Preki explains how he won an MVP at age 40 + Miguel Ibarra names his Minnesota United Mount Rushmore


You're listening to entrance is driven by continental. You feel enough for that matter. I feel a lot better Bob. Extra telling me see exactly how I find out what's going on in the MLS. Maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well cut loss. Everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory to try to cook up some great stuff for you guys here from Brooklyn New York. You are listening to extra time driven by continental from bed. Stuy I'm Andrew Abby with my partners in Soccer David Gas Mattdoyle Kaelin car. It is Thursday April thirtieth if you needed that reminder which I so often do this is really the only regular thing that's on my calendar right so every couple of days. Three or four. I figure out what date it is day of the week. It is and I'm happy to see your smiling faces. Are Things Blurring together for you Andrew? It's at how much of that is a function of quarantine self-isolation. How much of that is a function of having a toddler who's just dominating your life all of the above? I use this phrase with Dave recently. It's all just a brown out for me right now. It's not quite black. That remember some things but there are other things that I don't remember or don't stick in my brain so You know honestly. Mount Rushmore arguments are one of the few things that are actually sticking right. Now that I am s Trivia on Xtra I'm GONNA say mid that's I know I'm halfway where I'm Tasha collection will text me and be like Yo I I need you tonight. Are you ready to run? Come out of my basement cave and I'm like I know there pm Wednesday night. We had Sasha question. Charlie Dave do it together. They did really well but I had one question in there. I feel like the comment. Section did really well for them anyway. I don't think we being Kaylin. I think we be answered. One question. Last week I was comments saucer was better than either of them were last week but one. I created just four Kaelin and then I last week about the Dynamo was too easy. Took it away and you didn't even get it right yesterday for the Common Section You. I spent four and a half months that year with concussions. Jailing kearns absolve Cherry. Pick the worst season. I mean. That was two thousand and one. Who WOULD IT? Not Jeff Cameron love the guy but he led the Dynamo in scoring in two thousand eleven. That was bizarre season when I went back after. Dave wrote that question like researching it as a two thousand eleven dynamo. I remember them being good. They were just behind Sporting Kansas City in the east. Which were two points? If you WANNA forty one but five goals is leading goalscorer. That was a great question. Also Andres question about who's played four both Portland and Seattle as assisted Terry on Regal was brilliant Stephen Keel in the comments section. Given the old shrug and then the answer being Stephen Keel. I was cackling my wife. Who are you laughing? This is dining and pick that up. That's Brilliant Hundred Jack. Because Sasha I get Kamara and anytime I go to one hundred was like in my comment. The last dance but for the Colorado rapids reser deserve team. Only this is actually the best part about quarantine is that. Kaelin is slowly breaking down and releasing his twitter draft Rotary Kaelin's twitter address is the hottest place on planet Earth Hotter than the center of a volcano. Win this week out so you wouldn't. Instagram live on Wednesday night. You get the real unfiltered truth. Used to be Kaelin twitter drafts today. Doyle's twitter tomorrow. But that's changing just studios time with just two. Yeah you're the you're the you're the devil on the shoulder ninety seven. Pm Eastern every single Wednesday extra time Trivia Nights. So get yourself a drink. Come hang out. We have ten questions basically. It's two folks that are trying to compete against people that wrote the question so like you said. David was a Sasha and Charlie and then you and honors not wrote the questions from every angle. It's fun like it is just. It's just fun. It's like forty minutes where I don't think about anything. What's going on in front of me in that Super Valuable? And whatever tactile. You're drinking surprise Charlie. He didn't bust out. I text him afterwards. I was like hey man. Well played Bust out like a nice bottle of wine tonight. You deserve it. I'm surprised they didn't do that. Charlie had such nice you know. I think he was almost embarrassed. Time line choice was just so much better than everybody else said he was. They were wearing the elway Olympics kit. So he's or t shirt that day saw. Charlie said he was going to go back to an eight into the wine. So you know. I thought you were going to spill a red wine on the way you know. Pairing the T shirt with the question that I would say the Charlie by the way I I take this class once a week on zoom and this guy a lot of times people invite me into their wine cellars and the first thing. I say is Bro. You ever wine cellar. You're doing pretty well in life. So that's what you've gotta give for. Charlie I don't do it here when you're in a wine class that you're doing pretty well. That's that's the thing that's ever been set on. Things have earning bridges left and right. And it's Larry Extra Time Line Club that's next on Wednesday nights where we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA true. That's where we're going to have on the show this week do we promote somebody from on? Trivia? Do we promote somebody from the comments. Yes who comes up? We had been in the comments when he fell harbor. Dax McCarty was in there. I feel like we've got a slow Benny's role a little bit because like with Benny Salad. I like the podcast. And he's all over the place. Now he's retired. He's coming up too fast. Needs to earn it so many. Yeah I don't feel like there's a little budding rivalry with we and Bennies at least in the comments last night. I here's the problem. I don't like all the hard ones they were giving away like. Doyle's comment section giving away Bronco immediately on eleven World Cup winners texting him like shut your mouth. Mo-do's doing the same thing. I'm texting him on my own. Most showed up thirty two minutes into thank. You guys suck at this point. Maybe Mo- maybe we'll make that decision will join us on Wednesday nights wanted Jamie and saucer are the two best so far like they are getting everything. So I'm a little worried Jamie 'cause I don't know what you're going to stump him on. We're going to have to dig deep for that one so check it out Wednesday nights some other stuff to talk about before we get to drum roll. Please Preki to talk Sporting Kansas City. History we're doing the final to Mount Rushmore today. That is Sporting Kansas city slash the Kansas City Wizards. You can't take that wizards history away. Plus we're also doing minnesota united last but not least with Miguel Ibarra who's got just about the best insight that you can have from a player perspective on Minnesota both Ms Mls As we we are keeping MLS. But I do want some old school stories from him and then we got some good stuff in the mail bag including ICP which stands for insane centre-back pairing with John. Arnold and I were texting about and I think it would be hilarious to ask you guys start thinking on that we also have centreback. We also have some gold in the mail bag for Mr Kaelin car. Perfect I'm nervous now. Friday unless classics remix is back. There is going to be twenty thirteen. San Jose Ellen. Beyond Gordon Game we have him and Sean Franklin plus. It's Charlie in myself to do this when that's where Gordo's Scores the late goals which he always does and rips his shirt off at Stanford Stadium. Wednesday was a good remix with Seattle Dallas from the playoffs. Suzanna Jillian Ron. That one on this week by the way M las unites to discover new. So if you're discover new things good for you. I'm trying to cook two new recipes a week. It's going all right. So far we got some flat. Breads coming up tonight. So let's get ready to. Anyone has good Argentine recipes. I'm going big Argentina. I mentioned on. I've got my my recipe list. Now doing homemade empanadas. Chimi Chara Sauce. And like this sort of Caccia. That's like an Argentine thing with a bunch of onions which I love I made. I made her Reza for the first time. