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Part 2: Chet Waterhouse Sports, with Jeff Cesario, plus The News (ACS Mar 6)


Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla. Show on podcast one. Well CESAREO TURNS IN AN EPIC CHET. Waterhouse any young COMEDIANS COMEDIC writers. Really listen closely the The specificity and the detail that he puts in to this extended dance version of Chet. Waterhouse's coming up. Then we go onto the news with all my thoughts and insights first. Macari got stuff you don't use cluttering the house kids. Baseball glove doesn't fit anymore Drass. Maybe you've only worn at one time old phone in a drawer. Don't throw it out. Don't put in a landfill. Let's go macari to selling APP. That makes it fast and easy to sell almost anything simply take a few pictures of the item. You want to sell at a description and your items listed macari will even email you a shipping label when it sells it. Is that easy? Five hundred thousand plus reviews at the APP store average four point eight star rating. Get much better than that people. So don't let stuff go to waste and don't get all the clutter built up the entry hall in the garage rid of it and get paid some cash. Macari find macari at the APP store or macari Dot Com M. E. R. C. A. R. I. Macari the selling APP. Acs fans get it on. We wanted to take a moment to tell you if you haven't signed up for the Corolla newsletter yet. You missing out. Every Saturday you'll get exclusive video content. You can't get anywhere else behind the scenes stories and new giveaway each and every week we've already given out an all expense paid trip to L. A. To Watch the Super Bowl with us and this week three lucky winners will get an. Acs T shirt signed by Adam. Brian and Jean. Enter for your chance to win at Corolla newsletter DOT COM. Today get waterhouse is here do that. In a second day interesting observation. I was thinking about I was you Max. Pata or is it dos. I came here. Who sent me the big mural Max fast cease of the line on the restaurant? It wasn't me it was. It might have been nate or somebody who was in San Diego. Somebody it wasn't it wasn't me. I know that because you've asked me that before I have I remember. Oh I don't know who said anyway. There's a big picture. See Big Mural of we won't forget C. So sees the line but it's also in a place in San Diego that has a big marine base next to it and a lot of people have died. There's no mural here trying to see souls there then I but I always think about like the reaction that we had this cease online and then I also was just thinking about how much everyone loves a big cat like how majestic day are like when people see a Black Panther. You know you make a movie called Black Panther and you know there's so many images of like the Cheetah the panther the lion. We're really enamored with Leopard. I mean think about all the leopard print. That's not even leopardskin just purple Yoga Pants. And it's like print everywhere. We Love Leopard print. We love the print that we loved the thing when you're a prizefighter magician the second you get rich you go right with the big cats right. That's got the rest in peace. See so two thousand and two two thousand fifteen anyway. It's a friend of a restaurant in San Diego. Now the point is this. We love it there majestic These are big cats. Little CATS HOUSE CATS ALLEY CATS regular sized cads that splits. The room like people aren't not my a lot of people have. How can no time for cats don't like cats? I had a roommate with a shitty cat. You know it's like you go majestic cat. Big Cat one thousand percent approval. You go small. Can't get it out of here. Get THEM OUT CITY Council meeting over that right. Yeah so now. It's just a pain in on the set of a restaurant. You Yeah you would think that we would just kind of do a math one hundred percent with the big version of this and then I started thinking about well now where we at with dogs. I have a huge dog that I love but Paris Hilton as a miniature dog that she loves equally. We don't really do the size thing with dog department dogs size up. The gradation is very gradual. But there's pound cat in the middle you can walk around but I think it's it's kind of rich man. Poor man allows links. Yeah what about Elaine? But they're not they're wild. You can't put a link on a leash. Yeah you shouldn't shake him through downtown a camera. Everybody loves a giant. Can your way to the malls. Everybody loves a kitten. Oh they do love kitten. But that's the rich man. Poor man of it. I'm sorry Jeff I'm GonNa tell you your business but when you say put a links on a leash you really need to pick a town that starts with an L. Maria. You can't take a links. Put Him on a leash and walk them through downtown and the lawsuit right right right cameras fine but it just didn't quite finish the camera walking into a mall with the mid sized cat on a leash pounder equivalent links on a leash. We HATE LITTLE ONES. Medium ones splits the room at least and then we all agree on the miniature ones. Which is the kitten six kind of? It's it's a complicated relationship we we don't yeah we don't have with dogs. I mean everyone loves poppies and then everyone loves love their medium size and they're small and they love it right on through. We found a picture of links on a leading job buddy right. They killed their owner shortly after this pitch also side of links on a leash. Why we probably shouldn't have quite the respect for Dr Seuss that I think we all have. Which is I feel like Cesario Gamma Steno. Pad could sit down well. Each page only needs nine words so you just title it links on a Lee. And then there's some mischief. He gets into when he jumped up on the dinner table. And then you turn the page dangerous support animals as it seems to be very small category as well. Yeah E. Email Badger now on a plane. And also you know the thing about the thing about clauses claws are scary in and of themselves but the retractable claws scariest switchblade. That's the lead. Oh you know what I mean I can deal with a guy with a pocket knife but this dilemma does illegal and to me the