Dan Patrick Show - Hour 1 - Jim Thome (10-24-18)


It's all about me. Dan, Patrick gas, there is more where that came from. Click back for new episodes. All week log, Tuesday, an energy company raises many questions. You can make electricity and natural gas work smarter. Where can I find a company that's easy to do business with knows the market best has options to fit my needs who millions of homes and businesses. There's one answer constellation decades of market intelligence and proven solutions on at trusty energy leader, energy efficient, simple, inciteful, and flexible. That's what makes constellation America's energy choice. Learn more constellation dot com slash energy. Broadcasting from the Mercedes men came. This is Dan. Patrick, welcome to the program. Our one on this Wednesday, Dan, Dan inch, Dan, Patrick show got a lot of things to talk about Patrick Mahomes the chiefs quarterback will join us coming up. Adrian Peterson will join us and hall of Famer. Jim Tony from the major league baseball network ill recap. What happened? Last night. Red Sox dropped the dodgers. They go up one, oh game to coming up tonight. We'll dissect that coming up in a moment. Say good morning to our radio French three hundred and thirty six cities around America. Our TV partners, the NBC sports network and also direct TV audience number channel. Two thirty. Nine danettes are here mclovin have a poll question. Got a stat of the day play of the day. All of that coming up. Blake Griffin dropping fifty on the seventy Sixers. Last night, limited basketball. The Lakers tried to get into the win column. This season. They got the Phoenix Suns coming up tonight last night too. Oh, baseball's. Premier pitchers squared off to great left-handers, Clayton Kershaw and Chris sale. And in today's game, you knew it was unlikely that these guys would go to deep into the game and feels like if you go five, it's like that's old school going nine. Both teams pulled the races in the fifth inning. Red Sox ended up winning eight four in what turned out to be a battle of the bullpens and it's become commonplace to turn over games to the pin early. I mean, we saw what happened with the Milwaukee Brewers with Craig counsel, their manager in the postseason. It just feels like that this is more I don't under the spotlight feels like that. We exacerbate this that the bullpens are going to play a pivotal role. The analytics played a role last night costs. The dodgers. I think back to Bob Gibson and I know this is I'm get off my lawn kinda guy. The cardinals legend started nine World Series games. He completed eight of them. They don't build them. Bob Gibson anymore. But even if you had a Bob Gibson now, you'd never know it because the managers go, how many pitches lefty? Righty. How's this? Matchup what's going to happen later in the game? You know, if we can bring in this, you reliever, then it's gonna take that guy out of the lineup. So the new trend is is fun. If you like strategy now does break up the flow of a game. The rhythm of a game that probably bothers me more than anything because you're just you're settling in and watching something and you hope you gotta pitching matchup and then you realize you don't. You have pitching's in pitcher matchups here. It's just an, you're also going left. He writing dodgers. All right handed batters I think that's the first time in World Series history. All right handed batters no switch hitters in there, but that's because they're trying to counteract with Chris sale. But you know, the dodgers are taking left-handed batch out of the lineup, which I thought was interesting. And you got three guys who hit over twenty five home runs this year. And they're not playing because of a left left-hander. I don't know if that's going to be the case with David price tonight. I'm going to say probably not, but you know, Muncie and Peterson and Cody Bellinger. I mean, those are big ticket items there that you're not putting in there against Chris sale. And granted sale is great against left handed hitters, but man, at some point you have to say, I think my guy is just as good as their guy and with what I saw was sale last night, and I did strike out some guys. They get seven strikeouts seven or eight, but I still have to play the odd seer of getting my better player in there or better players. So we'll see how that works beyond the game is changing right before a very us. And it's a shame that we're not looking at starting pitching the way we once did. And that is you give the guy ball and you go out there and, hey, I want to close. When's the last time we had a complete game in the World Series. Did you find that McLeod still? Efforting. Okay. Shouldn't be that hard to find. In other words, we have in. For an effort now. So what I ask at about eight thirty two this morning east coast time. Okay. Kind of slipped by during breakfast. Okay. All right. Sorry, I don't ask much. I think that's the only thing I ask for today. Pretty much. Okay. I gave you the the, the Rams schedule. That was a good find that's not hard to find, and that's not hard to find, but thank you though. I'm guessing maybe Justin Verlander is the last guy Madison Bumgarner. I don't know. Those are the names that