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out to add more garlic. Click bar and a boiled egg for breakfast. Took voice next week. We're finishing up Mount Rushmore. And then it's an extra times greatest team of all time we're GONNA put together the bracket get the seating going. And then we're going to have a panelist a panel of voters plus the vote from you as well you account for twenty five percent or at least. That's the plan right now and then we'll have like ten people are so voting including all of us and then trying to recruit some folks from outside unless soccer dot com in extra time next week dearly. Beloved Mount Rushmore Chiefs USA Tampa Bay mutiny Miami Fusion. So if there's any old school fans of those clubs listen. Let us know what you think for. One two zero six ZERO EMMA. Last extra-time Soccer DOT com. We're almost done and let's get the Sporting Kansas City right now. We'll start with From Peculiar Missouri. Who already did all the work for us. Kinda have some beefs here. He says guys. I hope you're all doing well. Stan healthy insane. He's eleven these mount rushmore episodes. Because it's so fun looking up old players. Listen to debates about who should and shouldn't be on. He's a sporting fan. Obviously here's what he's got his coach. Peter vermes that's a slam dunk. We can get behind that one. I think that one's I don't think it's a obvious obvious one. Because you've got some other guys in the past that one trophies including MLS Cup including our soccer grandpa if you think back on that one. He's got three open cup championships. I think this is the golden era Is going to be there for a long time. His number one is Preki. Two-time LEAGUE MVP two time. Golden Boot Almost Cup champion with Kansas City. Plus an Open Cup in a bunch of best elevens. He's got map beasley at number two the captain. He says hometown kid one club man. We assume long term. I don't think that will change. Must Come Champ three notebook. I'm just saying he's he's pushed some other folks out. I don't think a lab in but Defender of the year best eleven all start Cetera. He's Got Grams Uzi. Three basically the same resume as Beasley Best Elevens. All Stars one club man. Mls Cup US Open Cups then he has Jimmy Nielsen Ford so this is very very sporting KC heavy. It does not have the Tony Meola of the world. That doesn't have the Jimmy Conrad's of the world who I think. Probably if I was GONNA Pick Jimmy. I think I would put that Jimmy in over Jimmy Nielsen But he doesn't even mention. He did throughout some honorable. Mentions two red card. Roger Roger Espinoza and carries magnin. I think those guys are in the conversation. I don't think there. What do you guys think anybody missing? That's obvious other than Jimmy. Conrad among that list to would be Peter Vermes and we are now two players because we mentioned Peter as a coach who would be in. That conversation can also throw out As well Tony Meola. I mean his performance Cup that year in two thousand. I mean that's as good as it gets for a goalkeeper in this league. Nielsen had a great year as well. They both had really good defense in front of him. But Tony Meola minimalist COP. I mean he basically like stood on his head in one again telling me all of that entire year. He's the only goalkeeper in history to win regular season. Mvp and then he followed it up with the single best performance by any player in MLS Cup. History it's Tony L. in two thousand for that KC team against the fire. He won them. Mls Cup Yellow. Wasn't them the supporter shoe because he was like? They won fifteen games one nil. So Tony's got a great argument but he also didn't have his long career in Kansas City. So it's I almost metro star obvious reasons but more as a metrostars than I do you know Kansas City. Jimmy Conrad South One. Four Best Elevens. In five years including a defender of the year he was also in a. Lotta ways their best attacker. That team once practice retired. They only scored on set pieces and he was like he was a lot to handle in the box. Be I think he had five or six goals one year. Four five another at the start of this run definitely the most consistently good defender in mls at that period which was right at the start of the Chad March. Later than two thousand eight Chad. I think the sort of surpassed Jimmy but I I. I find it very difficult to do. A sporting KC or Kansas City Mount Rushmore and leave. Jimmy Conrad off because that team would have been twenty five points a year for five straight years if Jimmy team anyone they open cut to during that Newman. Yeah four and they lost they lost it would have the double d your DC beat him in in the final. Yeah Handball so account. That's the tough to me Jimmy. Nielsen comes off and I know that he has a special place in in Kansas City fans hearts I think he's more of a cult hero. I think that he would be on the rushmore. In Jimmy's relationship with the fans was just as cult hero. Ask I think you're not more in his as sort of continued to last last last. It didn't end. Maybe the way he would have wanted to have an end in Kansas City but his contributions you just can't question are we locked in Preki Beasley and Jimmy. Conrad I think right. I think we can lock I. I think I think Beazley's lock but then that makes it hard with Zeus see does explore having. I think one is local to. He's a better player. Yan centreback some more important position zoo see that gave a deep deal to and then had to move his position not that he's bad as a right back but they had to move him because he wasn't good enough to play in good enough. It's that they got Benny. Benny was better at that role. That is this is. This was a good player. I agree with you the better the so I would. I would almost argue Roger ahead of Graham except Roger was gone in two thousand thirteen when they won. Mls Cup Graham was yeah. I think Roger is a honorable mention and he. He's he's got to be in the conversation just like carries of Agnan is in this conversation because his contributions were big. Not as I mean. They're just they're just not into the four. I'm with Beezer being there then that makes it three on top perky two time. Mvp come on Yellen was cut. He's got to either and then Beasley Endless Cup hometown. I think his case is pretty solid in all those ways. You WanNa have your boy looking down you and then Jimmy Conrad. I'm done with that one too. So then what we have is the options ended. Davy are no was a huge part of this team for a long time. It was kind of an underdog story. But it's got to be another sporting KC era guy to me. It's either grant or Roger for that final spot Interesting but isn't why you go in different direction. David so I asked Jonathan Kaplan who was longtime SKC media Com's guy and he had Peter vermes pretty in pretty hot As a player and then he said like obviously he's the coach but even as a player for what he won when he was there. And you go back to Tony Meola but Peter Vermes a part of that as well right of the best defense and all the things they were able to do so he had TV in there. I mentioned carries. Vaginal gets gets mentioned. Isn't GonNa win it. The thing for Davey is all of the things. He had were longevity and Beasley surpass. Most of them so it makes it hard to say. Oh most most appearances most minutes all of this but Beasley as better player as surpassed all that. So I wouldn't be. I wouldn't be against putting in as four but I don't know no way. Stop it with that. Peavy played one full season as a sweeper and he was great but then he played half the next season season after that he played ten games and retired peeping had one awesome season but he belongs nowhere near this discussion as a player. Okay so then it should be Tony. No like we. We're going to to me. It's Zeus or Espinoza. Both players have been at or near the top of the League in their position for almost an entire decade both are at or over three hundred career. Appearances both. Have One more with this club. Even the Roger. Wasn't there for me COP. I think the fourth spot has to come down to one of those two guys take Graham. And if it's between those two I think Roger has fallen a little bit below the radar kind of the way we put in Ricardo Clark as thick for Houston Dynamo. Advice played a massive role for that club. I think the fact that he left and he had all that success a wiggins had a great career. They both played in World Cups as well. I think with when you look at What grams been able to do the longevity there? I think the shift in positions actually speaks speaks well for his longevity in the way he's been able to adapt his game into that system and then I think you'd look even when you start looking at the numbers like he's I think he's a seven time all star that was on the Trivia last night doing a little research beforehand and yeah I just think I think he I would go with Graham if it would between those two because I think when I look at the middle of the pitch or sporting there's been other players whether it's Benny or other guys that have had big roles can carries magnum that have kind of defined. Maybe these different arts of central art of their system. But when I think of the right side of that entire system for the Latte for this new Sporting Kansas City era whether as a winger to begin with or