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What up fam- happy thanksgiving, and you can still say that two thousand eighteen thirty. Is there anything in the Atlantic that being offensive there? Probably was but yeah, thanksgiving is kind of a controversial holiday. I think these days. Yeah. Actually. All right. Just enjoy your Thursday. Yeah. There's two that out. Lifts it. Yeah. Yeah. Enjoy your Thursday. We're going to have Jonathan Vilma on and I cannot sleep this last week has been brutal. And so I sent Cerruti the like, I was worried I don't know. I was going to be five and I got into bed early enough a bad NBA slate and watching some of the Arizona game and you're back. What's up wizards? I mean when I saw that score I go gosh the wizards getting work by the clippers clippers team. How about this clipper steam Jeep gritty? So I don't know if that's gonna last with the clippers, but so far so good. And then they blow a huge lead to the team. You should never blow huge lead to the this. Look, just dysfunctional wizards. I I've got you get your wizards content for you don't worry about that. That's gonna come up a little bit later. We may do a mail bag we through the questions out there. So i'm. I'm on a couple of hours of sleep. Again. I don't know what the hell's going on. I woke up the other night at three AM was just a week the rest of the time. So that's that's not a great witching hour scary. Is that what it is three? Am is like the. Yeah. The ghost or whatever supposed to come out when you know scariest hour of the night. You texted me, a what time three thirty my time. Yes. So it was twelve thirty. I'd been in bed for couple of hours. Just wasn't happening. I'd been thrown on those arcs, and I have moments of loving it other moments of frustration. They throw a lot at you. And I also think binge-watching his totally changed the way we consume things like my whole Pam Beesley suck stuff. Now. Everybody's coming around. I mean, everybody the hottest take on the internet. Now. It's seriously every blog everyone's doing it. And it's all because of binge-watching because of Pam Beesley, only sucks for a few minutes once a week until you can watch the next episode of the office. You don't notice it as much, but when you bang out four offices, you go wait this girl sucks. I mean, the thing about Pam Beesley. It's even more obvious. She's on she had to have a second mom on the show. That's her own her first mother on the show hated her. So. Much. They cast a second mom, you know, I don't even need to say anything. I have video of her in the show saying, I'm the worst. I have the worst attitude in the office. I don't even use this stuff yet. So I think Pam Beesley. Just a I think it's I think there's a lot of guys that haven't done well with women that just think Pam Beazley's their peak. And that's that's cool. But I would I would tell the rest of you guys if you haven't done, well, you may not have hit your peak yet, and you can do better than Pam Beesley. So the binging changed the way I feel about certain shows so Ozarks big if you watched tuna row. It's just all my God. Like, how many different plotlines are you gonna throw at me? But then at the same time, I respect the hell out of those arcs and the writers for giving us older sex scenes not discriminating against nude grandparents getting it on. I didn't enjoy it. But I liked it was there if that makes any sense are testing. Well, you know, they were like look not everybody has to be smoke show. And if we're doing an off season storyline in the Ozarks, we may throw some grandparents at you. And you know, I'm not gonna say it was the hottest thing I've ever seen. But maybe was it better than I thought. And if you're saying spoiler alert, I may have helped you I may not have ruined anything. I may have prevented your day from being ruined. So a big reason way we feel about different shows. And why think things do have to go faster now is because people binge the hell out of all this stuff. So if you're gonna do slow episode, slow episodes people. Come on. Where's the juice? That's theory. I'm working on. Anyway. I think it's I think it's true. So I have another bigger theory. I wanna throw at you with the holidays around the corner. I have some wizard stuff. I think I wanna start with college football. Can I though before I do that? Can I ask you about the Condoleeza Rice story, and how that played out in house it ESPN? Yeah. So as many know the Sunday of this past week, Adam Schefter before the Browns are interested in Condoleeza Rice as head coach story got a ton of play. It was the number two, stroke dot com all day, despite the fact that literally moments later, the Browns shot it down and Condoleeza Rice herself made a statement saying she wasn't interested. So schefters the best. But how how does that happen? Is that like, hey, look if I can get a really interesting, quote, I'll use it even if I know the quote, isn't that good, and I would think I went fishing for a little bit. It's such a universally bad idea for no other reason than it's just, you know, I watch more basketball than anybody that doesn't do it professionally. I couldn't coach great high school team. I don't think I could I think I could do other things. But I don't think I could actually like coach coach a team. I don't know. I mean, I think you can coach like a, I don't know. I don't know you high school team now. You don't think he now? Okay. I don't know. I mean, I watched some of the games I used to go to the turnament. So was younger, you're not even coaching. Really? You're just yelling the whole time. Could I be an annoying getting sneakers on the side a Yuguy? Sure, I could. But I mean, like, maybe college where guys are really breaks up to the point is like I. I actually was proud of everyone. Did you find anybody that you forget respect? Do you? Did you find anyone that you at least follow that said, hey, have an open mind about this? 'cause I couldn't find now. I, and I think everyone was sort of treading lightly on it too. Because everybody thought it was a really bad idea. But it's just tricky too. I mean, she's Condoleeza Rice, she's super accomplish human being the only thing what I will say is we talked about on the show will and Will's point was he he thinks it would have been ridiculous. I agree with him. But do we does open up to like, you know, just finding leaders in society or leaders in sports, and could that transition could that be could I coach K as a great leader of of young men could he ever take over the Duke football team? And as a leader he had the Pete had to put good people around him and find good offensive defensive coordinator. But could he be like the CEO of the program type deal? So I think his point. Was that it opens the door for being a little bit more diverse, and you know out think outside the box thinking for head coaching hires in the future. Is that ridiculous? Yeah. That's dumb too. I get his point. And it's a really good way to do in the segment, but I don't think it's wrong. I don't think it's aren't chaotic to go. You know, what you kind of need? If you're going to be like one of the thirty two guys in the world that have this job. Ah background in it. You know, I do think that there are jobs where you know, the coaching transition thing. There have been guys like doc. Rivers didn't have to wait around. You got the Orlando. Magic job right away. Okay. And he's turned out either. Leave to be terrific coach. There seemed to be so many people that aren't argue against him as a good basketball coach. And it's not just because I like, all right. Mark