Anime Podcasters 93: Studio Ghibli


Hi guys, welcome back to a brand new episode of anime podcasters. I'm your host household Ginger and with me. I have two people that I'd rather watch Dave alone. Go ahead and say hi guys. Hi. Hi guys, guys. Sorry. That's why I'd rather leave them alone. Today. We have the I have a big I'm very excited to be here with you Hotshot. It's been a minute. It's been a minute. I mean life happens and all circles of the world and we are no exception to that. We've had to adapt. Yeah, that's just kind of yeah. Yeah. It's a it's a Christmas time all around GoPro kills here as well. How's it going man? Hi. I'm the one that no one wants here. You're right. I'm the I'm the stepdad wage. He wants to see come back. You're right. I have a couple of quick housekeeping notes. I want to get to before we get into this very special episode of the podcast when we're going to be talking about Studio Ghibli movies. We're going to have a long form discussion with hot shot and go pro Q. I'm very excited to get their input on it because they have been watching a many movies and I've caught up basically. It's the only way I can say for once. I'm catching up to a Hotshot on something that's anime based. So I'm really happy. This is like new territory. So let's get into these weird actually. Yeah a little bit and let's get into these housekeeping notes. I'm going to put a time stamp in the podcast as to where you can skip ahead if you don't really care. So first of all, we have new artwork for the podcast by Kyo. Thank you so much and it looks amazing the new cover photo in the new probation for the podcast and your logo is gorgeous. So a big thank you to you. Just I want to give you your credit your do the podcast looks amazing things that you so thank you so much for that Kyo series. And then I also want to thank everyone the Facebook page is nearing four hundred legs on our way to 500. 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I'm not even kidding. This thing is pissing me off at it off my pump filter get off the sorry. All right, by the way, guys you guys can suck. Messaging us on the Facebook Messenger about can you leave a review for us? There is literally a tab where you can review our review the page and the podcast and everything. I appreciate that you guys are dead. We appreciate that. You guys are messaging us and letting us know that you like the podcast but the messaging is more so for collaboration. Yes, and we don't sell merge with don't sell they were supposed to I had some I had designs laid out. We just just can't find a a site that'll like pay it or like give us a good person and the final thing I want to say. This episode will be the only one this month just because we moved into a new schedule September, you know hot just got a new job. We're all getting a bit busy. So this month we're just going to give ourselves one big long form conversation about a Studio Ghibli movies. So this is why we're doing such a big broad topic. So that's enough of updating. Let's get into the meat of this. I really want to start with this question. How did you guys find Studio Ghibli? Because this is a super popular song. Studio that produces gorgeous anime films, but for some reason I've only been aware of it for the last two years which is ridiculous, right? Okay. So I want to start off with I want to start off by saying I brought up Studio Ghibli in one of the koala casts and I was shocked to my core that Joanna never heard of Studio Ghibli, right and even but also while I'm at that also found out that sorry guys, the the supposedly the actual pronunciation of the name is Ghibli. I just called a Ghibli cuz it was often sung better a Ghibli just like me calling Diane Jaden it off with me about her. You just refused to use his name even though now I can actually pronounce it but it it's been far too long for me to cry right now. Yeah. It's like at this point we may as well just basically yeah, but even even am shocked to hear that when Jane didn't know any of the Ghibli movies or what any of them even were more shocked to hear that I had actually watched a fair deal of them before you even right I watch More sense than but I have watched at least three or four of them. One of them fell asleep was because I just got bored out of my fucking skull but the ocean waves everybody's going to hate me for that one though. Everyone's going to hate me, but you know what that that's how I felt when I watched that the time you want to show you say which movie that was yeah just cuz while I'm at it it was actually house Mercy. Wow, that's one of the better ones in my opinion. I I could not get into a disabled my life. I I tried watching it one time when I was younger with my sister very rented it from Blockbuster. I thought that was and I just couldn't stay awake then tried watching it again with my sister and my dad and I just couldn't stay awake through it either and I'm just like this movie always puts me to sleep. I don't know why it was going to have to do it like straight up in the morning tomorrow to like get you to sit through. Yeah. Sure make me fall asleep again right after I wake up for me. It was ocean waves like one of the tiredest. Yep. Heard of that one ocean waves. That was the one that for me I got through it. I I didn't like it. I really didn't like do you mean Tales From Earthsea or so? It's it's a Ghibli movie called ocean waves. Oh, okay. So I don't think that one is not necessarily have to watch to like have seen them all know for sure. Like I think or that one's it's just one of the ones that that that's just kind of what part of their repertoire the ones that are that most people agree are consistent wage really good ones are the ones directed by yeah, Miyazaki, but in in my opinion as far as house moving council's go their house moving castle one, I love the design of the world. But other than that, I think the movie is really sluggish and there's not a lot that happens. Like there's no there's no like beginning middle and end to it. Like it has like the first part is the main girl going off to try and find a cure for your actual doing trying to find a cure. She just kind of leaves She's Gotta leaves because I'm old now, I think yeah old I'm a leaves eventually just leaves her home with like with no explanation then like Midway through the movie wage. If there's a war going on okay, nothing happens there like like how is flying over a battlefield he comes back and then then the then the then the new plot for the movie is fowl is like fixing the howls cursed because his heart is missing. There's no consistent Choice as to what is supposed to happen in that movie. I do like the the environment of the world. That's that's the strongest part of it and house. Like what is a demon mode or like his true form? It says it's one of the curse word fuck things. It's even worse for me because I don't I was interested because at the time when I saw it the Dark Knight was a big movie. Okay and Christian Bale is the English voice for how so he uses his palm like voice for like the the owl saying or whatever he is. I was going to give this movie a second chance, but no so it's it's really distracting and like it's one of the one of the low-wage Or Ghibli movies for me, please. How how to come down to go actually actually affected at a point that one of my favorite characters in all the Ghibli movies. I saw was in that movie for me was calcifer the little girl named Kelly Lambert hilarious. I think it's a really good character. I know like I love like you gotta know. I'm going to die. I'm going to die like no, I'm just getting clean and I know seriously like put words. I'm going to die seriously. Like what are you doing home? And I'm not I'm not going to lie. You guys are on your own. I'll have I'll have to like let you sit through it yourself because now you're actually into these movies. I know kind of what what you like and what you don't like though. I have unpopular opinions on more than a couple of them. I there are a few Ghibli movies that I just fucking such as faith and the ones that I adore the ones I have one. I'm actually curious one one that I completely adore and it was actually my first Ghibli movie ever was Spirited Away almost universally loved. Yep. Like I don't think any I don't think a person on the planet can disagree you wouldn't like Spirited Away deep hoarse. Yeah, that that was that that was my first one. That was the one where am I watched it on my own one time and no matter how many times I've seen it and I watched it when I was like six or seven maybe a little older but I can't help but always remember the entire sequence in the bathhouse When sin actually starts working for the yeah. Oh and just the entire batch. I've seen of her having to wash this dog. Monkey grimy mud, white satisfying going Anton's at the end. Oh, yeah. It's it's it's it's so satisfying like that. I'm sure thing and then when we finally get the emergence of no face, yeah or no neighbor no face no face. No that's not who was that's not who was inside the no creature. No I'm saying like after birth. He's done for with that. We finally get the emergence of no face and then what the refusal of the payment and then him just going absolutely fucking ballistic and I love I love like how we like just handing out gold to everyone and like, oh my God more pleased. You're like a free Bank have money just keeps hanging out and you know money and everyone's like oh, what is it? What is what is it again? That for Gruesome to send refuse the payment or or she's like looking for she's looking for Haku and he's like in pain and black and she's like chasing him through the bathhouse trying to yeah catch a little so she runs into the she runs into like the parade that they're having inside the bathhouse and no face is like throwing out the gold and there's food and everything right and then she comes up to a or bumps into him and then he hands out the gold asked like basically like take the gold and she's like, no that's not what I want or like basically just job I mean that she's grown into a selfless person. All right, then he loses it like how dare you have well, defined characteristics and be a decent human being I'm going to keep looking at this move or or the or the or the or the fucking reveal of the parents and the pigs. That was just I mean, I know this an anime movie with this weird. It was like I was looking at home had how do you figure I'd like I was looking at stuff about this movie and the 20-year anniversary is. Away is next July