FASHION HAGS episode one - Fashion Shows


Right. I'm Abby, I'm Evan. And I'm Katie, and we are the fashion heads we love fashion, and we all work in the industry, but we don't really get it. Sometimes. Hey. Welcome to fashion. Hey, this is the podcast book, fashion and talk a lot about what we love. And what we hate. What drives us nuts? And and what drives us crazy and everything in between. And then a whole bunch of shit inbetween. It's largely experienced based. I think we all work in fashion, and we all went to school together. And so we're gonna talk shit about it and talk about why we love it. And hopefully, this'll come along for the ride, and hopefully, we'll have a healthy balance of things we love and things the nets are they are there is a long list of both of those things that go through our heads. And sometimes they can be the same thing at the same time. It's like Vegas. It's like everything you love and everything you hate all the same time. Yeah. Why are we doing this? Right. Because we love it. Oh, so pretty. Are we not eating all day? We're only living off of chips and carrot sticks. We love ginger ale. Exactly. Oh, man in wonder bars. Five days a week. Do Morton's bagels. Thank you. This is this is the podcast where we're gonna talk about one of the most complex creative potentially lucrative. But also potentially like bankrupting. Industries that pretty much every person on the planet has some contact with litter. Even if it's literally just the clothes touching your body close close. And yet it somehow you're dead. Exactly. You're in the food chain somehow either at the top or at the bottom or somewhere in the middle. So we we wanted to say we're not going to be. We're not going to be a style podcast because there's already a whole bunch of those, and I don't I don't think any of us. Consider ourselves. Any any in any position to tell you what to wear? It's also hard to convey, those kinds of things over an audience. Exactly. Time. So so who are we do we say we all? Everyone who we are we all met in fashioned school. And so we all we all came from different areas of the country in different areas of interest with I think. I mean, I don't I I didn't know what I wanted out of fashion school. No, No, MR manager here, did I he was very like Eliza focused, and I was just like, oh like, it taste a whole bunch of stuff and see see what are like this looks fun luxurious. And I think it within seconds of meeting each other. We all knew that this was this was we're in for the for the long haul professionally and also on a friendship level. Like there was a lot of Yahoos. Yeah. And we just like, oh, you're not gonna make it the program. So yes, my later on you. But we knew we were dedicated, and we were in it for the right reasons. And here we are five years later. Doing it half a decade. Oh, good. Lord, come a long way. So he has so we working together we worked part the -tunities to to grow together and experience a whole bunch of different parts of the fashion industry together. And we've also so we found a lot of parts of it that we really love. Yeah. We're discovering new aspects of every day that we love even more. But we're also have very heavy healthy dose of cynicism. And the like reality check sometimes because on the one hand, it's it's a beautiful and aspirational industry. But it is messed up. There's a lot of crazy shit that happens sometimes too. So I think in our episodes, we're gonna we're gonna make sure we have a good balance between you know, calling people on their bullshit. But then also praising it and gushing over the parts of it that we really love it is an artistic endeavor, certainly sometimes, I guess clouded and. We've seen all sides of it were at least are learning all sides of assure exactly and wanting to learn more. One of these what I chose this career when I was looking at what do I wanna go to school for what do I want it because I was thirty when I went back to school. So I kind of didn't wanna fuck around, and I didn't wanna go and like I was twenty six exactly like. Great six graduation. He was designing the shit out of the rest of looked like fulsome. But. But I I knew there was something in it. And that it was an industry that I wanted to learn more about what what is what is this? What is something? I can concentrate on that. I have that. I haven't affinity for that. I'm interested in and then I that has room for growth it professionally mentally emotionally aesthetically, whatever that is multi faceted. And that's that's I think part of the reason why we thought this would make a good pike asses because there's so many aspects to this industry that people overlook or don't realize it all or never even even heard of or they don't you don't think twice about or you see it at one level, and you think okay? Yep. This is what it's about. And then you don't know the iceberg under the surface, just huge. Yes. Tens of thousands of people who you didn't know. Oh, sure. How many you know? Yeah. It's it's one of the most Lou. Lou, you know, biggest industries on the planet. Right. Like it touches every Continente touches every tier of economic economy, and that sort of thing. So everyone listening is wearing a garment of some kind. In the shower, which is where I do. Hey, that's shower puff gut designed buddy, that's true foul, translating shower. Exactly. Stripes on that towel. Exactly. But yeah, that kind of stuff gets gets over like really really easily especially in these days of fast fashion and pick up a quick shirt at WalMart for two ninety five to actively encourage to not think about right where I think that's something that that is that ethical shopping is becoming more important to a lot of people in in sourcing things and understanding it more after being so happily oblivious ignorant to it all for so long and reaping the benefits of seven dollar tee shirt rate may be reaping the benefits when it falls apart in two washes is a little rate. Yeah. But, you know, spec up for hot minute because we should maybe chat real quick about the three of us in how we all came to be. We did mention that we all meant in fashioned school. That is in Vancouver were all in Vancouver. Recording us we all live here. We'll work in the biz in some level or another. I worked for a local passion designer primarily in sales and wholesale. But it's a really small company. So everybody. There's a lot of hats. So someone comes good pets. You love me. Thank you. Worked out. I got that from my dad, not from my mom unfortunate. But you know, it's a it's a small company, and it's a pretty dynamic group ladies, then bumble through so in any kind of small business everyone wears a lot of hot. So it's kinda neat way to gain some experience in alter and different things. And I certainly didn't start this position that I'm in right now as a wholesale sales woman as it were. But you build your way as with any business, and certainly in fashion, you find skills in ways that you don't necessarily foresee. Yeah, there's a whole bunch of jobs that you got to go through that you may love and you make fucking. Hey, there's a lotta sweep you don't know. And you are there. Yeah. Exactly. Swift ring moving moving things from one rail to the other boxes changing directions on hangers for literally three hours like facing. Inwards steaming steaming burdens poor. My poor arm. The scar. To prove it. Meaty fleshy part of my arms to God. Dammit and Evan you work locally as well. But you work for a larger company we don't need to get into the details of it. But. I work in many locations. I work in retail. So yeah, that's it is what it. I'm not on the floor. I'm a visual merchandiser, which is another gig that you probably don't really exists that happens for you know, it exists. But you you have no idea what what it is. We actually spend every goddamn thread sent. Let us leaving steaming sweeping steaming hangers as we just mentioned wigs low mannequin arms. Things stealing things feeling wag doing wigs stealing arms. Stealing hands feeling arguing close off that manikin ceiling closed because that's right. Like, you steal a shirt because you want the shirt or are just have a compulsive need to sell things. I guess that's where the ceiling of Manica the fucking you're going to do with the mannequin arm early. Anyway. It's not a very nicely. Is a low quality way. Longest Whigs been around. God damn stand guard sprayed into the sucker. There's what else that goes on in your job in other companies in other roles and other things in terms of visual merchandising like ever walked by