AP One Minute Headlines Jan 24 2019 13:00 (EST)


Getting ready to vote I'm Ed Donahue with AP news minute. The Senate will be an order Senate is expected to vote on two bills today that could end a partial government shutdown. They are not expected to pass. This majority leader Mitch McConnell Evers convo to reopen the entire government with a compromise package that the president will actually Sean or they can hold out for the democratic leaders dead and proposal that stands no chance of arming the president's signature that Bill funds the government through early next month with border security negotiations. Continuing commerce secretary Wilbur Ross is wondering why furloughed workers are going to food banks instead of taking out loans. The people might have to pay a little bit of interest. But the idea that is paycheck or zero is not a really valid idea. Ross was on CNBC Democrats say the president and his team or out of touch about the impact on American workers of the shutdown. I may Donahue.

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