Groundhog Day (1993)


Then put your little hand in there in a A.. Okay campers his rise and shine. And don't forget your booties because it's cold out there today. It's cold out there ever did JIM. I'm Erin welcome to the GROUNDHOG Day. podcast one thousand nine hundred ninety s Bill Murray Vehicle Bill Murray Andie macdowell. What a lot of famous faces from the nineties and this one Brian Doyle Murray who I just tried to approximate and failed old miserably. No doubt Iran. How many times have you seen this movie? I was just thinking about that by the way. This is directed by Harold Ramos written by Dany Ribbon and Harold Ramos I have seen this movie on camera twelve times and I I was thinking that like at least that many bright at least that many. Because there's a time where I'd like as a late teens early. Twenty something where. I was borderline obsessed with this film. It was a an the era when this movie was on. TV All the time just basic cable. Yeah some of the networks for playing reruns of it. I saw it constantly. Yeah and I I love this movie. I've seen it with my son twice like one when he was real little and then one like I think right around the time where we did this for charity. Marathon So I think I'm at least twenty five. I've got a silver jubilee thing going on with this what about you yeah. I'm right there with you. It's between the twelve that I saw it and all my childhood viewings dealings the most recent. Viewing this podcast. which you would think? Maybe we wouldn't need to watch it again but there are so many little things in there that you pick out every time you watch it. Certainly I could have made a podcast without watching this again. Nobody would have told the difference but I. It's because I all right. Let's let's approach it from this direction. Shen you and I both kind of expressed that we didn't WanNa see this movie for a very long time after we watched the groundhogs day marathon. And if you're unfamiliar three years ago the whole reason we're doing this in fact is to kind of kick off the third annual groundhog day charity. Marathon celebration thing three years ago. Jim and I had had a dream name that we would watch. GROUNDHOG's Day groundhog day. The movie on Groundhog Day. The actual physical tin quarrel aural space and time for the entire period of the entire twenty four hours midnight to midnight and we made that dream come true. We raised a bunch of money see for a worthy charity. The National Alliance in Homelessness And then we said we never want to watch this movie again. Three years later you've watched a movie again to gear up for a charity street. I feel like that your position has softened. How how much does this often as much as bill? Murray's heart softened in this film. It's yeah I it's just so easy to watch. This is rare romantic comedies. That I enjoy. Yeah because it is in fact that it has so much of like this exploration of the theme and the exploration of the scenario that. I really enjoy that. Did I overlook the fact that it's romantic comedy and it's very well written too. It's not like it's Just some cheesy thing that they sort of shit out onto the page. It's astonishingly astonishly astonishingly well-constructed conceived and I WanNa talk about that eventually. But I win I because it was a bit of the process. Even Watch this God damn movie because for whatever reason Amazon is we own this thing on Amazon. I think from the last time we watched it. we own on Amazon. But it's been a real asshole like it was playing study and then it would get in the video would go away so I had to dig out my own personal copy and I was kind of upset Eh. Soon as like the things started. And you got that blue skies The opening credits the cheerful polka music. I'm like I'm in and you know the other. The thing is like the core of the the groundhog day movie feels very familiar. The actual groundhog day loop such that that the I I don't know why but I forget a lot of the beginning part because he only experience that once per voyage through the movie share that like twenty five. Ah Day I'm in the thousands. I develop vignettes of him. Sitting at the diner and stepping in puddles isn't shit. I've seen hundreds thousands of times but him you know Given shit the Larry Him his first contentious relationship with Andy macdowell him. I'm being just a kind of a a royal. Shitter around the newsroom is is still very fresh. Those those first teen minutes steel fueled crackle with excitement and promise Rama's yeah yeah and then you get into the comfort zone of the repeating day you sure. Do you sure do but I just realized I love everything about this movie. I think I could do another marathon. I think maybe if for a five year anniversary we we just roll back to classic. Yeah Yeah because I could take another twenty four hours is a pretty sure that maybe twelve hours in my brain starting to melt but I send you will have learned piano. I I I made my notes for this movie on top of I kept the Groundhog Day Journal When we did yeah on my phone I had an empty document whereas just writing down like memorable times like five o'clock in the morning when the network shit out and we thought that five hours in this thing it was just going to flame out at six forty five? Am Am is. When the GROUNDHOG I popped up animated in its full glory? Okay fill a eight twenty. Five PM is win. I sang. I got you babe. Okay just just the highlights of that marathon stream and again. Because I forget to talk about this because I'm going to get wrapped up in the movie this week Gin starting on Friday at noon. That's January What does that January thirty first? Yes noon eastern standard time juvenile going to take the twitch dot TV slash bald move. And we're going to have a twenty four hour disaster movie marathon. We're GONNA BE SEEING WE'RE GONNA kick it off at Armageddon and then we're GonNa take a tour of everything that can happen in this planet earth. We're going to go through twenty twelve We're going to go through Left behind for the spirits of the actual Armageddon We're going to go through twister volcano If you've heard of a disaster movie were probably going to watch it And we're GONNA have a great time I and this year We are GONNA be raising money for Relief for the Australian bushfires we are giving all proceeds net proceeds to the Australian Red Cross. Who has been doing a lot of humanitarian work? out there so if you're hearing this podcast and sounds like something that you would be getting up for are than please go to twitter dot TV slash ball move. It's easy to donate a we'll be keeping track of everything and we're GonNa be given prizes way. It's going to be a lot of fun. It's a highlight. It's been the the highlight of our year for the last two years running. Okay so now. Do we know why we are dusting off this nineteen ninety-three movie to give it a review. I'm kind of surprised we didn't review it before it seemed like. Why did we not decide to do just of a groundhog day? Movie Review after the Syrian. I don't know that I could have really it's like I've just watched this movie twelve times. I don't know that I had it in me. spiritually to able to talk at all about this film. Ah needed that three years of space that two years of space. So how do we want to talk about this movie. I I kind of want to make some observations about the main characters at first okay. Yeah 'cause I I WANNA talk about the actors that would be good. Okay meshing the so phil played by Bill. Murray is this Bill Murray's best role to my mind probably so so the range that he has to show in. This movie is broader than the stuff he normally has to do because normally he's like a character has a defined personality and he brings that to the role in this movie. His personality evolves drastically over the course of the film. Yeah And this I think uniquely because you could throw there's A. He's done a lot of good movies. Lost in translation lost in translation as the other one is kind of in the running for best movie but I think you're right from a rain standpoint. It's it doesn't hold a candle to groundhog day. And part of the reason I think it's such a great showcase Is Because Herald Ramos. Who at the time was one of Bill? Murray is very good friends intentionally intentionally punched up the script every time he found a place. It's like oh I could see bill saying this. He would just rewrite the line rewrite situation to suit his style of comedy. It's like it's like a lot of Bill Murray comedies. You see him and it's like he's a very funny man in a JC Penney Suit Herald Ramos's tailoring that thing it like you know taken taking into waste making sure that the sleeve falls just so You know and and that I think comes comes through so yeah I think this is clearly his his best movie What we know about Phil at the START I think Phil on ironically is a good weatherman? He's yeah it's interesting because his style is very much there's a self deprecating quality about it but he doesn't go full like will or brim. Who is the first I The today show Weatherman has AL broker brokers that he took over from a guy who before you know had. Yeah I have no idea who that is. It's like these these They've got a history kind of like pleasingly plump eccentric outsized personalities and like fill is funny. But he's also pretty cynical. That's yeah but he's not really self effacing it's it's funny but not in in like a perfunctory. Almost like it's like like if David Letterman had never gotten famous added added flamed out and was bitter about it and he was the Weatherman on your on your local news. Yeah I could see that. Yeah like like Dave. Letterman had a failed career in broadcasting and he came back with his tail between his legs and he. Did you know the the morning show on channel eight in Indianapolis. That's the energy. He's channeling which I actually think would be entertaining us. faulk doc sure he probably just be festering in in a pit of black despaired as kind of fill seems to be doing yeah. I don't think he's living his best life. Yeah