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I think we're together all together on my end. I'm not sure think that Daniels got everything working in plug in. As we roll along here on other side at Texas two thousand nineteen happy New Year's to you, and yours hope that your Wednesday didn't start off like a Monday today in if it did a hope that that is not a sign of things to come. You are listening to the most listened to platform all of west, Texas. Glad that Hewer here as we broadcast from the racer car wash studios. Racer car wash voted Lubbock specis wash for five years running stop into one of five convenient locations across hope city for the best wash around guaranteed racer wash dot com where you can find the location. That works best for you. So friends. New year new shows new things. Couple of quick well coming up, by the way Ross Ramsey. We're gonna go over the hundred and forty days of the Texas Texas legislature meets every other year for one hundred forty days. Ross Ramsey is. Now, the dean of Texas political journalism. He's gonna talk us through what those hundred and forty days. Look like what's happening where and win things start off slow, and then they I'll let him talk you through it things heat up. And then they tried to get everything done one hundred forty days. Ross Ramsey my political counselor coming up and then the one and only Ted Mitchell chancellor of Texas Tech university on the legislative agenda for the university. But we're also gonna talk about a lot of other cool things. Like how much better my here is than his and he's got a better treehouse in I have. And I want to try to Airbnb that thing so fun conversation coming up with Ted Mitchell but half an hour from now Ross Ramsey in about ten minutes from now new year new show. We are we've got our new studio together, and I was told Daniels not here now. But the last report I was given should be ready at the end of the week next week maybe the week after so I'm looking at maybe January fifteen switching over to new studio, which means if you're listening in the podcast. It'll be better audio for you at also same station same place same podcast platform. None of that changes. Just the equipment. We say that this. These are the studios or buddy Holly became famous because that's historical fact. But there's also a lot of Queant that hadn't changed since buddy Holly became famous. So we're gonna make some changes there. And we're all sitting in bring you some news stuff. We're going to start doing the show Daniel thinks it's a good idea. I don't Daniel does thinks that we ought to be Facebook live and some this stuff that you can watch on the computer, or maybe we put up clips of Facebook live of on our other side of Texas Facebook page. Daniel's been right so far. So I'm gonna trust Daniel the millennial as we roll along. But also in this is where I'm one start today in two thousand nineteen. You hear a lot about New Year's resolutions. Well, there's an unsaid New Year's resolution is a political resolution going on in Texas right now in its everybody trying to find their footing in what's been a verbal landslide in the landscape who's going to get the best footing. Who can get that? Putting? And I think that you see a new political landscape coming in two thousand nineteen must spend a couple of minutes on that form get Ross Ramsey on the show is a monologue along with you. I am a west Texas. Can that is my self described her? I've decided to define myself that way, some people call me a populist, and that's fine. Purry populace the populism things seemed to change. But with me whenever I'm talking about prairie populism or west, Texan ISM. I'm always whenever you listen to me. I'm always going to be about my place, and this is transferable to other places in Texas or the country where where people are listening. That you can be about your place first, and then domesticate a party platform to fit with it. So that you get a west Texas crat or in east Texaco at a sow Texaco can. But I'm all about place. I and that's not because of native ISM. Well, it is because the native ISM, but it doesn't play out plays out in people making political deals with one another to achieve objectives for their. It's just like what you're about see the vet school. You're gonna get the people like in. This is just me betting, but a dozen boroughs a John Fru. Low state house of Representative members out of Lubbock, maybe even poor price. Drew Darby some others John Smith that vote for things that they wouldn't typically vote for in way out in the weeds votes. People will never be able to tell except we're going to bring it to you here on the program. Because they're making deals they're making deals for the region. And and that's where I've always been. And that's where I'm going to be. I don't care how much there is a new political terrain in Texas. I'm still gonna push place. I and say to somebody up in North Texas. We'll go with you on this. You come with us on this. And let's all have a big place porting because the place carries a continuity and knowledge, and it passes from generation to generation how place works, and what makes it turn. And when there's disruption in in this continuity, learning transpires, by costly lessons of what the place will and will not tolerate in then at risk demise. And I started this program out of place all Aji, and I'm still at that place. Rural Texas has a lot at risk in. I think in the Mondays. Komen Avalon shirl, I think is even gonna be about. Why do we not see more rural revival type legislation in Texas? And in Washington. Let's let's get to that. But I began to think about. That prairie populism in this that west Texan ISM in the new politics. There's a new the ground is shifting in Texas right now, and it shifting away from a one party system, Texas is synonymous with one party state back whenever it was all democratic and now that it's all Republican. But you're seeing that all Republican begin to recede to