How to Make Career Moves: With Jordan Harbinger


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Scared that I think that around about the car. I don't know value, but whatever you, I hope that you listen. I hope that you me what is would live cause how being a time with Jordan harbinger, Sharon, tips for working smarter, not harder. What? What, what? That's why? That's right. We got Jordan. Harvard jerk in his. Flow. I know I don't know if your accent going and I was feeling it says he cake. I guess you could say that one to shut it down. Why Trump Brooker. She really was annoyed with that. Accent that I was doing was like fighting up key coddle, but this has saved you. All right. You guys serious on this episode. Okay. This is not a goofing around twenty one questions episode. We've actually got really banging good knowledge for you today from one of the top podcasters out there, Jordan harbinger, this guy is smart as a whip, and we're going to be talking to him later on in the show. So if you wanna learn about networking about some really great business practical skills, this guy is the guy to listen to. So we're really excited to have him on later. But I, of course we have to think our sponsors today for bringing the good life to you for free, which is co, power LaCroix, flirter, Pluto, TV, and just fab- they could guess in this show because of course we get to bring the good life. So you guys for free and we are so excited to do that. I hope everyone's having a great day. I'm having to get you look really cute today. Sazzad it or makeup. She doesn't look schlumpy in the studio today. Thank you. I'll take that as a backhanded compliment capitalist few and a capital t. right now we are actually probably a heading to Hawaii. If some of you are listening to this on Wednesday, probably in Hawaii right now, we're probably sitting by a pool right now as you're listening to this, you've probably watching teeny for me at the hotel. Well, mama gets to go to the spa and get a little facial. Some like. Anyways, if you guys are listening to this, it's good life Wednesday. So whether we're in Hawaii or not, we want to welcome you to our show because this is like Stevie said, going to be a really awesome episode. It's going to be inciteful. We've got a guest on the show, like Stevie said, Jordan who is not only one of the top podcasters in the game, but he somebody who understands the world of networking in two thousand eighteen and he's sort of figured out the steps for how to put yourself out there without seeming like a complete moron. I guess you can say awkward throwing yourself onto someone and he, he's got some really, really good tips. So we're excited to talk. We also asked him a lot of questions it says on, and I had personal questions too, about just being an entrepreneur, you know how to work through things, how to get ahead and so I think you guys are gonna find that really entertaining hope you stick around and listen to the whole interview because it's chock full of good information. But I, I want to tell you guys. What's going on says, we just started a challenge this morning, didn't we? We did five in the morning by the way we woke up because we're, we're jetlagged from Paris. They're like, dang, you guys ever stay home if for those of you who don't fall on on social media CV and I just got back from Paris. And we talked about this in our last episode, but man, the jet lag. It's real. Also they call songs with the anti and was not talking in my normal voice because everyone their own those was he was doing this the whole time. I was like girls, oh, like you can't talk to the locals like that. Like when you're speaking in English accent, but using their French twang differentiate on these really entertaining the other outward. Like, please do know this. They're like from now. I can't do it now. I, I messed up. I'm off the rails. But anyways, it's funny because like I would walk around doing it because some of the people that were working with were French and so like listen to me, Steve. You cannot talk like these. Wow, I can't do it anymore. You can't back tires spun to them with my goofy French accent. And then passersby who didn't know me. We're giving me some some bad. Looks like homeboy thing. Study knows how you talk like us. Oh my God. All of that to say, you guys were back from Paris, and we are a little jet lag. So I've been getting up this week at probably four or five AM and Stevie has been getting up that early to and we decided we had a conversation saying, you know, we should challenge ourselves. We're in the stage of life right now where we want to stimulate our minds with things that are going to allow us to not just react to what we see. And instead of just constantly reacting, we wanna take in, we want to absorb some knowledge like a sponge that you soak in water. We just want to absorb the water. That's right. The water of knowledge where you're going that, but yes, absorb, read more. That's one of our goals. Does that mean we're getting old? We want our goals. We want to read more, go to bed by eight thirty at night so we can get up at five AM and do it all over again. I think we're just wanting to see some practical change in our lives and says on, and I feel like our life is constantly a whirlwind. Like, I'm sure a lot of yours is as well. And you feel like when do I have time to actually change. And so when you feel inspired to change, you have to act on it and I feel like we're acting on it. And so we've set a challenge for ourselves for the next thirty days of something that's his on air, both not good at. So I said, this is on. She was actually listening to Jordan harbingers podcast with Jim quick and he was talking about you don't hear me talking about that later on in the show talking about that. But he was talking about just doing some habits and things like that. To help change your mindset. And so I said, this is on, I said, okay, why don't we try challenge starting tomorrow? Thirty days. You cannot be on your phone for the first thirty minutes of the day. And that is. One because on over and picks up her iphone. I feel like it's human nature now, right? Don't we all are alarm clocks on that thing. Maybe it's not even five AM and your scroll through your I. No one's liked your picture. The last thirty seconds. Dan. And then for myself, I said, and I will make the bed first thing in the morning every day because let me tell you about that. Now. Now Stevie. He's amazing, right? But he can be a little forgetful. I will never. I feel like I'll I'll never lose you and not know where you are in the house because I'll just follow the trace of clothing and boxers and things that you've left behind because I'm constantly picking up after you. That's just I feel like you and so many other men out there. That's probably something that all lot of guys struggle with really don't feel like I'm that bad. I think you're overdoing it, but a lot of men in our life at least that I know because some guys are clean out there. I shouldn't. I shouldn't typecast, but is that the right thing? Typecast whatever, but I will say Stevie, his challenge is going to be. I'm not if I fixed the bed before him. He's out and I fixed that. Let me tell you something that was not the original agreement and you change that at five. Oh, to this morning when I came in and brush my teeth, which is another thing you harbor me for doing. As soon as I. Get out of the bed. So I'm brushing. Wearing my left hand, activate my brain. And as is like, did you make the bed on my momma booklet open? It's five, two and I turn around and she starts making the bed. I said, I'm going to make the bed. She goes, sorry, I beat you to it. I said that wasn't the gray man. So starting over and officially the thirty days is counting tomorrow. I had my quiet time today, and I will say I was only supposed to do a minimum of thirty minutes quiet time and I didn't our. I just want to ask a question Sean, producer Sean at five. Oh two in the morning. Are you rolling out of bed making the bed before you even go to the place here side? I actually have something for this. Don't you dare say I heard a little scientific fact that bedbugs prefer a crisply made, oh, whereas dirty. Dirty famous something about the sheets being like holding it all in or something. I don't remember the exact scientific. He stuff, but listen, it was scientific and they said that bedbugs prefer a crisply made that as opposed to a dirty bed point one for Steve Sean, no answer the question. Now every now in America is on made. Thanks to this petition. Everyone listen to the good life is not that is made after laundry. Thank you, Sean star. No one wakes up at five in the morning. Anything else does Shawn? Everything else in my place is crisp and clean and where it needs case except for the bed sheets show all over the place. You can have a heart. Okay. Showing off maybe on the other hand, it's like, okay, anyways, I'm not let you down Honey. I know that's why I need help. And that's what we're helping each other. We both need help. I feel like maybe instead of rolling over in grabbing your phone if you're looking for something else to do. My lips are always available for a nice little smooch and I think that would give me a