on the back. He's you know I I I would definitely put put him as really defining that side so the pitch so i. I think that's the way I'm leaning neck. You Ever GonNa Love Rodriguez my favorite player in history to be honest with you. I have always liked him and I think it comes from where I was when he came into the League and how I was able to follow his career and what he represented at least to me but not being there for two thousand thirteen whether it was his choice or not And it was his choice to go wigand to pursue that neon incredible time there but I think you have to go grandma in that sense and gives you two from both eras to me. It's not Peterson play enough. Like his impact was huge but his impacts better celebrated as a coach and as an executive Because what he's done in making this new era but the fact that Buechler in grammar on there that's a credit Peterman says. Well you know those guys. Yes a trend music inseparable. It'd be strained. It's it's like one grams actually. Do feel like Rogers in that group as well as what people need to appreciate about this past decade for Sporting Kansas City. They built the core of this team through the MLS super draft. That's never going to happen again. Getting Be Slurs Uzi at Espinosa. Like that's insane rewind rewind it too because you had bunbury that came in as well. Cj sapone that was part of that group dumped wire was a draft by Burmese in that same little era. I mean there are more as well that came in and play roles that were like you know either bit-part players or contributed but yeah they're they're hits in the draft early in the Peter Vermes incredible technical director slash. Gm such coach era. Were absolutely spot on. Go AHEAD DAVID. Ask Question. How much more success with Tim? Melia need to get into this conversation. I don't know how he can get over. I don't know how he would get over the hump of of meal. Because Mueller was there for. He wanted him bless. Mvp is a goalkeeper. He went to to MLS Cup finals. They lost the second one. He was there for five years. I know one hundred twenty. Five Games isn't like it's not like two fifty but for what he was able to accomplish. I think it would be really hard for Tim meals. You get over that Hump. But maybe that's just like a a gut thing for a minor part or maybe. I'm overvaluing the early days but it's just crazy to me that MLS MVP would be a goalkeeper and the Tony Meola was able to do that and then basically win them less come to and that's a formative formative moment in club history that that can never go away. I'm just not sure we'll be able to match that despite hug good. He's been for the last four or five years. I mean if they if he wins a Milan goalkeeper of the year and they went to shield or shield cup. Donal or something like that. Then I think that I think it's like open shut for Melia because longevity matters and Tony was great in the two seasons. He was healthy for for Sporting Kansas City. But he was two to five seasons that he was he was able to go out there and play more than fifteen games. It's tough It's A. It's a mount rushmore season. Right it is the best season any goalkeeper has ever had in this league. Tony Meola two thousand. That should always be celebrated but if you look at the balance of his Kansas City career compared to Melia but like mealy has been arguably the best keeper in the league since two thousand fifteen. That's a good long run One little note on Ramsey Beasley. The people may have forgotten their rookie year. I'm like ninety nine percent sure beezer lived at home and I'm pretty sure Graham lived in the Beezer family basement so those guys have been Jaylen yes right. The wood-paneled basement to hang out. I got now as a beautiful soft slate walls behind you framed. Artwork is a new vibe for you to and should we talk the reason we get done with that we can Kind of mull over and land on the fourth feels. He's got the lead but nobody has done what practice has done to legends. Mvp's in his career. The man retired at like forty three years old. I don't think he started playing it unless he was thirty. Three and absolute legend so happy to have him on the show proxy welcomed extra time. Thanks for having me guys. Let's let's just reminisce man because I've always been fascinated by you and your career. I'm a big indoor soccer fan from back in the day and I don't remember specifically watching you but I remember all the wings players but I want to go back to nineteen eighty five. Tell me about the year. Nineteen eighty five in your life. I just came back from in In January I was not me for that months. I got back into lame training with the rest of us. Going to Since I've been gone for thirteen months Obviously we had time to readjust the game in physically old components wherever on away To be loan debt today the Division liver south of the valve a south of Serbia. Actually now it's Montenegro and In the meantime planing nine this in the tournament. I don't play indoor Do play or the time but I got invited into determined by local friends in because he was a summertime was so I said okay. I you know I'd love to play anything. Any become game. Whatever whatever's of replay in advance to the semifinals aimed in meantime coach from a Fleiss the bulbs in We go to all the arrangements. Any tells me that I fly next warning sign the contract but the next night we will play him in a semi-final. I mean it was my friends in parts of the team. Big Parts of the group so I was also tended to us Obviously young boy Almaeda my name yet a What makes a can afternoon flight tomorrow? planning this sermon in Kiel. Luckily let me stay in the game in the after the game. I'm still down on on on the pitch on the pitches. The same lake Hockey cookie or indoor that we played here ended up by the Guy Yellen. I loved it. Was Mike Sonko which you might not lame you might not not I'm He's a big. It was beginning the laugh of Baltimore blast than he said. Well there's a coach from us. You love to talk to you. I was I was looking. It was feeling few feet above. Who is start trying to sell me in inside Mr who? I'm thinking but I play the game because I was a semi-final so I have to go into final game and mice. Whatever I gotTA play. I'll be after the game if you're so I I don't even forgot about that and then I'm coming out the locker room and that is a guy standing would guy. It makes a guide next day when all shot the guy who approach either then. He said this guy in the guy in plate. Us So looking at them. I'm looking at suspiciously. Because it might goes as viciously. Who's trying to give you some false information or make your make fun of you. So like raiders up and then this guy opened them out in English end the KINDA loosen. Meow went straight to the hotel. It they want the I was there with my best friend eight. That's that's it. I signed the contract. Six o'clock in the morning. My father was on the way The Montenegro received without my second because Suitcase out of money through the air force and things that might air coils My mother about the eighth declawed because my flag was sixteen. And I would suppose so. Seven can morning waiting for me and no sign of me so musical and I'm sleeping. I walked in. Allison I thought my mom's five thirty six hundred j just if the DOT my father if that calls come home because I signed him to us. My mom was she was in. Shock is just go to sleep now so I go to sleep like I was okay. I would just leave white father go. I follow Sorley My father Call IN A. He has to tell mom. Montel said the president goes to the president's CELAC. Unfortunately he didn't put enough money that they will see signed. Someone else came home. So that's how we started the Van. Montlake that I'm eating. Us In that the gentleman name was Bob McNab. He was a guy who signed me on spots in monthly. The I was in in Seattle They sped up my paperwork process in doubles as easy at the visa the day. I got hitting July in put in the school I had to go to school. English school bobbing thrown out like four five times. I add absolutely zero patients the Class that meeting teacher for five hours. You've literally five hours myself. Malachi from Serbia in the the teacher in I'll be laughing so hard by friendless Throw me out. Ecuador H for. Throw me out. I mean downtown Seattle in walking around on having having a great time. It's summertime before senior class. And that's how the Tacoma Stars started men. I always wanted that storage. And that's incredible your dad. He had to be like Dang I gotta go tell the clump president with this one. It was the situation Listener Botox. He was down there on the spot I was he had to deal with it. So sorry go ahead. Would you make the indoor game? 