Jackson would not take an assistant coaching job. He wouldn't any wait it out. He tried. I think it was the nets there were rumors trying to work that for a long time because he was calling the nets games. And that actually I think may bothered some people there is even a chance that he was after Golden State. He was going to get the Cleveland job. I mean, even during this early turmoil here with the Lakers there were rumors that well, you know, he lives in LA, and he actually I give him credit. I don't think he was doing this strategically, but when he called the Lakers game during that stuff, he was he was very supportive of Luke Walton or maybe he was supportive of Luke Walton because he didn't wanna seem as if he was knocking him and therefore positioning himself to get the head coaching gig. I didn't think Mark Jackson. A great coach of the warriors. And he's not gonna take an assistant gate 'cause the SPN gig is great. I'm sure he does really well he's on all of our really top games with Ian Van Gundy and bring their kind of like our number one team. So he might just be able to financially, you know, I I don't know is money and all that kind of stuff. But I imagine he's doing well enough that he doesn't have to take an assistant job again. But that I think is a little bit easier. When you say, okay, how could you have this job without being around it for anybody male female accomplish, it doesn't. I don't care. You could be I'm trying to think of a company whose stock is in the toilet right now. But if like bazo from Amazon all of a sudden like I want to coach a basketball team, would you go. Well, he showed great leadership in forward thinking and easing innovator. So let's bring him in here. But we'll make sure that somebody else's calling. Our offensive plays installs are defensive system. I mean, that's absurd. That's absurd. So problem with that too. Is like if you say say, you are as those to be your head coach, right? And you bring in the two best coordinators that money could buy those coordinators are going to jump ship to be coaches like at some point like, you're you're you're always going to be behind the eight ball, the only job that I can think if you've played Dion Sanders at flirted with he wanted throws name out there a couple of times different head coaching gigs. I think it was it land. When Atlanta made some transitions, maybe it was after Mike Smith was like oh and for Dion. I'm sure he thinks he can do it. And maybe he totally can like who am I to say, oh Dion Sanders? Couldn't do that kind of thing. But it's also great money. It's sick money. It's a great opportunity figuring to get fired three or four years anyway. So why don't you grab the cash or three or four years and go ahead and do it? I was actually thinking about this the right? Can you think of a high profile gig that you need zero experience in that you get hired for all the time? Put you on the spot here. Profile profile know experience, but you've never done the job before. But people get hired for it. All the time. Not molestation you. Well. Yeah. You could say the president that that would be, you know. That'd be topical point. That's not where I was going. Color commentator. It's really hard to be good on the air. And there are so many guys that have the job that have never done it before not. Hey, let's work on some college basketball games. I or hey, you know, maybe we'll throw young players on they give your high profile enough in just retired. You get the best. Color, commentary gigs, which is kind of crazy when you think about it. You still have a background though. Yeah. Right. I mean, it's not like you've never been around sports. But I still think being around it and then applying you're you're either a natural. And you nail it or you go up. This is you know, what? I mean, there's there's guys that some of the NBA guys that I listened to ask you this like speaking color commentators. Wh what was what was who had less experienced like Tony Romo or Jason Witten coming straight from playing like Dennis Miller who had a background in entertainment had no football expertise. Yeah. Dennis Miller had less because you'd I mean, you're not expecting Dennis Miller to diagnose a play. Like, I know Romo was the thing. Everyone loved right? And then soon as everybody loves it. Then everybody found reasons to hate it. And he can be a little hyper at times. But I think it's really cool when he's pointing out stuff ahead of time that. Guys, either are free to say or can't dissect or or what you don't have to be awesome for me. I just have to think at some point. Point on a couple of things in three hours two or three things in three hours of game or two hours of a basketball game that I can't figure out what I don't like is the results based analysis where the shot goes in the play was great the players great. The is great. And if the shot doesn't go in that guy stinks. It's the wrong shot you should trust your teammates more like the playing of results color commentary is brutal or the former coach that. No coaches ever to Blake van Gundy's got a lot of that. And I actually liked the Gandhi probably as much as any single guy in any sport. But when he starts doing the it's never been any coaches fall. And he's credit. He's actually kind of admitted that at times is like, yeah. I never really think it's a coaches fall when he's fired like, oh, okay. Well, I guess you admit it. That's that's what I thought was funny about the kind of Lisa rice story member my whole, Catherine Smith thing with the bills when I present segment as well. It's just interesting now that you can't even criticize it, and then that turned into a man say something about a woman on a talk show. Well, that's that's not gonna have to fly. I think one of the stories about kind of a rice didn't even point out. The fact that Catherine Smith wasn't retained. And that's not some victory lap from me. That's me pointing out that people that arguing that kind of these rice. Well, maybe she could because Catherine Smith, and it's like, yeah, she wasn't Sean McDermott in didn't retain her on the coaching staff. So because I remember I was kind of called out for not knowing much about Catherine Smith, and I thought it was funny that the article had mentioned that that's the first thing. I thought of when I thought of this Condoleeza Rice thing, I'm like house is going to go over our people just going to be really open to it because they are interested in progress in this and that, and I I was I don't know what the proper word is. But I was I guess I was surprised that people were subdued about it. They didn't just come out and say, hey, let's be open minded this. Because like like, you know, things happen like that. And I'm going what I remember Ben lines. And I had that big argument years ago about Becky Hammon. And the argument was this. I said, you know, Becky Hammond in another male candidate or a tie, and that's pretty much. What would probably be if I owned a team I spent a billion? On an MBA franchise. And I go, you know, unless ham and were ten times better than everybody else. If it were a tie as far as a coach my team. I'd probably just pick the guy because I know I don't have to deal with the immaturity of some of the guys on my team that may not sound right. But it's like I deal in the real world here folks when I did the radio show on the podcast. You know, I'd be like so I got like three one in doners. On my team like nineteen. Are they going to respect her? Am I going to get the most out of my investment in this player salary deal? If an has had really nothing negatively