retractable claws are much more dangerous than the ones out there links at a leash net with retractable claws. All right shall we do a little chat waterhouse. The sports arena with shedding water. Rather take the waterhouse update brought to you by CARPI dealership. The blackjack APP that lets you live for today. At Terni. More Cinderella's in one of those sickening toddler beauty pageants Dayton moves from also ran the swipe left UCLA. Pulsa Lazarus back from San Diego state sneaking up faster than Joe Biden after his B. Twelve shot North Carolina Michigan Attorney for the first time since cigarettes were good for your digestion but Kansas like on pandemic fierce they just keep coming at. Ya and both Duke and Kentucky lurking like teenage you. Outside your ex girlfriend's house finally Bernie Sanders Lackluster second-place finish on Super Tuesday. Trapped him to a number two seed in Joe. Lunardi bracket that wrap up sponsored by Sammy. Shamming THE ONLY CAR. Chevy autographed by seven Davis. Junior I'd draft picks gene workout before and then after eating. Hgh stuffed empanadas. Jalen hurts made the other quarterbacks. Look as white as Rupaul. Snow-boots what's consonants? Jonathan Taylor ran faster than Mike. Bloomberg from a press conference about. Nondisclosure agreements and Washington quarterback Jacobson suffered a severely lacerated ego and was rushed to Indianapolis is Mike Pence Medical Center where he was born for two hours and released that wrap up sponsored by make which dot com date. Both Josh and Ben Mankiewicz Malkovich DOT com. Xfl thought to Sean border sneakers. Beat the Daytona tip sticks eleven to eight on a four point bonus for a tastefully nude celebration. Not The rule change. I was looking for trading scandal retaliation. Eighteen Houston Astros have been hit by a pitch so far seven of them in the parking lot and one at a strip club. Nba tend to start watching to that valley this week in sports history there nineteen o four the place. Ottawa Ontario Canada Montreal wonders lost the Stanley Cup to Ottawa. When they refused to stay and play a second game in Ottawa. It's been over a century and OTTAWA HAS NOT IMPROVED WATERHOUSE. Update brought to you by pigs screen. Tv Now you can watch TV and Cook. Bacon thinks screen TV this weekend. I'll be in a Nevada calling the thirteenth annual World Series of GIN rummy for the assistant living network. Better put red bull in my writer for that baby. This this chat waterhouse reminding you to play with Waterhouse Sports. How God affects felt like an extra page and a half than we get back a little extra because there was so many and there was so much. Good stuff too tight to Ben and Josh. Right now God. It's good so good all right and for that my friend you get a plug. The podcast play with pain with Chet. Waterhouse available on Apple podcasts. And the album. What was I thinking? That's coming up in the end. A pro so make sure in plug that in for live dates and Events Jeff scenario dot Com all right. Why don't we just take a quick break? Got simplisafe started. Let me hit simply safe break. We'll do the news. Yeah do simply safe home security. Well there's two ways to protect your home and go traditional way. Wait a few weeks for the technician to do a messy. Install the cost a small fortune. Or there's the simply safe way to is in there. Thank you very much simply safe. Everything you need in a home security systems award winning protection two time winner. The scene editor's choice award blankets. 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I hope you're aware of this. I was I had it. I had a list of stuff I wanted to get to but I I bumped that with capital up we'll get steeped in the CAP cat. World Gang player really mid range. Cat took your mind right off cranky. Pay The bills with prank talk. Cats iztok specifically. That's how I keep the lights on it. The Corolla House comedy central has ordered a new twenty episode season of the hit revival series from original creators. Jimmy Kimmel Adam Corolla and Eddie tissue to shoot crank yankers returns on symptom or did return last September twenty fifth Was Comedy Central's best series launch in three years per Nielsen? The currencies and resumes March Seventeenth. That's GonNa follow the premiere of tosh point out. It's Nice Something we did and like I don't know Oh two oh three and you know it's just an idea and Jimmy. Jimmy always made prank phone calls and we never and always wanted to do a show with those phone calls. We just never knew how to actually reconstruct them. And then some went puppets came in. What was the name? What was the original name? It was called Prank puppets and was our working title. Jeff knows that when you're creating TV show you have to call it something so you know what you're talking about to delineate it from working on the man show whatever it is and we always just call the prank sprang profit sprang puppets and then at some point. I don't know it's like naming a cat or dog or something you you start it starts to fit and you start to like it. Yeah even though we're net none of we didn't like prank puppets to begin with are. We weren't enamored with that. We sorta gave it that working title. But after a number of months of working on the show we called Prank puppets we liked it and it fit the show. And then the comedy central lawyer said we couldn't use prank puppets. Well it's also a good Chew Toy to throw into the network executive room while you're trying to show done you know what we're not really sure what the time to go and they just they just while you're actually making funny shows. Do they not want the word? Prank and the title. I don't know it was one of the more at pick arguments I've probably ever had with a group of people on the phone I do. I'll remember Jimmy and I were in his room in New York. We must have been doing you know if you look if you think about it. Max Pat he think about the timing of it. I'm trying to think of what me and Jimmy were doing. New York mean Jimmy. Were probably in New York during the Hugh. Hefner rose about the same time we were trying to work out the crank