stand out doesn't take long to call role of somebody who's going to complete a game in the World Series. Yeah, I got. I got a Johnny Cueto mixed in here. Johny chrome wheels, Johnny Cueto is the last time I did it in two thousand fifteen according to this. Okay, Google. I'm going to double check that. Didn't do it last year. Let's see. Berlin. Alright, dodgers Red Sox coming up tonight. So sale in Kershaw both go four sale allowed. Three runs five hits. He struck out seven had ninety. One pitches Kershaw, five run seven hits. He struck out five through seventy nine pitches and the the eighth time kershaw's loud five or more runs in a postseason game. But the dodgers started. All right handed batters without any switch hitters and that is I am correct the first team to do that in World Series history, which sounds like a stat of the day. Day ahead of the day that passed out of the day stat of the day. Comes that stat of the. Oh, more like a trivia interesting factor the day, but we could go with it. I wouldn't have stat of the day the first team in World Series history to have all right handed lineup, no switch hitters factoid of the day. Ooh, so now we got to come up with factoid of the day sown. Stat of the day brought to you by continental tire, no matter what you drive, how you drive where you drive. They have a tire for you. Continental tire dot com. Proud supporter of the Dan Patrick show. Let's see a couple of the things ally. Apple was traded to the New Orleans Saints. So he's a former first round pick out of Ohio State, and I know everybody made same joke that traded the wrong Eli here. Well, they could trade both. Eli is. Member when John Mara is the coal owner of the New York Giants. And he got a fended when he was asked about tanking. Now, this is last year member when Eli manning got benched and he was asked about he was a healthy scratch, and then the co owner, the giants he was offended that you were asking about were they tanking. I hope somebody gets the opportunity to ask Mr. Mira about tanking this year because I'm guessing you're tanking. Now we just have to come up with another word for tanking because now you can say the process, but that's already they've already cornered the market in Philadelphia, but like the process doesn't sound bad. The process feels like there's progress process progress. We need to come up with a different word for tanking. Because when you say tanking, that's when coaches go. Jon Gruden gets upset about that, hey, we're not tanking. Well, yeah, you are front office tanking. Oh, you know those. Guys play heart member, Derrick jeeter did that, hey, they play hard when he was on with Bryant Gumbel on real sports on HBO. We're not tanking. Those guys play hard. The product you put on the field, they're playing hard. You're just not putting a good product on the field. There's a difference in that. So it's sort of semantics with, you know, owners and coaches in GM's how dare you say we're tanking. Now the raiders are tanking. The giants are tanking. Marlins tanked. We just need to come up with a new word for tanking. Yeah, polling. How about deferring success than words excess seems positive deferring? No, really knows that that means you're putting out there for a few years. We're not tanking. We're just deferring success to a later date gift for two. Is it more palatable if a coach or executive say, we're trying to be more strategic with our effort. And need a better buzzword? Yes, he is it a can't. You just simplify it and go back to when teams were just rebuilding, learn rebuilding, well, they're rebuilding right now. How about reloading. No Senate sounds like you had something Brebner reading, although Boone role on you eat when you boot? That's not good. So you're rebooting. See you're throwing up again. That's not good. Right? Yeah, reboot. I kind of like reloading and were reloading right now. Yeah, but remember that's a that's a gun culture where careful. Okay. Washing bullets or no more rebuilding is pretty foolproof. Rebuilding teams have always been rather rebuilding right now. But do you have like the DIY network? Like, you know, building off the grid, rebuilding off the grid, the New York Giants. A grid alot. Your great iron. Yeah, curated for the future. This very hip for her younger people like that word, rid it by myself. We got to come up with a new word for awful, but I, I love Alevis coaches get all upset when you say it, but, but then if you tell them, you know everybody is up for grabs a bear. Apparently everybody is available on the raiders even though John gruden's not going to say that front office is not going to say that that's the word around the league is make us an offer, and that includes their car. Everybody is available here, but we're not tanking. Their tanking for two years. I mean, that's really tanking. Yes, mclovin I think he got to give him credit that if you're going to take you gotta do it right? They're going, but Sixers process, but don't tell me how dare you say we're tanking. Your tanking, give credit to the saints because you pick up a guy ally. Apple was a top ten pick and he's young. He hasn't lived up to the promise or his own hype, but you're bringing him in saints, have some