'cause you weren't an indoor player as you said now this is your career you sign the contract. You come to new country. What did you make of it? Did you feel like it was playing the sport? You love still honestly mixed feelings. I love playing in love competing evidence that was but still wasn't wasn't the real game. Imagine even even I benefited some things and I'm sure a lot of the players. If they can play a game they could benefit in in some things but he's so far away. Different from the real game is this. There's no combat assignment in the thing is honestly in regime's been before warden regimes what? I trained at how we train. How much drain I? I'd I'd also like this was like a fun time. Like he was like it wasn't real real real game saw not to put down because obviously I had fun and I enjoyed moments. Join US a plane. That's for sure because we all play but would you rather play down drugs? Play a game. That is no question why reason I came here is because it dot time. That was before the Bosma rule so in Serbia. You'd have to be twenty eight before you can go outside and make really big living In Serbia will pay a time. Where the money Only way you can take your family in new ways to get out in the find better paternity when that thing. That thing was presented to me at the moment I jumped jumped on it because I would have to wait another six seven years to get out and there's no guarantees. What happened next six seven years in active down to the theme? They could've got injured with a broken leg. Who knows will happen so I am happy to the fact that was eleven years when you signed with Tacoma Stars before. Mls would even begin so you had a lot of time before we even got to the creation of this league and before we get to Kansas City Wizards and maybe even the fusion. I'm curious about the loans that you made in the moves you made while in indoor because we don't think about the indoor game is one that might send you on to Everton or onto portsmouth or have the indoor game pay one hundred thousand dollars to get you back it. What was it like to go on loan to England and play the game that you did love version of it? During those times I go along on the long now absolutely free paid. They actually sime united way from Saint. Louis the thing is I before I went to England. We were gone. We went to Switzerland Tournament. Indoor Tournament and We played enough huge huge summer widow. Many many European clubs I think was fifteen sixteen Clubs Club Jilin Will Disley clubs hall Bad teams from Holland than and I got invited. Actually the grass whole Burson. Trump's assistant tried to buy a Siamese spot and Milan Monday. Children will not sound me. Time said another year and then than now let you go in den in a in a same size same tournament. I got got offer to come in. Try Out for. Espn homing. Bobby Robson. So I said okay. I'M GONNA go back to Saint Louis play the rest of the season. The bomb season's over I mean. Pse SO I look straight up. Everything was organized with pse They bring me over. The hotel. Right away was accepted while after of the day's of options says while I assign you a said he said well. We need to meet your scores from field in said the day. Put a Milan mandarich In in touch with the president plugs Ma At that time in the P. Floor Doma wife The you know I was already in Europe. Start getting rid of stuff closed the front because I was there. Another seven days He saved the team. I was guest on a driving a ride in the first place. The Games a pleasure. Romani Romario bigtime players Brooklyn Aaron Kumaon. So they they Jimmy Buddy. While I was I was I was Trillion very very very comfortable. I really wanted to stay there but who knows what happened behind closed doors. I Guess Milan in an clubbed in On price was I never got to the bottom of the day who does never explained to me. That's how event and then Bob McNab always stayed in dodge Disguise who signed me Florida? Komo's the arts said to me why why don't chew you'll concerts Swat. Why don't we I can? I can take you to two places in England that can pick you to. Everton can take you to have to go to try outs. I'm not a problem I I'm willing to try. I don't have another frayed so I would add now. Both both clubs invited me for preseason Try I was like a in every club. I was like Truly for five days in the mall. I exactly member It was Just a basically trainings Five slide because they middle's of towards the end of the season and of course the put me in a five aside. That time is no no no way. I'm dominating the session. They see something this so they invite me sell K. Go home and when we start the season you you welcome to the Preseason it was stuck Nemann inevitable either. Choose which one so middle a lot of thinking. Does Bob some agents guide named Graham Smith? I'm no sure if you guys know first-wave Agent. He's been here in this country. Florida for many years. These the guy who actually brought me the sack republic he was UH advisedly Obligation technical director however you WANNA call and so they commencement. Everton the club for me so I wanted a child. I played that a five or six. Preseason games that many a the the they offer me a contract. The thing is the between the The Times I went on a tryout. In the The Times I went to bre- season in the intensity of training ahead. It was it was crazy. I had to find a way to get my legs in my lungs back for outdoor game in was not so easy in honestly these days. I'm not so sure. How di DI wins? Those PEOPLE NOT CONVINCED. Us people asked him how I found. I found a way with that. Many years way from the game from outdoors is it was seven years found a way to to get myself in decent shape for the game obviously still not a not not the greatest shape. I wanted to me took me a year and a half maybe even to get back to the though real the what I can do on out the pitch because he just the the the level intensity The temple amount of ground that you have to cover each different Taylor so let's talk about immolate since Kansas City and I wanna start you hear the Preki Chop it's famous. It's effective it's devastating. Where did it come from? How long have you been doing it? And why couldn't defend it all? I honestly never brought his my life that game since I was a kid Nacho Once I could always young kid I could always strike the ball. I was always good striker of the ball and I can shoot from distance and I'm thinking about a lot of times like when I shoot them. Defenders not sleep through this back so he's like not Sali's like in the moment our view bill. You spread your leg. Of course you balanced such as being back to the other side. A lot of people would never never gave me a credit in the beginning especially because they didn't I I can just finish rifled just as well in the when you can go to is of course the move is GonNa come to work either the that across the morning in a shoot. The ball has the ball I remember my first game to On Raw oh he was on. Tv and tight keough. It was the it was. He was killing me one fourth. He was on this. Since I know it from the You must have forgotten. How many goes right foot tall? Hey you go the other way. It is how it is but people talk a lot about that is i. Don't baseball game on the baseball game. I I always thought that was a way. Got A passive named. Yeah so the two time. Mvp nobody's ever done that. Tell me how tell me how aged thirty three and I looked it up. You've you've played at least seven hundred professional games and I got to imagine. It's a lot more than that. Tell me how you were able to do what you did at that age because in this game so many people when they hit thirty or saying they're on the downward spiral well did the caisson. I loved the game. A loved sports in general A big basketball fan play basketball. Fifteen have to decide which way I wanna go so off season there was never off-season for me. It was maybe they off or two days off but never the off season because of that age the Morio off. It's harder to get back so you have to maintain your your fitness level show the moment the MLS season would be over. I WOULD BE JIM plane. Five fives would Up decent players. Some glasses what position I was playing down on a block up. Data you Dr You're dishing drive. Oh Yeah Oh yeah and I should. I should But I is a similar game. The football imagination. You have to see the past. The four. Our is always loved basketball. Show in Hoesli kept my legs in shape different shape so I'll come back in racism Over loose sand ready. I was never on the eighty percent. That's what kept me going. And then later at age thirty seven. I started doing yoga. He was a one day. I came home and I set the my wife. It will start at the end of The end of the season my symptom or wife's I think I'm done from the end of this year. I said I don't enjoy anymore. Said why is because I go one day? I strain the full extent and then I needed two or three days to recover I. I'm not as