a store window. Somebody did that could've been our friend. Evan couldn't name, but that's a big part of sales which most. In school. The statistic was like ninety percent of retail sales are tributed to the visual aspect of the store. Share? What does it look ninety percent? Yes shit. I I remember that things on Iraq as much as you want. But if you can't make it look good people aren't gonna walk over to the rack. Yeah. And then pick it things like face outs. Mannequins words, you didn't know where where's or Venus? Whatever how many. Well, how many? Pants to make it look the most appealing to a human being possible. One season. We're gonna fold the Pence this way. Now, we're going to. And I don't know why. I just have to get your directives from the top directives. Good good. Good work where? Yeah. There you go. We'll talk about those goal setting still hear me. Hear me complain left right and center. Kinds of telling you where I work. Other than that. I also have my own made to measure business. More importantly. Hustle going on you got your much engaged. For sure WW dot dot com. We'll be linking about on the web. Please have a look, and I've kind of been over the place. I most recently worked in on maternity leave at the moment. But I most recently worked in the ethical costuming working for a local independent studio here. Mike, Hoover, doing theater and dance. And a whole bunch of other productions for live, performance and sewing a whole bunch of like four way stretch gold and chiny and then making like Santa music dresses, and how many of you to this is my favorite my favorite part of the job was making ballerina ballerina to those very satisfying work. Was so difficult took so much time. But at the end of the day, I made a girl Harry happy when I gave her to that was. Eight year old meet dreams area. And I made them for girls the youngest girl ever made one four was maybe six, and then the oldest girl I made one four was twenty. So the girl who has twenty she'd had many over the, but the I got to make someone I two two which was really exciting. I would it be made this shit out of that fucking sewed Suman goddamn sequence. Oh my God. I'm very much like clean lines less is more type of person. But I literally just went through the whole like shelf of of things like what is paying more, shiny? And what can I so on what kind of trim, and what kind of the mostly as layer it on like you've never seen? Yeah. Mall. I thought I still have filed away somewhere. Horrible. So the industry and vol head we have the jobs we have now, but we've all worked another job in mobile multiple things because the industry, although the industry Hoover here is not that big. It's still pretty healthy. And there's a lot going on. And there's a lot of different levels going on. So I think this this is a good place. I'm the technically we're all here. So yeah, it's as far as Canadian fashion locales. It's. What in the top? It's your Montreal and Toronto pretty much. That's pretty much it. Yeah. It used to be bigger as they all were. But that's cool. It's it's a neat place to spread your wings and get a feel for it work for yourself or work for somebody else. And. Mm. Fun things you love in front things. You can't stand. And. Yeah. Figure out how to chase that paper. We should maybe introduce the like how we met like we I think we literally met the day one first day. First our for twenty minutes. Even probably we affect wasn't even we were just lining up for like orientation or like just getting are like information packs or something. Getting. Wait in the reception area of our school and everyone had to come at the same time badly organized by why a hallway crammed with like a hundred people. Yeah. It didn't all need to be there. You couldn't told me I can just come at noon instead of nine AM and say, I'm sitting here for three hours, but mind, you if I had come at noon, I had to wait a wait and waste a whole bunch of time reading vogue magazine that some young man saw me reading and then said. Pulled it out of my bag. Goes sits next to me will put up a say magazine, and we ask you what you in the fashion program. The. Actually in film. They would call that a meet cute. I meet cute. That's true. That's true. Interesting never heard that term before. Oh, so yeah. It's like the way to characters meet or something. Yeah. Yeah. That's. Some sort of set up. Yeah. And mine, I met you. It was a little bit later. I've missed my initial upper tune to meet you because I was standing about four feet away from you. When you. Things even sat down and started flipping through. And I was like she said fashion to two and coal co. Cope had this thought cross my head that I looked down. And there is the biggest fucking spire. Crawling towards you. I'm oblivious 'cause I'm fully engrossed in my magazine Ely. Completely Algan spread October twenty ten. So I see the Spiner coming towards you. And I am horrified that I might have read into having this internal yourself. Angel appear on your shoulder the angel had like flown away. Mark. Seeing the size of that thing out. Forget it you're on your own you're on your own. So luckily this other small kid, she's probably sixteen or seventeen. Whatever tapped uniting on the shoulder and was like am there's little and I was like. Thank teacher. And savor from this horrifying to throw yourself between the spider. Leave this line and go back to the light. There's go spiders enough to sit through this whole thing. Again, lordy. Thank you saved me from certain death. I almost saved you from certain. I avoid it at all. Thing that other girl was they're mad later that day. He was in first class. Yeah. In which case, we talked about the podcast that your husband. Dave Trumka does focusing yourself has happened. You listen to longtime fan, and and so we sat down we were talking about like who, you know. What's your living situation? I'm in a one bedroom downtown, well, whatever, and you said that I live in this apartment, and technically it's a two bedroom about my boyfriend does this podcast, the one of the rooms is sort of devoted to that the room in which we narrow sitting. And it's real convenient having. Podcast. Available. So I I said, oh, that's weird. I listened to one podcast that is in bigger and guy named day. Got MTNL's Stewart runs last name and use had Shumba and I freaked out. There's a level of shrill scream that emanated was not to be mad. But like, oh my God. Are you happy who is your own person? And he's a. And then I immediately phoned my sister until her who my new best friend. Fred. Machines are next to each other. Oh my God. Five years later. So can't shake chiller. We started remember that we must have met in one of our first in one of those first classes because we had a couple that over locked, but a couple of didn't because we me and Katie were an every single gather. But we were only in maybe two or three with university here in their first. We must have been like truly. I mean, this honestly throwing around dick jokes and other people. Was getting. Yes. You and you were going to be over here. Fuck these squares. We're gonna win. And that's history that was sort of we bonded right away. Some kindred spirit in many ways long when you get into fashion school, you kind of get thrown into fashioned school, and at least in the design program. And yeah, you get thrown in the depend depend. And you gotta you gotta find allies and thankfully, people get weeded out. Yeah. One of the good things about it being so intense was that all the dead weight. Oh, yeah. Gets laughed. All man. They were gone which was good because they're they're taking up space, man. And they're literally taking up space that you need when you're having. You'll get have a certain amount of cutting tables, and you need space. Yeah. And some asshole is sitting there not giving shit about what they're doing. Yeah. And you're going nuts. Trying to figure it out to make sure every seem as bucking perfect and there's just throw. Yeah. No, it didn't take long for our high standards. I think too we. Exactly for the people realize that you have to work way to bucking hard. Yeah. Karoke? Yeah. There's that stereotypical fashion student who's like I'm going to go into fashion because it's fun guys. I think. You're going to be working twelve hours. You're wearing pretty close. You're not going to the parties. No, no and leave the designer side merchandising girls different story. We're the ones slept in the back. Sweating wearing Jack injector. Cheering for the ritziest sample sales. Like fuck that I have