said in between TV and independent Wrestling Dot T._v. t._v.. If it's live or available really quick on one of those services like it's hard to beat that especially with being an older fan like we didn't have this five years ago or six when they tried the I pay per view shows like this swearing such a better situation I love it. Hey can I complain real quick first of all the problems go ahead. They stick it. They're going to have Braun strowman Bobby Lashley fucking arm wrestle right. Now you kidding me. Why should I just turn this off right now like we don't have to go on depth but come on? Are you kidding me right now. Two of the biggest guys gotta arm wrestle. I should turn turn this off. I'm sorry to derail I. I had to say something. I was hoping it would be something our A._i.. W like for yeah. This is just trash got turned this off. I'm getting distracted. I I was recently reminded though speaking air W in that type of stuff do you buy. D._V._D.'s like actual physical media. That's the one thing I like about the fight T._v.. He stuff you have like a you have it but it's not like taking up space 'cause I. I've been getting head W D._V._D.'s but <unk> d._v._D.'s going away aren't they like isn't that going to be not a thin soon. How not immune it's an older media media already? I I have some. D._V._D.'s like new stuff that I bought recently but it's all like I think every d._v._d.. That bought in the last May I W D._V._D.. Everything else that I've on physical media has been a blue wreck yeah ah I wish they add w blaze but it's only in no it's only d._v._d.. But it's pretty much just been buying stuff shows that I've been going all the W. stuff. I've been at but starting to compile. You know quite a collection here in almost kind of thinking to myself what am GonNa do with all this shit you know but that's the fight T._v.. Digital shifts see to me this kind of goes in with stacy super fantastic like I like having a collection of D._v._D.'s or raise like that I could physically we look at because I can just see a whole collection. I don't know just it's somewhat satisfying and yeah. I used to be the same way with records just starting to go away from him as I'm getting older. I don't know I can't tell where major running on a space ace yeah yeah right. It's weird. I don't know for me like there's if it's like movies and stuff. There's certain movies that I want the Gabriel the BLU ray of and I know I'm going to go back and watch it all the time. I think it's part of it is like the Weirdo in May what shape goes away what if like the cloud disappears. You know you got those movies. You can watch him. I could you know that's one thing that I love about certain Blu Ray purchases where you can get like a Blu Ray and digital so cloud goes away. I still got that BLU ray yeah which when it comes down to it that's what I love buying because again first world problems where I don't WanNa get up out of my chair and put in the Blu Ray I can just go to a VOODOO APP and boom. I can watch that same same movie without opening it up. I'm real paranoid because I'm old enough seen a bunch of shit. Come and go in my life only place. I'll buy like I'll buy like the streams on fight <hes> for for wrestling a movie UVI and I'm not buying a physical copy only buy it off apple because I know APP wasn't fucking going anywhere he added. It's an honor my bird. That's that's why I still like movies anywhere because if I'm correct it'll connect a lot of the purchases so let's say I do buy it off Voodoo or somewhere granted. It's not everywhere but it has the potential to back up there too. I would say that because like ironically enough I listen to part of me on super fantastic degrees only and I mentioned how <hes> Blood Sport for some reason. I bought it on Apple T._v.. It it backed up nowhere else like that. Was it and I still don't understand why first world problems the movies movies anywheres read but the movie podcast making movies Yeah W. Baby for the brand. This is <hes> wrestling cheers and we gotTa Talk About Little Guido's fair bash and this this was a new venue and what'd you guys think of Gold Horn brewery. I was GONNA ask you. What did you do drink the beer? You're not big beer drinker so what you thought about like the after year situation there you have any of that. No I am a beer drinker. I just don't drink beer like at bars a lot okay and not like heavy boozer. You Beers heavy boozer if it's mainly because my license I just don't WanNa fuck that shit up right. Well yeah of course Arthritis <unk> so did you have any of the craft beer types <unk> at all. I did not but I I did yeah either I._P.. It was alright I ended up drinking more just maker's mark than career but <hes> it was warm but outside of the ACA room the venue was really cool now that neighborhoods being silly it was fine nothing happened. Everything's. Good Yeah. Do you WanNa talk about your genius idea for where you were sitting Stacey. Oh yeah sat right in front of the big giant Fan. It was great nice which I had already grabbed my seat and then you put two and two together and that which right in front of where you were sitting I wanna sit here because of the fan. I'm like Oh yeah good idea and like Oh yeah I feel like we didn't suffer as much like you still you can still feel it but it wasn't definitely because the fan I wasn't as bad the fan made it better. <hes> <hes> eventually people got hip to the fact that there was a giant industrial fan there and just stood in front of it so that cut that cut the fan down a little bit. That's all right everybody everybody. It's a community fan yeah what what took them so long to come up but that idea to open the garage door. That's a good question. I figured it would be a light but it seemed to still work worked seemed to work just fine. Oh you mean like hard cam like that bright light coming from that side or something <hes> I immune becoming from right behind it. I don't know how much that I don't know it. Definitely it was it was awesome once they open that to you know I it was pretty good. I thought the temperature wasn't that bad. I'm what I did not Kennedy's the seat. I'm wondering how many people try to just walk into the show that way 'cause I swear I've seen at least one person try to do that and then be told like now like this is a show like you just can't like come in yet dustin through a guy <music> out hammered hammered drunk guy tried sneaking in like three times and <hes> Dustin. I told him a couple times. Dow's pretty much one of the best things I've seen all day. It was awesome. He was not taking shit from this drunk guy and he was awesome. uh-huh I kinda like where brewery like somebody's GonNa end up getting Shit House and trying to wander in here so here's my question so say you went there to drink that night. You didn't go there to go to wrestling right and you're just going to hang out in that front bar area the only place to take a piss inside where we were watching wrestling. That was the only ones I never saw different one in every sign I said saw said restrooms and then went back that way hum and there was a decent crowd of people in the bar area that was not in the wrestling thing I mean there had to be another one somewhere. I I mean maybe but I never saw unless it was a thing where it was like you know they just kept an eye on who didn't have risk fans uh-huh yeah yeah yeah. This guy was clearly trying to sneak in but yeah that's a weird situation last to ask thus inter somebody next time I see him. There had to be feel like that's like a fire has type deal like that can't be right. I I mean I would think so but like I said I never saw other bathrooms and like out in the bar and to go back that way to where like all the gimmick tables were bathroom. Was