flexible stiff. She said to me what she said she said. Why don't you try your rising? What is that idea? What Yoga that was. That was two thousand to thousand now. That was before ninety nine. I believe something like that. Ninety nine in the same flexibility. Go try it off. Season is a roadside. Since it okay. I'll give it shots so I go the first session in honestly. That was me fifteen fifteen latest older ladies younger. Whatever I mean. They're putting the legs behind the head. I mean just like ridiculous and I'm next to them I'm shaky dripping sweat hours a bit religiously. I like this possible these ladies. I chained so you know I have this competitive mentality. I'M GONNA stick to this and the fact is I started doing three times a week. By the time the brief season started I started training with the guys twice a day. Never to catrine off. I felt great. I kept doing yoga until the end of my career. Dies the key even if I knew that when I was age of twenty. How much help you balanced is the ability flexibility when your body is is free and in terms of moving do you have no restrictions you. Could you feel? You can do anything because as you'll nause get older we get stiff when somebody vast you the ball a half a year to the side is hard for you to move now. All of a sudden boom lifting the leg makes the my shoulder things. Great as okay. This is This was a great suggestion wife and I. I'm thankful to these two. That lies in honestly. Fuck with the plate until fifty. If you started doing yoga twenty. You would've played till you're fifty plan to fifty but the tough injury I had on the end that was Into gladiatorial I thought he was for me to give it up for me to move in different direction. Still an incredible career man. I I've been doing yoga during this break. I'm doubling down on his body last man last question. We'll get you out of here. You put a lot of great. Mls teams we've been doing the we're GONNA do the greatest team of all time bracket you've got two thousand. Kansas City two thousand one fusion was a really good team he has went to. You had good years in cancer when you went back. What's the best team you've played for long? As the two thousand team was very successful. We were tough as a unit organized. A little bit more defensive than my liking If you ask them. Which team do I enjoy the most? It was Miami. Two thousand one because Raila Freedom offensive free on a wish. We had more disciplined. The time you'd be dead. I wish we had a couple of different things on the went away. Mogul going to Dr Enough And also a wish Some At time will be more discipline in In a committed more than the actual because we are really talented team in the end. It a shame that we didn't win here because I couldn't think Which didn't go all the way to the best team but punching me. We didn't get that we'll have to put that a two thousand one Miami team into our bracket we're doing at large bids therein. Thank you so much for the time man. It's been awesome just to pick some stories out from you. I could do this for our may have to come to Seattle and all this is over and have a coffee dual yoga talk about the old days. Should appreciate your time. Thanks so much. Thank you guys have a good day? Stay safe be safe. What a joy talking soccer with Preki. What alleged across the board whether it's indoor overseas or of course NMLS and with the US national team in incredible career for that guy. Still doing it as an assistant coach in our league with Seattle sounders. Let's settle the debate. Those guys who's the fourth if feel good about Graham is our. We're going to from the early days. The Wizards era in two from branded play and Beezer. Both played as wizards so. I guess they bridged eras but to really what we would call the sporting KC era. I think that makes the most sense in my mind. Yeah Bill with that. I also WANNA see Zeus. I want him the long hair on flowing locks. Somebody's going to have to really like get the Chisel out and get the depth just right on that and give the three D. EFFECT. The real question is one of his sporting KC teams make it as the best s Casey. Or sorry the. Best Kansas City soccer team. There you go all time there you go. Obviously we're talking with at this point. So is it twenty. Thirteen is probably it? Unless I mean the points per game in this era. That's the second third best I guess because two thousand eighteen in two thousand twelve fifty eight points their second in the east and they went onto win. Mls Cup or you could go. Two thousand in that team won the double they were supporters shield winners and MLS Cup winners. Mucus Mall Burger. I linked to go twenty thirteen just based as I like to think of it as my injury and floodgates for that so nice to see them finally over the Chat Barrett was still healthy at the time so now Kayla. That's a deep cut but is joint jaw go. Get-go read Chad Barrett's wikipedia page and no exactly the one thing about two thousand thirteen which is probably cheat in. This whole thing is like you can count kyw. Even though he wasn't there at the end 'cause he was there at some point. So then you look at the team. And it's probably the best depth because Roger left at year and Kyle that year but we don't really have a description of what specific lineup. You have to have as part of the team and to go to sort of what Kaelin said. All the less kaylynn center is the team. That's sort of revolutionized a lot of things major league soccer the high press away. They played one small mark and Oursel- had done some of this but for small market team to compete and be the class and they changed the environment in terms of where you can put a stadium and what fans feel like and all those things I think twenty thirteen. Mls Cup outside of every MLS COP L. A. Had hosted over the last seven years was probably a I like. This is what an environment can look like and all those things and the team on the field. I think lived up to all you got playoff dom dwyer because remember. He wasn't regular season. Dwyer at that point. He was only playoff dom dwyer and then fell. Harbor was a monster that year as well. It was really he. Domino's Orlando City Dom Dwyer at that point because twenty thirteen. He had gone on loan to Adrian. Heath with Orlando City and he led them in fifteen thirteen he. He led yourself pro in scoring with coming back to Kansas City. For a pretty significant stretch. He went back to Orlando if I remember right for the final and scored four goals in that. Uso Als Multiple Times that season. Also you'd have Ikea Par on the bench as you said was hurt. It's weird because like I wanNA say twenty thirteen but without Kawhi and without Roger there arguably a worse team in two thousand twelve except twenty twelve but didn't have dumb. Benny like they'd never never kinda got it. Kinda got thinking. I think that just leaves it open for two thousand two thousand team. They won the shield. They won the cup. They did the stuff that you have to do to be remembered as one of the all-time great so I think almost by default you look at the trophies and you say to thousands of team can I say that I think we should put this to vote I e fans because I think this is. I think this is one of the ones we've had. Yeah I think it is one of the closest my only thing with sporting KC fans From Peculiar Shot Man Love You. It was a great email from you but it was very sporting KC centric and I wonder if that difference in euros and the difference in fan bases is going to have people biased against two thousand. I'm just looking for the fairest. Vote here I'm just waiting really biased. Four two thousand which keeps him being over biased. I'm being a counterweight here. I'm a counterweight to history. All great dictators are the ones who why can't let an emergency go to waste so I'm recusing myself from this honestly this this conversation now like the individual accolades. I was like okay like I really like Graham Suzy. I'd really like Matt Beasley. I like all these guys congre. Of course once you start talking about this twenty thirteen games from my land is literally I? It's like two different worlds okay. Yeah Mount Rushmore Sporting Kansas City. This is fine and then and now. I'm like Kaelin nothing in being one of the greatest teams like they could beat us. We could not be like that. We own them in every big MAC and couldn't get over the top doing what I made. The Galaxy Owned L. AFC. That was the way we owned. Sporting Kansas City. They just couldn't be are then finally yet. Look they over the top. But I'm still dealing with this. My question would be if the Galaxy Played Casey in the two thousand thirteen. I'm lost do you think they would just have them both host and play in separate stadiums? They both got the chance to be at home. No come on obviously boy. I guess we can go vote. I don't I don't feel great about it. I mean I respect all right. We're this one is one of the ones we're gonNA take to vote so sporting KC fans. Maybe we'll work with the club to keep it on there. Maybe we can put on their twitter and we push it out and that way you don't have a bunch of random people like muddying the waters. I don't know we'll agree though that when they had kyw and C. J. on the wing. Unbelievable that was that that was insane to try and go up against those guys like their their their front line. In those days I think in eleven twelve was scary. Scary side dubs. Luckily core re research was in the central midfield. Pekar Roussell and Julius Cesar was there before that I mean a good team is really good team. We'll do the vote on this one in Senate out will let you know where that's going to be a stock Minnesota united now and there is nobody better to do that. With than Miguel Ibarra. He's with the Seattle sounders now but spent all those years in Minnesota winning championships and doing his thing in the early years of MLS. Let's welcome next time right now ago. How's it going man? How you good good Yeah Batmans great to have you man but in the different feels weird. