Day one of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump


The following was recorded at four. PM Eastern time the impeachment trial the president trump has begun. The eyes of the founding fathers are upon US history will be our final judge will senators rise to the occasion. We've got the latest also. A Chinese executive with tech giant Weiwei faces trial in Canada. There's a big risk. Canada could upset Beijing. If if you do something that doesn't like China will take hostages on behalf of that company to. It's finding new ways to circumvent the law. Also ever wonder what you'd find at the other end and if you drilled a hole straight through the earth it's quite nice to just know that there is someone at the exact opposite point of the world that has done exactly the same thing as it's you. I'm Marco Werman stick around to hear what they did today here on the world. I'm Marco Werman. This is the world here you hear you hear Ye. All persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment while the Senate of the United States is sitting for the trial of the articles of impeachment exhibited by the House of Representatives Against Donald John Trump president of the United States. Eight the voice of the sergeant at arms of the United States. Senate Michael Stagger a little after one o'clock eastern time this afternoon. President trump faces charges of abusing power and obstructing in Congress. Here's democratic representative. Adam Schiff. Who is leading the team of House? Managers conducting the case against the president. The misconduct set out in those articles is the most serious various ever charged against the president. Opposing shift is PAT SIP Baloney leading. Trump's defense we believe that once you hear those initial presentations. The only conclusion will be that the president has done absolutely nothing wrong. The world's Chris Wolf has been following events says they unfold today Chris. What have we seen so far? Well they began as we heard with a fairly Solomon grave tone with everyone acknowledging the seriousness of the occasion but nevertheless those clips starting indicate they're bitter divisions between the parties of quickly resurfaced resurfaced. So now this is only the third impeachment trial of a president in the history of the United States. So for that reason the first order of business has been to decide the rules. And we've already seen some surprises which I can Give details in a moment but just to bring you up to speed on. What's taking in place right? Now is that we're seeing arguments from the two legal teams over those rules and amendments being put forward by the Democrats and just to clarify those legal teams are on the one hand. The House manages for the prosecution. If you will and president trump's attorneys in the White House legal stuff on the other hand So we're not. It actually hearing from senators today correct to the senators in this. Trial are effectively jurors. They will have a chance to speak but only later in the trial so but the Senate leaders did have a chance to make some final comments on the Senate floor just before taking their seats as the jurors in this case. His Senate majority leader leader. Mitch McConnell the Senate still serve our founding purpose. Can we still put fairness even headedness an historical precedent ahead of the partisan passions of the Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in some ways agreed agreed the eyes of the nation. The eyes of history. The eyes of the founding fathers are upon us. History will the our final judge will senators rise to the occasion. So as you can see the Schumer they're indicating that he's concerned about Republicans voting along partisan lines in fact He even went on so far as to call McConnell's rules for the trial Cover up yes. So let's get back to that the fight over how to conduct the trial the rules. How come there are no set rules for impeachment of a president? Well as the founding fathers didn't give us a rule book they're sent normal Senate rules do not apply and the only president we have is in modern history is the Clinton proceedings So the proceedings up today with Mitch. McConnell introducing an organizing resolution and what's being debated now as I said the amendments being put forward to that organization organizing rule by the Democrats. Have you been able to determine Chris. What's different about these roles? Say compared to the Clinton impeachment rules. Yeah that several key rules one is over really the pace and content of the. It's all about the pace and content of the trial in a proposal really released by McConnell night The two sides we're going to be able to give opening opening arguments over for twenty four hours that was going to be crammed into two days so we can have twelve hours of test of legal talk per day. That's now been spread over three days so that was a surprise concession At also there were slight changes in the rules of evidence so everything was admitted in the Clinton trial while McConnell said we have to have a house Senate vote to admit evidence. He's now made some concessions on that we're GONNA see more evidence And also the final difference to the Clinton impeachment was This one includes a motion to dismiss at any time. So what exactly is the process for the rest of the trial. What are we going to be seeing over the next few days and weeks? Well it depends exactly what's agreed at the end of these debate over the rules but what it's looking like is we're GONNA get those opening arguments as I said twenty