yankers with comedy central so I would assume that the hugh hefner rose which was after nine eleven a couple a couple of weeks i. I'm guessing crank yankers probably came out the next year or something in that. I don't know what we're doing in New York but I was in his hotel room and we had the crank. We had the comedy central people and like their tourneys on the speakerphone. Like back next. Jimmy's bad and I was just yelling at them. It's actually a great combination of gigs. Because a lot of your acerbic Roast material can be used on the network executives. Crank Yankers was material. Sorry Hugh Hefner rose was at the end had to be toward the end of two thousand and one toward the. I don't know it was probably and John. Yeah so after nine eleven so it was toward the end of one and then crank yankers came out in June of two thousand and two. So we're probably discussing. Got Put up billboards and get merged printed up and show titles and everything so we're probably getting into it about then and they just said prank. Puppets was Too dangerous too risky from a litigation standpoint because it implied malice and we'd get sued by somebody we call then. I couldn't figure it out. I just couldn't figure out why prank and puppet was was it a title there cross the line according to their attorneys and I was going nuts on them but creaming into phone conversations I've had many showbiz show Biz related conversations. Were I was more confused than I was. Angered like eventually turned to anger. But I still to this day. You say to a thousand people. When I tell people this story that go what's wrong with prank puppets and I. I don't know no one could ever explain it. That could explain it but they still did. The part that made me go from. I went to a full. I went I went from Sam. Kennison to full off. Foam was a character from a cartoon. I used to watch when I was a kid. If you look up Volvo and this guy is power was yelling. Volvo and all of a sudden there'd be an avalanche. I went to full foam into the speakerphone. I never heard of them. He was by the way. Jimmy you gotta calm down in. Jimmy's usually I'm the good cop. Oh well he be bad cop. Oh Yeah Oh Eric. Is Jimmy Kimmel Nice Role? This is other Jimmy Kimmel and they have like Charles Chubby Guy. Jimmy Jimmy O of all all the exacts were middle aged females and be like Lauren grail. The Debbie Lee Lee on the phone and every leading is on the phone and she'd be like done with Jimmy John with dead tired of those two and Daniel. Don't pick up the phone on. Hey Debbie how you doing other kids your husband. He's doing some Allen doing some great directing for us our here all right so anyway. There's a joke where the two women are walking on the beach. And they're talking about do she and she says Garbage barge and I know I know but let me see if we can really break that one down just financial because she kind of oppressive. You're the nice one. I was the one that I am. I don't know maybe I always did a peel when I was in high school. That chicks like never liked me their moms did. Oh great mom appeal. Maybe there's a little that mom appeal when I was thirty. Four cutting through some of it. You know Kimmel Kelsen Mama. Pm I maybe now I like Beth ringwald when I was seventeen breath. Ringwald didn't like we but Adele Ring Walter Mobster like. I could be like what's wrong with him. I can no way could smell workman on his worked for a living. Maybe that was. It can deal with them and if they baked in like Adele would bake a pie and eat the whole pie. She showed me how this is all more milk thank you. My husband doesn't even like oh he's crazy full. Who wouldn't enjoy your baby just me? Consuming baked goods. That wonder over with that. What works I'd have to be that the good cop and then I went nuts. I want full bloom because at some point the can we hear them it was with Felix. The cat creates an avalanche a rockslide dealing. Wow built a dam by yelling for entertainment we. There's a reason why June I haven't heard about the time history. Never brought it up in my life. I just thought about watching which I didn't like. I remember a character called Volvo. Y'All Volvo very hard phrase to put any manliness into. Yeah sure yes. It's a stripped name so I wanted to full foam on. The speakerphone is when at some point. The lawyer's Clo- room. They always pull this move where I trust me nuts. It's also insulting where they do. The lawyer he goes when I heard prank puppets I was nervous. I was nervous. I can tell you but I walked it up the hall to talk to her. Easement he bought fell out of his chair. And I was like your fucking line. You're such a liar. Herbert Eastman if he does exist. Did Not fucking fall out of his chair when you told them prank. Puppets no fucking way like. That's fucking insulting. You never did that. I don't know if that guy exists. And if he fucking fell out of his chair because you said prank puppet he's a fucking pussy and I just went. Yeah yeah and I told him I was gone boom and they had no idea what the crank yankers That's great yeah. It is I answered by Pinocchio Hosts Nevada's only all puppet brothel. Wow and you're doing. You're doing voices. Yes yeah we have a little video that will open Corolla. I realized they video them now. And you can watch the call being made as well as the actual acting out with like a sudden split screens August. Thirty seconds of it. It's me just sitting doing my character acting out the best for weight control weight control on good question. I told her like peanut. Butter's good if you WANNA give your cat an antibiotic or rub on your aerial is. But it's not good ingest. Right I mean not in Super Large Quantities. No because it is super high fat content. You guys do. Golden Beets We don't Golden Beats. I know we have like some beet. Root powder yeah. I made a beet powder smoothie and about ten hours later I was on the pot. Do My business look down. Rosemary's baby in that toilet now that's happened to the best of US right. Yeah Right. So here's my little mention. This could make your real hit a whole foods. But it's a split screen where it's Kinda