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Mike Zimmer with PA #92Noon!


The Ball we took. A coach Zimmer at Paul Allen. How are you? I'm well. You pretty well. Thank you for asking Sir. How How perfectly groomed is the ranch right now? Well right now. It's pretty much underwater. It's been rain straight for two days. Yeah so let's. Pond is way up and the UH creeks are overflowing so. Not Much Fun with that doubt that pond at you know right in front of your place or you concerned. It's going to rise so high that it may invade your invade your dwelling sir. No won't get that. With the with the shutdown. What What have you done around the ranch? You otherwise wouldn't have time to accomplish. Well I've been doing a lot of habitat work You know there's. A bunch of invasive species of These bushes here that I'm trying to get rid of so I've been able to get a lot of that Don. we planted Planet some corn the other day for for the wildlife and. We did It makes golf holes so I to that. Probably do you Do you find that therapeutic or you know or you're having to do it so much because you're quarantine to? It does get doll. Well, it does get a little bit. A little bit dull, but it's good to be able to go. Do something so. We're staying busy with meetings and everything else so You know I guess. I guess that's best. You can do right now. What what are the virtual meetings like? Now that you've done a bunch of them, but just just just, what are they like? it's it's good. You got typically one coaches talking with you know we'll show. Film will show the installs the players can. Usually, they're always muted and then have a question. Newton S as question The film stuff has been good to coaches. Meetings have been good So it's it's. It's different. 'cause you're not in the same room, but you know it's. Doable for share your your youngest corners including. Chris boy was here last year. Mike. How how do you teach technique virtually? Well. That's probably the hardest thing to do. We do have the players Videoing themselves on some of the drills were asking. You know showing them what to do, so we say you know video video yourself and send it. Send it back to US and So that part has been as been good. We can kind of correct them on the video You know if if they want it and then You know so. That's about the best that we can do. At this particular point you know we. Talk to him about all you want, but until you get hands on them and. It's hard to do so like so say I mean I'm just GonNa. Use the name dance ler, but like say with rookie dance slur. You send him. He sends you a tape. And then you like make recommendations. Do you get out a a recording back or whatever and then you can see improvement art stays. It stayed the same. Well. Yeah, they're working on different things. You know each time, but the video what what send back video and you? They can be on the. Computer and the IPAD and talk to him the same you know while you're watching the tape, say hey, you need to make sure you turn your right foot. Here is your opening to your left You know similar things we do. We do on the field. Just can't show them exactly and we can, and we can actually show them. You know like. Get up and show them how it's supposed to be that as well Mike. Zimmer head coach of the Minnesota Vikings from his. His Northern Kentucky Ranch on the nine to noon show, and you know you you and I being horseracing guys just envision a starting gate, and with your cornerbacks that the starting gates fall I mean, and when the gates pop and they start to race to win those three spots to outside one inside got. It seems like it'll be a fantastic race you. You liked Kris Boyd end of last season like Chris. What? What does he have to do to win a starting spot? Well I think with both Hogan Hill and and Kris Boyd. Those those are two. Not Truly veteran guys, but they're you know they've been here a little bit You know it's more about the consistency of what they're trying to do at this point in their. Football careers their their the very talented kids that sometimes it this way, and sometimes it's that way, and so what we have to do is just get them to feel comfortable enough in what what they're trying to accomplish that they're not thinking about doing those things, so the more consistent with their footwork and backpedal and their technique up and run, and and those kind of things I think we'll be the key to them. How how was Mike US Recovering from Ma that season ending injury? I think well so far. From what? I've been told. So he should be good to go and worksite getting back so per the rules you know the guidelines and everything Mike and maybe others have been able to go to. Performance Center and Rehab a little bit right. Right yeah, the injured players can can. We had You know. Unfortunately for him, he he can't travel to go. See a doctor in New Yorker. California or something like that so you know we. We just have to wait to get the full clearance with everything. Hey, when the Mike when? And the offensive in special teams meetings take place. Let like what do you offer during those meetings? Or what do you do? Listen most of the time you know. What they do offensively is you know Rick? Dennison gets up and he talks about the run game and then Gary will talk about the past game or the concept of the play and then typically they'll meet in in different rooms and I'll pop into different rooms. lesson you know I'll. Say Hey. You know we. Gary say something I said Yeah. That's really hard on defense or You know just Kinda comment about what? What I say and things like that, you know, sometimes, it's You know the day I had to. Remind. One of the rookies dissemble. Send his thing and so I had to pop in for that. And And then a special team. Just you know it's the same thing that you know. Take him on this. Make sure you're taking mom with his shoulder. When I mean you. You got a taste of it