guys. That's crazy. It's 20 years old. Oh really? Wow. It's a night. It's a nineteen-year-old wage. See I didn't yeah. All right going back to the going back to the previous Point. What do you mean the parents got? Well, they were eating all that food. That was not theirs and then they got turned into pigs. You shouldn't oh, okay kind of like the the turning into a donkey in Pinocchio. Just you're just you're just an ass so good. Yeah, that's you know, what time? Looks like you just knew they they just raked up support characters when they were driving that car. I was like yeah. Yeah, this is about Sin. Okay, cool. Oh, oh actually one or two more things on Spirited Away is actually one character that I didn't really like all that much at least the first time watching through it. I probably have changed my mind on it since it's actually hot, really I don't even know I don't even know why I just couldn't really get into maybe the fact that he was the friend and I just didn't like those kind of characters. Usually I don't like that kind of character myself, but I think and then I've only seen this movie like once and I still loved it. Like I Austin's girlfriend at the time had like a collection and she brought over Spirited Away and like we thought we had an hour and half to kill and she was just like have you seen Spirited Away of like know I love movies and I love Miyazaki movies, but I haven't seen this one. She's like, all right, sit down. I don't need to see that. I was really surprised that I saw before wage. What terrified me I usually I do like when I was a kid, I was like digging into those movies like the movie that I saw the most or the most Ghibli movie that I saw as a kid was My Neighbor Totoro. That was my first introduction to to it. Like I saw the original English dub VHS tape and way back in the day. This was before they did the Disney did the redeb that the Fanning sisters. So it was like the older older one and I think it's the one that we have on the DVD. I'm will go into an emulator wasn't going to budge on that one. I want to hear when I hear Boston's out loud opinion on that one cuz on Totoro. Yeah. Oh really? No. Go ahead get started. I didn't I didn't hate it at all. The designs were cute except for Totoro. I enjoyed the characters except for Totoro Scott. I I laughed I laughed at the dog. Except a Totoro just I okay. My favorite thing about My Neighbor Totoro was actually the cat bus and that's easily the most terrifying thing in the movie except for total was pretty good. I don't know why I know that I'm getting a sense awesome that you might not like Totoro himself. The character Totoro is the mascot of Studio Ghibli and I know he's like supposed to be like the most friendly kind of character that there ever was in in these kind of movies, but total just freaks the fuck out of me. Okay, I think Austin is afraid of the the big mouth that got like it or like whenever Totoro Smiles Austin was he doesn't do anything but smart. It's either smile or mouth closed nothing else. Yeah, and especially when he opens his mouth. Oh dear God. No, I just I the story is cute. I like I like learning like what the sisters are going through. I like them. Having that connection with their their mom in the hospital moving away with their dad and still having that kind of story arc. It's just Totoro himself where he's supposed to be this charming girl you and like be there for you kind of character and creature for me. He's pissed your pants fear-inducing. I don't know why I want to love him. I want to love them but I can't I I'm I'm flabbergasted at that because he's not like a horror monster. He's not like he's not here. Hold on. Let's throw let's throw Totoro and Nightmare on Elm Street. Let's see what happens. He will be able to locate his job like a snake down the power your hall and he will smile with glorious does it and then get back to me on Toro being a evil My Monster seriously like I love bloodsucker. You're looking let's see if you love the killer bunnies and blood see how do you not love Totoro what the hell's wrong with you because he's terrifying her birth. I terrifying yours, or I'm making it up. Dude you're wrong on all levels. I mean I know but it's my opinion. I can be wrong. If I chew great great great point of view. I actually I wanted to ask for you guys what you think? Okay. So I was just doing some some research about this stuff in the top four highest grossing anime films. There's three Ghibli movies and they take off take out a spot for three and two if you had to guess what they were without it up, please what do you think is like those one of those three movies are any of those three movies if you had to guess I'm just curious if you guys could figure it put your number two has got to be. Yes. At least yeah. Yep. In a way is on their new it Totoro has got to be on their own. Okay? No, okay. No. Oh, these are surprisingly these other two are surprising one of them. We've already talked about I'll give you that. Oh house number and then what do you think is number for it's one of the ones that I watched to catch up with you guys, please tell me it's okay. We agree this. Always on there. So lucky one. I like is on there. Please tell me enough. No not Dan minutes Ponyo. I love Graham. Oh, woe on Yom! No fishy. You see this is why I love you, cuz I can agree with you and disagree with you. But this one it's like I'm really happy. I can agree with you on this one and just for the people wondering what number one it was. It's actually your name. Your name is is the number one. Yeah. Oh, that's your 2060 the number one anime movie of all time. Enemy. Yeah, highest-grossing. So like I am Dispatch grab that's a little surprising. Yeah, like I loved you. I loved your name, but the same time after like I'm more surprised that movie I think adjusted for inflation is part of why your name is a little higher plus it was once it plus it had a wide wider release as it was coming out. So it was in America as it was still in. You know, we're we're all wrong. Number one is actual Dragon Ball number 12. God dammit. No kids above it. I that I have no doubt. I had no doubt turn him know. He means like it's not dead princess. No tire on the list. No keys number eight. Oh, okay, but like I feel bad cuz we actually sidestepped next next next to ninja class in the Land of Snow. I don't need one or yards. Are you buffoon? Whatever dude, it's some it's I'm in I'm in a Ghibli mode mode, whatever you want to call it, but I want to go back to this point Jim. You you didn't have fine. Other than that, you know, but cuz I said Ponyo and I felt like it was like a you guys didn't agree like Hotshot loved it and kill you you weren't about it. I feel like God, is that what I yeah, I think it's just that you surprised that it was ion. I was surprised cuz I I don't think it's that good. I'm not saying that's bad I'm saying it's a cute movie but you know, I don't think I like Ponyo. I don't think it's what was it above it was above it was number four. Well not school was over there often. Okay, wasn't so how's Moving Castle grossed more than ano? Okay. Oh, I thought it's for I was too Spirited Away is too I would say so like it was for three and two so too was off then how then pain. Yeah, I I would put on you at like in eighth if I were to rank it from like top ten like I think it's a good I think it's a good Ghibli movie. It's just dead. One that I would find myself going back to nearly as much as like they Spirited Away Porco Rosso or Kiki really you taste of human blood. What else did you have? I love Ponyo such a long movie. Like it's I think the best part I think some of the best part of it is just like how nonchalant some some lines are red. Like, for example, there's the did you taste blood off like, okay. Well, when is consuming Blood part of the process of becoming human you have the blood? Oh God, that's the case vampires must be so human age limit of what she does to get ham though, when she breaks free of her father's person and controls the waves and runs on them with her fucking chicken legs and just jumps off and just jumps onto the onto the surface for the sake of ham and then causes a almost globally wide tsunami because I watch it off. It was like raining like crazy outside and that just like it felt like the right vibe to watch that movie. I don't know why but like the fact that it was like rain, that is perfect. That's probably the perfect time to watch that movie in the next morning happen. It's all sunny and they go out in the boat. Then you're just like it's raining. You're just like your if you put pain you on at the right time the Sun will come out towards the climate package speaking of speaking of the flooded World though. I I love you. Jaan boat so scared. I love soaps case boat. Oh, yeah, where is where's candle power off light it and put it in and then it just keeps going that seems like that feels like something that I would have liked imagined doing as a child like that that's such like an imaginative or being that like, it feels like something that a child would imagine. Yeah one one scene in that. I know this is supposed to be Charming, but to me it was terrifying. We already know your birth. Hanging on Totoro, you fucking dusting when when Sasuke and Ponyo are passing by parents and a crying child. And then Ponyo just looks back Upon a Child just crying fiercely jumps off onto the water and the fish snowed grabs the baby by the face and then just like squishes his face and a weird dude face morphs into a job and then just leaves waving to the parents. Okay, like the what was supposed to happen there like what you're supposed to get him? No, no, no in that scene. She's supposed to be taking the cold away the child cuz the baby's crying cuz it's got a cold right but so like Tanya comes up and like basically takes the cold away from the child. Yeah. I didn't get that. I know slides weird. It's like a it's got to be like some kind of like a Japanese thing or something like that. I don't know what the Superstition behind that is, but I have a feeling that's kind of what they were going for and that's part of birth. I mean like why she passed out in her power started fading away because she had the cold I just left my guess what was going on? Like I know this is Ghibli we're dealing with but that's weird. It is weird. I know I don't think I don't like that either. I think it's a really strange way to move your movie forward in the world that is still a cute movie in the same movie We have basically the guardian of