little, I'll know where this story's going. So we'll go ahead and transition there into the fact that today is going to be an amazing show you guys. Again, we just want to thank you guys to for all your support. You know, this is episode. Are we in Now, Sean is it's like episode six, eight, nine now right now to figure out what ups over on show. Shall we distract this episode number eight old. Eight episodes in you guys and I just man. Did you ever think it would be what it is today? The good life actually, no, I didn't. I did not think that we would honestly be at the stage where I feel like we're, we're, we're in a good flow. We're in a good rhythm, feeling proud of you. You mean you haven't embarrassed me on the air yet. Oh, I have, but you weren't paying attention, but I'm glad that everybody is loving the good life because the good life feels good of extremely goofy in this introduction, but we're about to get serious here with Jordan harbinger. Like we said, this is a great interview chock full of knowledge. So it's gonna be good this, and that's a good one says, take some nosy guys because this guy's got a lot to say and get your business cards ready because it's all about networking. A skill that's invaluable well, maybe you're ready to jump into this thing with Jordan. How I'm so ready. Let's go guys get a pop and you guys. Got Jordan arbiter here, Jordan. Thank you so much for joining us on the good life. How's it going? I'm glad to be here. Thanks for the opportunity. So we were just talking and Jordan came in from San Jose, right? It's right. We were talking about the whole San Fran thing and I said San Fran. And you say that's not a thing, right? People don't get mad at say, say San Fran tore up about it. I don't really understand why not from there from Detroit as you can see by my hat on seeing the Detroit hat. So you're just living there and you're not like too worried about it, right? Yeah. And I just think, why are you going to get mad? It's like if somebody says Detroit, you're not like skews. We don't see Detroit, we actually do sale the time. I feel like people, those people are the ones who are gripping the Cup or the little teacup with the finger reindeer. Very straight. Detroit, it's Detroit we'll join and we are so excited to have you on the show today. Know Stephen, I, as you all know, we're new to the podcast world. So we were so excited to have you on fan Girling a little bit because I've been such a fan of your podcast, especially now that we're in this world on constantly trying to just learn from all of these amazing podcasts out there and what I love about your podcast. I recently listened to the episode with Jim quick, and I was like, that episode changed my life and I'm, I'm not trying to be dramatic. She longer we could be dramatic from year to be dramatic. No, but really, I'll tell you, I just got back from Paris, so I've been a little jet lag. So I woke up at like four thirty AM in babies, not going to wake up for another three hours. What am I gonna do with my life? And I was like, well, let me try to like get some podcast right now until I listened to that episode. You have so many amazing episodes like lie. Life hacks and things to just really get your brain stimulated and that episode caught my attention because I feel like ominous season of life right now where I'm just I'm not feeding my brain with the good stuff, and I loved the episode with Jim because you guys were talking about the importance of a morning routine and ever since that episode Stevie and I have now tried to change this sort of habit that we have of getting up the morning looking at our phones and we're actually doing like a really funny thirty day fast. But I want I heard from Jim in that episode, what his morning routine was, what does a day in your life look like. I wish I had all these super healthy morning habits at all the people are. So I wake up and I do exactly what you do, which is looking at my phone ago. I shouldn't be looking at my phone. Don't look at my phone maybe just for a minute. I'm just gonna look for like one minute and then. But recently I do put it aside because it is bad for you. Like I, I've, I don't know if you feel this, but when I look at my phone in the morning, first thing it's rarely like, I'm so glad I checked my phone. It's usually like, oh, that thing broke, and there's an Email from this person about it and. Oh, no, this way of that didn't post last night. I thought I posted. Oh, shoot. And then it's just it's just issues that don't need to be solved right then, but are now like the beginning of my day. So I typically put my phone aside. I like to read in the morning. If I don't feel like getting out of bed, which is occasional or just like ninja out of bed, boom, energy going on stairs, make a little bit of coffee, sit down and I'll study Chinese. I study Mandarin, so I'll do like vocab flash cards, which is in my phone, but I can keep an airplane mode. So it doesn't count. Right? Just so y'all. Five languages. What are you rocking? What am I? We're rocking languages, English German, mediocre at best Spanish because I haven't used it in forever. Serbo-Croatian and Mandarin Chinese. How do you teach yourself out to learn? Mandarin. Sanely. Tarred? Yeah, because it's all about the tone. Yeah. Plus you got to each of those symbols that doesn't look like any. Right? Right, right. You just got to memorize the sound that goes with that is a TV with a grid on it. Yeah, some ten is I don't really know what's going on right now. Love your story of how you started out as a lawyer in Wall Street. And here you are in you. You've done so much since then, obviously, but you have this incredible podcast. I mean, how in the what? Tell us your story for anyone out there who might be a new listener kind of just that leap, how you just decided to kind of change it up? Yeah, so I was a was an attorney on Wall Street, but even before that I went to law school and when I interned, we do like a summer associate things. We internet this law firm, and I was like, I'm totally going to get fired from his law firm because everyone here super smart, everyone. Here's a really hard worker. They're going to be. Like Jordan's dumb and doesn't belong in this law firm and fire me. So I was like, what's the secret weapon? What do I need to do? And there was one partner that hired me and he was never in the office. And I was like, where's Dave? And I thought he worked from home all the time. So I was like, if I work from home, they'll take a longer time to figure out that. I don't belong here and I'll be able to keep this job long enough. Maybe I'll actually figure out what I'm doing. So I met up with Dave. He was supposed to like mentor me, which like as HR has like a check box. It says, like, did you mentor someone's. So let's let right. Exactly. So I got taken out for coffee with Dave, and he's like, what? What sort of questions do you have any he brought out, I was going to be like, what about financing, derivatives law, something, something, whatever mortgages. And I was like, how do you work from home? How come you're never in the office? And he's like, oh, I work from home sometimes, but I usually go out and get deals. I go out and get like all of the business for the firm for and I was like, wait, wait, hold on, you go and you do juicy, you go and you do charity events. You go on cruises with other people. You play racket ball, you go biking, jogging. You're like the gin. That's your job. Your job is to hang out and get business for the firm. How do I get that job? And he's like, well to sales position. Essentially, you know, we represent the firm and did it. So I I was like, wait a minute. I gotta learn how to do this networking thing. This networking thing is is like my future here. So I learned I tried to learn how to network, and I went to these like Dale Carnegie classes and look people in the eye and have a firm handshake and. I was like, okay, but if someone doesn't like me, it's probably not because I didn't have a firm handshake or look someone in the other intangibles here that some guy in a sweater vest at the YMCA just like not telling me. Right, thank you. I love it. I love that you were so focused on learning about that because that's not something that we're taught that we need to learn about until we get into fresh world, and then you get there and you're twenty to twenty five people like, yeah, you need to network. That's number one. And you're like, what cool in when did I learn about network? How do I do that horse in college? Yeah. When I when I first moved out here and I was trying to do the whole acting thing, which I'm not anymore. Thank God, but but that's what everyone told me. They're like, dude, it's not about how you look. It's not really about your acting. It's about your network charm. And to me, I thought of networking as schmoozing and maybe being friends with people. I didn't want to be friends with. Totally. And how do you, what do you say to that and how do you go about learning how to network? Because it is so valuable, especially for somebody who. Who maybe doesn't know how to maybe leave their day job and go off and pursue their their other dream, you know? Sure. So networking is a dirty word is you know, right? It