issues at cornerback and you put him in there. And really this is a matchup for the LA Rams. I think what the saints are doing is we need to match up with the Rams offense. I believe that's what the saints did. Now they got to win their division, but you gotta showdown with the Rams and saints coming up in a couple of weeks. I mean, the saints got the Vikings this weekend and they got the Rams coming up and I do believe what the saints are doing is we're playing chess game here. And if you're bringing in ally, apple, ally, Apple's going to match up with Cooper Cup. So the saints are all in it. That's the word locally. They're all in it in it to win it. And they feel like this might be the best time that best chance they're gonna have to win another Super Bowl tubers. Yes, paulie, how about this face? We're looking to win later rather than sooner. You know, as an all phrase Hicks, a little tool seemed like it looking to win later. It makes Senator transition. Winning on hold. It's like we're people's somebody's. It'd be like, I think you got that backwards. I dunno know we know or dental. We're just not doing it now. MiG glove, and you're right. The last Fisher to complete a game in the World Series. Johnny Cueto of course. That would be the name that comes to mind Madison Bumgarner before that cliff Lee, I'm looking okay here here the years. So twenty fifteen twenty four team. Two thousand nine for cliff -ly two thousand three with Josh Beckett. Randy Johnson in two thousand one. Day. The day comes that what stat of the day. It's like this akitas. You know how many, how often do they come back? Is it seven years for them? That's what starting pitching in the World Series is become devolved into. I phone calls are welcome. Eight, seven, seven, three DP show Twitter handle at DP show. Check out the new and improved. We reloaded the DP show up. We didn't rebuild it. We reloaded it. It was a process. There. We rebooted the DP show app. I love what the the boys in the back of done with it. Check it out and you can download video. If you have a song meet Friday song, you can put that they're in real time. Upload it. Upload video. Yeah, so you don't download video. You can't download video to our app. You can download stuff from our app, but but if you're going to trying to send it to us, it's you upload it. Okay. So you uploaded? Yeah. Like you can't say like, hey, if you wanna go ahead and download your video to our app. Okay, can't do that. Okay, but you can upload it? Yes. Okay. All right. Jim told me the hall of Famer will join us coming up. We'll see what he makes of all the moves last night, the left-hander on the mound. Therefore you put all right handers at the plate. What happened to that lefty lefty matchup there a righty versus righty men again at burn. Dave Roberts last night because bias was bringing some cheese last night and all of a sudden you make the pitching change and Nunez takes him deep. Yeah, fritzy and from someone who had six hundred twelve career home runs, I would think he'd be a little sensitive to three guys who hit twenty five plus this season not starting for the Andre. All right. We'll get to your phone calls. Not Patrick Mahomes which ones coming up slowdown, fritzy, whoa, or segment. Adrian Peterson will join us a little bit later on sixteen after the hour. Just getting started right here on the Dan Patrick show, whether you're competing training or recovering under armor, has created the best performing gear to make you better with two exciting new collections vanish and perpetual under armor is ready to help you focus on performance and take your fitness game to the next level. The Vannes collection is engineered to be more breathable. So you feel lighter unless distracted. It's made with a lightweight quick drying material that won't cling or chafe and stretches without absorbing sweat. 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There's one answer constellation decades of market intelligence and proven solutions, trusted energy, energy, efficient, simple, inciteful, and flexible. That's what makes constellation America's energy choice. Learn more constellation dot com slash energy. I know what you're thinking. Had they won the lottery? Would they be here today working the answer's yes, absolutely. I would. I can't quit you these guys. They can, but I can't. Who was not showing up if they won the lottery last night. Anybody on the other side. Would you be here the next day? So maybe you don't show up maybe show up today. You know what? We're all rider died in. We're all going to be here whether we got a billion dollars in the Bank or no dollars in the Bank. I like it Gladys. Detector I see it right now. This is my face getting rid. We were wondering that let's say somebody won the lottery and your family, and they were going to buy you a gift. So they said, hey, we're gonna get. You can get whatever sports car you want. You can get you a boat or I can redo your basement and give you the ultimate man cave and imagine if you go out and somebody says head, got you this car. I got this. I got you this Mercedes convertible, but it's white. Now you don't like white and you go and I don't get me wrong. I love it. But man prefer you got it