to dress. Or are you out of your mind that king me zippers? I gotta finish before five AM. There's this fabric. Ken, are you out of your mind? Exactly you spend two hundred dollars on a coach fabric. I get for two hundred dollars. To not make. Groceries. That's not gonna happen who you kidding. Oh, no popcorn. I teachers who. Invented. Someone was complaining in like our final term about how expensive there fabric was someone. They wanted her to get more expensive fabric in there like Evans spending all his money on fabric. Look he hasn't eaten in two months. He could not be smaller. Do you have to suffer? Yeah. What's that? Within reason. That phrase I've and sayers used to say about we need to fashion, and and the confines that puts on you like the big beauty. Thank you impairment. And you can take many levels where whatever they through apparently. But sometimes it's getting the best fabrics. Sometimes it means all night pennies and have a French door made for you. So you can get into the Bill hang a big ass dress again. So that's us. That's how we came to be. And how we got together. We've been talking about doing this podcast for easily a year and finally get our act together and getting it done. And so we're really excited, and we hope you guys like it. And we're gonna move onto something else. We're gonna talk about fashion shows and get things started every episode. We're gonna have a little catch up at the beginning. And then we're going to have a topic that we will explore. Little facetiously a little bit seriously healthy mix bottle tail out of school every now and then absolutely. And then at the end will have a little fun segments. Where we just talk about stuff we love and stuff that drafts. Not. So this week we're talking about fashion shows because quite often when people hear the word fashion, they think of a model walking down the runway fashion show is specifically runway shows more than one more than one way to present a fashion line than just six foot blondes walking down a runway. So it's sort of first thing, you think about as you say like, you know, maybe think about flipping through a magazine those images come from the shows. That's how business moves forward. That's where this whole trickle down effect. It's called when you're looking at what comes out of the high end designers and the Dior and the Chanel and the product and the funding in all those that sort of set that high tone. Of things that you cannot absolutely afford. 'cause it's ridiculous. But you can't live without without. And and then two or three seasons later, you'll see them at the more affordable of the malls. And yet, you know, your stores you see over the place. We're in the case of the SARS and h names in month. Exactly. You'll see you'll see three weeks later. It's amazing turnip, which we'll talk about fashion and another upset type, which is how fucking quick they can do that turn around, but fashion shows I mean, people dream of going to them, and you you have this kind of these lofty ideas of what they are. And and and it's true that some of them are amazing. Yes, Dior showed at verse. I, and it was amazing and life changing, and and had their fashion show on the great wall, China and sure absolutely. But then you know, there's people here in Vancouver that put on fashion shows and there's Vancouver fashion week. And you know, there's go fashions, EKO fashion. Which is which is actually usurped kind of profession. We can't Vancouver. That's where I show, Mr. producer arm shows. But. Yeah. Yeah. It's a weird sort of which is probably why we wanted to pick this topic as one of our first places that we that we talk about because it's so prevalent in everyone's minds when it comes to thinking about fashion, but there's so so much on this iceberg below this. There's so much that has to happen. It's so many moving parts and even the bigger shows. It's the way that we I the company I work for fashion show in February of this year. And it had been a number of years since we had done one. And we're like four years. We'll do another one forget it. We're not doing another one before that it is an insane amount of work and for twelve minutes of on the runway. It's unbelievable. We sort of acquainted it to having a wedding that the entire party the entire reception. Everything comes down to eleven or twelve minutes. And dealing with people afterwards getting them in before. And you know, wrangling the models and the hair and the make in the space and the location and the lading musing production chairs who's sitting there who's not coming. Needs to where you have to the goddamn. Yeah. Who sits where that's a whole politics. The military. In the politics, and the oh, it's this a little bit maybe last week talking about amounts quote, but why she doesn't go to fashion shows anymore. The last fashion show that she went to they were an hour late because they were waiting for Paris Hilton to show up who the fuck is person when it comes to buying fashion. She's a nobody. But she's a big enough deal that the show felt that was important to wait, wait and make all the industry professionals who are actually going to be buying. We're actually working. So they're not gonna wait. If your money to put in your Bank account to make another fashion show to give you any fucking money. No free close. Yeah. But they're not gonna wait for the firefighters. Yeah. Exactly. They're not waiting for Linda for, you know, the buyer Bergdorf Goodman. They're not waiting for her, and she's probably missing three other in their steaming. Yeah. So she had a great insight on well. I mean. She had a great insight into what it's actually like to have attended all of these shows and see how that industry, and how that side of it has changed over the loss of WI with this build up of celebrity culture, which has completely taken over fashion shows and how they initially started its way back. Sure when it was doing your customer. Yeah. And it was a b yeah. Be that a private customer or or store, and because some people didn't ever even sell to stores right down the ever had private, and then they would start selling stores, and it kind of grew from there. And then now it's full of starlets and musicians who are saying fucking bloggers and all the people who are actually working, and you know. Doing the heavy lifting in the air. Actually, exactly lining your Bank accounts. They're the ones that are. I mean, I think they're happily left out of the spotlight. Right. Because they are there to work there to keep their head down in to do what they gotta do and the other starlets are there to be photographed. Yeah. And to be seen and whatever and to be seen in. That's that's become an important part of the whole thing in in marketing, and and you know, being seen and having having an audience and stuff and building building your client base. There should be a part of celebrity that has value. Yes. And it's at a whack these outta whack on balance. Yeah. It's it's a bit backwards. When you look at like whose seats you have X number of seats in the front row who's getting them? It's night amount. Yeah. Who's going to the front row, obviously, we don't need to explain. It's the best place to see the shows. You're the the fro-. Term. Obviously that's the best place to see the clothes because you're the closest to the close. So you can see you have an unobstructed view of what's happening. You're not looking over someone's strike Antic hat to see what is actually going on the runway. And what you think as a buyer is going to work best in your store for your customer where it all boils right down to or what can you sell you wait for Paris Hilton to be an hour late? So you get a headline somewhere, and then someone checks out your because when Instagram or someone checks out, your Facebook, or whatever, and that's how you get your attention. So it's weird. It's a weird mix right now of well. It's a pretty accurate reflection of health and priorities of prayers, and how celebrity culture sort of shifted the way things work. But actually, I like you said actually putting together a fashion show. I mean, you look you look at it. We'll talk big picture here about the big houses that do it regularly. The do at twice a year sometimes four times a year now because there's goddamn bullshit inbetween. Seasons. All of a sudden shown up in the past few years resort. And pre fall Faulk is pre fall. What is this made that ridiculous? Weirdly, that's what people buy. Hula stuff step. It's actually going to be in the stores. That's going to be the most wearable