entertaining you're Watchi- actual call being made every episode. It's GonNa be like that or this is a Promo Promo not. Yes they put added. It's really fun to watch. But you could just see Adam cracking up and having to be quiet about it. Yeah that's a really smart idea to do a little bit of insert screen. Yeah the downside of it is now. I gotTA PUT GEL in my hair before I go to sweat jacket and no had them for the Brillo hair. Now I gotTa put the Gel Kim on Jayjay Walker dynamite t-shirt well and that's what was fun. About last about cluster fest when we went up to San Francisco for that comedy festival and they that giant Crank Yankers big promotional thing right in the center of the festival and it was all phone booths and different types of phones. You just pick them up and listening on all the calls. It was a great great. I'm glad look I'll I'll take it. They was gone for fifteen years or eight. I mean not fade rental thirteen gone and it's not like we ever campaign to bring it back or anything it's very folks. We did was gone and people just wanted it back. I guess a little yeah they have a little a new blood an central in the executive and that I said you know what if we look at the analytics. Maybe we should put two shows like. Oh I don't own Daniel Tajuddin Crank Yankers. Run did really well for asylum. Yeah Bundle them. Put them back down. Yeah like a football coaching. You know what I mean. It's like for so many years. It was based on hunts. You're like the seems to work. Conventional Wisdom isn't everyone does the numbers. Let's look into you. Really Mix sets off. I think they put something out and they just went hate crime and crank yankers. Hey comedy central fans what showed you guys. Wish was back on that just went. We wish crank yankers back on. That's great adjacent. State THEM HAS QUIT. The action comedy. The man from Toronto. That was co starring. Kevin Hart and this happened just weeks before. Production is to begin. This is according to deadline. Stay them want the flicked to have an r rating but the studio wants a PG thirteen since it's a holiday release. Sony Pictures Hope to replace him while holding onto heart deadline. Also says stadium quit his talent agency W. e. over this following the departure in the movie state and was supposed to play the world's deadliest assassin whose somehow mistaken for hearts character describes his described. As new. York's biggest screw up. Uh spy with McCarthy over. That shouldn't have been good. That was very funny. I totally totally funny. But to to all of this over the rating Sankoh going on my clubs covering an ace my inside sources. Tell me he's a pain in the ass to deal with him. Yes he's always a bad bladder there guys. That are notoriously easy. And it's not all about the stature. I mean you you hear about. We all know that the the easy ones and like a guy like the rock that has just totally totally pro- State of more of a handful plus. I'm smelling you gotTA understand. If you're in a movie like that that is a Kevin Hart movie right. That's GONNA BE PG thirteen. That's why Kevin's getting more. This Kelly Moore that Kevin's going to get more attention. If you're not willing to stand next to Kevin Hart on a red carpet and be the straight man right B. B. A. Bud Abbot years. You're screwed he. Probably there's some dispute over L. A. Place near the names are on the poster yet. I mean some not these not probably working right now and has no time but I wonder if they would kick in the rock instead if they all right. Yeah well then. It's a different situation. But they've also worked together now and done really well. Same they might plug that in they plug in Jeff Cesario that's right show. Of course I heard they might play game in. The world's most one is absolutely who loves you. Baby Telly Savalas. Kevin Hart having to tell whether again for the first time. Heli must've died in nineteen ninety seven. It was early. Ninety think didn't have his daughter on the guest few years ago. Yeah what year did he died in ninety four and yes we have Lori Laughlin. She's a singer right. That's right yeah. Her skating in the college emission scandal have gotten much better and I'm sure Garriga snows all of this and probably predicted it. According to People magazine quote explosive evidence has come to light that could help exonerate her husband. Attorney Sean Berkowitz ever going to be any victory because she's out five hundred K. For the USC she's out another one point. Two million in legal fees and our kids going Valley College. Yeah so where's the wind issue to be reimbursed by like lifetime or whatever those hallmark would say. She was like a staple those home movies. And you're GonNa Rian Bait ream brace reimbursed like this S. C. Hammer that check. Yeah dropped out. They don't go there and I said skating. I thought they were shifting their major to skating from crew team couple of actual openings. We didn't really need any a photo shopping. Or any slough thing. All you had to do is show me a couple ahead shots of that one. I'm like you up at four. Am and row on a simulator for seven hours. Let me take a look at you yes. She's influencers yeah right what? Yeah I don't think the crew team every morning four a. m. in the pool like doesn't have that look right now so this is the explosive evidence that everyone's talking about there that that at least Sean Berkowitz talking the The lawyer He says there's newly released information. Claiming that scam mastermind. Rick Singer was told by the FBI to lie by saying that he told his clients that their payments or bribes rather than legitimate donations to the schools. So basically getting him to admit something that he never said to these people. I know the FBI's kind of denying it but on the other hand just in general the last few years to FBI seems like I now realize they may be up to things and are capable. I think they probably always were. We just never really J. Edgar Hoover and all that stuff they did go back and forth even in pop culture. There's you know the heroic efforts and your FBI and then in virtually every comedy The FBI is the bad guy right. Yeah