in a black. I get it in dark blue. Is that a must shut up situations just take, hey, I got your boat. Look at this. Look at this motorboat. I got you. Man, it's beautiful, but and I'm like a sailboat if I could instead. That's when you go, you don't get anything. So I'm going to take that back like how much do you give to your relatives if you've got, and I got a sizable family tree here. Do you do you give each each member a million in other than the Heisman? I don't know. Five, five million five million each. What do you give? Yeah, pull. I thought about this before Barkley said, if you start giving relatives money, they expect you to keep giving them money forever. Then they'll never stop. What if you, let's say you had a bunch of brothers and sisters and you paid off all their mortgages and setup locked college funds for their kids and say, there you go. So you no longer have a mortgage which is a big deal to an American family and your kids are going to college for free on me. You're on your own after that. I think that's a real nice gift. No matter how much you want in a lottery would if I just gave you a lump sum and said, the rest of it is going to be put away in. It's not going to be acceptable. I mean, the reality of it is if you have that kind of money, people are just going to keep hitting you up for money anyway. Even people that aren't your family members and be like, you got a couple of bucks like a borrow. Yeah, you're not so that that's just going to be sort of what your new life is, but paying off somebody's mortgage and setting up college funds and stuff like that is an awesome thing to do. That's great. But I mean, but are people really not gonna hit you up when they're like, hey, I still somehow messed up. They've ever passport, I'm going to be in Italy. Yeah, yeah. I'm going to go into witness protection Jones. My name, I location. My look go to Kim Kardashian doctor. All of a sudden, I'm a look different. Change my name tonight. Wednesday, night hockey. Star started star studded. That's north of the border. It'll be the Maple Leafs taking on the jets, and then it'll be the lightning. The naming against the avalanche tonight at seven eastern on BCSM still coming up with something different than tanking. It's Chuck Edwards, tweets. How about competitive repositioning? I like that. From Charles Rex AP teams are creating a new recipe for success because I don't want to offend, you know, the giants or the raiders. I don't wanna do that. Austin Dunkin thirty three tweets. If everyone on the raiders is available, what are the chances that Packers tried to get Jordy Nelson back? I thought of it, but I, you know, I make a run at it house Jordi doing this year. See their second best receiver. Mclovin I don't think. I mean, Jared cooks in their best receiver. I think Geordies right in there with Mari. Okay. Maybe you can maybe can make run on him. All right. Your phone calls are welcome. Eight, seven, seven, three DP show Email address t- pit Dan, Patrick dot com. Jim Thome e the hall of Famer will join us coming up mclovin. What's poll? Question two? Can we ask just get it out. There is an Olympics hurting baseball, yes or no. I mean, we had yesterday the pitcher's getting pulled. The lefties aren't starting, feels like things are getting weird. Paralysis by analysis. Sometimes I blame Tony LaRussa. You don't want somebody calls you a genius, then you gotta keep living up to the genius. Because I don't think that Tony LaRussa could ignore analytics. No, you're I always thought, you know, when when a manager says, I have a gut feeling I'm comfortable with that. That's that you're feeling with your team in that moment? I'm comfortable with that. It just feels like, gosh, do we send Kirk Gibson to the plate? He can barely walk. He can barely swing and he's gonna face a hall of Famer in Dennis Eckersley. Now not don't think we're going to send Gabi to the plate here the computer says no, with a guy who's going to the, but you know what the giveaway would have been when geeze using a Walker to get to the plate. That's when you probably thought now this wouldn't be a good idea. Yes. Mclovin that's actually that was an analytics. He's a lefty. If you can get a lefty out on, if you can take him on a stretcher analytic, say, put him out there lefty writing all, yeah, you had your match up there. All right. Jim Thome as working for the major league baseball network coverage from Fenway begins today at three and will feature MLB tonight airing before and after every game they do a great job and it's good to have the hall of Famer back on the program. Jim good morning. How are you. All it's great. How's everything? It's been a long time. My friend other than gold. Great. Yeah. We're just trying to figure this out with the analytics that when you know that you have Chris sale on the mound, the dodgers go all right handed. So I got three guys who hit at least twenty five home runs, and I got the analytic saying, I can't put them up there against Chris sale. What do you make of this. Well, look, I think the analytic have been a big part of where I think we've become where we're heading forward, and it's it's about numbers by the way I would send you be up there just so