Crisis On Infinite Earths Crossover, Secret Warps Iron Hammer Annual #1: Superconnectivity Episode #248


This episode of ticks brought to you by tweaked audio awesome headphones tweak audio dot com and use the punt southgate hitting thirty percent off reshipping in a lifetime warranty working get their link on our website southgate media group dot com. Hey kiddo welcome once again his superconductivity. I am your host. Charlie professor esser and with me as always is is the man who never has a problem with his air. <hes> fill fill me impaired nice short gets out of his is the unwielding not that my head. I can't stand it nests. Were those who actually happen and watch. You know you get to see me having come here. Oh oh okay. The first thing that was actually i didn't even know about but actually when my book guy was talking to me about it. I said uh-huh yeah. That's kind of right because the first issue of meiomi is worth like fifty bucks now. I did see yeah like that. It was going on yet the price but yeah. I know it's just been killing for guy big money on the internet and stop it. I know i am going to say totally worth it. That is a great vote. It's a great series now and if you really need that first issue for some reason because i don't think my bucks i had it. I read it and i loved it. Oh so do you think it is this what you're talking about before about that the speculators market once again and again like i said my combo guy says you know what is he asked me. You know what you you said yeah and he says waiting about this new speculation as there's a speculation boom you yeah yeah. I wonder if it's because it's like you know ben. This is on there with david walker and if people were expecting naomi to be the new jessica jones on the dc decide similar but you know you know ben this create your on that side now yeah what was actually my. I was just using that as an example yeah yeah that's the kind of thing that inspires this kind of speculation but the fact that again according to my comic book guy and he would know he sells comedy clubs bucks. There is a real uptick in this speculative market of people buying flip in hopes of gaining money you know and you know it's ninety s nostalgia man it's everything's back in the ninety s lo yeah i mean i mean i see that now especially like on marvel side ride like people were going to try to start picking up the first issue. Sam wilson was captain america or the first jane foster thor yeah well. I mean certainly there's a possibility you see but here's the thing <hes> the one box market. Is something in the speculator market so if you go back now uh-huh. Let's go get that first issue of jane foster thor. That's a different thing to purchase than here is the here's issue one of this book that you can buy for five dollars and you're hoping you're going to sell it a week or a month or a year for fifty but that's the thing i don't think an a number one holds cachet anymore because they reboot every year the two years you know so. It's like well yeah but i think money uae well money wise in number one lost its value now. It's like they're bringing so-and-so character into the empty you. Where was their first appearance. That might go up in. You know yeah but what i'm saying but again that's a different. That's a different i._p._o. Market see what killed the nineties because the speculators market when when they talk about the speculation market you're talking about the nineties superman you know you know like like todd mcfarland spiderman the number one and then that x. men number one. I mean that's those were the days where they weren't thrown out number one every two seconds. I think people were like oh brand new number one. This is going to be worth money. You know <music> but but the thing was is that there's this market that gets created where people are buying stuff with intention flipping it quickly. It's one thing when when you buy so for example by mcfarland's first appearance in spider man and you say i feel this is gonna be worth money. I'm going to put it in my long box to save for twenty years and then it's going to be like a fantastic four number one in you know by the eighties. It was worth one hundred thousand dollars. You know <hes> <hes> that is that is a different kind of market than the speculators speculators market is when people are just buying tons of books and i'm trying to sell them on ebay quickly. Which happens 'cause you'll see this because the book sells out and now people are going to pay thirty five bucks for it on ebay and that's it's a different market and the question that i kind of come to is the speculators killed the comic book industry in the ninety but mostly account book industry in the ninety s because because marvel in d._c. And a thousand indie publishers kind of thought this was going to go on forever yeah. They didn't plan for this occurrence. You know it's kind of this kind of like the funchal pop market now. Where are you i. I'm in the fucking. <unk> is basically