four hours spread over three days From from the two sides in each then senators will be allowed sixty hours of time for their questions. That's one we'll hear from the senators probably middle of next week. Then after that there'll be vote Maybe as early as next week possibly the week after on evidence and witnesses. So how do you think this is GonNa end. Is there any chance right now that donald trump gets removed from from office. Well that's always a theoretical possibility politically. It's unlikely given the composition of the Senate but you can't rule it out The if the witnesses and evidence in the form of documentation is admitted especially new witnesses and new evidence. Anything could happen. It could be a game game changer. Within the Senate and in the Court of Public Opinion Meantime President Trump is at the world economic forum in Davos more on that when we head to Davos later in the show. The world's Chris Wolf thank. Thank you very much. You're welcome Marco. An Iranian student hoping to continue his studies. Here in Boston was deported against Federal Judges Orders Shabaab the Ghani anti-hussein was flying back to Boston from Iran when he landed in Boston on Sunday customs and border patrol cousins border protection. Detained him last night. Dozens of the demonstrators went to the airport in protest according to one of Immigration Attorneys Carrie Doyle speaking to our local partner. WGN To Ghana body was deported. Anyway really outraged at customs and Border Protection. Who appeared to deported Mr Hussein Cena body in contravention to judge roses order? We feel this is a pattern of customs and Border Protection Ignoring court orders. I and ignoring the law. We feel the Iranian community has been unfortunately targeted it appears because we're hearing many reports especially at the Boston in Port of entry. Mesa Bobby is the chair of the New England. Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. It is incredibly concerning for a number of reasons. UH-HUH I a lot of these students go through extensive screening and vetting by number of different agencies as part of their visa application at the embassy or consulate. So it's pretty clear that they've been vetted and have been determined to have a credible need to come to the united. I states to enter for example in this case studies and that they've been determined not to be a danger at present any threat to the United States so to have customs and Border Protection Action turnaround like this and subject someone. To An extreme version of removal from the United States known as extreme expedited removal is pretty concerning and I think correct answers would be quite helpful for not only the community of international students in particular Iranian students but for individuals like myself and other attorneys that are concerned learned about upholding the law. What grounds could customs and Border Protection actually detain and deport him what we've been seeing these expedited? Removal is that the government is charging urging them with one of two grounds arguing that they're intending immigrants. meaning that they're coming to stay in the United States single and live here and not really followed the purpose of going to school which is highly doubtful and second that some of them have committed fraud and those are the only two provisions that students can be subject to expedited removal so it it appears that the CBP grasping at straws in wanting to try to impose these very extreme measures on removing students from the airport directly not allowing them in to be able to continue their studies in many cases and as far as shot hub to Gonese expedited removal. What have you heard from? CB P or homeland security. I don't think we've heard anything officially from them. They have been showing their generic statements saying that we can provide any information on this case. I'm GONNA similar to the same response that we got for a client of mine who underwent a similar situation. This is not the first time we're seeing Iranian detained at US ports of entry. Recently there were reports that dozens of Iranian Americans were detained at the Canadian. US border so what's going on. Yeah that's a great question and I love to know the answer to that and would Expect that the government would want to be transparent and explain what it's doing instead. They've been hiding behind. I think random instances like this that we're all trying to tie the pieces together but what we have seen is that over the last one year especially Iranians Iranian Americans have been subject to all kinds of extra scrutiny on a wide net basis. Right this is not any targeted investigation or targeted background search. It seems that it's just assists wide net. Hey let's let's talk to any Iranian any Iranian American and gather information store it. What do you think needs to happen now? In dig on his case. And what advice do you have for other Iranian traveling to the US with what they believe are valid documents. Yeah I mean I think a lot for a lot of students. It's important for them to be able to talk to an attorney attorney to get advice to be aware of their rights and perhaps avoid Logan and for Diani specifically I mean does he have any options chance to try and appeal this and return to studies. Yeah I mean I think that there might be some options. It's going to be important to get some full details. Sadly this is really just a rapid response right now because this happened so suddenly no one was aware of the fact that he was coming in and might