road in. So the extreme whenever it was one party in the Republicans were winning statewide races by twenty points. You saw people give in to far-right policy that wasn't necessarily conducive to place. It's not conducive to place in every begin to talk about eliminating or consolidating schools. Number one example in rural Texas, we just went through the state championships. My goodness how many great football programs. We have in outlying areas of Lubbock new deal in shallow water in Abernethy. And then you go up into other places as well. Canadian. These great football programs in those all come from proud school districts, and you cannot talk about consolidation of schools without talking about consolidation towns in that means the end of a place. But the more the Republican party gay into in this being five years ago. Like, there are things I see today that I would never drained that were possible five years ago p so many people shifting position. I don't want to get ahead of myself. But in the media impolitic people begin to shift and come back to the middle to till middle right position. Maybe even a middle left position. And one thing that the rural Texas always fight against his suburban, Texas, at least for the last decade where there is no sense of place. And I don't mean to be ugly. People live in the suburbs and follow the pursuit of happiness, and I get it. But there's not a sense of place. So that property taxes become the predominant issue. And then there are other side issues, but guess what when the suburbs begin to vote democratic then that changes, the dynamics, and that's what happened in Texas. Two thousand eighteen all of a sudden, I'm speaking of an urban conference urban counties event next week with Ross Ramsey. We'll talk about here in a minute in. What I would have said in October, and what I will say in January or totally different because of the composition of what turned out in the suburbs. It changed a lot of the picture. Now, what you've got left in place where it has been one party or the da hard left wing Democrats at run a lot of in involved out at true ideological positioning in Lubbock in in a lot of other places in what guess what they wanna do. Now, they went to go. They wanna to go further lift based upon two thousand eighteen they can't take signs and say, well, maybe if we moderated a little bit we might achieve a win in a lump counting Republican party this one I hear a lot. We ought to be able to carry guns at the courthouse. We'll carry if you not into the Lubbock county courthouse. She know that they're inmates are being shifted from floor. Floor. It'd be crazy for somebody to have a gun accessible to an inmate at anytime. But, but that's a big part of Lubbock county Republican party platform right now, it just shows you how out of touch they really are the terrain shifting a new politics. And I'm telling you watch people who you've watched over the last decade in politics in media and you'll begin to see how they'll begin to shift. But I do think it bodes well for a vet school in that terrain to say guess, we're Republicans won. They won in rural Texas follow the lead. And we'll take you the promised land make a deal with us. That's just some west Texan ISM some prairie populism. As we kick off. Ross Ramsey coming up with us at mystic with us fun program. Head. Some. Jags all star up in this. Yeah. So mild Ma Daggs. Hey, you can follow along the program on air AM, five eighty on line at other side of Texas dot com. Just click on the listen live along j Leeson it j Leeson on Twitter and his first edition of two thousand nineteen is Ross Ramsey executive editor of the Texas tribunal Ross this where we gonna start off. Now, you are the dean of Texas political journalism. You cannot deny this fact again and hermits been longer. How come I never heard his name all this? Well, you know, we just keep talking off from the front of the list. Begi peacock has gone onto state employment. Argue Ratcliffe is retired ten Herman persists. How much further ahead is Herman than you. I think he's got ten years on me. And he's at the statesman. Correct. He's a columnist over there. He's got how much on you aren't if he's got ten. I I did a bunch of time in Dallas. The political writer jer us, she weighed on just I'm just a pup my apologies to Kim Herman there. Ross Ramsey at Ross Ramsey. I was I'm having a review program here. But we're people ask me where did you really like you just gun in tex- politics? Two years ago started on Ross Ramsey columns. He can read them every Monday Wednesday Friday at Texas Tribune dot org, and for those who are new for Texas politics. A lot of people listen to the program kind of their jump into the shallow end of the pro show into the pool. I should say Ross is a good guy to take us into the shallow win. And then get in the deep end as fast as you want to Ross the Texas legislature meets every two years for one hundred forty days in what I wanted to do is spend some time with you today to do a little one a one on what that hundred and forty days looks like what's going on kinda month to month as you. Roll along in a legislature? They start off with a little bit of a bang. They come in it'll happen next Tuesday. And Alexa, speaker of the house we expect to be Dennis bonding. It'll be his first time Joe Strauss's going out after five terms. The Senate is headed by Dan, Patrick and in the governor won't be inaugurated officially a week later. So on January fifty on the day before the session, the controller public accounts. Glenn Hager comes in and says, here's how much money I estimate your budget guys are going to have to spend in the next two year budget, and once all of that's laid out then the tenant governor, and the speaker take a little bit various mileage varies every session, but they take a little bit of time, and then come out of name who's gonna be on which committees and who's going to chair those committees. And then we're kind of often a racist except