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Orig- is on demand. Your show your schedule. Fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. I'm ready to take the next step. I'm ready for university. That will help me advance in my education and career university. That will make me feel supported an connected and ready for ODU online. Click set or go to online dot EDU today. Everybody. Welcome to this Thursday. Dish of the rich Eisen show live from the AT and T studios community in Los Angeles, California. I'm pleased that you are joining us here for this three hour frolic. Chris Brockman, good to see you. I'm doing. Well. Thank you. I I got through the day yesterday. Three hours hours at the NFL had the most viral moments. Let's put it that way. Yeah, we'll get. We'll get to that later on that was apparently on Ohio call us for four to four ritual. We'll discuss all statues going up right now. I think bakers adele's. Go up, Freddie. Your your fourth or LeBron's? If six well-done vers, okay, lots going on in this world. So I should I should I should learn to stick with my October thirtieth self what do I mean by that not just that? I'm getting ready for my for my my Halloween, costume, get ready to trick or treat but his on that day. I did get that day. Correct. October thirtieth two thousand eighteen correct. I handed out the Larry Francis O'Brien trophy to the Golden State Warriors. And the rest of the regular season had some ups and downs. They lost seven games in November, including the moment here in Los Angeles. Where Durant and and drain on went at it. And and they barked at each other and drain on gotta a one game team suspension, and that was born out of in a way barking at Durant about the impending July first free agency. And and then they get boogie cousins back healthy and they start dominating again. But then came this last week, the Celtics and the warriors their worst home loss of the Steve Kerr era, and then the Suns beat them the Suns beat them, and in that process boogie cousins was being the word liability was being thrown around. I guess the word liability has been attached to both Gordon Hayward and DeMarcus. As both of them are still trying to get off of catastrophic leg related injuries to get back to their previous all star selves get their conditioning their game worthiness. Ready? Back to back to normal. And so we're all wondering how in the world. They're going go in Houston, which is lost. Only once in the second half of the season year in Los Angeles to the Lakers game where they blew it. And we all remember Chris Paul talking about how there's I don't know if Scott foster done at other rockets game since then it'll be interesting to look into that the referee who the rockets accused of being biased. And they've they've lost since that one day nine straight Durant. Her last night did not play warriors come up with a win. Whereas the w. Durant hurt. Boogie cousins his best game as a warrior twenty seven point season, high seven assists season-high couple of steals as well. Crucial block shot early on in the game Klay ads thirty Steph curry twenty four even though he was three for nine from three point range. There you have there. You have come out with the one possession win last night. One of six one zero four and here comes Goldstein again. Now Denver's right behind him game and half. I understand. And what do we learn from this? What do we learn from this because it's the only warriors win against the rockets this year and all four games that they play against each other this year. The teams none of the teams were at full strength. Let's put it this way. There was there wasn't one game in which both teams were full strength game. One rockets. Drop warriors. No curry game too. Rockets beat warriors. No, Chris Paul game. Three was after the game here in Los Angeles to open the second game of the season in which again, second half the season in which the rockets lost and all of a sudden heart had what that that that injury that we didn't see him have in Los Angeles. He sat that one out rockets win that one. Then the warriors go to Houston after losing to the sons. Fingers being pointed with Klay Thompson at the fans, and maybe everybody else in and we all know that Steve Kerr had problems with Draymond approach in that game. Right. Then they then they go to Houston, minus Durant. So Houston wins the season series three ring one but game one no curry game to know, Paul game three no hardened game for Durant. So you give the edge to who knows. Pardon me. I should say that Golden State. I'm speaking to my inner October thirtieth self. Whatever is tearing this team asunder apart looking at each other in the face speaking behind each other's backs with who knows what's going on up there. But it's definitely not quiet. Steve Kerr's got that. I don't