but either way. I look what I've learned from talking to G- arrogance about anyone is trying to make a case about anybody else. Da's or any of that stuff. They don't care they just operate with total impunity. You talk about like you talk about Duke Lacrosse and like Mike Knife. Fong and everything the DA over there and they were like we got receipts from the ATM that says this kid was thirty miles away the ATM. The exact time you're accusing him of raping this right dancer in the bathroom and the in Mike von so even moving forward like yeah. These guys have so they operate in a world where it first off the F. and unlimited budget. Nobody everyone else's counting their money all the way these decisions although there unlimited and nothing ever happens to them are usually formerly never happened to them and they're like they're making their case there once it comes before them like hey. There's this person that person commit fraud to U. USC or did that person rape a dancer in the in the bathroom of a Frat House answer is. I don't know I'm making a case. We'll see like you keep your marching orders. You're making a case that you're letting the person off which is scary when they have an unlimited budget and now you start dealing with the poor inner city black guy who does not have the firepower that she has. I mean imagine they can afford Mossy Mo right. Now get the court appointed attorney. Who's not going to do all this stuff. Then where yet? Yeah whatever they that. Da Motivation is. I'm getting boned in the ASS on salary because I'm not in the private sector but leaving the power I got. I'm Rod are playing this game and then I'll get to a place I have even more power can make real money now. I know what you guys are defending black youth. I'm not seeing on race kind. Some of the same principles apply. That's all I'm saying. Yeah I know how that came across William Shatner and his ex wife Elizabeth Martin have divvied up their assets. So did I see this on tower? Hadline let me see by configure all the beach out poor Eugene so to speak I just come in and steal your thunder. That's okay I can't wait for you to tell this story all right the big prize. That William Shatner's walking away. His fourth wife. She gets the horses. He gets the semen to create the horses. Because he's a breeder okay so he basically gets what's in the Horse They she gets the Moore's they also have rights to come to the ranch in pick fruit have a conceivable chickens. Euphemism she can. She can visit an avocado tree like she has half custody of Avocado Tree. Another euphemism and the earn in ashes of her last husband were they fighting over the dispute. I don't know why the earned the ashes are there Emc or how it worked but he had the rights to the ashes. Semen that's right. Well he did a good for him. The pre-nup did honor his star Trek. Royalties so he's he's GonNa stick with that but you're right. He does get custody of the Horse. Semen she is Let's see they have four horses. Renaissance Man's MEDICI powder river Shirley Bell Reeves so photogenic and pebbles. And I still WanNa know how turntables leaves so photogenic and never understand these names of some sort of the equine mad libs. There's one guy who is because when I used to work for the Conway show back in the day. Not like now again. There's always horse trainers 'cause he loves playing PONIES AND ONE GUY ended up naming a horse after me named Gina with the news. Because they didn't news on that show and they shot the horse down. Don't shoot the Messenger for right The she got all the horses of the apocalypse and he got nothing right. I mean he got your semen which is strangely she got pops only got the stick right but all right. It's got some street value teacher man to fish or given. She got the semen to head. The horse out produce more seamen. Don't worry about the horse. Shit ner quest for Jeff first off standard and play this one right. You know what I mean. Well Ninety five. I mean waiting for the Horse. Semen three months is too long Williams. His last wife. They found an swimming pool. You know what I mean. Yeah and I feel like I would work that into the negotiation when we're not in front of the attorneys hers just the just sitting at the coffee table just the breakfast when she was talking about bouncing ideas of divorce kicking around ideas of divorce and who was going to get which horses and all that kind of stuff. I'd be like yeah. My last wife was talking about that and then I came home and there. She was just since pool. Yeah so coincidence. Yeah so why? Don't you think about her horse? Trading deal over here just a little bit step lively to make the phone call interest It's funny because she was. She was sort of toying with the idea. Like you like you are and what is. He is in the pool so hey we got a pool out. It's the same pool. I don't much care for what you're implying. Say I know the school outside? But a dip never forced dip. In fact that's What will name the Horse Force Force dip coercion? Dip Course Monsieur. That's right don't sleep. On that one or was your. Hey if there's not a Goddamn Racehorse called Horse Miss. Your right now. Is leaving money at the window skied Thousands of travelers across the UK and Europe have been left stranded after a struggling little UK based airline called Flyby l. y. b. suddenly just went out of business the UK Civil Aviation Authority issued a statement announcing that Flyby has folded. All flights are canceled their message to travelers. Please do not go to the airport as your flyby flight will not be there. Flyby customers are urged to make their own alternate travel arrangements via airlines. Whatever rail coach. Now you think we'll what's what do you get back haven't ticket. Where's my airline doesn't work that way if you have if you bought tickets directly from the company you're not protected under travel insurance for some reason however if you bought through a travel agent third party you might be covered. Some people might be able to get their money back if they paid by credit card or debit card. But shops closed kills happen. I was on Republic