Gronk + Belichick, Cowboys' draft options, Jordan criticizing Pippen, Tony Boselli joins


Speak for yourself from the CRIB. Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley on a Hump Day. Happy Windy the U. of America. Are we have an awesome show plan for you today? Fox Sports College football analyst Brady Quinn's GonNa stop by this show and talks fell draft a very special guest about forty minutes from now. Tony Sally the all time great off. It's tackle who came down with corona virus and had to go to the Mayo Clinic. We're GONNA pull up in his crib down in Florida and interview him. You don't WanNa miss that. But we're going to start by going out to Ohio and our man. Eric Mun Jean Georges from his grab and that is the same. Eric Mangini you see on this show is now one meal man. Genie Madsen one meal with mom was like weighs about one hundred. Eighty five pounds. Awesome having here guys. Let's talk about the big news in the NFL. Rob Gronkowski reunited with Tom. Brady this is amazing. This is incredible. The New England Patriots Bill Belichick. Yesterday trade's gone cows to the Tampa Bay buccaneers for a fourth round. Pick of course GRONKOWSKI retired. All of last year dropped a bunch of weight now. He says he's back up to two hundred and sixty pounds. Can't wait to reunite with Tom. Brady down and ample southside. Gronkowski retired a year ago claiming his body and injuries and he just couldn't put up with it anymore But now he reappears tamper with Tom. Brady I'm wondering if any of this is a bad luck or bill belichick and the Patriots away the two greatest patriots breath. I take that back John. Hannah would be my number two but the two major to the modern era have both relocated. Tampa Bay away from bill village battling for ballot check and the Patriot way myself. Not an off is not because the they're going down to Florida and their retirement home in Tampa Bay both of these guys collectively with all that they've earned and the equity that they've gotten from their experience with the Patriots so the Patriot Way. If you're in it to win it you have to do with the Patriot. Way has been the most successful model we seen in football but at the same time doesn't mean it is the most fun you can have in that journey to success but let's be real. We've all grown up around. People who have more funding US didn't sacrifice the same didn't dedicate themselves the same and most if not all of those people who have more fun. Us turned out to not be much. So that's how the game goes and I'm a guy who didn't get into the NFL. Experience focused on necessarily getting a super bowl trophy. But those who did you do it the Patriot way. That's going to review the most reward. So look at these guys. Now they have the equity. They can't lose even if they go to Tampa Bay and fall flat on their face. Both of these guys. They're still New England patriots superbowl champion six times and three times over. So there's nothing for these guys to really risk except going out the way that they want to have fun. This is absolutely on brand for the Patriots and for Bill Belichick. He takes an asset. That wasn't doing anything and it translates that into a fourth round draft pick. He wasn't gonNA come back and play New England and that's fine but he's able to trade in Tampa Bay get ten million dollars. Nine million dollars would have potentially come on the cap at the unretired enforced to make decisions. It gets that off of the CAP and then he. He translates it into an asset eight. Oh from from Gronkowski standpoint. He goes down to the Tampa Bay making nine million dollars. There's no state income tax. You know you realize after a year off it's hard to make nine or ten million dollars just doing. Wwe endorsements like bed so. I'm sure that that's a lot more attractive. And your year further way for a all the the Danes and things that heard anything. Okay I can go do it one more time so to me. This is not a reflection on the patriot. Way At all if anything. It's completely on brand to bill does listen. I I hear all that and Love Bill Belichick. Then have to apologize to anybody for the way he operates the way he runs the Patriots. He's the greatest coach. Perhaps we've ever seen in sports history certainly the greatest coach in Nfl. History in football history. I I don't want to take any shots. Bill Belichick however. I do think this is fascinating that Tom Brady got one up. Maybe the most respected player in the NFL in the last twenty or thirty years clearly has said that he started thinking about leaving New England a year ago he wanted out of their. Here's Gronkowski Fun. Loving one of the greatest tight ends we've ever seen in all of football. He tire of doing it. The Hatred Way and the bill. Belichick way retires and then magically reappears in Tampa within two three four weeks after Tom Brady lands there. Some of this to me is a look of light. Hey if Brady and GRONK are tired of Belichick and the Patriots way there is a message being centered around