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Welcome to the Bravo. Clubhouse for the podcast division of watch. What happens live with me? Andy cohen. When he's onstage. He's not afraid to milk it tonight L VP called her a stupid cow. It's watch what happens live with Jerry cans Lee. And Boy George now. On your host. Andy Cohen live in the bubble clubhouse at a special time with two of the best friends that money can buy the literally her husband is on his payroll or they're on charters payrolls anyway. Please welcome. I I realize type of Beverly Hills story cans. Speaking of chameleons, she is a chameleon when he invited the real outside. Beverly Hills is concert to see him sing songs like I'll tumble for you. He probably should have known. They'd end up tussling with each other say Ida boy jaw. Georgia's new single with culture club runaway train out tomorrow. And if VJ's Gladys Knight, very exciting. I have to say I loved seeing all the women at your concert, and you seem totally into having them there. Yeah. What I'm used to the drummer of these women. It's kind of like paw my life. Now, I'm like who you talking to you this week. Have you have to snub always shift Joe allegiance because oversee is teams re you go over the bar. It's one of my all time favorite queens, who has a new podcast whose first gust is going to be me. It's those Shangila which drops may ninth Shange, LA Cui y. George how she do. I say this may this prince in the flight stone. It's everything that look, let's get started tonight. Renna showcased her hip, hop, workout DVD, and it was amazing. I never seen on workout DVD's. There you go now popping. Get the head in there. And. Seven. Saddest without that work. You know, what else was fascinating Camille went to lunch with Denise. And it seemed like she had something to say about everyone used surprise when you saw this option. It may not. Okay. Well, take a look again. There's something about something there. You know, miss Bandra fabulous that ego and pride. She too prideful bomb stuff that Renos saying Jari last year. So I had my issues with her feel like somebody's from me. But you wanna believe them so badly Camille just can't shut her pie hole. And it's making me feel like talking about me necks dots. When you saw Camille speaking ill of you, and she's called. She said you make the little hairs on the back of her neck stand up. I know I wanted to call her and say you ever heard of Dermot planning. Rid of those little things back there. It's so easy of Doritos. Boy, George came for your questions, but before we get to those. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight. I on tonight's Beverly Hills three people with British accents and one woman named Doreen with roughly three accents sat down to have a chap. But when Doreen refused to acquiesce to the Brits LV decided to call it quits, take a look at what might be the end of a friendship, if you believe I gave this Troy raider. We don't have a friendship. I believe if if Lisa van the hand sang swell, my kids off at Nokia that story you'll have mic said, my wife is the most honest person you'll ever meet in your life. You had something to do with the initial story. And the Johns period, you're not you're no friend of mine on gun. Still wanna move forward. Honey, I love you. How can you say you love me? Why don't you just tell them with my life? Okay. Duckling sees you bloody toolkit congress there's talking to that cheap Akao. Okay. Go to WWAFL dot TV and tell us whose side are you on Kenan leaser PK endure? Eat it. See? I mean, do we use apprised that the friendship could end over this. Definitely you were. Yeah. I didn't think it would end like that quite honestly. And by the way, PK's here. Hi PK. And so when you have you spoken to them since and has PK spoken to them since. No, wow. Okay. You looks like you guys are on Kenan Lisa's side on this one. We'll years what to read at least your cell tight with the other ladies in the group, even though some of them claim to have never heard of you watch. This you had to be surprised with this friendship. I'm better friend of Leeson peak. Sweetheart until two years ago. I'm just saying I never heard of it was not a friendship that you may have heard of never heard of it never saw birthday or wedding anniversary. What was your reaction that? I was thinking to myself. I didn't meet us through Lisa either. Right. Right, george. What's your reaction to all this as you wish? What was your reaction? What was your reaction to the lunch with L VP and Ken my favorite thing about lunch with excite was gonna wear. Okay was supposed to be to get an apology, but she was dressed for Scott. I mean. Try. So to come out, and then I saw fled trials. Okay. And then I feel the glosses knows like Honey here for around. He was absolutely like I'm going to cool, and I want to serious, right? Second on last week Liles ladies went to a Boy, George concert, and some choice words from PK. I'd Kyle wanting him to wanting to culture club him over the head this week PK still had Kyle peo- take a look, you could have issues you won't even your best friend. So you could have issues. I don't wanna burst your bubble became. But this is talking to you can Stephanie to invest in for now. My husband. My husband did that he would have called you or I would've