that it's very slow race. Start. You have all of that noise at the beginning. And you will hear you know, what a pomp and circumstance on Tuesday. A lot more Rick later with the inaugurations of the governor and the Lieutenant governor, and then it'll be relatively quiet. There's a period during which lets letters file legislation, but don't actually vote on it on the four they'll start working on the budget and some other things, but the real fireworks of the session really gets going in mid March or so and they'll start bigger Asli hearing bills and doing all kinds of things they'll get a budget out usually around Easter depending on where on the calendar Easter is and then April, and may are the really, you know, crazy months last sixty days of the session on a win the committees or finishing their work. The legislature is starting to get a lot of bills on the floor, and you can imagine that being on the floor of the legislature with the full house with the full Senate eats. At the time. They would otherwise be spending in committees. And we get this series of deadlines for bills to pass and time running out, and it kind of works like a bottleneck. So it gets noisier and noisier and testier and testier until it ends on Memorial Day. It's actually even over before it ends because the deadlines are such that the last couple of days, you're kind of quiet, then they're followed by a three week period. During which the governor looks at the legislation that's in front of him and decides whether to sign legislation to veto legislation or let it become law without his signature that takes us to about the middle of June. And it'll be over. Okay. You did that all it was all in one breath. Because any met that. No, no. I. Let's go back through that. For just a moment for four listeners things pretty quiet until about mid March. Right. We got working in February. Yeah. And for listeners to these committees already have a bunch of staffers right staffers who know how the process works. So if your name to a new committee, you know, your name to the House Agriculture Committee. You've got staffers who can help orient you. A little bit. It depends where the new speaker, and you're gonna get a lot of new chairman and chairwomen on these committees. And it's to them to hire or to keep or not keep the staffers who were already in place. So I think you're gonna see a lot of staff shuffling, you know, here at the beginning just because there are new members there's usually twenty or thirty Novembers, and then when they named the committee's because, you know, this committee used to be run by you know, somebody from Houston and now run from by somebody from Dallas and they want their own clerk in there. They want their own staffers there, but be some shuffling around. But generally awry, generally, the staff is at least as knowledgeable list of member is so the first day in the session, you'll see the house one hundred and fifty members elect their own leader. Right. Okay. So whether other questions, I have is you went through that committees kind of a big deal. You think you think the Senate isn't going to release their committee members committee appointments before the legislature of heard that knowledge Christmas now, I think they'll do it. I think they'll do, you know pretty quickly that I don't think they'll do it till the Lieutenant governor starts his term. You know, his first official act is, you know, whatever happens in the three seconds after he's sworn in. Once he's sworn in kill, you know, start doing all of those kinds of things. He's got every right to do it now. But you know, just as a matter of protocol a lot of times, they wait till they they've got all this stuff. Set members have been filing bills since the Monday after the election. So they're stocking up bills. If it goes like previous sessions, they'll file, you know. Six thousand bills plus or minus and they'll pass about seventeen hundred of those plus or minus a lot of those are duplicates. But certainly not all of them. And when you look at the way this process works. It's it works to call. You know, the bills they wanna pass out of all of the bills that they filed and it's usually about one. Yeah. I have not seen a lot of sexy bills Ross. I mean, it seems like you know, I I did a monologue about this. This is new political train not for you. But for folks like me, you don't have like a dominant far right party far left party. So everything sings pretty close the mill you don't see a lot of. I mean, there are some novelties out there. But you don't see a lot of like what you would have seen the last legislature for sure people are statewide aren't winning by twenty points anymore. Well, this is you know, what what the electorate calling for, you know, one of the things, you know, I maintain even when I'm disgusted with some of these guys that, you know, they're very receptive to what Motors thinking what voters are telling him. And if Goethe's are telling him to buckle down and do some serious stuff, they do that. And if Goethe's are telling them to go out and get some partisan trophies for this type of that one. They. Do that. And I think we're in a transitional of your couple of legislators that, you know, the voters were stirred up as partisans and wanted to get the partisan wins. And now, you know, most of these newly elected people and reelected people are coming back. You know, thinking that the voters want them to buckle down and get some get some work done. And there's also, and I, you know, I'll call around is the weeks go by and find out a little bit more about this. But I suspect in Texas, certainly in probably another states, there's some desire politicians not to look like Washington, and you know, if Washington's screaming and squawking and jumping up and down and shutting down government and all that kind of stuff the mood here. Whether you're Republican or democrat is going to be let's just stay away from the loud kids, you know, Ross Ramsey et. Ross