the League and so I- This to me is a bit of a bad look at look. Bill check and afford a boatload of bad luck coast and nine super bowls. He's one six one two as a defensive coordinator it would take a Lotta bad looks for anybody to diminish what Bill Bella check as cop was but I do think there is a slight bad luck of two of all time greats better somewhat saying just not any fun playing in New England anymore. You can only take so much of that. We have been watching on the program earlier and he played seven of his sixteen seasons in New England and said that he was kind of worn out after his first six years in New England. He Circle back late in his career. I do think this is somewhat without diminishing bill belichick. This is somewhat of a bad look for the Patriots is think this I'm sorry coach. I do think this maps onto what would our world is in terms of what it takes to climb that mountain of success in life is not the same thing it takes to stay at the top. Say at the apex and I think that right. Now you're just saying mentality of two guys who they're like look we. We put all that we had to get to a certain place but now that we're here that equity that I've talked about before something that they want to cash in so the success of the Patriots is amazing. But all that glitters ain't gold. They're certainly underneath surfaces layers as we're learning from watching the MJ documentary throughout their dynasty that the surface level is not the only level in which people are feeling are are really experiencing that greatness so this is just two guys who have so much in the bank in terms of accolades success accomplishment and football decided. Finally maybe we want to cash some of this in and they have to do it somewhere else because we know how bill runs his bank. You're not cashing in at equity. I sent it a long time ago when when it came to. Tom Brady and his negotiations. You can't go through twenty years of a benefiting from bills ruthless approach to player personnel. And and he moved out from Great Patriots whether as see more of Rabaul or take your picky traded a bunch of way Logan Mankins. He traded the Tampa Bay. See can benefit from that and then be surprised when it happens to you so they had a disagreement as to what his worth should be. I think with with Gronkowski. You do spend a year from the game. You're not making anywhere near as much Monday if a chance to go do that again. With with a friend with a guy that you ever relationship with in a place that has no state income tax to me. That's more opportunistic than any sort of indictment on on New England. And look they're gonNA experience something different in Tampa Bay and it's one of those things where the grass isn't always greener when you go to a new place. Yeah it may be Shinier and and it may look better but winning is a lot of fun and those guys are used to that type of fun will say Marcellus you reference something the Michael Jordan last-chance documentary what went on with its cargo balls and their dynasty. There were some obviously some analysts Michael Jordan. Jerry Krause Scottie. Pippen Jerry Krause. I don't know if this is the right word if if Brady and GRONK wants to embarrass Bill Belichick but do you think they'd like to humble him and prove that it wasn't justice system. There's a another way to win games in the NFL. I don't think they're trying to embarrass him. I don't think trying to humble them. Trying to enlighten him. That there are different ways of this mountain. We understand that the Patriot way is been the most successful model. But that's not been the only way up the mountain in terms of how you go through that process and the level of enjoyment you may have and success and we go back to the dynasties and eighties and the forty niners. I remember hearing stories. About how the forty niners had contact lists practices in never hit after September. And everyone was like what? How do they win championships like that? Meanwhile in New York and Bill parcells. They're dying every single day on the field to get a couple of championships so many ways up the mountain in terms of the way to approach the game. So we look at the documentary as well. Everyone praises Michael Jordan and his killer instinct and how he went out there and was assassinated but then we also have to respect Magic Johnson and his five championships and how he did with a smile and kissing opponents before the game is still went out there and gave you bucket so I think if anything GROP Tom Brady. One show bellichik. Hey you can smell it. On the way this mountain and enlighten him to a different way bills about the sixty nine years old. I don't think he's GonNa Change that much. I might experience as it will get older. They tend to get more Resoluted in in what they believe in and I don't think there's a function of of trying to necessarily embarrass bill. They want to do well in in their opportunity that they have and and that's not a function of needing to embarrass someone