sounds like for old people or it sounds like be friends with people that you don't really want to hang out with, and that's kind of there's truth to that, right? There's truth to that. That's why when we go to networking events where like, oh, you go to some room again, probably the YMCA. Some guy in like ninety nine dollars sued is like, hey, there's still cookies and coffee. The back. Let's everyone network and something pregnancy course. I'm sure. Some guy walks up and is like, hey, how you doing? And you're like good, and they handy this business card that so thin that like when it touches your hand at curls up. And you're like Yemen Jordan, and they're like, hey, Bob, Bob Miller here financial planner. Are you planning for your retirement and you're like, I gotta go. I'm not used car guy like, no, thanks. So that's what people think of when they think of networking. And for me, that was the skills that I wanted to build that I knew that was going to be. I wanted to be natural. I didn't wanna seem sales e smarmy gross, whatever. I wanted it to seem natural and nobody's really teaching this. And so I started to develop skills in that area and like really focus on naturally making connections with people that I've liked and networking becomes a process of making friends just like you did when you were a kid Prien at the same process, but just like you did when you're a kid because we do business with people that we know like entrust. And so like when you're running around doing a video or something like that, you do collapse with people that you know and that you like you're not like, oh, this person is terrible. Generally, we're not like that, right. Maybe there's one or two like, oh, I didn't know terrible person was for the most part we're doing collapse and working with people that we know like and trust, and that's kind of what networking really should be. But people feel. We don't know what to do, and so we put it off to the end. So if say we're starting a business, you're like, all right, I'm going to do a bunch of stuff for Instagram where I'm going to represent a brand or something like that or do a clothing label. You don't think step one network. You're like, no, no, no step one is on the closed up to social media. Step three, get the website going all, make the connections getting retail. And then network is like all the way at the end of the list. It's the last priority because you don't really know how to do it. So we don't ever do it because we have ninety nine other things to do in their first in line. There's not enough time in the day. So the problem with that is you gotta dig the well before you're thirsty. You have to create relationships before you wanna leverage them before you need them. Because everybody, you've always, you've definitely gotten a call where someone's like, hey, what's up? CD dude, I've talked to you four years. Hey, look, I got this new thing. I wanna market to all your fans. It's a dog grooming book. It's a pet shampoo. All of these things. Exactly. How did you know you're eating minimum? Yeah. Right? Or like, hey, says on huge fan name spelled wrong. Of course. Yeah. From. Yeah, hey, Suzanne love your stuff such a huge fan. Love the last, like whatever the last post is that you have. Rollback. Anyway, I wanna sell my t shirt line. It's exactly like all other t-shirts, except I'm the one that gets the money. How do I come? How do I come on your feed and show and video thing every no etiquette, they don't like. One thing I picked up when you were talking was, was networking with people that you like because people you like or the people you want to do business with. But I feel like a lot of us find ourselves in situations where the people that we feel like we have to network with. We do not like it's that big manager or that producer or casting agent, and we're like, I don't know them. I don't even think I like them, but I gotta go there. You know what? What is the solution for that? The solution to that whenever people think like, oh, networking, 's, really awkward. This is going to be awkward. I don't know if I know this person on them. One of the reasons that it's awkward is because we often are we have to go there for something that we want. Right? We're like, let's assume it's not an an agent or a manager. Let's assume it's like you're, let's assume you're looking for a job and. In real people land, whether it's not agents and managers. But like let's say you're looking for a job straight out of school or maybe you're switching careers. You know that it's awkward because you don't know who that person is, but you know, you've got to like make an ask and do a pitch. So it's strange and it doesn't feel good if you lead with value, which I know something ambulance and all the fun that in a second, then it's not that weird like I didn't. I don't know how this exactly came about. I said, hey, can I do some shows? And I would love to be on these these shows because these are people that seem cool, and I kind of like what they're doing and they're not a bunch of weirdos like, you know, there's some weirdoes. I'm definitely weirdo. I'm normal. There's weird. Not on our network, but all other networks have weirdos for life. Yes, and but you, you know, when you go for and you make an ask on somebody that you haven't kept in touch with, for example, your old college roommate is like, hey, I heard you're doing really well. Now, buddy and you're like, dude, I haven't heard from this guy. What he one is this gonna you're gonna sell me some nutrition shakes. You can try to give me into Scientology like what's going on here. Yeah, exactly. So that's awkward because they know they have not dug the well before the thirsty. But if you do lead with value, like if I have been contacting you once every six months, even even every year, I'm like, hey, there's this person you should meet out there. They might be able to help you. Are you interested? And you're like, oh, that is a good intro. I will take that. Thanks man. And I don't ask you for anything and then six months later, I'm like, hey, I know you're starting to show if you want to do some other shows that can make some intros and then I don't ask you for anything. And then I do that to three times over a year. And then I'm like, hey, I'm actually coming out with my book. Maybe it's a good fit. Would this be a good fit for your audience? You're like, yes. And you've helped me in the past without asking for anything that's digging the well. So now you don't have to worry like, oh, this Jordan guy's gonna come on embarrass everyone has. I've already established a little bit of a relationship, but since people are so shortsighted, they're not even thinking about talking to you guys or other people until they need something. That's the mindset that has to change in. In order to make networking, not awkward and make it kind of fun. Ellen, all new, the Nella crews, plus co host of a CNA awards. Carrie Underwood. Of course. AMA stands for Cowboys making albums. That's not Elway today at three on NBC four. High school footballs in full swing, but could get sacked and some local schools with thousands of local kids bailing on the sport. The news I team showing you Friday night lights are flickering in the DNB. I don't know if it'd be a ten years from now tonight on news, four at eleven, hey, guys. I don't know about you, but there's something about getting back into the fall season that has me craving routine and healthy cooking. There's something about when it colds outside getting warmed up on the inside the house with a hotmail that makes me all fuzzy inside. Well, here comes some basket. Weird accent from CV, but most nights, however, there's just no time to cook. So that's where sun basket has literally become our new BFF's for fall. Okay. 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Those are the people that it's been two years since he talked to them. Right. I don't know how long you'll be scrolling for so long. You're just gonna get tired. You're gonna be at the front of the line, but I'll text four or five of those people at the bottom of that. And I'll be like, hey, it's Jordan harbinger. We met two years ago at a financial conference in San Diego. What's the latest with you at love and update when you get a chance? No rush on the reply. I hope all is well, and I signed my name in the reason that that script is important is because if you say, hey, and you use their name, they know it's not a mass text because they're probably what Jordan. Right? Like, hey friend, you like doing dilly. But if I'm as Stevie, you're like, oh, okay, this is somebody that I might. Yeah, and it's more intimate. Exactly. And then say, we met at, you're like, oh, yeah, I was there. This person does know me. I might not remember who this Jordan guy is, but maybe I do. And then I say, I'd love an update. You're like, all right, whatever neutral, but prompts a response. And then I say, no rush on the reply. And the reason you do that is because when somebody reaches out from your past and it's been two years, three years, two months, even you're like, what do you want? Right? What what is what's the angle, especially in this day and age again, the life or Scientology. Right. So so like I got