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you looking at you here on the screen. Erected sounders proudly as you should We'll talk about Minnesota United History here in just a second with you but I catch us up on you man changing clubs this off season going to defending champs. I feel I feel good first of all. I had some sounders gear. 'cause I got a little a little bit of Guy. Eaten up by Brad events when he saw a picture of me wearing shorts when I was training. Actually this is for him in case he watches. Hey man you gotta go. With whatever's clean whatever's available like. It doesn't mean you know that's part of your past okay. We could still celebrate it and acknowledge the president as well. Tell us about the move. I mean it seemed like last year in Minnesota minutes. Not what you wanted to be But the team's success as good at as high as it has been in. Mls Why did you need a change? And what was the last year like Minnesota both for you but also within the team because he did so well thank you said last year. We didn't get the minute that I wanted to but overall was happy. I mean the team made playoffs. The team was playing really well and for me. It was just a kind of thing be be there for. Your team is keep pushing If the time comes in I gotta be ready. I gave my name called But overall I mean something that Minnesota had a dream to make play. Also it happened. We played the whole season So obviously the agent didn't want to change things personally. I think I was coming off my second year. Which was one of my best years in Emily's Was hoping to have a better year. Third Year obviously didn't get the minutes like being a by the end of the season when it was coming towards the end I thought Keep working hard. Be there for your teammates. Were in place now. In a try to guess farthest we can read after season ended a first first conversation. I had with my agent was what do you. What do you want to do what you want We both put a lot of pieces together. And we said maybe it's time for a change It would be good for me to to go somewhere else you've been you've been in Minnesota for six years. Maybe a change will be good for you saw. Obviously we came to push that that was that was the way the route to take. So you had been there so long when you are so closely connected with the fans there. You're on Social Media. Twitter instagram messing around with fans interacting with them. All you've been through a lot of the same experiences. What's it been like now that you've left with those fans? Have they reached out to you? Have you seen more messages? Are you still saying involved? Only definitely I always received messages from every time I post a picture on twitter anywhere. They all send me a message saying they missed me. They wish I was still there They always send me pictures of me in Christian at all at all time so I started trying to take as much as as I can with them. Tell us about what Minnesota the club. And then you're gone and that is what it is but Minnesota. The club means to you because this was the place where you really started your career. Established yourself made that incredible connection on the field and off with Chris Ramirez Batman and Superman. I mean it has to really be a special place for you. Minnesota definitely Minnesota for me. I think we'll always have a special a special place in my heart. I'm they gave me. They opened the doors for me. Right after Orleans drafted me. I went to give it a try there. They open new with welcome arms. They gave me the opportunity. So as as say is always GonNa be is always going to be home for me Actually I actually like Minnesota more than California now which I was ages. It just feels the agency was like home for me there. So That's how much you me. Some to be honest what feels like home to go. Walk us through how they welcomed you. You're coming in there. You're a California kid. You're trying to start your professional career and you're just looking for something and it just felt like the the connection between those fans it just. It's it's so powerful. I wonder where that came. From your opinion yeah in my opinion I think a they. They had no idea who I was. When we go bar was when I first got there when I signed the one that actually kept putting my name out there was a money walker which I played with in college with. He kept telling out money. Law Goes in bunch of players. You guys are GonNa love this kid. He never stops running. He's a little bit shy but he'll work he working won't stop working so E- kind of every time he would talk to a fan or something like that. He would tell them that Is Day One right after my first game Every every fan. Look that at that Message me right away instead. We're glad to have you with. Were expecting to have a player like you here And I just kept getting a a bunch of from them so ever since then I decided in. I've got to give back to the team. The fans they welcoming so much And we after that we just bonded really well. And then next thing you know when the final we didn't win the final in an ESL We took a lot to get there and we were. We were Lee owned so we didn't have an owner They have told us after the after the final match that you know there wasn't going to be a Minnesota team anymore so everybody was. Kinda down when you're like this. Is it for a bunch of list? What are we going to do next two hours later? You have Dr Bill. Come in and say we just bought the team so everybody's emotion just went back up. I would say in. Mls history for Minnesota. There's been some ups and downs but I think unarguably the high was yours and Christians epic Brel High Five when they announced. Us Superman Batman for sue signings. Emily's history and what you guys were gonNA mean what was the transition like many assault and MLS club. What was what have you seen change in the club? What say the same? Yeah I was actually in Mexico so but I will talk to Christian twenty four seven so he would tell me how everything was going. What was going to happen. right away when he knew that there were going. Melissa right away texted me and said I need you back as it has to be has to happen and I says I should. I don't know we have to see what happens. I mean I'm I'm alone right now. So this is my focus right now. And then a NFC Noah. They announced that they're Malysz. Dr Pill a doctor build Texas me a message. That said I want you to know you are a big part of this And you always will be this. Thank you Christian. A bunch of people that were part of it on many also takes his means. Does the same thing on so I mean it was right when I announced I feel like I was part of the team already. They made it feel that we saw on. I think that was something. The fans of really deserved a bunch of the players for working hard. And I'm you can just see when they fill out the stadium. They sing wonder why ages gave us at They give that extra energy for the team. When you think about the path of this club has been on and where you were and where you played games and and the facilities you had and the level that it was at two last year mean that has to be such a proud moment in your mind and building all this up and being part of building not do you feel like you've left left a legacy there and what do you think that legacy would be definitely. I think I did. I'm like you said at the beginning when I get got the facilities we had. It was just like a little locker room. We didn't have much our own training facility. We didn't own stadium. It was just small and now looking back at it up you. Just you can see the chains on union that they locker room. You get your own Space to train