that that one interesting we're asking the real tough questions here on wrestling shoes was there is another but I think as a whole not even counting just like the feel of the venue was was nice. I I really like I've been granted. You know that back room the garage. Whatever you WANNA call that kind of area get hot because of how many people are in there but as a whole <hes> I thought it was pretty cool and it's definitely want to go back to yeah? I liked that place a lot of those. I was real impressed. A little room is cool. Oh I thought it was a real intimate. Definitely GonNa go a little earlier so I can get a seat. Not Sitting sucks man and people lined up raw early like we showed up we showed up. I don't know like hour and a half before our doors were supposed to be with the idea that like we could just like hang out and get a drink or whatever then and there was already a line like all the way back to where the tables were. Oh well. I guess I guess we're in line and they kinda about me out but you know next time. I guess I'll stand in line or something. I don't know far as what I know. The line normally starts at the bare minimum about two hours before the show if not before that Cayden is normally one of the first I get in so if he was here he would tell us what time he he got there about. Just Pay Kate enough next time you hold me one extra seat and then take that seat wherever I may with it. That's why I always try to get there early. The granted even with when we have like front row and in G._e.. I Still WanNa get there as early as possible but I'm really picking on seats and that's that's just me at this point. I'm just going to request a seat because not having one sucks. Take what I can get all right. Let's let's get into this show and we we started off the night with Lee Moriarty versus Dominic Greenie. What do you guys think about this match? We've seen this kid a couple times now. <hes> I like him. He's good. I think we've said that maintains him verse. Dom was a good kind of <hes> I was it wasn't it was his first singles giving so yeah. I think we talked about good. I for singles right. You know that was a good match. I like to think we talked about that on the preview of his was as first singles match it I think right BEF- in-between the recording the preview and this actual show he was then announced for Jalen so so that was like a kind of a huge step in a short amount of time for Lee Moriarty and w yeah it's a good guy to go against the dams. GonNa dams going to give you a good match. <hes> that's that's good stuff. That was a good match to start the show with some tone speaking of Don. Do you WanNa talk about <hes> the the twins in the crowd or the d'appel game. Oh man so that was that was a thing at this show is there was a dude who looked exactly like dom. Yes there was another dude who looked like an old man version of Dr Dan. I've never seen either of those people that w before to the point where I asked dom if you had a relative at the show and he was like you like the six person who said said that to me now I didn't they look so much. Alike is not even funny and then there was there was what <hes> the thirsty job or look like two yeah but that one wasn't nearly as close as the other to the other the to look like do by dom look like dom. The duty looked like Dan in thirty years look like Dan in thirty years. The doodoo look like Brian was yeah. I didn't see that guy should tell him to come stand by me. It would have felt a little weird without yesterday there. He missed that show you might Miss Jalen yeah yeah you know what kind again having a kid though you know come the animal ballot excuse yeah and then like jobber because he alcohol Jalen on that weekend then made plans yeah. He's a big. He's a big race. Fan Loves Reysen <HES> CONSIDERS HIMSELF A bit of a racist just kidding just kidding now he went to ease motor sports guy he went down that was like the one of the biggest races of the year I think or something like that South Carolina something like that and he's got family there too so it was a family trip plus that announced real late you know they announced the beer bash thing Kinda late he already here. It had planned so yeah I thought I was going to get a whole wrestling free Memorial Day weekend in this got announced thousand well. At least it's not three events in two days on the this is not not as bad right yeah. That was the thing you could amen. Could Miss Jalen do this too. There were a lot of people there for a night when there was a pretty big pay per view on money in the van yet no man. I'm kidding. Obviously we're talking about. <hes> impact wrestling had something going on. Uh Not triple eight did the amount of the even bigger surprise for me. Were the amount of people with that company's logo on their shirts at this show while back company was having their first art show on pay per view bang for your buck man at WSB twenty that other one was like sixty something fifty bucks to watch it on pay per view or you can go watch our show live in front of your twenty bucks at a brewery yeah. I know I didn't pay fifty bucks for it. I'd rather rather do the twenty and dominant Greenie one via the heel hook yeah we're. We're back to cheer again right. I picked. I think that's what's up. He's good boy down now like it. Was it like him in Bishop just like a double flip that was that was a good little good good field man. That was good stuff yeah that that's my favorite shit of this year so far I think that's part of why was that was a good match for for Lena. Get you know dumb. I'm Scott some some some steam coming in so that's a good match to get as I kinda like singles you know and lease really really good. I mean I've before he was getting all these W.. Spots some other <hes> local and regional wrestling shows and man he he likes stood out from other people on those shows eventually he would get an ad w chance man he's making the best of it. It's real good glad for. I think he's one of the most hardest working non head of students right now like in within this area I would say that's fair statement and I don't even know how many years she's been wrestling but I don't think it's that long again a marketer another Cayden on because he dealt but definitely happy for him and I think Tom is kind of a measuring stick for a lot of the newer talent coming in day. I W yes he's kind of in that leadership role I would agree. It's a good good match for next up. We had the weird world versus the young studs. This was a fun unmatched as far as I can remember good to see good to see weird world on a bar show with alcohol. Yes I don't think I don't think <hes> robot was any type of saw sabbatical or anything right now so that was good. Let them get out there. Go loose. I with the Eric Ryan Bobby Beverly. was there any weapon something I saw any weapons right. There was an is there any fucker not that I remember it's really hoping Kaplan would come out with where we're world again. Sounds like a full-time thing is going to be like a our special attraction gun to thing just just when that music. It's no. That's it is the unannounced special attraction. That's kind of what he is. What was the lab at works? Oh definitely works the pop every single fucking time who doesn't love Kaplan America's champions. This is the only other thing about doing a show like this like a week. Later is is trying to remember a lot of stuff about this particular show. I know they did a couple. You know weird. World did a couple other their usual spots <hes> Terry Funk ladder spot. I I think he did something else. We put up on his shoulders and that going <hes> I like. I like Eric Ryan wearing the pants now used to wear those white shorts Niwas. Is that the all white pants. I like us now. The