Yeah but why is that. I think he's frustrated. You know he's talking at the beginning about how he's he's got notice from other stations or it's very much a weatherman nicholas cage kind of situation where he's got this. Maybe this this hook That he's got in somebody somewhere. But here it's even more nebulous. It's not like a real plot thread So yeah I think he like like knows that he could be destined for better things but he stuck in this. Low Level Weatherman GIG. Isn't that like I feel like to to accent it. Like a lot of people have on we about their life. Isn't that like because the thing is is bill. I'm sorry not bill. Murray Phil Connors here is capable of great things in the course to this movie. He essentially obtained a medical degree. He becomes like a concert pianist He learns how to Sculpt Ice Parlor Magic He he's he's capable of like are there is somebody Some comedian I think talking about like you know we always complain about not having a superpower right. You know like we don't complain but it's like people man what if I could fly or what if I could do this. It's like inside of all of us. We have the power to water ski. And we have the AH the power to like Sprint really fast and swim really fast and holder breath for five ten minutes like every human beings capable of this. Now it's like they're all untapped superpowers and I think that's what's eating at fill that he feels like he's got all the B- like everyone has that well did he just can't get out of his own way. Yeah he's self self-sabotaging throughout the beginning of this film because it's it's like It's like a a a a a fixation on like if I only get to this level of success us and dreams then I can start enjoying life if I get this big GIG on the weather channel or the big at this on the today show then. Then you know my life will be full-time Bang. supermodels on's Disease Tropical Islands. I mean that is probably his goal right. It's it's like that's what he wants to do. His life has manifested throughout the course of this very very long day. We see all the things that he tries when he when he realizes the power he has right and none of these things bring him satisfaction right. It's it's only at the end when he has gotten out of his own way and truly understood what makes him happy and and the people around him happy is that's when he finally gets out of the day and becomes a decent human being. Yeah I mean that's the thing it's like I feel like I'm on the cusp of a realization about Like you said getting out of your own way. What does that actually mean? What is the thing that's ended up people's way it usually worry about the future or like shame and regret about the past? And that's very like message which I think is part of the thing that's in the that's in in here but like they. I'm not quite ready to put a pin on what's going on and I think it's different for everybody and it's even hard to pinpoint. Okay I know something is wrong here but what is it. What is the thing that I need to get out of my way? In order to be the best version of me it turns out in a scenario where you're locked into a single day for something like thirty years that you have a lot of time to discover what that thing is and and and almost it's almost like the the sameness of the scenario that he's in every single day enables him to more thoroughly understand himself. Yeah uh because he doesn't have all these changing variables constantly right. Yeah there's also some kind of lake this is something like the core of this delusion where uh like I I look at his first interaction with the BNB lady right. Oh it's terrible. And he's like being so cruel to her but she's also effortlessly charming Ming her like she's because he's a celebrity and like he's being smart and she's not really like stupid enough to pick up. How much like sarcasm and contempt? He has ask for her and her and she's just trying to be agreeable and be happy and I wonder like if our fills problem. Is You know he's trying to push everyone away with this. This asshole asshole persona but he's also so charming that it rarely works or he's the architect of his own. Yes so that just makes it like eight year. That just makes the bigger assholes like one of his conversation a massive astle. Then they're going to hate me and then like fuck she still laughing and thinking of being cute and funny. There's no bottom. There's no bottom this pit that I can do. Yeah it's almost like he got annoyed with all of the You know the fame and the attention and like the did you know in that sort of Paparazzi kind of way. But he needs it for his feeds onto itself becomes an asshole to those people and so when he's an asshole he's also charming in his asshole ARY and so then they wanna talk to him more. It's it's a bit of a marriage with Nick cage in the weatherman right because he wants wants to be liked by everyone and people throw throw milkshakes and food and should add him and he's he's hated because he's kind of I don't I don't oh no. Why why why do people hate him in? The weatherman ought to go listen to our podcast. Figured out from. But there's there's a little like a dark side of each other's coin the movie going on here. What's the better weather man movie groundhog day days? The best weatherman movie is probably ever going to be made. It's pretty damn good because like there's there's definitely dimensions edges. I mean. We loved the WEATHERMAN. We'd we did it on our Nicholas cage super serious film fest It's a great movie movie but this thing I tweeted last night this thing is like tesseract cube like every single time I come back. I never thought like when I watched this. I thought I was going to be like. Oh we're gonNA talk about our favorite parts. WanNa talk about how much fun it was to do. The marathon thing Talk about the new charity thing. But I'm not going to come to the table with anything new to say about the movie literally twenty minutes in. I'm like Oh Shit I've never even thought about how Phil could be re and the God damn things. The tesseract has has shifted yet again. Then why is the weatherman. Such a object of pity amongst film writers. I think it's because they're aquaman of the news team team. Are they really though. Like they're not the anchor men and women who get the important things and they get to make the best jokes and they're not a sports p like people care about. Let's that's true. Sports is so stupid and yet people care so much about it. The weather is the thing like you might not get affected by someone getting gunned down in the street. You might not be affected elected by a structure fire there. Everyone's going to be affected by political scandal. But the weather's GonNa Affect you every Goddamn day and yet it's so mundane be able to. It's like it's like talking to fish rush. Yeah because they're not even the ones who are actually doing the the analysis right often they. They're they're like we're not meteorologists there simply uh-huh oh that's even sadder when they're on by the time you're on camera you don't need to be right you know like you've made it like you're no longer slaving even away at Noah. You're no longer. You know typing out text for weather blasts at some kind of emergency services something. You're actually on camera in front of the blue screen or the green screen And yet you're also probably in everyone's is the least valuable I think there's the that's the qualifications for being. A weatherman are very very low. Need well I would think all you need is a F- full smile and the ability to work on a teleprompter. I thought that they all they actually were licensed meteorologist though too. Isn't it because I 'cause I it's been twenty years since I've watched local news but they always always like Bob Gregory Gregory. I break my perception of the weather. Man is that it's very low qualification position Bob. Gregory is accredited did by the National Accredited Association of meteorologist. Association is in like that was always like before Bob Gregory come out with his stick Gregory. Yeah kebabs Bob. Gregory I love Bob Gregory Gregory whether I had to go to school in the morning in the wintertime it. Yeah I would love that man to you bob and and well. I'd love that man three days out of the year and every every winter like How many snow days prediction and that was always fun? Like I loved keeping track of Bob. Gregory's his track record you know. Was it like Bob says Bob said last year we get twelve so daily Bob. I think that I know a little bit about bias in reporting and how to make doc Bob was real real excited talk about his predictions when he was on track to like. I predicted twenty days of snow on the ground. And we're twenty three and it is February fifteenth. Today's reuse predicted like sixty. And you know it's March first and we've had three days of snow primary quiet. Yeah Yeah Bob. Gregory Gregory a couple of glasses of whiskey. Before Blair yeah apocalyptic. Britain blizzards GONNA hit in April April. We got like like four inches ice. so maybe bothers vindicated onto something. Bob Gregory Best God damn weather man in the country. I'll fight anyone about it. Let's talk about another actor. Let's talk about Steven Tova laskey. Okay Ned Ryerson Holy Shit Stevens Alaska and this move and I if you've only seen groundhog day timer to you might. I know who ned Ryerson and Steven Toby but like being now you know now absolutely dead dead needle nose Ned. What possesses a man to give this performance? It's it's so perfect I don't WanNa say it's not bad it's great it's it's it's leaning into everyone's stereotypes about your face. Yeah he's made a career out of that face and that that annoying personality. Jeff Davis on Harman town said he always talks about at this favorite exercise. He did an acting class where the acting teacher would take you out to a mall and he would have you where you wanNA wear stand you like one hundred feet away and he would call people Over and say look at this guy guy standing under the archway. Here's a piece