else by them. Doing well I think one of the things they both have to consider is not embarrassing themselves. They're going to a situation where a ton is going to be expected for him because of what they've done in a completely different system in a completely different environment and they're gonNA have to be able to deliver at that that same level and with with Gronkowski to the past three seasons. What do you have forty five catches and twenty five catches and three touchdowns and two of those three seasons now? He's a season away so after see where he is. And you know how well? Tom Adjusted to the new environment. As well and this is a this is a completely different situation. Because you can't spend time in the building he's GonNa come in and have to adjust everything with very limited exposure and who knows what kind of off season guys very quickly. Because we gotTA GO. We gotta get to break ten fifteen seconds each. Is this going to work for Brady and Gronkowski? I think expectations are high. Now it's with all these weapons. It's about winning the Super Bowl. Do you think this is going to work? There moved to Tampa Marcellus Eric very quickly. I think it's GonNa work. I think the expectations of the Super Bowl Championship or too lofty with this off. Season with all the integration of key. Parts so fast. I think just making the playoffs and threatening others being a contender if she should expect. Yeah the expectation has playoffs that that. I think it's got a good chance of working if the expectation is that they're GonNa win the Super Bowl. I think that's too much to ask for At this point and with the environment we're in air look call Integration Manzini Genie kicking one mill. Whitlam stick around Brady Quinn. Sports College football expert. He's GonNa join us from his crypt. Speak yourself from the career presented by Hyundai more after this. You're working from home or work on your fitness. You want what you're listening to to be what you're listening to. And not what your roommates neighbors. Children or significant others are listening to everyone. Needs a great pair wireless ear buds but before you go dropping hundreds of dollars on a pair you need to check out the wireless ear buds from rake on my own hair of Ray con ear. Buds are better and easier to use than anything else I've tried. They're comfortable and easy to set up and work seamlessly with all of my devices. Have a pair of wireless ear. 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Utah quarterback Jordan. Love and with the cowboys be interested in taking love insane as a guy that might not be ready to play as a rookie but has a lot of upside. Should the cowboys targeted quarterback with the seventeenth? Marcel Man. No really don't like that for anybody who's taken at the cowboys with the seventeenth. Pick in the first round. Go try and draft a franchise quarterback where they already have a franchise quarterback and also have them in a favorable situation in terms of contract if you WANNA look at it for the long term. Dallas wants to give them a five year deal. He wants a four year deal. Whatever that is going to be one hundred sixty two two hundred million dollars. That's just the way the game goes for a franchise quarterback going forward that said if they don't WanNa go long term they just WanNa keep a short term. They can franchise them as did this year and next year that will be two years. Seventy million dollars once again. Favourable term for a franchise quarterback why would Dallas WanNa roll the dice on Jordan? Love to see if he could become what is. This is baseless. Nowhere drafted a quarterback at seventeen. This is all about leverage. This is the Dallas cowboys trying to do one of two things. Either push data come to the table and they go shape or lower what he's asking for or they're trying to convince change that and they might potentially be in the market for quarterback at that spot and if Jordan love drops down to them they could potentially take him and so maybe they're looking for some trade partners to potentially trade up say Jordan love so they could trade back and accumulate. Some more picks. So I think it's really accomplishes. Twofold one putting pressure on Dag with the possibility of them taking a quarterback this year strap but also letting people out there know that they potentially could be in the market trade back. I don't read into this as almost anything with gyda minute. I think the Dallas Cowboys are GonNa Take Best Player available at that spot. If they can't move back Baxter quarterback they'll come to an agreement at some point. This league is all about. What have you done for me lately? Fortunately George loves film this past year even though he does have some legitimate excuses. It's not enough to convince them that. He's a must take quarterback and player at that spot for the Dallas cowboys. They've already got their quarterback disagree with both of you. All Dash had a career. Year is greatest year and the cowboys