know. I. I'll say it even though it's maybe not apples to apples. Kurds got that. Mike Tomlin iceberg. We're seeing the tip. Once going on the surface. I think you're right on that. What's going on beneath the surface last year? They won the championship their drying champagne out of their eyes. And we find out that something was going on all your long. That was the worst thing they've ever dealt with. Right. Remember that? I do. Who's that west who said that they west David west said that here we deal with some all your long thing we ever dealt with. We never found out. What that was. All right. Steve Kerr man that was incredible last night. Just watching it was a fun game fun game. And congrats to down Morio, a friend of the program. He had a five year contract extension yesterday. He's vying. So I should just listen to my interactive over thirty itself and not get too crazy. Oklahoma City one last night as well. They're forty two and twenty six that's impressive the pistons of cooled off a little bit as the heat looks like that they have got a couple a couple of game cushion to try and make the playoffs as the eight c to try and slay Jaanus as the bucks a three game lead. I mean, there's not much drama going on right now. There's no race for the eighth and final playoff spot in the west the clippers four and a half game lead is we're entering mid-march. Not much drama right now, the only drama, I guess is will the Celtics get a home playoff spot the the Pacers keep treading water. Well, enough to stay in front of the Celtics. Home playoff spot. There's going to be a appears to be in the Western Conference right now a game of musical chairs. Thunder rockets blazers one of those will be left without a home court advantage seat in the first round. Utah and the clippers and the Spurs that seems to be a game abuse ical chairs to avoid being the eight seat because you don't wanna play the wars unless they get knocked out of the top spot that's going on in the NBA world and the difference between major league baseball world and the NFL world and free agency could not be more stark as still still Dallas kaikal on sign crazy. Crazy. How good this picture is from the left side. How many people can use that lefty starter? How the hell is this single to not sign right now? On Thursday March fourteenth. We are damn near at the odds of this month, and he is not signed. And in the National Football League. You take a look at NFL dot com. Top fifty free agents top five free agents. We are not yet even twenty four hours into the new league year in the NFL all the deals that we heard that were being struck in the last two days prior to free agency becoming official yesterday and more deals coming Tevin Coleman forty Niners, which I liked a hell of a lot Earl Thomas and Mark Ingram to the ravens, which I like a hell of a lot. If you think of two guys when Earl Thomas and Mark Ingram assigned by the ravens on my. Okay. I get that. I get that Ingram is going to get that ball all lot. And all that stuff that he was running with taste some of this. Here comes. Lamar Jackson and him together. I like that maneuver certainly with Alex Collins no longer with the team, and he was their most productive runner last year and then old Thomas. So there everyone in in in Baltimore's like, oh, we lose Wetzel in the back end. We lose Moseley in the middle part. And we lose suggs in the front four. Now, you've got one of the best ball hawks ever. That's a hall of Famer that they put back there. And Earl Thomas love that maneuver. Here's the difference again with baseball and football. So many free agents of note are still available in major league baseball and first pitch of of the season is just a couple of weeks away. The NFL not even twenty four hours into free agency of the top fifty top free agents listed on NFL dot com. Thirty nine or signed. Already. Movin and shakin. That's what we call a frenzy. That's what we call a friends and gotta get in. While the money's being being handed out you sound Catherine Zied being on the set yesterday in the mic. You know, what the biggest frenzy was Tuesday. When Beckham goes from Cleveland from the giants to Cleveland, and we're all waiting for Lebanon. Bell mix tape drops midnight eastern. Find out. The jets have signed him album brewers coming up in our number three parsing the numbers and Steelers fans that were hoping that Levy on bell would not get the money back that he left on the table last year. It does not look like he's getting the money back right now. And is Adrian Peterson signed a two year eight million dollar deal at his advanced age with Washington, assuming he makes all that money. This is the type of deal again that Levy on bell should expect at that age. One would think when he reaches there? He may not get it in this contract. But he. Thinks he's got