you gave you have your own stadium soccer specific stadium so at when I first got there was eight hundred fans now. They feel that the stadium So like Dinka Being there being there for the kids being there for the fans Trying to be positive at all conditions no matter what when they told us that we weren't GonNa have a team Fans kept saying. Thank you for everything you did. And I saw this they posited it might be an owner coming in on. Minnesota deserves to have a soccer team so I think in that part are the fence. I'm free Stansell You're always going to be a big big of player here. We don't always GonNa want you back no matter what So I think I left a good example for everybody there for you now stuck at home doing homework. Doubts as wonderwall on the playlist. Does it get jacked Kellyanne? Sometimes listen to Abilene. I got used to it. I got used to every single time. We were winning or something. You just gone the locker room. And they're playing it one hundred percent saw. I love that song. You were there when it started wasn't it? wasn't a Craig's yes. I was there a year after so they had Saturday year before. But when I got there we got our first win. I had no idea what cycle into the locker room. After you see Carl Craig is with the speaker in blasting one to one hundred in everybody singing and throwing water bottles enough. Though that we just went a championship was going on here so I was got caught off guard after that. It just became a tradition thing. You see the financing it as well after the game so when you got there. Did you know the lyrics? I did not not a big it. Probably not a guy if I I was like I was cut off by Walker said this theme song outside. I had no idea and then over during the during years when I was Kinda started another song. Incredible Culture for Minnesota whether it's the thunder or Minnesota united or all the different iterations. That have come there the Work Keeping Nafe that the club afloat by Buzz Lago since so many others and obviously not Dr. Bill has been incredible. Let's talk about Mount Rushmore. Just so you know the rules. It's only major league soccer so we're not including an ESL otherwise you'd have some huge names coming into this thing that really helped build things from the ground up in Minnesota To Me Buzz. Llagas has a place here somewhere. We've been doing observation decks. And that's for the in Adrian. He's the only code so he's got to be there but player wise. Who Do you think are the foremost important players in the club's history short history in major league soccer in your mind? Who are the big big names? Superman's they're on their fisher. God is on their fresher. Yeah I mean you can't have one and not the other right like we're GONNA do this. You know the Marvel League here we need to have all of our superheroes shoot. We're GONNA add more. I think a right now. I think you have to put in Darwin in there. What's the case for Darwin in your mind? Why would he either? I think when he before he got there. We weren't a great team. He got there and he we I think air he got everybody going Especially me I think. He was a big of push for me when he first got there council. What do you do So the first game he saw Minnesota play in Minnesota. He was in the stands. He watched right after the game. He came up to me. He said you're the best player out there. But you can be better He told me that he would always push me to be a better player Try to tell me what I need to do. Better what he thinks would make me a better player on. I think when he got there. That was the year when I had my goodyear Meaning just started connecting. Really well And I think that's what he was one of the reasons why I had the year that I did. We know Darwin a little bit on the field epic player. What's he like off the field once? He like outside of the training facility. He's he's a character he's always GonNa make you laugh. He's also competitor so right after practice. He grabbed me and he would want to be something. It doesn't matter what it was. It can be a card game can be whatever it was. He wanted to eat something. Ns well the other thing. I think is. Innovations were hilarious. I was always. I was always giving no mail room. So right after he scored. I mean after the Games are at practically would what was that. We have ever. No one knows what what you're doing. Listen Phil by think. Everybody knows now that he would always do whatever his kids would tell them. This celebration citing a big big story at a lot of people is well. What your kids kids rule the roost illegal. Darrow does fan. That's where they create the most creative stuff from kids. They're not limiting themselves. Whatever COMES TO MIND? That's what you're GonNa do that here. You go your my puppet. How much how much did he changed the club when he came in because we all knew how good of a player was whether it was from Santos whether it was from America whether C. C. L. Killing him less teams there when he walks into that locker room into your team out. Is it change who you are and what you think of as far as your ceiling your ability. I think nobody I knew how good he was. Christian Ramirez what could be was so there was a couple of players but we have some players that were on the team. Come up to us and say is he really that good and we say he's not that good so we go to the Game Toronto. He has those three the hatchet that were unbelievable in everybody comes out of that locker room after the game and says while these guys unbelievable and then we would also play soccer tin his end. This guy doesn't lose as opportunities he is one of the best ones that I've seen But yeah I think he changed. He changed the team. Each metality of the team saying we can we can do more. We can push to make playoffs so he would always push you wanted to win And then he was all about We saw that. He was all about his family as well at his. Family's the most important thing. Besides soccer on he puts his family. I saw once we lost them for a month or two. I think to an injury on that heat so as he had had back in in America. That could actually. I don't remember exactly what was the doctors. Were saying that if he kept playing a he got cut or something it could probably in his career. Everybody Kinda went down again but he would always be there and say listen. You guys can do. It doesn't matter what nobody's been the team so I think he bought that mentality in that leadership as well. Can I throw out who I think might be a good shot for the fourth and again this is. Mls only based on the success last year. It's going to be really difficult to choose between Ikea. Para Ozzy Alonzo both those guys coming in providing leadership in different ways Obviously the defender of the year Ozzy one of the best midfielders. This league has ever seen if you had to choose between those two guys for this final spot and your mind who would get that spot. That is tough talk. What all well I think I can Choose between your children. I think we put like was I mean. We obviously considered a lot of goals at the beginning of the seasons. I think once we got him he just changed that whole mentality and said we're not getting scored on. I mean he was a rock a rock for us back then on when we didn't have we didn't have them back there. We would struggle and you can tell the difference when he was out there When we did have a mother was it just on the field or is there something off the field that he changed his well because sometimes what happens on. The field is a direct reflection of the things that are off the field whether it'd be training or physical or mental as well it just felt like you guys approached the game in a different way as a unit last year than you had before and obviously the the goals are sort of in product of that but it felt like. I was came from a winning culture and maybe installed in the team. Yeah he definitely is you can tell he been elected as well. He wanted to win Yeah I think he was when he first came to the lack of he's been in the league for a long time so he knows he came in. He told US I've been in the League for a long time. I've been losing teams winning teams and I'm coming from a winning team now. I WANNA being damaged teddy here to Minnesota and not. I know with Minnesota in the past. You had considered a lows so my goal is to change. That also think ozzy was big for us. A mean he came in and he right away became a leading. Everybody wanted him to be captain from day. One said we he has to be our captain He's a raucous low. He's a leader out. Always messed with him and said you're too old. You're you'RE GONNA retire. You see me. I run I run A la. I'm I can still do. Might be is is still have about four more years in me and now it always just mess around after every game you can't you can't practice the next two days due to