Ramsey on Twitter. Something folks need to know about these legislators is that they are citizen Mohmaed. Offers that they're expected to maintain a full-time job and then run down to Austin for six months or so every other year, at least that's the way it was planned originally when people were in wagons and Texas just ended as a Republican insert the legislature Ross Tillis are they still full fulltime citizen lawmakers are they just lawmakers? Now. I seven thousand a year, right? Yeah. They've been six hundred dollars a month, and they make a per diem daily payment that said by the IRS, it's interesting, you know, set by the IRS is allowable travel money, and in Texas, it amounts to I think they just reset it. And I don't have an exact number in my head. But it's around two hundred bucks a day while they're here. So they'll make you know, twenty five or thirty thousand in the session year, and you know, it's not a fulltime salary, and you know, one of the things that. That does is it make sure that the people who are in office. I think the originally I did was make sure the people in office have to go home and live under the laws they pass. But it makes it very difficult for normal people to run for office because you don't make enough money. And you've got you know, got to put food on the table. So you get sort of a hybrid, you get people in jobs where their partners or their bosses or their harems. Or whoever says, listen, we think this is important, and we like, you know, that we're going to disappear for six months every two years and come back, but you know, it's not an ideal situation either for the companies that they work for or for the, you know, or for the members who are in the people who were trying to do this and try and trying to get by doing it one of the other things that has gotten much more burdensome over the years has been constituent services, just because. The legislature is an obsession doesn't mean. I feel like I don't I can't pick up the phone call my legislator and say, hey was so and so and people do that no matter whether they're in town at home or in Austin. And so that, you know, they they're in Austin for six months, but in a lot of ways, they're working all the time. Ross Ramsey again. Every Monday Wednesday Friday there textra Pune dot org. That's good little one a one Ross ranging. We appreciate it. Happy to do it in going to be a fun session you and I get to hang out at the sheer ago. Guess you're staying at the Sheraton. I am down. Awesome. Gonna do the urban counties in capital two thousand nineteen education policy conference. That sounds pretty complicated. All I was told was that I was going to send on stays with you in Harvey, crumbled. We're just gonna ask you questions. We're gonna flip the table on. Yeah. That's going to be somebody today is kind of like being a junior high kid and being invited to speak with a couple of professors. That's that's my general gist of that thing. But we'll have good fun. We'll we'll do what professors do. He'll torture. The kid. Yeah. Okay. I'm looking forward to that. Ross said as I rolled my eyes on the radio. Appreciate you follow Ross along their text commune dot org. We'll talk to you next week, buddy. Our the pleasure happy now. You're all right happy new year. See you Ross Ramsey out gonna get Ted Mitchell on whenever we get back. Ted Mitchell, two D's, that's Dr Ted Mitchell. You may be chancellor Dr Ted Mitchell to you as we roll along right here on the other side of Texas be back in about ninety seconds from now. Better weather. Degree in do. Stone. Big out. Here on the phones with us. Simply calling him from DC is Dr Ted Mitchell, your chancellor at Texas Tech university. Documenta our you I'm doing well. I didn't know if that was reporting or that would really you live. Yeah. Hey on that good. You are. And I think I don't think you minute is me being good. But. Mino- take do or that was me on the other life. Listen. And that's that's a mistake. I get pretty common in I feel bad for you. Because I got a bit a bit more of a gut than you do. Yeah. Somebody had somebody on the plane asking if I j lease and a few weeks ago. Are you? So did you hit them? Or would you? Thank thank you for the compliment. Oh, listen to that. Hey, speaking of compliments, let's get a couple of housekeeping things out of the way, I need to ask your permission on a couple of things you've been a tree house there in east, Texas in Longview, the tell me square feet. It's about oh. Six hundred square feet os, just six hundred. Yeah. So. So the Leeson's take a little John east of thirty five and. What's what's the Airbnb? What's the nightly on that? You gotta come by. And see you got a good breakfast. That'll be your cost. No, you guys if you like three houses, you need to come see this thing. I tell everybody it's the best built home. We have is there. Anything up at t t u dot EDU on your tree house there. People just need to Google Ted Mitchell tree house, if you if you Google Cam, oh, I think camouflage chemistry how it'll pop up. Okay. And that that your place. Yeah. That's that's been one that that we at this little ranch that we've had out there any sexes. We've needed extra space for a long time. And and so just couple years ago, we decided instead of just having on a room to our cabin for adding on another little cabinet. We had three house. So there's been a lot of fun. You ever feel weird whenever you're around with like some hard knuckle west Texans and say they say, well, we're gonna go the ranch's weekend. You say we think that we'll go to the treehouse. Yeah. I don't think that they really get it until they get over there and see it, but you can probably sniper some bucks from up there. Right. All let me tell you. I've got my youngest son. He keeps thinking is the best blonde. He has them. But my life other than duck hunting over there. She doesn't allow him to be your hat, so. Yeah. But it is a very good blonde. Okay. Mom, we're on the permission