be subject to being detained in subject to expedited the removal. So it's kind of catching up now. Getting all the details getting all the facts and looking at the options Mexican. Bobby is the chair of the New England. Chapter the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She's been speaking with us about the deportation of Schaja Addict Ghani an Iranian student at Northeastern University here in Boston who had valid residency residency documents. Massa thank you very much and my pleasure. Thank you for asking me to be on the show. A spokesperson from Northeastern University says they are in touch with federal officials. About two Ghani's case we reached out to customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security. We did not hear back by airtime to WHO people two pieces of bread. One random question if two people were to accidentally drop a slice of bread at exact opposite points of the globe would form home the into a sandwich an earth sandwich. Yeah just what it sounds like a guy in New Zealand and a willing stranger in Spain have created an earth sandwich by by placing slices of bread on precise points marking opposite nodes on the planet nineteen year old. A ten not from Auckland said he has been wanting to do this for years and finally did it. He used longitude and latitude points to plot. What was on the opposite side of the globe from him? That would be Spain than not posted on Reddit and found his Spanish manage counterpart on health. Sierra they agreed on a date and time plus some other key details. We had to try to organize the same kind of bread which is surprisingly zingy difficult. You'd expect trump well to have the exact same kind. Apparently not we also try to get both of them facing north. The time came to position their bread slices one in New Zealand and Spain and Voila. The Earth Sandwich was complete. There is one thing. That's still nagging me. You know. Why why do it in the first place notice? Says he's on vacation and simply didn't have anything better to do. It's also quite nice to just know that there is someone correct opposite point of the world that has done exactly the same thing as you in this one particular instance. We've got entirely different lives but we are now connected connected by this one point now before you think that it yen noda had some totally random thought this is not the first attempt at making an earth sandwich. A few people left tried the one of the best ones walls with begets. But there was a big controversy Into a sandwich world about the orientation of the begets facing the right way Yeah baguettes a notoriously tough medium to work in photos of notice and Sierras Earth Sandwich look remarkably like pieces of bread ed sitting on the ground still. It's on our instagram. We are at PRI. The World I'm Marco Werman. This is the world a psychologist named James. Mitchell walked into a military court room in Guantanamo Bay Cuba today on the other side of the room Hala Shaykh Muhammad or or K.. Assem the self-declared mastermind behind the nine eleven plot. It is a bizarre reunion for the two men they'd first met in a secret oversee. CIA prison in two two thousand three where Mitchell was part of a team that tortured K.. SM including waterboarding him more than one hundred eighty times. Now Mitchell is having to testify about Out His work Julia Hall is a Human Rights. Attorney with Amnesty International was in the courtroom and get today. A Julia described the scene in the courtroom. Well Mr Mitchell was and what we would call in an ordinary criminal court hostile witness and he actually said right to j Connell the defense lawyer he said. I came down hair for the families and for the victims. You people have been saying malicious things about me for years. So listeners may recall the James Mitchell the psychologist who's testifying at Gitmo today along with his partner. Dr Bruce Jessen they devise the CIA is now outlawed torture. Program and netted eighty million dollars for their work and in some cases administered torture themselves at black sites overseas. Was Mitchell asked specifically about torture today not yet but he will be what he was asked. Today was about his book called enhanced interrogation which really from a human rights lawyer point of view is an admission that they developed the program the program included waterboarding and confinement and small boxes and walling which is a form of feeding and those are all torture techniques. Dr Mitchell chill has never testified in open court before. This is the first time that is happening down here. Quantum oh there was a civil suit in the United States where two of the persons who were subject to enhanced interrogation techniques and man by the name of go Hoffman. Who actually died in Guantanamo Bay brought a suit against the the psychologists now that case which was again a civil suit that was settled? Obviously the terms of the settlement our secret but what was has released was the notion that mister man who died in Guantanamo Bay while they were sorry that he died they had nothing to do with his stuff. This is what they said Ed and that they were sorry than anyone might have been hurt but it was never their intention right so that process never really resulted in accountability for the two psychologists and so they're being down here is the first time that we're actually getting them in an adversarial proceeding preceding so in two thousand seventeen Mitchell and his partner. Justin gave depositions in response to that lawsuit against them the ACLU which