sucked in urban. Oh, man, you really did college. I was like, oh, man. Week later I was like, you still have this stuff. You still got the promise. So so you say no urgency like no rush on the reply. Because if someone wants to sell you some crap, they build urgency hit me back as soon as you can. I got something really interesting for you because apparently that was in their training and they didn't realize that like that's a really big red flag. But if you break the urgency by saying, look, whatever you get a chance, you're probably really busy the buck to hear from you. Whenever I found that that increases your response rate from about forty, something to seventy something percent that sell dead. I feel like that's a really great tip for any sort of career out there. You know, whatever career path you're into understand that like everything is relational, you know, human to human. I mean, it's important to kind of know when you when you meet somebody face to face and even following up with people. Just that right there just taking the time to tell people like, hey, I'm thinking about going on exactly now and not even knowing what you're going to get from it, but just to put yourself out there like that. It's almost like you're exercising that muscle memory of networking, one hundred percent. That's and I feel like these are. These are skills that you know, like we said are not taught, and they're not taught in school, they're not developed until you get into the real world and it's like, oh, I gotta learn how to do this. And I feel like that's so important in something you would carry into any field is is network. Yep, you know, relate ability with other people and like present for on. And I, we are in this field of blogger, Instagram or tuber special, which is which is so new. We both moved out here. She wanted to be a TV host, and I wanted to do the acting thing. And now we're here and we're trying to grow. This massive business around are following, an leverage are following. But you know, there's really no roadmap for what we're doing. Hearing out are a figuring out what are be is our see. And I guess our next question to you is how in this day and age can somebody with sort of like a career like that where it's a little fuzzy in terms of the roadmap, how do you work smarter? Not harder. Yeah. I mean, look, I I could probably could talk for hours on setting up a career path in media. It's probably the least exciting topic that we could touch on for a lot of folks. But I, I would say that the smartest quote, unquote, like hack is always going to be building and maintaining relationships, which like texting thing, we just talked about which by the way you always have to sign your name. The one of the common mistakes people have is they don't sign their name. Yeah, new phone who it is or. Or they do what what I do, which is like, crap. Okay. I don't know where this person is, so I can either embarrass myself and say, who's this? Or I can just pretend I never got this tax also. There we go, but what do you do when you get like a really sweet tax? And you're like, wow, I don't know who this. Say, hey, babe, how are you? And then it's a dude, and I'm like, oh, carafe. What? I just saw your recent thing. And it's just so sweet and I love where you've come from where you are and person visit who like known me for years. I don't know. This is your sort of Tipton for working. I, we, we've spent hours sometimes working till midnight, and I know that's not the way to go because we also have other goals in life beyond just career. So for a young couple like us who works together and business like what is one of your like, you know, obviously, the networking thing is important. Another thing I recently heard, I don't know if you agree with it is anything you want to do for yourself. Do it before eleven AM because everything after AM lice starts kicking in work. You're not going to work out at five o'clock. I do that. But trust me, I do not want to do when I go to the gym at five of them, like I gotta go to the gym early tomorrow. Yeah, times this happened, but yeah, but you're right before. Eleven. AM is always a good time to do that. I'm telling you the heck is I know I keep harping on this like an old self help door, but like digging that well, making sure that you build a maintain those relationships and the way that the texting hack is nice and everything, but the way that you really have to. Think about it is most people are always trying to close business there ABC. Right? Like always be closing, always look for your angle like what you can get, what what's going on. If you we say AB g which is always be generous, are always be giving what that means is like if I come across something and I think for a second like, oh, you know, who would like that Steve would be totally into that. Let me send that to him. I'm not like I'm going to send that to him and then be like, oh, you like that. Cool. Can I come on your show now it's just I'm just sending it for this. I'm just adding value. Plunking it up over time, building it up over time. And most of the time I will never like even think about cashing it in or there's no way for me to do it. There's no reason for me to do it, and I'm full of examples on stuff like this, like I will keep in touch with somebody or help somebody get a job. And then like years later I'll get an Email from them. It's like, hey, this is so and so at this random organization and I'm like, I don't know who that is, and they'll like, you helped me get this job here. Anyway, we're looking for keynote speakers for our corporate event, and I brought your name up. Are you. Interested in. I'm like, am I about to get a really well compensated speaking gig from this guy? Took a phone call with that. Lasted twenty minutes five years ago. I think I am. And that happens all the time. I'll tech somebody. I'll take somebody that I kept in touch with for years and they'll be like, hey, do you wanna teach this class? It's creative live. It's going to be like, you know, tens of thousands of people are going to watch this, and I just happened to be in their inbox or they're text messaging in that moment in the morning, and I get opportunities like that all the time that texting drill that I gave you. I do that every morning around nine or ten AM Pacific so that I hit New York and every more free morning every morning with five or or so people and out of the twenty that I'll hit five days a week, you know, twenty people nineteen of them. It's like cool. Yeah, good talking with you or. Yeah, it's been a minute or, hey, I'm in a meeting. Call you later. Never happened, whatever. And then one personal be like, so funny, you just texted me. I was just sitting down to talk with other person. And we're designing our curriculum, would you be interested in speaking at. Emory law school, the incoming class in October. Do you wanna come to Hawaii and talk to this real estate group? And I'm like, yeah, so I'm gonna Hawaiian December. So because of a text message. That's amazing. And that happens all the time what you're doing. I feel like it's not common. You know, most people aren't going the extra mile when it comes to the networking department because they're too busy trying to stay afloat and figure out how to be successful. But the whole networking thing I completely agree with you whenever we work with brands and even if we've gone to certain events or trips with brands, I always tell Stevie like we have to make sure we send emails after these trips followups if like, thank you so much for having us because you know everyone else on the trip probably ain't doing that. You know, you have to be intentional. And so I love love love that tip that you gave us. That's amazing. And I want to pick up my navy better at that. I'm gonna tech. Some people tonight. Just put it on your calendar. Do not night or no. The reason you shouldn't is because you don't know where they are. So if you take someone at eight, if they're. In New York. They're like, you know, I'm on. On our kids doing. I love what you said about adding value I though, because I feel like that's something that's kind of lost on, you know, our generation, you know, I feel like in the past, it was like, you know, look out for other people. Once you climb the ladder, you know, reach down and pull some people up. And that's not something that I feel like it's practice a lot anymore, especially like a good example is Hollywood. You know, we live here and and you don't see a lot of producers casting director sticking their neck out for people. It's so so rare. Now, you know, as before it used to be kind of the, the thing in the business, it's like, hey, if you make it grab a few people along the way and bring them with you. But I think that's so great because it's a, it's a mindset of giving I, you know, before taking and and a lot of us. Thank you know, especially when we're desperate to get position in and go somewhere where like we gotta take, we gotta take. I gotta get something from some I, but it's like no flip that model on its head invest, and then you'll get something back. You might you might get something back. So I wanna clarify this. You might help you hundred people and ninety. Of them will probably either not