front. We're doing some new things gun new studio put in place for the show gonna get into that. They tell me within the weeks home to say three weeks from now. But also looking to expand their online store. Do we have your permission to sell shirts that say our chancellor can kick your chancellor's ass? Yeah. You do whatever you want there. JJ? I think for me, it's not your name. So I'm not giving you a cut mid. There you go. There you go. Okay. Speaking of lets get in some ways, right quick. And you've got three regions there at the Texas taking diversity system that are up for reappointment gotten any word from the governor about any of the three not not a peep. And it's one of those things that in general when and I've been this is my ninth year of doing this. And so every two years, you get three people that will rotate, and and I've seen it done all different ways, obviously here, but the the same stuff, I here's the same stuff you here. And so from the standpoint of of what what will happen later this month, or what won't happen later this month, the focus that we all have when I say we I mean everybody on the team. I'm talking about all the the. President and all the vice-presidents and vice chancellor, we're just everybody's staying focused on the session with it. Because it's one of those things that with the with the appointments of of the regions were just gonna believe that up to people other than us. Obviously can't be vice chancellor for a day. Yeah. Have that man? depends on what you want to be vice chancellor up. I don't know. Maybe maybe I vice chancellor for day. I'm not sure about that too. But not a Pete from the governor or the governor not. But and and I will tell you that that generally speaking before every on there's something coming up. We don't have a people from the governor. So if you go back to every other odd year that we've done that there's even we've never I've never heard anything from the governor's offset until the time dot, and you've heard you've heard the, you know, the same thing, I do when they talk about the the folks that are looking for governor added when he was in Lubbock several or I guess few months back was saying that they would be looking for somebody from what Texas in general from Lubbock in particular. And then obviously, they were they were looking for people that would have been under represented, though, what that means in the final analysis. I really don't know. But I do know that that was a statement directly from him that that's what they'd be looking for. For you know, is August twenty second. But who's keeping score? It's January believe everything later this month. January twenty seven right? That's the day. Right. Yeah. That's correct. And there can be a holdover after that point. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. They they they can have hold over. They and they can appoint Ron it's time when it went right up time, you still have to have confirmation. And so the folks it adds somebody that is on the board and somebody new is appointed than they have to go through Santa confirmation, which they tried to plug in very quickly during the session. If anybody to tell the over than bending on win their point when they're when they're on new persons appointed depends on wins actions going on, and whether or not then there there is a Senate confirmation or not, you know, Dr Ted Mitchell chancellor of Texas Tech, joining us here on your other side, and Texas I wanna get into vet school. But I, you know, one thing that your predecessor. Sir. Had in mind that I thought. Whenever you put together an asset in west, Texas, like Texas did so wisely decades ago, it it's there to present the interests of the region, and it is a rear region outside of Lubbock always called Lubbock the rural metropolis, but I wanna I wanna get into the rural based issues that that you're looking at talk to us about from a medicine standpoint as you come from the health sciences center in then into is that extends in telemedicine access and providers in rural communities rural hospitals talk to about issue from your because listen, here's the not Dr Mitchell, even though I'm gonna make quiche hurts at say that our chancellor can kick your chancellor's rear. The knock is that. You don't know much about Texas politics that these slurs were set up we put in chancellor's at Texas Tech who could. The legislature. But whenever it comes to rural medicine that puts you on the different plane because it's not like, you're just some average Joe walk in you understand the issue talk to us a little bit about rural based healthcare in what your legislative priorities are going in cure that. Rural bay healthcare is actually to me a microcosm of rule based governance in general because if you go to any rule part of the state of Texas, in fact, if you go to any part of any rural part of the United States, if you look at these community, there are two things that are vital for the existence that community one is an educational system and the other is healthcare system. And if you want to want communities around the state of Texas, not just in west, Texas, but if you wanna large watch, a small community dry up and blow away do away with either their educational system or their healthcare system, and that little town will cease to exist. And so one of the things that I've learned over the last nine years on the health science center side is that when you talk about the health of the area the healthcare that is delivered. There is a vital part of that. But as I said, it's just a microcosm of of the bigger picture of the health of that community in general and so. So we spent time in the in the legislature, and I've been down there now from multiple sessions. One of the things that is really important people to understand is that the needs of rural Texas. Are very very different than the needs of urban areas. And that's just the way it goes. And a lot of times when people talk about democrat versus