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Tonight several breaking developments, we come on the air, the US now reaching four million cases of corona virus, going from three million to four million in just fifteen days, and what the president just said moments ago about the Republican. National Convention in Jacksonville Florida now canceled their. The death toll rising in twenty eight states and Puerto Rico hospitalizations up in forty one states and tonight, the new grim forecast the CDC now predicting up to one hundred seventy five thousand deaths by August fifteen. And the tonight Dr Deborah burks privately warning eleven cities with a surge to take immediate action in parts of Texas tonight with the death toll growing, they are now bringing additional refrigerated trailers. In Florida tonight fifty-five hospital, saying they have no ICU beds left and tonight word thirteen nuns have died at one convent from the virus, American families pushed to the brink, the new numbers tonight nearly one half million more Americans signing up for unemployment and today more than twenty, five million in danger of losing that six hundred dollar federal supplement with ends this week unless Congress Acts Rebecca Jarvis where this stands tonight. The chaos in Portland Oregon and now the mayor tear-gas by federal officers during a protest, the mayor now calling it flat out. Urban Warfare, and the use of force is now under investigation by the department watchdog as President Trump says he's preparing to send federal officers. Eighty weather cities the moment on the House floor that made immediate news today, Congresswoman Alexandria Cossio Cortes, taking on a male lawmaker who wanted her a witnessing. He used vulgar expletives tonight. His words, his apology, saying he's a husband, and has daughters and what she said in response that having daughter does not make a man decent. A major recall tonight involving hand sanitizers at least seventy five products sold at meijer stores, including Walmart and Costco. The sanitizers may contain toxic levels of a chemical and what you need to know. Also traffic potentially dangerous storms, moving through the Northeast as we come on and three tropical systems tonight approaching the US, the new images from the hurricane hunters in tonight. This is ABC news tonight with David Muir! Evening? It's great to have you with us here on a Thursday. Night and a difficult milestone demark tonight as we come on the air, the US is now reached more than four million confirmed cases of corona virus. We had just hit three million fifteen days ago and just moments ago. President trump revealing. He is cancelling the Republican convention in Jacksonville Florida because of what? What he called the flare up there he said delegates will still meet in north. Carolina and that he would still give a speech. He gave few other details and the president, conceding that in some current hotspots school districts may now need to delay reopening for a few weeks. With one hundred forty three thousand lives have been lost in this country tonight the CDC now. There could be one hundred seventy five thousand deaths by August fifteenth. Florida's setting a record number of deaths in the past twenty four hours more than ten thousand new cases, those fifty five hospitals there now with no ICU beds left record deaths in California tonight more than twelve thousand new cases, the crisis in Texas Star County has one hospital. Every bed is full here. In New York, the alarming new headline, the rising number of young people, infected and tonight the out with new guidance at this hour for schools across this country, as the president acknowledges that some of those hotspots authorities may have to rethink when they plan to open ABC's Victory Kendall leading off tonight from Florida. With more than one thousand dead in the US for a second day in a row tonight, the CDC, revising its prediction higher warning, the death toll could hit one hundred, seventy, five thousand by August Fifteenth White, House Task Force Coordinator. Dr Deborah burks privately, warning leaders in eleven cities seem surges in cases to take immediate action. I should. All this as the US crosses that grim milestone more than four million cases, and with hospitalizations rising in forty one states back up to April levels late today, the president said this about the state of the country. There's a copy of the map and this is You have it right behind me that. Really very much indicating where the problems are see from. From that, it's in great shape lots of it. The northeast has become very clean. The country is. In very good shape other than if you look south and West Some problems that will workout California and Florida continue to shatter their death toll records. Fifty five hospitals in Florida have no available. ICU BEDS including ten in Miami Dade where officers are enforcing the mask mandate tonight a new plea from Miami's mayor if you live with vulnerable relatives wear masks at home now. Our urge everyone to understand that when you get home, you are not necessarily safe. Miami's mayor has suggested that people in multi generational homes wear a mask inside to protect their loved ones. What do. Do. You think about that. Is that something you'd recommend to? You know at this point it will help if everybody's wearing a mask data data shows that decreases transmission. It's not easy to keep a mask on and keep six feet away from everyone in small homes in hard hit Hidalgo County Texas. They're bringing in refrigerated trailers. Just in case they need extra space to store the dead one hospital forming an ethics committee to make the agonizing decisions how to treat patients based on their chance of survival. Therapy that the patient betty made. It's more just to make I live cops is more sensible for the Beijing and for the family home and blow fair enough care in the simmering debate to reopen schools nine of the nation's. Largest districts starting remotely in cities or states that are. Current hotspots and you'll see that in the map behind me. Districts may need to delay reopening for a few weeks. That's possible that'll be up to governors. Georgia's board of Education, saying there will be no delay to the start of the school year leaving the final decision up to local school boards the University of Arizona still planning to reopen for in person classes next month with its own lab, providing test results for all students and stuff and isolation units for infected students. The virus hitting a Roman Catholic Convent Michigan