brought the lawsuit posted portions of the deposition online. And I'd like to see here next up where I Mitchell and then just argue that. Their superiors pressured them to continue the torture program. Even when they had doubts Bruce and I had said we're not gonNA continue doing this and what they said was well. We'll you guys have lost your spine. They kept telling me every day. A nuclear the bomb exploded in the United States and that because I told him to stop I lost my nerve and it was gonna be my fault if I didn't continue. I think the word that was actually used as as you guys. He's going to be another attack. America and the blood of dead civilians are going to be on your hands. If you won't follow through with this we're going to send somebody out there. Who Will Julia said today was largely procedural but Did the court here of whether Mitchell or or Jackson had any misgivings about the use of what is euphemistically. Come to be called enhanced interrogation not at all at one point. Dr Mitchell said that he was very happy the role he played in the in the program. So knee heard no contrition today. Not Clear whether we'll hear any in the coming days but certainly today was a very adversarial approach approach to the defense counsel so just to clarify Julia. What you're attending? This week is not the nine eleven trial that's later for next year right. These are the hearings that kind of set the scene and make sure that all of the discovery and all of the testimonies taken an advance of the trial. Now that trial is supposed to start in January twenty twenty want want but just being down here for the last few days. It is abundantly clear to me into many others that that timeline is really tight and there may be a need to extend extend beyond two thousand twenty one. So that's eight years today that we still don't have a trial and even having set the date for twenty twenty one. It really doesn't. It doesn't look very promising that it's going to start then. Attorney Julia Hall with Amnesty. International was in the courtroom today in Guantanamo Bay Cuba watching the pretrial testimony taking replace in preparation for the nine eleven trial. Julia thank you very much time. Thanks very much marco. Africa Britain wants Your Business. The UK is the ultimate one stop shop for the ambitious growing international economy. That was the message. British Prime Minister Mr Bars Johnson delivered to sixteen heads of state at the UK Africa Investment Summit. Yesterday the leaders met in London to discuss future trade relationships after Brexit Brexit is official the BBC's Anne Soy reports from Kisumu Kenya on the shift in focus away from aid and toward private sector investment. I've come come to a brewery in Kisumu in front of me. I can see FECTA liter kids off into a conveyor belt being branded ready for shipment into the market this the East African breweries owned by one of the world's biggest prince manufacturers here it becomes clear the British government is trying trying something different then giving dear jo any money but they do increasingly see companies like them as a vehicle for change as lock Shama Chama explained to me ultimately want to help people in countries to become economically self sustaining. The reality is that countries around the world put about one hundred. I'm forty billion dollars a year into aid but the UN estimates that to meet the global goes by twenty thirty. We'll need an extra two point five trillion dollars every year Governments aren't going to provide that. Ultimately that bridge has to be fried by the private sector adding lighter of that. You know that changing focus. What's the future of aid? What we we will continue to Support Countries We have a strong commitment to development dot will continue but ultimately I said this is about helping countries to become self sustaining and and that is why the work that we are doing with countries in Africa is so important and in light of Brexit. How do you see that shaping the UK's engagement to Africa going forward? It opens up an opportunity for us to turbo charge our relationship with countries around the world including in Africa. I'm really excited about this. And the whole point point to the UK Africa investment is to provide a real boost that relationship that is already strong but as we go forward beyond Brexit will allow was to have these trade agreements and to work more closely together creating jobs in Africa but also in the UK go seven point five. The British government is trying out new strategy on African development the traditional aid we continue but is now more emphasis on infrastructure and trade. It seems part ideology part Mississippi not forced by Britain's global rivals and post brexit realities the BBC's Anne Soy reporting there air from Kisumu Kenya. You're with the world. President trump is on trial in the Senate today by the President himself is in Switzerland. Perhaps a deliberate choice to stay far away from DC. He thinks impeachment is some sort of semi show that if he continues with business as usual that will cut through to the electric. The president hits the Davos World Economic mkx forum. That's coming up on the world. I'm Marco Werman this is the world we're a CO production of the BBC World Service W. G. B. H. Boston Npr X.. As president trump impeachment trial begins in the Senate. Today trump himself is in Davos Switzerland at the World Economic Forum each year business leaders politicians titians activists and celebrities. Gather to quote improve the State of the world