the tire treads still left on him to get it later on down the road that when it's all said and done when he hangs up that fourteen and a half million that he left on the table. We'll come back in his pocket and one thing for sure L look in the face. And it'll tell you at least he stood his ground the way he thought he should. Unless it kept a lot of teams away from signing him because they thought we're going to we're going to have done to. Oss what he did to Pittsburgh. And when we come back, I'll tell you something that I heard from some, you know, people who are close to the situation with the giants have said they're concerned about Dell Beckham. Poll question, Chris is we take a break here on the rich Eisen show. We talked about it yesterday. What's hit on today? We're gonna fantasy fantasy football purposes right now who do you take highest and fantasy this coming season the four big names Odell Antonio Brown, levian bell saquon, Barkley K highest and again, three of those four names you're going to hear when I talk about. Next what in the next segment about what I heard about Dell. Obviously Dell's one of them. About what the giants concern of Odell was moving forward. And why he's Cleveland Brown right now. And I've got four downs. A free agency dish into four down coming up next. My thoughts on the giants who I think has won the day already. There's one individual who doesn't even play. Why think is one the free agency day already and not one but two hot takes. Two takes with hot take plank coming up. So you you're not allowed to do. Look. You're not allowed to do Brown's won't pick in the top five. Can't go back to that. We can't go back to the trial. It's over there's nothing to do with the Browns here. They all six best odds. There's nothing to do with the Browns here. Okay. But the takes a red hot seriously you need kevlar. I think Devon Bush from the university of Michigan. It's Michigan's pro day tomorrow. It's clemson's today. It was Oklahoma's yesterday. We'll talk about all that with Albert bell with Albert breer, but Devin Bush, Michigan prospect linebacker who is involved with at home issue. Michigan state thing. I can't wait to ask him about that. That's coming up in this hour and then Steph Davis next hours ions back tonight for Duke. Okay. So all of that stuff. Should he play Willie play willing? Not play. Sure enough. Your is ACC tournament cleared to play. I think he's gonna play a lot. Why not if he's got him out there and these kids these young kids, they certainly can rebound fast. So glad I'm glad to see that. He'll be out there tonight. Seth Davis, Devon Bush and Albert and we come back. What I heard about Odell that you know, we'll see if you take it or not or you like it or not. But this is what I'm being told about his situation in New York with the giants were concerned about that's coming up next year and the rich Eisen show. Okay. This is the thirty second commercial. And I'm gonna throw a lot of numbers that you. But please stay with me. And just fifteen minutes, you could say fifteen percent or more on car insurance. This company's been offering great rates and great service for over seventy five years in anytime, you need help you could speak to one of their train specialists. 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Welcome back to the rich Eisen show. Eight four four zero four rich is the number to dial about four downs segment right here on the show based on on free agency. Here patriots just are keeping on keeping on Chris. Their their word is maybe golden Tate. Yeah. They started started talking to him. They resigned Philip door set. So they they're doing the, right. Standing horse stand that ever Super Bowl team. Trae flowers is a big departure as his Trent Brown. Again. It's going to be those spots they fill look last year wringing your hands over eight solar Trent Brown. So don't think anyone envision. Wind him turning into the type of player he turned into. But it was awesome. When he became stood. So you can't sit here and say, well, this is a major void that can't be filled with the guy that everybody thought was the guy. It went Matt light Nate solar and now Trent Brown. And now the last thing you do want to have is a revolving door at the position to protect your now. Forty two year old would be nice to have a guy. You know, you're gonna have for right five. And then we will. What's what other what holes? Do they have if they wide receiver for sure? Well, they did you see that. They put some form of a tender on. Josh, gordon. The doors open think he might be back next year. Well, or they're just projecting. Just right and keeping them on their radar screen. The right now, the only wide receivers under contract are Philip door set and joined element. Matthew Slater is primarily a special teams. And so again, this is this