of paper. Write down the first three things you think about him. Wow and they would do that for like one hundred times and then they would read. Read it out in front of the class like this is like this is like no bullshit. This is no performance. This is the baggage that people bring in about you. I feel like Stephen Polarize. Took those hundred things things. Tumbler Hausky told Leroux Ski. Ski The chocolate man. He took those things about himself and just that was his performance. There were only three words. That came back doc. Everybody gave the same three words. Big Head needle nose And and no no social tact whatsoever. Yeah he he pulls it off his marvelous and he house like a cat with were they when they win. You know bill and everybody or adapt to party at the end of. Hi come across him and say no. We're not going to have dinner with you. And he just house cat. It's I can't imagine ever deciding to give that performance but man and it works. The thing is is like this is the evolved ned like. He says that ned the head the needle nose ned. Those days are behind me. I'm now ned the bull like he's origen. He's gone to a couple of salesman seminars and he's decided what was wrong with this approach. I duNno I duNno. I don't how long been sales insurance salesman got like. What if he just started this like you know a week ago? And he's he's about the flame out his career and Bill Murray Phil Connors keeps him going fifteen insurance policies bills deciding or fill signing up for everything because he thinks his days never going in right Alston. He's on the hook for every eighty insureds investment. This guy's got to sell. It's going to keep him fed for like a couple of months it's just going to prolong the agony. Any the fact that he just can't sell I think that's why he says the end of the movie maybe we'll start by renting when he says we should move here because he just can't afford to buy insurance that's right. He's GonNa have to change his address to dodge all the legally binding commitments that he's made the afford over the last eons of his existence But yeah and the thing is is. There's there's an element to. Here's the reason why fills pretty likable. Even though we've said he's an asshole he's not like reflexively at Astle astle like when this guy comes up to him he's he's uncomfortable with it but he's like you know I'm gonNA fiend polite interest and I'm going to have a conversation. It's only when ned like takes it. Nakedly Bursa Moore you know mercenary Ryder right accolades. I you know I. I love the standard talk with you dead but but I'm not going to I fucking love that if I can love that right I wish it's funny because right before. I sat down to watch groundhog day. Last night I walked through the store where I shit you not I. I was propositioned by unrelated services. People to sell me on on my cable subscription. They WanNa talk to me about how they can save money and my energy bill and lake. I wish I could be this smooth. I wish I could be like you know I'd I'd love to stay in here in this in the store while ice cream is melting in my cart for twenty minutes to have you scan me on some kind of energy bill. But I'm not going to. I wish I I wish I'd be. It takes a certain amount of not giving a fuck about what people think about you and how you make them feel. 'cause I really WanNa do is hug these people I wanna I wanNA give the late stage bill. Murray will hug him and be like man sales hard. This job sucks so bad. But I'm still not GonNa waste my time just because I feel sorry for you but you have value and worth with as a human being turns around like if I could do that since sincerely like like the Dalai Lama could pull something like that off. I can't making a lot of assumptions about the person's life based on their choice of standing in Middle Walmart trying to tell people that they can save money on the energy bill by talking to you for twenty minutes. Yeah this is not where you envision the when we were six years old run around the house with with with the caped hydrogen neck. This is not where you thought you'd we you'd end up absolutely so like you know the do what you gotta do to get that check. I I hope back on your feet somewhere anyway. We do. We have anything else. You want to talk about Ned Ryerson. No can we talk about. GROUNDHOG's Oh I want to talk about the other. We'll I forgot that. We didn't talk about Rita there several. Yeah there are several other people Any McDowell is the perfect person for this role. Because she's adorable. She's also very smarts And she's got a bit of an acid acid tongue herself like when she goes into like the Phil gluttony seen he's just like pack this housing hole sizes the cake aac in his mouth a single by single by with the with the icing to smear decide of his face and he's not going to ever wipe that off throughout any other Taylor no when she just looks at him and says something. It was the lines like I love to see a man of advancing years. Throw caution to the wind. It's inspiring in a way. It's it's such a great line as she delivers it so well you can instantly. You know it's it's not hard. Imagine Fall in love with this woman. Even though she's rocking just Hardcore nineties mom core. Oh Yeah I mean from the close to the hair this said. The smile allows the highways. Jeanne it's an atrocity but this should not be attractive as it is eighty McDowell is just Some sort of angelic creature. It's all coming back to so we have to look forward to and the next two years that's true. We'll start looking like this again. That's true they. I think that there's something very interesting about like Phil instantly hating her from the first jump. Blake Caesar over there fucking around the which I think super cute. She's got a blue coat on. She's fucking everyone like say first time we had green green screen technology here at the office. It was a lot of fun I mean. I put on a Christmas tree hat over over the Christmas festivities and it disappeared and I was thrilled. Yeah just because you're wearing cosmic void on your head. Yeah it's a lot of everyone should be able to play the green screen at least once But she he looks over and You know wasn't Larry saying Oh. Yeah Rita's he does fund raising my kind of fun. Yeah Chris Elliott this movie. It's fucking guy but we'll get there there's again there's another guy Who's just giving performance based on the common cards? He got from the mall. X One other characters we WANNA talk about. We've talked about Kris Elia real quick Larry He's fucking disgusting. He's yeah he's more disgusting in my mind than Bill Murray's character Phil 'cause he doesn't change over the course of the film well he has had one day right. I would like to see quartz. Larry though wouldn't wouldn't that be because here's the thing. Yeah I think Larry comes by his bullshit honestly you know he he takes shit from Philly also gives it but maybe not maybe what you mean what we what are you thinking like. You know that. Like maybe he's his put upon beat down like you know just just just did well he. He hasn't one line about cameraman right when he's trying to seduce Nancy. Or whatever pizarro yeah the people think that the camera just points the camera things and that's it but it's not that easy there's more to it clearly. Someone in his past has told him this right like he's gotten a lot of shit for just being a camera man. I don't know I was thinking like I grew up in. But what he actually says is. He's from California he'd been covering hovering like for six years the migration swallows from whatever like I don't know maybe he doesn't have any excuse to be this obtuse and gross i. I don't thanks so I don't think many people do but on the other hand it's like you know up until recently. There's been a lot of societal pressure to like mold men into shape. You know rather within kind of like you know repeal if if you if you came out of the mold and a repulsive shape and your attitude or whatever you're wearing your manner wasn't a lot a lot of pressure like making you feel bad about that and thinking about like. Hey maybe it'd be more successful if you change so yeah you know. Latest product of society is what I'm saying I found found out that So you knew Brian. Doyle Murray's Bill Murray's brother I did did you. The bill. Murray has three two other brothers rather I know he has one other brother but I and I seen him in a role or to Murray. You've definitely seen him. He played Fred. Rumson in Madman. Yes yes yes. That's another one so that's other one. There's another murray brother out there is. He's been in a few movies. He was in like stripes and caddyshack has like bit roles and okay so like he's he's not super famous he hasn't Act Lot. I see the Brian and bill are definitely insurance too or the four brothers does does he sell insurance he might. I don't know probably now to all other very brothers. Yeah the fifteen policies. It keeps him in. Remember me we. We grabbed together All right what other. What other characters? We want to talk about who we want to get you before we get to further talk about the. I WanNa talk about Groundhog Day. The actual celebration okay. Because when we came into the groundhog day marathon. I'd seen groundhog day a lot. But it never occurred to me to actually Lee like look up Punxsutawney Phil and like how this all works So the first time I actually saw a real the other thing is these things happen. Incredibly early in the morning. Yup It happens at the break down which you know in February's not super early but still it's a pretty early morning celebration. Which is why I never truck with seven? Am Him. I think is around the time that we were in might've been just when the Dawn. It's like as dawn is breaking. This does not gablers. SNOB is not in any kind of charming town square. It's out in the middle of nowhere Just as big open field where literally thousands of Times Square in the middle of a godforsaken rule woods and Pennsylvania dudes are all dressed up. They they they they have all the