Airlines on a flight when it went bankrupt and the laid off the plane were done. Are you serious? Where were you going or coming coming back from a club date in Cleveland and you were saying to land in La Act? Yeah and they just said we just got news. We're broke were landing in Vegas. And they're taking the plane we're done. Wow trip the real man kei tell if the boss can Razi but I got the semen in the cell. Oh Hey wow no. That's true. Aced out of egg idea. I have no black. I've never heard of and then so you is but that was back when like you know. Twenty two was nonsmoking. Twenty-three was the smoke show so I you know so. It was a while ago but yeah I I remember just thinking man. This is hilarious. I cannot believe and you got off and but good thing. You weren't that far from. Yeah no I think I'd just wound up. I think I just jumped. One of those airline came came back to La Literally in mid flight. The guy come drink announcement right and they just said well. We found out that we have gone bankrupt and we will not be able to make it all the way to Los Angeles folks so Wow could get a little turbulent because the real along with the steering wheel right now I think they call the yoke but that could be me steering wheels on planes now but that but they have little half steering wheels on but there would call it. The him nude is yoked. I don't know what do they call it? The Yolk I mean I know it's it's the Yolk in the Jimmy Stewart. Meet me in St. Louis movie whatever that was assertive spirit of St. Louis Spirits. Yeah a ladder in Bariatric. Yoke but maybe they call the Yolk. Still call the all right I got. I have range because I know Volvo. Yeah but I also know flight instruments but also know what's going on on TMZ Cardi B. Everybody can turn a phrase for raceourse name a lot of range all right Let me hit Tommy John Oh man. Am I in love with my Tommy? John I gotTa tell you that Jeffs Osario standup Tommy John I was. I was on my row. And we're we're my Tommy. John undershirt under shorts right now underpants but I was It was on my rowing machine last night and I worked a little froth and got off and I was like Ooh I gotta be at the factory and I walked my office like change and I was like. I don't think I need to because I think this Tommy John. It'll dry. It'll dry on the way to the club and I just pulled on my jeans and I got my shoes on and I left the house and when I walked up on stage forty five minutes later perfectly dry and still probably fourth or fifth smelly as comic on that. That's right Tommy. John Everyone. This stuff is the best. It's made with pride Terry fabrics that perform like nothing. You've ever worn before and you can get either online at Tommy John Dot com or you can go to over twelve hundred retail locations across the country including Nordstrom stores nation wide. It is the best. That's Tommy John. Right Dawson graded Tommy. John Dot Com Slash Adam for twenty percent off your first order. Tommy John Dot Com Slash Adam for twenty percent off. Tommy John Dot com slash Adam. All right what else. We Got Gina Grants. Ira banks is opening a modeling theme park right here in California over in Santa Monica check. Please it's calm. It's called model land. It'll allow visitors to live there ultimate fashion fantasy according to the press. Release the America's next top model host says it's not about like being a professional model. It's not about that. It's about just coming and taking the most amazing photos and getting tips and tricks and going on a story driven journey. So here's how the prices shakedown. Vip package run you fifteen hundred bucks for that you get a first class modeling shoot extra photos. Extra WARDROBE CHANGES VEILED VIP seating. Hot Chicks going. Now this is for like it's going to be a bunch of wrangler for the salt in Brunei going to where it is Model What we've come to motherland. We're going to charter. Flight is where it is. There's no we have the service it's called Beverly Hills this. I would imagine this high school girl graduation presence tourist attraction that kind of thing you go and you take a bunch of pictures. And so you'll get extra for job you get a personal consultation and a goody bag otherwise the cheap seats that's fifty nine bucks a pop for adults and thirty nine four kids if you bring your child and toddler and Tiara them up and have them stand next all this stuff that gets a basic ticket. The kids are three to twelve years. Old You get a digital look book of photos and access to an immersive theatre and the model land shop. Refunding go to amusement park. Is she a whole bunch of people bar fraying and you're like what do ride the Zipper? No that's part of the right. Yes that's eating disorder immersive to learn to bring it up but they didn't just get off the widowmaker. No no try that. Just doing guys put his hand on this. Diet tips. Yeah well and those are very popular right now. Like I'm sure Kristie knows there's pop up shops everywhere. There's pop-up experiences were. Here's a cool wall. That looks like you have Angel Wings. Go stand next to it. There's just a lot then made registered right now. Only good thing about model land is cigarettes are fifty cents a pack smoke anywhere. You're gonNA find this almost impossible to believe as I did. That does not appear to ever be a racehorse named Horse Manure. That's that's pressing the industry really coming up short. Yeah well you gotTa crab wrong sweater but I cannot find a horse more mature. Well Max Pat. I must now by the Domain or horse your and then some guy's going to have to buy that offer me money. Oh yeah you got money and Shatner's got the semen. That's right that's right. That's his kid can sing it now. Whose kid is a singer telly. Savalas Kids Katy Perry announced in a roundabout way that she's expecting a baby with fiancee. Orlando Bloom so Wednesday night. She released her new music. Video called never worn white at the conclusion case stands in profile because the whole video address. You can't tell anything. And we have a picture She reveals her baby bump at the end of the video and she seems to be. They're saying in