death breath match luck on I like it. I remember something from this match that stood out for me. <hes> weird body did like the turtle thing and Eric Ryan just kicked him in the face. Yes that was great aches and the young studs one via the Tiger Balm. Is it the first time we've seen them since <hes> since mania right net that was the first match mania <hes> no I couldn't were they on the Odeon show <hes> looking up the result because I thought they were on gone the from the oil the worst memory yeah they were on the they were on the death ray. They were on the Joe. Oh Damn the man see they start serving alcohol chosen. I forget all kinds of shit. The team will struggle okay yeah not bad and then I'll came that we're brought a Kaplan yeah yeah okay okay now. It's ringing about you yeah okay so they got a bit of a thing going here. That makes more sense. Why they you know them over there? Finishing up the business from that show <hes> next up we had one of my top three matches of the night big John Tucker versus Faye Jackson. Your God literally shouldn't say anything about a successor make people if you haven't seen this match there should be a whole they should do the patriots part where they just isolate Thuan face for the entire match and you should be able to watch the match in real time in the corner. You just see like a like a solid picture in picture isolation of Toronto's. Is Face there you go on making your money buddy do that idea and you'll get subscribers I would I would pay for the next level up from where I'm at for that yeah. This level woke level. You get one on videos. Match was the selling point of this show for me and yeah it's. It's a funny concept like it's you know it's a but like the Maj delivered to like it was good. It was a good match it was I laughed my ass off at Thuan Buck and reactions to things I was good it was it was so good yeah it it delivered and you should go out of your way to watch it from beginning to end and even post-match. It's just it was great the whole whole whole damn time that's like I said top three matches for me on this show much like say this was a big selling point for B.. Two because just the whole we've known for a long time that Thuan had a thing or has a thing paying for Faye Jackson and all this shit on that the Promo that she cut very simple but perfect so fucking perfect. Is there any more we could say on this match or we just want. I I really think you got a direct. People just just as smart marketing and by this by the digital or the D._v._d.. It is there's a ton of other good shit that happens on the show but this match is worth your money. Just just go by the motherfucker right indeed handle was big Thuan who won via spear he sure did a brutal fucking spear and the only thing that I'll spoil his after that fake his Thuan Man Vigo spoilers spoil and Shit you already. There's no need to take that out. Hell no hell no hell no that as you have known that was going to leave some meat on the but the next time there's some comic word clock a movie. I'm going to make sure I spoil part of it for you. We're going to say leave some meat on the bone. Yeah you try doing that and I- muted you for a day. Oh next year you can't you can my taxes on the Bugah. ooh I can hide alert. I can hide alerts but I could still see it like man. Just leave down there. They're still meet the only thing the pitchers out there. It's it's actually tweeted from wrestling using jeers and other people have tweeted it but I'm just saying that they're still I've said it before easy. Three told me spoilers only half the story that's only half the story and they're still spot in that match catch that we're not touching on that are great especially towards the end and I'll leave it at that and I and I firmly believe that I called on the preview show for this the everybody wins and I fully believe I was right. Everybody won this match. Catch you were next up we have West Barkley Verses Matthew Justice and it started off with you know justice coming out and then West is music. It's it's a pretty long before he comes out dealt with Bishop comes out and Barclay tackling from behind and this is another match was I'm not seeing it as a complaint but it's kind of what we expected predictable but it was Barkley getting his ass kicked for however long <hes> so I had to crack a piss off a real bad couldn't wait so I went out to the outside and as I was coming back <hes> West was coming into the building at a chair so I'm pretty sure he hit him with a chair are he didn't ask me hit him with a chair when he entered the ring twice at attacked Oh attack. They said he tackled him as he hit him with hair. That was pretty cool <hes> his <hes> hit that was that was a good match man. That's a justice just gonNA a jump-off is. He's been doing this for a while now but he's just really up the stakes the everytime it's great this this feud on as long as they wanted to. I I'm good you got my money like Matt just keeps finding fucking Shit to jump off of and Shit to hurt people with I- legit wouldn't even hate if they did if they found a mystery opponent for justice in did Bishop West versus justice in a mystery guy I wouldn't that wouldn't that either. You know keep this thing going. I'm cool with that. But who would it be. It's hard to say I mean you could maybe maybe bring somebody in. You know you know for on Austin since it would only probably be a one off it is they don't tell you know the western bishops singles do not really tag here. They are in the channel Big tag team tournament in there. They are going as the rips. Yes you're right yeah. They are tag. I guess that's true. I forgot about that that they are kind of announced <unk> W now two point but it would be it'd be cool to see. I don't know I could see I would I would hate that. Keep keep this going man this good stuff. Could that be a match for her wrestle ranger. Yeah definitely man I would love if you do in that you have justice have a guy like g raver somebody with him who his partner aw there you go on death. Match versus rips shooters I God I think you just hit the nail on the head. That's perfect man. I was thinking along the lines originally more e C W 'cause that's kind of what he embodies but you look at some of the people that Matthew Justice went up against when he was champion I mean that's that's it it'd be it'd be an interesting. This feud could go a lot of ways <unk>. This matches great man this was this was one of my favorite matches on the show. <hes> it's beginning to be that way when you hear justice justices music made you know you know something's good good is coming men. It's pretty much pretty much one of the best guys in AD W for a long time now doesn't that bad matches. That's what I was thinking. He's he's consistent. He's either going for a title defending title or just being the most talked-about a spot or moment on the show. We're not just saying that because he did murder on either. He did murder a guy though so that would that would be cool but anyway the the official tweet that Cayden has here's he wants me elbow truck from the rafters which much like that. Maybe not exactly like the Odeon spot but it's it's out there. I've seen the video multiple times so as you said Oh yeah. This is another thing that got people talking again for just another week in a row so there's that part of it. The consistency of people are just still keep talking about him and I don't think this match was in my top three of the night but I would put it for. I just like to two of the other match a little bit more but that's just me and my top three furture next up we had another promo from forty acres which has P._B.. Smooth trae Lamar and A._J.. Gray and this fled into a match of issuing an open challenge