RAZZMATAZZ UIL to have the scrolls There's a lot more elaborate. There's like rhyming stanzas. The guy that they've really making me laugh at nowaday like like the vendor cart selling popcorn roasted roasted nuts and the polka dancing and two gazebos and like the small town. I didn't see that there is lots of generators and bright lights and probably the smell. The diesel fume you can. You can smell it over the camera. Yeah I wish to. Real event was anywhere near as charming as depicted on the film. That's true of most events you know like you've you mentioned like New Year's Eve sort of thing New Year's Eve is hell. If you're right you you can barely get out of the crowd to go to bathroom. You have to stand there for hours and hours and hours in the freezing cold by the time the performance comes on you can barely hear it. They're yours crushed against fences constantly. It's a nightmare. It's hard to get access to booze the food you know it's just like It's an endurance thing than it is like a fun celebration I also first time was motivated to find out how this groundhog day shit got started like. Do you know anything about this so like Bill Murray is like they pull the rat out. They look at him houses shadow. Shit work okay. You used to eat it. You're a hypocrite the funny so I looked it up and this is on the the history dot com website and it turns out. It's all by Hitler's Alien No no I wasn't sure about its ancient Egypt's ancient Egyptian ancient Egypt's ancient Egypt. ABC's the worship the rat as prognosticator. No that says according to tradition. If the groundhog comes out of its hole on grounds and sees its shadow it gets scared and and runs back in its burrow which predict six more weeks of winter weather if it doesn't see shadow and remains relaxed. It's time for spring. Okay so this day has has its roots in the ancient Christian traditions around Christmas and candlemas which is where the clergy would bless and distribute candles that they thought would be needed for the winter The candles represented how long cold that thought the winter was thought to be The Germans took this tradition. I and expanded it by selecting an animal the Hedgehog as an animal. The had the capability predicting weather fun when okay. I'm waiting for the GROUNDHOG. UK On this win these German assignation style. What he's doing agile? When the German immigrants came to America they settled in Pennsylvania Lavinia and continues tradition? Although hedgehogs were nowhere to be found in North America they made a substitution. They adopted the groundhogs plentiful in the keystone state And this is often thought to be. This might be Apocryphal. But this is where the best guess of where this particular Titian came out the groundhogs. The real animal go when the hibernation in the late fall and if you know anything about hibernation their body temperature drops their heartbeats slowed down they lose up to thirty percent of their body. Mass and February very male groundhogs almost had hedgehogs in February male groundhogs emerge from their burrows to look for a mate but not predict the weather. And they do this for like like Like a period of days or weeks before they go back underground and wait for the rest of winter out and they come out for good march. So like if. You're just observing hedgehog behavioral. You see 'em come out scurry career around maybe going another whole come out and then go back down. It's like oh he's afraid he's going back in and hide from the winter and thus a hundred year old tradition is born. Also apparently Punxsutawney Phil is only like the most popular. There's like these types of festivals all over the Midwest and eastern seaboard. I assumed yeah. Yeah and they all have different names. James they're not all fill Do you think it's interesting in like mad away. That was new newark nate yet. No there's actually it was something like did you making that one. That was just like that. Yeah there's Miami Mitch Colorado Charlie Do you think it's interesting that they both share the name Phil I do. I feel this the surrealness to does and I thought what a what a ballsy decision Zhen somewhere along the writing process here. Like what are we going to call the the the main character here. Yeah we'll fill. Isn't that a little too silly. Isn't that like the groundhogs named Phil we really call them. Fill and then you say yeah and you go okay. Well that actually makes a certain medicines. Imagine this groundhog's life is just being stuffed in a box. Fox pulled out once a year and that felt like a sort of unreasonable existence. Similar to what Bill Maher was experiencing. Yeah and there's all kinds of this is built like once I started like formulating this like. Oh it's still. It's like a funny joke. That like he'd be stuck in this experience he's he's having with Phil but there's even more to like. Everyone looks to fill as having the answer for the weather and yet fill is. This is the one day where he's completely wrong as prediction And I think that that there's there's a lot of interesting things rolling around there. Did you read anything about the how the script has made. No so Danny Rubin and who's the one that Kinda came up the idea apparently sitting in a movie theater one day and he was trying to come up with what's called a calling card script has agents like you need to have like a a wealth. Well fleshed out treatment that you're ready to slap down anytime someone says. Oh you got a project. You're working on interesting so he he was in the middle of a movie theater. Thought about what it would be like to be an immortal and and like how you would change over time. And he's a fascinating concept but it's like man think about like a mortal living through periods of time. It's now it's like a multiple period piece of expensive. There's no way could ever get made so. He came up with the idea of a man being stuck in the same day to make cheese. That's the exact opposite of how I would come. Come up with this script it gets better. You would come from a core concede of like what if somebody was stuck in a single day but he came around this this is is all a mercantile endeavor. He wants sit around the holiday K.. But not a well because then it would have repeat like every year people know. It's time to watch but he wanted. It's something that like wouldn't get crowded out by like Halloween or Christmas. So we picked He he said at the around the new year changing so he's looking for holidays around January like in the new year and I can't do Washington Day can't fucking groundhog's Day Groundhog de eh coupons. In groundhog's though yeah happens groundhog day. And then he got attached with a herald Ramos who took the scripts and said Oh. This is great eight from my friend. Bill Murray's we punched it up to make a very specific bill. Murray vehicle and this is after Tom. Hanks pass on this. He was the first to us and then Batman Man Michael. Keaton was a second choice. Michael Keaton would have been excellent in. This is the only other person I can imagine. Yeah having the same kind of charisma smurfs cynicism the right. I'm trying to imagine Tom Hanks at the beginning of this movie. And it's really difficult. Tom Hanks does seem to struggle. Playing like an asshole Seoul character. I've seen him as -ception of him. Or what have you seen them in playing an asshole like like he plays a villain and road to perdition and seen it But even then it's like a heart a goal. He's like a gang contract. Gang killer. Article can't kill kids. I can't remember what it was. I need to watch that movie again. He only kills kids. It's like literally the AH hey life has yet so they haven't even lived alive for. It's also like it's like You know just a Redo the spiritual redo so they pinch it up and then within the the the Movie Studio got a hold of it and said well 'cause because both hailed Ramos and Danny Rubin wanted to start this like they actually want to start the movie where you're like five or six loops into the process already and then the audience just slowly discovers what's going on through his experience and the studios I I ain't GonNa lose people what you need. Is You need to have him. Messily break up with his girlfriend in Pittsburgh who happens to be a witch and she's GonNa with an old spell we'll start this explicitly like curse thing and Harold Ramos's like okay. Sure but and so they did that. They turned into traditional three act. Structure Structure Arena. Had the beginning where he doesn't know then you stuck in the loop and he gets out of the loop and then he actually thought that made the movie structural. You're better and then he went to the baton and said we got to get rid of the witch absolutely and this is this. That's how groundhog day. Got Written explicitly a resume kind of like Colin cynical for a symbol for for assembly for Max Amom like yeah. It almost feel like that. The plan plan worked because he set out to make did beloved classic intriguing and and yet it also effortlessly is that thing. I'm like if you if I told you a story where it's like this guy just like just just got hit in the head and he had this this this this concept and he just had to. Do you probably believe that too. It's like a passion absolutely because that's how I would've approached it but like what does this concept. Okay where the logical extremes here. Let's explore the space but man that cynical but I'm still glad it exists. Yes and I'm glad that exists in the form of does although I would be really interested to see how the five to six loops in version would work. Yeah I think it'd be more daring film. Yeah 'cause I wouldn't describe this film particularly daring. I think there are a few scenes and moments that get very dark but the witch version would have been awful. So here's the La- the last piece of the the spice they got put in the stew Gerald Ramos convinced his friend Bill. Murray to be in this movie and he wrote it explicitly for him Bill Murray had to take some convincing. Because he's going through some bad