they're. They're useless toys and all of you that you can't play with them. They they literally just made to sit on setting a box in your show. <hes> you have michael just making funded. I talk with my hands covering up the ones over. I'm like okay over there. Oh a boxer worth us now. Everyone knows that second you for your toy the maj. The money the money that one in the middle was a gift from little health. I never saw that. That's very good. We'll we'll. We'll see what your kid does someday de. Let's junk. What are you going to do with this exactly with money now anyway <hes> yeah <hes> tom. That's why trash all my stuff so my kids know. It's worthless. So do you think like <hes>. The fuel in this new speculator market is on all. I liked the all the superhero movies and t._v. shows. I mean you can't you can't like cathro rock and what hit like a superhero propert anymore. Well yeah i mean i think that's a big part of it. It's bringing the idea that into the mainstream into the public eye but more along the lines. It's also creating this idea that there is this this value to these project products that <hes> that is unrelated to it's either cultural or historical value so when and mrs like between the long bond market and the speculator now you can speculate to buy something put it in the long then you're you're taking that time before you so so yeah it's the idea flipping which is sort of what you had back in the back in the nineties where the death of superman you know still in back was selling for one hundred bucks. You know if people that oh this is the lesson but of course why would you buy if you're not going to open the bag. Oh how do you know it's in there. They could just put paper in there. You know every so often you'll see that unopened pack of chewing gum making seven could be could be rookie card in here. Maybe probably not because they were rare but the baseball cards not the ones that went up in value faithful about baseball cards for one for one summer. It's like putting torturing cards. It's like you know there's two sentences the bottom that's it at least with comic books reading story in order to like i well. You always gonna be a star wars to say. I got pulled as horrible see puzzles over than you hana before. They had cow how you had to have a major licensed property back. Then best is what this but no when i was really young like what was that like early eighties i remember like those star wars was cards. I think they even had them from like e._t. And stuff <hes> yeah. I remember this yeah yeah but you know it's an interesting interesting development. It does rhyme of the nineties and it does it and i know from my comic book is worry. It's like man we we go through this again. Because of course this is a store. That's been around since since the eighties so they were they've been through it. They've seen that that that that that day when they were put money on these kinds of books and now they're like don't get excited but i did notice. They've actually hired new staff. Oh nice yeah you know got these young kids in there. I've never never seen before but you know but yeah but naomi so the ripple effect is occurring once again spend spend as well. You know oh causing chaos chaos wherever he goes to me. They always looked at deserves it. I can see naomi being turku six hundred yeah. Definitely you know she could very easily be d._c.'s new ms marvel. That's what i'm saying. I wonder if that's the whole thing is like people were waiting. I think this book is against skyrocket. She makes her parents and like you know live action or animated something or other yeah yeah. I mean it's entirely possible i if one whereas worth maybe there's more to the speculation that i think it is more creator driven. You know i i i am sure stuff like bitter. Root is getting getting a lot of hype on on the markets because of the cachet of the artist. I is on site. It's not just the gimmick of the book. You know who's in this issue. This one dies you know <hes>. I know kids. It's not about just you know multiple covers although we do at marvel covers for a while now and as my comfort with her yeah i get guys who they need off fifty covers. They need all of them. Yeah come um and you know. The guy says he says to him. You know and it's like you know and of course you have but this is actually where i think marvel is being smart. Were they are designing in very much in the way that funk. Oh does with their manufactured collectable junk toys with some of them. Uncle toys are awful yeah you. He's worth it yeah. Definitely it okay <hes>. They said they weren't good for me. Yeah yeah so there. There are problems. I've heard him say that like a lot of times. It's well especially with the five nights at freddy's funchal toys kind of poorly made box. I've heard what's your question. I'm trying to lose him. Apparently he's basically but he had these waiter but as also technology steel spider silver what well there was a character steel spider in the eighties who was a yeah