versus p. m. e. and spyder Nate Webb unannounced for the show but if you slow A._W._S.. Video that was released of Little Guido starting the the beer bash he was in in <hes> in frame there so it was really interesting to where he would he would pocus had in this. This was perfect P.. M. E. and fucking spyder Nate Webb. Is that like a trios team made in heaven. It's a party for sure I like the I like. The couple of people tried to get that one more time thing going with the intro and like I loved eight Webs intro the weirdest things great. We don't ever need it two times ever again. I I like everybody was adult enough to like shoot those ample people down and be like oh no no it is either got three or four just because to already got too so it's got to do three or four or one and I feel like we've had headed to times twice. Oh really I thought it was only that once. I don't know they're <music> learning together but I swear there was like twice that it went non adult like it might have been placed but I don't think it was not gonNa let I'm talking like Mount Carmel Bookings that he had because go around that the way he did it took like two two times and he had the one where everybody went in the ring including star Jobber. I forget what show that was was. That was that a jail. It was that again shows his blurred together but I swear that we had at least twice of two songs or to play thor's. I'm not sure ma'am either but if acres is real good though Oh God yeah I like all three of these dudes are getting purpose like P._b.. Had A little bit there after after twins meet up to become champion that went the way it did. He's Kinda mad about it and you know trays hasn't been really much since chase. Oliver got injured in Faulk A._J.. Grays been up until recently he was M._I._A.. Senses batch against justice so putting them together. I'm I'm I'm a huge fan of. I like angry P._B.. Angry P._B.. Is Way better than the Peavey we used to have. I think it works as a whole ultimately for sure angry angry and also turned up A._J.. Gray and trae Lamar of just telling the crowd shut the fuck up and all those bits like there was the worst one do the crowd. I think this might have been one of the matches and he was just like talking shit but the doing another match to. I can't remember which one it was but I love seeing these three. Just bought the rip off. Somebody's head so yeah. Forty acres versus p. m. e. and Spyder Nate Webb. It kinda real quick to kind of proves proves to that if you were in w manual get rewarded because like is private <unk>. Jay was a guy who you know discount like work. The bear line and stuff just came to shows a bunch in then now look at you got on a show show what he could do Benon shows but answers answers now <unk>. I'd say he's kind of the front man that stable you know. I thought it was more P._B.. Seems to me like age as kind of the man in charge of that. I don't know they might say it's. Nobody yeah either way yeah. I don't know I like it. I like it a lot. I want to see more of it. So forty acres one via called the corner did did either of you guys see Philly tossed that Beer Papa pepperoni catch it or pop through it and Philly catch it. Yes that was incredible. It was a perfect fucking catch Austin esque. I hope you can see that on the camera because it was that was like some brotherly type Shit. I don't think two regular guys could've just did that. It was two brothers connecting on a fucking spiritual fucking toss it was it was incredible. It was incredible any other thoughts on this match. Now nothing really it was great. Oh Way over Nate Web's way over forty acres is real good I don't. I don't know that there's much else to say him in. Everybody in this is great <hes>. We got to see a little bit. More forty acres an unannounced spyder. Nate Webb is still spyder Nate Webb at the show. It's always fun one P._M.. Is Is fucking jammy thick. This is going to let p be kind of settled back into things a little bit I think when he had the belt was all eyes on him singles and I'm not going to say he was in over his head at all because I don't think that at all but this'll give him a chance to kind of ease back into shit as well and kind of not have every of the match beyond him let him due to his strength into the big big powerful dude so I think this the stable thing. It'd be really good for P._B.. To be honest from you we're to be honest with you. Excuse using there's been a lot of man tag matches lately. I wonder if maybe we see six-man titles day I w at some point you know I wouldn't hate that. We lost the title. Oh I don't think we're ever see in the women's set comebacks. I'm back. I wouldn't hate to see a six man tag. You Know Weird World and Kaplan for that teams for this thing maybe the production forty Acre Railroad Kaplan right now who would be the third man for two infinity beyond to win law. It's hard to say see facade a lot of scrambles. Maybe sad no comment he. He said he tweeted that he's done. Advocates Campbell champion not belt six-man Belts six-man six-man scrambling whatever sorry and I think right after this we they went to intermission so we'll be right back after this commercial break this is Ben and this is Zack. We are the host of centerstage podcast a podcast. I think you should listen to it's fun. It's full of wrestling and movie talk and Pop Culture Us Weirdos just going off about all of it. We go off the rails so often this advertisements about you'll off. The rails. Crushes sat down and scripted I. I mean scripting is for is for people that care about what it sounds like. They sound like rational human beings. We're not those people that's right. We could die tomorrow but we're not that lucky. No we are not all right so we are on itunes on spotify. We're on speaker her for on Google play so give us a listen continued listen to wrestling cheers cheers. It's fantastic and Justin's agreement dude but when you're done with that when you want to fill the void in your life without the sadness that takes over your mind heart and soul loosen to center stage because we'll add to it yes we will were reported human beings but we love love you and speaking of the scramble match we came back from intermission commission with a scrambles match and it was making his debut one called manders versus Dan Housing Versus Cabana Man Dan Versus T._k.. D versus Logan Jason Larue through versus C. P. A. and fucking manders he yeah yeah that is back but making their second appearance at a w in the scramble up of people like there was a bunch of people waiting for spots to open up in these kind of matches. I wonder what happened yeah so people hurt. You know a couple of people who have maybe been this match. Brighter raids hurt who else but yeah that Logan Eastern Larue Dude. He's he's back <hes>. I didn't know if we would necessarily out as far as the talent we saw that now maybe see him again but like hate in that guy I could not myself. Hey guys more US pretty good. It was a good guy to not like yeah. We got C._P._A.. Back again we got <hes> and Dan yeah that is good. This is what this technically his third time and then yes though because of the his the mania little spot that come out of this a second one right yeah he he makes that drive from Alabama man and Holy Shit. I was just about to mention that and he trove. I think straight back after the show that's wild fucking brutal <hes> so man you're you're a fan of manders right summers I am too. I liked that did so I think I do too. I don't get his gimmick like it's like I'm a cowboy but I'm Friday Night Lights Letterman jacket like there's a lot going on there. He's from Iowa well yeah. That's kind of their thing like you know like Friday night lights as cowboy kind like that to me it yeah yeah. Can I got it real