times he was going through a bitter divorce heaters rocky time in his life where he had independently of this movies started hearing people attaching his name with Herald Ramos together and he got his head that people thought the Herald was responsible for all the success. And he's starting to get quietly allie bitter about it so he gets a bitter pissed off angry. Bill Murray arriving on set and I guess he's a real. He's just a real astle. He wants to like mute. The comedy comedy aspects and lean into dark and darkness and Pathos. He'll have the rest of his career to do that but I think that the movie moving needed that right like it needed some of that where he's got that like this. This winter's going to be long. It's going to be cold. It's going to last the rest of your life that haunted the Bill Murray. That is missing. The movie also misses like a little bit of its greatness right. Oh yeah it becomes too saccharine. Yeah so all these a studio interference. This guy wants to make a commercial ISKOE accessible hit herro Ramos Wotton to do this like role explicitly for his friend that he loved bill. Murray being shitter later and having a really bad though this ended their relationship. Yeah you were talking about that. This is like the saddest thing in the world that like after. This movie was so bad that like bill bill. Murray and Harold Ramos stopped working together. They didn't speak for twenty years and still Herrell Ramos was on his deathbed. Wow Brian Bill's brother basically basically said like look. If you don't make peace with this man you're gonNA regret it for the rest of your fucking life. And he did. What did I? That's what I'm saying like this this movie if it if if one little thing had happened differently we wouldn't have gotten a greatness. It is groundhog yet. And I'm sure there are other movies just like this. That things did happen differently early and they never got off the ground or they became success. Yeah because one thing went wrong. Yeah so one of the things that like. This has has gotten a reputation in the last thirty years being Oh my God I just realized that like if we do this as a five or six or anniversary also be thirtieth breath anniversary of ground. It starting to feel like we're going to have to do this again in a couple of years or maybe edge of tomorrow Russian doggone instead of fate and destiny because a lot of people that there's an article I think written in two thousand six calling this the most spiritual film of its generation and I started digging being that it turns out that Ramos was raised with quote unquote ambiguous religious beliefs. He was agnostic raised Jewish And then he married a Buddhist okay so he brings in all these traditions and as a result there's tons articles. You can find Hindus and Buddhist phrasing it because of its themes of selflessness and rebirth reincarnation like Catholics dig it because they see like a version of purgatory as approachable and understandable. Like you know that kind of fits fits their beliefs like hand and glove. Jewish people see inspiration in fact at fills able to escape this pitiable state after he performs good deeds and is is not goes. He doesn't go to heaven but in fact he's returned to Earth that continue to perform yet more like it depicts the no matter what your spiritual background that it seems like like you can find something to appreciate about this movie. Yeah it's universally Acceptable I think. Yeah which I think is one other keys of his success that you had this band was like one of the one shaping the film that had respect and was steeped in traditions of all these different religions. How long do you think the period of time is? That's portrayed in this movie so I've heard I think it's Herald. Ramos talked about this. He said something like ten thousand days of Lear's thirty years that line thousand years he said a bunch of things the first statement eight-minute that I tracked down. He said that In an interview he said according to Buddhist doctrine it takes ten thousand years for soul to evolve into the next level level of enlightenment and he thinks that spiritually speaking groundhog day takes about ten thousand years. Whole K yeah Eases Zinin the DVD commentary which recorded a few years later Ramos estimated that he thinks that the duration depict on films more like ten years and then then a year later he told a reporter that he thought the tenure estimate was too short that he gave on the commentary that it takes at least ten years to get good on at anything and allotting outing for downtime and like suicide art that he thinks at least thirty or forty years That's the one I've heard. Yeah did you read the what the Culture Article UH where they tried to put a time frame on like how long it would take to get like his quote unquote honorary medical degree. How long would take to become a concert? Level pianist list and they had they had it all up as a minimum of twelve thousand three hundred ninety five days about thirty five years in Groundhog Day. And that's just from like ice sculpting and it's just like how long would take to get like a mastery at that particular hobby. I don't know that's the thing is like I never even considered thinking talking about those questions but it came up a lot when we're doing the the marathon like people seem to fascinated about like. Is there secret. They're figuring out exactly how long you spend time we'll loop. Well I think you and I both independently identified different phases for this film. The second but like I'm I'm curious to see how how long he spins in each phase because there are certainly phases the would take longer than others right. Mastery of skills sure takes a lot longer than the despair. Fake sure sure and in things like there the first period that so. Let's talk about this and the groundhog day. So we're GONNA explicitly start talking about the movie. Yeah like an hour into this review. Oh I call this phase yesterday okay and this is essentially the day before you the day before groundhog day and I think also encompasses the first groundhog day. Yeah where you have you know he. He goes to the town spins the ninety wakes up. It's Groundhog Day The snowstorm the he predicted is going to be. I pushed is going to actually hit. He's going to be dead center in it And then it leads to the next phase as which I call is the the period dawning realization. I call it the what the fuck face. So this is encompasses the second and third day and I love the way Murray plays that second day like he's sober. He scared but he's not crazy. He's a man of science thinks. Oh maybe I had a dream. Yeah or or more like this town is just kind of weird and everything's Today's the same and like what is not a whole weekend festival around here maybe the Cameron's fucking with him somehow or something thing. Yeah like I like that like that day. Where he's talking about groundhog's Day it's still just once a year right And then like there's this dawning horror as he sees ned again in and Steps into Pothole But he's still game like he goes and he does the same like news re- performance And Ed he's I love the lion where he's called about the long distance lines and there say it's going to be fixed tomorrow. Well what if there is no tomorrow and there was a one day and then this is the brilliant of it he comes up with this pixel experiment. Yeah resigned okay. Okay what can I trust he snaps and he puts it on different levels dislike and the next stay. He wakes up and the the pencils hole and in another place and now he knows this is where I start to have huge questions. Logistic questions about this film. Oh yeah if he stays awake awake until six. Am What happens. What goes on in that room? That's a great question at six. AM regardless of what he's is doing he awakes at the exact biological state but he retains the memories and experiences. Were also discrepancy there because there is one day hey in which he is actively awake already before the clock flips over so I don't understand like win exactly. There's one day where he's lying there waiting and the thing comes on and it's like right at the despair turn right so I had that exact and rewind a couple times to me. It's I am bigamous weather. He's laying down like waiting for the reset. The happen for he's actually awake and waiting for because you're right. It should be impossible for him to wake up before the reset happened right because he always starts asleep being woken up by the alarm clock. So there's some discrepancy there. It drives me batty. I think it's I think it's you're supposed to understand it. He's he's like laying down defeated waiting for it to happen but it is ambiguous. It does kind of day tonight. I too but it does happen right like everything goes off the same like the day restart. Yeah but I guess to hint. It wouldn't be super noticeable that there is any big change change I wonder if it's a a reset of sort of his mental state to certain parts of it like he retains the memories of the previous day but he doesn't notice that everything everything has changed back or the actual changing moment. It's just sort of happens. And then he goes on as if this is the repeat of the day. Well the other thing is like there's some days where he we seem significantly fresher like yeah during the Depression era. He's got like dark circles and bags under his eyes like he doesn't look well So it's like is there any but the other thing is like at you know Underneath all my analysis of this also it's just a movie right and they're like you know using the makeup and his level of energy to tell the story as well as you know I don't know what the cause like that. That's the thing that I I can explain like. Why does he get progressively more bags under his eyes like is he getting sleep deprived or does he wake up completely biologically refreshed like and and also if you you should? He should be extremely well. Like put aside the depression He should be extremely well rested the day after he gets out out of bed. Grabs