didn't make the playoffs. And now he wants to be the highest paid quarterback in football the highest paid player in football. They can't reach an agreement. I wouldn't blame him for taking a quarterback at seventeen during love somebody. They don't really have a backup quarterback and you just don't know what Dax future is made me back at his best leads to eight mate so I wouldn't have a problem with it. Let's move on to the San Francisco. Forty niners and their general manager. John went who publicly acknowledged pretty transparent bed. He and head coach Cow Shanahan's talked about the possibility of acquiring. Tom Brady this off season and moving on from Jimmy. Garoppolo Lynch and Shanahan eventually after twenty four hours or fall agreed they lie. Jimmy Garoppolo stay. The course we're not gonNA make the move for. Tom Brady Brady Quiz smart for the forty niners to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo over Tom Brady. Yes and by the way this is. What good general managers and coaches do they go ahead and they exhaust all efforts looking at improve their team and make the roster better city talk about these sort of we call hypothetical situations. Even though there could have been a legitimate chance. They could have gotten Tom Brady. But if found out that it wasn't a good fit for them and it's honestly probably not when you look at CAL Shanahan system. What he likes to do with a lot of the move. The pocket Boots and things of that nature that Tom Brady is not going to be doing it. Forty two forty three years old now. That's not to say that cost. Shanahan would be able to work. Assist them around Tom Brady. That would allow them to be effective or good on that team. But I think they're better off right now at Jimmy Garoppolo because problem for the forty niners is. Let's say they were going to make that Mu. He was still has to be the quarterback market if this year essentially next year the solve that problem again and meanwhile you've got Jimmy Garoppolo under contract for three more years out of economic value when you look at with Dak. Prescott is asking for what you just talked about. And then Russell Wilson and then everyone area quarterback that comes up and so it keeps setting that bar higher and higher and higher so I I think for Jimmy Garoppolo. At his first year starting sixteen complete games to help his team go to a super bowl. I think it's only upside from here for me with Jimmy Garoppolo. I think they're better off staying with Jimmy G. Yeah definitely smarter. Staying with Jimmy G. Bear on a different calendar different schedule than the Tampa Bay buccaneers in terms of why today roll the dice for Tom. Brady at this age is because they didn't even make the playoffs versus the team that was in the fourth quarter leading a super bowl. So why would you wanna hit the reset button in any respect by trying to acquire Tom Brady as Brady just said you will be back a quarterback market in a year or two trying to find who's next? Who's next right now on your roster and is Jimmy G. Who has the highest winning percentage of all quarterbacks ever after twenty five gave more than even a young? Tom Brady so they're smart to stay pat. If for all the reasons you guys said. I think it's definitely smart. Jimmy Garoppolo I think he's a little loose with the football but the guys still just twenty seven twenty eight twenty nine years old. He's still prime minister financially. It works out better for you. He's on a good contract. Good deal I agree with you. Guys are. Let's move onto Marcellus quarterback in the upcoming draft to a tongue. Biolo- tour is a mystery to a lot of people is injury. Prone guy is easy to shore is a left-hander vm. Is that a problem. Being a left handed quarterback for Brady star Sol. Tell us who tool it is and why to violence is the lane and what I think. He's going to be one of the next superstars if it can stay healthy. That's the caveat here right because of the hip injury but if he can stay healthy. I do think he's GonNa be one of the next superstars as a quarterback at the NFL level. When you really break down his game you look at some of the skills you try to compare and to some of the quarterbacks that already playing within the League I mean the guy that I see the most of them move around and by time or create is Russell Wilson dating back to Russell. Wilson's time at NC state and really with Scott's you saw some of that now they're throwing motions are entirely different Russell. Russell Wilson is much longer motion whereas to is much more compact. But this kid's jot the complete package and I think teams are more apt to look at a quarterback of his stature. Not being the tallest or the heaviest our biggest. And they're okay with that because of some of the intangibles that he brings so I do think if he's able to stay healthy he's going to be one of the neck superstars at the next level. But you know that's a big question mark right now because we don't know the situation circumstance that