but he he was actually actually got his fat kid but it was a super genius kid and actually i read steel sweaters origin. It's really great like used to be in a group and he used to used to just just like that because he made the yeah yeah but then he made the spiderman arms and then he actually like made billionaire lost lot of way and then look at all and his wife left him yeah he's had. He's had some pretty weird choice. I remember they actually brought on backing i. M. c. two story wants where like you know the you. Generation of superheroes like no man. You were still spider. You're awesome. It's like really i thought of santa kind of a loser you know see. What do you need me here. You can do this show which yeah i could i could. I know i was gonna say if it's right like i do like you decide. You don't even need me but no he's saying. It's looks like spider man and silver armor. Peter parker's like one issue. I think it was a web of spider man one hundred he like invented like this armor it yeah they're like no spark the inose i think it was like an iron man suit who's basically just a suit of armor ago. You know up against a group of milne's. I mean what is cheaper that. Let me think it's still spider. Spider wasn't character and one of the video games over awesome. I love still sputter. Don't don't don't don't hate until yeah but he had to like those spider on his back so i just wanted to worry about confusing him with superior it will actually and then there's actually another what if story where peter parker doesn't get steel spider arms himself yes genius yes. I think i think someone twenty minutes our class palm center yeah yeah. There's lots associate captain spider. I like spider he he tries to do right. You know but it's hard to do right. When you're you know not smart you know <hes> oh you know speaking of <hes> speaking of genesis or the overuse of the word <hes> tarantino has a new film company called once upon a time in hollywood and this thing i of you know this was <hes> i had a bad feelings about because of one scene in the taylor. You're where you basically have bruce lee bragging about how his hands are deadly weapon. If i get into a fight with someone tonight kill them out of jail and brad pitt says that'll have anyone getting fight with somebody who killed a pool which is true and funny. <hes> like better the first time i heard it in a frigging jailhouse rock come up with your own wines right something that's original for once yeah hack yet <hes> nowhere somewhere yeah i think bruce. Lee's daughter set off a problem with a lot of people who are like you know from the lee. Lee honestly gonna take if you're gonna it. Make a iconic character jerk bruce. Lee is not the guy to do it okay. This is a guy who was he was beloved and there is not really a lot of negative stories out there about like the worst store you have about it is that he was kind of a workaholic. Dad which you know g a workaholic dad and sixties was is that something yeah yeah new you know i mean and then he did work himself at that and then you have to leave family curse story storyline all that kind of stuff but no you know as as his wife said you know bruce was always getting constant fight scene never wanted to find people on set because he had no reason to <hes> he was he was the he was by many by many accounts by chuck norris own account so hey you you can't hate i'm bruce lee if you like chuck norris and who who was legitimate karate champion actually one goal for those who don't know how we know who chuck nurses that's his that's his that <hes> that you know bruce lee you know he did the one inch punch a lot of really we really fancy almost superhero kind of stuff and that's what bruce lee's entire art was he elevated the art of martial martial arts to an actual art form and really really made made the american <hes> interest in that come through come for world and kung fu legends <hes> of which is always happy is still and then it strikes me now because apparently apparently so spoilers for this movie from that's not in a trailer is apparently brad pitt beats risley in the fight. I know oh ooh brad pitt. Christly you know <hes> what it strikes me that this is not the first time that tarantino said no who should be the best kung fu in the world are white protagonists this should i was going to say whatnot seem doesn't that seem they got out of the white probably beat like one of the if not the best well-known <hes> asian martial arts act well. Yeah i mean you know the the white hero complex. I mean yeah. It is a trope but it's a bad trump is trump. You're supposed to avoid and if you know that's supposedly nitwit any strikes me that even when he's fighting nazis you make sure it's blue eyed blond haired. Aryan superstar brad fed up. They're leaving the inglorious bastards you know i think the guy has a real problem people you know. Even you know even django unchained. I i get the feeling that there is. I think there's a lot of racism there that you don't see