called. I'm really sorry. Didn't mean anything by the apologize to you will not really. That wasn't really the PK doors jury, but it feels like with this Leeson Ken versus dirt situation. He's kind of playing both sides of fence, which seems a little strange to me. Okay. Yours why. Go back to WWAFL dot TV expo does PK. Oh, Kyle and apology. Yes. Or no. The Kyle's point is that she felt she was defending you to Lee. So when she went over there. Well, yes, for sure. But you know, it's I don't really think that her issue with Lisa was just about me. I mean, I understand that. She was defending me. But in this, particular instance, was yeah, it was it was a joke. I was also defending Kyle because I thought that he had put his foot in his mouth, and it wasn't sensitive. But then there's a point where you have to just get over it and move on. Okay. You guys say yes, he does. So we will stay tuned to see if he does apologize. Finally throughout his incredible career boy, Georgia's performed for sold out crowds with his face painted for the gods. But when it comes to some of his more scandalous behavior is he willing to paint a picture. Here's what it signed for never have. I ever music addition. I'm gonna say some never have I ever type statements related in the music business for everyone. You say you've done re we'll have to sit her drink. So you the opportunity to get to read drunk. Okay. Never have I ever trashed a green room. I'll never never I'm Rockin Rono. Oh, I never have I ever partied with Madonna. I never have. Well, how? Never have I ever turned down a collaboration with an A-List artists. I've never really. Never have a ever cancel the concert because I just wasn't feeling. It never done that never ever forgotten the words to my songs during a live performance. Once once ok twice. Eight times. I think being fired. Never ever ever had a wardrobe malfunction during a performance had really bad. Yes. Okay. Okay. George. What did you think of the Michael Jackson documentary? Did you see it j it's? Yeah. And I what I think is really interesting about that Tokyo hit you with information. But you're left with nothing to say, it's useful. You what chair and you just go? I don't know why I can say now gonna mean, and I think that one of the things that isn't in any. There's documentaries is the world alleged. It's just take it for go onto the this is what happens, and therefore, we all should accept it. And he's not here to defend him. Did you have a friendship with him? No never. I was a massive fan like most people, and it's difficult. You don't want to disrespect the people telling this story. But also, you don't wanna kinda disregards. You know, the fact that Michael Jackson isn't around to say, right one way or another jewelry number one question for you is what's the story with the? The video of the woman chasing you down. Goodness. Well, I mean, obviously it happened. It's internet embarrassing. It's unfortunate. I was grateful that the other women didn't bring it up this season. But like I said to last time I can't discuss some of the legal issues. Yeah, I'm very comfortable with our legal position. And hopefully, maybe by the reunion. I can talk about it a good because I wanna talk about it. I do too. You talk about what because I'm very comfortable with our position. My hands are tied. You know, you can't discuss legal issues when they're going on God. And I respect that. Okay. Good. Why hope for a resolution soon on tonight's Beverly Hills Camille to reach never heard of her. But on next week Beverly Hills. She tells teddy that she's done hearing from her. Here's a seek. We're just talking about you know, PK he sent me a text. And I felt good about that. He really thought we don't work. Good. Even if it's not malicious you're deliberately trying to cover your own ass. Disagree very bright. But I Don I agree. Thank you for your book. What I've noticed about you as you like to the side your mouth, but the second year was somebody to their face you back down, and you have a whole face is right here today is getting a little too big for britches. She's always telling us how much she knows. And if you know that much you don't have to tell everybody how much, you know. All right, Boy, George Seriti texted. What's the one culture club's song that you can zone out to performing it? Because you've been doing it for so long. I would never now. I would never never was in the song. No. That would be. No, no, no Nevis. Oh, now, Boy, George Natalie be wants to know, which Beverly Hills housewife Dory. Complaints to you about the most. I think it does change hourly. Okay. Let's go to from Ohio other. What's your question? Hey, guys. How are you had questions for three nights to see? Congratulations on your baby. Okay. Why you know when when Lisa Vader pounds? She's swore on her kid that you know, she, you know, you believe for kids, and it's on her kids. Why don't you? Why wasn't another for you to believe believer? Well, he no I have to follow my instinct, and when your instinct is so strong. You know, I have to shoot it myself. But I was prepared to just forget about it put it behind us. And she served me with an ultimatum. Okay. Let's go to care of from Connecticut. Hey care, what your question. All right. My question is Boy, George I was wondering who is the most difficult