quick. That's kind of good old boy type like actually he's from either Maryland or Virginia but went to college at Iowa played for Iowa state and I think that's where he's he we currently still resides or well. He's going to go back to living soon but kind of where it all comes from the three trained. It seemed like a like a hodgepodge shit going on with the dude and I just didn't really understand the he's good didn't I didn't I kind of get it. I don't know it works for me. I like just seems like a nice guy. I don't like the guy he's a big ass dude. He throws throws it around and he's he's very quick. He's very athletic for a big ass dude. You can kind of look at a guy like that. Go <hes> maybe some bit of you know kind of a slow moving Haas type gentlemen nope it moves it Ray. It gets going one of his nicknames. Is the corn belt cowboy. Yeah I like it. I like him. I just didn't I didn't know if you know beside the gimmick I don't. I don't know Letterman's jagged didn't all register with me correctly. I said that if you didn't come out to old town road it was the way but I I mean you gotta hit on that right right and the enemy capital you know no one's no one's using it. You know like fucking chaps a cowboy hat. If anybody's coming out to that song like all right I get it. I think you know like I don't even remember what song he came out to. I think I don't know I don't remember Old Town road. Maybe yeah right. I would've fucked you remember. We wouldn't remembering what song at he come out to old town road. You're right about that. I'll give credit to Kaitlin Kayden when this <hes> for the batch actually even started he called that there would be some sort of big move between Cabana Man Dan and manders any fucking called it and those flip flops sound so fucking brutal brutal sounded good in that room to yeah shit yeah is he in for Jalen Jalen List Cabana Man Dan no no he is not. I thought he maybe could have been in like the tax tournament. Give attacking partner but I know he's not on there either how that tag term. It looks like it's all real tag teams. Though yeah I mean he does have attack partner. That's announce for Jalen but they just didn't put him in there. Which is fine definitely definitely? I'd love to see more <hes> Cabana Man Dan and Manders in I W I shouldn't say everybody here in this match like see more of but Dan Housing is pretty much a mainstay in w and T K D's F you student with the other therefore are good in w demanders. He's on the radar of W. for sure sorry. I didn't mean to cut you off there stating at school. I think we're GONNA see that guy for sure but we're GONNA say Stacy Dan Housing a had a busy night. He's he was out there for this and then he's back out their background. Their match for the six man Tag Match Yeah L. O. L. But we'll get to that later. Also which is just above everybody nobody else's Lake and everything clicked for that dude this year like his video promos and vignettes. He makes a great. The merch is real good that new pin that he's got fucking awesome new shirt fucking awesome the masks amazing amazing like hand. It typically bothers me when guys talking third person but he's one of the few character slash like personalities that I'm like you have to you have to do it because it works so good that he's doing it now like Dan Housing made a child cry and it's not even the first match or something like that and I damn it. That's funny. You know what I mean like scary scary mask. You know paint face paint guy made a child cry like fucking works the picture of him with that goat like the Basque Scott L.. Yes yes good yeah. I think it kind of fix something that I heard somebody complain about Dan. How's IT and it wasn't some within wrestling was actually someone who does social media marketing marketing they were talking on a podcast and they mentioned a scary wrestlers pin tweet about getting engaged in how that winning against the character in immediately I went oh you're you? You're talking about Dan House and there's nobody else you could be talking about. I think this adds to the the twitter personality for him where it's not just I don't I don't I don't care he did that but it's almost like a good fuck you to the person that said that we yeah I don't know man. That's the weirdest comment ever a <hes> fucking spooky evil dude can't get married like I don't know I have watched a lot of spooky evil shit and they're plenty of you know like Oh. This is my fucking bride shit like did I don't get that whatever what the Fuck Haney ever seen. The addams family married monsters. Mary like what the fuck just because he's down with the fucking dark dark forces he can't get Fucking Holy Matrimony fucked up. I don't know but I loved an house and so to me it was it was a shot because he didn't mention who but whoever what others like spooky wrestlers are out there like that so it's whatever even if he wasn't tweeting like that his character always fucking works and I think we we've done a lot of love for Dan Housing lately I think we we talked about his mercy last week correct yeah I'll keep talking about it because it's good everybody else should take a look at what that dude's putting on his gimmick table and take fucking notes because it's going who is also just kind of continued continued to evolve from the time that we saw him in a w which is good because not really gotten stale. He started out his kind of spooky writer guy they had those vignettes type stuff and kind of real dry and to the point like not a lot of talking not a lot of dialogue and it's progressing to the point where now he's talking to third persons shit and putting you know videos of him with his face and then the spiralling black and white hypnotize type shit like it's evolved. It hasn't just been who speak spooky in the basement guy paints to say you know he he keeps kind of changing slash progressing slash evolving it in it's it's good you get just enough information to be intrigued. THEM WANNA know more but not enough to know anything right. I've said I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's the thing that love about Dan Hodgson. He's a dude that took the ball and ran with it. He was not an original member of the production was a replacement fillon. Someone who was not supposed to be a part of w view if Kobe read didn't leave wrestling but there's the the whole time the productions been there. It's been Dan housing these no. I'm not I'm not playing that. I'm not playing that game there. We all know that there with somebody else different and you say we all you say we all know sandy ring a bell for me. I'm not I'm not sure you're talking about is an insult to Dan Housing to compare him to Kobe read. This don't know who this Kobe read. Character is that's fine but Dan housing way better than colby red and has killed it as every step of the way memories of some mime but I don't. I don't know Joe Mine Chuckle out. He was a chuckle. Oh Hey you're down with the clown that that's what that's why I'm the one who remembers that's why enough I mean we shared a Fago together come on but the whole point is Dan housing has just got better and better and there's nothing there. It's hard to compliment even him even more than we already have and go by the announcing merch. It's all good all great and if you don't like what he has out give him a little bit and he'll come out with something new and it's always great neck well. It was <hes> manders won via running power slam to Cabana man. Dan Power Slam looked fucking brutal to <hes> next up. We had one of my other top three matches of the Night Zach Thomas. I Joshua Bishop up for the A._I.. W in tense championship turning off Stare Stacey to talk I every time obviously going to say it's brutal as faulk and nobody's