is the conversation that we have here in front of us with Antonio Brown being paid what he's being paid. And what Dell Beckham is being paid and Albert is on an hour. Number three tweeted out a list of the top receivers on the last ten Super Bowl winners. And none of them are guys who make twenty million dollars a year and the patriots view that position and the running back position as totally fungible. The tight end position as one that. They were the first one let's get to let you know. I know we don't talk about Aaron Hernandez and football terms for great reasons. But it was Aaron Hernandez was a great player and gronk. And so everyone's like, okay, two tight ends. Now. We're seeing that's everywhere. Now in this copycat league. The patriots seem to be a year or two ahead of these major trends helps to have the goat back. They're not. Everyone's got it. Okay. And the saints have won and they just restructured. Drew Brees is contract to allow for more cap space in the idea would be for who could it be to keep Bridgewater in the fold? Because teddy Bridgewater you set a meeting with Miami last night. Yes. So there's all of that. That's the way New England goes about their business. They'll just find the trae flowers will draft another one or they'll figure something out and as long as there's the hoodie, and as long as there's TB twelve it's great to be in that neighborhood, which is why I guess bill's going swimming. Looks like coming out of the ocean going swimming getting ready for the free agents friends. There was no frenzy. They're not. Just lounging on this boat. I'll tell you, whereas if there's a frenzy, and it's a New York City about giants fans who are for Rican out right now. And that's part of my four downs here on the rich Eisen show. Downs with rich. Why did you? Okay. Gary is on it. There's del tufo Zain Dallas doing that that boxing match with those guys know Anya Gerry's in del tufo sees got it working. There you go. That's a great drop. Right. Their way to coke Gary. Okay. I down right here. I'm biased. I'm totally biased because I'm rooting for him. But you have to an end. I would I would criticise when it's critical when it's reasonably critical, and he would totally expect it, but I'm gonna praise it when it's deserved the first two months for Mike Mayock as general manager for the Oakland Raiders is just going fantastically. Well, what do I mean by that look Antonio Brown? Now, a lot of people thinking that it's great negotiator. You gave him thirty million guaranteed when he had zero and you give him twenty million dollars in a way that you know, other teams than have to and you gave up with just gave up a three and a five Rancho Brown, and he had the money he had the cap space, and if you're bringing Tonio Browning your team, and you want to keep them happy, which is the best way to do it. Do you think the Steelers would love to keep having him on these on ener team happy, of course? And the only way you're going to keep him. Happy is to give them the money, then he wants because the money in his mind equals respect as it doesn't anybody's mind in anybody's business. He had the ability to do that. And he did it. And then he got Trent Brown to protect his quarterback by trading way, assembly. And he is made some numerous too. I love the tyro William signing love it. You take him from your team in division for the chargers. And now it's going to be Brown at Williams can be his juju Smith Schuster lack of a better phrase, but you've got to why receiver punch you traded in one thirty year overseer and Jordy Nelson for Antonio Brown. Entira Williams is this is terrific joiner in Harris or two interesting signings for your your secondary. And if you lower the music a little bit, Gary I want to play for you the way mayo started the press conference, not many general managers have a broadcasting history. But listen look at the mayo started the press conference yesterday in Oakland. We had him on the NFL. Now, we're just in time for him to come on. And listen to the way he star. Got it. And the things he said in the direction of Antonio Brown sitting next to him. They're perfect go for. I am so excited to sit next to an Tonio Brown and his entire family. Watching these kids run around up stairs makes me feel good. I'm the oldest seven I get a chance to to get some life in this building. And I mean that literal literally and figuratively. These young kids running around breathing some life in this building. And that's what Antonio is going to do for this football team. And I can tell you over the years. I've watched in practice at least ten to fifteen times in my duties as a broadcaster in Latrobe, Pennsylvania in the heat. I watch this guy practice. He's as good of a practice football player at works as hard as any football player. I've ever seen in my life. And