about her. It would just be something. I'd worry about obviously, I wouldn't allow myself to be quoted, but I I would just go I worry about this. Now, I'll admit that since that argument. Ben lines was arguing absolutely not like, why wouldn't you hire? Why wouldn't you hire? And again, it's just funny. How people can take that as being like, oh, no, you're being anti female. No. I'm being pro reality that would be a tough thing. And I'll admit I think what's great about the Vicki ham thing now years removed from happening is that once something happens, and then everybody kind of gets over it. And then starts thinking about it. And then you hear how respected she is. And how much the players love her. And I think Popovich and the Spurs were uniquely designed to be able to pull this off as not even a big deal and everything she's great. And I don't think it's out of the question that she could get a job at some point. So that that's what the point of those hires is and. I think it's always kinda like important remind yourself of that kind of stuff. But I don't know we ended up doing way more on this than I thought we would do you wanna do college football have more on that? Now. That's about it. Okay. I think the big ten might stink. Well, yeah. And I don't do this. You know for everyone that means. That makes see. Yeah. The the big ten west does I do like the SEC? But I just you know, sometimes you make this stuff so complicated. Like, I don't know if that players any good words wins above replacement. You know, what I mean, give me a wind share number? What about him? Well, you know, it's spin ratios this. I think he's kind of good. What about this team the strength of schedule that and their game score in in game control metrics? I don't mind if the college football playoff committee just goes, we think this team's better than that team. Now, we got a group of people in this room. And then we look at it every week, and we put as much as we can and. We just think this team's better. Like are. We are we not okay with that anymore. And I think we aren't I think there's so many arguments that we have about any all these teams where it's just wait a minute. You just you just break it down to saying that teams better than that one. That doesn't make any sense. So let's revisit the big ten. We've got horrible taking on Ohio State. You know, I've been pro Harbaugh this entire time. I've always thought it's pretty absurd. The the way he's been talked about he went ten and three in his first year ten and three in the second year there. Number three in the playoff rankings playing number two state game could have gone out of the way they lost by field goal. And then last year, they go eight and five and the way this guy is talked about you would've thought really wait a minute. So what did he do Lee went ten and three? Well, what happened was your skin? Now. What do you do this egging your nine one ten and three were they not ranked? None other were number three in the country. They were like on the verge of playing in the national championship playoff. Okay. Well, what do you do like one in eleven? No, no. You went eight and five, but. Everybody said he couldn't beat anybody. Good. Well, how's he doing? Well this year. He's a game away from playing in the big ten championship game. If you beat Ohio State, it'll beat all the rivals this year that every said that he couldn't beat and we playing for national championship, or at least in the playoff. Okay. But I thought everybody said he sucked for like a year and a half in the media. Yeah. You know, a lot of people did why is that? Well, I guess people didn't like that. He tweeted when he first got the gig. And did a sleepover too. So wait a minute. That sounds pretty good. He's ten and three ten and three eight and five and he's ten and one with a chance to be thirteen in one. Yeah. And their their losses to another playoff team. That's head of him. No, man. People. Have you know, here's the thing. No one's doing this segment yet because all of the people that were anti Harbaugh have so many chips or positions say that was talk stocks here. Their position there. So long Harbaugh sucks that they're just going to wait until you will how state result and with that game. I don't know. I mean, I don't know what's going to happen. We know that Michigan statistically and the eye test defensively end just dude central looking at all their guys. It looks really good. I've Notre Dame was in total control that game against Michigan. That was a long time ago, and it was the first game shape. Patterson where they really didn't know who they were offense, I think series disease. But then when I think if they beat Ohio State in north western team on the other side, and we'll get to them in a second like who's Ohio State for all the benefit of the doubt angst about some of the SEC schools. It happens to all the other schools that are at the top. Clemson is always getting benefit of the doubt. Ohio State always get the benefit of that why? 'cause he's a recent playoff contributors. And that's okay. That's what we do. All the time. It's it's impossible to race. How we felt about some of these teams. So when I look at her house. Okay. So they beat TCU. When she was fifteen through man, that's really good. And I always credit how state for non conference they are consistently incredible at, you know, testing themselves other schools could have just played Oregon state and been fine with it, and they house them, and then they BTC a week three. And and you know, what guess what TCU ends up not being that good sort of still middle of the pack. Big twelve you know, I don't think they're middle of the pack as far as being better than half the league. But that's where they are standings wise. And then they beat Penn State a game that I was at the thought Penn State controlled the whole time. And then, you know, the end of the game, I should say control the whole time. But if you watch the game at felt like Penn State like man, this is really really great. And there was a weird play at the end of the first-half momentum change state pulls it out. But we went into going thing about the big ten east, Michigan, Ohio state Penn State. Michigan state. Those are four incredible teams. Again, a lot of people, and I couldn't really come up with a counter to it where arguing that the big ten east will be easily the best division in college football. And in August. Like, you know, what there's a really good chance that actually could happen because Michigan's figure this thing out Haskins it, Ohio State. It's urban Penn State McSorley still there. Michigan state never doubt that team. But then when you start collectively putting it all together. And I know that you can do this with a lot of conferences. And there's nothing easier than everybody sucks. No one's played anybody good game because he could do that. With almost every conference in every freaking team. Ohio State has those two wins. And then some weird stuff starts happening. You know, there's a weird game with Minnesota where it's what twenty fourteen and they end up winning by two touchdowns. Okay. Indiana. You know, how much I love Indiana that was that was kind of a weird game. But they pulled away. No big deal. We want all these teams. They're supposed to be national championship contenders to beat everybody by fifty every single week. And at that point once they had run through six seven wins in a row to start the season. Let's say after the Penn State win when they're five and a lot of people like, well, it's bam Clemson in Ohio State, and then everybody