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TRANSPHOBIC will also use strong language so listener discretion discretion is advised Hey everyone this is the producer Ashley Lauren. Rogers he's here I honestly logistically speaking. This has been a very difficult season for me. everything is good. Don't get me wrong. Nothing's things bad nothing sad. It's just who there have been a lot of opportunities and a lot of things that I've had to do a lot of like say logistical work. For A and as a result it's hard to get a lot of people in the same room to record episodes. So that's why this episode is coming so late but also why it's just going to be need today. And while I sort of used up one of my just Ashley episodes early on in in the like pretty much just November I wanted to do something different so for me. I love love game shows. Ever since I had been growing up I had been told that I have a voice for game shows that I just should be the host of a game show so even though it's just me and you my dear listeners I am going to be simultaneously game show host and the player of this new game show show It is not at all inspired by a specific game. But just by the doctor game show podcast Because they just create games and and like they play listener created games and they do something called the lightning round and it never works out and that's totally fine and it's lovely But that said let's do. An is the transphobic lightning round. We have a number of topics that have come up recently. That we haven't had the ability to talk about or even haven't just felt like dedicating an entire episode to so I'M GONNA try in thirty seconds for each topic to describe what happened. Why you should care and also Yeah is transphobic but in in addition not only that some of these are going to be other podcasts that I would recommend many of them are hosted or created by Trans creators. So Oh this is a thing where yes. We're going to be talking about the the name of the podcast as transphobic for a lot of things. Ross is going to be celebrating a lot of other media so I I hope you enjoy this. I hope that you love it because I love it and I asked all of my friends to just call in and leave a message that just just as lightning round. Thank you so much here. We go like me Brown all right first up on the docket. I have thirty seconds to WHO DESCRIBE NIKI tutorials. Okay so nicotine oreos is a blogger. are of lager on Youtube and she does a lot of really amazing makeup transformations twenty seconds left and she unfortunately what had happened to. Someone was blackmailing her. And they said that they would reveal to the world that she was trans. If they didn't give give her an exert give them an exorbitant about money. We don't know who it was a ten seconds and so she said No. I'm going to do this on my own. I'M GONNA keep I'M GONNA make my own world so i. AM coming out as trans. So that you know. And so that it's on my terms O- thirty seconds boom okay so is it transphobic natatorium. No celebration. Yea I love but is the active blackmailing someone transphobic. Yes there's a deeper. There's a much deeper so that we can do on this and we probably will focus on on this and why that is a source of blackmail and extortion but not today because today's a lightning round up next jukebox Zeros jukebox. Zeros is a podcast by my friend. Lillian and it basically. It's a podcast where they sit down and they listened to a number number of Albums that are considered bad or could be bad And some of them end up actually being pretty good But the the episodes are great. I I love it. You should absolutely check them out so that was a promotional one. Is the TRANSPHOBIC. Not as far as of right now around. Next ones. Following up from Nikki tutorials two-faced so To face the makeup brand there creator. Co or whatever the the person in charge essentially his his sister who is also part of Two faced made some transplanted comments about her fifteen seconds left and so he ended up the person writing to face. He ended up firing his own sister So the gay fantastic with five seconds left I will tell you not only is that now transphobic that's fantastic. I'm sure that there are other issues because the makeup industry is like that. And that's my time all right up next. Oh God boy George Boy George Was a singer songwriter from You might know Karma Chameleon I'll tumble for you But he essentially recently said that Pronouns are the new youths version of of trying to ask for attention and clamor for attention. And you better believe that. That's transphobic but you know what I don't give a shit what he says. Because that dude there he was found to be guilty of And NC entrapping a sex worker in his house for days boom who okay this transphobic. Yeah but fucked gay all right up next Queer splaying explaining is a podcast that I listen to. It's very much each a a lot of them are mostly sit down interviews kind of similar to what we do on his at transphobic. But there's are a lot more well put together. I mean you know I I myself I know what we do but yeah you should definitely absolutely check out queerest blaming you can catch them on most places where you can find podcast. I listen to them on spotify And Yeah there