be able to help you back not want to not have any opportunity to do, so that's totally okay. You have to give without the expectation or attachment getting anything in return, and it's not like ninety out of one hundred people are selfish a holes that are never going to do anything for you. That's not what it is. It's just like if I help you get some acting gig, let's say you're an actor and you actually still care about that. I don't want another acting gig from you. I'm not an actor. I, I don't need anything back. I'm doing it for the sake of doing it too, because every time you build somebody else's career up or their personal life up, they win a little bit. It doesn't have to come back to you from the same person. There's going to be ten out of one hundred one hundred ten or even one out of one hundred and that one person that you helped ten years ago. It was like, hey, so I'm the net flicks casting director for this thing now, do you want I? Oh, you one and you helped out a bunch of our friends. It's not that you're going to get something from the people you help. You're probably most of the time not you're playing the numbers game and it feels good because most people aren't doing that. It feels good to be nice to a bunch of people and it doesn't cost you anything. So let's say you're someone who's maybe a little antisocial out there maybe a little bit. Introverted. Let's say they're at an event or a conference or something, and they see that there's this investor there, and one of their dreams is out of their own product line one day that might require an investor and they want to go up to that investor and start a conversation obviously, like you're going to introduce yourself. But what advice do you have from is there is like a technique of like, do you find like, hey, I noticed you're wearing a purple shirt purples my favorite color, or I mean, do you find like a common denominator instantly when you look at that person so you can bring up conversation? I mean, what is your advice or technique? Sure. For somebody who's new to that world doesn't even know how to approach someone. Sure. So fun walk up and introduce yourself in. Here's the thing. A lot of people who are, let's in the bottom of the totem pole are saying I have. There's nothing I can. For this venture capitalists. I don't even have my startup setup yet. All I have is a stupid app name that's probably already taken I going to do so walk up and introduce yourself. And then instead of saying, so I've got this great idea and they're like, yeah, you and everybody else. Wait in line. What you can say is look, I know that I'm not probably in a position to help you, but what is your firm looking for? I know a lot of people, I don't have a lot of connections. There are a lot of money, but I do know a lot of people, what can I help you find because for most people at that level, in investor, for example, or some sort of corporate bigwig, their job is sifting for a needle in a haystack. So if you're looking at an investor, you can say, what kind of people and what kind of companies are you looking for? I will happily send them your way. That's how you get a business card because they say right now, we're really heavily investing in energy tech and you go great. I'm not that, but I run into people all the time. It start-up events in it corporate events. Would you be interested in me sending them your way and they say sure. Then you don't ask for anything up your thing. It's more so like you're focused on, you're not even beating around the Bush. You're kind of cutting straight to the point, but focusing more on what they've got going on, giving them the opportunity to speak into talk about it. This is what leading with value is you're saying, I'm going to figure out a way to help you and then they're like, great. That's the end of the conversation. There's not this an also if you're interested in my new line of ear nyc. No, yeah. This shark tank hunting chart. So do you same thing go for social media because I'll tell you I have made so many friends on social media in our industry that I haven't even met yet, but we're constantly keeping up with each other's pages messaging each other like, oh, I saw you do that deal with Nordstrom or whatever. You go girl and there's a lot of that nowadays. Is there a different etiquette for social media? It's hard for me to say specifically, that is definitely your area of expertise, but here's how I handle my stuff. If I see that one of my friends, even if it's a social media friend like. Another personal brand, I'll say, oh, right on, you're doing a bunch of television. Great. I don't have a lot of television to throw you, but you're obviously promoting a book. Are you interested in getting on tons of podcast? Usually they're like, yeah, right. And I go, great. Do you want me to an even if they have a ton of Kant connections are like you have a great PR person. I'm like, do you want my help sifting through the ones that are going to be a good use of your time versus the ones that are frightened because you're probably can't do that. And they're like, oh, yeah, save me. Fifteen hours of going on. Crappy shows that no one listens to. I'll be like, yes, EMMY list of what you plan on doing or I can make interest to some people that you might not have gotten a hold of it at your publicists hasn't gotten hold of. I've been the podcast space for eleven plus years. I'm happy to help with that. Then they're like, great, thanks and that I don't say cool. And also, can I be on your YouTube or can I? Let's do. Let's do a collab- organic in. I just I just lead with value. It's that's what Abe is. And then later on, if I'm like, hey, I know that you've got two point, seven million Instagram followers and I just started frigging six months ago. What am I not doing that? I need to be doing that you wish you were doing early on, then they're happy to help you because they're like, thanks for getting me on ten awesome shows. Yeah, doubt, asking for anything right away. It's it's just leading without you. You guys have heard us talking a lot about professionalism being an entrepreneur in networking. While the first step to doing that is to having good business cards in the wake and get great business cards is through vistaprint dot com. You guys you gotta check them out because they make the process easy for you to look polished and professional whenever you go to a meeting or whatever it is that you're doing you trying network, you need a good business card on hand. If you're not prepared, if you're not polished, people are not going to think you're very professional. And I think the first step to doing that in being prepared whenever you go into a business meeting or whatever it is that you're doing with the of a small business, you're an actor. You've got a podcast like we do. You need to have business cards in hand, and that's why I think vistaprint is so crucial. You guys, they make it so easy for you to upload your own design or start with one that's professionally designed and they print them off for you at a great price. 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I just kind of want to change the topic here because Suzanne and I like we're saying we're young entrepreneurs, and we've had success to a certain extent, but we're wanting to grow that success for wanting to wanted to go beyond just being in the Instagram, YouTube realm. You know, we're trying to actually grow businesses. And right now I feel like Susanna are kind of in a rut. We kind of feel like we've hit a ceiling and, and we're not really sure where to turn or what moves to make. Because like I said, this whole arena that we're in is brand new and also we don't really have a mentor or anything else in place to help guide us. I think there's a lot of people out there that are either I starting out and they're like, where do I go? There's people that have even had some success and they faced a major roadblock share. And I just want to ask you, what is your approach to setbacks and road blocks in your career? You know, what is your practical advice? Because people say, hey, Steve Jobs is like, oh, I got fired from. Apple, and then I came back, but it's like, what does that really look like? How do you make that comeback? How do you balance back in and breach going? Yeah, yeah. The to sound like a broken, the broken record that I am. I always lean on my partnerships and relationships. So when I separated from I've separated recently from an another business that I ran for a really long time, and it was sudden, and I'm like it suing them now and everything, and they're getting sued by a ton of other people, and it's just a huge mess, huge disaster. And so I took the Jordan harbinger show and restarted it like rebooted that whole thing. And people are like, dude, you can't just restart your whole business. You did it for eleven years. What do you do? Your totally bore trae now, what are you? Gonna do man, and I went good call. What am I going to do? And I made a list of the first hundred people that I would call that. I knew that I actually let me tell them this down to a practical that y'all can use. I. I made a list of twelve people that I knew I could call for advice, not just my parents, but like people