the toaster. Yeah electrocute himself right like that's the got out of bed and he's went right back to sleep but then again probably the fundamental misunderstanding of way. Depression works right. Oh I'm sure. Depression is probably taking a physical toll. It's psychological it's universe. The universe psychologically torturing ordering him at some point but this is like the third day where he wakes up and now he's frantic because the pencils broke everything's terrifying saying like the Guy The guy confronting that the staircase well-meaning ned he fucking pushes away like Oh my God odd but then by the end of that day he realizes that he can do whatever he wants which the movie shifts the next phase which I call on hedonism and this is where he he gets at the end of the third day. He's riding the railroad tracks guys. Yeah those cops die right. That was my question. What happens to the cops dead because the second before he he flips it off the right you see them still following get destroyed by and he beats them to the intersection so either flip over into the field or they get get killed right? It doesn't matter either way because they're just going to be. It's a great scene. It's a great scene and it's also it's also interesting way to start talking about the film's morality which I don't WanNa fully were because some of this stuff I want to. I think I'm going to do a follow up podcast on on One Irma talking about this on the next one. We're trick over and Swiss bold okay but like if he kills these cops. What moral standing does that act? Have when everything everything is going to be reset like. You're starting to tread on simulation theory. Yeah I would say it has zero negative or positive have moral impact. Yeah this man because as if he believes that there is no consequence. Now I mean the question gets sticky when you talk about out the final iteration. He never knows when he's GonNa pop out exactly because he's talking about like when he's when he's doing all these. He's preying on women through a lot of this movie Specifically preying on Rita and I kind of want to explore some of that but I made me think about like in the near future when we have like you know. VR simulations like Let's say you've got like a hopeless man or woman They're very socially awkward very nervous. They can't find dates because of this is creepy if they go on dating simulator to have some generic person that they can pretend to have a conversation with and it would realistically League judged their responses as creepy or pushy or like they can kind of like get practice without resent creepy. Like the practice dating. I don't think so. How would it be creepy to download a simulation of the person that you're actually going to go on a date with it? Physically looks like them per caps is what if you fed that that system with everything you know about that. You can glean off social media in Croupier. I was getting sets borderline very creepy. But it's interesting like arguably the world look better place if you could do that because you know like the baby so a lot of like if you're a creepy guy a creepy girl. You're kind of fucked because people are we'll have no problem telling your creepy but like taking you under their wing to like trying to make you. Not Creepy is Emotional Labor that nobody wants to do share so like maybe in the simulator and maybe what they do simulators Kinda Reginald Barclay Star Trek. Like I dunno like there's some interesting simulation in theory questions about that. Yeah I think I think where you start to get into trouble is when you model it after very real simple that you know personally sure but it's also the that's also The most helpful type of simulation. If you're wanting to that one scenario yeah I think generally it's helpful to practice on. Someone agreed agreed completely. Anonymous agreed is wanted to to explore the the like I gained morality. You know if he if he kills these cops the actually kill them because everything gets reset like what are these people around him. How much of how much of what he does is reveals the core of him? How much of what he does is what anyone would do if if they were surrounded by like if you realize you're an assimilation and now like I'm not talking the gym I'm talking to some computer program going to be reset and I can't hurt his feelings? I get up right now for my desk. Punch him in the face he's GonNa Forget about the next morning like that seems like inherently warping behavior. Yeah I think this phase in particular is very revealing about who fill is as a person because look at the things he goes and does right. He has this massive pig out. gluttony Scene Leslie the most driving force before before sex pervert right and then he becomes a sex pervert expert. He starts at the donuts. That's where it starts. But but then he goes on to become an expert that that he clearly is right. That's his impulses to go. Do all these things so like I think Andie macdowell stuck in this situation would respond very differently. Yeah the thing she would go do our try white chocolate and fudge. I don't know I would love to see like at McDowell stuck in this loop Larry stuck in this loop could remake this movie as Andie macdowell getting stuck talking today. Man's too late because they're all like Chris Elliott you'd have to recast them wide. You get Jill from the leftovers whose her daughter. Okay and do groundhog groundhog day to the same day. Yes getting second day interesting. The same day it would be interesting to see what her character would navigate. That like also would be really because that's the question that I had is like Does does Rita Really Love Phil and does fill really love Rita I think so because it's a harder sell for me that Andie macdowell that the reader loves Phil because she's only had this one day to change her opinion and so I think the movie does something smart. They say that this is. She's new to this news team because if she had spent years living around yes there's no way he could change her mind about him in a single day you're right and it would feel artificial but not knowing this man. Maybe she could fall in love because she had a very strong initial bad. First impression you can think of like many times where I met a person thought there a complete asshole and it turns out they were just really socially awkward or just have bad day and they just couldn't it wasn't within their power to like a human being towards me and we end up being good friends or acquaintances or co coworker with these people so like it happens for sure like oh well how do you explain that. Eventually he's gotTa say well. I've been living a lifetime like its unpacking. His ten thousand years experience. It's going to be the trip for her right because he doesn't do that on that final day and does it throughout the course of the film but that last day where they actually actually get together and the day ends yeah. I don't think she knows anything about it. And this is what this is what I do. WanNa talk on this podcast not safer Swiss. Bold is that Fills relationship with Rita reminded me a lot of like what I've been reading about. Pera social relationships. So that's like One thing that people are familiar with the concept of celebrity stalkers. Right that these people they get fixated And they fall in love with the image that they see on on the screen and they get this false intimacy and then they show up naked that person's house professors. They love us and the people are trying to keep us apart and they don't understand now. Part of that is as the people who have like you know brain chemistry problems but like it's something I've been thinking about in terms of its content creators Internet talk about in terms of like their relationship with the fans. Like like you know we have a podcast and we are very authentic. You know We're playing a version of ourselves but it probably much more authentic than most Hollywood types of play to this point and people listen to this over source of months and years and they can get to know us in a very real way in a way that we don't know them and and I think that like bills relationship with Rita's para social. Because he knows everything about her and she stuck at the knowledge that she has of him which is almost almost nothing well. It's also evolving to think like. Yes his his side is certainly like an extreme amount of knowledge compared to hers but also also he changes so much as a person over the course of this and that is in large part I think shaped by Rita herself Because you know it's gross but a fair amount of this movie. He is him pursuing her and trying to like he's playing second row and the boss is Andie macdowell pants. He fails to get into them time and time again. He's you gotta spend a whole day getting back there just to give it another try. uh-huh uh-huh but he over the course of that like changes who he is right and he becomes more like Andie macdowell. He becomes more like Rita every single day and eventually he becomes someone she could fall in love with in a single day Yeah so I think she does know him because he's a lot like her at that point. Yeah but is you're right. It's like in that he say it's gross and that's where I'm trying to wrestle with. It's like is it gross. Like yes oh yes but also this is such an extreme example of something that like. I wonder like if you're if you if you talk to ten thousand year loop seriously the most virtuous person they have to have a day where they just kill everyone in the town. Yeah to like. There's like there's I feel like that like that's something you would eventually do. Just just out of boredom or insanity or the thing. I talked about the despair phase psychological torture from the universe. I mean he's being being tortured like not even suicide gets you out of it. No there's the rock bottom. There's like you know the the the suicide montage. He tries to kill himself in what twelve times that we see. Yeah yeah that's just A. That's just a representative