the ocean who got it all down with this giantess of the ocean. I'm not surprised by that. Have you been to rule 34 search up giantess stuff. You'll find plenty. Look I'm aware. I probably been there more than you know, just they got they got it on this guy and makes his appearance on the surface just soaking the water so he doesn't dry up as he's making his first way to Ponyo been trying to find his daughter and I can't accept all that weirdness more than just running up to a baby and squishing his face and leaving that to me is not weird or that to me is weird. The other stuff is not I don't know if the dog She is fine to you. Just that one scene one scene is like this is just weird. You can crave ham and destroy the world. All you want. I will still watch an entire France an entire Series where it's just you searching for years old. People are Subs abstract Dick's and you can parade around the world and a candle powered boat. That's fine. Grabbing a baby by the face and rubbing your face on it smiling all the while know with your creepy fish chicken beef fish chicken legs know I'm out. Thanks. I had a good time. But I'm told one thing I appreciate from Ghibli movies though is how they cover it kind of like early Dragon Ball the incorporate like humans with animals. You know what I mean? Do they had lighter like but I know the one you talked I need another one. We didn't talk about nicely is telling me we are yes, thank you. Thank you. Yo, how many times do I give you a softball you like? No, I'm going to guess another thing just to piss you off. There you go. There you go off. How you doing? I'm sorry. Did I say report grow? So I meant pom poko with all of these have animals in them even know there's not a lot of there's not a lot of Life humanoid animal creatures. I think it's just poor corrosion. I love him. So I ignored them. I was a fun movie. It's probably my third favorite Ghibli movie. I don't blame you. That's a really good one. Like like I'll I'll tell I'll so my my top three later on but Porco Rosso The Flying Pig and dog bites and just this pig basically just wanting to fly round the world of his own regard not really get into any worse or any fights or anything like that anymore. I love him because of how Charming that that fucking promises and then when he gets in a fist fight in the end, I think is asked Mr. Piggy just love it Portland. This this is porky Pig's ancestor and he kicked fucking I love his like herocious. This is tenacity his like he doesn't give birth. Remember, yes shot down by the by those enemies and like they see these players playing Crash like, oh, he's gone know he's chilling on an island. He's going to get back to you you like if you go home, you're definitely not on the right side here, you know what I'm saying? And like yeah poor girl got out the really the relationship between him like him and his I'm going to say former love for God sake of this that's just basically watching him fly like the Countess. Oh, yeah actually like his connection with her. I found fuking adorable his mentor slash almost romantic girl involved with with the engineer you mean Apprentice? Yeah. You said Mentor? Yeah might be like, oh, okay. All right, like Mentor Francis almost borderline romantic that was awful quiet was the name. I think I know. Yeah. Yeah P. Oh, yeah. She she other than himself. I don't think that there's my favorite character in this movie. I don't think she was really like romantic song. Interested in him. I saw it more as like just an admiration sort of thing. Like she she looks up to him because like he's lived such a full or such a an interesting life. So she doesn't know Wildlife. I'm totally intended shut the fuk up leave it basically just like he has such a mysterious past and you're so interested in what the one that asked was and like that not only that but his personality is so it draws you in like he he's not he's not like an a solo. He's not a Han Solo type of character. He's just leave me alone and let me fly away. Yeah, he's a he's a very free-spirited person. But he's also a little cold and he's he just wants to he wants to chill out and live his life live the rest of his life doing what she loved. That's why I'm just cuz he seen what kind of connections that yeah and what kind of heartbreak it can go see is when I when I think when I think Porco Rosso obviously like first thing I think of is the actual birth Airplane fights and stuff like that. Yeah, but the first thing that always comes to my mind is when he's talking to Theo and he finally agrees to something. I can't remember the context and Theo kisses his cheek then halfway just like goes away and goes to bed. I can't remember the context. Well leading up to that but the smile on her face is just so freaking genuine and lays down with subjects. Like I can't wait to wake up tomorrow. It's so damn cute. I love it. I love it alot. Sorry Jan. I was just going to say like I was going to make a joke of like poker also gave me a new topic. I thought we could do like anime pigs like, you know Parker Rosso Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins any other Pig we can find out and it would be like a great topic the parent that appearances perish away. Like I think your list Diane and the Looney Tunes anime Porky Pig the Looney Tunes anime store will go with the Looney Tunes the anime Porky Pig what we're going to do one doesn't take an anime. Yep. Going to have to make it we need to give them a shotgun. Oh my God. Why did Porky Pig a shotgun? I don't want to do this. Yes, you do. Your Looney Tunes fan. You're an anime fan. These things should have a baby girl that just because much like two divorced parents. I'm a love them both. Equally that doesn't mean I want them. That doesn't mean that I want them in the same room. I want them as far away from each other as possible. I had a very dark joke my head but I'm not going to say it out of respect for everyone listening and everyone else. I also want to know if we can start steering away from Barker. Oh, so Chi-Chi. Yo off of that one. Yeah. I love Gigi. My second favorite Ghibli movie. I said Ghibli Ghibli. Okay, it's also it's my second favorite song. You know what I'm just going to edit it before the blue before the I love Kiki. I love her. I love the cat. I love who she stays with wage. I love her training to be an actual which I hate her boyfriend. Oh, so annoying. I don't think I don't think I like him where I don't think I really hate him. I think he's just there with me, you know what character I love the the character that she meets like right at the beginning and or the artist who's like living out in the cabin in the woods. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I told me a second to remember your town. But yeah, she was like a bit of like I'm having a hard time. What should I do? And she like kind of guides Gigi back into like this is how it works and blah blah blah and I just remember like that was the lowest you've been she was and she kind of Sky rocketed back up with your hold delivery service and everything again, that's how I remember the paint the painter girl who gives you the advice of like if you don't have your head cleared them or like if you don't have a clear goal, then it's probably time to step away from whatever it is you're working on and just just like clear your senior winter stuff. I just have a name and birth. And you're which you go? She's not a good first Kobayashi. We'll just go with you. Okay, so when we first made her see see us a bit of an oddball but at the same time in the city that Kiki's in she also is so it just seems like all the more reason to actually find her and have that connection even though everyone else in the city is life. She's weird. Don't talk to her. Meanwhile Kiki's over here. Like I'm a which I kind of have to I need help help me understand this and just to have that that's all of the connection honestly. I really do. I really do enjoy it. I really do feel like she's a strong reason why he he is on the straight and narrow as she is like both both her and both her and the Foster Baker's the Baker season. That's why I said Foster cuz that's just what popped in my head the baker's that she's dead. With like keeping her on that straight and narrow path, especially when it comes to her delivery service and her job on that. Yeah, but like all Ghibli movies. There is one scene or page one sequence that breaks my fucking heart and that's when Kiki starts losing her powers. Yeah. That was very heartbreaking. So we're not renting but the same time like I said, like she was kind of one-dimensional at this point. It was just like this good natured person who delivered food and now like let's give her a bit of a struggle and when I saw that happen, I was like, okay now, let's see how she reacts on the pressure and when the defense stacked against her and not this whole feel good thing of like, oh my daughter needs muffins, you know and hear your muffins like something different, you know, even even getting to the point where she can't understand her off earlier anymore. He's just a cat now. Yeah. Yeah and especially when that cat leaves her to go get some and it's just so uncomfortable. It's just like I don't understand. Stand why you're leaving me just like oh my God Kiki know but at the same time I just felt like in general that movie just had such a happy tone and what I'm realizing now, I'm talking about all these different movies with Ghibli. There's a lot of just kids as characters like main characters are supporting characters. It's a very kid based character is actually yeah since June from from. What's that Center is a sin It's s I thought it was in. Oh, okay. Okay, so send from Spirited Away Kiki from aptly named Kiki the girl from Howl's Moving Castle? Well, she's a little more of an adult cuz she works at a works at a shop. I would say like maybe teenager like somewhere Border in a seem to be the same lines of Mononoke then cuz I know case easily teenager and so like a lot of them are more so about like the only one I can think of one and becoming an adult the only one I can think of that's straight-up about an adult at least in my my name. Yeah, bro. So actually yeah, the main carer Barker also is like a middle-aged Peg adult. Yeah or older. Actually, I think he is like in his sixty. No, I think he was like 40 maybe 50 would be wasn't a teenager anymore very wasn't a young piglet either. I know it was cursed. It's a job. What about like nausicaa that's on the main character? Like that's a teenager, right? Yeah not yeah not I'm not scared teenagers leading up on two young adults. Yeah, and then I was just be no you go ahead. Oh, I think the only other except I think the only other exception is pom poko. Yeah, that was all raccoons though. I don't I don't need that one. That's the that's the one about the raccoons. We haven't watched. That one was really good. I if I just put a a bit of a precursor, it's a it's hilarious. It's pretty funny. It's basically putting these raccoons with obviously spiritual Powers cuz it's a Ghibli movie and they live in this forest and the rest construction that starts to occur around there for so long. Sure to fight back to humans and find ways to delay or disrupt the construction so that they're forced it remains intact and a lot of stupid stuff in a lot of funny stuff and a lot of Ghibli stuff happens throughout the movies the movie to make like prevent from the construction to like destroy the entire Forest when when Ghibli stuff doesn't happen in Ghibli movies, you know, you have a problem. I have a question for you. Are you aware of what part of their body? They're using during this movie? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I was just hope I was just saying that giant had been like the like the English dub where they call them pouches instead of Balzac's. I mean, I watched it this morning, but that one went to me I think got moved in with my favorite song Universe if that makes sense. No not my favorite Universe my favorite my favorite Universe. The universe is is for sure nausicaa nausicaa like the universe laska was just so cool. So all the bugs I would definitely want to get that off. My favorite like structure in the sense of like the way it's narrated and the way it's like, oh the raccoons and then and you like really get like a frame-by-frame play of like, how are they going to go route screwing over this construction site or doing this over there? It's really cool. I really like the way it's a it's described and how it's narrated throughout the the the the structure of the anime. Yeah, like how it's structured life the way that it really cool like that but nausicaa the universe and nausicaa is so cool before before we get to noska. I'm sorry. I just have to get this out. Cuz if I don't I'm going to hold on to it for a while, but we were describing the raccoons and their ball sacks the scene that immediately went into my mind was from South Park when they all enlarge their ball sacks and hop on them, like happy Hops, and I was a mad thing a bunch of raccoons doing said action. They actually do that in one scene. Oh dear God, it's not just going to watch this tonight. We program. Well, they might be because I asked him has to see it now. I laugh I laugh at ball sacks. I laugh at fart show. I I really don't have any taste but this way we can have this way we can actually have a full-on pom poko podcast episode that's terrifying. We'll talk about raccoons and their ball sacks for an entire half hour. I'm down. How many times can we say taint in one podcast? Joe Knows It Go though you were you were you can't you can't talk about later. No home. And you want to you want to know what? Okay in all seriousness. You want to know why I was cutting you off to talk about cutting ball sacks and shot know. Well, yeah, that's probably one reason but because noska is my favorite Ghibli movie. I understand how okay what you so you didn't want to talk about your favorite movie you wanted to talk about that bass. Correct. I didn't want to talk about my favorite movie because I wanted to make a joke about ball sacks and friends, but your favorite movie go ahead nausicaa. So when I when I first showed it to me, it's actually one of the few Ghibli movies we have on Blu-ray before I got the yeah bootleg DVD collection so nice. So like I was young at Walmart one day. I was on that real quick like we were at Wal-Mart one day Austin was I don't remember what else was doing. He was doing something else. We were in the video section and I happened to see a bunch of movies that were like twenty bucks for Blu-ray and I was like, you know what I'm going to start building up my Ghibli collection in Blu-rays, so that way I can have them all in glorious HD. So I felt I saw nausicaa was one of the ones that was on there and personally, I hadn't seen it yet. Mian askance. Away, I think our spirit away we have on a regular DVD. We got to get it on Blu-ray attack on but wage. But anyway, so I saw it and I was like, I haven't seen this. I keep hearing good things about it and I absolutely need to need to see it because for me the more animated films. I see the more knowledge I have about these films and personally. I also really like to look at behind-the-scenes stuff about these movies. It really intrigues me because that's another thing is that this whole movie there is no computer animation in the entire film. It's all drawn on hand. Everything is drawn on hand like with pencil and paper painting and it's just an intense movie and when we finally watched it on the Blu-ray, I was absolutely blown away, but I'm reading stuff about Nautica and I didn't even know that I want to read this out cuz I don't think you guys even know this so it was released in Nineteen Eighty-Four, but then a heavily I'm going to take this from the wiki cuz this is really cool a heavily edited at a Tatian of the film created by Manson International Warriors of the wind was released in the U age States and other markets throughout the mid-to-late 1980s and was eventually replaced in circulation by an uncut re dubbed version by Walt Disney pictures in 2005 wage. And then though it was made before Studio Ghibli was founded it's considered a Ghibli work and was released as part of the Studio Ghibli Collection DVD. The film is received critical Acclaim. Okay, so long is it a Ghibli film or what? I'm confused. Okay it is it is so it's made by the guys who originally who founded the studio. This is so like this is before they actually had them studio and they are written and like when the director of the film went to pitch it to a movie studio. He couldn't pitch it because the movie studios like we can't produce any or we will not produce any movies unless there is a manga Italian because Japan it's a lot smarter to already have but it's already smarter to have like that fanbase ready, which is why a lot of manga get sat adapted cuz wage Because there's a fan base there already. So instead of making the movie first he went ahead and he created an entire like I think it was like a three or four issue manga where he has an entire story laid out and he pitched it back to them because it got super popular back when it first came out and then he was like, well you make my movie now and they're like, yes, here's your money. Wow, that's really cool. Yeah, it was an it was an intense. It was intense back then and like once once that came out and they made their money off of it. They were able to build their studio and then they started birth thing. I want to ask you guys and then one thing one thing I want to ask you guys and then one thing I want to ask you specifically Kyo, I really felt like a Metroid vibe from the full movie. I don't what do you guys think Honda Metroid Medford combined with like Fallout? I'd say is kind of post-apocalyptic desert Lee. Yeah. Yep. Enter but with a lot of sci-fi elements something and that that's also another reason why I loved it. I loved her birthday. Yeah Herbert Herbert wasn't it wasn't a bird. It was a little like a dead bird. Whatever. It was. Very wide like a little flying squirrel. Yeah, I think because it like soared through the yeah, cuz it cuz it always basically yeah. It was amazing how long I was great. And the other thing I want to ask ukiyo is you really clearly explained that whole novel thing? I I no idea is there other stuff, you know about Ghibli movies that are kind of like fun facts like that like trivial details like that or a cool cuz I feel like you're very, you know, this this franchise. Well, you know this studio well, so I'm just I'm just curious if there's other tidbits you want to share. I feel I feel bad cuz I haven't I haven't seen all these movies and like I'm a huge fan of things that I have seen and like I really want to see and I so tracing back to like what we said earlier Austin for my birthday got me a DVD copy of dead. A complete Ghibli. Hello. It's awesome on the whole was the sweetest and nicest thing Austin has gotten for me from one other gift. Yeah actually, but he didn't realize that when he was buying it. It's a bootleg copy. So the so the so the movies on the discs are in a sewer like are like 360p like space sixty quality on them and like so like we so like we tried what so we watched Christmas Princess Mononoke and Porco Rosso on this and the quality was so awful like and then luckily I had bought the nausicaa Blu-ray and we went back and watched that and we're like, I cannot go back we can't go back to this bootleg and I've made fun of him for it. But I always have to preface that I am super thankful for the fact that you got this for me dead. I just want to say check your links. Next time. I got it off Amazon. I thought it was. Oh you got on Amazon. Yeah, that's why I thought it was it was the real deal someone in China is doing is celebrating wage. You let the only the only the only gives I can think of that I got that are nicer than that are the bundle. I got you for the complete collection of gravity falls in the number three Journal. Oh, yeah, that's and and the complete collection of Invaders them. Those were those are still some of my favorite gifts and I still use them off but the fucking Ghibli want okay, I have her so disappointed with us since I'm on a I'm on a rant about gifts for Kyo. There was only one failure in my mind that's bigger than this month. And that's when I bought you ask versus the evil dead the series before we watched the actual movies. I was so goddamn upset. I'm still really upset about birth. We watched the movies now, we can watch the show no matter what but so upset that I did that Austin has sort of a good and bad history. I know that Austin knows me enough that he knows exactly what to get me. So I never worried about it. I am however worried that he'll get so close that he'll somehow overshoot. Damn. I'm sorry. I got off of the question you like. I'm sorry. Yeah like me about the different Ghibli movies that you know about our stuff like that. I cannot get that I got, you know, don't worry. I'll drop off as we go along with the movies