when we came here, John, and I talked about finding passionate football players. Love the game that practice hard and play hard and almost to tell you is raider nation gal, we got a little better today. And it's all because of the way this guy plays football. Antonio brown. Thank you. All right now, he did talk like a coach which make Antonio call him coach. He did look at Gruden when he said that. But look he hit on the fact that Antonio's a family man that they welcome his family into their family. He hits on the factors to how hard he works. But not just how hard he works in practice. We all know what may have happened in week. Seventeen was a practice setting all the things that have been said about Antonio Brown in recent days being a cancerous locker room practice presence. He don't all of it right off the bat and nailed it. That sort of stuff is heard by other players in the league and union say we got a lot better. We got a little better. 'cause it's a team talked about his passion for football. That is a touch them. All homerun Allitt second down. Please down giants fans. I know you're freaking out. I know you're absolutely freaking out. He ever reason to okay. Oh gel Beckham. From what we all know. What's the worst thing? He did propose to kick in net. He lifted his leg, and he peed on a fire hydrant as a brutal. Okay. Classless touchdown celebration. There are a lot of times on the sideline. He's screaming and yelling. And we have no idea what it might have gone on off the field. But it certainly wasn't anything to merit the attention of the league office Cates. Not that bad. So yes, shouldn't coaching and ownership be able to get together and figure out how to crack the code of somebody who's so supremely talented and beloved in the locker room as well Kim Jones's of personal nominally about her relationship as a reporter to a somebody. She's covering an athlete or she's coming in del Beckham, and how their personal relationship centered around his well wishes for her in her most recent health scare. You've got to check it out. I tweeted it out. This is a true human being with some flaws and the giants. Yes, you should figure out how to keep somebody there. But I was told by somebody close the situation that the giants were concerned that if things didn't go all hunky Dory. This year Odell was gonna pull an Instagram Twitter departure akin to what Antonio Brown just did. Now, you could say deal with it figure out how to avoid it. They just didn't. And I think ownership. Was sick and tired. And clearly Dade get them on this or get them and had something with I cannot put my finger on as to why. But the giants fandey gotta stay patient. You've got two first round selections coming. You have no idea of Josh Rosen's going to be available. We have no idea what the next five weeks are going to hold. We have no idea how they're going to somehow support. What ally? Manning can do if manning can be kept up, right? And you've got shepherd you've got Ingram. You've got that beast in saquon Barkley back there. Let's see what can happen right now. There's going to be eight in the box. You should be concerned about that. But it's all part of a piece of the puzzle. And it does stink giants fans that Levy on Belus grabbing headlines for the jets who look like they're going in a much better direction because they have their young quarterback already gone. But you they don't have somebody like saquon, and I'm saying that even with Lebanon bell. And that brings me to third down. I'm going to grab the heartache. A third down hot tape. Never in the history of four downs. Have we had a third down hot while we've never had a a free agency frenzy. Four doubt second. Here. We go. It's always tough. It's always tough to go to spot. It's always tough to go. New place players are creatures of habit. You're going to new spot Newtown new situation new setup new distractions knew everything so then I will say this. My prediction is third down hot. Take prediction juju and James Connor. We'll have more touchdowns in two thousand nineteen combined than Brown and bell in their new situations. That is hot. That's a red hot take. Oh, wow. Ben is used to Connor Ben is used to ju it's a new situation for juju. But they also have that figurative juju of nobody believes us the believes in us in the locker room. Nobody's expecting it. No, one will see it coming, and they're gonna hit you and they're gonna hit you hard. And maybe that's my jet fan in me saying that it's not gonna work out as well. With Levy on bell. And you're one that's my that's my third down. Hot take fourth thousand heartache hit it hit it. He's being introduced today. He Saint Nick from Philadelphia. Oh, he Saint Nick from Philadelphia guarantees going to get the money and he's going to come down. And he's going to take the pressure off of