else like well once again, we're proven wrong. And then a brass game happens after they get housed by Purdue forty nine twenty and you're going. All right. What is wrong with this team? And then the Michigan state game was ugliest. Hell Michigan state actually has a really good defense. The offense was so bad in that that lets state scores. And then we're coming off a Maryland game where they had a win in overtime against the dirty turps who are five and six on the season. So as I had this all together, I go. What are we all still supposed to think that Ohio states, really good? Even though they're ten in one and tenth in the playoff rankings. Clearly the committee's turn on the move. Little bit by having UCF jumped them. So then you have Penn State who again was in this group of man, they're going to be really good. There's still twelve despite the fact they have three losses. That's fine. Whatever they beat app state barely. They crush pit back in the season when Pitt stunk, but now pits playing the ACC title game, the Kent state, Illinois, they lose to a state. They lose to Michigan state. They beat Indiana plucking, Indiana, Iowa who started off good and even though their quarterback had a bit of an injury. He's still put a pretty good numbers last month or so, and then they lose to Michigan get destroyed, and they beat it Wisconsin team that remember was fourth in the preseason rankings. And they've been a mess and then Rutgers and for all the pig. Ten fans argue non conference games college games. Like you've been doing it thirty years Rutger shouldn't ever count ninth conference game. And I would say the same thing about Kansas except Kansas on the way back. So then Michigan's. Yeah, there we go. Michigan state six and five. They can't score. And even when I was six and one it's actually pretty impressive. They beat Iowa State shout out to lames, but you can't make state jokes anymore because that's actually a good competitive team. Like, the big twelve has good debt. But they've lost a Penn State. They've lost Purdue they lost northwestern. And then they beat Illinois sixty three nothing. And northwestern is going to end up winning this west they could be seven five and still play for chance the national championship. They're not going to lose the Illinois who just got house sixty three nothing. Northwestern be Purdue and a close one lost Duke Akron, and again, that's four and six Akron. They lost a Michigan which was close you're going. All right. You know? Now what I do here. They beat Michigan state who everybody who's good is beaten Nebraska who can't beat anybody despite being competitive Rutgers, Wisconsin, again, Wisconsin the beginning of the year was man, look how fat their guys are up front can this line that eats all the time. Let's do another thing where they eat food. Let's do a Wisconsin where we bring the line out to eat food because that's never been done before. And then you know, Hornibrook they lost him for a stretch. But Wisconsin ends up being a huge disappointment. Despite being seven four like there's ways defined six or seven wins. Especially when you don't have to play the other really good teams on the other side, even though in the north western. Played a good one in Michigan and perceive on a Michigan state. Now, could I be completely wrong about all this shirt? I could could I do the same thing with the Pac twelve. Yep. Could I do it with the? Yup. Could I do the same thing with some like SEC east west crossover things where I think that's why the playoff committee still likes LSU a little bit because they had to play Florida and Georgia line. Yeah. I think that that's why when I tweeted out this morning like say it was seven four four loss. It'd be eight and four it could even be a seven five win seventy five north western team that won the big ten championship for all of you that want to expand the playoffs to eight teams or you want conference championships to matter would you want in eight and five northwestern playing in two games to get to the national championship. I wouldn't I wouldn't want that from any corner of the country. And that's why I was so anti Iowa a couple years ago because up until that Michigan state game and ended up becoming a better team later on. I this is the national championship. And there really should be only a few teams over the course of their twelve games and the conference championship. That's even viable for this thing. You know? I really I really believe that. So when I go through that whole big ten thing, you know, harbach can't lose because all the horrible haters are gonna come back out. And it's I always think it's possible to lose house states talented enough. I don't know what's going on. With urban Meyer. Even Ben Rothlisberger is thinking that Mayer may be milking, this health thing a little bit in that sounds incredibly like that's the joke now, and I'm actually I guess I kind of made it, but you know, as soon as the anti-us day people are out there. Like look at urban everytime. Everytime. A bad play happened against Maryland. It looks like he's he has his health thing again and all the rumor start up like what's going to happen is the same thing as Florida. I don't know. I don't know if any of that's going to happen. But that stuff obviously is out there. I guess what I'm saying reading a long winded way is there's a lot of evidence. That tells you this whole big ten thing not only like there's no counter this the conference as a whole has been a big disappointment based on the depth and thinking they were going to take over the best conference in the country. And that was a totally viable argument in August. And there's no way anyone can make that argument today. Yeah. I think that was just a lot of wishful thinking too right people just want to be down. They just they want. They wanna believe in somebody else. And and I think going back to your first point about Harbaugh we kill them after week one saying, you know, how big of. A disappointment is he I think people hate on it because they mealy assume that he was going to be like Nick Saban dead. Turn this thing into a championship contender every year. So that that's that's for me is the anti Harbaugh stuff. It just the expectations have sort of killed him. But I mean, yeah. Like all those guys that were that were killing him at the game the season. I haven't heard anything from the last two months or so right? No. But it's been extremely quite like have you seen anybody? Do the. All you guys are idiots about horrible. I've seen cowherd. Do it in cowherd. An eye of always been like we've talked about this. You know, he and I talk like twice a week. Now, the Avs Kelly, Bruce, right, but harbor the harbor argument for him like I've always kind of felt the same way about the way. I laid it out in the front the way he's talked about is like we have you ever said. Hey, listen to this. This is this guy's record. And what he's done, and it's not exactly you're right. He didn't become saving, and if you're going to do something. And you're the new thing you're probably better off being quiet about it. Because the more loud, you are the more negative reaction. There's going to be if you're not living up to the ridiculous expectations. But cowherd, and I would agree agree. And then he would be like you can make an argument that he's even better than saving when well. You include the NFL part. And I'm like you had me right up until that part. Well, that's an interesting part of it. Because like, okay. So you don't like you don't like Harbaugh. Okay. Michigan wants to get rid of Harbaugh. Like he gets a he gets hired in the NFL potentially almost immediately. And he certainly going to get a great college job. So it's not like people around football are telling you what they think of Jim Harbaugh. Yeah. I just if you're the best maybe to ever do it in college. Just because the two dolphins years were disappointing in the other guy played. I'm not defending that. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Okay. So I think we're on the same page with the real really quick though, you did your northwestern thing. So you did compare them to Iowa. The only thing I was undefeated though. Right. I mean, I I it would know you're right. You're right for that sense, technically. Yes. I'd be pissed if north western. Yeah. Made the playoff on some fluky big ten championship thing. If we expanded the playoff that would be annoying. But that if I o had went undefeated that year, they would have been totally deserving of it I thought and that point if they'd beat Michigan state. Yeah. But I guess I just have a problem sometimes with the non-conference stuff when it does like when you didn't even bother to schedule. Anyone that stuff? Always kind of bothers me and. A lot of people doing the Alabama thing again now. But I mean, you know, when you go in you, hey, we're gonna play Louisville like pick somebody else in the SEC that doesn't schedule other than Bama. Then. Of course, it just turns into I mean, look thing about the teams go through the last ten years Bama place teams, and I know was going to go neutral site. How Armageddon scenarios love him? I'm trying to figure out what happens Oklahoma here if they end up playing Texas in the big twelve championship game, which means that both Texas and Oklahoma win this weekend. If Oklahoma were to be Texas. Is there anything that could happen, right? Like, I guess the other reason I did that whole big ten time line thing is let me just do this say Bama beach, Georgia. So Georgia's out that second SEC thing you don't have to worry about the only way that's possibilities. Alabama losing a close game. And then other scenarios so say Clemson beats pits wanted to spots in their Notre Dame beats USC this weekend. And the thing is with this weekend. I've been around long enough to know there've been so many times, you're like, oh, we'll just gonna be this this this and this season has been boring, but there's so many times it doesn't happen that way. I mean, the end of two thousand seven still to this day is one of the craziest things I've ever seen sports. But if. If Michigan loses to allow state and Ohio State beats and I'm assuming northwestern is going to be Dylan, OI, Ohio State beat Michigan than beat northwestern. Ohio State at twelve and one I think committees telling you. I don't know if there's an Armageddon scenario where twelve and one, oh, how states playing in the playoff? And that's something. I haven't seen anybody bring up anywhere. Think about that. If I ever say, hey, twelve and one Ohio State they played TCU out of conference. They win the big twelve that'd be even more impressive. They want to conference. They win the big ten. They're twelve and one, but they're not in the playoff. All right. What what has to happen, then so and that's an area bama's in clemson's in Bamsey clemson's in they beat Michigan Notre Dame's in. So Michigan's out now Michigan they'd have to beat Michigan. Oklahoma would have to lose in the big twelve title game to Texas because Texas has three losses. Yeah. They're not. They're not ahead of Ohio State, the Pac twelve I guess you'd have to have Washington lose to Washington. Washington state lose to Washington or you could have Washington state beat Washington, then beat a Utah team where you're like. Okay. It's Utah not saying they're bad. But it's not like some Armageddon thing as I'm sitting here talking about north western. It's worth pointing out to the other side of that Pac twelve championship game. Isn't that last data point that's really gonna blow somebody away where? I think a win over Texas would be more impressive. Yeah. Although Texas, look they get Utah seventeenth. It's only a couple of spots behind Texas. So it's basically even the committee's is ours. I'm concerned. You see what I'm saying here? Imagine if a one loss Washington state got in over one loss, Ohio State, and that's a problem for Washington state is I'm rooting for it. You beat Wyoming who's five and six one in ten San Jose State. But you did take down ninety two eastern Washington. Go Big Sky. I guess I don't know. The reason Donna me this morning on doing all these notes, I go, wait a minute. Ohio state. Just not be in even if they beat Michigan and then beat northwestern because it's not like, they're beating eleven and one Wisconsin. It's not like, they're beating even you know, a a really good record Iowa team that isn't as strong non-conference as they were say a couple years ago. I don't know. I think it's at least like that would be a good segment on game day. Like that would be a good segment where you go. Wait a minute. Is there possibility that twelve and one Ohio State would be left out because they've had for what we expect from a state and unimpressive run for last month and their loss. And this is where the LSU fan, circle, wait a minute. What if Notre Dame lose SE? What of Michigan loses? Ohio State, then Ohio State loses north western what if Bama kills Georgia would have Clemson loses. The pit would have Oklahoma loses to West Virginia twice. What of Washington state loses to Washington? And then Washington loses the Utah at that point. You know, what throw you UCF in go ahead. And I was gonna say the only one we haven't talked about. But to remember we always seem to look at the polls over the years as this elimination thing. And when Armageddon does happen. They'll just replace the teams that had the worst losses with the teams that had the better losses. You just this isn't an eliminator pool thing. Still still end up. Putting in a team if all of these terrible scenarios happening. I don't mean. Terrible. Because actually finally entertaining this season. But if all these weird things happened, it's not like they would start saying. Okay. Let's get Mississippi State in there. Then you know, that's just not you don't you? Don't just lap teams. Just because they've lost in front of. Going to do a mailbag question. Yeah. Let's do it. Do it bring them up. I don't know they really slack. There's so many that I end up being like just trying too hard. No. Yeah. Like a lot of chess things workouts. That's all it's like, you know, what I actually have a thing. I wanna share with you. It's it's a theory. And then I'll do I'll do still a little NBA stuff at the end is cool. All right. I have this. This thing that I've been working on with a couple of people. But I. A word from our good friends. From I leave the only wine club that is online. That uses your ratings to make personalized wine selections match to your taste. The more wine you taste in rate. The better they customize your box based on the ones you like when you sign up with my personal link. You get your three pack of introductory wine for only fifteen dollars, plus free shipping. If you then rate your first three wines, you'll get an extra ten dollars off your next box of line. I remember back in the day with my father when we were ship merchants. Off the coast of Spain. 