actually i actually think <hes> a horrible racist. I'm gonna say it. I'll about racist but i think he's he's angry humanity for some reason. Don't ask me why but there's no one wants to talk with him. I got law. I think he was picky before he became famous. I think he would you know get a lot of respect probably from many people yeah well probably but you know i don't think it was because he was. I think it was because he has a bad personnel because i don't see. I don't see this guy having a good personnel. I'm going to go out on a limb. I think probably a jerk and you don't believe me you know. Come on this show and defense defend your mr tarantino. Defend your reservoir dogs us. You know yeah but that that's it and i just think this is a recurring theme with him. I think anthony's often had this problem where he has held this store that own maggio's you know the great great grind house thumbs in the seventies but doesn't understand that you can recall those stories in an intelligent way they don't have to be as tone deaf and and poorly made as the originals you know and you know that's the thing i just. I just don't think you know and as they say you know how has one black protagonist <hes>. I guess maybe it's safe. Foxy brown pigment so yeah okay so there you go so his second i yeah i mean i tour bill. I mean he basically you know your main protagonist. Protagonist in woman get raped blocks. We're gonna filmer yeah. Oh yeah and of course you. You know our main building. There of course is is the guy who's sole <hes> bruce. Lee's job on crew. You know what maybe cast some well kabila but at the same time you know there's just there's just a lot going on there that i'm not i'm not quite sure about and i and i knew when i saw that seeing that because that was really excited about this film everything else about this really seemed like something i would enjoy but then they put that scene in there like this is going to ruin when the film isn't it. This is going to make this a bad film. Isn't this is gonna. This is gonna be the martha moment for the smell now. I don't know if it's going to have enough better moments. It make you forget about the martha moment but from the way i'm getting press on this. I'm thinking that you get stuck in that. Martha moment and you never get out. Well yeah you know and and that's that's a that's a trap. Whether you gotta avoid your martha moments i mean they could bog down a good movie and just look what it did batman v superman yeah that was well you know i think i think it yet. They're the martha just made you because it just stopped. You just make you realize how much much of everything else was bad. I mean you know we're batman. Fan and i enjoyed that movie for the most part are asleep yeah. It was just it was just. I don't care if they pay. They're taking down the snyder. Quit site does in the end. No one cared because again much like josh ranks was really making a better from that. He may say. It's not well written or not well main. What's more what's more more that gonna do exactly laws more exactly you know 'cause even the stuff stuff that he thought was good was actually very bad so i mean that's the problem. That's the problem with these with these guys like tarantino like snyder mhm so in love with their own stuff. They never think that you know maybe this isn't what i should be doing. Maybe this story. We actually be there. Maybe i need to look at what i'm saying. Look what i'm writing and maybe think about how that might look talked to someone who isn't me and you know that's the problem with now. You talk about some good filmmaking right now something. I thought i was going to be awful. I was i was very i was at first. I got excited about it. I got mad about it. I just wish the season and i am completely one eighty right right back on it. The boys is phenomenal like i said i just i just started it. I'm like halfway through the first episode of yeah. I mean i'm going to warn you man. It is it gets raunchy. It gets dirty not as bad as the comics well. I mean are taking up more human than i already saw the scene where the deepa aw why don't have how far he goes but see him trying to pull me to movements moyer oh well they touch back on that. It's the deepest the deepest so opperman even jason momoa. No i mean like i mean they make them look like jason momoa hera but he has so to be super friends aqua man you know everyone treats and poorly and he does lash out in these component is macaroni well you know he does he does talk to aquatic life and you know it's <hes> but it is that reality that no one cares about the ocean that is his constant travel is that you know he is the ruler of seventy five percent of the planet but nobody nobody goes there. You know so so. Can i assume i mean i'll watch more but can i assume he's lying when he says number to here yeah you can yeah. I don't ever remember anyone saying akron was in the you know god no. I think you've gotta get like sometime. After i mean may say akron big enough