he's entering in sale and that might be the biggest question. Mark Foreign is not just the hip but if he does in place behind a bad offensive line even as mobile as he can't be you like we've seen on film that could be a big time injured issue for a guy that could get banged up and may never reach his capability. Nfl level. Yeah I I think. He's the next great quarterback superstars even better way of describing him I if you look at what. The future of the quarterback position looks like in terms of success and accolade. We obviously have Patrick Mahomes. You have the Shah Watson right there. Lamar Jackson and if you want to say a future mount rush- more based on these youngsters who are going to be great at the at the put to was named in there as well he'll be the fourth one of that group because he throws the football better than anyone. I've seen coming out of college in terms of accuracy in terms of how he displays his mental Accu Men. Reading the defense is being able to do it all. There's not one conversation anyone is having to translate and his game to the pro level. Only conversation is will he be durable enough and no one knows that answer for him or any other prospect so if he can stay healthy trust me. He'll be owned that. Mount Rushmore Future quarterbacks. Just like the other. Three to tunnel is the most confused quarterback in this draft and I say that not trying to take the giant Potshot at two guy but Joel. Klatt said something on this show last week that I found interesting and rang true for me to talk about all the things. He's Steve Young thanks. He's Russell Wilson and facts are. He's not. He's not that mobile of a quarterback and he needs to tailor his game or limit his game a little bit more. He keeps getting hurt when trying to leave the pocket. He's not a running quarterback Steve Young. He's not even on Russell Wilson's level. And if he doesn't start changing the way he views himself and start understanding what his limitations are these injuries that have piled up on him at Alabama are gonNA pile up even quicker if he decides to get out of the pocket in the NFL and some of these guys on these NFL get a hold of his career will be short unless that confusion goes away. Brady thank you so much for joining us today. Look forward to having you back. Great job has some fun down in Fort Lauderdale. I won't become back. Jimmy Jackson is GONNA join US Dardanelles question of the day. Anybody got a problem with Michael Jordan and his light criticism of Scottie. Pippen can be first two episodes of the last chance documentary. I speak for yourself from the crib presented by a third question. While I just speak for yourself from the Crib Jason Marcellus Wiley happy Wednesday Eitam now for Dardanelles question of the day. We'll go out to his CRIB. And the CRIB. I'm Jim Jackson Darnell Jim. I offer land documentary about Michael Jordan. The Bulls got a lot of people talking about Scotty. Business conflict with bulls management in the fail. Michael Jordan actually criticized pippen for having surgery late and miss a part of the season but some are now criticising Jordan Draymond Green. Sandy was disappointed when Jordan outfitted the GM You have a problem M J. I don't have a property. I think people are disappointed because it is M J in probably at the time he said. But we all know that in situations like that when there's turmoil you're not really gonNA speak on his bad time because you don't want to disrupt the apple cart and so to speak. I mean you see right now with what's going on with Draymond and K. D. during during the time those two guys are trying to downplay what was happening within the locker room concept. Okay but now you remove yourself from the situation here a lot more things. GonNa coming out. This is typical in sports. Because at the time of what may be going on as a team you understand what Scottie. Pippen was going through Ebay. It may be wrong on your end. What he's doing. But you're not going to kind of put him out there. We could Deandra Hopkins Right now with football. He's talking about. He didn't have a relationship with bill. O'brien for six years during the course of the season. You didn't talk about it but post that time. Now it all comes out so I you know for me. I don't like calling plays out but I understand. The dynamics of what's going on a wide comes out later in regards to Michael boyfriends opinion rather than during the time of the event that it was happening a why they chose it clean. Keep things in house. I would dream on. I did have a problem with it. Look watching Michael Jordan. Talk about something that happened. Twenty plus years ago had me cringing just because he was being hypercritical of a teammate that he knew exactly what his teammate was going through and filling at that time and all this time that has elapsed has not resolved that feeling of blame or Michael Jordan. Trying to make Scottie. Pippen responsible for all of his actions based on how he was feeling about his contract