second trimester. She hinted about the date. Saying let's just say it's GONNA be jampacked summer. Her Song is about accepting her marriage proposal and Katie and Orlando were engaged a year ago on Valentine's Day and I think our go. I think they had plans to go to Japan to get married but Corona virus may have delayed that. We've come a long way since the lyric four dead in Ohio Yeah we're just talking about writing separate songs about the trimesters of their pregnancy. That's right interesting. That's just too many celebrities. Yeah too much too many and more coming straight OUTTA model land and you know everything about them like when I was a kid I knew nothing about Donna. Dixon nothing new she was on. Tv No really McQueen. Any mysterious nece was part of the deal. Yeah it was something really alluring about really not having any idea when Paul Newman was like you know or Steve McQueen or answer people now rare-breed now. Everyone is just chronicling. Everything all the time I. We're kind of talking about it. The one who transitioned over the last three years has been like Deniro. I didn't know anything about the narrow and I kind of liked that way. He's a talented man. I didn't know his politics. I didn't know what I didn't know any pop up on the view and start foaming at the mouth. I don't I don't like that I want to. I want him. Commanding the silver screen. He's doing cameo now travel the narrow. Yeah she buddy Call you back women. Oh it was weird even just doing the comedy central roast with him up there kind of felt. Like what are you doing up here with me now I like Raisin Goal. Now making jokes about you. Being old like shouldn't be here. It's like prager you don't WanNa live in a world where prager knows who you are. Yeah that's the way I looked at it like Dennis prager. Yeah like that. He didn't know who I don't. I don't I don't WanNa know so much about these people while you're in the minority. Apparently I guess but is it. Is it good like I think it's the same? I think it's the same gene where when we grew I always think about this as an example but I it it always comes back to this like it was a big deal when the grinch that stole Christmas came on. Abc December fourteen. Th You know Sunday night like it was a big deal. You Ha- you circle it on. The calendar like the grinch is going to be on tonight and hear the song and the whole nine kids. Don't care about that shit anymore. Because they can watch it whenever they want. It's there all the time it's not. Everything's there all the time so if everything is there the nothing is there? That's just the way we do. It and our celebrities were like big. I I would fantasize about the life that they were leading. And now you hear about you know the all the stuff. All the lawn dirty laundry is out there. They can divorce. I don't want to hear Mel Gibson screaming. Blow me and you band. That would never picture Kirk Douglas doing that or you know. It's like John Wayne imagined once in a while you'd have a couple of POPs and do it and address some seniors. Usc or something like that. There's some footage of that and what twelve some bootleg tapes bandleader something screaming at everyone on a boss. But I don't want it. I Want Mel Gibson. He's Maurier I don't want him to be all Alec Baldwin in an easement rights dispute with his name. Yeah it's like what I wanna hear him yelling at his daughter just silent footage of them screaming at each other across a broken fence. Yes I suggest you watch a different channel when you row now exposed to well. I don't WanNA correct you Chino but If that is your real name because you do surveys like Jersey ardmore. I wrote sportscenter. I wrote a Sword Center because I can't hear anything on the wrong. She is just watch. Highlights TMZ I abs- I sit Aye. Aye Knee Oh helmets. Not a chair. I grab a knee in front of that and I studied that Shit. That's good to know pat and I can tell you that Shatner's fourth wife semen horses. She got and I don't know how the visitation with the earn and the fruit trees. Go but there is a part that is stipulated in the divorce now. I'm not sure why the earned there's a visitation with the earn. But you can look up that George to can be present and then he can visit. Yeah George K. God sharing a van with him doing celebrity apprentice man. He wanted to talk about on point. Now it's nonstop Japanese internment talk never and it never it just. I don't know I guess my family from Sicily. It'd be like did you hear about the whole ethnic cleansing of the Sicilian people and eighteen. Seventy one if I just never stop this. Never get at your Japanese. I get it. This is a bad thing. Police knock it off. The police turned the pain or anybody's ass. Later we go and then you go George. I'm really sorry about the whole Japanese and term Japanese American American. They were Japanese American. Who are like okay. Okay so I do miss that. Yes you know. I was an intern Anti Milwaukee Journal. Anything to try to get him off track right now. Work Chris you have some information. Well yeah so in the in the article he has he gets Shatner. Gets to keep the ranch in three rivers. California which near Sequoia National Park although they have agreed Elizabeth gets the right to quote occasionally harvest and fruit and the trees and the ranch and it's also clearly special property to both because she can go there to visit the ashes of her first husband and some horse graves but she is just. I rode their worst road trip. Ever I've finally done that. They scattered the fucking ashes tupperware containers that under your arm. When you're leaving there's two lawyers just trying to get out of room. They WANNA occasionally. Yeah that's specific. That's not going to get there for me zero theft from time to time box with or wherever. She's going next well. I didn't. It wasn't in article about doing the bath. It had to be sad. And then there's a horse race you can't you can't hook one of us in the trunk of the The acid Marley's not as easy as horse right and then there's the harvesting of the fruit trees right which is another euphemism right so this is probably