Leonard net, and they're going to figure this is a team that was wants to fund Gilmore pass broken up away from going to the Super Bowl two years ago. The kids on defense or still the kids on defense. They're still dogs. You still got Jalen Ramsey back. There you still got the whole team intact on defense. Essential. Well, hold on. They give up for this. Let me make sure I got you don't have the whole team intact on defense. I get it. You know, obviously Melik Jackson being gone a pretty big thing and take Shawn Gibson. But. Hear me. Nick foles is going to take the Jacksonville Jaguars to the AFC south championship. They're going to win that division. Even though even though two teams that division made the playoffs last year. Even though the titans almost made the playoffs and one game against the AFC south champion. The Jaguars are winning this division Saint next coming from Philadelphia. And he is going to leave the present underneath the tree for the folks Duval county. Why put down the hot take plank? I need some because that just left my hand all singed used the word on the air, which to me is check checkmark. That's my four down. So let's take a break. Eight four four two four riches the number two dollar when we come back. We'll chat with Devin Bush, one of the top linebackers and all the land in this in this year's draft. It's him and and Devon white. So it's good stuff. That's next with the university of Michigan linebacker, Devon Bush. Hey listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors. And all of you. Great listeners for supporting this podcast. Certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. And I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast one dot com. Clicking on the support this podcast button. And there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that helped make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course, supporting now back to the show. March madness. It's upon us. And it's time to police your beds. All right. Let's get to join RJ bell on RJ bells. Green preview as he helps you fill out your bracket with his expert betting device. Smaller conference action Friday night playing should be. Get the winning advantage dominates the brackets by downloading RJ bells dream preview every week on Todd cast one. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight me news headlines right after this podcast. Welcome back to the rich Eisen show has promised. He's one of the top linebackers available in this year's draft. And I like I told chase win of when he was here in studio last week right last week that man I love watching him play sideline sideline a thumper and a leader a captain of the university of Michigan team. He is Devon Bush. How are you? Devon. Good. How you doing? Where where are you calling in from what we're are? You are you in Michigan right now for the pro day. And I'll be right now. I'm up sages, you know, taking just kicking it getting ready for the pro day on Friday. How does how do you prepare for a pro day? Devon, walk me through what you've done. Yeah. You just kinda just stanchly thing standing shape, and you know, you've got off a vigorous training for the combine. And you know, depend on when you're pro day is luckily, my was so fast. So, you know, you just get ready to go out there and do some Jews doing anything that you feel like you needed improve on and work at those things the time you get into. Okay. So is this going to be like your last couple of days on campus before you go? Elsewhere and get ready or you sticking around. I'm sticking around. I'm just going to base myself out of out of anger in you know, just have last minute college ban. You know, guys stuff and just let because to enough, you know, I'll be somewhere else tummy favorite Harbaugh story. Devon, gimme your favorite miss Jim Harbaugh that you got. Time before game the night before he was preaching toughness mental toughness, and you know, he brought story about how the heat and had me money and his friend parents came and picked him up and his for non a car. And you know, they drive off, you know, parents give suggesting let's go for is scream. No push like by like ice cream at a look ice cream, but I'd have any money. So they pulled up to the dies cream place. No, everybody is getting ice cream ordered ice cream. And you know, Jim, do you want is being Bhagat? You have money's like, you know, right? There be tough. You know, I went through so bad. And I didn't have any money had to resist it, you know. So he said he told no, I'm good. I won the ice cream. You know? I assume for wince I mean for the little kids, and I'm good suffering. To beat the odds and stay strong and not take the ice cream. So you know, he said he was sitting there watching them use ours screaming he's staring at is cream trip in down the