are great podcasts. So Queer explaining locked up next Judi dench talking about cats Judi dench made a statement and I don't think that she was really thinking very much about it but she said that She believes that her character. I can't remember which character and I can't look it up because I only have twenty seconds was essentially trans and Judy Stop. is a transphobic. Yeah probably but Judi dench I think was coming from a place of love so I I think that's the thing that we can at least acknowledge and hopefully Maybe in the future not have to worry about it but yeah okay thank you judy. But no what round up next is a podcast. I listen to what the Trans and they're great they're based out of the UK. I don't remember exactly where I hope that they don't hate that. I say it's the U K I forget which countries don't like that But that's they are fantastic and I love them and it actually gives me a lot of insight into because it seems like from what we're hearing. There's a lot of vitriol against trends and non binary folk in the UK right now and so. It's actually just really nice to hear two people putting on a really spectacular podcast and just doing doing their thing and telling me about the UK. Seen WHO JACOB ROWLING IS GONNA take entirely too long much longer than thirty seconds but here are we going to try so JK Rowling essentially for years has been liking Turkey tweets and has recently stated that essentially this really garbage tweet. That pretty much ruined my Christmas. Not Because I care at all about her but because other people care about her And you can look up the tweet and you can look at all the specifics. But the long story short Yeah absolutely unfortunately J. K.. Rowling is Anti Trans and Fuck off the raiders. Bagel basket is a podcast. I've been on multiple times. We're planning a possibly having me back for another one very soon But essentially we sit down and watch movies and then discuss gusts them. It's one of those types of back gas but the idea being that If the podcast is really good there will be all the bagels left in the basket. Because you're going to be so ah the the movie is so good because let's say that you're sitting there in the writer's room and they're if all the bagels are left in the basket. This must be a good episode because you can't even think about eating But if all the bills are gone then you're bored so you WANNA eat lightning round. Our opinions are correct is a podcast cast all about sci-fi and science fantasy and just science stuff in general And it's hosted by Charlie. Jane Anders and Charlie. Jane is amazing and I apologize. College is because I can't remember the other co host Charlie. Jana Charlie is great and I have five seconds or I can't rule it so sorry all absolutely listen to our opinions are correct. Let's talk about Contra points. We didn't entire episode on Contra points and the we. I recently listened to it to make sure that I was being unfair to Natalie the Creator and Contra points the piece of media and I feel like I was and in fact the way that we ended it was very much. Let's see where this goes. News and her most recent video all about cancelling is just. It's an hour and forty minutes so it's very difficult to just jump in and sit down and watch but my God I it's it's very very good and yes. There are some points that maybe need to be brought up that need to be needed needed to be thought out a little bit better as far whereas naming people in showing their names already overtime. And I'm sorry but I really need to say this You should absolutely watch it I am solidly in the Yeah Okay I'm glad that I gave the benefit of the doubt. And I'm glad that I waited but yeah so make your own decisions but yeah I'm solidly in favor of contre points. I don't think it's transphobic so while I'm doing this I'm just GonNa take thirty seconds. I in my phone and my phone I have. I guess my figures of grazed the keyboard 'cause interests girl takes pop and that's not a thing. That's not a thing that I actually wrote. That's just a thing thing that popped up because my so I've got to talk about things that doesn't exist Lighting round. y'All the girl takes pup is nothing. Have A popsicle. If you'd like you girl what my plastic life is a brand new podcast that you can listen to on Pod bean from my friend Jonathan. Alexandra does who probably remember them from our Holiday toy buying guide and they are fantastic. The entire idea is that they take a toy and they interview them and talking about a lot of other things including gender and various other topics but generally it's all about Jonathan talking to one of their toys and I did lend the voice to I think it was the first the episode The first episode character whose name I can't remember in my time is up richer vases a piece of shit there. You go thirty seconds. Thirty seconds of silence now Ricky drew base following in the footsteps of JK rollings tweet essentially started making a lot of sarcastic acoustic Like he does this thing where it's like it's a joke. It's a joke. I don't have to explain a joke or not. Even I don't have to explain a joke. It's just it's a joke and all all of it was very much at the expense of Trans Folk. And Yeah you know what okay you're