star that he got into the original super friends oh so he was arguing the fourth member he was the fourth quadrant quadrille. Why do we know the quad squad anyway. He was there in the in the super friends but this is the boys and at eight the super threats and yeah and in our modern ranking. I think even out opperman is like you know. After the flash batman superman wonder woman flash the i was going to greenland him before the i was gonna say flash and and green lantern nocco manhattan to get out now green lantern at least is is is is power yes yeah yeah the way more powerful and although they have us this great story about being the fastest man alive and you know and adrian having to defend and his title at these track meets against other super speed superheroes quasar they detract me or <hes> it was like an intergalactic thing but like held by the runner yeah yes yes running that is that is the thing that keeps death at <unk> outrun debt of all of the of all of the coverage of the universe. The runner is probably elect really that's. That's your house mick upset. She didn't running like general have let it be like the champion is kind of like general athletics but it's like no. I just run fast get you. That's what i've been gets rewarded. Gets the adrenalin up but you know but but now we're kind of suggests that shouldn't the runner be the fastest alive because he is the runner like if someone is technically faster than him shouldn't yes awesome to die immediately just but his categorizing as a man is he more like a deity or some kind of higher lifeforms the others of the universe are and this is like like new origin is that as all of their race died out day the the essence of the race convinced them so yeah you could argue that they're like gods although that also suggests so you know when they have kids like the collector has a child ever actually had a wife and of course the gardner has a child doc whether or not that causes them to lose some of their essence they will die and then their child will become the elder in a it's an interesting question about about the universe. I don't know i don't know how that works but <hes> it apparently does <hes> yeah but the boys it's. It's just fantastic you know. I got very worried because they cancelled the tech and i was. I really wanted to do a compare contrast to the view. I think i can still do that. <hes> i think that the dark conspiracy a heart <hes> of <hes> of hot does put it in a different different direction than what we see in the tick tick. Superheroes are more naturally created. Although that said you know i mean there's a real question isn't that you're going to have <hes> are these characters naturally created ever or is it just compound damaging campo leeann imaging compound in the first first episode because the senator benching compound so it's interesting that you play with a lot of stuff with that and it's actually really good. They have a really neat hake on something. That's in the book in the original book 'cause they do change but yours origin a bit but in a brilliant way and what they do is very fascinating and opens up a lot for what the story can be and homeland is a very fascinating character than what i kind of feel like the boys does to a really great. I won't say it does create a patient. 'cause i really was not. I didn't eat a lot of the boys. I've read a few issues. I know the basic facts store. I've read the wikipedia in oh. I enjoyed the books. I've read but you know tony bucks and so little time but as i watch the boys it's like this is really good. This is really really good night. Season to recruit uh-huh eilly watched the half of the first episode but i don't know why it struck me this way and maintenance because they had a series like in like in the early two the old maybe mid to thousands whatever but you know what you have kit come in the mind burmese not like eight. Oh that you know like aquaman superman basically out thinking squadrons squadron supreme for several yeah yeah. It's kind of yeah. I mean it's well. I mean it's definitely squadron sinister minister yes yeah. Did you read that <hes> let like <hes> mature rated book in the in the two thousands. Oh yes green how they're whatever yeah which i think was kind of intentionally didn't intentionally an answer to our gritty boots because as people will point out that actually actually the superhero deconstruction was done first by marvel widens desks when it had ongoing series <hes> in the eighties came up before watchmen did <hes> you know buy yes yes by markelov the great you know and you know it's a great series great books love squadron <hes> and touched on so many things other other stories touch on later in the way that they evolved them but but <hes> yeah it's it's. It's it's an interesting. Take on these two bureaus and actually almost gives you a moment to where are you kinda simple especially for episode. Will you sympathize homeland when they're at the <hes> at starbucks i dig meetings readings also like