favorite wrestler Zach Thomas uh-huh versus Josh Bishop stupid so I stood next to him a little while to Matt pretty his name's Matt he brought up how he said that and he was like man. I was like Kinda kit into like it was just busting balls but I I was kidding but I you know I was busting bawling like and he got really fucking mad. Didn't he and I was like well. You know you Kinda insulted the yeah. He did get Kinda mad but <hes> I mean that's not even true to say like fucking Zach. <hes> is killing it like dude south shirts. I see good wearing his shirts. You know what I mean like people are that people are rooting for that guy. He's fucking good man Yeah P._M._S. Zach Thomas Shirt there you go case in point Oy somebody's again if if somehow that statement have been true before this match shit ain't true no more yeah right because he definitely showed out buck yeah and then you WanNa point out the introduction that we missed stacey the throughout layers all hilarious my memory man <hes> the nickname for you could've used for Bishop and adding that little bit we just talked about four Zach Thomas Manam <hes> drawn on a complete blank Zach Thomas should have been announced as nobody's favorite wrestler like we mentioned and then Joshua Bishop should have been announced as everybody's new favorite wrestler now because he's one of mine man that Dude Fuck can rules meant lawns of marijuana you got like I think you said Mr hot dog and a handshake. Oh Yeah I did say that yeah. You pointed that out like not that long introduction doctrine like damn. That would have been good as not Mr for anything anymore now. He's Mr Hotdog in Mr Mr Twenty dollars envelope to Josh Josh rules man 'cause. I'd already ranted about that Shit. I ain't GonNa do it in this match into like just in general now <hes> he's just become quickly become one of my favorite guys prior. You know not even just that spot that we know though everyone knows we're talking about justice thing but he's he's done this thing. Just maybe a little before mania when he just started doing this really maniacal like laugh like breathing like look that he gives with his eyes real wide open and his mouth kind of wide open. It just looks. He's like he's legitimately gonNA murder someone. I I love it. I really love it so good. He's a bad man he is. He's having I mean I've said it before. I'm a broken fucking record man. He's having the best year in fucking independent pendant wrestling. It's amazing yeah I would agree and every match is good name me the last bad match that kid had I can't think of it now. He's also had two great feuds at our around three yeah. I'll throw Jay when they're fucking has look now Ajay pros on doing a bit of a Rodham off here. Now you know you could almost you could argue that mister. Bishop helped start that little run the WanNa be an asshole. Yeah I mean yeah. You're going back essentially a full calendar year if you do those three that's been the last year for Bishop has been Jay pro and then dom and now justice and there hasn't been a bad anything out of all of that isn't that a lot of people who can say that now very true and it was Joshua Bishop retaining via power bomb through a door which this was the match that scene the doors come out alight doors. Yeah agree hate it. You know what they do. They break every time unlike oh God yeah or well. It's either they break too soon or they don't break it all next up. <hes> we have the match that we have to get into Derek director any only versus Little Guido and Tracy smothers and just get to the finish. The production won via roll up <hes> an engine earlier that there's a six man tag match because Steve Guy Accidentally Bentley announced it as lawn and an housing was like no. I'm not fucking wrestling again. This is a tag team match so mean at that point was like the whole smothers clan in Guido already out there <hes> No <hes> <hes> production came out. I I was GONNA say because there were definitely enough people for a six man match down there was the lady header headgear onto so you and the only thing that we can talk about this matches actress the elephant in the room because it killed this match it went from this is fun to our this needs to end now. It's it's bit bad e._a.. Can't say that word Ned W for those who that words spend precedent that you can't say it doesn't fly around obviously you should you know like I said it shouldn't fly anywhere. I don't know why that but there has been recent precedent that you can't really we're not big fans of that word. <hes> uh-huh for those who don't know because I don't know how many people listen this they weren't at the show. Basically we have the normal spot between Eddie and Eric where I think it was Derek was on his knees hugging Eddie through the ropes there around was the okay so Eddie hanging hugging Derek through the ropes seen it a million times and Tracy points atom if you're offended by using this word I'm gonNA use it just for context oh you it knows what you're say. He made his comment that wasn't great. We should just move on from there. Yeah man at least like be like rhymes with don't say the fucking word. There's no reason reason it's not going to get you anywhere whatever I would just be using in the context of fucking word. I'm just using in quote not the way he was fucking new. It's just not going to everyone book man Tracy smothers tried to get a chant going that rhymes uh-huh with maggots figure it out and it did was not having it. I is all we started a twenty nineteen Chan in fact and did yes from that moment on it was just most of us. I can only speak for me and stacy because we were in the same vicinity like we wanted it over. Just hurry up and finish the match this burden man I'll say this I felt the air get sucked out of a room in in that way and it was when Flip Kendrick got hurt Oh yeah but like the there was like a a notable difference in the crowd after it happened in like does old I get it. He's C. T.. We need to fuck a man. You just can't say in like that. He tried to get a chance started at whatever it's it's. It's it was dumb. It was a bonehead move but then like so like the match edge went on for a while afterwards and credit to those guys because nobody else in this match did anything wrong. I felt bad for Guido I felt bad for Derek and Eddie and like they tried like they had the drinking contest thing during it and like I did a bunch of stuff that I you know good and it was good but the crowd was just out of it at that point and man than Tracy just like got a microphone and I think he was trying to lake make up for it but just kept digging the hole and it's like man just go just go just be done. Go like and to save this. There was also now there is also the spot from Tracy smothers daughter. Oh no I forgot about that. I don't even know what it was kind of checked out at that like I said I didn't have a seat outstanding to the back so I think I was just try stand around drinking a beer. Now couldn't even tell you what's happened at the end of this match or whatever she biff some kind of forget get if it was like a toupee suic- of something through the ropes and she biff did like almost like she hit the the middle rope in like that help like nosedive her basically they'll know ACA describing it out the ugly but easily no offense to everybody in this match but tracy is probably just the killer the worst match of the night because killed this part of the show yeah and Man I don't Oh and I don't know that Tracy smothers is like I don't. I'm not taking this as like he's he hates gay people. I just think understand and there's not an excuse for not understanding but I think he doesn't. I understand that because like if you rewind to the heyday of Tracy smothers and I'm not talking about like that heyday isn't like the fucking seventies like in the ninety s e c w that flew and it doesn't now and it shouldn't have been but it did take care. I don't care for Tracy smothers to be honest with you. I didn't have to see him. Wrestle anymore wouldn't be like mad. 