cone. And you know, he's probably because he didn't give in to get an ice cream. And the point of that is what your ice Devon. Oh, no. It was I guess it was the toughest thing and he is preaching mentally tough. You're that day, and you know, you wanna related mess. Okay. Devin Bush, Michigan prospect at consensus all American twenty eighteen here on the rich Eisen show, where does that ice cream speech relate to the speech? You heard in two thousand sixteen prior to the central Florida game. When a specific member of the Michigan alumni base came back and spoke to your team, Devon. It was it was completely different. You know, when we're in Brady walks to them, you know, he was just like, you know, everybody watches, everyone, watches, Missy and everybody that came through here. They MSCI they cut a Michigan and they follow Michigan forever. So you not only plan for today. Your plan for the guys in the past the guys in the suture. Well, Devon, I do deserve this. I don't blame you for bringing up Brady's name. But I was the one who spoke the week before. Brady Devon to your team. You did definitely. No, we all are. Understandable. It's totally understandable should've brought my name up. I deserve that. Yeah. You. No, you don't come on. Now. It's okay. If outside outside, that's right. Came. We were probably on the twenty yard line on on the on the closest to that the grass field. It's also my fault for being sandwiched between jeeter and Charles Woodson. And and Brady. Jevon timing everything in live. Oh my gosh. I walked right into that one. What what happened at Michigan state this year? Devon, walk me through everything that led to you stop in on the on the Spartan logo on the field. What in the world happened in east Lansing? It was just like obviously for me. It was already kind of a lot of tension there in you know, ages came in and they locked arm to cross the whole field. And you know, I'm out there. One up in a couple of the guys out that women up. We gotta headphones on not not really aware what's going on. But no soon enough. We find me look back in you know, the whole Michigan state team. They're walking three-hole field. What their arms lot? And you know, was like the matter of disrespect to to the team. You know, they try to walk through a whole warm-up. You know, the whole. Walk through the whole field and and keep their arms. They never made a way for us to get through their little line, whatever they do. So I mean, that's kinda would take everything off. And then they came. They went to the far side deal down the huddle came back rank through. I want began you know, bumping and talking. So that's what that whole being came up. So it was a dishes speckled thing and got like, so you know, I wasn't trying to go out there and fight before the game. Because that's you know, I wouldn't be able to pay probably been suspended or whatever. So the next thing in my is expensive and logo. I mean, you did scratch it up. They had a spray painted and everything. And you know, we're watching right now you need to be held back. And all that did you see was was the coach of Michigan state was was dantonio smiling. Mike for like XP moment. And then after that you kinda like been, but I did the data. AM I say, I don't want to relitigate. Well, actually, I do want to relitigate this. I do you know, I wouldn't mind, but my doing all of that what you asked about this at the combine that moment at all was brought up to you. Probably probably four times. And what do you think they were trying to determine from you? If you were hot head or something like that. What do you say I everybody, really? Nobody really wants. I think that's when it really was like, yeah. Maybe we don't see these high story behind you. Because I mean, we there's anything like that before. I guess they wanna just to figure out what really happened in my. So you just went through. Did we just recreate the combine right there? What what did you tell people? Gave up. Okay. Who did you speak to the Combi walk me through that? Acquired a number of people. I probably I can't like rip above my head. But I probably would say most of them. I probably like four or five teams. Okay. Maybe do you wanna give me names drop names? It's okay. I didn't meet with. I'm trying to think I didn't need with. Cowboys. I didn't mean what these teams you did not meet with. Yeah. Team. I did with. So all the other teams I've met with. Okay. I really did me with a whole bunch of teams. Yeah. As well. Maybe to meet with Tennessee because variables in Ohio State guy debt. And maybe that's what that is. I don't. So what's the strangest question you've got ask the combine? I walk into a room in the. There's like, oh, his he's sports that you request. Guys. I guess look at me the whole time like all right? I will evacuate questions. Just simple questions. You