that I knew liked. Trusted that I knew weren't going to be like, oh, you're an idiot, sucks to be, you know, like dumb. Yeah, a loser. Like I didn't want that because I knew that my confidence is going to be shaky. I just come off this super rocky litigation, things happening like us. Awful. And so I made that list of like lifelines, I guess you would say, and I called them and I was like, hey, what would you do if you were me? And I got really good advice. And then from there I made, can you share a one piece for measure? So some of that advice was like, hey, one front goes, look what you need to do that. Actually, that leads perfectly into my next point. What you need well done. What you need to do is find out who will who's in a position to help you relaunch your show because I wanted to relaunch the show. I knew that I wanted to do the Jordan harbinger show and just started over. And so I've made a list of like a hundred plus people that were that had shows that I either helped in the pastor that I knew through mutual connections, and I reached out all of them and I was like, here's what happened. And so many hundred plus people came back and we're like, wow, would love to talk about that with you. And I did a ton of appearances over the next six, seven months based on that. And what I learned from that exercise was not just like step one, be a wimp and only call people that are going to be nice to you. That was actually a pretty good exercise. I reformed it and I can give it to your listeners right now. I call this lay off lifelines because most of us don't have to reboot our whole business, but a lot of us get fired laid off. And so what you should do right now before you get fired or laid off, hopefully is. Is make that list of twelve to fifteen people that you know, like if you got laid off right now, who would you call? Is it that college professor where you're like, oh, should've kept in touch with them. He was great. What about your uncle that you don't talk to very much or your dad's old boss or your own old boss, this people that you're like? I should. I should reach out and see what's going on, but then life gets in the way that's a BS excuse make that list now, because those are important relationships that you kind of know of fallen by the wayside reach out to them. Now when you have no agenda, and then if you and then you can keep up with those people over months and years. And then if you do run into a problem, you're not like, hey, old boss, so I need a job. Yeah, right. You're going, hey person I've more or less kept in touch with over the last two years. Actually, I, I'm thinking about leaving my job or I could really use a job. And I was wondering if your company was hiring, they're not like this guy. Yeah, they're like, oh, I'm glad you called. I was wondering if you're ever going to leave that. Crappy company that didn't treat you. Right. And they finally let you go, well, it's their loss. Yeah, we're hiring, come on in from interview or maybe we're not hiring, but let me make a few calls. I know other people in the organization and other organizations, you'll find a crapload of opportunity because you've started the opportunity that the relationship without the agenda. It's part of digging the well before you're thirsty. So the layoff lifelines just shows you where to start that process because those twelve to fifteen people are your your, your connections that you kind like everyone has those. I know I should have wrote this person. Yeah, I should've kept in touch with them yet. I haven't really talked with my college roommates for a long time yet. My old friend did start a company and they're doing well, but I just haven't had time to. That's that gets rid of that. Spend the time to make the list takes half an hour, spend another half an hour, reaching out to all of them and not asking for anything other than, hey, it's been a long time. I've been pretty bad at keeping in touch. I take the blame for that. I'd like to fix that right now. Let's catch up sometime. Mm, all either come to your office. We can talk on the phone and then you can. I encourage you strongly to make a joke that says, by the way, swear I'm not selling girl scout cookies trying to get you into Scientology or seller assigned, probably responding to be like not pack and girl scout cut. Yeah. Or you can be like, actually I'll bring you girl scouts, but they'll be there on me. Okay. So I wanna know. Give you have this awesome podcast in. I can just tell by listening to your show that you're not somebody who just shows up and is like, all right. Well, who we got in the tanks. This person, you know, it's obviously. He's in. It's obvious that you do your research and you. You really are like bringing so much wisdom and power to your show for others. Where do you get your inspiration? What are some things that maybe you have to do and your day today life to get get that fuel going inside you to know kind of shows you want it shows a week, so. Shows a week, so. You re like a million bucks. I read a million books. How many books released? Suck it reading Jordan? How many books should we be reading? Just we, I told Steven, we need to be better month. Here's a secret. I started reading, like I mean, I had to read other things for law school and whatever when I went to law school, but I started reading books a lot in. I mean, more than like once a year, probably about two years ago, maybe three years ago. The reason I started was because I started to realize that I was just being lazy a hole and I was like me at and and also I never prioritized it and also or it'd be like, I'm gonna read before bed. Well, fifteen seconds later. I'm yeah, so it's thrones his on. Unlike maybe you'll read tomorrow then days later you're like, I'm on chapter two of this book. So what I started to realize was Amman planes a lot. I'm in the car. Lots. I walk a lot. I go to the gym a lot. I can't bring a book everywhere. That's a pain. So I started getting audio books and I was like, wait a minute it when I'm at the gym when I'm in the car when it before I go to bed. I said the timers they doesn't just play in the end. You wake up at four AM and it's over. That's going to happen, but you know, you can listen to that stuff all the time. And I started to just listen when I'm at the airport when I'm at the gym when I'm in a car and I realized I'm that combined amount of time. It's like an entire book every week. Wow. And then I started to prioritize reading because it started really enjoy it and get my nerd on. And then I was making time to read and I was doing it during those other times. And then I started reading like two books a week. And then as time goes on, I realized, oh my gosh, I can read two to three books week. So what kind of books are you reading? Is it like fictional stuff before you say reading? So you're listening to these motioning by the way I just want to. That might sound really stupid, but I, I've, I've been like, oh, you can have audible books and I'm like, but then I feel like I'm cheating and it'd be like, did you read this book? And I'm like, can I really say yes, listen to this, but because you're doing it like I've been endorsed to resign. Where do you find? I mean, like for me there so many books out there. I mean, would you look at the New York Times bestselling list to figure out what book. But you don't have to let me get my phone. It's right behind the camera. My phone. You can. You can unplug it. There you go. I just like making up which what you're reading here. So a reading, any romance like dungeon novels or if I did, I totally would not admit it on their show. So I decided so I'm interviewing a friend of mine who wrote a book. So I bought that book obviously because you can't be like, hey, can you send me that book? And I don't want to pay for it. All right. Like I bought it to support you. And then I know I'm realizing that relationship planning that seed. There you go. I bought your book. I wanna seem too right. Insys story that because Jordan of new ish to insight didn't know you need to NC. Okay. That's our network. He, I don't know how that to your shore that beast tag him and say, bro. So happy about your book. That's a good idea. I do that was sweet, watering that see that plant. That's a good idea in since it's an audio book. I know people are like, well, how do you Instagram that what you do take a screen shot? Right? Is that the so. Underline ally where you're like, that's good. Oh, so good. Or do I just go on the internet and find out photo the book? And I'm like, this is. Okay. So what you got. So all right. So most of it is people who pitched the show and then they're like, I have a book and I'm like, great. I'll buy it because they're like, I'll send you this really awkward. Ga- galley like kindle version that expires at by it. I get those. And then other times someone will say, hey, I've got this really interesting book that I'm reading. It's about Vladimir Putin, and I'm like, cool. So I'll buy it even though I know I don't have time to read it right now. I'll buy it. And then I've got one hundred fifty books in this audible app, and I've plow through. I'll look through when I finished one and I'm just like, what do I wanna read? And I'm just