like so I guess like since we were talking about Parker Road, so I may as well drop this Miyazaki is a really big fan of Prides the the director of a movie so I should also let me know that the reason that ties in is because the studio is named after a specific airplane called a Ghibli and it was a really early World War Dog. To type of it was a really early prop plane like a World War Two it may or may not have been the kind that Porco Rosso was flying. I don't think it actually was but it was just a low interesting connection is down in such a big fan of planes cuz he did both Porco Rosso and then he also did when The Wind Rises that's really cool. I actually wondered about the planes in poker. Oh, so I I felt like those were like regular planes like you would see them in real life. But then like the plane. Yeah. Those are real plane once and nausicaa like I wish those were real life planes. I'm sorry, you know what I mean off the universe is very so much throughout all these different. I mean noska nascus just strictly side with poker poker poker rosis biggest fantasy thing was the main character was a month. Now that was probably about the news about it. But nausicaa worth like the fucking armies of bugs. So creepy doll or or the fucking take off. We're like in the beginning where I think her dad her father gets gunned down right with hurt like that. Just whole opening sequence. I'm just like I feel so bad for this character and I love her off of Barrett and I want to see you succeed because she doesn't want to fight she wants to resolve everything peacefully and I think she barely even raises a fist in the entire movie. Well, I mean aside from that scene where she like or like tries to start like fighting the guards that came in and killed her dad. Yeah. I mean anyone would do that like anyone would even if the most heaviest to pacify if you see a loved one gunned down in front of you you are going to lose your shit's yeah likely but aside from that she tries to resolve everything else peacefully between the warring countries wage and the invading bugs cheap fucking the the entire sequence at night when she's like at that Outpost. Yeah trying to figure out a way to peacefully resolve this even with the wage. Gave of bugs just like going right towards her City and she just finds it like it's like I help me if I'm wrong but doesn't everything actually get peacefully was off without any really Bloodshed going on or is there actually the battle like the there's no real battle. I mean like the there are some action scenes where they're like, there's the scene in the Airship crash or one of them has a gun but like the guys that are from asuka's Village somehow managed to get it so that she doesn't have to shoot that. She doesn't shoot anybody or shooting idiot any creatures after the fact the Airship crash pretty much everyone like in in accordance to her and in respect to her lays down their arms. Yeah almost and whenever they come across like they know how to defend themselves, but in respect to her and what she is trying to accomplish they lay down and just all right, you know what fine we don't have to do this, right and they don't do it and there's no like wage. Out in the back or anything like that. It's actually peacefully resolve. I did like the two characters from whatever that Empire was or whatever the two that were always bickering with each other like teasing about either schedule each other. And what did you guys actually think I just thought that was what do you guys think about the actual universe and like how bugs and the the forest and everything and like the the just the life and trying to save the humor out of this? Like I just I really love the setting of this and white real like really loved it like guys, like I said in the beginning in asuka's talk it really does feel like a combination of like you pointed out MET for it as well as Fallout so that kind of like mythology and atmosphere especially for this kind of thing. I think really can't take off now. I do love the universe and its own separate continuity if it was my universe and we lived in a desert and it was in ancient civilizations just a desert. I know but that that's just what my job Immediately gosu to start with so it's just a little off-putting of like I don't want to live in the desert but the atmosphere of it the the caverns the forest the desert is so beautiful that I can't help and love no definitely definitely so I don't know if you guys notice but like if you look at the way that like all the vehicles vehicles are designed they all they're all like compare them to our own actual designed vehicles and whatnot. All of our planes are relatively bird-shaped whereas there's and that movie our bug shaped like they all look kind of like everything is very buggy. Like it's if you you know what, I mean like, yeah, give me a dragon fire Friday. Yeah, like the the whole idea of behind like the birth of the vehicle design was that like the people who invented these vehicles like in terms of the art Department was that all the that like all the vehicles are dead. Based on like bugs that exist in that Universe because bugs are the dominant creatures. Yeah, and and they show they're they're easily the most threatening presence in the entire movie. There's a crash or I think the game Metal Slug uses the design of the giant monsters or the giant insects as like enemies and the video game. I'm going to look this up to me and I might be I might be wrong about which game uses it but I'm pretty sure it's the game Metal Slug could be I I haven't heard of that game in a little bit about Princess Mononoke though because that one I just want to put this out that this one that was the first one I saw of Ghibli, but I actually want to preface this was saying I did I watched Princess Mononoke with my roommate like last year and she was like you haven't seen Ghibli before and that's like how I kind of got introduced to it and everything, but I just want to put a side thing here saying that whatever he watched Spirited Away. I actually watched Spirited Away. I can chew thousand and one when I was still living in France and I remembered watching the movie when I was almost at the end of what he Spirited Away. I was like, this is the film. I signed Cinema when I was in France and it just like America like page with like my twenties. It was such a weird like like realization in the moment. I was watching that film and that's why I like I really enjoyed it. But Princess Mononoke really got me into like Ghibli as a studio and as I am a movie collection and like what made me want to do this specific episode such a cool such a cool movie like Adventure and the creatures and the difficulties of life does go through in that Princess. Mononoke is so great. Whatever you guys think about Princess Mononoke. I loved it. Honestly the the kind of Civil War feel of the essentially the one Savage Mountain. Okay, quote unquote versus the basically the people who are tearing down the entire Forest to saturate their own self. And even when we meet the we can clearly see like both points off. Of you from them and okay wanting to protect her home the village and the village wanting to like do what's right as people hell even even even when I main character like is first in the East Village he sides with them really and just like accepts life in the village seeing guess along with everyone in the village seeing how they all work together. Then when they he goes back out into the forest and find someone okay that all gets turned on his head, especially when like the guardian of the forest shows up dear God that fucking beer but with both sides it's kind of up to the viewer to decide like who's right and who's wrong even if the movie definitely destroys the Village movie pretty heavily leans towards nature being right? I mean, yeah cuz you can't stop nature and it's dead wrong, but I'm I'm just going to say it as scary as that deer is he is nowhere near as bad. I actually you guys brought you guys bought something that actually is really interests me home. The whole thing was like nature and like humans. I feel like it's this big thing of like the humans wanting to like take out like the the nature and in the process of War but then nature wine can be reserved. I really felt like there's a parallel with that and and pom poko or like the raccoons want to preserve the nature lie, like throughout all these movies. I'm just realizing the more we're talking about like theme late like youth nature versus Humans Adventure romance, like these are very generic themes. Yes throwing like connect a lot between all these movies. I wonder and maybe this is Faith because you're more story-driven Kyo. This is something you can answer is this intentional when they write these back-to-back-to-back like they're all made in like different a different time. You know on some of these are from the 80s 90s or 2000s. Um, do you think it's intentional when they do all these like crossover themes that just happen to connect with another one like okay. They're all its absolute. It's absolutely intentional that Miyazaki is trying is like he's dead. A heavy or he's very he's very anti industrialization. He's kind of like he's kind of like the JRR Tolkien of the Modern Age. Like he's very opposed to like industrialization like taking over nature and whatnot. Cuz he he feels pretty strongly about that because like not only like not only that but he's also he's also got some very strong opinions on on the war because there's a lot of there's a lot of like War subtext and most of his movies because like I'm pretty sure he was born or I just looked it up. He was born in nineteen fifty-one, which is 2 years before I believe it's two years before World War Two and you'd be like three like maybe three by that point or know if you'd be two years old, but he he strongly opposes just war in general and he's a very pacifist type of person from what I understand. So that relates to the theme of nature preserve a dog. And I'm just trying to understand what how that connects to like the fact that they're different themes that interconnect between different movies like the fact that he is like that like how what does how does that influence the fact that these themes in effect in between the movies? I mean nature connection can happen with Oh, you mean like between yes film. That's what I was saying. Yeah. Okay. I don't I don't think that they're all supposed to I don't think the movies are supposed to be connected in that sense, but they are all