talking about profit loss and who's who's marketing and licensing what which again actually that's. That's something that's really in in. I think it's called the american by dark horse which was about <hes> you know the how basically they keep von just putting in a new captain america every time the last number and the guy who was his kids psychic in the fifties. You know like that got written out of his stories and he's all bidders yeah. Well no the reason why yup half the licensing so you know the american was sick of hearing that money oh go before i forget that reminds meals. Listen new kevin smith podcast. When is <hes> our this is a room or they heard this somewhere but supposedly him and his co host. We're talking talking about the plot of that captain matt <hes> that belkin a winter soldier. I series <hes> part of it is going to be like the u._s. Government being being like they don't want sam wilson to be captain america <hes> yes steve may have wanted him to but the government had john walker. Maybe the i would love to see the whole that shield is united states property son and who has felt start can't exactly argue that isn't gonna doc walker or they're going to be i would they make a new one is gonna say or would they even like try to get like bocci. They like it would some people. The government will buck you to pick up that she was. It's like no no no. I'm a killer and they're like yeah but you're the white guy now. No no no i. I was going to go white guy. They don't. He's uncontrollable that well. They're gonna let i mark my word. I hope it's toll marker i'll be john walker's coming into this. I'm gonna get some big wrestler john tina yeah we see you. I mean i was i i would love to see johnson. Is john walker. Okay kevin smith make it happen. I mean i don't know enough of the current wrestlers but if you're like a big blonde haired <hes> yeah i think i think it would be great idea. Yeah i mean and to have this guy being manipulative art charlie away you know what did you just think the same thing i did <hes> that this will be introduced the taskmaster for so we get his backstory in the black widow film old too but no i was to play. I mean that would work. Is that what we're go to bed. I who was drawn walkers partner weddings captain america. Oh battle start get that all-star yeah. That would be lovely. I'd love to see battle. The battle star wars didn't go crazy. Exactly the other option is is you could see them. Bringing out <hes> <hes> william burnside <hes> we actually do have another cap on. I still have one on five terrible. President trump says it sounds good to me. I don't hear anything wrong with what he's saying. He's just a good american. Fight those commies. Oh gosh what's weird. Is you actually read the fifties cabin caps when it was supposed to be john walker you oh wow they they like literally just made him like he was just that race in the middle of the stephen c rogers. There's no no no the fifties cap that you read the captain. America commie smasher bucks okay yeah if you ever get one of those collections of because a few two years back <hes> when they did bring it back he is racist on hand at ed just so insane anticommunist mr and really just meeting that were right wing propaganda machine in those books so it's like one of these weird things like oh wow this was actually when they actually when they actually brought back <hes> william burnside or the original fifties cap. They were kind of just making unknown about see. This is how this was the kind of guy he was was so you know this is why that traffic cap doesn't work in the sixty s but that was that was that was graces so yeah i mean oh i'd love to see i'd love to see the government not wanting sam wilson to be cap <hes>. I don't think i don't think they're going to want to be k._f._i. Yeah yeah that's gonna be the conflict. 'cause you gotta remember that. Actually you know <hes> when bucky was cat. Talking was sort of showing him the roads to yeah. I gotta get that reversal that same dynamic bucky fokin relationship goes through these and so i'm looking forward to that you know i'll i wonder i wonder buddy into the sears. If they're going to like cleanup buggies <hes> you know but you the winter soldier that was a russian thing by the end of he's gonna get some kind of like blue and red had costumer something that'd be me or or they just noman man with all that too but i just i'm just wondering if they're going to get rid of that winter soldier things like secretion of the russians. You know well you know. I think he's just bucky. There's there's so much blood on that winter soldier mantle yeah but you know but i think it's even worse who's fucking does he. The white wolford ever woven in kind of no. I think he'll just be lucky bucky in world war two and that was like in the comics. It's like to be renamed bucky <unk> yeah. It's like he doesn't happen although they make the joke that yes. Everyone knows that steve rogers has the best brand name buggies and the captain