especially hard thirty nuns were infected, thirteen of them dying this. Tennessee father pleading with people to wear masks, the virus, killing his wife of fifty one years matrix so bad. Ever ever meaning. It brand new when it hits home, it really hurts. You lives what's going on? Have to remember all of these families being impacted by this across the country. I want to get back to victor tonight because we heard the president there concede that some school districts in the hot spots in this country might have to delay reopening tonight. You have some new guidance from the CDC on schools. David the CDC. Sing Sing. That parents are understandably concerned, but based on the current data, the rate of infection among younger school children in from students to teachers has been low especially if the proper precautions are followed David. Victoria, Kennedy leading victor, thank you just before we came on the air tonight? The president announcing the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville. Has now been canceled. Saying delegates would still go to North Carolina, and that the president would still give a speech. Here's our chief. White House correspondent Jonathan. Karl recognizing reality he had tried to avoid president. Trump announced tonight. He is cancelling the impersonal Republican convention that was supposed to take place in Jacksonville Florida, so I told my team. It's time to cancel. The Jacksonville Florida component of the. GOP Convention and I'll still do a convention speech in a different form. But we won't do a big crowded convention per se. It's just not the right time for that Joe. Biden is made president trump's handling of the pandemic, a centerpiece of his campaign, which today released a quote, socially distance conversation between Biden and President Obama I. Don't think any sense. Of Empathy, any I don't think he can associate it all. It is hard to fathom. Anybody wanting to take away people's healthcare in the middle of a major public health crisis in offer nothing. The president has been attacking Biden by suggesting he is no longer mentally sharp. He touted his own mental acuity by describing cognitive test. He took more than two years ago. A test designed to detect memory loss and was thirty thirty five questions. The first questions are very easy. The last are much more difficult. Like a memory question it's. Like you'll go person. Woman Man. Camera. TV. Show that say could you repeat it? So I said yeah, so it's person woman. Man Camera TV. And then. Ten minutes fifteen twenty minutes later to remember the first question not to I put the tenth. Give us that again. Can you do that again and you go person? Warm Man. Camera TV. If you get it in order. You get extra points. They, said nobody gets it in order. It's actually not that easy, but for me. It was easy, they say. That's amazing. How did you do that? Do because I have like a good memory because. cognitively they're. Canceling the Jackson with convention is a huge reversal for the president. He really wanted to do that and was clinging to the idea of giving his acceptance speech before a big crowd long after it was obvious to many others that it simply wouldn't be possible now. He's looking for other big events to take its place. He announced one today. He said he'll be throwing out the first pitch at Yankee, stadium on August fifteenth, but of course David. That will also be without a crowd as baseball is now being played. Played without fans so much more to come on that in the speech that he talks about Giancarlo thanks to you again tonight and also deceiving all eyes on Washington for something else millions of Americans, way to learn at that six hundred dollars supplement that help from the federal government will continue for many. It ends this week unless Congress acts in tonight, the new numbers one point four million workers claiming benefits for the first time last week. ABC's chief economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis on the benefits and we're the stance tonight. Tonight with twenty five states in Puerto Rico either pausing or reversing reopening plans, the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment, increasing for the first time after fifteen weeks one in five workers, roughly thirty million people now collecting those benefits, and for many this weekend will be the last time they received that extra weekly six hundred dollars from the federal government unless Congress Acts Hi. We're the second. I'm Scott I'm Tracy in? The family relying on food banks since Scott lost his job in March. We're doing okay on the because we have the extra money coming in from the government. What do we do now like? No, we were hoping that the other package would have been passed. Democrats want to extend those six hundred dollar payments until January but Republicans who believe the enhanced benefit might discourage people from returning to work to replace seventy percent of a workers wages before they were laid off. If you were making three hundred dollars, you're not going to. To get six hundred dollars this time, and that's fair. People people understand that since the pandemic hit cash strapped Americans have fallen behind on more than one hundred million loans. If the relief program isn't extended, some grace period for paying those bills may expire economists sounding the alarm. We are anticipating that twenty percent of all went. HERS WILL BE EVICTED BY SEPTEMBER THIRTY S. S If nothing is done at David. Both sides of Congress digging in tonight. Republicans hope to unveil a full proposal on Monday. Democrats would like to see more aid for struggling local and state governments, but time is running out once. These benefits expire. It will be much more difficult to get a new program back up and running quickly, David billions of Americans watching this. This tonight Rebecca thank you at next to the chaos and Portland Oregon. The mayor now tear gas by federal officers during a protest mayor Ted Wheeler outside the federal courthouse with hundreds of protesters, suddenly Gulf by thick gas, the mayor now calling it flat out urban warfare, telling the New York Times. He saw nothing to provoke that kind of response protesters setting off. And ripping down protective fencing president trump also announcing a surge of federal officers to other cities. He says to fight crime over the objections of mayors. We next year to the moment on Capitol Hill today. That made news congresswoman Alexandria. Cortes taking on a male lawmaker who had confronted her witnessing, he used