band or singer toured with back in the day, the most the most difficult band or singer to tour with back in the day of my. It's funny on the road. You know, you don't actually often see people, right, right? It's the funniest things that you know, you to if you like to go and say hi to people which gene more like the old days. Everyone would be like you have to speak to me. I because I'm famous right now, people know bit more like warm ever open for people. Really? We've never really and that ain't gonna change other times. Elizabeth from North Carolina HALE is with what your question. And because when you are looking Depp religious tonight. Boy, George I grew up in the eighties and the thanks for the party means that you provided backing those day. Absolutely. And. The re one question. How can you not understand lease ran? L VP position of, hey, if you think I'm a liar. Why would you wanna be friends with me anyway? Well, because there's a lot of good qualities about her. And you know, you can make him stake in you can still move on. And I thought we had a good friendship, and I really wanted to try and salvage that. All right. It's game time. Everybody to read head on over to the green screen the honor of Georgia's iconic culture club song, karma chameleon sit here. Boy, George next to me. I thought it will be fun to have Dorri try something she's not quite used to doing the lending in where it's time for having brands league chameleon to read is donning a stylish green Cape and Ramona is as she blends into a variety of backgrounds chameleon style, George we'll have to describe each musician. That is joining her if Dory guesses seven and sixty seconds. They both win. Okay. Boy, george. Go. We're looking here. Yeah. They live in a policy nuns. Biggest bound at the moment the artist right there. Oh, okay. Basically, she's yens who complete the end so ever strikes. He just retired based doing his loss tore now, and he has big love. Gotta love. Juries Jay Z say. Good. He's tola. He's he's not tolerate time for too long. Sent in the news of countries team poem. Sheba needs. You. Life after love. Very Christine Teagan. Is done up like, George, but I gotta give you a big shout out for your brilliant role. In star is born. Thank you. Lady gaga. Umbrella Cooper dream, come true. Flash shoe new NYC wants to know if you ever got to meet Lucy Lucy, apple juicy. Did you ever meet the dog? Boy, George O'Neil FaceTime, isn't Dave one wants to know if you've ever met Teddy's dad, John Mellencamp. No, never all these years. No. I'm a big fan though. Big Patrick arwood snow which Beverly Hills housewife you would want to take makeup Chit tips from. Well, did he has the best glam team? I'm sorry. All right jury Taylor j wants to know if you would agree with Camille that teddy is an entitled millennial now, she's not an entitled Linnea. Let's go to Chris from Sarasota which question, Chris. Hi, it's Boy, George I just wanted to say that I caught your show in Charleston last summer. It was awesome. I love you. But my question for you is that. So when you were on celebrity apprentice out of all the other celebrities, which one of 'em piss you off the most. Well, you know. Fooling out within steal. But you know now. What? Crew movie. I kind of enough with really good documentary. Good, and it was. Oh, good. And it was much. I didn't know about him. And so if an education, you know, what she in the film on my sense before. I'm now all I love him. And I love oversee Nikki seeks I love it was incredible. How I'm gonna see I think credible. Okay. Timeframe Mosleh day. It goes to Barbara Corcoran now, I gave her the Jack hall last night because she celebrated her seventieth birthday by throwing her own funeral complete with a coffin that. She laid in as guests arrived on. I just thought it was nuts. Well, Barbara must've had her coffin pointed towards the TV last night because she saw or jackal and sent me this. Thank you. Jared any young? One Jack hall to another. She wrote, and this is Barbara dollars wearing a negligee of Pearl necklace high heels, and it seems to be covered with dirt from head to toe. If Barbara is anything like the doll version, her freak number is incredibly high. Tonight. Check on news that Instagram is testing hiding likes and story views from followers while also making it slightly more complicated for users to access their own metrics and likes all to get people to pay more attention to the content itself. This doesn't bode well for the select few of us who use the number of likes as a form of validation. And by select few. I mean, everyone you moron. Hey, guys, it's Melissa and John again Arben wearing the same clone for like ten years. I'm open to mixing things up. But I don't want to spend the money and buy whole new bottle for me to not like it. And then just have it sit on my shelf. Well, that's where sent bird comes in centered is a luxury fragrance subscription service for perfumes and colognes each month. You can choose from over four hundred and fifty designer brands choose the fragrance, you wanna try, and they'll send you a thirty day supply actually already got my Cologne in the mail, and they come in these really cool travel size container. I did really like to on the first one Mellon and gets and the fragrance was called cannabis. Well, right up. Your