supposed to or a lot of them do have this underlying tone nature vs industrialization. He's very like he personally as opposed to like heavy industrialization like he obviously understands that that we need to industrialize a little bit in order to survive but he's also very sick. He's very Pro nature like one of the things that his studio is his Studio has an Open Garden area where the animators can go and just spend some time and kind of an outdoor setting off. These blossoming trees and flowers and just a lot of like, he's a very he's a very nature driven person, right the what I was going to say after that. Also, is that like with this this whole nature and inhuman theme that is throughout the the the many of the movies. I feel like it's very much a month set up for like what the characters are going to be like how they're going to struggle with their enemies and are they going to collaborate and fight like in pom poko? I feel like there's a lot of that page the raccoons screwing with the humans because the humans are screwing with the nature and then and nausicaa, right the war that makes it so that that force is going to get burnt down. We don't really have a choice. You know, I really feel like it's a it's a it's a theme that kind of sets up the story line or like the big parts of the storyline. I don't know what you guys think about that. I think of it as like he's just her life. It's a message that he thinks is not sure that he believes is not going to grow old but he knows how to weave it into his stories so that it's natural and it's not preachy he's not that I not that heavy at the side of the road holding a sign that says save the trees. He's basically in or Germany or in The Lorax where it's completely dead but critical but what stress is in the main office in the original or yeah, exactly the the Opera he's the exact opposite of that person holding up the sign that says off the trees he is saying save the trees but he's going about it in in basically showing people why they said should save trees because trees are important to us and we need them to reproduce oxygen and that's he's a little bit more like a it's a little bit more like a teacher than a protester. He is actually a lot of dead. Movies in Ghibli that nature can come and fuck you over for like the movie show reverence for nature and I like and I like how it's not like FernGully where it's like like it's really in your face. Yeah, they're not like that and it's what and it's why they part of why they speak to such a wide audience of people. Yeah, I when we talk about like all these themes being a very prevalent and present throughout many of the Ghibli movies. I feel like another theme that is very prevalent and almost like what makes up every single Ghibli movie is Magic jump. In fact that there is like magical things that happen or magical characters or magical powers, like the fantasy is woven and many of the plots and for example, one of the movies that I saw I also use sauce hot shot yet. It was called the cat returns without really spoiling anything here. I felt like this one was gone. Like it's a good movie. But when you've seen many other Gilliam movies, yep. Like it's just another one of those like characters gets thrust into this magical world and Magic happens, you know, like I didn't feel like from that specific movie that there was a big impact like a spirited away or like a Ponyo like those movies like had a big much bigger impact in my opinion. I don't know about you but like I feel like these themes are so prevalent and and all these movies that it makes it kind of hard for some of the less Heavy Hitters to be as impactful if you see what I mean. Yeah. I mean the cat returns is definitely one that I've heard of before I started watching Ghibli movies and basically the the one who's who's wife's Ghibli movies that I've come across does know it and does love it and tries to push it down my throat to watch it. But yeah, I I just haven't watched it. I know the image of the cat in the top hat and his Cane played by Cary Elwes the smooth motherfuker from Princess Bride Westley did not know that he played he plays the English version of the catalog. Is did not know that did you know that he would and that's about all I knew kind of smooth cat. I could I can tell by looking at him but he could be a small motherfuker. But but really all I had was his parents. I had nothing else to go off of everyone else just told me it's so good. Watch it here cable flying. It's just good. Here's the here's the thing about the cat returns. It kind of requires a little bit of context cuz it's it's kind of a weird Inception kind of movie because the the movie comes from one of the other films in this Library. I can't remember which one it is. I know it's either Whispers The Mart or you know, but it's it's essentially the story that one of the characters is writing and wage really bees and the movie. Yeah, like if you look into its I can't remember which one it is because it's the movie where it's these two kids. Who are growing up together and they kind of don't can't stand each other but finding out that they have a lot in common and a lot different about each other is kind of how the movie gross develops itself. That sounds like how the sisters that have to live. I don't I don't either I don't see the connection. Neither. Do I thought I heard two girls living together or two kids too. I heard two kids growing up together and I thought okay, I see I see your point there but it's a bad one, I wanted to go back. I want to go back to just the fact that like you you agree or not agree with me when I'm saying that this whole Magic is so a part of this universe that when you watch the cat Returns versus other Ghibli movie. I honestly feel like it's just another random character gets dropped into magical land and has to like the ones on an adventure like that's how it felt to me because that's what Ghibli movies are. You know, it kind of felt like they kind of job. Up now copy paste it but they took a the main theme from other movies. So it didn't make it as special for me personally. So cat returns is probably one of the Lesser ones because it's not a it doesn't change the same Flair that the the other Miyazaki movies have cuz like there it's more so focused on just telling like an adventure story as opposed to like say like say as opposed to Totoro wage is a very slice-of-life feel with a little bit of magic sprinkled in and that kind of pushes forward or or I guess in a way it's pretty cat returns is similar to spirited away but there's less urgency in the cat returns. Like there's no there's no real stakes in cat returns. It's kind of just like this girl gets thrusted into this world. And then the goal is to just kind of leave it's kind of an Alice in Wonderland sort of thing, but it's not as there's no like I said, there's no real Stakes to it. It's more of one of those just like it's kind of one of those mindless Ghibli movies, which is not what you kind of want from Ghibli they cut off. If they're a little more smart than that, I feel but it's not a terrible movie. I think it's entertaining enough and the last movie I wanted to really get into before we get into other information here specifically is from up on the Poppy Hill. I saw that one I liked it personally. I just felt it was cool to not want have a movie that's was as dripped into magic and juice have like it's basically without spoiling. Of course. It's about these students that build a boat house and it's just it's centered around this very community-driven thing and these students worked work together and finally maybe like The Boathouse said there's a might not be there after all so they they they fight back and stuff. So it's just one big movie where the come together and work to a common goal. I think it's cool. But I personally like that one was another one of those lesser ones in my opinion. What do you think? It's it's it's still a Poppy Hill is a okay. So that tells me that Whispers of the heart was the one that I the cat returns is dead. So based from because we're supposed to the hardest probably closer to the one that I've already anyway poppy poppy Hill is Bobby Hill is more of like a a teen drama kind of yeah, there's and I don't think there's anything I don't think there's anything wrong with that especially cuz it's a Ghibli movie and it's a really good Ghibli movie. But as honestly like there since there's no real like magic element to it. It's a little interchangeable or doll like some other regular anime movie that could just be it could be like your name, but like without the magic I wanted another like I'm not I'm I don't hate it. I've seen a majority of the movie, but I haven't but I like didn't get to finish the whole thing. And I do know more about the movie without having seen it somehow like I know I know too much trivia about these movies that I haven't seen. All right. Well since we're nearing the end and you any any trivia, this is a go ahead with your trivia with other stuff you want to marriage. Not these movies cuz I'm curious. I love trivia. I love tricky. Well, one of the or something that I completely forgot about was like when we were talking about nausicaa, I forgot to mention the scene with the Young the Giant Robot the secret weapon like towards the end of the movie that was animated by a first-time earlier like this is that yeah, it was animated by a guy that was really new to animation. Like he was a student like fresh out of school and like he didn't have a lot of experience but when they did the pencil test for it, the director was life. He's in he asked to work on this movie He's Got the Right Touch. Yeah. I think he's been in I think that particular animator has been on most of these movies. I wonder like staff wise like today. The same musicians the same animators like a Studio Ghibli, I think so, I'm pretty sure I think the I think the one exception is grave of the dog. Are flies cuz I think is like grammar the fireflies on Totoro. We're made around the exact same time. So like they were I think they were working on two different movies and then they released the films as a matinee or like a pair a package deal. And as I recall, they they're animators and like there they didn't have like a full staff when they put that movie together. So like they they ended up like creating a course. I'm like, this is what we want to do with with the studio. This is the way that we do things around here and they started hiring like permanent staff. So like wage right now, they still