a comedian etcetera etcetera and I hate to say it but if you were sitting there watching the Golden Globes or talking into any transportation about the Golden Globes and how ricky drive as really stuck to those elites We're looking at you very differently. And we are absolutely -lutely not trusting you anymore. Sorry not sorry. Also sorry that I went over the thirty seconds but not sorry to all right me round route. All my friends are animals. Amazing podcast that you can find. I listen to it on spotify. I was on an episode where I talked about the penguin. And how penguins are amazing We did actually go into a little bit about the penguin from that man. But that's just because tangentially we're talking about Penguins But every episode they Discuss with a Guest some animal. That they're either fascinated by or something that they're just they just find interesting and so they talk about Facts about that animal as well as just whatever they whatever they all WanNa talk about is amazing thirty seconds up the recently on an episode of how did at this get made and a lot of people might not know this but this is the reason that I started podcasting. He was the first one that made me actually really love it There were bringing up master of disguise. The Terrible Dana Carvey every movie and at one point they started talking about gender. And they're talking about us like essentially sex organs and whether Dana carvey character changes them when he changed his character and Judean Rayfield stopped everything and just kind of said something to the degree of. You know we have to remember. If we're talking about one were not. They're not necessarily specifically linked that Chess sex and gender or not one and the same and it was just really nice and it felt very. I'm so over thirty seconds but cheese. I really wanted wanted to say it. So thank you. How did this get made no transphobic? At least in this instance and I don't think usually right around topics include is a podcast created by Maybe Burke Sammy nor Yeah Infield Stewart. Who has many of these folks have been on the podcast before as as well as l. morgan-leigh and it's really awesome the tackle a lot of different subjects and a lot of different topics? And I know that they have said their specific mission statement it before but again I don't I only have seven seconds. I can't look it up. But it is intersectional by choice and revolutionary by something. Look it's it's much better than whatever I ms remembering. But the called suffix include Groggy Dundee. Yes that one joke is transphobic. No the entire thing is not transphobic. Because there's not enough of it But everybody everybody everybody keeps wanting to do Crocodile Dundee and honestly there's just one joke essentially in it it. It's like how people will say like. Oh you should do coming to America and it's like well no because there's just that one joke. Hey also coming to America in this thirty second thing. It's that one joke and I don't know maybe there's an entire larger episode. We can do on what that joke is the like on dating. Am with someone in there. So hot in a bar. Lar- Oh there are drag queen. Oh they're transportation And in reality it's just yeah. It's a joke if it's a joke so yeah over thirty seconds. Sorry ooh Oh blessing in the skies is a new podcast from four of my friends And it's honestly it's really good. They're just starting out. It's I think that they're under ten episodes right now. But it's all about Astrology and Intersectional Channel identities. And it's it's really good like they're just they're a lot of fun to listen to and again like all four of them are just my friends and I love them and I I only have eight seconds so I can't Google anything else about them but you you should listen. You should listen three to so just quick. Shoutout to Aaron Cheney Mike. Gaba Brendan Coleman River. Alex is to Brian to journal to Mortgage Corgi to say And two women who all have money pledged edged to us on the Patriots. Honestly it's still small and but it's so huge when you're able to say I want to support support you financially. Because as much as money is bad at the same time we all need it and the fact that there are some folks out there that are willing to kick a couple the bucks forward. I really appreciate that It's Patriot Dot Com. Slash is a transphobic. If you want to be one of those amazing donors as well Thank you so much for all of your support even if you're just listening even if you don't have the money tell people all about the show. We're going to be doing a lot more this season and I'm really excited for twenty twenty as much as the world can be a very harsh place for people like us. Yeah thank you is it. TRANSPHOBIC was produced edited and uncoordinated by Ashley Lauren. Rogers the is it. TRANSPHOBIC logo was created by Phoenix. Sweeney and you can see more of their work at tiny lion. Wars dot get Hog Gut. The original music you heard was all created by. Vivian Alan you can find on band cap at Vivian. Aladin DOT BAND GAP DOT COM. So that was our lightning round. What did you did you enjoy it? Did you hate it. Tell me all of Babu Frick who just popped up right now all right.

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