useful accessible staff. The inbetween. It's it's the bigger seasons that have like big fashion weeks and stuff like the spring summer and fall winter that you see all the time that you will see in the stores all you'll see maybe five pieces out of the eighty C or whatever or you'll see versions. Exactly you'll see you'll see watered down versions or simplified versions. But I mean, I can't imagine there's a movie the Marc Jacobs movie about Louis falls him around and the goes into what the Louisville they put on Vitton show in Japan. And I think that's even an extra show. They put on that was outside of the length Harris, Ashley or the. Yeah. So that's another on top of two giant shows. They do every year in Paris believe a ton all the things that they had to do on first of all the all ready to do the designing like they really have to think and create and refine and do multiple versions, and there's so many different artisans working. Somebody does the beating somebody does silk flowers. Somebody else does the shoe somebody else does the hat. Somebody does pants relate. This relate all these moving parts just to physically make the garments. And then. Throw a wedding. You got a that's only the procession. Not even a wedding. No, no. Because sometimes you lose a party afterwards. But sometimes no you get ten minutes. And that's how you get you. Get one down one walk down the runway for each model. And that's it. Yeah. And then applause around at the end, and then you're out. Yeah. And this break into you break, everything down into go home. It's crazy. I was looking up. Just to sort of get a reference of how the volume of shows drink fashion weeks. There's New York then London than Paris than Milan. And that happens twice this pardon me. It's all good. That's gonna go. But within these four weeks of shows, which how many people in the industry go to. And how many people wish they could millions? Exactly, but they go for work. It's an insane. Schedule of work. It's unbelievable. But there are for the twenty sixteen resort collection, which not even everybody does. Sure there were over two hundred shows available to see on sell dot com. Two hundred in as intially a month time. Yeah. And this is a Monday to Friday situation. That's that's fucked amount of work to do in a month. It's ridiculous. Because when you look at going to show as a buyer you journalists, right? Yeah. Or a model which we can we'll. Thing. But that's that's an obscene amount to see and do and to be on for forever recess. And remember, and oh, I never time. You go to a show you are being seen. You are talked about what you're wearing. You are probably to who. Did you sit next to where were you seated what did that affect your perception of the of the election is that gonna affect your buying of that collection? It's insane. How much work there is even for the buyers. Not even for the people who are hosting the show show on like before you even get to a single garment. You know? The seating is a whole battle that has an entire team behind completely. Yeah. All the PR people are working on that nonstop. Yeah. For months literally like the day after your show, you're working on the next one. Yeah. Right or potentially doubled up double dipping in doing to at the putting one on. And then preparing the next one. Yeah. Right. You gotta you gotta get outta stay on that. But if you're showing like lots of Browns will show a fall winter spring summer appre fall a resort and Cour twice a year. Yep. That's fucked. That's insane. It's crazy. That's an insane amount of work. Yeah. So I mean, it's need to sort of look back, and that's a part like when you get into fashion, and you flip through the shows. There's no way you're going to look through two hundred show. I got you. Can you can literally have nothing else to do? And there's you wouldn't do it. You wouldn't have time to do hospital. It'd be like trying to watch every video on YouTube. It's impossible. Possibly do it. But what's neat about a two is like when you when you look at? The shows and how they are disseminated on your vogues and your Stolac calm and all of those kind of places. There are so many brands that are so completely overlooked because of the volume of shows. Absolutely. You don't get to see those cool smaller Browns that are maybe doing this way fucking cooler than. Yeah else. Fucking. Exactly, everybody's. But like I love I look at every look do I like it. No, especially when there's sixty five or. Looks or something then, you know, and it's it's hard work to sit there. And especially if you're looking at a place like style dot com, which is one of the bigger resources where you can go look at every look, and you can zoom in and all the models are named and there's a little review from like, Tim blanks or some other prominent journalists. This is another thing of like, oh once that show is done then all the media around it some was writing that review. Someone's taking those pictures someone is hosting those to put that on the website get that out. There has to edit. It all has to proof it, you know, that sort of thing. So and yeah, finding those little in between shows the Hugh might actually like way more, and we we speak to you and spire you especially as designers to and people in creative people who are looking for not just pretty things but fuel right field, creative an attainable. Kind of goal. The I. Shows for fashion week in the last two year. I think for last couple of years three years three years. So you put on a handful of shows of and done my fair amount that you put on our easily as inspiring if not more than what you can share some of the fancy shit. That's like quote brand names. Right. Thank you. Yeah. I mean, that's true. And the things like there's there's somebody who works locally who has you know, in the grand scheme of things smaller operation. It's us. You still have to have models. You still have to have make up. You still have to have music cues. You still have to have seating the venues. It doesn't matter how big or small you are. It's a huge. There's you have to check all these boxes off. And you had there's there's required components to. And obviously, you're you're spending a different out of money. Then. Dior? By the way, has a huge backer as all of those exactly gigan- corporations behind them. But you still have to go jump through all the hoops and figure it all out and get it all done you still have to your buyers. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I did you gotta show one show that we produced independently like in house you can. An it was air quotes air quotes. House sure outside of you know, organized body like a shushing week, or what have you and I loved the control, but the extra work was heinous that infrastructure that's system of something like a fashion week that does it every week. They have the sponsors and they have the venue in. They have the tears. Rails. But you have the player salon, contact whatever's to put your your plants in at the front of your state young. Have they have projected to quit your exactly yeah. They hyphen. Yeah. That's that set up around. So like you said, and that was a great show. And I think it was from the audience perspective. It was a success. He was great. But I can only I can only imagine the amount of actually work, and I've worked on a few of your I've worked on a few of your shows and says Katy which is nice. But it's crazy how much we're not doing crazy groundwork. No, the plead the interns are for. But we were all once peons, the first my first, very first experience with fashion show was in not even an internet of volunteer for some show for some dumb in here and my first year, probably, and I showed up with a we had to wear black which whatever entered industry working on the head to toe black. Yeah. So I wear black jeans, and like, you know, flood block sneaks than a buck, t-shirt, whatever, and I have been to fashion show. I've never actually worked on one, but you can see in the venue. They're pipe and drape. There are chairs. There's heavy lifting involved is a runway beat raised at fled. There's linoleum laid out whatever. So I was the only one I couldn't believe. Well, I mean in hindsight, I can fully believe, but I was the only one who showed up with like a pair of gloves. Like, I had just leather gloves for biking to work, essentially, you're biking to school. But I was the only one who was basically prepared to who wasn't wearing. Hi. And didn't have any makeup on. And I made a point to like urine charge. I'm katie. I'm gonna help