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That's not all if you rate these three wines, you'll get an extra ten dollars off your next box. Just do this get it over with. What a great little surprise stocking stuffer present, it's thoughtful. All right. It's not a Birkin bag, but it's thoughtful, it's more everybody can get back. Just go to try. I leaf dot com slash Priscilla. Are you SSI, Al? That's try I leave slash russillo. Okay. The holidays. I have a theory like a new law that I'd like to pass. And then I'll get to some John wall stuff. I could probably do an hour on John wall. I don't want to. I think I went lot longer on the college football stuff, and I was going to but Vilma sent me a tax he apologize. But that's all right. We're still good Vilma would love this rule. We're gonna begin what if in society, let's just keep to the United States because I don't wanna get an international law here. What if everyone were allowed, and it was totally legal once a year based on anything that happened in your day to day life, something that happened at work something that happened over parking spot. Something happened with online harassment anything a neighbor. You're allowed to fight one person a year. Now, did this does this person have to consent to fighting you? They have to they have to fight you. And I know what I'm gonna go meet head. That's fine. But I do think society would be better off if we all knew that a little bit more was on the line. So if you went to say Chris long in call them liberal hack after he donates tie his entire paycheck for the season to charity because he's just a great human being. And you're. Hank? You know, just done streaming fortnight on twitch. And you're like, you know, what I'm gonna do. Because here's what I know. Most successful people don't usually spend a ton of time insulting other people online. Okay. So if you knew if you hit send on that, Chris long, just say, I nominate you Hank. We're gonna fight now. And you have to fight them. If you decide to pull some deal where you're like a mouthy guy over parking spot and you're wrong. But you're just doing the thing. And they've seen it happened a million times go what are you gonna do? Oh, go ahead. Hit me hit me. I'll sue you all own you. Well, wait a minute in my proposal. He was like, hey, all right, dude. You know, here's the deal, you're going to get you're going to get a letter in the mail, and you're going to have to fight me this year. I think it was. I think people be in check a lot more if they knew hey, I actually like I'll have to do a sanctioned fight. If I act this way. I mean, I definitely would. Well, it would take it would take some time for people to learn because people wouldn't eat people wouldn't believe at first. They would be like, oh, he's never gonna pick me. And then you get picked a fight Chris long. And then you're probably never going to do that again. Yes. So you're you're suggesting that this would be gradual. Yeah. I wouldn't be a steep decline. Like, it would be people would have to learn like, I'm gonna get you know, I'm gonna get my ass beat one time. Like, okay. Maybe I'll maybe I'm not gonna fire that tweet after Kris law or some other random celebrity. Right. I really anybody. Resisting this now a few minutes in is ridiculous. You know, that's actually to king society. Ammann's what we could all agree at the pro-. The problem is there are no consequences. Right. That's there's none. That is. So it's not just on online. It's not just mouthy guy. That knows he couldn't do anything in a fight. It's it's you know, what let's let's go back to the beginning of the book sapiens here. Let's let's like, well, how about guys, girlfriends and wives. You know? Oh, you wanna be a dude who's going to mess with my girl? And we have to work together. Well, maybe doing I take this week. I'm gonna fight you and probably promote lifting in being shape. More to honestly, there's there's multiple benefits. I hadn't even thought of that think about the insurance premiums going down because everybody would be or you people could just you know, what instead of being in better shape. People could stop being total bleeps to each other. Yeah. But then it might work the other way, right? Because there's always going to be the guy that wants to fight everybody, and he's gonna like embrace this. I guess if you only have it once a year though, but that guy who wants to fight everyone all the time. Maybe he now fights less. Maybe he doesn't get into. He doesn't throw haymakers at the harp on a Friday. You know, because he realizes now that high school was his peak. Here's the here's the flaw. And here's the flaw. Okay. Say you get chosen, and you know, you, you know, it's it's two months in you have another ten months where you can just, you know, talk smack for free because you know, that you're never gonna get picked. So you think once you get beat up if you get you get out of the way early. He's got ten months of free smacktalk before before it kicks in again for new year. But have you ever gotten beat up bad? No I've gotten punt. But not you know. Yeah. We haven't been humbled by someone. Yeah. One on a one on one pummeling is pretty humiliating. And you might I get what you're saying. I still think that there'd be more people that would go. You know, what wasn't fun? I said something I should have said I was wrong. I was challenged new US fight laws mandate that I have to fight this person. I got mopped in front of people. My parents were there. All right. I want to start being a jerk to everybody because now get away with for the next ten months. I think there'd be less bottle. The did that as opposed to people like, you know, what maybe I can improve on some things. I mean, I hope so for the better of everybody, but this has to be televised to you're right item matching these things need to be public. Oh, yeah. At least stream somewhere or whatever. Yeah. Whatever we were doing with which to get this stuff out there. I think there'd be some concerns guys with doctor bills saying, you know, hey, rich guys, we try to get some doctors say my client is not medically cleared to fight. And then I would just have a governing body was like stopping jerk. Like, listen, don't apply here. That's that was on you. Sorry. I think I'm onto something here. That'd be interested. So it's like a legal fight club. That's not that that people talk about. Yeah. Everybody knows about it. It's out there. I mean, it's part of put in the constitution where you know. And you may not have ever get picked, you know, I guess there. If there were another flaw that you could say is like what if somebody else were a jerk, and it was like month eleven and you know, some Jack Rams fan that just like, you know, I hate his Sillo, and I'm going I gotta fight this jacked Rams guy. Maybe there could be a tribunal. But the getting more you start adding people in here. Now, we could have a tribunal now to see if this is something that we can actually agree on like Priscilla was in the wrong. Like, I don't know. He just had a bad Rams take a couple years ago. Not a big deal. And now he's going to get beat up by this enormous dude from riverside that doesn't seem cool. I'm not saying it's perfect. But I actually think it'd be better. I think I think it'd be a little better. If people knew that there was a little bit more risk in the way the handle themselves day today. I agree business deals that go wrong, and whatever, but just get caught up in a lawsuit for years in my lawyers are better than your lawyers. You know, what you're gonna lose? No, actually, I've been working sheet rock my whole life. And this is your second home. And you're from you know. Newbury? So I'm going to I'm gonna beat you up in front of your family legally. And that's because you didn't pay me for my sheet rocking job, and