scroll, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, squirrel, and I'm like, oh yeah, that book about Vladimir Putin. Hammer that thing down on a car ride or a plane trip or a usually round trip playing because sometimes it just like, do you have a favorite can share or recommend a recent one that I think is really good? Is anything well, there's this guy Jaakko Willink you heard of this guy. He's on Instagram, so I heard of him. Yeah. Oh, really? He's a navy seal, former navy. I don't know if you say former, if you're if wants to seal always seal, I'm not sure. I think it's probably like that. He wrote a book called the dichotomy of leadership. It's brand new and his book before that was called extreme ownership. And yes, they're kind of business, but they're full of war stories that are like real. They're not fictional, and he talks about how he learned all these really important business and leadership concepts by like getting shot at in Iraq, which is kind of like where your people are from. All right. Did your home market. Kurds. I'm like, oh, man, my wife is Kurdish. They're like, is that like Swedish. But the colors are inverted northern Iraq. So it's kind of like Braveheart and business. That's great down for that. Yeah, I'm really into like business. I mean, we didn't. We didn't major in business. So for us, I told TV, we need to start reading together. Mean we have a new baby, but it's like, you can't make excuses you've got to read. I think it was on on one of your episode may was one with Jim quick and saying that, like on average CEO's read about four books a month clash CV's are CEO's yo how many books we got? Well, my sweet. It's nice. My sister, her sister, they're in a book club together, so we need to just France actually. Fictional like twilight kind of stuff. I feel we need like a business down, abreast house, a good idea and the nurture relationships while we're there or Jordan. So I had a couple of fun little questions here when I had screwed out of this door, you don't have to get too crazy with it, but you can't if you want to. So first question out of three of random questions that I came up with. Our first one is what has Stoorikhel figure do you admire the most and why? Dang, I should have a ready answer if you don't have to have a being number one, but three like that guy who'll historical. Here's the problem because now you pick one and people are like, oh, he owned slaves, you're racist. He out on a good one. I was thinking. That's right. Choose wisely choose someone who's recent enough that they probably didn't own anyone else you can say pass. We have two other questions. Oh, who is Jen? Gallic with Churchill. Came to the rest of why lifeline. So he was one is pretty snarky to he had a good sense of humor, three. He kinda got Europe through that whole, you know, see World War Two thing, and he was clearly like a man's man and a lot of weight. I don't mean like like a tough guy. He was on. He was like, obviously, like fetch lovey English guy. I don't wanna waste, no, no disrespect, but he clearly was like dealing with pressure that would break anyone. And it was like, now we're going to kill some Nazis. That's that's a good one. I'm gonna get with my dad because he goes on and on about Winston Churchill. And I just recently was learning a little bit more about him and I'm like, do that guy was a bad a, right, right. He was tough and he loves cigar. Yeah, I love cigars. Maybe that's the answer to the second question. Oh, okay. Well, yeah, it could be but don't don't. That were to if you could have coffee with anyone in the world, who would it be? Oh, does it have to be somebody that I like getting somebody that's terrible with coffee? Oh, anybody in the world. You could literally somebody that you're not into. Can I record the conversation that makes it worth entreprer sent? All right. So I'm doing a coffee podcast. I would do they have to tell me the truth or are they just going to be asked me the whole time? I don't know. They're gonna. They're going to be honest with you. Oh yeah. Vladimir Putin I'm gonna talk to. I don't admire him for the record, but nobody gets interviewing. We're going to tap into that, and I want to be like, hey, man, what's your frigging problem. He sits down, hey, what's your deal man? Look, I usually build report for these, but since this is a hypothetical, yeah, you're going to spill the beans here. What's your deal? Your deal? Right. That any fast. Actually, you already. Did you already asked that last one? Well, what motivates you on a daily basis? Ooh, you know motivations. A funny thing. I don't wake up and feel unmotivated ever. Sometimes I feel like crap, don't get me wrong, but I, I don't. I like going through in creating the content for the Jordan harbinger show listeners, and I'm always thinking, how can I make this better? How can I serve the audience better? So I'm every episode of the show is like worksheets, you know, people that you had that, like, I wish that was my idea. But like I'm gonna say, that's such a good idea. A listener was like, oh, I make these worksheets for me to go and I'm like, oh, I should just do that. So we started making worksheets and that's super helpful. So what motivates me is people writing in and going? I use this to get a raise. I use. To get a better job. Oh, I figured out what I wanna do doing this. I'm creating all these relationships. I met my wife to this. That's pretty cool. I don't know if that motivates me on a daily basis can say all your audience motivated. That's so cute. They do, but it's more of like a like they exist in my brain somewhere. It's not like the Email comes in and I'm like, I'm motivated now. Yeah, I just know that they're, they're in every action that I take. I'm always like, is the audience going to be like, wow, that was cool. And they're going to be like Jordan fricken mailed it in today. So I never fun quote from that episode that I'm obsessed with that changed my life was you don't have motivation, you do motive. Yeah. Yeah, that's so good. We just draw that on a bumper on the last one. I'll at least the question we ask. All of our guests is what's good in your life right now. Anything anything, what's good in my life right now. My wife is the most supportive person in the world. I know. I know people are like you have to see that she just walked in saved. But like ask your speech, you need is true. I want to thank Jesus, my wife, but yeah, definitely want to thank my wife because she puts up with a lot of stuff. I mean, it's all my stuff, but still there's, I have like an, I'm a fountain of like unnecessary suffering. It's you put up. I'm actually going to. I'm actually going to say that I was creeping on the g I stole this quote because you posted a picture with your wife and you said something really, really nice, and I wanted to talk about this. I didn't get to it, but I'm glad that you said that she's what's good in your life because what you said was, you know, you said a lot of people ask me how can get more done in a day than most people do in a week insure. I have systems galore, good habits built over time in a strong work ethic. All those are must. But my real secret weapon is having chosen a great partner or having heard shows me and it goes on. But what the message was there is that having your personal life in order your relationship in order. Really my better strengthens you. And I love that because with Suzanne and I, that's been so such a part of our story is that we've grown together and our relationship is what's fueled actually our business life and a lot of people think of it obsolete. Oh, it's either personal business dog competitive, you know, like what? It's like my success is your success. And I feel like it's the same for you guys, and that's just so encouraging for anyone out there who might work with their spouse like you and I, but someone who's just supportive of what you're doing and for you to acknowledge them into boost them in that way that came in here and fed you that last answer. So that was pretty much. Thumbs up. She's like, I know. Jordan, and this has been such a great show. Thank you for hanging out with us and sharing all of your tips for networking. I'm telling you tonight by Rasha wait till he said to wait, not tonight, but tomorrow morning, I'm going to Email or text some some contacts that I'm also looking for some great motivation. Great advice, checkout Jordan show that Jordan harbinger show ladies and gents so good. You guys episode with Jim quick. I mean, it was really did change my life. You guys check it out. Seriously. Thanks George. Thank you. If that did put some water your bucket that I don't know what will that boa just went in my and he came out of their shooting with all his six shooter. Of you guys enjoyed that interview. Like we said that accent won the world and I don't know, but I would just fired up about that whole experience. I mean, first of all, I feel like it was such an honor for us. It's new podcasters to have Jordan in here. He's like the godfather of the Larry King Live of podcasting. So for him to come on, the show was really awesome of him ice and humble, so nice. His wife is so sweet. So I hope you guys joy that interview with Jordan, and if you did it would mean