you out. What do you need and all these girls who like with this thing is going to be so much fun? Who are struggling to me? No carry these boxes down the runway to set up eight hundred chairs. Yeah. Setup pipe and drape to do all this. Hey, they're expecting to empty. Yeah. Checking names. Liz lists. Yeah. Yeah. No. That doesn't happen. The people who do that. Or the people who've done the worker ready. Yeah. And they get the fucking chair the the good the whole time. Hold on. Sweeping and getting dirty. There was one time where the designer I was working back stage in the designer had to change before the show. And he he just gave me his dirty clothes, including his underwear. And I had to like tail and deal with it. Remember, we all worked on that? I had to take it and find a safe place for it. I didn't I didn't go out of my way. Like folded into jammed it under a table. And like, I think that that's a sensually. We'll get through this. Absolute hell. It was so pretty and it turned out. So well in the clothes were great, but omega the Riga it was like there's so many moving parts, and there's so many opportunities for buck ups be they like some asshole didn't show up like a purposeful one more like oh shit somebody's there's an accident backstage, somebody spilled coffee on the dress. Whatever like some of them are on purpose. Some of them have more control over than others, but it will happen. Yeah. And it's all about finding solution. Yeah. And I think the three of us were probably the most ready to just those jump in. And and that was a huge learning opportunity for all of us. And I think maybe the three of us actually used it. Exactly to keep that information, and retain it and use it in the future. And right. The only thing that you can do is find a solution. That's the best. I mean across the board. That's just sort of good advice is find a solution. Fuck your ego, and your mama because we need to don't have time for safety pins. We need to go. There's you have a headset on someone screaming you have five minutes. Yeah. It's terrifying. Taking on there and get them out of here. Order of the show because somebody a model didn't show up. So you have to switch outfits, but then you have to order. You got a table the shoes. Here's the thing about shoes in fashioned. They're all borrowed their wrote. So you can't use them up unless you're lucky enough to have your shoes made for you, a Chanel or like some fancy schmancy motherfuckers or else you go to a store you say, I'm having a photo. I'm having a fashion show. I need. Pairs of shoes. And then you literally some asshole has to sit there and take masking tape or whatever angelie tape is the best. You know, what else is good to the green like painter's tape because it doesn't leave off? Yes. The bottom. So when the girls are walk where the guys are walking in them. You don't scuff up the shoe? So then return them they can still sell them. And then you have to also wipe out the inside you have to take up too. Dirty floor when they put their foot in like four hundred dollar pair of shoes. We've all done. So. Yeah. Some somebody's gotta tape. All those damn. She was up and take them all off afterwards and them all in the right box. And then put pack them all up and put them give them back to the store and not have to pay for any. That's like the ideal version. The other version is trusting your models will bring a pair of shoes that no chance. Can you Jim repair black pumps? Can you bring them? Can you bring them with? No, maybe. Okay. You know, what never mind been? I love the best thing is when a model comes prepared. And she's like, oh, this isn't the underwear. I'm gonna wear for the show. I have like seamless nude underwear that match my skin tone. And I have these nice black shoes. In case, you didn't have any shoes. And I'm totally Kate. Taking all of my jewelry off. I don't need to wear any jewelry. Dream said from heavier nece firing model take note. Yes. Bucking prepared not that complicated. And not just this goes so far you will get hired again. Preferred. Yeah. People will ask for you by name. Yeah. Absolutely anywhere. Remember your name? Yes. She was a girl who had her own shoes and hunter shit together. Showed a red underwear. Yeah. Definitely God and refuse it refuse takeover giant necklace. Or whatever. Like. Friendship bracelets, or some odd doesn't really go with my aesthetic your gusting hippie. Festival. Armand's man's that. You're still wearing months later shell necklace off that your boyfriend gave you nineteen ninety six. Here. Don't have time for that. So yeah, there's it's all about being solution minded, and you have to. You have to be the, and that's the thing to work backstage all these shows, and then you don't even get to see the booking show. You know, it's so frustrating. I think it worked on a whole bunch of shows, and I've maybe seen a third of them. Maybe I've been lucky where I am right now. Because I have I've had this shit end of the stick and a lot of ways. Yeah. Dealing with seating getting people seated in the right place and dealing with ego, which is the super hard part and a huge part of the industry, by the way, dealing that is really tricky. And luckily, I've got to see the shows because I don't have to. I'm not requires active actually more. I'm not making sure the tape isn't flying off. I'm not making sure that this. Creases steamed up promptly orders, right? Timing is right with the music or what you know, shoes or done up properly. So you don't eat shit when you. Runway as soon as relinquished any control to another human. It is stressful. So the the only time that I get to relax when Joe is actually sure and it's too late. Yeah. I've done six shows in the past three years. And I I think I've only seen like one of them because that was one that pretend someone taped share eight exactly had video of or something as opposed to just being the chicken with ground activated. Yeah. But even then like you can't. We're looking at the monitor. I'm like fixing. Callers, and tugging shirts and trains. Of course, you are. Does depends trains the disarm collection. That's a lot of big part of it. Yeah. Exactly. That's part of it. Oh, that's my tray. Well, you need to make your little, you know. Thank you at the end, right and go and take a look good. That's quickly as I can. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. You're not one of those those fashion designers who goes out, and like walks the whole runway super slow and takes in all the applause, and then you're some, and then I know being in the audience, you're sitting there clapping. His asshole walks all the way down the runway. And then all the way back like, okay. We have four of the show. Let's go though, I do love so much jump goatee. When he does that that's my favorite turbine Johnson. She has a car wheel. You know, I I he he earned that shit. I haven't been doing long. I don't think I can I deserve to walk all the way to the end and make people wait. I'm just like in and out. Yeah. Exactly. Did you take him with your name on the market behind you, whatever I've never gotten a good end of runway photo of myself ever. Because I'm always there for. Or making a dumb face or. It adds to your mystery mystique, exactly serious darkness. But yeah, there's so much. I mean, there's so much else that goes into it without like before you even look at the close before you even look at banning that train. Yeah. You know? And and ultimately, you're responsible her because if any part of it doesn't go the way that you foresee going they're not going to remember the hairdressers name. No. You're not remember the model bucked up bucked it up for you. Yeah. So you're not that Evan Ducharme show. It was okay. It was kind of a faster the lighting failed half. We're not good. So. Yeah, exactly. Like, there's. Yeah. Like, you said it's like putting on a wedding or putting on a theater show. And that's the thing too. If you're more of an independent brand new no one of these big brands that has a whole bunch of financial backing in much time, you'd have date literally days to put this together and favors. You got a call. You gotta call waivers because that's the thing to a lot of this b b sponsorship or or feed in the feet on the ground. What it's all like a lot of interns and volunteers, and that sort of thing or friends, you know, putting you a favor or whatever. So you gotta you gotta call it in. And you gotta be nice to people, and you got to remember people. Yeah. Just nice God cooking. Nice be reasonable. If you need to flip out industry. Do it. When no one is watching. Yeah. Yeah. Take it from China. If you have to cry. Yeah. No one will see you back. With their game face on understand. You have to do it. Absolutely. I have been in your shoes. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Would you do it together? You suck it up and go back inside. Meltdowns on. I don't get it wrong. Don't get it wrong. And it's not because the entire shoes cold heartless beast is because shit doesn't wait for that. You just have to go use high move forward. That's it like there's this is the day time where the people are you do it. There's an amount owed much work gone into the entire part. The whole iceberg that you're. Shitty or sad or being stressed out, which is fine and appropriate and totally reasonable and expected, but you don't have time for that shit. So be nice be nice people. People will be nice back to you. Keep your head down get the job done. And ultimately as insane of a picture, as we are painting fashion shows, they are ridiculous beings that we come back to again. And again, the fun the energy and the creativity and the oh the inspiration inspiration and seeing it all come together. And seeing a look on a runway on more. Wait and seeing it come down with the music that's been chosen specifically for it. And then lighting and the mood and everything all coming together. And it's like seeing a movie. Yeah. Exactly. And I mean, obviously, the best every designer of puts puts for the fashion show is looking to position themselves in the best possible way into present themselves as possible light for an is different to like, obviously a designer. We'll have a very specific aesthetic and have a very very constant through line through their whole career. But every show will be different in their inspiration is different in their motivations are different in the fabrics. And the looks and the cuts might be different and you have to tailor it show to to carry that. And and and get that message across to your audience and being an audience member, it's exhilarating. It's great. My mom was in town. And she got to come to a fashion. They were bad. They were bad, Emily lady. No. Your mom and your mom came out for the. Align and she sits in the front row. Tears. Pouring fate. She's doing. Oh, lord. It was also so great. So so, yeah, it's an interesting. I'm sure we'll we'll come back to to fashion shows. Yeah. And and, you know, talk about again together like. Always always happening. It's a great point of contact that everyone can kind of imagine that is such a fun thing to be a part of until you're actually in it and it terrified. It's the same amount of work. But but we doing it because we love it for some reason. Yeah, can't shake it get every season. I'm like. That's the last fucking shown doing I'm doing a small presentation that season. And then and then the show happens a month goes by and I'm like. Anyway on here song. Just like this song and it works really well with Nick season can do. Can do. I mowed your lawn. Oh, this actually, I was texting one of my friends, and I was like I need this very certain type of model could be Ringo wrangle this up and she's like, yeah. I think I can help you out and it's like oh the ball's rolling. Now. I can't let go. You call. Right. Yeah. What you're in can't we he's going to be. Talk should about it for hours and nine. There's gonna be a lot of that on this show. I believe a lot of complaining, but at the end of the day, we fucking love it so much so happy to a really bad. Love a lover. Who knows really bad for you? Yeah. Yeah. Motorcycle on it. So. Nice to yours. Really? Yeah. Yeah. It's bad Tipper. But he's got that leather check at eight just pennies really good in bed be real smells. There you go. So. Yeah. So that show so we will certainly come back to this very meaty bone and look at the different side different bills. Right. But your guests. Yeah. Here's hoping. Yeah. So very cool. So we'll wrap this one up for now. And we'll we'll take a little obsessions. And we're back after a little break refilling drink some putting a little music in there, those we'll see what happens in that little interstitial bit there. But we're going to close our episodes with what we were going to call our current obsessions. One of the I find one of the most parts of of being in working in fashion industry is just this nonstop. And I know I have haven't. And I know you guys haven't it's it's like this none south desire to consume inspiration insatiable and your constantly seeking it out. And you just a fuel those creativity fuel banks right that you got those muscles and stretch, those muscles in exercise, your brain, and your eyes and your mind, and your tastes and introduce yourself and one of the things about fashion is that it takes inspiration from everywhere. Everything everywhere every nothing is off limits. So that's kind of what we were looking for. In. This segment is a way for us to keep our eyes peeled for things to motivate ourselves even more than we already are because it's kind of subliminal and subconscious now that we're constantly looking for things. Right. Even though I'm not actively working right now. But I'm still I'm still looking at things, and I'm still reading and just hang and more time. Flip through a bunch of stuff and actually read a magazine Il take me a while if through it, but I'll I'll get there. Two minutes at a time. So yeah, we're gonna we each prepare thing. Every every episode about something we're we're obsessed with and we can't shake, and we can't stop looking at her thinking about, and it may be fashion related, and it may not may be a movie might be a song. It might be maybe a dog and my dog park. There's this one dog I saw a month ago. And I'm still thinking about. One. Three pitchers on my Instagram. We'll have to delimit the number of dogs. I have actively like dot just a dog the week. So that that's good motivation for me to like stay on top of my game. And Mike look outside my four-legged friends that I am constantly on the lookout for in my everyday life. So how 'bout Evan? How about we start with you? What what are you currently obsessed with? I'm currently obsessed with the Valentino two dozen Ecksteen resort collection. I think it's resort or bet you are. Now's. One of those weird. How long ago just talk shit about them. And I'm going to say how much I like. This one in particular. This really speaks to you. When we're very close to home reason for the Brazil, pre fall two thousand sixteen Valentina collection. They collaborated with a may TRT st- from Antero name Christie bell court. Yes. No that I'm abridged descent. Michael Hollick boy. T-word for a hall actor boy. Two. The word. I'll take a I'll come back to you. You have a Valentino their inspiration for their fallen are forever. This whatever this collection is we don't even know. They wanted to do something for the festival crowd, which we know is kind of a hot button topic with appropriation exactly music festivals. But being the top notch people that they are they decided to do it in the right way and Valentino Valentino way of of the most class and elegance the collaborated with an actual member of the aboriginal community. Right. Get at it. You can do. Others and they're not in call it a day. Is to get a feather duster and put it in their heads. God hedge around. Take an MD may cool and. But they they crowd clobbered with this artist named Christi Belcourt from Ontario, and they used her painting called water song in embroideries and prints for the collection. And this painting is actually part of the National Gallery of Canada. So we know she's. Yes. Legit cool. Yeah. And in the painting fucking beautiful. It's like this mirror image that I remember from my childhood like this kind of motif that is seen in beadwork, especially in a bridge tunnel inmates. Art and. Yeah. We're we're all just looking. We're over we're gonna link to this. We'll post a photo. But it's just I've had a really long obsession and love for the Valentino brand. And it absolutely even before I knew Valentino was and then especially after I watched the documentary down to the last emperor. You gotta watch it yourself a favor. Yeah. By it, just really cool to have like may TR and something aboriginal is a part of the Valentino archives. Share to dream Blake familiar to you that you've seen and been around your whole life. And then something no your whole life converging. There's so much the cream as skirt. To shea wearing skirts. No not today today. Just a helmet Langtang talk. Do as he