vulgar expletives tonight his words, his apology, saying he's a husband, and has daughters, and what she said in response that having a daughter does not make a man decent. Here's Mary Bruce. Congresswoman Alexandria Cossio. Cortes took to the House floor to denounce her colleague and an experience that is all too familiar to women in this country in front of Reporters Representative Yoho, called me and I quote A. Bitch. These are the words representative, Yoho levied against a congresswoman. It came after Republican congressman. Ted Yoho confronted her on the Capitol. Steps calling her disgusting for suggesting rising crime is linked to poverty. Yoho later apologized for what he called the abrupt manner of the conversation, but not for his quote passion, and he denied using the expletives which were overheard by a reporter, having been married for forty five years with two daughters I'm very cognizant of my language. Language the offensive name, calling words attributed to me by the press were never spoken to my colleagues in. If they were construed that way, I apologize for their misunderstanding. Having a daughter does not make a decent man. Having a wife does not make a decent man, but treating people with dignity and respect makes a decent man, the congresswoman, then getting personal I am someone's daughter to. My father thankfully is not alive. To see how Mr Yoho treated his daughter. My mother. Got To see mysterio hose disrespect on the floor of this house towards me on television. And I am here because I have to show my parents that I am their daughter. And that they did not raise me to accept abuse from men in using that language in front of the press, he gave permission to use that language against his wife. His daughters women in his community, and I am here to stand up to say that is not acceptable. Now responding tonight, the congressman says. Says this was a brief policy discussion, and that no one was accosted or bullied, saying quote, I am not going to apologize for something I didn't say David Bruce Live, in Washington tonight. Thank you, Mary and when we come back, we're tracking potentially dangerous storms moving through the northeast at this hour, and that major hand sanitizer recall tonight at least seventy five products at a potentially toxic chemical. If you like getting the story behind the story checkout start here at the Daily News, podcast from ABC News every morning. Start here we'll get you ready for your day. With inciteful straightforward reporting on a few of the day's biggest headlines from groundbreaking investigative reports to urgent revelations, Shaping your world recently honored with prestigious Edward R Murrow award. Start here takes you inside the stories that matter and where they're heading next, so start smart. We start here. Check it out on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP. There is a severe thunderstorm watch in the northeast at this hour. Heavy rain and damaging winds possible from New York to Boston to Portland Maine tonight. We're also tracking three tropical systems tonight. Hurricane hunters flying into a potential tropical storm expected to reach Texas tomorrow also tomorrow Gonzalo on track to become the Atlantic first hurricane of the season and hurricane. Douglas looks like it will pass very close to Hawaii. This weekend we'll be tracking. The, President's former fixer Michael Cohen is now moving from prison back to home confinement tomorrow. The Judge Finding, the Justice Department abruptly sent back to prison as retaliation for writing a book about President Trump due out this fall. Colin was sentenced to three years in prison for campaign finance violations that new warning about hand sanitizers tonight. The FDA's now expanding its recall at least. least seventy five products they say, containing potentially toxic levels of methanol. That's what you look for. If absorbed through the skin and possibly fatal, if ingested the products sold at popular outlets, including Walmart Costco, we do have the full list on our website for you and opening day for Major. League, Baseball Washington National Star Juan Soto testing positive before tonight's game against the Yankees. Fans in the stands piped-in cheering retiring to? Hear America strong the story you saw here this week. The mother of the sons request. In fact it was just forty eight hours ago and what you did. It was just two nights ago here the American servicemen and women. You haven't forgotten even in the middle of this pandemic. Military Mom Deborah House, Laden, from Malvern Pennsylvania and her nonprofit sneakers for soldiers in that simple request from her son, serving in Afghanistan, needed a pair of sneakers, because his sneakers were starting to wear out the speakers he'd been issued were worn through. We said we gladly send him a pair of sneakers over back. Shipping three hundred pairs a month to troops in Iraq Afghanistan Syria. We reported on this before, but this week you jumped in again. Thousands of donations and messages of support and Deborah telling US tonight more than one hundred, thirteen, thousand received in just two days. Hi! David viewers including Marian. Nakada in Cambridge Massachusetts Kovin potentially impacting military families I'm grateful for an opportunity to be able to help I get emotional when I see the pictures of the troops posing with gratitude, holding their shoes. At Military Mom Patricia Lopez from Burbank Illinois. Very rough year for military families, a lattice faucets have lost their jobs in a land have gone to financial issues. During this time. It is great to know that our son and other soldiers are not forget. The soldiers including Master Sergeant David. We can't reveal his location or last name, but he told us it makes all the difference back home. As our. Great we got the pandemic on on just knowing that we're not forgotten riders serving. Makes the time which easier. A. Mom. At Children Lauren Gavin Colin Eliza Missing Their Dad. For soldiers remember specialist alert. Thank you for sending early in his entire Eunice. Sneakers Davison and her husband First Lieutenant Tony. What it was like when fifty three pairs of sneakers arrived, knows boxes arrived, and we open them up. I'm talking about a dull sodas. Men and women smiling like Christmas Christmas in July for the troops and their families back home, even in this time not forgotten. Never forgotten, and we thank you for watching. We love our viewers I'm David Muir from all of us. Here have a good thing.

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