america's best friends ossining buck. He put the two together bag as bruce. Wayne can do that with his partner. Earn forty s well you know if he'd been made an old man. It would have had a field day. Might wings can't wait to see it. Wouldn't i'm just so excited for that do you. Do you think they'll do straight out. I think they'll do winger. They just gonna happen because some of those order books like earth to like raw grayson state robin robin robin. Maybe i mean let's for such number that that burt ward is actually in his sixties. That's what i'm saying yeah. Yeah i mean and i i don't think he's in the best shape as very few people in their sixties and i'm not saying you gotta put him in an action in an action you can have in a costume or something yeah i mean i who i'd love to see him in some kind of cost everyone would i. I think we're all said that we don't see at westinghouse. <hes> there have been dr. We might be commissioner. Gordon might see this. You might be some other character entirely. He might be the president of the united states. Although i think it is confirmed that linda carter will be wonderful. She's not a makes me wonder if they're actually going to be if they're gonna visit. That is just going to be that kingdom. Come world and you just have you know actually the most logical is that burton <hes> we'll be in that role yeah and they're going to like you know they're gonna throw armor him up as batman sort of that you know dark knight you know <hes> either that or they may they had decrease. Jason is red robin if they do something like that because i i bet you that they're they're gonna find a way to honor rah adam west batman now. I guarantee there. The logical way is that you have have you have a burt as the new batman move a. b. or dickerson knew that that's logical role and when you're in the bat cave you're going to see the old the old bat computer and you'll see like the bruce wayne wing foundation on that's going to be sad. It's going to be like if you references death is gonna be a you know that that final death trap he couldn't escape for something should've wore the thermal belonging underwear that crossover like a couple years ago. Come on i'll yeah now. I think we would have loved it <hes> but i think i i think i mean honestly. It's kind of weird because i don't think random friend ross right yeah yeah. I don't think he fixing old the you know. I mean yeah okay granted. Linda carter still looks pretty hot. Nothing else it does show that like nope just donate you know but i think ralph is he's still he's the only one living who played superman the. It wasn't the last superman he would. You know. Christopher reeve is gone. George reeves has gone yeah and and his his one was definitely meant to be a a <hes> a continuation of the matter universe it was very much in that really meant to take place after superman four. Yes basically do brandon of one brandon ralph's already there to your your use your auguring both his movie and the christopher reeve stop the oh yeah i mean you know i think it's good that they have they got you know i think he can do no gray up his air with all that stuff you know put them in old man makeup. I don't know i i think little says i mean it's kind of hard to tell though little says she thinks he's already going a little bit gray so well there you go yeah. Why not you know i say kingdom come to head coach richard j. I got a little of that like one of go to two or three little great. Here's like oh man. I'm going all reed richards. I didn't even know you could just go granted pimples like that but it stopped my here's sola juries. It's just it's not become on richard's. What's that's incredible story of stanley's even by great the temples. I never saw it in the wild. I i never have and then now. It's for me. It's only on one side but you know let's bring her to get. I get like big white streaks in that vietnam play. I don't want to grow a beard and that's another thing why keep your hair short. Charlie surrey liked type great little. I would definitely do that if i had the timing timing and opportunity and i gotta get like higher dan. I gotta be locking my job. I gotta be like three or two or three months there than mustaches ashes back the hair is gonna get to be me again. Gotta be. That's what i want. It's a long slog man you know so before we got a couple minutes. You wanna talk any comics. I mean i i don't wanna say stuff and you think i mean. I've read a lot. I've read iron the final infinity ward which was amazing especially the <hes> you know i like the the the the war machines three little okay during the back i was gonna say. Do you want to read that because i don't know i don't know if lilith read that we can top alpha after midnight and the outlaws okay we'll see if that one essay right bullets they save spiderman and red hood at least i shall we shall talk joe. I haven't been vitamin opponent dot com. This is a good episode then we have kept america offensive end and fantastic warranties for