three thousand participants from more than one hundred twenty countries and Macelroy is senior on your editor of the Economist. She's in Davos and joins us from the World Economic Forum there last year and president trump's skipped the world economic forum due to the US government shutdown. This year. You're his impeachment. Trial is underway. Here's what president. Trump told the media today in Davos when they asked why he wasn't in Washington. Lula he'll media were the world laid is it's the biggest Most important people in the world and we're bringing back tremendous business the United States and they're all here to see I'll be making a speech and then we'll be leaving shortly eh But I think it's very important the others just a hoax at C.. which has been going on for years? And it's frankly it's disgraceful but And macelroy why was was seemingly a priority for trump. This year this week well I think Donald Trump has a funny relationship with devils on the face of it represents the very every international liberal elites that he most scorns the other thing is he likes. Event is someone who likes to be on the front foot in terms of international stage age. It's glitzy everyone else's here. It's a party right. So trump is present in Davos absent in Washington. What message do you think that sense of the world and to the Senate? Could it possibly impact the trial. I think the message that it sending is that he thinks that he keeps saying that impeachment is just something that's being cooked up against him by his enemies for years and continues with business as usual the that will through to the electorate. I think he's thinking how does does this look to people who catch me on the television. Do I look confident. Do I look my best. So you could argue that rather perversely. Devos's ended up as a positive to backdrop as sort of marketing opportunity for president. WHO's under more pressure at home? There's also this twitter quarrel that could play out in real life Gretchen Berg and Donald trump intrude. Greta fashion. She actually tracked to Davos no public transit there were speculations about a face off of sorts. Did we see anything like that. Play out today. Oh Oh yes. Greta van Burg versus Donald. Trump was definitely a theme of the day. I'm show and head out this evening. Swiss time it'll be the talk of all the Suarez. Well trump did not directly aggress Greta van Bergen a speech today but he did try to get out of that misery fest by focusing on America's economy today. I'm proud to clear that the United States is in the midst of an economic boom. The likes of which the world has never seen before we've regained leaned. Our stride rediscovered our spirit in reawakened powerful machinery of American Enterprise. America's thriving being America's flourishing. Yes America is winning again like never before so and the theme of this year's meeting is stakeholders colder for a cohesive and sustainable world considering this devos theme. Is it surprising that President Trump gave a thirty minute speech and did not mention climate change. I think from Donald. Oh trump's perspective. Climate change is a subject where he doesn't feel particularly engaged or interested in it what he wants to talk about. which is the kind of boom mentality? I thought the tone was very interesting. I think he was trying to sound like the grownup in the room. He Sang. Follow me on this. Let the doomsters get on with climate change over there in the other room and not to say that. He didn't address the environment at all. He spoke about a one trillion trees initiative initiative that the. US has now joining and soon after his speech was then Greta tune Burg's turn to speak and she seemed to respond directly to this one trillion trees announcement clunking. She's is good of course but it's nowhere near enough of what is needed and it cannot replace real mitigation and re wilding wilding nature. And how did the room react to Timberg speech. It's quite interesting that she often says one thing that you feel. Everyone's nodding along with and then she says something else and you can see browse. How's four rowing rewarding? Really do we have to have that. Is What is the mitigation. But if you say did she get the respect of the room and was packed to the rafters as it would be for for. Angela Merkel. Absolutely this is a very great thickest event it is the World Economic Forum it's not the World Economic Forum road I mean there is an inherent tension there. AH IN DAVOS I mean. It's not a typical conference. World leaders and celebrities are ferried in by private jets. But the people who go they say the goal is to improve the state of the world and yet they're they're behaving unsustainably. So what is the point of all of this. I think the question you're driving me towards is does Davos man or woman person indeed to do more harm than good or the other way round and I think that they all having their consciences pricked even though they're doing so high altitude intensive at the life around this week at a pretty high level and mckelvy senior editor the Economist speaking with us from Davos. She Jose weekly podcast called. The economists asks WCHS am thanks very much. Thanks for having me for years. The international community has been playing hot potato with so called climate refugees. For starters the concept concept does not exist in international law but a United Nations ruling. This month could change things. Essentially this is a landmark decision and it does constitute a very air real amount of progress within