sample of. How many how long did he stays locked in the cycle right? I think it's it's interesting and seeing select the full on crazy town. He gets to or he's got I'm thinking like what was he doing in saying to get a girl in single day to dress up as a French made and go to him with this movie thing where he's got. He's dressed up as Clint Eastwood. This is hilarious. Various to me because this is just commonplace. Now it's clearly portrayed in the movie as like they're the fucking Weirdos who were dressed up cost playing for the film opening. That just happens every single day at every theater around the country would not. Yeah the the French maid outfit. It'd be like well what's after do but if you're going to like you're going to do it's not a problem absolutely Yeah Groundhog Day. Didn't predict that for no future so we go we we go the heat in is. Do you WanNa talk about the hedonism is anymore. Yeah sure There's that cake scene. which is fantastic? Yeah And then He. He pursues Nancy Taylor and he uses his. You know this para social relationship In order to I can't the thing that strikes me about this scene where they're making out in the in his room I guess Is when he called her Rita twice and she still goes along with this. The person is Nancy. Yeah it's it's not like that's where the like the the praying seems like it's it's happening the he's like she's she's complicities. Willful willfully ignoring all the signs. She doesn't damage she's got some. She's damaged. He's bringing to the table that he's exploiting for sure who. Yeah it's pretty dark pretty dark So then he goes in after the hedonism. He kind of bored with that. And he fixated on the one the woman that he is unable to concord and read as just a pure conquest beginning at the beginning and he literally has to change everything about himself to get her to be interested in him on a surface level. But he hasn't ever changed the thing on the inside and that's That that leads to the next you know the her slapping him and then you have to slap Taj Great. When she slaps him and it just smoothly transitions into him opening the door for like slaps him toward the door to grab? Yes and there's there's there's a lot of really like I really love the face when he drinks sweet vermouth for the first time because who the hell drinks that I don't is that a real thing can. Can you drink sweet tooth on the rocks with you can physically do it. And what is the twist you could drink motor oil to twist like announce of whiskey like what the twist is. Hold the Vermouth an Bourbon. And they're like it's like an night shyamalan twists. That'd be great shot on cocktail. Yeah that is exactly the opposite of what's on the menu sweet vermouth on Iraq's with the twist and twist is it's actually Robin Cook and also I love the Bla- The bartender As far as I can tell he's the only black person in the entire movie but he steals the Sheen is like him like look like like rolling his eyes and like shaking his head at the antics of of Bill. Murray toasting to world peace and saying a prayer is is fucking wonderful but this slap Tajuddin in jump kicks the film into its next phase which is hitting rock bottom and deep depression and the thing I noticed last night is that got it begins this scene with him displaying his jeopardy mastery. And how like even that's becoming more perfect time because like now when I think of Jeopardy Yeah Pretty I think of Alex Trebek's and his likely doomed at this point struggle against cancer and the fact that he's going to be you know he's he's he's still on. I'm there every night doing this thing and ads like a little bit of You know pecans sadness and sorrow and Malays the scene that is perfect for kicking off the depression phase. I mean also. He's sitting with just the oldest people he can find your own. God's waiting town right. They're all just sitting there waiting today and this is where I think. The movies got the sharpest writing his his existential speeches where he's progressively giving more than forty range. I mean thinking about this like from his standpoint he because I was thinking about like if I got trapped in your average day. I'm in a pretty good position to explain that because like if I just didn't WanNa come into work is supposed to come in today. For example does their repeat by. Call you I've got almost unlimited slack. Points with the like you would never suspect I'd call in sick like maliciously right now. In fact I'm almost never like I drag myself here in. Death's door like if you you thought I called like Dude I can't show up for you'd be like Jesus Christ Erin's probably go into hospital later. Something like that or like. If Jack had a thing or dislike of reasons I would be like. Oh Yeah you need yes I got an owl I could. I could just bail on the day or I come in here and like come in and be like you know what. Fuck groundhog's Day. Let's just play video games. I could probably we could drill the people my life do almost anything but still ten thousand. Here's the Holy Shit. Well all you need is one good. Excuse right you just need to find one excuse to work. So there's always reset it. It's not like I eventually the thousandth time I call in sick. That will be but still like you don't need any variation it made me think of like still even even a day. That's like I prime that you could do almost anything. There's a limit to how far you can travel what you can do in a twenty four hour space. This he stuck in this location. Yes yes there's is nothing he can do. There's nothing he can do leave. Fortunate that there's a piano teacher in the town that there that he can learn ice sculpting before the Internet's a real thing being right in this small little town yeah But also maybe think of like what if he repeated that day on the island. I bet like any day you repeat that for for many times would eventually turn into hell on the island. Yeah because he's talking about why when he's talking with the drinks at the bar and he's like you know why couldn't I had one day where I met this. This model and I was on his desert island eight lobster and Oyster and then we made love like sea lions. That was a good day. Why but but repeat that day ten thousand times is is it still good? That's fair question. one that I think is built into the question of mortality so he spends it summertime time at rock-bottom where he just tries to figure out ways in this where he tries everything like he tries everything he can think of short of suicide to get out of this even down onto killing the groundhog. Now that that's what kicked off the suicide arc where he goes like my favorite speech. I always like it's going to be cold. It's going to be long uh-huh GonNa last the rest of your life. But now the second one he gives where he's like Welcome the PUCK. Tiny Bob La. There's no way this winter is ever going to aid. I don't see any way out. He's got to be stopped and I gotTA stands performance when he's like he's got to be stopped and then donning real like it's hat. This isn't a species rehearse. He's he's working out his own logic of his existence in real time and it's amazing. I think it's a really dark thing too because like yes. He's going to go on to commit suicide but I think this is the moment that he decides like talking about. The groundhog here is a thinly veiled and very thinly because their names are the same a rationale for his own suicide xactly and it worked so well to sort of kickoff like go from this extreme despair into the suicide mode because it almost gives him like well he didn't WanNa go. He didn't WanNa do this. But what other choice does he have right. And he's he's tried to kill the groundhog now. If the only way out is to kill himself you can almost understand that now. I don't know what to call the next phase because at the end of the montage Taj where I guess it's maybe acceptance or I I don't know maybe this is just a transition phase because he's just given up he doesn't care anymore he's over to hedonism he's over the tail chasing And at this point Rita unbidden starts to take a shine to him And they spin this like what. Perfect Day together where she says. Well maybe it's not a curse Phil and he does like Gosh here. Nice Lady and she thinks he disappears at midnight. Hi With dispels. That whole myth Her speech that he gives to her while she's half asleep kind of launches this next phase that which what what would you call this? The period of selflessly giving improvement phase attempted mastery. Maybe Where the defining moment this is him not being accepted that the pop- which is Pop is the old homeless man that we don't really know anything about other than he's in a pitiful condition and he's homeless bliss and he's the reason why for the first couple years. We did this around homeless charity. But he's obsessed with careening the perfect day like I think that this is astill maladaptive because just like he's obsessed with escaping the day with his own death. I think this chase for perfection is him still thinking. There's a way out like like if I can do everything right and I can. I can just give of myself endlessly. And maybe that's the way out but he realizes that too is is not like it's still too attached to some kind of outcome which leads to the final phase of integration. Where he's not trying too hard but because he's he's got unlimited practice at this day he just very good at it and the film a little? I think cheats lot. But by this time. Unless you've seen it twenty five five times you have so much goodwill towards the movie that you just allow it to because like how is the whole town in love with him with like at this point maybe twelve hours of interaction. mm-hmm head got knobbly fucking loves him The the the the the music teach the delusional piano teacher loves loves him because different women making her look good three different women get into a bidding war a because he has he wrote cars on all of them in this twelve hour space. I Ah the question is what what did he do with Nancy. That made