last year. Stefanski was the offensive coordinator. How does Kubiak run meetings? What do you like about it? He's he's very efficient. He's. Very Professional He does a great job of explaining these very very detailed on. The concept of the play the. What we're trying to do the reach of the quarterback, this one two three. You know this when you guys are. All guys are first choice. You know this is the first as. A cover to side this quarter side, you know, get quarters. We're looking for the post whatever and now he's. He's outstanding his. Best now I mean. If you're back here with rookie camp organized team activities mini camp and training camp in your gathering, your together rookies in can be overwhelmed in the first place with you teaching them onsite, but like rookies now virtually and specifically Justin Jefferson are you finding a majority of of your newbies are embracing what you guys are teaching. They get they get quiz daily all all these rookies an we get to spend extra time with with the rookie. So you know the rookies will stay longer than the in the vet and you know like the defense is doing a virtual walk through they go through plays and make the rookies make the calls and you know, and then same thing with with really all the positions they get quizzed every single day. How how badly or how much do you pine to get these guys on the field to properly answer all these questions I pose the media last week. I mean you you. You got to get on the field. Answer these questions right. Oh Yeah I mean. You Know I. Could you the playbook, but you couldn't. You couldn't go on and executed. Because you know you don't know how how to do it. You might understand. What you're supposed to do on that specific play, that part has been really good because they've been able to go over and over and over and over and but until you get him on the field, and you show them how to do it or you know you can show them on a on a video of this guy should be tighter. Alignment should have outside put up, but you know it's about to remember you get out there, and you start doing it and you know the most important thing. Really we get onto the field is. You know how much time we're GONNA have obviously how much players can handle and then you know. How fast will they feel comfortable doing the things we're asking you to do because you can't y if you're if you're thinking about what you're doing while you're playing, you're going to be slower to react slower to To run the right route all those all those types of things time for two more, can you? Can you tell the virtual meetings Mike Irv Smith junior is maybe markedly ahead of where he was last year. Oh Yeah you know. He's so much better when if ask questions now than he was here go, but Um. You know that's that's part of being in the system for a while and understanding where he worries going to go and where he's going to be, you know the good thing about all the offensive guys is most of them have been in the system now for a year you know. Know Gary System really at the end of the day. He's changed a few things, but it's it's You know it's pretty much the same but yeah. He hit him and really all all the first year. Guys are will be better that way last one, but I I know you're not super touchy feely, but what? What of these months together with your son Adam been like? Yeah, it's been great Last night who got the whiteboard out there? Sitting down and we're talking about a defensive, so we got the whiteboard out and started I was drawing it on a on a piece of paper, and then he he went, got the whiteboard out, so we could see a little bit better that way so You know I've been. Honestly, you know what's Andrei and Adam. I've been very impressed with the way they've been running the meetings the way that. They communicate together You Know Toronto. Jones has been doing a good job of explaining things in with the with the DD, so I've been really pleased with the way that. Every extinct smooth defensively and you know I get I. Get to listen and Critique and and do those things but. It's been going really smooth with your DB's coach Toronto Jones. I was reading up on his assistant Roy Anderson last night. Your DB's coaches they they. They're both quite accomplished. What what do you like about those guys? you know how Roy was in In Chicago for forbidden with. Vic Fangio. Talked about him and then you know. He was at Lsu last year with all those players that they had, so we got. We were able to get a lot of good Intel from him, but the both. Guys, Toronto's as a very polished coaches extremely good on the board. When I interviewed him, I was extremely impressed He worked the Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati. Had Marlboro was one recommended him to me. so you know he I've been I've been impressed with all of them and You know they just WanNa they just WanNa work together and get it done really defensively. There hasn't been a eagles. You know with the coaching staff or anything like that it's been. It's been. been really well so I'm I'm pleased with how all that's going and and additional the new gas buddy. Thanks for the time I look forward to seeing. You have a good day. Okay, okay you to Mike Zimmer head coach of the Minnesota. Vikings now we we are in search of shutdown, shoutouts, individuals, entities, businesses scenarios. You would like. Shout out and nine to noon will make public mrs courtesy of Warner. Stallion warnerstellion. WARNERSTELLION DOT COM each and every Tuesday for what now will be ten consecutive weeks nine to noon has designated a segment where we recognize those who are standing out in the pandemic purge. We call them shutdown shoutouts, and we would like emails in pithy fashion of possible to boot that Kfi am dot com email. Those shutdown shouts to booth that KFI in dot com and we will read them in the eleven fifteen segment.

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