this very narrow legal space that has always had challenges. Kelly Ober manages the climate displacement program at Refugees International. We reach out and Kito Ecuador where she's attending the Global Forum on Migration and development she says the case the UN ruled on concerns a man from a Pacific island nation who's has been seeking refuge in New Zealand. So there is a man from Cuba's that sought refuge in New Zealand. Actually in two thousand thirteen and it was one of the first of its kind where I'm an application for asylum was filed due to reasons of climate change and so basically his argument was this that he was from Kiribati and living in Carrabba's his whole life and he's only recently begun to notice that sea level rises continuing to be a problem so his argument is that it's very hard hard to live on Carrabba's it exists and climate change is making it harder so this panel is a human rights panel. What exactly did they rule? Oh so basically. New Zealand ruled initially that his application for asylum should be denied. Bear reasoning was pretty concrete. It was is that although he had a legitimate case in worry about climate change that impacts to the degree with which he was arguing would not be seen for another ten to fifteen years and the government of Curabaz is doing all it can to mitigate those impacts the UN Human Rights Committee which released this ruling agreed lead in upheld museums decision but they added some texts that left room for maneuver for those who are seeking other types of protection text mechanisms for those who may be potentially displaced by climate change. So with this kind of nebulous definition of what a refugee is right now given giving climate change. What is the implication for countries that might experience people coming to their cities seeking refugee status? Well you know at the moment. There's no clear answer. I think what this decision does is allow the very real realm of possibilities to open up for a legal pathways ways in which lawyers would be able to argue that those who live in places that are adversely affected to climate change to such a degree. That they can't move back should be able to stay. I mean my mind goes to a powerful moment at A. UN Climate Conference a few years ago. The poet from the Marshall Islands. Kathy jet no kitchener read this poem onto a daughter. No one's drowning baby. No one's moving. No one's losing their homeland. No one's becoming a climate change refugee not or. Should I say no one else to the Carter at islanders of Papa New Guinea and to the Tarot Islanders of Fiji. I take this moment to apologize to you. We are drawing the line here because we are going to fight. I mean. Her work captures is pulled between communities threatened by climate disasters in the fight to preserve a culture and a place to preserve home. Kelly do you think it is a numbers game right now like we keep seeing growing catastrophic events due to the climate change pressure at some point isn't going to be very clear that a category is needed for these people. You know I think we are at a very real crossroads at the moment in which which climate change impacts are ramping up but I think that what is happening on the international stage and probably which will trickle down to the national is trying to parse out what kind of climate change impacts were willing to consider as real reasons for why someone won't be able to come back home and I think part of the problem is disentangling to what degree climate change is responsible and to what degree economic opportunities is. I think we're seeing some movement in recognizing that there's certain certain impacts slow onset impact such as sea level rise which are incontrovertible as being caused by climate change and perhaps there is a very real way four to addressing these sorts of climate change impacts rather than others that are less clear Labor's with Refugees International. She's been speaking with us from Global Forum on Migration and development in Kito Ecuador. Thanks very much Kaley. Thank you the. US China trade. War has reached a truce. Thanks to the deal signed last week. But that agreement left a lot of issues between the two superpowers unresolved both trade related and otherwise take a look at China Related Social Media And you'll see that right away. There's an online slang term that's become more common womb. Oh it's an insult meaning. Someone is a Schill for Beijing but what is. The world's Patrick Wind discovered the insult is full of misconceptions. Let's start with the original definition of womb. Here's Roy Jong a China analyst. At the Wilson Center it described people that were essentially paid to post things that were favorable to the C. c. p. the CCP. That's the Chinese Communist Party. Now a woman is someone who says Nice stuff about China's government online for a tiny bit of cash. The term itself is usually translated as fifty cents and this pay per post thing started happening in a big way in China about fifteen years ago. The Chinese Internet was more wild and open then and the government wanted to flood it with harmonious content so womb would post on message boards positive stuff not like picking fights on social media instead there coasting more like positive energy proactive political posts. They WANNA spread positive of energy and tell good stories about China now. Fast forward to today is also used by English speakers to insult anyone who they see as pro Beijing like this guy yelling on social media that the manager of the Houston Rockets. NBA team