you know, okay, I was upset and he'll be, I would have seen give up with as they did as Tony as you know is Tommy Lasorda did at the time, but you know the the analytics are interesting because, you know, I also work with the White Sox and and there's a lot of information being put out there. And I think I do believe that that some of it is good. And I do believe that you have to go off of wisdom to time in history and just being around the game. And as you said a minute, I was listening in the gut feeling and I think what made all of those managers great is that they had those gut feelings they had, you know, they may be said, okay, Kirk. Gibson can hit that back door slider, even though he is hurt, you know, Eckersley didn't throw hard, but maybe at that moment he could've done that. You know, granted he was hurt, but he could still get to that wrap around slider that Eckersley through. And he did, which you know that that's why I respect the guys that do have the gut feeling, but all those analytical guys that bring the information down and they put it in front of you. I think there is value to that as well. But would you be sitting out last night's game in your prime if you're facing Clayton Kershaw or Chris sale because it's left the left yo? No, I would not. I would not. I, I hope not. You may not have a choice in it. Your manager might go look, looked at the analytics, Jim, sorry, you're not gonna face Chris sale. Well, that would have been a bummer. I'd be honest and Chris sale look little. Chris sale is a dominant dominant left-hander and there were there were those guys in our time Dan that that like, you know, the Randy Johnson's, you know, when Randy was dominant, those were times that Espinoza would get that star, but overall, but that's when you wanted to sit down Jim when Randy Johnson was on the mound, you're okay if your manager said, hey, well, not mon- mentality, though. I'll be honest. 'cause there's always at one chance that you could come up with a big hit and you know that that's that's where our games headed. I really believe it. I think you know, as you've seen with bullpens I think we've seen it with, you know, with with platoons and and you look across the dodgers, you know, whole staff lineup, they've they've got guys. They got guys that are sitting at our all star and create. To their to their credit that's gotten them there. I just I like the old traditional way. I think you know that. But Jim, I'm looking at this the last five complete games in the World Series. I think we've only had five this this decade in the last decade. I think we've had no. Even in the last since the two thousand one World Series, we've had five complete games in the World Series. Who were those guys, you know, Johnny Cueto Madison Bumgarner cliff -ly, Josh Beckett, and Randy Johnson. Yeah, on the all dominant. I'll be honest. And I, you know, like lift me the smoltine I think smoke he, you know. 'cause 'cause it's multi says a lot of great things and you know that that era that time during our nineties, it's it's just changed so much. And I asked the question, is it because there are more guys now that throw harder and you can keep bringing them out of the bullpen noon, but, but you know, it's to me if I hope that we continue to see, you know what the stat like the five complete games. You know, I gosh. I mean the old traditional starter that could go eight. You just don't see it no more and you don't see it in post-season because of the firepower that these bullpens have that they can go to. Now, the risk that is when you overuse them in. And I know this as a hitter. If you keep running the guy out there and I, we get used to them and we see their tendencies. A guy can still hundred and get hit. So that's the fine line of bringing too many guys in or lot in a seven game series where guys, you know or lineups get, you know, they get used to these guys coming out of the pen. Alex Cora made all the right moves last night. And you know you make that switch. You bring in Nunez, you know, bios was throwing some cheese up there, Jim, and then you bring an Alex wood, and you know it's the three run Homer. That's where it's a gut feeling and look. Dave Roberts has done a great job. But in that moment it just felt like, man, this guy's, you know, he's he's bringing it and I know I got play. I gotta play the the analytics here and not that they lost because of that, but it just sort of, you know that the spotlight shined on that because you sit all your left-handers, you want those matchups and. Didn't work out last night. Now it didn't. It didn't. And that's the fun part. It might tonight, you know, and that's look. I mean, I think I on on the on the game last night. It said managers are getting more scrutinized than ever and and it's because of all the moves that are being made. I, I mean, core has done a fabulous job. I'll be honest. He's kept the game traditional. You know, he's hitting them running. He's, you know, he didn't steal a guy at first base left the whole open. You know, there's just little things that I really think he's done a fine job. And you know, as you will know, Dan, it's all about matchups and you know, but, but are we overthinking the game a little