being underpaid. If you're Michael Jordan. You have to look at this situation with some empathy whistle respect for your teammate and his perspective so. I thought that was Scotty. Pippin did was not just passive aggressive this place aggression and it was really unfortunate because he took it out on his teammates. He took it out on the team. So it was understandable. Michael Jordan felt a certain way. But then what you should justify his behavior or lease let time. Dissolve animus towards. His behavior is the fact that you understand why he did it in the first place so all crimes are not committed with the same intention and this was one that obviously the players had the suffered through but in reality. You know why Scottie. Pippen had to go to those limps not thought he was show a little more compassion than Jordan did. I WANNA animal context before I comment on list. I want to be crystal clear with people with Michael. Jordan was playing. I'M A HARDCORE INDIANA. Pacer Fan I did not like Michael Jordan just as a fan. I've turned into this Michael Jordan defender. Damn near Groupie. Because I feel like I'm forced to almost say doing here. Jan Michael Jordan to me has done absolutely nothing wrong. Here in the town was going on. He showed Scottie Pippen. Great support by figuring out a way to keep the Bulls competitive while Scottie. Pippen was trying to handle his business while he was going at it with bulls management. He handled at the time. This never came out now. Even at fifty six fifty seven fifty eight years old whatever Jordan is even now. He's being loyal to Scotty Pippin. This alleged criticism very mild but also needs to be understood in the context of the first two episodes of this documentary. And what we think is. GonNa be the rest of the documentary. Michael Jordan is taking a massive shot at Jerry. Krause and Jerry REINSDORF. He's heavily involved with this documentary and it is a shot at the incompetence and the greed and the bigotry of Jerry. Krause and Jerry REINSDORF. That's what the last chance DOC is. He is defending Scottie. Pippen with his documentary and pointing out the stupidity of these two guys that ruined his dynasty now in his fifties and one day Dr Male. You'll be there and others to be there. You Start Looking back things. In retrospect and start thinking how. I should have handled it. And so I'm sure Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and had the conversation like you know what man we were going for a second three peat. It was over with at that point in terms of you ever getting the money out of Jerry Reinsdorf so you. Having this surgery late really served no purpose you would have been better off just playing it out. 'cause you relieve at anyway again ended up getting your money from Houston and Portland and other places. There was a better way to handle it in that season. That what Scottie Pippen. And I guarantee you Michael Scottie. I've had this conversation and probably agree. I just don't see shot here at Scotty. Pippin I see Michael Jordan loyal to him in ninety seven ninety eight and in twenty twenty a big dump on Jerry Krause Jerry. Reinsdorf hats off the Michael Jordan with to the picket a step further to during that time. He did. Come out and support Scotty. Even when the doctor said you know okay? Let's take a look and see if it will Heal itself before we go to surgery but during the course of the year he tried to figure out Michael Jordan way. The team has to still continue to win games. But it's got without but if you look at society in itself in business it happens across the board you have disgruntled employees who leave later whether they're a partner in the law firm at their doctor. It didn't matter when they're going through some kind of turmoil with the company. They kind of support the narrative of the company at that time. But if you just away or five years away from the situation they're going to kind of spill the beans on what's been going on. I guarantee you a little bit later at the Tom. Brady retire. Okay it's GONNA be. Some pain said about his tenure in time at New England that he would not say at the time that he was there he may sound like. There's somebody under the bus. But he's Jimmy context on what he felt at the time and how he's building now is it right. I'M GONNA say is right. But his natural we see all the time across the board whether it's sport whether it's politics or whether it's business they you jim are. We gotTA keep it moving towards an all time great. Nfl offense attack oh former USC TROJAN IS GONNA join us from his crib down in Florida and tell us how he survived. The Corona virus. Speak for yourself from a career presented by Hyundai more after this speak for yourself from the crib presented by Hyundai time to pull off down in Florida right outside of Jacksonville. And let's talk to Tony Boselli former NFL rape a member of the one thousand nine hundred ninety. All decade team also left tackle. Tony but you're now known for you came down with