have like permanent people who are still doing still doing these films. I mean, I'm looking over over here like on the on the Wiki page maybe, you know any of these but the notable tomatoes and character designers from Studio Ghibli. You got Masashi Ando. Makiko futaki tatsuya. Condo Kitaro Casa de do any of these sound familiar to you song. I'm guess. I'm very I'm very bad with like actual like Japanese or like people I've I I know very few. I just know a couple like Miyazaki is one of them. I think who was that other one who I was thinking of mom row, row soda was one of the animators who worked on the Digimon movie and then later maybe Summer Wars like his own film, right? Those are those are two of the ones that I remember the most like, I don't know. I don't know names like I don't know names in Japan that well in terms of their industry. I know are in the American industry a lot better not fair enough fair enough. I was going to quiz you on Andrews. If you don't know that we don't know them. I don't I can't do it. I can't do I can't tell you I can't do I can't do the I can't do the game show on the Japanese animal man. I'm sorry man. That's a that's a whole I'm at and that would be a fair wage. Animator Think Tank, and then I was looking over also over here. They actually have an upcoming Ghibli movie this year. Did you guys know that there's a Ghibli movie coming out in December. I didn't know that Lee I heard a twig and the which it looks earwig and the which are way you can yeah, your wig computer animated the DuckTales theme song Keke computer game. Yeah computer animated film. Yeah, huh. That's that's kind of funny. Cuz the that Lupin movie is coming out in Japan pretty soon. I don't know if it's out yet or not, but I'm curious know and am currently how do you live is another one that's upcoming. They have almost like I think over twenty easily movies like this. It's so crazy. I mean how many Ghibli movies they've done and it took a big break like the last one they did before I talked to was in 2014 with when Marnie was there. So yeah, that was that was one of the last ones are actually I think I don't know if they actually took a break there cuz they may have been working on Austin. What's that video game? And that has the The Studio Ghibli artwork. Oh God has a very long Japanese title. It's one that I just discovered like just got it like a week ago or something like that, but I can't think of the name of it. They may have been working on that video games too, though. There's two of them. Yep, Oh, I thought there was one there's two behave been working on the video game heard that video game that they're in at that time. Like you would have to bring it up. Can't remember the name. But like on that note since you're talking about like they're relatively short list of movies the director Hayao Miyazaki is gone into retirement. Like V really keeps saying that that he like dude he was saying that this is my last movie back on like I think it I think he said it was my last movie around moanin. Okay, it sucks how and then he's he keeps coming back with a new one like he went right? Actually. He said he went into retirement before he came up with the idea for Spirited Away and then he came back and made that like, I'm convinced that job. Is going to like die and then come back and be like Jinx. I'm in another movie guys, like nothing's gonna make this guy stopped you. Do you mind if we take a quick 5-minute break so guys but I think five minutes and I'm going to come back right after right after that. So enjoy will be back right now for you guys, but we're just taking five minutes just so you know. So we're back from the break first break into anime podcast history and not I want to know for you guys your favorite movies stand else that you really really enjoy out of all the Ghibli franchise. I'll I'll go ahead and start us off like at like I said when we were talking about it and how I said, nosco was my favorite Ghibli movie second one being Kiki's Delivery Service and third being uh, can't remember what I said at the time. But with not skipping my first favorite I probably wouldn't go as back to it as often as I would say Porco Rosso. So I'm going to say pork roast the one I'm going to recommend to a lot of people to watch because it's honestly just an all-around good time if you like aerial dogfights, uh kind of cocky Cena or just kind of fuzzy main character. We'd which pork roasts himself is and I love him for it and an adorable supporting character and Theo honestly, I can't really ask him a lot more than that again. Not nostalgic is probably my favorite one, but it has it takes a lot to understand in that world and get into the Mythos and everything pressure. Oh, so does it really require all of that? You just get the idea. It's like a it's a pig flying a plane shooting people down. Yeah. That's what you need. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. That's the one I'm going to page. That's the one that stands out to me. Roughly the most aside from ones that haven't been that have already been talked to death about like Kiki's Delivery Service in Spirited Away cuz carried away. Brilliant black. Yeah for me, it's Ponyo. Ponyo really stands out to me. Like I just love how cute how gorgeous how childish and like it's just no there's not a single bad vibe in that movie, you know, I mean, even the villain is villain the guy from the C is likeable to me because he has a good purpose that like makes sense. You know, there's literally not a bad thing about that movie like not a mean-spirited thing. It's all good-natured. It just sits so feel good and I watched it when it was raining and it was like just the perfect Vibe and I just really clicked with me when I watched it. I love I really loved it. I just Ponyo for sure on there's a really cute one. I'm going to I'm going to be an asshole and say if you've seen a Little Mermaid you've pretty much seen wage. You seen Finding Nemo. You've seen Ponyo if you've seen Finding Nemo and and a little a little mermaid. It's just Little Mermaid Little Mermaid song Little Mermaid when they're six. Yeah, you're up with this. Yeah, it's when they're six basically when they're six and more anime and the 4th girl and the fourth biggest grossing anime couple of times. But this is all day. There's you know, a little detail, whatever no big deal. Yeah. Okay, I guess if I had to yeah, I guess if I had to pin down my personal favorites, I weirdly like personally for me, I would say number three would be uh, My Neighbor Totoro like one. I've got memories of it. I'm a huge fan of Totoro himself. I've actually got a plush and a tiny little figure that sits on my desk Federal just sits there terrorist sits there and watches me while I'm animating. So maybe that's why. Cuz she's at every month. I might just put them on top of Austin's cooler like right next to his like scantily cleaning. Yeah, I have the SE figures in my room watching over me. I am the yeah, I'm the creepy one who has cute stuff in my life. I'm apparently yeah. I'm the normal horny ass man. And this is now upon suggest. No, I'm keeping it PG. It's fine. We're not getting nearly as much as we get on balancing test. No fair enough. All right. Yeah. Yeah, I guess but I guess my favorite one. I'm going to have to say probably that's probably not because my number one and a close second would be Kiki. Really? Yeah. I was going to say okay. I really love Mononoke but like as much as I love that like I have such a I have such a bad taste for post-apocalyptic stuff. Like I'm making a cartoon about post-apocalypse stuff like in in private. Sorry. It's not private anymore, but it's or like that's my passion birth. Project and like any movie any movie that like takes place in a post-apocalypse and does something different like every post Apocalypse movie is different somehow off and modem. Sorry. Goddamnit Motors nausicaa. Sorry nausicaa is different in the sense that like it's not so much about how crazy and how different that world is it's about how it's very much about nature should be respected and preserved while also saying well also saying there's a way for everyone to Coexist on this world and I find that much more refreshing than like say Mad Max is just like every we we all need water let's all band together. I don't know. I haven't seen that movie in a while. But like I like I like the I like the message of nausicaa. I love the designs and it's in honestly, that's just why it's one of my favorites favorite Ghibli movies. I also want to highlight the fight. I just came across. Apparently there's a Studio Ghibli Fest that happens every year. It's been happening since 2017 and they just rebroadcast movies and in the 29th and 2019. They had a little Studio Ghibli fifteen nineteen and they showed house Moving Castle which was the 15th anniversary 15 year anniversary. Nausicaa 35 year anniversary and Kiki's Delivery Service 30 year anniversary. That's crazy. Yeah, he's an older one. How old are these movies movie. Apparently from the eighties and nineties Rose. I thought they were like early 2000s like I keep getting about the the years that were made in damp. Anya was like 2008 knowing so much about these movies. I don't remember their fucking release dates. Yeah, you know, we're thinking behind the scenes except when behind the scenes head home exactly the most important part I'd say, I mean it is what it is. Okay. So before we wrap things up, let's any any final trivia Hunt Hot Shot off. Or a hard drive yesterday Austin don't know shit. Oh like the movies. That's it. Trivia. I like movies. What about in Algiers que before we wrap things off your good. I feel like it's past the I think it's past the point of like doing trivia. I think it's about time we wrapped up. All right. What's the most recent Studio Ghibli movie I Marty Wind Rises is the earliest one. I can think of Marnie. I don't know. That was a 2014 one point. All right, what's nice question was I already getting Showtime was my least. When was the show? When was the showtimes for My Neighbor Totoro in two thousand six? $9,000 down it? Okay. Okay. Let's give our let's give our final thoughts here. I really am happy. I found this. I feel like if anime was a pool. I feel like it just got to the deep end home. You know I'm saying I got to the good stuff. I got to like the professional level. I got to enjoy the best pieces of animated. There are out there by watching these movies Studio people now before any of us were born basically honestly, but now I I was born the same