so much to us if you guys could leave a review on what you thought of the interviewing and maybe some other things that you'd like to hear about networking growing as an entrepreneur, because we want to bring more experts on this show to not only help you guys, but the helps is on. And I because we've got tons of questions and that's what the good life is about. It's about growing together. And so if you guys enjoy that interview, please just either let us know by dropping a comment a review or let us know what you want to hear more of as well on the good life for those of you asked us, you know, how can I get in touch with Stevie and says on if you want to know the best thing to do is. Isn't just comment on an Instagram post. Obviously, we love that, but we don't always see that. However, those ratings and reviews on our apple podcast page. That's where we're reading and we're diving into that. So if you want to get our attention and you want to tell us what you want to see on the show, highly suggest you guys go over there. Now, whenever you get a chance and just pour your heart out to us, let us know what you want to sing rolling through right now. And we're going to read a few of these pick 'em out as we do every week. When we find some of the ones that stand out, you guys share the love with us and we want to share it right back and shout you out for your support. Because honestly, it means so much to us. Every review means so much to a so this is from, wow, this is a long name. Emma is the bomb of Nashua. It says there are about a million things. I love about your podcast. I love how real it is. I love the fact that you aren't sugar coating, anything to make your life seemed perfect. Nobody's perfect and you are. You are allowing us to hear about your life from yet another platform. This is another way for your followers to get a glimpse at your beautiful love filled life. A second thing I love about your podcast is how you speak on your faith. Faith is a difficult thing to speak of, especially when you're gaining more followers, you speak of God without hesitation to make others want to search for a stronger connection with God as well. You to have built a beautiful life full of success in love. The podcast is just another way that you two are able to express who you are and what you believe in. I cannot wait for episode one to come out. This was after our episode zero. That was Emma, Emma's in wealth. Thank you, Emma. Sweet. And I just want to add a note about that because I know a lot of people have been commenting about us just being so vocal about our faith. I think when Stevie and I started this whole thing, we were. Yell. If we're going to be real with everyone out there, we can't hold back. We have to talk about what's important to us and God being at the center of all that we do. Sometimes there is pressure when you're under that microscope and everyone's watching you to see like, when is she gonna fail? When is he gonna fail or win? Can I take something and hold it over there has and we've had that happen to us over over social media and things like that. So she here you guys say things like continue to just share your faith. I mean, I love that because you guys know we're not perfect, and our life isn't perfect, and I wouldn't want it any other way, to be honest with you, comments like that. Honestly, resonate with me so much more than just the who love that video on that contour girl. You feel me good cone to her though. I try. Thanks. Okay. So we've got another comment and the subject line says, stay at home, mom escape from a mom from Boston's. She guess she wanted to be a little bit anonymous here. She said, all I can say is that when you're. Stay at home mom of now eleven months old, and you're just sick and tired of being on social media, and you've put your career on hold and you've read that quote, trendy book, and you're done with today's trash music and don't wanna listen to the radio, and you need something to listen to while you're folding your baby's laundry or making lunch and dinner. Thank you for blessing me with this. You guys made me feel a little less lonely in another typical stay at home mom day. Oh my gosh. Lunch, I'll come over to your house and we'll do the good life right there. Me and says, does love a good sandwich, but, oh my gosh, that literally that just made me so emotional, you know, I, I, I think with everything online, I'm right there with you. You know, even though I'm a working mom, the stay at home, mom, job and responsibility. I mean, that's a fulltime job. So you know whoever you are, you didn't wanna put your name out there. Don't discredit that because you are a hard working mama who's running that house and you're setting that example for your for your child, and I appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge from one mama to the to the to the other or to the next from one mama to another. That's what I meant from one mother to the, yes, from one mother shoe and other. Thank you for just reminding me what life is really about and you keep killing it mama because you are in. Don't discredit that because. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. That's what I think. Well, it's time for the the good word gets out of the week. You guys, I think I wanna leave you with this is that it's to step out and try something new when Jordan was talking about networking, that's something that seems so office. And it seems like something that it's hard to understand in hard to take on. But I think there's a lot of things out there that that scare us and we think I don't know how to do this, but I would just encourage you to try just to just to think about trying something new to step out out of your comfort zone because I feel like that's where you start chipping away. That's when you start hacking away at what seems like the the roadblock where, or the obstacle in front of us. When you try something new, you're either maneuvering or you're going through it. And so I would just encourage you guys to try something new, be brave, be bold and start with something small, don't overwhelm yourself and I got to fix the bed. There you go seriously, that's actually going to. That's changing me. I think fixing the bed, you not starting on social media in the morning, Israel. Going to do a lot of good Sean. What are you gonna do. Sean, I'm not gonna make my bed guys. Bedbugs. Bedbugs was no, you don't have to make bed. Sean is gonna do the opposite. He's gonna not fix John. It's gonna jump on his back. His thirty days. You know coffee for you, Sean, you're jumping on the bed. That's right. Guys, find comfort in discomfort this week. We've just thank you all so much for supporting our show. And again, we've just got to think are amazing sponsors who made today show possible for you to get this show for free guys. Ka pari LaCroix flirter, Pluto TV, and just fab. They're awesome. We hope you enjoy it all the promos and the good deals and can't wait for next week show. It's going to be another amazing, inspiring episode. You don't wanna miss it. It's going to be so good because there was interrupted Sean. Can we go back into the free cell to Altro this? Oh, something special for you l. today, I guess I'll one. This one because you cut off my last one. I'm coming box sun. We gonna have some fun. Everybody know that you boy is cool. While you look like a food, I'm looking at you. Do you about two doors? I hope that everybody had a really good then if you did it well, it's not my fault. You just talk more at Sanchez. Enjoy live, make it bad. He's out good life. Okay. You'll feel in this and you feelin this thong cop up front of your car and take your phone. Okay. That was it you guys. I don't know when the purpose of that was. I just wanted to do that for all the people who have a great week. We love you guys. Bye. 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High school football in full swing, but could get sacked and some local schools with thousands of local kids bailing on the sport. The news team showing you Friday night lights are flickering in the DMV. I don't know if it'd be a ten years from now tonight on news, four at eleven cavenaugh. Accuser wants an FBI investigation. I'm Tim Maguire with the AP news minute lawyers. I Christine blazey Ford say she wants the FBI to investigate allegations that she was sexually assaulted some thirty six years ago by supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh before she testifies at a Senate Judiciary committee set for next week. Kellyanne Conway, an advisor to President Trump says, Kavanagh's ready to testify as been through numerous f. b. i. background checks past six FBI vets and has previously testified under oath at length. Cavenaugh has denied Ford's allegations. Another death due to Florence has been reported a forty six year old woman killed when a tree fell on her car and Rutherford county, North Carolina, the storm and its aftermath blamed for. Least thirty five deaths. Rivers are reaching flood stage in a number of cities in town. Richard Lubbock has been watching the flooding in Fayetteville. We've never seen it like this before. Never seen nothing like this before I'm Tim Maguire.

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