'cause I just don't care. It's like worldwide said he gets a pass. He's like the only guy gets a pass but just it is what it is in stretchy in and I'm not trying to get the guy cancelled. I don't care he just kind of bores me out on. I'm just against the right opponent. I Love Tracy Mike. He's had some funny matches an ad w him versus Cochabamba has is fantastic. It's great versus boggles good yeah <hes> F._B._i.. Versus the Carney's was good mainly because tracy smothers entrance to fricken Chicago cubs up shit great but I've always defended him like why no with the the confederate flag shit so my southern thing whatever I can look I pass that but you say that in the ring I go like you're on your own their bud now like if we don't see him ever again W I'm not gonNa cry and that listen. It's heavy pizza deliverance for the next. I don't don't have your hopes up. You plan on wanting to see him Jay. Welcome looking at you. Big Fan Jay Wolfson big Fan Tracy Tampa wounds last time. He came to W. Show you were there mania weekend. Oh okay. When was the last time he hit you show in style? They are coming not too long. It wasn't that long ago Raider Day. He's coming back yet. Raise your right. I haven't got to talk about. I'm like a fan of wealth. I like being by wealth of that. Show at our ranger like he's great. I love him. King of the POGS did king of the parking unlock a wealth so let's move on to a match that kind of help bring the vibe backup. <hes> we had the annual student debut match we had chuck stone versus Arthur Macarthur Eric Taylor and mikey Montgomery Dude students luck and killed it man. This was my other top three match and I think coming after that match it just drained everybody like this. This was fun and I think there was a lot riding on on these four. They've you know they've debuted elsewhere but to get that official debut in w is mean something and they they I think they killed it. Definitely I offer one criticism. <hes> what's the kids named Chuck Stone. Don't make fun of my favorite wrestler outfit like eight Cheese Burger already exists so oh does that aside from that just gong its first Gimmick Guerande. I W you cannot say I am the fattest man in this room because the shit don't fly. I'm in that room all right yeah. I guess not somebody's GonNa join up. You're not even the fattest fucking wrestler that has wrestled in A._i.. W There's like Mo Justice and like come on man new gimmick figure it out. He was good in ring but is that that's an because I think they don't they give them their gimmick than not really on him. I don't I don't know all the other guys made their shit work like Mikey. mikey's Liar Masters Yeah. Mike is a good kid he i. I'm biased. I know 'cause that's our boy five and dams big Fan of Mike you the millennial too but he mike is good man and that everything in the match was fine and I was thoroughly entertained but like it's just those little things where like man and that's just like it's not like Nan but the they killed it and ring but like that's just a bad like because I get the thing with like I'm the strongest man on the fattest man but yeah they're like when this room <hes>. I don't think Arthur MacArthur Chuck mccart. What is his name Arthur MacArthur MacArthur yeah? I don't think he's saying he's the strongest man in the I think he's saying he's wrong man which I kind of he's he's kind of making his gimmick work work with the like. He's really planted up with something like that. You gotta really fucking to the teas with with that shit he's. He's doing a pretty good for his early. You know just debut. He's really gotTa keep pedal to the metal with that kind of stuff but I like I like. I don't know it gives good yeah. No you know the thing with that is like he he owns it. Though you know yeah yes I would agree completely buys into the Gimmick. Yeah works yeah one of my biggest critiques. WCHS is I feel like Mikey and Eric are so close to be in the same damn thing Mikey has the benefit of I've known who he is longer and Eric has just the guy who I think I found out about recently family Mike Right before the show and to me like they were both in the ring at the same time I just thought of that Spiderman mean words to spider-man's pointing at each other. I just don't really know what Eric's what is has gimmick. What what what is heat? What is what does he do? What is his things? The Koga like with Mikey's Ikano is like a millennial united scooting and shed. He's got like an aloof kind of attitude like he's the millennials in America yeah like I kinda get his thing thing but eric. I guess I'm not really sure on it yet. His twitter handles at Malibu E. T. so is he's going for this Malibu vibe okay just kind of like a cool guy basically all right all right expound upon that a little the fan base I mean it was no Barkley nation but there were there. Were some people there that were and that's good because it helped his in ring. I would definitely say that he had the confidence in you know he wrestled. He was good in ring at just the Gimmick was. I wasn't absolutely sure what it was or you know I mean for per se I felt like Eric was the West Barkley Joshua Bishop of this class but Mike he was the one that headache I think more of a genuine fan base within w like you know what I mean well I mean we've all watched Mikey like so I've seen Mikey the show's hustle his fucking ass off on ring crew rerun not and like he's man Yeah I think Mikey heads already earned before he wrestled that match fans of people that go to add w shows based on on him just being around and he and he kinda he kinda like he when he was on ring crew or like cleaning up streamers when he first came around he hustled in busted ask so much that we almost thought it was a joke. They know this is just this kid's fucking shit like he just is all over and we everyone kind of loved him there on out a hold on we've all omitted something and it's a God damn shame that we've done this. How about Zeh making his fucking debut referee Farid <unk> yeah he did a great job as well? <hes> and that kids really kinda coming into his own. He seemed like really shy <unk>. I've spoken to and <hes> he he's. He's <hes> yeah for sure that's killed it video him doing frigging dancing old town road colossal Khan I did not all go to derrick directors frigate twitter man. It's awesome. He comes into the you know. Everyone caused place for colossal. Konin Shit <unk> comes into the ring with a cowboy hat and shit to that song and frigging throws down dancing. It was incredible. I'm actually shocked has not gone viral yet shocked to be at us and I feel bad. You know what I I shouldn't have shit on that kid so much but because he was good it was good in ring. It was just that one thing just that one statement where I was like I just don't do that. A planned port of League is regular shit. What are you talking about? Air To Air Taylor the Chuck Chuck Chuck Okay Yeah Yeah and now everything Eric did was fine as innocent. I didn't remember anything specifically. I thought he did pretty good yeah. No you did they all did they. All were good. One piece was like Oh man really I think I remember when he came out and said that you were just like man. You're not even the fattest guy in this room real easy for people to make like you know hamburglar jokes and uh few is rabble rabble and it was Mike Montgomery wins via Phoenix Splash has a fucking great move to great finish shit that I didn't know he was capable of doing like we've seen him Russell. You