year as a pom poko I think was the same year. I was oh God. Yeah ninety-four and but you know just to save I just realized these movies are so amazing. It's so beautiful and so gorgeous and and they have these amazing themes these characters and every film even though has very similar themes is portrayed so different jobs, so they all can stand apart and we can talk about them in the same podcast. I feel like we have multiple different conversations throughout the episode which is what I like about this and why I wanted to do a full Ghibli off anime podcast episode. I just these movies are so worth seeing and I'm not done seeing all of them yet. Like the the way we came about doing this episode. I'm not sure I said this at the beginning is I started watching anime. Your films on Netflix and then I found one Ghibli with here and another Ghibli there and it was like you wish we should do a full episode on these and I'm really happy we did because we can really see how deep these goals and how they are enjoyable and we barely had any criticisms of them. Like that's that's the thing to like. We're we're pretty critical like if I don't like something I will not like something and I will say something like the anime Frankenstein movie and my episode 87 check it out. But just to say I remember that one. My name's just because of how much it hate it. Oh, I just really happy. I found this corner of the anime stone that we are all you know what I mean? Like I'm just happy this section of animes like being explored more and more and I can't wait to watch more of these films and maybe get full podcast on some Ghibli movies cuz we're getting we have we're definitely going to go over a lot of these at some point. Yes, like I feel like I feel like some of these we may have to reschedule. Watch before we start a podcast on the like there's a lot there's a lot to unpack with each one of these movies. I'm probably fill my brain. I'll probably feel my brain up with the trivia that I forgot about Le Coq one that came out. Yeah probably so that one was good on solid give you that one shade has been thrown off. All right the final thoughts. Were you guys go ahead and hot chocolate with whoever wants to go first. I even after all these years. I still haven't watched all the Ghibli movies as has been apparent by this list like well, you guys brought up a cat returned or pom poko or like any any from like that? Obviously, I haven't watched them all but I still do have like tend to I do love the Ghibli movies. Like I said noska and poker. Oh so geeky Spirited Away. I do love what I've seen - Totoro and probably a few of birth. Let me clarify everybody. He meets Totoro himself. He likes the movie. I liked the movie find Totoro jump off actually, but you watch what you say about my mother funk you Toto quick question cutter of jump off a cliff wage progression up for Auto Group here with back in the B series what Christian Mark Toro the character or the bugs from nausicaa the army of bone Tundra. He's in your ear. You're bothered by the bug. I feel like they were they are more bothersome than Torah. They were like almost cybernetic. No. No, they were they were real bugs. Yeah. Oh those no, okay. I don't know what I was thinking. Yeah. No still Totoro. Oh, okay, whatever freaky to me. I don't know why he just says, I think it's just like the the fact that like his proportions are so that his mouth is bigger. Like I don't care about before since I'll watch Attack on Titan all that but talking about portion of the mouse because it's big enough to put May in there and she'll never come out again. I'll watch the attack on Titan and all of that but just told her out himself freaks me the touch up all day long. Never watched season two or three or four ever. But yeah, I'll watch season one on repeat actually exactly a skill. I do that with a lot of shows Austin are playing through the game and say that he watched. Yes. I am basically have yes, I do but I I heavily enjoy what I've seen Ghibli and hearing that there's still going and working a new Ghibli movies coming up in the future. I can't wait to see where they go from there fair enough are enough and for yourself Q. I literally love all these movies like even if even if I have like ones that I would rank lower than each other like there are some that are better than others. I mean, but ultimately like these are animation masterpieces, like if you just like look at them in terms of like their technology their Technologies, unbelievably impressive and they took some of them look better than movies we have today. Yeah. Yeah, I definitely like over overall. They're very they're very, what's the word I'm looking for. I'm looking for static wage. Yeah, sorry. No, that's not the word but they're very they're very deep. They're not they're very deep their detailed there. There's a lot to them I think is probably the best way I can describe. Let me ask you this quickly before you wrap up. How do you feel about the next movie coming out being computer animated versus drawing? I guess more like how do you feel about it's yeah. I'm a little surprised we but I'm starting to do a lot more three D animation like I I mean, it's it's against what really good it's against tradition as far as completely goes, but at the same time you kind of have to evolve say relevant. Well, here's the thing the like not off the movies are completely hand-drawn. Some of them have computer animation. Yeah and because Ohio Miyazaki is friends with John Lasseter. John Lasseter is the founder of pictures or one of them and he introduced Miyazaki to computer animation and I can't remember which movie oh wait. That's right. Mononoke has some c g in it dead. Weirdly like that's the most nature Driven movie where like I think the so like he used CGI for like handing in shots to make the the ground look really dead organic and still like keep in shape. And I think he used it on. I think he used a nun like the the corrupted creature that is going through the movie. I think I think that's where it was. But yeah, I'm not I'm not completely against it like I'm open to see more like CGI animated Japanese movies. It's really strange because like that's not something that we usually think of Japan doing that's more life as more of an American Trend because like Toy Story and Shrek sort of set that ball rolling and we can't seem to get away from it. And I think it's dying down and I want to see more we might be switching over. So like Japan might start doing CGI almost exclusively and then we'll switch over the hand-drawn. Well, then that's the way it is. That's the way it is, but I feel like I'm just make I'm George. Making a joke. I don't I really hope it's going to go that way because twenty twenties a horrible year it is. Yeah. No. Yeah, but like, okay, I think that that concludes it for for me or everyone also I'm going to say guys. I don't know how but we hit four hundred legs. We hit $400 on the page in the middle of the podcast. I'm not making this up. We're at 402 off. We're 102. We have four hundred two legs on the Facebook page in the middle of recording this project. Yeah. Yeah, how many of them are Bots how how much thought about four hundred of them is how many of them are going to ask we have to like some one of those me, we have merge 387 if they if they're all going to buy. I'll say we definitely do just give us a set. We'll set up a shop eventually. I'll get that figured out if we have to just give us the money via Bitcoin dead. Only have no one else on this. All right. Yeah, you don't you're not going to get a dollar from from I'm not going to get dollars. All right, let's let's plug away. Let's play let's start with u q where can people find you you do all the artwork for the podcast. So, please share your craft in your art with everyone. You guys can find me on Twitter at Geico spelled exactly how it sounds and you guys can find my website. My website has all my archived stuff that I I've done over the years. It has all the stuff I've done over the years and took the stuff that I'm putting out nowadays. If you guys want to see some more stuff from me I have videos on YouTube. You can find me at GoPro KO on YouTube. I'll be probably the first one that shows up if you see the picture of my face, that's not it that's my portfolio. Perfect. And for yourself Hotshot you guys can find me right here on giant Music Channel doing the podcast and it's basically just being a general nuisance. You guys can also find me over on Twitter page. At cost and ginger where I barely post on the coast soccer and you guys can find me over on my channel HotShots Ginger where me and kiyo have our own podcast ponzu cast where we go into the nitty-gritty of the dirtier side of anime and the kind of fandoms that we can get into over there. It is definitely an R 18 plus podcast. So do not bring the little ones make sure the room is long if you bring your little ones to YouTube, but I'm a little concerned about what you watch on YouTube. Yes. So am I so please just just not when you're at work. That's all I asked. I was going to say I'm posting this episode next week like middle of September because it's going to be the only episode this month. That's why it's a longer for my pistol for you guys the episode I edited a podcast. Is it going to be out by then? Like I added it when I don't think yeah. Is it going to be out? Like, when's the next one coming out? Oh, really? Yeah YouTube you're not working. What else is new? Yeah. That's how I didn't get it. That's really messed up that wage. Hurts my heart. Anyways, I mean, I upload a like a week ago. I can't really think of anything get that. Okay, that's stupid. Okay, and for the podcast you can follow the podcast on podcasters help us get the 500. Let's get the 500 likes by the end of this year. Let's do that. That'd be amazing. That would be like really appreciated and you can also write our podcast give us 5-star off on any podcast platform that you have on right this podcast anime podcasters. And if you ever want to leave us a voicemail for us speak pipe. And any podcast home for myself, you can follow me at Giant music everywhere and you can also hire me for freelance audio and Music Services on giant I've recently updated my resume. I have a portfolio Channel and my YouTube channel is slash giant music that's going to be everything. So for myself for GoPro Kyo and for Hotshot. This has been another episode. You've done that before like you anime podcast, bye-bye. Bye.

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