is terrible. Because that manager Daryl Morey supports protesters in Hong Kong phone. Padres beat who yet so hold you want around Super Patriots. Every country has them. But if they're in China they get called womb out. But let's be clear there was this guy paid to yell all that stuff probably not even though the term implies that they're paid David Bender. Ski is a CO Director of the China Media Project. A research group in Hong Kong. He was the first to write in English about the phenomenon. This has become a kind of generalized slur. It essentially means that you're not here as an honest participant. You are here as a she'll for the government or the party because China China has paid citizens to churn out amateur propaganda that makes it easier to cast doubt on any Chinese national who sincerely holds pro government limit beliefs which can make the alleged even matter as Roy Jong puts it. The term can be used to sort of rile people up in in addition to actually described that exist. Oh and she says if you're ethnically Chinese no matter where you live. People will more readily call you a woman they get put in the line of fire because you know some of it is racism. Some of it is the fact that they're not as critical call of China in certain respects but Internet discourse is very tricky and when it comes to China getting trickier all the time take twitter for example it's blocked in China but there are Chinese nationals who get around those blocks just to jump on twitter and defend the country's honor honor against what they see as China haters. There inevitably called Luma when they do this but they're better described by another term zoo gun. Woo It's hard hard to translate actually but it's like eating one's own grain eating one's own grain meaning they don't need help from the government to post their crusade is self supported awarded. I met a guy like this on. Twitter goes by Alan and he told me quote. The reason I called is voice out for my country. There are so many the anti-china propagandist spreading fake news to smear China. He said adding that this quote social media empire is controlled by the West. I wanted to get him on the phone to talk about this but he said honestly I don't trust you. I ran all this by David. Bender ski the researcher telling him I I don't see why I should assume the guy isn't sincere in his patriotism. Yes don't assume that these people don't have real conviction about these ideas but also remember China's information space is an extremely it controlled information space. So how do you know if you've spotted an actual womb out in the wild well. There's there's a Harvard study from two years ago that says China's government still fabricates more than four hundred and forty million social media posts every year presenting them. I'm as the thoughts of ordinary citizens. But they're usually just made up by bureaucrats who have to post this stuff as part of their job for no extra pay not even fifty cents. It's it's mostly cute or patriotic. Click bait sort of content. which can be used to distract people from serious issues once again analysts right John? They're starting to use that cliche to say. Oh you know there's nothing happening in Xinjiang or Tabet look at these cool pictures so even though the word woman Bouma gets used more and more. It's often used wrong. People think the combative hardline posters are backed by the Communist Party. But they usually aren't and those who really are working for the state they aren't even getting paid fifty cents per post well at least not anymore for the world. I'm Patrick win. A courtroom in British Columbia is facing a thorny question whether to turn a Chinese executive over to the US extradition. It's been more than a year. Since while way `executive among Joe was arrested in Canada on a US warrant the company's chief financial operator is wanted by the US because while way allegedly violated sanctions sanctions against Iran. Canada has faced considerable pressure to release Mungo. Meantime China has detained to Canadian citizens on espionage charges that move is being called hostage. Diplomacy as the BBC's jitender sit who reports. There's a lot more at stake in Vancouver courtroom than just the fate of one woman on trial. Oh I'm peering into the class windows of Vancouver's law courts complex that housed in a monumental modernist building of giant concentric centric concrete squares with vast sloping glass roof on one side. On which at the moment there's quite a lot of snow sliding down in this complex flex a judge sitting in the BC. Supreme Court will decide on whether or not mung one joke should be extradited to the US previously on sanctioned a routine flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver leads to the arrest of a global telecommunications Titan Mung Joe is accused of violating US sanctions against Iran. That's a documentary series from the BBC Canada's public broadcaster. I've come to CBS's Vancouver offices to speak to the reporter. Who probably knows more about this story than anyone else? Jason proctor. Monjo is accused of lying to banks and intern. The banks made decisions which put them allegedly at risk of violating those same US economic sanctions. The argument against extradition would be that the crime. She's alleged to have committed in the. US would not be considered a crime in Canada because we don't have those same economic sanctions and there's also an argument that's being made that harass were violated from the moment. She landed in Canada when the Canadian Border