bit? You know, that's that's the question. I think everybody asking the postseason now and especially the last two or three, he's I think it started. I think it started when Andrew Miller was Cleveland. You know, few years back, you know, when Tito was going to Andrew. Like the fifth and the six, that's that's when I really started seeing like the total change of the bullpens completely taking over the post season is Jim told me the hall of Famer working for the major league baseball network as an analyst. I got you one for nine, six strikeouts one home run against Randy Johnson. Well, I got the one Homer, but you know what? I didn't farewell. This is good as he was. Yeah. I mean, you're, you're a at least I got the one, but I got the one later on, you know his career and I was in Philly. So I'll take it no doubt about what is it like when you go when you dig into the batter's box in Randy Johnson on the mound, and he's never in a good mood. So what do you think when you go to the play. I'm thinking as I know as I got us tablist from me, I was thinking, okay, like hang in there. Okay. 'cause he's, he's tall, six, eight, six, whatever he, his height is his arm span like basically throw to the plate. It's coming out at you. And for me it's, you know, get mentally focused, try to try to hit a pitch and don't miss it. And if you miss it, it's not gonna. Be a fun at bat. Look, look, Randy Randy was if not need most dominant left-hander of all time. You know, he was definitely in our time in the nineties through the early. I don't know when Randy retire, but he is. He was incredible. I, he was a tough match up, you know, but but mine mentality was always, I'm still going to compete and yet, and I'm still going to walk to that to play and think I can get no matter. As you read the numbers, which he dominated me, but I'll still think it no doubt which it like at the plate at Fenway when you see that green monster. I, it's, it's kosh I can. I can see it right now after all them years, you look up the green just east see it, you, it's just tradition. I don't know. You know, for me it all just though to it, I was felt like it when you come out of the runway up in the dugout and the first thing you see is the green monster. It just feels like it's a wiffle ball field, like, man, I I can. I can hit one off the wall there. It looks so close. Did you adjust accordingly defend way to try to use the wall? You know what I was just gonna say, gotten typically Fenway got me locked back in to going the other way because you could get beat a little bit and and hit a ball the other way, and it hit the wall or go over it. But it always it always helped me get locked back in wherever I left from there, but in the green monster, like it just was tradition. Man, that's baseball. That's that's as good as it gets who who wins tonight? What's it come down to tonight with this pitching matchup who I gotta be honest. I like price. I really do. I think him pitching the way he did last game. I think you know, he made a few adjustments. I think they pointed that out on the network. You know where he's standing on the rubber and but but but mainly I think he's healthy. I like Boston again, to be honest, I, I, they got a really good club. Man. They do a lot of things right, and they got a lot of firepower and I really like how core has has gotten all them guys in a flow of of the game. The one picture that comes to mind. If I say, man, I owned that guy. Who comes to mind. Oh my God, I feel I don't. Okay. I don't use the word own, but I felt good on Justin. Verlander. Really? Yes. Believe it or not. I still great on Vert Lander, not many people feel. I felt great on Clinton. I would say the one guy and again, I don't try to use the word owned, but Rick Reed back in the day was a guy that I had a ton of success. No, I can understand that. I can understand that, but you said Verlinden Clemens. Yeah. Yeah, I feel I felt good on them. I, I really did. You have seven home runs on Verlinden. Yes. I don't know how many hit off. How many do paulie do we have gyms numbers off clemmie be seven or eight. Seven or eight off Clements I think. Yeah, I'm if I'm if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. I got. In even. Yeah. Well, you hit six hundred home runs. I mean, you had to take somebody deep a few times here. I mean, Paul, you, we have Clements we're checking. We got eight people working on this right now. Okay, I love it. Yes, it looks like he's got eight eight against Clemens. We, we always know right around. Clemens was listening. Now he'd probably want to buzz the tower on you for calling him out like this. That's okay outta. Got right back in. That's that's you big country. Boy. You just get right back up there and you take your cut, you rub some dirt on it Jim, and you're okay. That's right. Yeah, that's right. That's it. It's him in the head. Did anybody throw at you like, did you ever feel like, you know, that's a purpose now. Really. I mean, look, look, I was on the plate. I was all I was all over the place. I wanted to create my strike zone. I, I wanted to leave everything out of the equation of an empire calling the ball away Charlie manual. And I when when when I turned when everything started