her 'cause she clearly loves him Reggie's bidding in this. He fixed the teenagers marriage. The wrestling mainly understand that. I understand saving Brian. Doyle Murray's life Keeping it from Tokyo which I have to say like. It's a good thing that he did get stuck in this day because this was the day that the punks Tony Phil officiate died. Yeah the dark dark groundhog day right. They might have liked disbanded the whole thing together. They could've ahead KNOB gablers jokes. Then how you going to gobble KNOB next year. It's really sweet irony. It's got a really good early for cast a pall over celebrations. But I'm not sure what he did with Nancy the The waitress did he make her life measurably better. I know because the guy out when they said as parking anywhere POW she drops the dish for the. You're right though. They do have a lot of latitude here. And the stuff they do before this where he goes around and catches the kid in the tree. He Jacks to call him. He's doing all this every day. Does all this in a single day and everyone loves him for it. He's at work. He's practicing it like an obsessive. Speed runner is trying to get the fastest path through the game and he's he's approaching the day like that yeah Is that enlightenment. Is that what enlightenment looks like that. You devote your 'cause like is he going to do that. I think. It came with a a certain realization. That who had been in the past was a negative person Who Bring everyone down? Or as opposed to the person that Randy McDowell is and sees the joy and beauty and things. Yeah I think the the actions themselves are not what does it. It's his motivations The person he has has changed. And I think you're right you you nailed the head when you talked earlier about. It goes a long way to make you feel better about the Arita and Phil being because this is not a happily ever after this is not necessarily. This is the big. Not Saying it's not it's the beginning. This is the one this this is this. The once upon a time is now beginning for their relationship. And will you know then and I think that's Because yes she's got one one day she's got two days of knowledge one where where he was asshole and one where he's apparently the saint of this town and now since he's still a moral person it's probably finding the real fill that somewhere between that Satan and and Angel Angel once once the groundhog effect wears off. Yeah because it's easy to be generous with your time when you have infinite amount of it just like it's easy need to be generous with your donations if you have you know a ton of money. It's been you're scraping by to make ends meet. It's a lot harder buck into the Red Cross and when you just throw a handful of your spare change other thing they do. That helps a little bit aside from showing all the good deeds he does is they have him What is this the third year in a row that he's done this event and so the third year in a row that he's come to Punxsutawney so these people he does? He does have a relationship with this town. Prior to it. In so Andy McDowell when she sees that everyone loves him so much can sort of be fooled into thinking that he's always been this nice guy and he's always been beloved in this town. It's not it's not an honest perception but it is what she thinks. I wonder how you ever like how you ever make a real relationship work. Does it feel comes clean and tells her everything does it drew in it or like like a primary I think so. She's pretty intrigued. Intrigued by the concept over the course the film but just like the fact that like a person is known you for ten thousand years in those every intimate detail That and the circumstances under which some of those revelations came like I I don't know yeah I don't know how many details you WANNA reveal. That's what I'm saying You're advocating not coming clean or like a progressive re re re reveal. I mean yeah you so I I do think you need to. You need to reveal a lot about your time there but also I think the way you flavor. It is like you are the thing that made me change like because it's clear throughout the film like any McDowell Dow's driving force of his change. Yeah Rita is the thing that makes him a better person or of course of these years and it's also interesting that that's not a scary thing. That's a flattering thing and it's also interesting. Given Limited time and the the slap Taj is to explain to you that that that Rita never never ever accepts the old Phil as a lover no under any circumstances no matter how hard he tries no matter how hard outerly he he molds her himself the B. Her ideal man. It's the inside that she can sniff out and detected that presence rum. I think that's I don't know I this fucking movie. I am so totally in the tank for it. I think it has so many great lessons. And it's something that like as I age and get older like the things that teaches me and tells me are completely different because I've got different experiences and different ways of looking at it and The first few times I saw this movie I came away from thinking. Wouldn't it be cool to have a no consequence day. Yeah we're nothing. You did mattered. You could do anything that was my takeaway as like a thirteen to twenty year old because it seemed like bill. Murray makes us a good time time even when he's killing themselves. There's still a little something like like when he steps in front of the Boston. He's Kinda like the the twin his hands and he's always doing something it's it's the it's the fantasy it's the reason people play video games right. It's it's that fantasy of like what if I could be something else. What if I could do something different? What if you know what if the possibilities were endless Also there's also a little bit of hellraiser in that right like how many times I've been at the edge of a cliff and have that kind of like hall of the void where it's like. What would feel like to do that? And then it's like you go override full-body revulsion of God or sometimes I don't know how dark I WANNA get Yeah let's leave it at the Grand Canyon. You're at the top. Obviously feel the void staring at a table full of you. Don't do that or like what it would feel like the chop off your arms or to like cut your nipples offer something like like that like you sometimes think about that But like yeah There might there might be a whole garden of delights down the path of maiming. And killing yourself that you can't explore because like you can only do it once right right right like but like you could go full on Cedeno Bite if you're you can you can explore all the decadent pleasures of of self harm and killing consequence free environment. It's true I don't know if that would be my first intuition but definitely get there for show. But there's a bit of hellraiser Zor in that depth of despair type phase. He goes and ten thousand years at the same day. Yeah with with Ned fucking over existence. He would just kill himself the the same way every day he is variety there. There's some variety there I turn. I'd turn Ned Ryerson into a flesh flower at some point. A A blood angel human centipede the whole town. At some point it would be. It'd be real dark and Jim's version of dog day. Oh Yeah Oh yeah you for at least eighty five years. I bet there's a version where he finds that we're every gun in town is takes them all so there's nothing they can do and there's the the the blizzard he hunts men and women at sport that night. I'm sure the night of groundhogs day. He got fucking hunt a couple of times. It got it got it got some dangerous game here. Are there damn said. We're going to get that dark. Jim What the hell sorry gas. Pump the brakes and you just. That's throve angry right over the cliff. Cherry on the on the Pie. That's the thing right. Yeah Yeah Yeah. So the Cherry on the Pie. Cherry on the whipped cream on their That's that's all I got to say for now about about Groundhog Day I hope you've enjoyed this review please and then on what it is as a podcast. A meditation If you've enjoyed it I hope you're excited for this. Weekend's Groundhog Day celebration which for us starts on noon on Friday. This Friday January thirty first. It'll in the following noon on February. First we're going to be watching all the great disaster films of all time In the last years we didn't go. There's no doubt and that no vertigo. NOPE nope Zeidan adventure. Fuck all that we we kept it. It's not that big but we WANNA BIG-BUDGET CG Extravaganza Yeah so so. That's what we're doing. It's going to go for worthy cause which to help our brothers and sisters in Australia Recover from the wildfires. Even now ravaged the continent It's on twitch DOT TV slash bald. Move you will not be able to miss are GONNA be tweeting about it. We're going to be sending out all the ATS bald moves everywhere. It's going to be on on front page bald. Move if you are awake and active and wanting to engage in those twenty four hours. Please come by give encouragement hang out for bids and if you've got so you've got a hypothetical dollars that you wanNA throw into the Red Cross's bucket it's All proceeds go to the Red Cross of Australia to help. Australians in need and that it is our review of Brown dog day. Catch US in a couple of years when we do groundhog day. Part six blue. I'll do it all over again. Our our own groundhog day within a groundhog day until then I Mehran. MGM Zia. They can't okay campers rise and shine and don't forget your booties these because it's cold out there today it's cold out there everyday objects. I'm Erin welcome to the ground day. podcast nineteen ninety. Three's Bill Murray Vehicle Bill. Murray Andie macdowell lot of a lot of famous faces from the nineties in this one Brian Doyle Murray who. I tried to approximate and failed miserably. No doubt Iran. How many times have you seen this movie? I was just thinking about that By the way this direct by Ramos written by Dany Ribbon and Herald Ramos I have seen this movie on Camera Twelve Times.

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