Service agents detained her for about three hours before she who's actually arrested that they violated her rights by kind of conspiring with the FBI is also an argument that she's being used as a political pawn by us. President Donald Donald Trump in order to get a better trade deal with China. While we spokesman Benjamin House is scathing about the treatment of Mung One. Joe The approach the Trump government has taken with the extradition order is a blatant abuse of process. You don't tell someone you're being stopped for a regular customs check when that's not true. You don't see vices and search them to try to find something juicy and you don't treat another country like they did with Canada. We don't blame Canada for the misdeeds then abuses of the trump administration and what about the two Canadians. Michael SPA Foreign Michal. Kovac arrested exactly a week after one. Juror that connection in between the two Canadians and Miss Mung has nothing to do with hallway. We do not play a role in that. It's not for us to get involved. Ottawa sees it very very differently. However the arrest of the Canadians was retaliation and in what some saw as a sign of desperation? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Donald Trump to stall a potential U. S. China trade deal only Zika for the Speaking in French he said the the US should not sign a final agreement with China. That does not settle the question of Joe and the two Canadians. But while way remains A big stumbling block. Canada is caught up in a global argument over the company's five G. Network equipment. It's claimed that China could gained back door access to critical infrastructure for UK several members of the EU and Canada. Say they can manage the risk on the other hand the US Japan and some other countries have banned while we technology. China doesn't need alway to spy on Western countries China's quite good on spying on western countries without the help of w-way. My name is Stephanie Carbon. And I'm an Assistant Professor at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. You and I'm a former national security analyst with the government of Canada. This does seem to be about. How Western democracies are dealing with state champions companies from authoritarian regimes that may have more nefarious purposes in mind in the long run? It will say it's following the law and your country but if you do something it doesn't like China will take hostages on behalf of that company to. It's finding new ways to circumvent the law so the risk here is much greater than just the technical risk. There's a much greater larger national security issue. Here the hearings are expected to take up to five days with the judgment. Not expected expected for several weeks if the judge rejects the extradition request or if mongering Joe wins the separate challenge. She will be able to come back home whatever happens. This is just the end of the beginning the BBC's Jitender said who in Vancouver British Columbia. Let's return to the top story the day. The impeachment trial of President Trump Republican Senate majority leader Mitch. McConnell kicked off the proceedings. He said our founders trusted the Senate to rise above short-term passions. They trusted the Senate soberly. Consider what has actually been proven and which outcome best serves the nation at a pretty high Bar Mr President and you might say that later today is body. We'll take our entrance exam. America's third presidential impeachment. The trial began with a partisan clash over the rules for the trial. Today we will consider and pass and organizing resolution that will structure the first phase of the trial. This initial step will offer an early signal to our country. McConnell said he will table or kill motions to subpoena specific witnesses or documents McConnell also said his rules are a fair roadmap and follow the Senate Impeachment Trial Royal President Bill Clinton Democrats harshly argued Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. Today's trial has substantial differences from the Clinton trial two decades ago. Oh now leader. McConnell is just said he wants to go by the Clinton rules then why did he changed them. In four important ways at minimum to all make the trial less is transparent less clear and with less evidence. The four ways include making the trial shorter and not allowing further evidence and witnesses a later stage of the trial following the democratic uproar McConnell revise some of the rules to allow previous evidence collected during the house proceedings Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff who oversaw the impeachment process in. The House also made his case on the Senate floor today he said the president abused his power and obstructed justice when the founders wrote the impeachment in clause they had precisely this type of misconduct in mind conduct that abuses the power of his office for personal benefit that undermines minds our national security that invites foreign interference in our democratic process of an election. It is the Trifecta of constitutional misconduct conduct justifying impeachment. President trump weighed in on today's proceedings. He tweeted from Switzerland in all caps. Read the transcripts. The Senate trial rolls goes on but that is all the time we have today from the Nanan Bill Harris Studio at WBZ in Boston. I'm Marco Werman back with you tomorrow. The world is a CO production of W. G. B. H. Boston the B._B._C.. World Service and Pierre Ex.

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