turning for me for the right direction, I think getting on the plate was the best thing I ever did. And I felt like I controlled the strike zone now. I struck out a bunch, but I still felt that if if they made a mistake, I was going to have the plate coverage to cover the area. I got Samantha, smokin. You want. Think he did. I remember. Yeah, but but okay, who's the guy you're not going out and that you would give pause to go out to the mound. No one. If look look, if I if it's called for and you'll get smoked or you know, like the way the game plays out and you get hit, you go to the. I mean, that's just baseball. That's that's how you're supposed. That's how you earn respect. You know, for you from your teammates, you know if you get hit. I mean, I, I don't think you're every time looking to charge them up. You can get a field during the game. If a guy's purposely like throwing behind you and then you know, like like the Scott in, you know, alternately, you know, that's why retaliate you don't. You don't see, I feel you don't see. You're not seeing a lot of retaliation, but I do. I do believe guys will throw it guys, you know today they will do that for sure. I hope you're having fun with MLB network. Good, have heavy on Jim and congrats for all the success. Cruciate it good talking to you again and you as well. Thank you, bud, Jim Thome e hall of Famer working for MLB World Series coverage at Fenway. They'll be live at three eastern today and they'll be tonight before and after every game we'll come back. Your phone calls got our play the day. 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And so many more listen to these shows on podcast, one sports net or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight thousand news headlights right after this podcast. Entertainment designed just for you, then checkout customizable streaming TV from expanding it makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended, he gives you customizable streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Go to explicity dot com. Call one eight hundred eighty or visit a store today to learn more restrictions, apply. Play. The day. Play play, play. Check this out. Check other runners, the one. Oh. Kgo eight, five, three ranked pitch. Yes. Could you. The Red Sox lead at eight, two, four. Red Sox radio network, and all the right moves one Republic, Alex Cora in chits at weirdo. Nunez in the seventh hits a three run Homer Nunez typically would have gotten the start against the left. He Kershaw Corre wanted to keep the writing on the bench for those matchups. So give credit to Alex Cora for all the right moves. Dan, Patrick show played the day brought to you by the great folks at Mercedes-Benz twenty eighteen Mercedes AM g. e. class with a suite of innovative technologies. One of the most intelligent cars on the road go to MB USA dot com. Visit your local dealership to schedule your test drive today. Mclovin put up the poll question. Are the analytics hurting the game, a lot of tweets here. Paul Severino who's the Marlins play by play guy, weighed in. Strategically, it'd be stupid not to utilize the massive amounts of great information, terms of entertainment, killing it balls, never in play game loaded without lettuces them, rarely do you see it on display. Bob convert? Yes, yes, yes. They made the game boring for fans even die. Hard fans by encouraging a dull style of play, devalued guys who can actually hit pitchers who can actually pitch of taking the job of managing away from managers and put it into the nerds hands. Hey, hey, hey, Bill, dubs, tweets, yes. Analytics are to be input to the coaching staff for decision making purposes as other things during the game analytic shouldn't displace all the other things that help meander through game strategy or eliminate situational hitting. Let's see. Be saw a four, seven analytics are fine. But the danger is they can prevent conic moments like Bucky dent or Kirk. Gibson home runs. Z. Schreiber analytics only work when the odds are spread out over long season doesn't work in a one game or seven game situation. C. j. d. s. p. n. radio, yes, might as well play the games on XBox. I'm sure fans were expecting to see Chris sale in Clayton Kershaw pitch past the fourth inning where they weren't pitching well, but sometimes you'll get. I one of my favorite pitchers of all time is Jack Morris. And you know if you've listened to this show the last fifteen years. I've campaigned for Jack Morris to be in the hall of fame because what Jack Morris did was he would take the ball even if he didn't have great stuff, but he would eat up innings. If he gave up four runs, he didn't care. It was about nine innings. It was about. I'm gonna give you as much as I can give you. I'll take the stress off the bullpen. I'm not afraid of a big moment in Jack Morris was one of those guys. He was the ace for three different teams at one World Series, and he wanted the ball in a big time situation and it wasn't all on a pitch count, or I gave up four runs or get me out of here. I don't have my best off. I don't want to be embarrassed. Jack Morris went out there and said. What do you need me to do? And I'll do my best to give that to. This is from Randy