you shouldn't have messed with. Guys, hang sheet rock don't do this. Because they love it. I just picked you like some guy like serving you an envelope. That's like a fight envelope. And like you're terrified to get that did for that guy to come to your door. That would be hilarious because you'd be sitting there say, you're roommates, you're in your twenties, and you're going oh my God. Do you know who just like the fight this year or you be like just got served like Bryan, Bryan got serve? He was crazy. I gotta fight this. Yeah. That guy Tyler who doesn't even go here challenge. Brian to a fight. What would it Brian? Do. We didn't do anything. All right. So. Yeah. There'd be some people that was something to fights it. Yeah. That that didn't deserve it. Okay. I would nominate any of the wizards to fight because this is the least surprising thing there are some things that aren't surprising. The bulls are terrible defensively. Jabari Parker terrible defensively that Sacramento despite being. Competitive all season. And I love how hard they play. And I'm not quite sure that they're going to be this good Jaren FOX. I don't think he's gonna be like a top five point guard ever because he's still little out of control. But he's good. But healed is good Cauley Stein has been terrific and the anti Davy your stuff, I imagine. Because Marvin Bagley wasn't playing enough for them. But they were still winning games. And they were really good the other night against Oklahoma City. So for whatever reason I'm on another Sacramento Kings kick, but it wasn't super surprising that the Sacramento Kings. There was some suggestion that there was friction that Yankers job could be jeopardy. Go you guys are unbelievable. Get coach. Okay. So that's not surprising. But at least surprising thing is that the wizards all of a sudden aren't getting along. Okay. There's six and eleven the comeback win that we mentioned at the top. I think some of the stuff that I read about they are now trying to see what their players are worth. And what could be out there in the market. If that's true. If that's true that they were like, we're not taking any calls on John wall, or we wouldn't shake this thing up for Jimmy Butler. We wouldn't do those things then they're even worse than I thought they were and just think that you would say, hey, we've got kind of a combustible group here. What could we add to this? You wanted to add Jeff green, Austin rivers and Dwight Howard. Yeah. Yeah. I do. Think about that happened this off season the fakest tough-guy team in the league that is so enamored with the team. They see in the mirror individually without realizing in reality who they are. They talked so much. I've done this whole segment already numerous times. But that you then say. Let's let's throw in Dwight Howard. Austin rivers in Jeff green that would be like the trifecta with Kate Fagan j McManus and Sarah Spain naming we'll Cain their fourth co host. Okay. There's no way you would go. Hey, let's bring this dynamic in just to see how it goes. Although we'll did Cho's show with K did. Yeah. That was good. I liked that schilling willing Kate. They're not any good walls contracts. Terrible. But for those of you ripping John wall's contract now. Where were you when he signed the extension? Were you Rippin the wizards for this deal? Then or are you saying the cap went up and boys this deal bad? He will make next year thirty eight million than forty one million than forty four million. And then forty seven million. I'm gonna go ahead and report now he's not going to opt out three years. That's breaking news, forty seven million end to make it even worse. He has a fifteen percent trade kicker of the total value of the contract. If he strayed why you needed to do that. Hey, John, we're gonna pay you forty seven million four years from now after two knee surgeries. But. Just in case, we can trade you, which we, you know. And I don't think there's ever an impossible contract to trade. Some of these source things that I read not to say that the sources are wrong the information's wrong. Nobody really, you know, we don't like doing that to each other all time even though I'll do it. Sometimes. The concept that oh, you know, if you have that forty seven million that last year that will cripple you. If John wall is traded, and it's forty seven million remaining three years from now. I know exactly what everybody's gonna say. Because it's only one year left on the deal and there's a salary floor anyway. So you just gonna so some of the stuff that's coming out. Now, it's real easy after the fact, it's easy after the fact that Killa contract at the time, everyone went and John wall two years ago. Flirting with being a top ten player. It's real. He was terrific there for stretch. I've always liked wall. I think more than other people have, but it's very clear from my personality standpoint. This thing's never going to work. It wasn't gonna work last year. It wasn't going to go into work this year with things you added to it. So now the soon as wall like a lot of these guys signs the new contract with the new CBA as soon as zen sign that player, then somehow becomes untradable, which is a really weird thing about this league. But. The after the fact second guessing the contracts the people ripping the contract now weren't saying anything about this before I'm not saying no one was seriously. You wanna pay this guy that much? The wizards just aren't aren't great if this. They just aren't they just are not a great. Decision making team on and off the court. But you know, as I've learned all the years of being on campus is every single guy that used to coach that came into work with us. It's instinct to say, it's everybody else's fault. You know what? I mean. It's happening now like my Jeff Fisher stuff with your Goff. We had heard from bunch of different people that he wanted Carson Wentz. I'm not saying Jeff is you're actually believe that at the time. But as Goff was bad that first year at then became well. You know, Jeff Fisher was gonna wanna Carson Wentz. Hugh Jackson, his only one at every quarterback. That's awesome. And never wanted any of the ones that weren't. He's in a great job with that the LeBron James piece in the athletic. Okay. How about that deal where LeBron James whether you talk to David Griffin who the GM at the time. It looked like they had of the deal in place for Paul George, which would have included kyri or Brian Wynne horse who's reported on this Zach Lowe who is talked about this. This has been going on now for a long time. This story about Paul George coming in Eric Bledsoe coming in Cairo Irving going out. And that's why the kyri stuff ended up happening. The way it happened that he didn't wanna play with LeBron anymore. But then because that trade the not the kyri one for the other guys. And the reason they never did that. Is because ownership was saying to LeBron look of George can be upper year. You can be up in a year. I need some sort of commitment beyond this year. Lebron wouldn't do that for him. But then the athletic comes out with peace and Giovanni really good in the cast. But it was a very pro. Lebron peace in that as he comes back to Cleveland. It was LeBron saying I never wanted kyri to be traded a boss. Okay. And I actually and you'll remember this Rudy. 