do. Move. But say, it's. Off Costco, track pants. Oh, have you know? Here's where all cover, but undiscriminating pay for this up. I don't I don't know how precarious. I might have stolen it from somebody. We'd. Your fashion show. I know it's yours. Yeah. Which is actually happen. But it must be so cool to see this kind of or that you as you're saying is so familiar to you and. I mean when you look at bridge culture, and this is the topic close to my heart is on that because I'm for stations. But because of the work that I do in in the brain that I work with. But in any case, we can come back to that. But the it's so often that this artwork is portrayed in such a such a disregard shallow. Yeah. That's cool. Let's don't ever. Yeah. Yeah. Who cares if it's may tea or Navajo or Casella or Jubair like meaning behind it history involved. Yes. It was so great that they didn't take all of these different things that they took inspiration from or what have you from different tribes or bands or anything like that? And smushed it all together and didn't really sub. Celebrate who people are distinct group will because even though from the outside everyone might look similar or it all might look the same to somebody everything has a meaning and Sherri behind honored. And especially by a brand Valentino staying brand Brandon that is a brand that you have involving since you were in. And now like, I know they wanna they wanna talk to your people. Like, that's your those are your people, man. Like, that's so cool to see this brand that you have such a reverence and respect for like, you guys wanna doc mate de we got nobody else ever has in the right way, and your rand to write this, something and said. In the collection is beautiful beautiful. And it looks you look at it. And if you know what you're looking for you can see that. It's it's Valentino collection. And it's just spectacular actually went and visited that whole Renfrew. Cool. Did you Pat it did you touch it? I touched it face bet. Did you hide? Did you hide it against every gross? Don't pretend like you haven't done the same thing shot. Drool Mark on that silk, low of Andhra. Wasn't me DNA test. Don't follow me to the changer. That's great though. That's that's such a mad mad mad respect for Valentino. Like, hey, this is the girl who helped us her name is. I'm sorry. Yeah. And you know, that this is her work way to do it. Totally. Yeah. That's a whole new audience that it hasn't been done right time and timing. Ninety nine hundred ninety nine point nine percent of the time. And now point one percent is Valentine's. Awesome. Yeah. Good one. Yeah. Very good. What's going with you, Katie? Well, you and I well the three of us. I think I've talked about this before. And I can't believe it took me as long as it did actually sit down and give my head of shakin sit through it and do this. But I just finished watching the amazing documentary. Paris is burning twenty years too late. But it came out in there on the all accounts got it. So good. It's available in its entirety on YouTube. So that's why I watched it do yourself. Yeah. Yeah. If you don't know what it is. It is this amazing examination of this group of Gabe oisa and trans men and women and read grade means and thus states and all sorts of all these people Matt stigmatized and marginalized even at the L, there's any ELS, I don't know. I don't know. Probably I'd bet my bottom a couple in there. Anyway. Anyway, the focus is this. This group of super marginalized LGBT do ethnically marginalized economically marginalized, there's sex. On every level. These people have been pushed aside indicated castaway completely families families by institutions by their employers know, by the prison system, whatever right ever at all any and all and they found each other. Yeah. In in New York City, and they started this little culture that is all their own and started throwing these balls eighties. Right. I mean, like a buck and pageant like a ball like this show was Syria in a ballroom and a ballroom, whether they're not the ballroom is a rented YMCA hell, or you know, a theater is. But it was like there's no shortage of of SAS and shade. And. Attitude respect and. Ating? It's amazing that language and. The whole. I mean, the whole culture, they literally created an entire culture for themselves where it was all accepting and their SAS and there's fights. And there's sure. There is set up in rivalries, they've all been they've all been set cast or their families. So they create their own families, and they create their own groups. And then the. Like, I mean, it's so rich even as a white girl from Canada looking at this. Sure, like even anthropologically, which I don't want to break it down to to, you know, clinically, but it's a fucking fascinating movie, and so full of fashion and drama and characters and it's good. And and they get together they have these balls. They're they're essentially pageant, and you have a walk off. Basically there are so many things in our culture right now that are based yet slash ripped off of these any fired by slash ripped off to this air. Absolutely. But it's it's an amazing amazing. Look at at this totally marginalized and cast aside and thrown away group of dudes who are just trying to fuck and figure out. Yeah. Cool and find a community that they can self worth and confidence and allies. And yeah. The film opens with this guy coming down in like essentially, a dining hall like it's like a it's like where your cousin had a shitty wedding. It's not a cool place. You know, it's not there's no. There's none of that shit. Be they act as though there as the greatest bit. But this guy calm down and making it until they make it. Yeah. Fuckers like mother fuckers. They're so good. And they end we saw it opens up with this guy who's walking down walking the catwalk or however phrase. And he's got this insane gold. Lemay huge shoulder pieces that he removes us. It's like cold dance process to get this whole thing going, and you're like what the fuck of my watching what is going on with these guys in the announcer is so gay, and so great it's just so full of life and richness and. Horrifying and so sad. And so tragic, but so inspiring at the same time, they have these great the categories Gorey's. Of show and walking and give you some examples Butch Queen which is the first time in drag Queen pretty good pretty good also evidence style. This is very unbeten. Absolutely. There's schoolboy schoolgirl real nece. There's opulence executive realness Park Avenue real nece and the concept of real nece. I think is so fucking fantastic as well. It's about it's not about being thing. The best is about faking. It the best look that thing. But not actually being like these boys triumph for this trying to look backward. Pull it off these are they never ever invited to go. Your they're not gonna Park Avenue. They've never been allowed to go to Wall Street in any way. But these boys can look like it. And that's real Ness. If you're the best at faking it, you're the get the job, man. Yeah. These trophies six tall. Unbelievable grotesquely big. And I love ridiculous. But it's it's so fantastic. And and I highly highly highly recommend it especially in light of, you know, more steam and more momentum coming up with, you know, Caitlin Jenner and this whole trans share and just the new black. And and acceptance of all of that, I definitely recommend taking a look at it. Because these are there happened thirty years ago twenty five years ago, right? So this has been happening. This isn't a new thing. It's interesting to look back and see and how many? Exactly. Right. And then again, seven eight I think it was shot like how many toys are even a live anymore. Yeah. I don't think various reasons, but. So so good if you wanna learn about reading if you wanna let about throwing shade. If you wanna win vogue ING, there's a a lot to learn and the too it's so fucking good. So every anything America's next top model. Is all taken. Of the. Rounding Paul's drag race everything repose by grace is because of this. Yep. Yep. Totally. We should give note that rule is probably there. For sure. Part of the movement. Do you? Absolutely. Anyway, it's on YouTube on Netflix yourself take a couple of hours watch it twice. I will certainly be watching watch it again right now. It's so good. It's so good home and watch it. Right now. Yeah. It's it's a fascinating super fucking bad ass. Just no zero fucks these guys don't get a fucking. Yeah. They've spent so many folks on your bullshit. This is their time. And and they kill