and you survived the corona virus. You wait. You're a triathlete. You're one of the greatest time. How did YOU COME DOWN WITH CORONA? Well first of all listen to this. Put the brakes on the triathlete. That was a long time ago right when I got football. I'm back again and so I'm gonNA place all your diet going there but yeah I mean who's crazy. I mean the whole thing starts with you know you hear about this Krono virus. I wasn't worried about it much and I started feeling sick and found out that I was at an event where someone had it and next thing I knew I and I come back operative. My wife was fathered by two boys ended up getting it and even after. I got it you know I didn't think much of it because I'm healthy and forty seven years old. It's not a big deal and a couple days later ended up in the ICU. At Mayo Clinic Soza crazy process. What did this experience teach you about yourself? Well I'll tell you makes you appreciate Every day and the people around you the people who you know family and friends because the uncertainty of what was going on was eye opening to me because I go to the hospital after my doctor told me to go and I I in the emergency room and they take x rays in my lungs and they say you need the ICU. And next thing I know all these smart doctors telling me they don't know what's going to happen to me and they're put me on oxygen all these drugs. I'm thinking what do you need? You don't know what's going to happen like I could die from this. And he realized how those people are dying from this virus so it makes you have some serious conversations with God and also makes us all right. There's no guarantees in this life. Let's enjoy this. Enjoy what you got and family and friends and make the most of it now Tony. Let's stay with this experience like physically. What did you feel? How was your body feeling when you were experiencing this remember when you play up my you can't breathe? You can't catch your breath endeavor game I mean that's so I mean so it's like all of a sudden I'm you know one day I wake up. My lungs were full of fluid. And I'm I'm not saying I can't breathe but my leasing and it's a struggle. You is the best way to say it and when I got to that point is you start hearing the report Gary. Plus your whole body just feels like you have the flu. I guess I mean you're you're sore. You're tired see teague and and so it was as bad as I've ever felt and and what you go through it you know feeling healthy again is tell you. That's one of the things. I won't take for granted because you know process. You know maybe really realize that health is something that is a blessing and it's a gift in the and we have and it's pretty good now. You ended up at the Mayo Clinic as you said and I'm certain that your mind had to go to some dark places. Did you ever think you might not recover? Yeah your mind. Goes really dark places when they came in and said they had to up the oxygen levels. I was on wasn't enough and in the pulmonologist came in and said. Hey we're not sure with viruses GONNA do. We're going to do our best attack and want to wait and see at that moment. You know the thought of is going to die in the ICU by myself. Because your family's not there and you have to fight those thoughts and I thought that's I think we're my face came in and you you know you have those conversations you start praying and you try to stay positive because it's a battle that one and if you give into the negative thoughts it's not going to be good for anybody now. I need you to put your doctor's hat on because your and your two sons also contract. The Corona Butcher. Three daughters didn't so what theories have you come up with didn't contract it either? They got it and they're a symptomatic like a lot of people are or they have great immune systems in the history of mankind. Because they were you know. My two boys came home from college there on spring break which creates a chaotic situation in my house because my three girls are princesses or quiet. They're so good. I boys are nuts in so here. We are this house all sick in my girls doing all the work. I mean they're serving US making food cleaning up and somehow they never got it or they never got sick. So we're actually as soon as he is an antibody test. Come out in a more widespread. We're GONNA get him tested. And maybe they got it and they were saying but I'm glad that they'd have to go through it now. What precautions are you taking any concern that you can catch it a second time? No I'm not concerned about it. I mean I actually just did. Some blood work today again. at the Mayo Clinic to find out about the antibodies. I have very high in anybody. Count Anybody's count. And so they say right now noon. How long did immunity will last? But right now I you know my antibody level is high enough where I'm GonNa Start giving donating blood and and the plasma so they can spin out the antibodies for really sick people in so. I'm waiting to hear when I start giving giving blood so that