old so he wanted to kill me rafter Every time well we appreciate. Miguel you coming on here choosing Aiko par which means you'll get two footed by ozzy next time you play against Minnesota four Seattle to say you out there for Seattle doing your thing again whenever this is over. Miguel Ibarra is one of our favorites to bring on the show and I think we're all GONNA agree with his Mount Rushmore. So you did our job for us so we can all just may Mac and hang out. Miguel thanks man. Thank you Bradley. Mcgee Bara lay that out for skies pretty well. So you have Batman Superman me and Christian. Darwin Tarot an uncle par. He went with I over Ozzy which was fortuitous for us. Because Ozzy couldn't even beyond the Minnesota Mount Rushmore because he is on Seattle's yea or Nay. Do we agree with MC L. E. Bar? Are there any other names that we wanNA throw into this? Mix now now. I mean they're a guy like if at the end of the year we can revisit. Maybe like Roman Nair maybe young Greg. Who's maybe Michael by like? It's maybe I think it's those four Jamie Watson was on kick around this week and he told me that he thought because it was a he had. I you know the issues of going back to the. Us holidays men. He threw out a couple of names of guys that he thought could be on and he ended up going with mason toy eventually as somebody that he thinks could eventually make his way onto the list. I think it's a bit obviously premature at this point but I liked the list as is but I think as it probably a good note to look ahead with this club especially as you look as saying you know it is so new and mls out to just really feels like it's found its footing and is continuing to grow. Yeah that would be a good shot. Maybe Asami Dotson as well fan. I'd pick younger agoos for his futures and he said please do it so I can rip you on twitter for the waiting for regular defense have been in our mentions for like the entirety of the Mount Rushmore series. Just waiting for us to look like idiots and do their club so we're libra bar is an idiot Minnesota fans. Kurt can they find us or do they go to? Mls DOT COM. Because we're not available there. I don't believe a lot of new houses purchases. They're up in the twin cities. The team is pretty hard like if extra time had a manager of our club. Only have we add like we? Had you know Mount Rushmore which I think actually would be really cool thing to do is amount of an extra time itself Mount Rushmore. Maybe the fans could pick it. Maybe Eleven Kaelin extra time best eleven and then you have to see if you have to pick a manager of extra time it would have to be. Yeah that's true too Astner best eleven. Yeah that's what I have to do here for one zero six zero. Mls XTRA DOT COM. The greatest team in Minnesota United History is obviously twenty nineteen no debate. There let's get into the mail value and get Outta here. David we got so we got an email here from John. Lindsay that I've been waiting months to receive and he says avid listener. Here since twenty. Eighteen DC nine fan currently living in the UK. I was working through my emails this afternoon. Decided to actually click open. Today's UNICO advertisement. I was definitely not expecting to see this and sent in. Here is week one. We stayed active at home. An advertisement for unique low in Europe starring two models female and a male and that male. He says it's either Ceylan or he has a twin that he has never acknowledged or the move minute also a reference to his modeling career. We will put his picture out tailing have been found out tailing car Kaelin. Clay heated with Kintu. Nancy Kerrigan getting crowbar. I'm not sure is anything like that. Actually I've been trying of living is dual life secret life underneath the you know the guys of just being a documentarian and now I'm just a just model being exposed for my basic yoga. Mom that I'm putting out on on social media male model your time with us if you guys do. Don't really spend enough time talking to me or getting to know me or asked me about the real me because I've also done some commercial work with if somebody can find hold on commercial work with Jay Baldwin Aren't we played soccer together I think there was an appearance of that on. The Latin grammys can track that down from twenty eighteen. I don't really know how to explain what is happening. But I'm definitely getting this popped up. I think I was. Maybe a part of the last photo shoot ever created in real time in life and I thought it was something that was only exist in Belgium and at such the instagram literally. Every person I know. And it's it's It's a shame genuine car. He's the extra time it was just that good folks I met. I met somebody at a pick up game in Chinatown. Who's a casting director long weird winding story but anyways you hoes? Rushmore is when we have time to do forty minutes an outgoing making of that Shaun Lopez sent in a really good email. About some ideas we could do. About best elevens of different nationalities and. Mls them against each other which will get to send us more stuff. And David Elliott said. Loved hearing what you all miss about. Mls season. I must walk into the stadium on game days feeling like a twelve year old. I miss the boom boom clap. Who bringing the team onto the field fans cheering against the sounders opponents. Clapping the boys off the field after meeting up with my friends getting passed over Taco after the game and just enjoying it all he also has a. Ps here he asks. And I think this is a good one for Kaelin. This extended break. Alad affect players careers will time to rest their bodies and maybe get into different types of shape. Do you think it extends players careers will. Actually I was thinking more about this on the other side of things in this is as I went on a job the other day I I texted John Thornton. Afterwards that I I was running a low on and I remember thinking of him ahead of me because I used to try and track him down in a fire fitness tests. And I yeah I almost pulled a hamstring chasing guy basically bottom line which is fitting if you know the careers of John and I But Yeah I was thinking more for the older guys that this could be really hard. Because when you for Brennan Aaronson I did a stream with. And he's like I was like how long off care like. How long do you think you would need? And he's like one game and then I'd be ready to go and I'm like God but for the older guys like if you're getting later on your career the advantage you have as you haven't stopped. You just continued to train. It's so important for that consistency to be able to continue on. So when I think of some of the guys who are getting a little bit longer in the tooth it worries me a little bit of like how if you haven't been getting that normal training does this. Actually the guys that you think are later on but could maybe have had two one two three four years. Does this sledding. Li like shrink that sort of links span at the end of the on the back end of this thing because it is harder to it is harder to pick back up. We'd be we'd be your back. Is the oldest person in this on this podcast of what is your back. Say Kay listening to his ankle. Well I don't know right now the ankles feel pretty good the back. Agony and correct advice on the show you said he was about to quit at thirty seven and he picked up. Yoga and to ninety nine. And then he could play 'til fifty after that you can catch me doing Youtube Yoga every single day for the entire or a delay to try to get myself into practice shape. Did I sure by unique low gears? You're doing real crime has that I'm just shocking at Yoga because I've had like five knee surgeries and just. There's no hope for me at all. So they thought they were getting somebody athletic and it was just it was it was it was brutal deck of cards. Just fallen over. Well I'm in the same boat. Kaelin my ankles. Let me stand up straight at anytime so you start to zoom. We'll do extra time Yoga with Kaelin Car Reminder Wednesdays extratime trivia night of course every single day Masako dot com pump. You full of in less than soccer content noon is the around on twitter which Kaelin mentioned a two PM. It's a player chat on instagram. Live tomorrow is another. Ms Classics Remix. Alan Gordon is GonNa Join Myself Charlie. Davies that epic. La San Jose California classic. Oh With shirt pull off in the late goals just a normal California classical of those era so Thanks for listening. Thanks to practice for Sharon. All his experience and awesome story McGill Bar and stopping by helping us out with Minnesota United. All the current teams Mount Rushmore. Done next week dearly. Beloved and the overall MLS Mount Rushmore. And we'll also create that greatest team of all time bracket but that route here have good weekend everybody.

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