X. W. A. and man yeah he he pulled out all the ship for this. This one is good. He kept at in the pocket. They didn't finish like that. You hopefully we see more of these students day two of Jalen because with the new structure and everything there's GonNa be some filler matches one way or another spot during the biggins form yeah that too because that's that's regularly where this match would normally happen debut at the rate on the right day just not the right show so Komo flu like I said we see more than sometime above Jalen and the next up we had the main event of the evening Dr Daniel C Rockingham versus Joey Ryan my apologies. He's for not getting toilet paper ready. Everybody forgot what was that said. I felt so bad toilet paper. Oh because we didn't throw it at them. Yeah what Funny Statement Right I had a lot of no pun intended shit going on in my life this deputy colleague and I I didn't get to get it together or just put out a tweet. Hey Ken some people grab some toilet paper for Dr Dan's match and he ended up fucking main eventing which would have been great man and that's like the first time we haven't had toilet paper for Dan in a long time of member remembering a show because he did the whole thing like he was waiting for it and he was laughing at my it wasn't Akron No. I don't know there was one within the past six months. I thought there was one that I I could be wrong. See Man Mount Carmel There was the dollar store right around the corner so even if you forgot you could just give somebody money and have them run up and grab toilet paper saying same with Akron Akron has that plaza and it has a I think the dollar tree so that's one thing I kinda miss about Mount Carmel. Joey Ryan makes his w debut he did a lot of people. A lot of people like that guy. I was happy. He got to have imagining I W I didn't get a pitcher with him or anything meant to get an autograph on a card but I never got around to it but I mean he. How many people you think came just for Joey Ryan enough yeah? Oh yeah definitely a bunch. I I think it helped bring in people like you know. We talked earlier about how this was the same night. Is that a w pay per view. You did a lot to bring the people I saw wearing a w shirts and hoodies and stuff was probably the draw for a lot of those people definitely and I mean this match had your normal Joey Ryan stuff but I think what surprised is most of us Dr Dan one via positive for <hes> for <hes> fuck akinsete affirmation affirmation. Thank you didn't surprise me at all Dr Dan's my boy. I knew he he was GONNA win. Doubt what I'm most happy about in this match to be honest <hes> I. I don't Hate Joey Ryan because I don't really care I was carrying after hate him but it's not really my thing I didn't really it's been said that I didn't really care that he was coming out. Whatever the Dick Flip thing is funny but I don't know whatever didn't really care <hes> but I was really glad for Dr Dan man main event in Atlanta? You know dudes been working hard. He puts a lot in day. W as it was good to see him get a moment man. <hes> I liked now. Is it that you knew he was going to win or you want to but here's Dr Dancing to win every match and dude dedication confidence respect was the last single when he had tonight. I don't know I'm not gonNA semantics here all right. We're talking. You know what I'm saying. I talked with him after the show. He told me it was like some insane fucking time the last time a singles win so so I think that's what surprised me 'cause it's Oh Dr Dan. He loses matches fine so when he was like Oh shit in getting that win against Joey Ryan he did the the paper cuts spot with Joey Ryan yeah he had how many pamphlets in this tight as he had had more more pamphlets than Joey Ed blow POPs oh my gosh and there were a lot of people clamoring for them. fucking blow POPs to man one of us. One of them was right by US yeah man she didn't she didn't get one and then like at the end of the night she was again like I'm good I Joey Ryan's Gimmick makes me laugh. It's you know it's the same couple spots every show. Oh It's you know it's sort of like orange cassidy right like I kinda listed like I wind for a second night wine. Whenever I was like I was over? We'll why and I was like well. It's just the same thing I don't get it. I don't like something and then <unk> every cancer wasn't that kind of wrestling. That's kind of a gimmick isn't it and I was like yeah you're right. I mean it is just I duNno. I don't love it. I Dunno whatever though far as what I'm seeing and this is our ironically enough. This is the match that <hes> Joey Ryan and Dr. Dan reminded me of and was his last win that I'm looking now on a cage match dot net of what they're reporting the last singles a w win was versus cheek manning at W. Season of the witch holy Shit Ach and all the time ago <hes> but in his defense he hasn't been in as many singles matches. He's been in a lot of scramble matches or a lot of tacky matches why <hes> I <hes> while they want versus crime time him and Brian Carson but then they lost for the head hunters and then the next show he was walked the plank he was in the scramble match. Then Lawson attacked he match and obviously wanted to scramble mass detecting matches it or losing to A._J.. Great it match if you like comedy wrestling mismatch superfund delivered one of the things I like about Dr Dan. He couldn't play the comedy role but he doesn't always know. He's a good wrestler anymore to say about this matter. I mean that's I think that's pretty much the gist of it all. There's there's you would expect to have an adopted. Dan Match everything you would expect to have an joey. Ryan match was all there you there. Were those two dudes. You need to watch the match all right any final thoughts on the show. No glad it was their glad. I didn't miss out hopefully albeit Jalen. Maybe I won't though knows we'll see real-life if may call how `bout you stacey I it was a good show. I like this place is another option shows <hes>. I like that for the after party you just walked back walked back to the front bar and you're at the after party you see that dog. They have their that lady had a dog. A dog ruled but I was like people get weird about like if you try to pet their dogs or anything so I left it alone but man dog was huge. He was cool man. He kept looking at me through the glass. He really made <unk> us on that one couch for a long time like in the bar I was hoping he was gonna come to the wrestler any final thoughts before we go start with nothing you can listen to me every Sunday Sunday evening. The new episodes of vandamme follow us on twitter at Pod vandamme or my personal account Ed tweets from pod vandamme. I tweet from at you can call me Ron. Stacey fantastic podcast podcast actually has a new episode finally <hes> with Ed from Pod vandamme so you know where you listen to your podcasts at Google on spotify all those places <hes> and <hes> instagram at super fantastic podcast and on twitter at superfan casting and <hes> there'll be a bunch of episodes coming up in June back to actually you know cast not take in two two and a half months off and I would suggest everybody to listen to both this week's pod Van Damme and don't technically last week's super fantastic the the in getting inside the mind of Ed is special and it's it's fun because there's never a dull moment. He's he's a real gem. That guy need to get him back on here. Soon learned a lot about Christiane Christie and of course you can find myself at heavyset three three zero much like you can find this show and wrestling chairs facebook dot com slash wrestling cheers twitter dot com slash resing cheers instagram dot com slash wrestling cheers email. 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