Republican. It's actually really more Earl urban versus rural. And because for example, I'll use all use a education as an example, if you talk about the city of Dallas, if you talk about doing things to get balancers for kids to go to other schools and things of that nature. It may work when you've got multiple schools around you that you can choose from. But the thing that same issue, which is typically a Republican type issue would not work. Very well, if you're in debt where your choices spills are far more limited. And so something that we typically counts things and democrat versus Republican or conservative versus liberal that very often the way we have to think about things we have to think about what are the rule needs versus the urban need because they're oftentimes very different, and it's not just for healthcare that's for education and other things as well. And so the. Charge that we have. Although that we although we've been focused primarily on areas. West of I thirty five hundred and eight counties in west Texas, the charge that we have is to protect the food or and food fuel producers of the state who live in these rural areas because if you think of the epicenter of the beef industry of the nation, it's around MURILLO if you think of the epicenter of the barber industry cotton, it's around Lubbock and think of the energy sector. The epicenter is is the Permian basin Midland Odessa. And those are the people that take care of people in Dallas and Houston and Austin San Antonio, we've got to make sure that we take care of them. So when you go to the legislature, it's not a matter of just trying to go down there with your hand held out. It's a matter of going down there and telling folks listen. You're good, and and your standard of living is completely dependent on whether or not we're able to take care of the people in west Texas that are staining your standard of living here in Austin or Houston or in doubt. And so we're not coming down here as a bunch of poor rural folks with our Hatton hands saying, hey, can you help us out here and throws the bone? We're going down there saying if you wanna take care of yourself, you better help take care of these folks out in, and that's a very very very different approach. I think to me to me when you go to the legislature. It's not a matter of just trying to go down there, and and slap people on the back and try to work out deals. There's obviously there's obviously a part of that is that but more importantly at the end of the day, you've got to be able to make your k- you've got to be able to make your case for a need. And why it's important of the state of Texas to be involved in that. And when it comes to things like the veterinary medical school when it comes to the mental. Health initiative that we have when it comes to even the suit enhancement down at Angelo state university for first interest students, and if it comes to things down to the the dental school out in farwell, text, those are all things where it's clear that we're trying to service a need that is important. Not just for our reason for the entire state, man. You know, sometimes I really get bummed out about how you've perfected my talking points. Yeah. Okay. Then Harris side. No. But really, I mean I entered this program Dr Mitchell by talking about the importance of place in my talking about how I domesticate party's platform to my place, and then I'll choose the party base upon which one's best for my place in. Let's switch over to to vet school for just a moment. We're we're the bow. The powers that the one we're up here. And we are saying here the camp rock in in emerald. I believe on the I twenty seven. Corridor between Potter and Lubbock county, the governor himself got enough votes to offset his losses in El Paso, a major urban region in that's just in five counties. Right there. You have to be going into this legislature saying, hey, guys, look where did you win you one writer? That's where you want right. Right. And when you talk purely about the political side of things all of the sudden what I call the mid west taxes axis, and that goes someone in the mid west Texas accent from the panhandle down to the Permian basin not far west acted and not not Fort Worth west actors, but that mid west Texas accent that goes from the panhandle down to the Permian basin. That's what one all of these statewide racists for the Republicans that section that wanted to add that to my of an accurate, mid west. I'm writing it on my head right now. Go ahead. No that in your point is bought on because headed not been for the fact that counties up and down twenty seven and extending all the way down eighty four to the to the Permian basin. Had it not been for the fact that those counties were turning out heavily heavily Republican then you would have had some of the state wide races. That would have gone the other way. Yeah. Especially those races that were within, you know, look the US Senate race in that was two point nine buried within Burs late wives other than Greg Abbott were within six and a half. Right. And it made all the difference in quite frankly politicians, you know, they obviously look at numbers like that. And they know it still thing you dance with the one what Brun yet, and they they know you look at things like that. And it's not just that the that area. If you look at the rural areas of the state, it's not just that they that they tend to be more conservative. But but they also turn out folks turned out to vote, and it was is it was an important factor in a lot of these races. And we we do it in back, and you're not trying to you know, trying to go down there and beat people over the head about stuff. But you do need to remind them that we need to remind him of that. We're the people help to support you on this and not the there's not a tip for tat you support us because we supported you. But, but because we supported you you need to listen to what we're trying to tell you about the needs that were