'cause we were talking that entire week before the kyri trade to Boston is I felt like at least from the people that I talked to is. There was a real belief. They were gonna take another shot at the season with kyri. And then I think Dan Gilbert went to call y'all C'mon. And everybody just said, you know, what let's move on. So I would believe that LeBron didn't think at some point in that time line that kyri was going to end up in Boston. But there was also another part of that story that happened earlier that summer were LeBron was okay with kyri moving on when LeBron thought he was getting much better. Teammates back. Then Isaiah Thomas in auntie Zigic. Yeah. It was weird. 'cause that whole thing was sort of slow play reported almost and it seems like it's, you know, via the septum now they just wanted out because LeBron wanted him out or was looking for better guys to play with. So I mean, I it's been written about so many times by the people that would know. Okay. Like when David Griffin starts talking about it. Well, he would know he was the guy he was running the team. And then he wasn't then he wasn't retained. I can believe the two things are, but I can never express enough to all of you. That are listening that watch any of us on TV. Listen, any of us in radio podcast that when we're talking to people that were former decision makers when I mean former that means they hoped to be a current one again. They're amazingly convenient with their memories about whose fault the good and bad transactions were a Greg Xiang when he worked with us. Greg Xiang, oh acted as if the entire four or five months season was a car wash. He never said anything interesting about anything that happened at Tampa nothing because eventually he knew he wanted to get back into coaching, and that's fine. But actually do think these guys look you can be a little bit more forthcoming. You can be like Shanna would come in almost like I got a radio hit a little beneath me. He's coach Tampa Bay bucks guys now that and you tell me a little bit. Well, you know, you just you just try your like, you know, you're not the coach anymore, right? You don't have to keep it in house. You can tell us something interesting at some point. I've never it's the longest car wash. I've ever seen Rex on four or five months. No, you work here, dude. Yeah. You don't like you have to pay for your lunch now? I mean, you're incredibly right about that. Right. Like, Sean Wyman isn't gonna take you to lunch every day. You have your you have like a schedule, and you're gonna hit and there's going to be an NFL live. And they're going to ask you to talk about other interesting stuff. What are we doing here radio? Bump today again. I gotta talk to. Talk to lease over and talent let me doing anymore. These radio hits as the coach the bucks. Remember that Rutgers Thursday night thing we did kick. These guys chop wood is that. No, right. Yeah. He was chocolate. Right. Yeah. Almost cut his foot off, right? Yeah. Chop chop wood. And then our our boy PJ flick was row the boat. Still Israel row the boat. I forgot about PJ flick. Because that's my whole the Russell Wilson thing. You know is that Wilson was. He had the interview the other night. What the hell is that the Packers win? Right. Yeah. As a Packer that was that was actually a good game. He went right back into Russell Wilson. And it's comical to me that people are still learning this for the first time, and they'll go what about your boy edgy? Look what about Marcus Maria? I think markets mariota's incredibly boring. I don't think that's an act. I think that Andrew luck is kind of goofy dorky. Aw, shucks, guy and the. Canned answers. However, you want to phrase it that's kind of who he is. I don't ever believe that this is who Russell Wilson is. That's my biggest beef with that where it's so choreographed, and I think that's PJ Fleck. It's like it's incredibly choreographed. So I don't have a problem with boring. I don't have a problem with cliche all the time. I don't likely shea prefer it. But if I think that's who you are. I've just indifferent. But when I think it's always some sort of act that you're putting on and flexes a little difference, more theatrical of locale pulling all together and Wilson's is just how can I compliment every other person before, you know, this whole bragging about how humble you are stuff. The last couple of years is is painful, that's always been my Russell Wilson thing. Go hawks. Did you find one mailbag question? You liked. Not real hold on. I mean, they're mostly just about lifting which is we get it. You know, people are asking for life update because we have you haven't given a life up in a while. Here's the problem all the all the TV writing stuff. I can't talk about any of it. I really can't. And it doesn't mean that I'm killing it. But it also doesn't mean that this isn't gonna work. Fell. Sometimes I'll sit in these meetings, and tell us all of your ideas, telling you everything on, you know, like we unofficial pitch here. I don't think we're I'm official pitch looking until you're really coming up with gold up here. I might I don't know if we're going to I can't I can't say this because there was a chance. If this things gets green lit than I'm gonna do this video thing that I'm actually kinda pumped about it's not porn. I wouldn't be pumped about that. You know, I got a large family. Yeah. Like, Ryan, we, you know, we get, you know, living your own life out there, and you may never settle down. But. All hands on deck party. You know, come on. So. Yeah. I don't think I don't think I have anything else. Did you find one male back question? You liked. I don't hate this one. What's the worst food trend? You've noticed in LA. Pizzas sucks. I can't get a good pizza in the south bay. It's painful like love and salt restaurant. Yeah. My favorite restaurant, Manhattan beach, love and salt. There's like five amazing restaurants right near my house. And they make a really good pizza. But it's it's a really nice restaurant. You gonna go into? I mean, I can always gonna take out if I wanted to every now and then but. You know? I can't there's no, hey, it's Sunday night football. I'm going to get a Luna pizza from west Hartford. Get it delivered twenty bucks, whatever like done and done. And I know I'm going to enjoy every single slice. I haven't found anything like that. And when people listen to this. They're going to recommend all these pizza places. I've tried most of them most of them suck. So have you'd have some recommendations where you're saying. It's legit. I gotta tell me where you're from. If you're from Oklahoma City, and you're arguing that, you know pizza. I'm going to. I mean block you. That's about it have a happy happy thanksgiving. And enjoy enjoy black Friday. Enjoyed life Friday. My birthday story. Blau? I forgot my birthday. I have literally forgot it was this Friday. Oh, hey, are you doing a canal podcast with you guys with them yesterday? So we're can people download that. If people want to hear that. That's what we were apple podcasts pretty much anywhere podcast found small talk. Pod Danny canals tape and we're hoping tape with you middle next month. All right problem. Hopefully, we lock time down. It was pretty good. It's good to talk to Danny. Actually, I didn't talk to him in. Over your at imagine. At if you questions about his Bama tweets at halftime sitted Al game. He's the worst. When it comes out was just the worst. Yeah. He I think he. I mean, I used to go there. But like he knows what it complete hypocrite. He is with every single thing. He does. Right. I think he does hard to listen to. But I, but I think he'll tell you that he's doing this hung cheat in college. Now, it's not totally true. See how Matty? But he sounded good. All right. Sounds good. You have a great week. And I'll talk to you next week.

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