it. Doing it. Good any watch it Peres burning. Do it Abby. What's yours? I've taken too much time. My current obsession that the Qatar shows you happened. So the one that I've been I've just literally had this tab open on my browser on my computer all times just keep looking at. It is the video from the Victor and Rolf couture show that just happened for fall. Twenty fifteen we will link it and will link it, and I initially had seen the still images on Storrow dot com. The day of and but then was very confused by them. And then I. You know looked at it if you times, and then a couple of days later, the video was posted of it. And then it all just like came together and all kind of congealed and made sense because they essentially made wearable art. Literally, wearable art already they. They took it as far as you can as you could take it. And I didn't actually I just read this before the victim off isn't doing anymore ready to wear. Which on the one hand is kind of like, oh shit the hitter the cool stuff. But then if they're refocusing all of their energies on their tours, which is unbelievable. They're one of the more Avangard fucked up crazy couture as opposed to just the beautiful artisanal, you know, straight out to nose and. Stay where they got some fucked up. So that you will not going to see on anybody other than like riana or some crazy shit, or definitely Guinness. P it some you know, some. Exactly exactly this is not something you're going to see very often because it's just it's so out there. And this this collection was called wearable art that was the name. They had for it. Yeah. Pretty pretty on the nose called the what it is. And they took Dutch golden age the to the Victor offer both Dutch designers, and they took Dutch golden age renaissance paintings, including the frame gilded frame literally. Like, the right would right angled wooden frame and broke it down and draped them over the models. And there's twenty looks and the first girl comes out, and she has like a blue cotton or linen. Maybe tunic dress Schambori lightweight dress them. Oh, yeah. It's very simple with little little tie at the front and three quarter links lease. But then she has this white canvas belted skirt kind of and the you look at the bottom of the skirt, and it literally has a frame like a wooden frame. I don't know what it's made out of. But it looks like it's a wooden frame, and it's been broken up. So it kind of row. Wraps around her a little bit. Like, it's not like four pieces of what it's maybe broken down into a no ten. Yeah. Looks like if you took a look if you took a big literally pointed off the wall and smash it over your knee, and then draped a wrapped it around human. So and then she walks in the runner and she walks back and she walks back Victor offer standing there. They take it. They physically take it off of her body play with it a little bit an hanging on the wall. And are like his like are like, it's wearable. But like it's hanging like artists hanging like art on the wall. So all of the looks have have these basic. I think a lot of them are like an a crew beigey, you know, unbleached cotton color or or like a denim blue. And then these these canvases draped over them in different some of them are look like coats and some of them are skirts some of them addresses, and some of them are like ponchos or whatever. And they keep the models go out and they do their little tour, and then they come back in the victim of take it off and hanging on the wall, and the the came themselves start at white with a with a gilded frame, and then there's little paint splatters on them. And then slowly there's more and more paint on all of them as they go along. And then at the end it's like a painting with the face and like a lady portrait like you'd see in the Lou exactly the loop. So it's unbelievable. And is amazing. It is spectacularly well-named. Yeah. And at the at the end of the show, I think there's maybe five or six pieces of art hanging on this blank white wall behind them. And like one is the first one that comes out is kind of just like a circle with an issue kind of more more deconstructed on the wall. And then as the looks go on they turn into more square frames and there's one that's like three frames and the the the fabric is Br draped between the three of them, and it's kind of boring out, and oh, it's just beautiful. And it's just and the two guys victory for just standing there like in their genes, whatever their glasses. Exactly. And they're just like hanging it up. And it's totally like on the one hand, I think it's very. I don't wanna say humble, but they're they're they're not there. To be a look at me. I'm on this. I'm on the stage. They're like working there. Like exactly during the different kind of runway walk at the end of. Really milk. It exactly. But then on the other hand, they're also like on the runway the whole time. So maybe they are a little bit like look at us. But they're also doing has never been done before fashion rolled difficult. Literally your goal the time it very very rarely. Yeah. And it's an interesting way to have the designer be an active part of the show. Right. Because normally you're the designer is the person that's hiding behind the scenes going. Fucking betcha crazy out of their minds or is like the super narcissist. And it's like out having the. That's cool. Like we were talking about, you know, the whole runway shows, but they are clearly especially if they're not doing ready to wear anymore. They're just doing couture. Like, that's that's art. That's artistry. Those those two are are tests and they're not fucking around. And I don't think it was a Quincy. I could be wrong. I'm assuming it's not a coincidence that the show that they are the first show that they're doing only as haute couture without the ready to wear side of things is a literal interpretation of art Cheryl are now which is a lot of what Oko tour's. That's so cool. It's such a cool video. It's part part of the part of the the fun part of fashion shows is seeing it in three dimensions. Seeing it moving seeing it on a human form, right? Not just on a dress form on a on a drawing or hangar or on anger. Exactly. We've been just in a still photograph. Absolutely. Because like I said, I when I initially saw him still. Autographs. I thought it was interesting, but I didn't really get it. I was like, okay. This kind of fucked up and cool and different. Right. But then when I saw the video of it, and I saw what it actually wasn't. I read the review, and I saw you know, the thoughts behind it. Then it just like was exponential. This is way more exciting than I already thought it was because I already thought it was pretty awesome. And now, it's super it's even more. So so it's really played down. Like, the music isn't super crazy. The model like hair and makeup is really Seattle in the low ponytail, and no crazy mak- Ben because that's part of the things to do really have guard stuff. They'll have crazy makeup or big hair whatever, and this is very played down. This is very low key. And then just the pieces themselves are just spectacular and totally on wearable. But very hang on your wall. Totally hang on your wall. Oh, I can't imagine much they cost. Oh God returning. We should mention too that. We I don't think we mentioned this off the top. But we are going to do a quick blog recap situation. Yeah. So that the things that we talk about as we said is very visual field. So it's basically, we're we're referencing a lot of things so. Yeah, exactly. So we're gonna have. A blog to sort of recap what we've talked about. And then you can go and see all the things that we've mentioned, and you're nicer that way. Feel like we're at fashion heads pod on Instagram and on Twitter and on Paul. I can't remember now fashion Hague's pod or bashing eggs, podcasts dot tumbler dot com. We'll figure it out confirm. You can follow along on the on the blog as you listen to so so you don't they don't have to constantly go you're going to. You're going to spoil the whole episode by reading the entire book. I yeah. Maybe we'll make it really vague. We'll just like post it and not give any context. Pose a bunch of links not actual picture. Anyway. So that's that's that's what we're currently obsessed with this week. And I think this is a good place to to like Katie said put a pin in it. We can come back. We as we said are the fashion. Hang so, thank you so much for listening, and hopefully, they will be many more of these to come. But how? Hey.

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