trying to serve out here that the majority of folks that live over thirty five and east it's just not on their radar. It's just not on their radar to serve these areas. Not because they're bad votes. It's just because it's out of sight out of mind. And that's it. You know? Yeah. Always sing on the program. Morton canadian. Mule shoe Littlefield Lubbock all the same thing in people. Don't think about it. That's right. Yeah. So I wanna ask you this in I'm going to allow you to back out on this. If you want to back out on the question, I don't think he will. But I'm really disappointed with chancellor John Sharp in that he is made. This a hill is your cohort president Lawrence Cubanacan said Hilda die on this vet school is some of these studies Texas politics who watches it with some obsession. I have a great regard for John Sharp. I think that Jon sheriff's resume is only that equal to Kent Hance in the state, and that is saying something butter, but your other cohort down in college station has made this a Hilda die on. What do you make that? Are you disappointed with him to that? He would make this defining ish. Issue of of his chancellorship. They're texting him. No, I'm Anne tell you. I'm not disappointed and I'm doing that back. That's kind of what I'd expect him to do with it. Because what he's you know, he's he's one hundred ten percent about Texas am, and that's what he's about. And that's the role of these playing down there. That's the role he's been playing. But what does he make of chancellor for? I know a lot of aggies in I guess John Sharp cone to percenters here and Aggie parlins who are all four of it school in AMRO here. Graduated have their single on the wall proudly in new doing the thumbs of whatever gig him who are all for the vet school. But just I get lost in this. I don't understand. Why is issue that it is for him? Well, and I I don't know why issue for him. But I'll tell you that our approach to the session with the best school is about the need for this area. And how important it is to this? The. Last thing that anybody has ever wanted to do is to try to make something about why Texas Tech should get something versus what they shouldn't get it because of AM because this is something this discussion. This discussion has been going on since nineteen seventy one the Texas education coordinating board in nineteen seventy one took a vote on whether or not Texas Tech should have a vet school, and they voted five to four in nineteen seventy one to give tax event school. And it's really interesting because if you look at their minutes from nineteen seventy-one, it is it. It's ironic. How similar it is to the same discussion. We're having now. So the folks that were on the board back, then we're saying, we're we're not keeping up with the demands we're not getting people come out to the the rural areas, we're not getting them to go into large animal that medicine and the arguments were exactly the same fifty years ago as they are today and yet. What has happened? In. The meantime is the state has exploded. I just saw the census report today where the fastest growing state in the United States. We had over three hundred thousand people come in in the last year. So you go back fifty years ago, and the problem was already occurring, and what has happened is this just mushroomed over the course of the past decade or so for us. This is clearly clearly something that is about needing all hands on deck. What an has proposed with having student from college station, do rotations of the west, Texas. Am hey, we're all for that. They can get a few people to to wind up staying in that area. So be it. But for us this is not an either. Or this is we need all hands on deck for this thing. And if you look at the number of students have to leave the state every year, we actually have more students to leave the state of taxes on an annual basis to get their veterinary degree in day in the state to go to 'em because we don't have the slot. You know, and so it's about a knee that were that has just. Underserved and unserved for now nearly half a century. I really think it's disappointing. The other sharp is disappointing to me not to you. I'm speaking for myself for me the other thing that's disappointing. Is that whenever you have the opportunity like tech an atrium have within that fifteen miles between canyon at west Texan him and Amarillo to combine to do something. That's unprecedented in a rural region. That's disappointing to me as well that they're both partnership that part is disappointing always disappointing when because of things that have nothing to do with serving need something can't happen. That's true. And it puts all I mean, then it's not about I just I'm places. I if I can say that word, I'm I'm place over party, but it's really disappointing. Whenever I see somebody, really. Very down into their own interest. And do something that's against the state would against the state's best interest. Ted Mitchell chancellor, Texas Tech as we close up here. Somebody was just named Amril Amanda year, Jerry. Hi, Jerry in Margaret Hodge. I think one of my highlights two thousand eighteen was getting the no Gerry hutch, and he is a west Texan like he's on his own tier of west Texan ISM there. Jerry hij- had ten million dollars. He and Margaret Tim million dollar pledge in. I tweeted a thinking a couple of days ago. I'm hearing rumors that they could put that ten million dollars back up for the vet school as you go into a legislature. That's a pretty big deal. All of a sudden, you got ten million dollar pledge from somebody. I guess it could be less. I don't know the parlance it could go from pledge to gift can you confirm? Any of those rumors, but I will tell you this that we are actively visiting with Mr. Hodge, and I'm confident that at the end of the day, he's he's very very very supportive of this effort up there. And so I'm not going to speak for him until he's had a chance to think through with his bride and all that. But