i loved by the way and i wonder if they're gonna. I wonder if they're going to have but you went. That's fantastic support. I don't want to say is this five bucks. They solve the problem by by alicia alicia breaking out her own radioactive. Click yeah because i am so certain that because i think they did that as a one off and wasn't that wasn't going to be a one off you can't you can't throw it out there. Let's get radioactive clay but he's going to be the new puppet master. I mean we could talk dental care. I wanna flow. Well threatened or not but we can talk but i love that <hes> well. Let's not conan as i know i'm the only one who read. It flew fred that sometimes i don't know man. I don't take a book. I work aren't hammer yeah hammer which we basically get the idea and i i love how they do to encourage it. You know <hes> basically again building up to this incursion universe concept and how what what was that disease stained guy that he wasn't a doubled person it was just he was just like one person person and that was what made universe flawed and was causing all the collapses in on itself and when we started off of course anyone's been quadrupled now of course iraq night because he's already four people in one mind was able to navigate it you know lack and he'd be like guide anyone else through it and <hes> yeah it was beautiful. It was beautiful the way to do it and then of course they have i mean i don't know if zeke stains 'cause i isn't the extent of villain and so yeah that is in the hammer now is i mean i if it's the same guy from the book a few years ago he's like diogenes son or something yeah yeah zeki thing yeah so that was that's somebody's the one person wasn't doubled so but what's interesting about it is the hit it was like little space in the hammer which is also kind of weird but then they reference it again and that weird thing. Where am i wasn't worthy. Whereas in the first state whack to the hammer never cares if you're worthy initiate hurts yeah but you know because it's like part technology but then of course <hes> and j. l. <hes> happy jane hogan <hes> do it allowed. You knew i knew female iron hammer yeah. That was a fun story man. I liked that. I liked that i love. I love the bonding of happy in jane. I you'd actually personally happy and pepper are the better bonding legacy wanted to get to a jane foster thorpe and they already <hes> bonded minded. I don't know who jane bonded. I guess she's supposed to be banjul. James foster pepper potts in banjul. Maybe they were never heard federal called the y. You know ness. I mean there's all sorts of adjectives that you know they attached to <hes> <hes> <hes> false annapolis both but you know who who i thought you were going absolutely mentioned in the first story ruben storm the wonderful one that terrific emerged in the one why is he ruben sperm todo unless that's supposed supposed to be a play on re read and something l. okay well. You get r. e. Farid than as a you in the middle for what su e n for ben okay okay ruben ruben <hes> i get it. I get so it's all of them are went on one so i'm <music>. I'm max what you're saying. I was supposed to be like merged with with wonder man. I don't know why has the wonderful one so because he's the one on one yeah fantastic for for ethnic sounds and he got another one but of course you're going to like this. I mean i don. I love that would really a great. It was a great story. I liked how they played it out and it just you know and and then they they returned to the universe and then you have of course <hes> what is it <hes> <hes> vano core anos yes yes yes because i must make balance an order in the universe and now it is proof enough who wrote this story right who arguing or more doll yeah well there you go. I mean it was a great book. I enjoyed it. I recommend it to a friend yeah. Well read the book. We can ask her all right. <hes> should get out of here excited. It looks like she she of your if low of his on time yeah yes yeah from right back all right okay okay so until next time cats and kittens you can always reach phil asked <hes> you can reach me at eight wing p._d._p. At jimoh dot com on twitter. I am at night wing p._d._p. And you can catch superconductivity everywhere facebook twitter instagram says voicemails <hes> six one four three eight two two seven three seven nine six one four thirty capes and of course we'd like to write commuted the old desktop around the house and puzzle and you can do so it superconductivity blog at jima dot com remember what pitch near at superconductivity blog all one word at gmail dot com and of course the twitter's. I liked things like at charlier lot sooner j._r. Ally s._e. Are the ease in the middle of quality to go all right guessing. Thank you once again. We're gonna activity in one week's time be sure to super connect with us once again. Good night. I love to dance the way through my amazing mental. Our ooh snakes wade wilson. His arms are oh.

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