can go to probably like a fifth question. He's like so. How long can you hold your eyes open my eyes again, like, I don't know. I never really come. I doing that. So he's like. You don't wanna do it? Right. I never showed that. But I wanna try it. He brought out his phone like ready ready. So he's ready said go, so I keep my eyes looking the whole time. I'm thinking, I'm like, why am I who am I in in football? Meaning like, we're going to be looking at football over here staring at me, keeping my eyes. So I'm like, all right. So I kinda like let it go out and go out and blink. And then my gosh, dang, I tried. He was like, oh that wasn't so good. I'm like, oh, how long does he like think? I'm like he's like well you wanna try again. I'm like, Nah, I don't. He's like a okay why not like my eyes are burning. I'm gonna go any longer than that. He was like, okay. Like something down this board. So you you had a staring contest to we heard about that somebody will staring contests the Seattle did that was Seattle that did this with you. Oh. Okay. We'll see. We'll see if if you know Seattle's on the clock. And you know, if if Seattle's on the clock, they'll take you. We'll see how that goes if if they're twenty first overall, but all the mock drafts, I see your top twenty. What are you hearing? I'm I'm hearing Louis as I'm in top twenty top teen top ten late first round. So I'm hearing type of thing. And when baseball for like, the free agency, you know stuff to have these past couple of days, you know, I like the jazz leaving Suva interesting to see I think is going to be a lot, you know, a lot of wild like hand turns and a lot of questions that I I'm ready to see how the draft gonna play out because I think is going to be as this year with being a lot of these players too. So it to be real cool to agree last one for you. Your dad won the Super Bowl for the Rams Super Bowl thirty four with a lot of good friends of mine Warner and and Marshall Faulk have you met any of the greatest show on turf wars three dad or contact with them. He came in contact with the story about him. He's with him. Guys. I do like that. You know, I, you know, eighteen feet tone a lot on the question indoors. Speak to their Bush's. That's my godfather. What are you talk to Ray Lewis about? I mean, he is he must really download you. With a lot of stuff may looked like you were doing the rate Lewis dance on the Michigan state logo. I'll be very honest with Devon. But Ray that must be that must be cool. Yeah. Like with with just make you say, you got seen license, you know, any questions or concerns? I got or just want to have a nice little conversation. No, they they chop it up when. Okay. Devon, look. This has been a blast chat with you. Good luck to you say hi to everybody there in Ann Arbor. I appreciate you eventually remembering my speech to the team couple years ago. It's on YouTube. If you haven't seen it so check it out. Take care. Devon, go. Blue. Devin Bush calling in from Ann Arbor prior to his pro day right here in the rich Eisen show. Lonnie Johnson was the kid who had the staring contest. That was a little bit of an ego. Check from me. But I'm okay. Wounds the commercial break the news Seth Davis talk in March madness Zion. Our to coming up March madness is upon us. And Dan, Patrick has you covered. I probably wouldn't do the hat because I don't wanna I don't wanna mess up the hair. Join Dan and the danettes as they keep up with every twist and turn the NCW tournament on the Dan Patrick show every day here the hottest takes and the biggest celebrity interviews from the world of sports and entertainment says hockey incompetent as Baker Mayfield. It don't miss the madness on the Dan Patrick show right here on podcast one Senate and Trump's emergency. I'm Tim Maguire the AP newsmen at a vote is expected soon in the Senate on a house passed resolution that would overturn President Trump's declaration of a national emergency along the border with Mexico, Ohio. Senator Rob Portman is one of now nine Republicans who will back the resolution our constitution explicitly gives the United States Congress. What's called the power of the purse? Congress not the president has sole authority to Termine how to spend taxpayer money. Trump expects he will have to use his veto. I don't know what the vote will be doesn't matter. I'll probably have to veto, and it's gonna be overturned house votes unanimously for a resolution calling for any final report and special counsel Robert Muller's Russia investigation to be made public at least two deaths are blamed on a massive storm. That's brought blizzard conditions in high winds to the planes and upper midwest flooding in eastern, Nebraska and heavy rain and tornado conditions to the mid and deep south. I'm Tim Maguire.

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