I'm confident that he will support the vet school in every way possible moving forward just like he has in the past. I'll I'll leave it at that. But I'll tell you. He is the epitome of of kind of the west Texas can do attitude about things because as you just said we go down to Austin and say, listen, we've got skin in the game. We've got people out here putting up money for the for the for the abilities. We've got people that are putting up money for scholarships. We've got people that are putting skin in this game in a way that lowers the bar the financial bar for the state. And so we're doing this in a way that distinctly different. And I have to tell you the energy. And you know, this the energy around the has been just. Dramatic over the course past couple of years. It's really it's been precedent fun to watch this. May you gotta do this with me like every couple of weeks? Just went you think about that have your staff run some numbers in decide how good or bad. It is for you. But I don't know why you don't have a radio show already. But you really good on the radio. Yeah. I've got a face for radio. I've got any problem. Here's the problem you and I look alike. Well, I've got better hair. But. Hey, we appreciate you making time. What are you doing in DC, by the way, you're gonna go? Are you gonna go grad? Some we'll pills until listen ear food, fiber and fuel. Let me tell you something folks up here, they forget how much money they owe. You gotta help them. Remember? We just gotta we just got always remind him that hand portent is that what we do in west, Texas. What we do when in fact, everybody around the gun and every now, and then gotta come up and remind him of that. Well, I'd love to watch you pull a little pill sometime that's for sure he is dead Mitchell of Texas ticking. Diversity the chancellor you're talking to you J. Hey, I appreciate you coming on duck air. Ted Mitchell have fun there in DC h is always into a quick break. And we're supposed to hit that. Yeah. There. It is. Any really guys, honestly. I'll take the like if you listen to the program, I'll take people to task when they need to be taken the task. But I'm really optimistic about that guy. I mean, come on the show into thing gauge, the topics I just gave him he's not your average politician in really liked me. Some Ted Mitchell again to a break and close out this in of the west, Texas. What? The other side of Texas some west Texan ISM headed straightaway. Sick rockwood. Gringo? This profession doesn't pay. The I don't understand anybody does radio in unless they own the station. Another sale they do it for a long duration. Tom in my comment is always we make good money off the show. I'm not gonna go into how much we make. But it's good. It's good money. And it's only possible because you guys because you go out there, and you tell like I was with an advertiser the other day in they just sold the big product to listener show listeners show brought it up for sheet you guys doing that. But all is to say. The show for me is an outlet to talk about things that really matter. And what was so people is when I stop having fun. I'll stop doing it. And whenever you get people like Ross Ramsey on self deprecating. Ross Ramsey whose is stabbed in was well, esteemed a journalist. There is in this state think the world Ross Ramsey in in for Ted Mitchell to come on and the chancellor to come on in to be self deprecating himself. I mean, I would not come on the radio show and say somebody told me I looked like you the other day. I would take that. I'm my well. I wouldn't I would if I were him. And that's my way seeing Ted Mitchell's better looking than I am. But that's why we do it. And that's why we're here in my whole purpose. Here is for you guys. Don't understand state politics for you to come in for you to understand the condom politics that. That impact your day to day life in a bigger way than any other form of politics. Lots of people get lost in the national weeds. A we stay focused on the regional and state. We'd so that you understand what's really going on may not appreciate MRs Leeson for taking care of the kids. I let the house and they were doing science. We got three signs projects science fair projects that we got going. Appreciate MRs Leeson for always making this show possible as well as our prince at Lubbock foul room, providing safe insecure document storage, shredding services to Lubbock in this round the area since nineteen Ninety-two for free in hassle free estimate. Give them a call today. Lubbock foul room dot com. Eight oh, six seven four four seven six six six bunch shows ahead for you this week in as we get into. Next week. Appreciate you. Listen and take your any emails that you send me Jay at other side of Texas dot com. We will engage for better for worse. Some you guys think that on the prairie socialist some the prairie im-, by the way. Is there not room for a new party? Like, I may do an an an Amman log on this tomorrow, a new party that is somewhere between like these left wing crazies in these right wing crazies. There has to be room for that in. I think a lot of people would vote for that word of mouth being what it is in the biggest small town in the world. Lubbock Texas in as you listen wherever you're listening. There has to be a way for people to meet somewhere near the middle in say, you get this. I get that. I do appreciate Ross Ramsey my political counselor and Ted Mitchell, my chancellor for coming on the program today. I hope you've enjoyed it in pass along with friends. If you do appreciate you tune in until him friends that you hang out here on the other side of texting and Fundus on Facebook other side of Texas other side of Texas dot com at OS show on Twitter, we will be ground zero for you is Texas legislature convenes until next time gonna get home. Gotta get home. Great family above average dinner waiting for me until next some row Ravon, buddies Ravon.

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