incredibly admittedly naive of me. Because I'm not there yet and hope gave God willing. We'll all get there. But like Larry King William Shatner. What is the point of getting divorced that late in life? I have no? I always assume. It's the younger woman's idea I I mean I think without trying to be too nefarious. I think the beginning part is is. I know who this person was since I was born as the young girl. You know what I mean like. You watched this person. It was like remember when Brian Austin Green was married to Megan. Hot stuff over there. It's like you know like she's young and hot and she's a listener at the time whatever and he's But she was watching nine. Oh two one. Oh when she was nine totally in love with this guy so now she gets to twenty six. I get to marry the guy who's posed her. I had up my been around since going on a date Bradley Cooper instead. It's because this guy is the poster off. I didn't know he wasn't I was twelve. I think there's an element of that so I think there's an element of I've known these names my whole life for the young for the woman. The younger woman. Then you get married and you go. Oh how long could this guy hang on? And they never they never die. Never die and then at some point you get the year sixteen of the marriage and the bloom kind of now. You're just married to an old guy. You're not married that guy anymore. You're married to this guy. You're older and at that point you go. This guy's never going to die and he's no longer Larry King anymore. Just my husband. Yeah now still. I still got a few good years left man. I felt when I was married to Angela. Lansbury years left Al Pacino story when she just came out and said like he's to roll he's elderly right by me anything. I please don't get that job. I'm engaged her younger man. She buys me planning. She was very persistent to be with a Brian. When she was eighteen was yeah they met on set he was thirty years eighteen. Brian didn't have anything to do with it. Because of the age difference sure yeah. That's what he's saying in but she wouldn't let up shrews well anyway like Brian and I think I like him either way. There's some dynamic happening and that's probably probably part of this is better know will what the horses take him. Get Out of here. Yeah yeah six months left. Who knows stick the day you buy sell about best days of your life. That's driving horses. A wonder how old she was or is he's eighty eight but he doesn't age man Vance. He's coming here and all that kind of stuff. He's awesome all right. Let me. Let's bring him home scenic right you got it. I'm Dina Grad and that's the news. That was the news with Gene Grad and this Harrelson's own they spent over a year formulating the best quality. Cbd works quickly taste good as a superior absorb absorb absorption method. I should say completely. Organic and Fair Price Harrelson Zone is Minton. Vanilla oral spray formulated to provide full mind and body benefits. Help you feel stable. Calm focused and collected their Nanno. Infused technology makes it completely water cyber. So it's not cbd oil like you hear about. It's water soluble. So the body absorbs it immediately. You'll feel it in a couple of minutes not an hour and that's what you're looking for quick relief and they've got fun and informative video for you to learn more about all the hard work they put in on that products that just hop online and check it out right. Dawson Harrelson Zone Dot com slash Adam today and they'll include free shipping that's Harrelson zone dot com slash Adam. She's about sixty yeah Shatner's ADA done against Coming on the show on Monday. So we're already great already thinking about characters for him. And now you Gina Grad Evans. You're like the like the possession wide receiver. Yeah who had to go out and return a punt. Because the punt returner the speedster from pulled from Stanford whole the Groin. And you just took it to the house okay. And now now they were real common. Yeah sure was. That's what I said. I paid anymore. But you're out on punt return plan. Mike Dawson always tells me. Today's miracle is tomorrow's expectation. That's right Oh that's very good kind of discouraging. I would suggest as an episode for Kyle and you the Bloomberg's just his wife just ragged him the entire time about. Why did you even bother to get into also when you think about him and I think about him? Where's the prep you know they're going to pull out all the conversation about the NDA's that everyone? Why should you go? Fold deer in the headlights when somebody asks you. What has to be one of the first questions anyone's going to ask on that debate stage. Yeah how can you not? I would've looked quarterback wristband and had something for John. Lewis worked out. I would have an earpiece in spotter up on the top of the bleachers is. I would've had a canned response was perfect for them. Not Twelve Blah Blah Blah Blah and. Not Four score and seven years ago. What did he say our forefathers said that the you know whatever Biden Oh sorry yes. You're right sorry I but it could have been either one. That's the that's the line we I'll save the bide mash up for tomorrow. I think actually Monday for Monday. Sorry for Monday but Yeah Biden Mash Up. Yeah I got that I the thing about the Biden thing. That's tease for Monday. But there's some angles on that that I don't it that that I take that I think are a little more interesting. It's not just him fumbling right. He tried to modify in the middle and screwed himself up. But anyway all right Jeff Cesario everyone the Great Jeff Ses. Reo Thank you. The website JEFF'S DOT com. The podcast play with pain with Chet. Waterhouse absolutely toward the force available on Apple podcast. And we'll see you at the Peterson coming up on the twenty-first and me I'm going to be a helium in Saint Louis Coming Up April tenth and eleventh that the Irvine Improv. Twenty four twenty fifth they crawl and then San Jose Improv first and second of May as well and checkout We've seen up and he. I guess on Netflix. But you want the BLU ray Go to what chassis. 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