alley. Does not smell like weed. It's really good actually and the one I like the most of all was called Notting hill, and that's by English laundry. Sort of like woodsy had a little citrus. It wasn't too powerful. And I'm still waiting for my perfumes, but I'm really excited. I got Estee Lauder sensual nude and then clinic happy heart and some others. But I'm really excited. I can't wait to try them out. Okay. Here's the deal. We actually have an exclusive. Offer just for our listeners. You can get fifty percent off your first month today. That's only seven dollars and fifty cents for your first fragrance, so good ascent bird dot com slash W. W H L and use our code W W H L for fifty percent off your first month. Again, that's S C E N T bird dot com slash W. W H L for you to try your first perfume or Cologne for just seven dollars and fifty cents. We are going to smell so good. With Dury comes from the real Beverly Hills in Bowie. Bowie poultry club runaway train featuring Gladys Knight. It's out tomorrow buying the bar. It's chancellor liquefy Watson. Podcast launches Thursday may ninth on the I guess she's also seeing the glad of words Saturday to show airs on logo on may twenty first. Well, Angela may twelfth sorry. I'm sick. Ryan be emailed. What was going through your mind when you performed beyond say medley in front of beyond say at the glad awards in LA. How did you keep your cool? You you knew she was there. Right. Yes. And I was really excited, but you never know if she's actually going to come out and watch watch from the dressing room. But everyone right before I went on coming to me going don't mean to make you Irving but beyond say just sitting in her seat right now. So I was like, okay, I'm not gonna I'm gonna dance and I'm gonna I'm gonna focus on her. Because if I go in that direction, Julius is going to tackle me. But it was truly a dream come true beyond saying, Jay Z. Both gave me a standing. Oh. And I was like, thank you. And now, I don't even need to drag them, but just gonna make clay art or something. George. We're talking about music documentaries. That it struck me. Did you see the Whitney Houston? Doc. I mean, there are two of them. I know so good I loved when he did you have you ever sung with her son with about refute time dead? And there's a big big fund voice. Love to voice. Yeah. She's just one of the best. Yeah. Let's go to Casey from New Jersey AKC what your question. Hey, Mike question to read rate. Did you end up having sex with PK on the night of the Boy George concert after Kyle's comment? Hi, omeday comment, and then Renna kind of clucked it her. We got a question saying what is to read have to say about Renna cackling when Kyle said, good luck sleeping with your wife about PK. Well, I don't think we had sex that night. But it was not retribution or anything. Now. I think maybe he had a few too many to drink. Sold you down the river began. So what did you think when Renna cackled and Kyle said, good luck sleeping with your wife? What did you because you didn't see that? That was in the hallway. Yeah. No. That's fine. Song fun. Boy, George Sonia. The says he said, do you think what PK said to Kyle could be considered British humor. One hundred percent. Okay. Let's go to Connie from California. Hey, Connie, what's your question? My question is for Boy, George would you ever consider collaborating with Erica, Jane? I have many times don't see me. Did you see me? Hessel? You know, when when began the best I I was involved in the dullsville. Yeah. You were. Yes. The only thing is Kanzi choreography. Yes. I have like a fear. I think it's a condition. Really? Let's go to Jonathan Dallas say, Diana. What's your question? Hi out of questions for boy charge. If you were a housewife what which your tagline being? Oh, you bitches one trauma? Let's go to Steve Valla. Bama. Steve. Hey, oh, this is Steve have wanted to ask to a read. Does she think that maybe wanting to become Camille that went to right around line? Well, I don't think so because there was information in that article that only lease in her Team New. So it really reason for feeling like it came from her main reason. Yeah, it also only behooves Lisa article. Yes. Is there anything before we go that you feel has not been explained? Well, or you feel like you want to get off your chest relating to this whole dog situation or anything that is coming up on Twitter for you lot. Or or not now. You know this. It's gone too far, unfortunately, and there's a lot of lies and things that got twisted and never the dog home. Listen. Listen to meet Lucy. Lucille jews. That's all. The name of the dog because I think it was like the greatest I mean, it's like the most famous dog in America. Right. Well that was their objective. Yes. Of course. It was no they know the objective was to make her the most famous dog in the world. Really s that was whose objective on the center that really. Yes, I'm taking next year. So it works. Yes. Honestly. I'm gonna stuff it after the clubhouse. He's at an appropriate. You. I'm going to Georgia. Thanks for listening to the podcast everybody. Hope you enjoyed the show. Remember, new episodes? Go live Monday through Friday at four PM eastern time. Make sure you're subscribed. Have a great rest of your night.

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