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From Washington DC. This is Westwood One daily news. For June eighteenth twenty nineteen. I'm John trout in a late night tweet, President Trump threatens to remove millions of people in the country illegally with US immigration and customs enforcement to begin the removal process next week. The battle over border funding will come to a head as the Senate majority leader is setting the stage for a vote. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has that story. Senator Mitch McConnell says he will force a vote next week on President Trump's request for emergency border funding, even if his own party can't reach a budget deal with Democrats. The majority leader tells Fox News, the funding some four point five billion dollars is all about humanitarian aid, and he says he wants to put the Democrats on record should they oppose it. So I'm gonna bring it up free standing next week and see if they really aren't interested in dealing with this mass of humanity that we have to take care of at the border. Democrats balked at the humanitarian funding before last week or two ago, we passed a supplemental for the floods, you know, storms damages we had Puerto Rico, and Florida Alabama, Georgia. Nebraska in the Senate. We wanted to add to it roughly five billion dollars. The president's requested to deal with the wall. But just the humanitarian part of the crisis at the border. The Democrats insisted on stripping it out. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says that's because it didn't belong on that Bill. Oh, come to administration has put in conditions for border funding. They're just totally unacceptable. Really don't have anything to do with what we're trying to do for disaster assistance. And we have not been able to find common ground. Will they find common ground this time? Mcconnell is doubtful. But he says he's going to force the vote anyway, offering from Trump derangement syndrome. Whatever he's for. They are reflexively against Connell, says this vote is not about the border wall, which Democrats oppose instead, it's about humanitarian aid to build the wall. We thank the president's made a good case for that. That's not what does about. This is just the humanitarian part of the problem on our side. Obviously, the border speaker Pelosi says Democrats are not against humanity in aid. It's important to note that when the president, declares emergency, first of all, it's not an emergency. What's happening at the border manatee Burien challenge to us, whether Senate Democrats will join Republicans in voting for. The humanitarian aid remains to be seen quite simply without some democratic votes. The numbers just aren't there to pass the Bill and if it does pass in the Senate, it's still has to pass muster in the house. Linda Kenyon Washington as further deterrence to Iran, the US is now sending an additional one thousand forces to the Persian Gulf region. The announcement comes after Tehran declared it would enrich uranium above the limit of the original nuclear agreement are Bob Costantini is following the story Giron announces. It will enrich in store you rhenium beyond what is allowed by the Iran nuclear agreement. President Trump took the US out of the deal last year. But the six other nations involved vowed to continue with it. Quote, Iran's enrichment plans are only possible because the horrible nuclear deal left their capabilities intact in, quote, according to a national Security Council spokesman here at the White House, but the new enrichment declaration from Iran might be an attempt to get the other countries to press President Trump to steer away. From a military response, including in light of the purported attacks on tanker ships last week in the strait of or moves if it is more battle for the hearts and minds of Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China who have wanted to maintain Iran's compliance in the nuclear arena. He'd also reflects the reluctance on the part of the president to threaten military action at the State Department. A rare briefing by spokeswoman Morgan Ortega's, but say to the international community that we should not yield to nuclear extortion, by the Iranian regime. Not only does President Trump wants a nuclear agreement nation story impose tough sanctions on Iran. But so does Israel the original deal called for a snap back of sanctions. If Tehran did not comply, Iran is playing the other countries against the United States with the threat to boost enriched uranium bay. Come of Andy, is spokesman for Iran's nuclear agency, reminding the five nations still hoping to keep the agreement alive that he reformed. Iran has been ruled to be in compliance. To see that they're doing their own parts of commitments, not able to do what they want to do, or they don't have the willingness to do so. Iran is being squeezed by renewed US sanctions efforts to bring its oil exports to a halt. President Trump wants the rulers in Tehran negotiate a broader agreement to stop support for terror organizations and weapons proliferation in the region. Bob Costantini, the White House. The FBI says the man who was killed in a shootout at a federal courthouse in Dallas was an army veteran who was carrying more than five thirty round magazines and a high powered rifle correspondent Clayton Neville, says no one else was injured or killed in the shooting and Thorndike's are still investigating a motive, the shooting was partially captured on video of tog refer from the Dallas Morning News was outside the federal courthouse in downtown Dallas. When shots rang out. Video taken by the photographer shows federal police treating the shooter twenty two year old Brian Isaac, CLYDE after he was shot Herman Turner was across the street from the courthouse when he sold the shooter coming from across the street would assault rifle. I just came out of the federal, building, Orion, this corner. But Tom, I come in Griffin Shree. That's what he bought have win streak. Just unload on assault rifle Turner says a lot of people were on the streets unaware at first of what was happening beta even recognized the gun shop, they pilot thought it was a, you know, saying just a call rich. They just thought it was a call rate, US attorney Aaron, nearly cock says inside the courthouse, where numerous responding agencies are housed and federal court was underway. People took shelter better off within the federal courthouse. Responding US marshals live better service with helping out so he kept up everybody already in the building state. In the building until we knew that the breadth of neutralized, and that the parking lot across the street was safe FBI special agent, Matt to soar, no says no one else was hurt in the shooting, and investigators are now working to find a motive, we have more than two hundred FBI agents and partners aggressively pursuing every lead in this investigation. The army says, CLYDE served as an infantryman from August twenty fifteen to February twenty seventeen and achieved the rank of private first class, a video posted by CLYDE earlier this month. The social media shows him in candlelight holding an assault rifle, and whispering to the camera. I have. Storms many questions, left unanswered, but with only the gunman dead federal police who shot and killed declined being credited with saving many lives. I'm Clayton Neville shooting yesterday at a raptors rally Toronto police say four people were shot and wounded at that rally for the NBA champion. Raptors yesterday three people were arrested droves of raptors fans ran from the shooting in a stampede from the city hall square. Well, MasterCard will let transgender people use their chosen names on credit and debit cards. Correspondent Jan Johnson reports it'll be up to the banks that issue the cards, but MasterCard is urging the institutions to let transgender people use a name that may be different from that found on their birth certificate or driver's license. It's an effort. The company says to combat discrimination in the checkout line referring to research that found nearly a third of transgender people who had to show an ID with. Name or gender that did not match their presentation, experienced harassment were denied services or were attacked on Jan Johnson. Westwood One daily news. For June eighteenth twenty nineteen. I'm John trout.

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