MacLean, be fully not to take advantage of the data and technology that exists today. That said, I still think the best teams would use a blend of analytics and good old fashioned baseball skills since I still think it comes down to to trust my manager in in a, you know, just a gut feeling situation. And there are moments when you hear a manager say, I just had a feeling about him today, whether it's a pitcher, whether it's a pinch hitter, whether it's regular position guy, I had a feeling and that's what I love. Because I think if you like, Joe, Joe Girardi used to have this notebook. I mean, he had the binder that was huge and it was you become robotic and that's what I worry about with the game. Yeah, club. Move the football for a second and Alexei gopher to in that situation where Mike variable and the titans went for two against charges. But I felt like watching it all the momentum said, don't go for two. Why? Because they were. They were winning the second half against the chargers. They were going to win that game. And I thought if you go into overtime, the titans were playing better than the chargers and they were going to win. I know we get caught up into you. Go for two when you go for to. That was his situation where I thought I'm not big on it. You know, there are times when you have to do it, but it's like if I say, I got ally manning is my quarterback. I've Aaron Rodgers going for two. Well, if I do the percentages allies, not Aaron Rodgers. I feel a whole lot better with Aaron Rodgers than I do ally manning and not just pick out alive, but he's been the topic of conversation here. There's certain quarterbacks where you like Tom Brady, okay. I feel a little more confident here. Yeah, mclovin you know, as a fan in football kills me is when you're at the opponent's forty and you punt the ball, it's like four thousand three. And then you put it in the end zone do coaches. I hate coaches get to conservative on that. They do. It's there's no perfect solution, no. But if you go by the book, that's that's where it gets dangerous. Like is your quarterback healthy? Do you have somebody who's really good? Do you have a play? That's great design. Not just, hey, we're supposed to go for it. Well, is Marcus mariota healthy of what am I going to ask him to? Do you know it's to Sean watching healthy. So I if I go by the book, then you know, I'm gonna let those numbers. You know something that's not personal as opposed to in the moment I got a quarterback who says, hey, I can make this. I can do this. We gotta play trust me on this. That's what I think is sort of Evaporating from sports certainly with baseball. But I want to see more of a flow to the game. That's the bummer. With all the analytics, there's still flow to the game anymore. It's very, very, very choppy. All right. Coming up. Patrick Mahomes will join us what's up Mahomes. He'll join us coming up a little bit. I will get your phone calls. We got our. Poll question or analytics, killing the game. Now we're coming up. From the mind of Martellus Bennett. Once you pass Twenty-one birthdays done. It's revenge of the jocks on podcast. One. Twenty-three. You can't take no holds barred show about all the things that shape our world in culture. I want to go to Africa. I've never been to go food gin money. I'm Robin Williams engine. Soft American revenge of the jocks with Martellus Bennett six, the first time again, all wrong. I think I'll keep trying podcast one and wherever you listen to podcasts, there's a reason we invented things like same day delivery and PB and j. in the same jar, we'd love convenience, which is what makes Kaiser Permanente so special. We offer healthcare coverage together. So rather than having your doctor over here and your insurer there, we provide quality healthcare coverage under one roof. Freeing you up for other important tasks like making a quick sandwich. Kaiser Permanente together, we thrive visit KP dot org, slash integrated cousin from the estates Inc twenty one St.. Rockville, Maryland, Tuesday, two. I'm Rita Foley with an AP newsman at the winning ticket in the almost one point. Six billion dollar mega millions lottery was sold in South Carolina, no word yet on who the winner is. But lottery official Gordon Medina's says there was just that one winning ticket and he found out when south. Carolina lottery official, HOGAN Brown called him overnight. I, I heard directly from HOGAN who called me up at one o'clock in the morning and said, we've got a winner, but we can't announce anything because we have to wait for all the other states to report in sitting next Denic on CBS. This morning was South Carolina, lottery official, HOGAN Brown to know that you can play in South Carolina and win. That's a great thing. It's a great benefit to education, South Carolina because that's where the proceeds go. The Red Sox took game on the World Series eight to four over the dodgers Red Sox. Starting pitcher, Chris sale says his team is determined. Never give up. They don't care who's out there. There there. Grinding President Trump valley. Now, the thousands of immigrants headed toward the US in a caravan will not enter the US. I'm Rita Foley.

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