hopefully can help some people so right now. I think I'm okay and so you know I'm still trying to be smart. You know because half the people you know you go out and I'm trying to ride my bike a little bit. Get some exercise bill by lung. Patsy backed up and people look at both think. Oh there's the there's the corona guy you know try to try to respect what I want to say he's listening. I'm the safest human being to be around right now because I already got it and do have the antibodies. But you know so. We're trying to be smart about it and We'll see what comes where it goes. Tony let's move to your career. It was an incredible seven year. Run in the NFL but probably a little shorter to make you a first ballot hall of Famer. You've been a finalist or times. Go ahead and be a little arrogant. Make your case. Why should Tony Boselli be in the hall of fame? Well I mean I'm going to be careful because you know it's one of those things that self promoting I mean it sounds Jason. Your offense law. That's really what we do. And that's the defense guys. The wide receivers were soft boat. I mean but I think the greatest thing I could say you know my career what's meant most me is the guys I played against all Fain said Sam all Famer I played in an era where some of the best tackles played the game. One that you jason from really got behind Willie wrote was coming up for fame is a great player. We played is anti enduring. That great era. I was first team all pro several times and so I think those are the things you know my peers. What they say about me. The guys who played the position that means more than anything. Obviously I want to be in the famed. One day hall flew at happens it it works out but it's really that's up to the voters and we'll wait apt tony. I want to tell you the story. This one of my favorite stories in the world. It's it's something you probably don't know about but I wanna get your reaction to this story so everyone always asked me. Who was the best tackle ever played against an icee Walter Jones? But they don't ask me is. Who's the best tackle I've ever seen or valuated are scouted and it was you Tony Boselli? So let me give you a little back story on this in Nineteen ninety-six. You played against the buffalo bills in the playoffs. And you went against the Bruce Smith and Bruce didn't have a sack in that game and you guys want their playoff game. You come back in nineteen ninety-seven. I'm a rookie. I'm not getting a lot of reps especially in past situations. I'm just there for the run and I remember that was important game to Bruce and he was looking forward to going against you again in ninety seven. You shut them down again. Two Times Bruce Smith and Tony Boselli fast forward to the next year. We're playing you and nineteen ninety eight and now member APPs I'm going against. Yeah and I was living there watching you scouting you and in the middle of scouting you. Bruce says Marcellus. Sit Show as down this week. You are not going against him. He's all mine because he wanted to. Finally get one you sell. Let me tell you the true when he said bad to me. Everyone thought I should've felt embarrassed. I was so relieved because I was like. I do not want to go against that. Damn animal on the field now. That her time he finally got a sack on you but when you hear the Great Bruce Smith had to go through that and much of a mid to anxiety during against you make you feel now. He's a great player. I mean he's one of the best ever. I always loved playing against them. And I've never been more scared going into a game as a second year player. Nineteen ninety-six defensive. Mvp and no one had blocked them all year. So I had a good game. It was fun. I like playing him like getting nasty with the physical and I'd like to know back. Look that their game or sells it might have been a coverage sack. I mean I'm not sure you know you gotta go the whole ball of by the way. It's not like you had any day at the beach. He had to go on the other side of goods. Leon who was you know wasn't easy to go get my man big serves either really tell. I thought I was actually doing better and I was like. This is hail over here as well so strong right plus his putter is is take your heart is still you? Break your chest plate. Would that is yes. Tony really appreciate the time we run out of time. Sadly Marceau's probably doesn't know vis but coming out of college a lot of people call. Tony Basilic the next Jason Whitlock Marcellus. I watched your tape a ball state and you're a big influence of what not to do at left tackle and so all those things I saw you. I said I think it'd be a great player if I don't do that. And then talk to. Joe Walsh Mangum played against you at ball state. He said listen. I played against this guy named Jason. I'm telling you you're going to be a great player because you're nothing like him so I gotta go. Jimmy's around the corner. Don't go anywhere. Speak for yourself boy after this.

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